Wenger never learns, Arsenal never progress… same old.

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I thought the game would be tough yesterday. It always is when we go to play Stoke. I didn’t realise we’d be up for a humiliation.

The team was without Koscielny and Debuchy. We played Chambers and Bellerin. Ok, so make a note of that. We were missing two defenders. Up top, we rested WELBZ and played Giroud, Chambo and Sanchez. Midfield we went with Flamini, Cazorla and Ramsey.

Things started really positively. After 23 seconds we were a goal down. A ball whipped into the box, a slip from Bellerin, a toe poke from Peter Crouch. A goal down. What a shambles. They didn’t even have to work for it. Gibbs should be totally ashamed, firstly he bombs on to the half way line leaving space behind him, then when he makes up the ground to cover the cross, he doesn’t stick out a leg.


As for Chmabers missing the ball and Bellerin not putting proper boots on and Martinez dropping before the shot was struck (the wrong way). Well, it’s typical Arsene defending.

We then had a good chance to get back into the game. Bellerin put on his rocket boots, raced for a ball going out of play, slid and crossed it in at the back post, Giroud had all the space yet some how managed to put it wide. He’s looked great of late, but that was a sharp reminder why we need better at Arsenal.

The second goal we conceded was more terrible defending from Gibbs. He has Walters shielded out wide, the only thing that could happen was a cross, yet again, Gibbs didn’t even make an attempt to block it, the ball slipped into the box ready for the impressive Bojan to slip past the keeper. An absolute shit show going off in defence… and we’re only 2 players missing. TWO PLAYERS!

The final nail in the shame coffin came from a corner. The commentator stated Stoke hadn’t scored from a set piece in 24 years. Ball finds it’s way to the back post, FOUR Arsenal players challenge for the same ball, Stoke win it, Walters roofs the loose ball.

Second half Wenger made a change. He brought on WELBZ for Bellerin. Sanchez went on a mazy run and hit the post. Then the drama happened. Bojan ripped our defence a new one and smashed home. The ref gave it. Then ungave it after what felt like a minute. We went down the other end Flamini won a penalty. My stream went down. Santi Cazorla smashed home the penalty.

Then we had a glimmer of hope, Rambo watched a corner to the edge of the area and rasped it home on the volley. A peach of a goal!

I gently quipped that I’d only believe in a come back if we were playing Arsenal. Too true. The third goal didn’t come. Chambers picked up a red card though, for a second bookable. People complain that he gets booked unfairly, in every single game. He’s just not at the races at the moment. Fair play, he’s really young.

He took a red, but Charlie Adam didn’t for this choke hold. And if you haven’t seen it, it’s actually a hold with the ball in play.

B4Mv0URCYAA2NdII mean, last time I checked, football was a contact sport, not an intimately aggressive one. What an embarrassment that picture is. The ref really needs to have a word with himself over that. MOTD didn’t feel they should show it.

So we finished the game, beaten by Stoke again, 7 years of never learning. Typical Arsene performance, eh?


Squad Problems:

Nearly all our issues yesterday stem from having a manager who is totally blind to his squad problems. We had two defenders missing. Just two. It all went to shite. Teams should be able to rotate out two defenders and still have consistency against poor teams. Kieran Gibbs is just not cutting it. He seems to get so much leeway with Arsenal fans. He was shocking yesterday. Another thing to note, Mertesacker ain’t cutting it anymore. If he doesn’t have a Laurent next to him, he’s so, so poor. He’s 30, pace has never been his thing, so why didn’t the club make moves to succeed him this summer? We seriously went into the season with two centre backs.

Chambers is another one. He has talent, but he’s too young to be getting this much game time. It’s a joke. This summer should have seen a big, big name signing. A Hummels. A huge name that could work with our three senior players and another centre back that could be our youth on the side.

