Arsene abuse tells bigger story | Chelsea and their lack of rotation

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Abuse isn’t cool. Simple as that. Yesterday evening, a video was released onto Youtube showcasing the darker side of football. Arsenal chartered a private train at 0605. Most Arsenal fans were getting on the 0612. The team flowed onto the train and Arsene was barracked by a group of fans who didn’t like him.

People have asked if I condone it. Absolutely not. I find thuggish pack mentality behaviour totally embarrassing and disgusting.

Arsenal fans are rightly rounding on that sort of behaviour, but the hypocrisy is rife. We’re a fanbase that sings about Robin being a rapist, I’ve been at games where people have hissed (so embarrassing when you consider the incredible Jewish influence on our clubs history), I’ve been sat in front of people openly mocking a Gay Gooners banners… plenty of fans regularly abuse me for having an opinion they don’t like, it seems to be fair game to call Piers Morgan a c*nt whenever you fancy… if you don’t like what happened to Arsene, make sure you speak up when it’s happening to others.

Trouble is, this sort of thing has been ramping up for years now. As someone pointed out recently, football managers generally leave like politicians, kicking and screaming in a most unclassy manner. This sort of thing is only going to get worse because fans feel more and more helpless.

If you had a strong board who didn’t say things like ‘we look the other way when Wenger doesn’t have a plan’ you’d at least feel he was in some way accountable. As it stands, he runs the show, he calls all the shots so when dim drunk people get the chance to have their say outside the ground, that’s what they’ll do. Because let’s be a little bit fair here… where else are they going to get a chance?

If you consistently disappoint fans, you’ll always find an angry minority behaviour like that. Part of me thinks digital society and it’s wrongful view that there’s such a thing as entitlement to abuse is seeping into real life. Part of me thinks that some people are just not that smart and that sort of action is the best they could come up with. Part of me thinks that when times are tough and you earn £8m a year, you just suck it up and maybe take a moment to ask why fans that loved you so dearly now boo you after and during games?

It happens the world over. Rooney threatened to leave United and he had 30 thugs on his lawn. Stevie G had to cancel his move to Chelsea because he was threatened. United fans flew a banner over Old Trafford calling for Moyes to be sacked. Barca fans threw a pigs head at Figo. Fans attacked Santos in Brazil. Columbia shot a player who scored an own goal. People are do silly things everywhere.

I think a lot of the disgust was that Wenger is a pensioner and he’s being abused by a group of younger guys. Do you think they’d have behaved like that if it was Diego Simeone or Jurgen Klopp getting on the train? Very doubtful. Why? Because both managers would have windmilled in like lunatics.

The growth in extremism of anti Wenger feelings should also act as a warning to the club about the shift in mindset of others… the middle group of fans that generally flip flop in favour of Wenger and what he’s done have turned. That was demonstrated perfectly when Chamberlain, who was having a bad game was subbed and that decision was booed vociferously. If the demise continues at the pace it has been, expect the atmosphere to continue to become more toxic.

Simple fact is Arsene Wenger hasn’t delivered on what he promised. He’s making the same mistake over and over again. He’s put the club into stagnation gear and he’s revving it hard . Every time Arsene has a bad game, the narrative is always switched to the abuse. It stops people talking about the real issues. Those being that Arsene Wenger is dead as a top flight manager and he should be humble enough to pack it in and take a job upstairs or in the media.

Another point here is this… why aren’t we flying back from Stoke? Why does Arsene prefer trains over planes? Why did the person booking the train not think to check where Arsenal fans were getting one from?

We can’t even plan properly when it comes to transport. What a joke!

What happened at that station on a microlevel is shameful and not of Arsenal class. No one in that video should be proud of their actions. But don’t blow this too far out of proportion and miss the bigger issue at hand… Wenger’s power sits at the heart of this, because any other club would have said goodbye a long time ago and the fans wouldn’t think it their right to tell Wenger what he’s doing isn’t satisfactory.

Booing in the ground is condemned, protesting outside the ground is sneered at, complaining online is frowned upon, booing at the station is vilified… Stan won’t speak to the Emperor, Ivan won’t speak to the Emperor and has cancelled fan drinks this Christmas, Sir Chips has his fingers in his ears… the press lose privileges if they go too hard, the bloggers have moved into the press or bed with the club… we’re in a zero dissent zone here.