Centre midfield has also been a joke. Flamini is so, so average. He’s been average since Spurs last season. How did Wenger look at his options there and say, ‘you know what, I think we can contend the league with Arteta and Flamini pinning the midfield’… he was total garbage yesterday. Ramsey looks like he did two years ago, he’s so off the pace he doesn’t even show for the ball. Cazorla is dead on his feet because he plays all the games.

Up front, well, at least we have two pretty average strikers at the moment. So they can rotate.

I have heard that we’re going hard for a centre back and a defensive mifielder in January. Centre back, for obvious reasons and defensive midfielder because Arteta will likely not be kept on past the summer.


We don’t play with any sort of energy because the manager keeps playing the same sides. Sanchez has played, what, 6 games in the last 3 weeks? How is that practical? Wenger is sitting there very he has lots of energy despite knowing he’s in the redzone. Cazorla is nearly 30 and he’s played more games and we’re seeing that on the pitch. Per looks shot. Flamini is the same. Our approach to fitness is so embarrassingly shoddy you can actually see it as a layman!

Who is having a word here?


Wenger never learns. There’s a quote pinging around on my Twitter from Arshavin that sums up Arsene.

That, is exactly what goes on at Arsenal. That’s why we never learn. That’s why you have Colbert there when we’ve recruited a Shad. That’s why you have a Rowley there when he offers nothing to the club. Arsene hears the suggestions, then ignore them. Forget that it’s from Andrey. That doesn’t matter, fact is, he tells it as it is. The facts are there though, we haven’t ever really been able to suss out Stoke. They know how to get around us regardless of personnel because the manager is so predictable. It’s just so disappointing.


He brought on WELBZ, which was nice. He did that at half time. But was that enough? Was that a statement that matched how absolutely atrocious we were? Lukas came on after 70minutes, then he brought Joel Campbell on in the 92nd minute. What is the point that late on? It’s embarrassing. He has no clue how to change a game from the bench. He should have made an impact. He should have yanked two or three players at half time and made a massive statement. Because we were so fucking terrible. Someone jokes that the players were in for a serious silent hairdryer treatment at halftime. So true.


We have a manager who doesn’t really believe in this process. It’s a shame, because really, Stoke was a perfect game to give some of the fringe players some game time. Joel Campbell could have started, we could have given Rosicky a game and Lukas could have had a role. Instead, the manager would prefer to put dead players out and see what happens. The offshoot is a bad result, unhappy players who are on the pitch and unhappy players who are frozen out off the pitch. I have no idea what he’s thinking, but what he’s doing is counter productive. We’ll have an unhappy squad that’s tired heading into the Christmas period. Really, really irritating.

Top Four:

Sole objective this season is making the top 4. Which we’ll do. Then Wenger will get another crack at it next year. We’re not a sporting project any more. We’re the vanity project of an old man who has no drive to do the right things. It’s Wenger against the world. It’s not about Arsenal, it’s about his ego. It’s a shame he won’t move over to let the next generation in. It’s a shame Ivan won’t step in and shake things up. It’s a shame we’re stuck in elite purgatory.

More of the same… because Wenger ain’t leaving of his own accord. Our leaders aren’t pushing him despite deserving it. Our club, remains on hold until 2017. So sit back, buckle up and try not to fall asleep along the way.


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  1. Hitman

    Jenks, Song, Vela – not good enough to play for Arsenal? Possibly.

    The more profound point surely is that Wenger isn’t good enough to be managing Arsenal anymore.

    A business worth £1B shouldnt have Coco in charge.

  2. Radio Raheem

    My nominee for the job is TONY PULIS. It’ll be nice to have a manager prancing about the touchline with a cap on. All this suit, tie, unzippable long jackets etc are too urbane for me. Arsenal’s next manager should connect with the people. I’m talking trackies , Burberry cap and tattoos on his knuckles.

    Fuck Guadalajara, Klopp the Builder and Simon Templar. We need a propa manage’ ah. We need Pulis…or Allardyce. Ya get me!