So tell me, this is a serious question, how do the fans get the message across? Because as far as I can see, all routes have been ruled out?


‘Chelsea don’t really rotate, yet they don’t have an injury pile up? Explain that dickhead stupid face.’

Ok, firstly, this question is usually asked to kind of prove that Wenger’s approach is some how tinged with bad luck and Chelsea’s isn’t.

So after some digging around, here are some of the key reasons Chelsea are nailing it so far…


Chelsea buy robust players from the off. Look at the size of their players. Costa, Hazard, Matic. They’re all powerful, muscular and they’re all robust so that’s a pretty good start. We did better this summer with Sanchez and WELBZ… but jeez, look at Diaby… look at the joke that is Sanogo, look at Kallstrom, look at Ozil who was well known for not being fit enough to last in a less intense league… look at the general size of our players and how we don’t focus any energy on building them up. Buy fit players.


Fitness isn’t just about rotating a squad for the games. It’s also about making sure you use your down time well. Flick through Jose’s press conferences. He regularly allows his players to have time off to rest before big games. He knows that players don’t lose fitness in a week. I think I read Chelsea’s players had been given 8 days off in the last month to do with how they pleased. I think Cesc went to Dubai and was slagged by Ramos for putting club before Country? Point is, Arsene rarely lets players have days off. He has them in all the time because he thinks fitness is sustained by working hard in the week… which is actually counter productive.

What you do to players in the week is normally more important that the rotation. Chelsea last season lost a whole bunch of games after having a week with no Champions League games. That’d indicate they were perhaps hitting it too hard in training. That’s changed this season, so far. Test and learn… test and learn.

Approach to games:

Jose likes to kill games off early, then play easy football for the rest of the game. Arsenal’s Twitter account was asking the other day if we’d score some more late winners this weekend. How’s about this guys… score some early goals, take the foot off the gas, take your key players off and join easy street. Conserve that energy, rather than beast yourselves chasing a game a every week.


Ok, so we’ve established Chelsea don’t rotate their starting line up. Most clubs do if they have the squad to do so. There is no point in having an expensive squad if you don’t use it. If Sanchez is in the redzone, why are we risking him when you could give a player like Joel Campbell a go? Why hammer Santi into the ground when Rosicky could easily do a similar job for the side against a team like Stoke? If you only bring players on at 70minutes, how are they ever going to feel valued? How are they going to be match sharp when you need them? How are you going to keep the squad harmonised?

My point with all of the above is we shouldn’t look at ways of excusing Wenger for the consistent troubles he puts on the squad, we should ask why he never seems to innovate. The game gets faster and more physical… but his methodology never seems to change, because the outcome is always the same. Flat players who pick up lots of injuries.

Wenger needs to change. There must be loads of different ways of improving the way we do things, one way the certainly won’t change things is sticking with the same old tired approach.

As I’ve said before, Wenger is trying to bring back the typewriter in 2014… sure, you’ll be able to write some nice letters, but the quality isn’t sustainable and the end product will suffer when things get tough.

What a great way to finish a post.

Remember, no calling people names today.

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  1. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Is Hayden injured ?

    If not why him not involved tomorrow ?

    He was captain of the reserved weren’t he z?

    So he must have good football brain

    Or will he go the way of
    Hoyte the younger. ?
    Richard hall

  2. Thank you and goodnight

    It Fucking winds me up people and some journalists are still sticking up for him. We have a guardian reporter, barney ronay, saying how wenger has been frugal and put them in a healthy position and blah blah blah stadium debt blah blah. Utter Fucking bollocks. The man has wasted millions of the club’s money on below par average players over the supposed frugal years. Paid them so much that we haven’t been able to move the dross on….bendtner, park,Almunia, dejorou, diaby, flappy etc etc. Jesus you even had Almunia admitting he sat his contract out as he wouldn’t get same money elsewhere. People have said yeah but fergie/Mourinho bought in some dross. Yes they Fucking did, but financially they could afford to, we couldn’t. If your told you only have a certain amount of money to spend, surely you make damn sure every penny counts. Not wasted on the amount of shite wenger has bought in. He is tactically inept, Jack of all trades master of none. 17 Fucking years he’s been at the club and our youth set up is still shockingly shit. How many genuine Great, not WC but great, players has he brought through the ranks? Yeah exactly. Yet he has this reputation of being a nurturer of talent…..again utter bollocks. Most players regress under him. Wenger’s whole managerial reputation has been built on luck and lies. He is neither frugal, nor has an eye for talent, he is by no means a WC manager and never had been. The guys a Fucking fraud and specialist in failure. Personally next time I hope he doesn’t just get booed but someone batters the cunt. Fuck him and the board.

  3. Highbury Daze

    Why not indeed rspc, we don’t know the back story on this, I don’t think Rocisky is injured, I don’t recall him starting a game this season, so I can only guess he might be on his way with Poldi and Campbell, or for other reasons we don’t know he may have been involved with a menage a trios with his rap singer, him and Poldi, with Campbell going in late on a s a sub in the 70th minute

  4. Leedsgunner

    What’s the difference between Wenger and Allardyce? Big Sam changed, and listened to his critics. Wenger refuses too.

    You couldn’t make it up.

  5. Thank you and goodnight

    His style of football is reminiscent of school kids play time kick around, his 70 min subs is the joke of the EPL , his ineptitude is legendary. He comes out after our loss to Swansea and after chambers had been torn a new one and admits chambers was struggling and had no protection. He tells us this as if he’s some genius and knows it all. Well if you could see the young lad was struggling you stupid senile cunt, then why didn’t you do something about it? After all its what you get paid 8 million for, not for Fucking off to France to fuck your whole on the side, but to come up with in game solutions to problems. The man is a cunt of the highest order and I hope we lose every game from now till the end of the season

  6. Highbury Daze

    I don’t know what the big deal is about a few disgruntled fans having a say at a railway station, pundits saying it is disgraceful is a load of bollocks, Lineker bleating like a stuck pig, I have been going to football games for longer than I can remember, that’s what fans do, at the ground, if you are pissed off for any reason, you boo, heckle, the ref, players whoever, it HAPPENS ALL THE TIME,

    Are you telling me because it’s outside the stadium, booing and heckling is taboo, off limits, please, what they should do is take it to the Stadium, these fans have every fucking right to boo, and I would take a few boos for 8 million quid a year, so for those that think booing and heckling Wenger is out of line, I say to you that you are out of line

  7. MidwestGun

    Rspc –
    Hip/ Thigh injury supposedly. Don’t know. Afraid Rosicky might be going the way of Arteta. Sad because I love the guy, one of my favs.

    I’ll probably watch. It’s like a chronic habit I can’t quit.

  8. Highbury Daze

    What I meant was take it to outside the Emirates boo and heckle there, let your feelings be know, whats the point of bottling it up inside, fuck these billionaire parasites, you can’t boo them. fuck off

  9. wenker-wanger

    Those fans may have finally gotten through to the deaf and blind wankger……it had to be swearing and abusive. People who think that a well-constructed argument thrown at wankger would have any affect are missing the key point….wankger feels superior to anyone so that reasoned argument becomes ignored. No, a passionate round of swearing and direct instruction is the only way to start the dismantling of the dictator.
    i read that linekar felt that abuse to wankger was disgraceful…….not as disgraceful as fleecing the club for 8m a year in return for a managemnt performance that a monkey could emulate. This senile idiot HAS to go.

  10. Highbury Daze

    You probably can’t boo them inside the inner sanctum in the Emirates, I hear if you boo you have to pay a fine of 500 pounds, if you heckle it is 1000 pound fine, this is in line with getting fined 250 quid for being late for meals

  11. wenker-wanger

    wankgers last game…losing 4-o to the hammers…jenks hat-trick and one from song…that will do nicely if it finally removes the arrogant parasite.perhaps he will take diaby with him…..