  3. Keyser

    “Wenger is the reason we have not been in contention for some eight years now and have instead been running in place.”

    It’s mind-numbingly tedious shit like this that I hope he goes, a new manager is going to face the exact same problems, helped by what Wenger has gone through before him, I honestly hope he’s just given more time.

    Most of the posts on here follow the same trend, just non-sensical drivel, fueled by frustration, probably justified frustration.

    Maybe then we can go back to actually just discussing football on here for what it is.

  4. kwik fit

    Must be Keyser , I not a regular on talk shite so can say with certainty. It was a couple of press guys. They also said that at the united ,after Rooney scored, two fans pulled out a wenger out banner and pointed it at the press box. I’ll buy those two guys a pint ( half pint each) 😉

  5. Thorough

    While we are getting depressed, frustrated and traumatized by the arrogance and stiff-necked nature of the scalawag called Wenger, methinks its fair we still have some perspective and not allow the downright ineptitude of The Foolish One becloud our sense of reasoning.
    1. Jenkinson was not Arsenal class, he wasn’t even decent, he was downright abysmal. He had a good cross but if that is all you can say about your fullback then you know you’re wasting your time. Can’t forget the last day of the other season when Fortune ran rings around him and it took the referee’s ineptitude to keep him on the pitch. By this I’m not saying Bellerin is the answer, but i can say without any fear of contradiction that Bellerin is by far a better player compared to Jenkinson. Bellerin saw us concede 3 in 45 minutes, Jenkinson was one of the main reason we got spanked 8-2 by Manure, tell me what this proves? Put Bellerin in a defense of Koscielny, Socrates and Gibbs and see if he won’t look better.
    2. Per is one of the poorest players Arsenal has purchased in my lifetime. People talk about his reading of the game and some other attributes but how does reading of the game help a player who doesn’t have the legs for it. Also, can you imagine Per in Chelsea, ManCity or Manure teams? Impossible! Don’t even get me started on Bayern, Madrid et al.
    3. Ramsey should never ever be in an Arsenal team of our dreams. People, Pedders inclusive, keeps saying he’ll be world class, totally forgetting he’s only had 6 months of above average football his entire career.
    Let me see if this posts so i can rant more.

  6. tunnygriffboy


    A lot of the press have never liked Wenger. He’s French and didn’t play the game with them like other managers did at the time. Also a lot of the northern supporting press hate him and Arsenal for what they did in the past. It’s payback tiime for them.

  7. Keyser

    RR – Lol what are you going for there ? Parody ? Satire ? Heh, there was some funny dude on last night to, couldn’t tell if he was kidding or trolling.

  8. TheBayingMob

    We lost the CL to Barca because of Lehman’s cock up… remember that”

    Are you fucking serious? One day there’ll be a cult B movie made called “Last of the AKBs”, it’ll be the story of a of middle aged man and his undying love, devotion and belief in an OAP who has lost the plot. The sad end will be when the OAP sells him the fuck out and rides off into the sunset with all that loot(8m/annum) like a smooth talking conman who’s just swindled poor old Doris at No 22 out of her life savings. You’ll be left devastated like poor old Doris.

    Now cast your.mind back to May 17th 2006. Do You remember Sol scoring in the first half? Do you remember Henry tanking a 1 on 1 midway through the 2nd half? Do you remember Larsson coming on and Arsene not reacting to it? Do you remember (this is starting to sound like a bad marillion song) a young Spanish keeper coming on and getting done at his near post? that young keeper was given season after season to prove his incompetence?

    And this was all Jen’s fault?

    Is there any lengths you won’t go to to defend a lost old count?

    Give it up, its over. Wenger out.

  9. Keyser

    “8 million pound a year for this cunt! Somalians kidnap him please!!”


    “hope those chanting cunts get hanged in public”

    I blame World of Warcraft..

  10. Radio Raheem


    Just leaving it out there man. I’ll let the reader decides what it is.