  12. silentstan

    your factless endless slagging and moaning, switching tack to suit an agenda only serves to stoke up the hatred and classless abuse. Abuse you regularly dish

  13. Highbury Daze

    You see the problem here, you see, this blind loyalty to people who think football began in 1996, the young fan who treat Wenger like a father figure, or a grandfather, and they cannot bear to be without their protector, go suck your thumbs baby brains

  14. Highbury Daze

    Maintain the rage goners, never stop booing, this is a democracy, you hear that silentstan, a democracy, and if we want taboo we fucking will, AFC is a dictatorship, run by a despot, the Emirates stadium and all inside are immune to the outside democracy, and thus must be stripped of it’s lord protector, this is 2014 incase you Wengerites haven’t noticed, your reign is over, it is coming to a sticky end, the Emirates will join the rest of the nation as one, and not a single entity run by a deranged deluded fucking Frenchman

  15. Highbury Daze

    And another thing Wenger says he doesn’t listen to the boo boys, I’m here to tell you he does, AFC under Wenger used to sign many West Africans, because they were cheap, Eboue, Toure, et al, people noted that, slowly Wenger has weaned himself of buying them, Wenger had hardly any English players, in one game he fielded a team without one Englishman, now we are saturated with England internationals, so he does listen, but would never admit it, the proud arrogant French would never admit to it ,too fucking snobbish

  16. Cloggs

    Wenger should have left after winning the FA cup, but his ego wouldn’t let him,
    so he’ll be learning it the hard way. Things will eventually turn ugly at or near the E*******S.

  17. Bennydevito


    Next time you want some one to “batter the cunt”? That’s a bit strong isn’t it? Wishing violence on Wenger? I want him to go which saddens me as he’s done great things for this club, but i wouldn’t want him abused and beaten. He should of retired last season, instead we all have to suffer another 2 & 1/2 years of torture, infighting amongst our own fans and watching the slow and sad demise of a once great manager, flawed, but was still great.

    Paying, match-going fans like yourselves however, have every right in my opinion to protest and voice your disdain, and seeing how protest banners etc are banned from within the ground at the emirates i can totally understand the abuse Wenger received, if you can really call it that.

    i think Wenger out protests are fine and needed, but i do wish it could be done with a bit of respect i.e. minus the swearing, hate and irrelevant references to his nationality.

    Anyways, night Grovers.

    Blog of love people, blog of love…

  18. Bennydevito

    More importantly……..


    I call 1st as my comments are the 1st of Dec 9th. Oh yes I’m the Daddy.

    I jest. I can’t sleep.

  19. Bennydevito

    My Daughter wants the black goalkeeper shirt for her 10th birthday just before xmas but i’ve been doing my bit by refusing to buy any merchandise for the last 2 years, including kits for my kids who i normally buy for when the new kits come out. My youngest, who’s 18 mths hasnt got any, not even a newborn baby grow which is quite sad really. What should I do? My 8 yr old son wants the 3rd kit for xmas and my missus wants a home shirt. Trouble is, i was looking in Bath and Bristol the other day and the adult shirts are a nifty and the kids are 35 fucking quid! Even if i wasn’t protesting I can’t afford all that on top of christmas.

  20. Highbury Daze

    Every time this guy has been under pressure because of piss poor performances, he comes out with the same old chestnut, this is not the first time he has uttered these words, judge me in May, we do and you are still fucking hopeless, 4th does not get you off the hook you prick

  21. TheBayingMob

    For me that booing vid was synonymous with something else about the club and not just Wenger and the eight years of hope and potential that have amounted to one FAC when it means fuck all; the club is almost completely disconnected from real fgans these days. The prices are sky high, it’s unrecognizable from the club and the experience I fell in love with as a young teenager in the 80s. It’s fucking soulless, it’s a money making greed machine, the players are rich chav cunt primadonas, I have no connection or affiliation with them; utter cunts like Samir Nasri; when I started going topside I admired the players; they were working class lads like me, Smier Nasri? Anelka? Van Persie? People I’d rather take a 9 iron too than admire. It’s all wrong, that’s why I can’t get with this old fuddy duddy Untold attitude of ‘loving’ the club; I still want to but thing is, it’s gone, I’ve fallen out of love with it … watching the video just made me laugh really. I’ve no connection at all which makes me quite sad … now, where’s my speedos …

    Wenger Out.

  22. goona

    Wengers saying in today’s metro he’s a competitive person…….The next article says he’s resting key players for tonight’s game against gala, even though the group stage isn’t even won. The man is fucking insane.

  23. Highbury Daze

    I hate people pissing on me and telling me it’s raining, judge me in May, you see this relic thinks by May he will be in the top 4 and everything is fucking rosy, this is the thought process of this guy, and the majority of the brain dead cunts think he is right, Even Pedro thinks it’s job done, we made the top four big fucking deal, so what, we beat Spurs and Liverpool home, Christ Ty could do that

  24. Highbury Daze

    The famous Wenger cry to arms, JUDGE ME IN MAY, WHEN I FINISH 4TH

    you little fucking beauty Arsene, you got 4th again, 4th is not a success when you have spent 167 million quid on wages and Chelsea win the league spending less,


  25. Highbury Daze

    Repeat after me Arsene, 4th is failure when one spends 167 million quid on wages, to play in the CL that earns you 30 million quid, I know I am a dummy and failed math, but that don’t look right to me

    A manager who thinks he is successful spending a shed load of money to finish 4th, boy have things changed in modern world of football

  26. Highbury Daze

    A manager spending 167 million quid on wages cannot beat Stoke, Hull, Leicester, United, Swansea and Spurs

    That is pathetic no matter which way you slice it, what a fucking waste of resources

    And he wants to defend that, I will debate this fraud any fucking day

  27. Highbury Daze

    I have a long term vision for this club, and it includes conceding a goal against Stoke after 19 seconds, yea, Mr 19 seconds, what a pathetic creature, what kind of vision is that, you power hungry reprobate

  28. Highbury Daze

    Please let me continue to manage AFC, please, I will take a pay cut, I will do it for nothing, actually I will pay you to manage this club, I need the rush, the feeling of total control gives me orgasms, it is better than sex this power and control over people, I’m not very good at my job, but I do talk a good game, this nightmare has continued for far too long, a man begging to continue with his 4th is a trophy garbage it’s pathetic, it’s worse than pathetic, have you no fucking dignity Wenger, it’s over, please someone tell this lunatic it’s fucked up. his tenure is dead

    Trying to breathe life into a corpse, I have a vision for the club, I can be the best at Arsenal, what a fucking groveller, you should be ashamed Wenger, have you any fucking self respect

  29. Jeff

    Well you all know what “judge me in May” means though don’t you. Wenger fully believes and expects to finish fourth and that to him is a vindication as it would be to all his followers. Judge me in May does not mean we are going to win anything – not in a million years. So the aspirations are there for all to see.

  30. Highbury Daze

    And in response to Wenger’s pathetic plea to judge him in May, I say this, if you do not finish in the top 4, will you step down, and the answer to that is a resounding NO, he won’t step down, he never will, he will find another pigswill excuse to hold onto power, it really is beyond the pale, I just can’t wait to hear the excuse come May, because this squad has no chance to finish in the top 4, none, we have one fit CB ONE,

    and again, 4th is not success when you spend 167 million quid on wages, it is utterly deplorable fucking failure

  31. N5

    A lot on here like to blame attending supporters for Wenger still being in a job.

    An attending fan created all this discussion and did more in five minutes than nutters like river and peanuts have done in their life times.

  32. goonpharm

    Ah so United sit in third eh? Called it way back. They are a force. They may have defensive issues but with that attacking talent you will win games.

    The biggest problem for them wasn’t the defence but the new players they bought caused too much of an imbalance in the team. Is it a coincidence that they’ve looked good without Di Maria and Falcao?

    Van Gaal knows what he’s doing. He’s managed to to stick to his philosophy and it’s starting to bear fruit.

    The funny thing is them beating us when their confidence was rock bottom probably was the catalyst for their resurgence.

    I have them as dark horses to win the league. No European football. Plenty of talent. Injured players coming back.

  33. goonpharm

    Daze would you step down from a 8 million per annum post in your line of work?

    I sure has hell wouldn’t.

    The only way he goes is Stan fires him or when his contract is up. Simples.

  34. goonpharm

    N5 – that attending fan may have done more than the aforementioned posters but to what effect?

    Nothing has changed for Wenger. Yes the number of disgruntled fans increases with each poor performance but Wenger is still at the helm.

    Nothing will change. We have a spineless owner and a CEO with no balls. One believes Wenger is god whilst the other is shit scared of Wenger.

    2.5 years more of this. Grin and bear it people.

  35. N5

    Its like his, we were top of the league longest speech, who gives a fuck! You didn’t win it so hows that a consolation?

  36. N5

    Pharm, he brought it to national attention rather than moaning repeatedly about season ticket holders on here, like those two idiots.

  37. Wallace


    “Ah so United sit in third eh? Called it way back. They are a force. They may have defensive issues but with that attacking talent you will win games.”

    didn’t watch the game, but the reports suggest Southampton dominated. just didn’t take their chances. even LVG said Utd were lucky. i think their being 3rd says more about the naffness of everyone else, rather than Van Gaal getting to grips with things.

  38. Up 4 Grabs Now

    Morning, watched the united game last night they were shocking.
    it shows how bad the league is outside of the chavs and city that utd are 3rd.

  39. Highbury Daze

    I do not wholly blame supporters who attend matches, but I feel if they could abstain for a few games and show the empty seats, the message might be heeded, that is those supporters who want him gone, the rest I feel don’t because they still go rain hail or shine, if those that want change would not attend the match, they may watch it on TV but they would vote with their feet if they wanted Wenger gone, if you still want to go to the ground n5 and get the atmosphere, go right ahead

    In stead of holding up banners inside the ground, do not attend the match, hold up the banners outside the ground

  40. Highbury Daze

    But again grabs, it’s what I have been banging on about wage bills, those with the highest usually make the top 4, we spend more on wages than Chelsea, shows you the dismal failure of our manager

  41. N5

    I agree Daze, all this about the league getting better hence people cancelling each other out is silly. The majority are just awful.

  42. N5

    Spot on Daze and I’m fully with you about a mass walk out, or not turning up for a few matches. I would certainly go along with it if others are interested. I’d love to see the walk out, what a message that would send.

  43. Highbury Daze

    But then again it shouldn’t be up to the fans, if the owner/board had any nuts they could see there is a problem and rectify it, like every other club in world football does, all except ours

  44. Up 4 Grabs Now

    Problem with people not turning up, and empty spaces wont make a difference unfortunately.
    how many times have they announced a capacity crowd and there are huge gaps where people haven’t turned up. They stopped announcing the attendance as they realised how stupid it is.

  45. Highbury Daze

    We know that on any given day the EPL the top team can be beaten by the bottom side, that happens, but it is a rarity and whoever does cannot sustain it for 9 month season, because of lack of squad depth and quality, the 2 things that this current Arsenal squad lack

  46. Up 4 Grabs Now

    Daze, the board don’t care as long as the money is coming in.
    That means champions league football,
    change will only happen when/if we drop out of the top 4.

  47. N5

    Grabs, that’s why I think a walk out would be more obvious. If there was 60K sitting in the stand up until half time and then afterwards their was just the old bloke who’d nodded off, that wouldn’t go unnoticed.

    You could even go down and watch it inside by the toilets, so you’d see the match but it would really obvious to the board that things are not right.

    They have their heads in the sand more than anyone.

  48. Highbury Daze

    How can we finish 4th, Per is knackered, and Kos is injury prone now with achilles problem, leaving the club WITH NO RECOGNISED CB, we are in the FA Cup CL and battling for 4th, with 19 year olds as back up in key positions, RB, CB and keeper, never in a million years

  49. Up 4 Grabs Now

    N5, its a good idea in theory, you and I are there at the ground though. we’ve seen the fans, tourists and jonny come latelys that think Arsenal started in 1996.
    do you think they would walk at half time?
    knowing the stewards they would say its a health and safety risk being downstairs and start forcing people to leave!

  50. Up 4 Grabs Now

    The seats next to me are on ticket exchange, last week against Southampton I was sat next to 2 girls who were reading a magazine and talking about one direction the whole game. I honestly don’t know why they were there!

  51. N5

    Grabs, nope mate. I can’t see it ever happening. It’s so strict at the ground that I fully agree with you. They would march people out. I’ve been told to sit down before and I’d only been standing for about 2 minutes.

    Daze, it’s £25 million in the pocket for qualifying, then it’s £30m for progression to the knockouts isn’t it? and then extra money every round you get through?

    Also TV money! I thought it was big big money to the clubs.

  52. Highbury Daze

    Oh I get it now the penny just dropped, Wenger wants to win the CL for his personal gain, his over inflated ego, it has nowt to do with money, it’s a glory seeking self absorbed intellectual on a crusade, one he could never win, not clever enough, it’s his Holy Grail, poor bastard, maybe in retirement he and Diaby can discuss world matters, politics, accountancy, science et al over a coffee inParis, Bon Voyage to both of you

  53. Up 4 Grabs Now

    Daze, its a vicious circle though. champions league football gets you better players (although in our case rarely world class players) which gives you bigger sponsors higher ticket prices, more Tv money. so its not just the 30 million.

    That’s why there is such a panic at Utd. If they aren’t there again next season, Revenue drops drastically, no matter how big a club you are.

  54. N5

    Grabs, the ticket exchange is a joke! It’s my ST, why do I have to go through an Exchange to give my ticket out. I let my nephew have my ST for the GALA home match and I was warned that if he got caught with it then I could lose it for life! That was told to me by Pat at the Ticket Office. It’s my ST, I gave it away for free to him, so I made nothing, but the club have to have their little piece of everything don’t they.

  55. Highbury Daze

    That’s the fan base now grabs, young people who think AFC started in 1996, they do not know any other manager, and they look at Wenger and see a father figure or a grandfather figure and they don’t want him gone, they are dependant on this man, 2 girls reading about some irrelevant boy band, that sums up Arsenal support in 2014, clueless

  56. Highbury Daze

    Ok grabs got it, but with all our new deals Puma stadium rights etc, all that cash we now have Wenger is wasting it at an alarming rate, I honestly believe this squad cannot possibly finish top 4 this season, for reasons I pointed out with defence

  57. Up 4 Grabs Now

    N5, 2 years ago I was at the wolves game over the xmas period, (the one that got moved to the next day because of the snow, not on the pitch but outside on the pavement, God knows what they did 20 plus years ago before health and safety!)

    My ticket was at the back of the north bank, on the very last row, so nobody is behind me.
    I had an argument with a steward because I wanted to stand.
    The steward says I could block somebody’s view? then it was a hazard because I could fall over, then it was the old health and safety route.

    funny that he wouldn’t ask the four 6ft 5 built like a shit house blokes 5 rows down to sit down though!

  58. N5

    It really has changed so much Grabs. I’ve seen it where people have jumped up and bollocked a player that has badly tackled one of ours and they’ve been warned about their language. Yes they used the C-word about 5 times, but to say to him, there are women and children here just drove me nuts! I thought so bloody what. If they don’t like it, then don’t come.

    Imagine going down to Millwall, Westham or even places like Liverpool and asking their fans to not swear!! our stewards are laughable.

  59. Holmes

    “Judge me in May” Arsene Wenger

    I judge when you play Ozil out of position.
    I judge when you don’t buy any sort of defensive cover and still let a promising young right back go out on loan to West Ham.
    I’ll judge when you think Yaya Sanogo is good enough to help challenge for top honors.
    I’ll judge when you play Nacho at centre back instead of Chambers.
    I’ll judge when you don’t buy a top defensive midfielder….. again!
    I’ll judge when you have an option to buy back one of the best play making midfielders who made his name with us and let him go to Chelsea.
    I’ll judge when you sell arguably the best striker in the premier League that season to Man Utd.
    I’ll judge you when you have the money to spend and we still don’t make any sort of improvement.
    Can you see where I am going with this?

  60. goonerboy

    There’s a lot of stupid comments about Wenger on here. No I ain’t a fan certainly not an an AKB -who are a disturbed bunch- but he is now what he has always been from day one- a combination of very good and extremely bad all rolled into one.
    The trouble is many Arsenal nostalgics cannot see beyond his good points and many frustrated Arsenal tragics can’t see beyond his bad points..
    He should get credit for his successes then be informed about his failures
    then given his cards.
    He was a good coach but is now an anachronism.