    But nah I don’t know who the dude last night was. I couldn’t, as I wasn’t on here last night.

  11. TooMuchCesc

    For several years now, the pundits have been predicting that Arsenal will finish out of the top four spots and each year Wenger makes them look foolish. So this year, every pundit is saying that even though Arsenal are playing crap, they WILL still finish in the top four. Since pundits are always wrong, we are doomed. This is the year we finish out of the top four. What makes the EPL a better spectacle is that the TV money gets spread around among teams much more than in any other league. All teams are strengthening as a result. So to assume that top four finish is a foregone conclusion for Arsenal is a foolish assumption. Wenger is smart enough to know that and will have to spend in January to save his ass. Or he will have to make a lot of lasagna deliveries in May.

  12. Radio Raheem

    As for those fans booing Wenger on his way back you’ve got to admit that turned you on, surely. Come on. It did didn’t it? I mean how big were their balls? HUUUUUGE!! It’ll take you a whole year to propa teabag dem balls innit?

  13. Paulinho

    Wenger lost us the Champions League final when he brought on Flamini for Fabregas.

    The clueless tactician is master fiddler when things are going well.

  14. Masterstroke

    I don’t know what will happen, but doubt that Wenger will get sacked ( because of the compensation package ), but if for some reason he does suddenly leave and we don’t have an adequate replacement ready, then it will be “all hands to the pumps” and the likes of Bould, Henry & Keown would hopefully rally round to help us through the crisis.
    I went to see Bristol City v Telford today. What a shite game that was!

  15. Follow the money

    From online gooner a response to Jamie the last surviving akb: “That’s right, Jamie, get rid of all the ‘surplus to requirements’ and just leave right thinking fans like yourself. Then you could finally rename the club Arsene FC and the stadium the ‘Emirates Wengerbowl’. You could start your own league where opposition teams could be banned from using unfair practices like tackling or using tactics. Better still, create a new league of one, where the Arsene FC fans could thrill and swoon as the players passed it pretty triangles around the cones. Champions every season. Any dissenting voice could be instantly electrocuted in their seat.” LOOOOL

  16. relieable sauce

    I heard the other day that the sufferegette (sp?) who was killed after she stood in front of the kings horse had a return bus ticket.

  17. kwik fit

    Have watched the video a few time’s and i can’t help but feel some regret. This is the way its going to go for wenger at Arsenal . Abused by his former fans who idolized him. He shouldn’t have to go this way but unfortunately this type of departure is inevitable. Hounded out of the club because of his own stubbornness. Really sad .

  18. Andrew

    The fighting spirit in this club in nonexistent. The lily-livered ingrates on the pitch (save the mightily Chilean and a handful of others) talk about wanting to win, but do not have a winning mentality. It’s all very soft and tepid, like a bunch of old gals from the Rotary club having a friendly game of kick-the-ball-of-yarn with their britches hitched up around their wobbly thighs.

    The blame for this loser mentality in the players can be firmly placed at the wrinkled feet of monsieur Wenger. He has either recruited such types or has bludgeoned any spirit right out of them with his nit-picking, pedantic bulls***t and refusal to acknowledge that anyone could possibly have figured out his glorious strategies.

    I am sickened by the sight of Arsenal players relentlessly passing the ball back and forth while they try and create for their lord and master the most appealing and elegant goal possible, only for it to all inevitably crumble futilely into nothingness when a fellow in the pressing throng of opposing players rudely gets in the way.

    Wenger, besides clearly being a terrible motivator and manager, also has the dubious distinction of being so stubbornly intransigent that COMMON SENSE has all but departed from his repertoire.

    Wenger really has to answer for these repeated failures. And he must stop pointing the finger at everyone else or blaming circumstances. Classic failure MO.

    I now earnestly pray for his departure. Arsenal can do a whole lot better. Not just a smidgen better, a whole whoop-de-f**king-doo-this-is-awesome better.

    Come on!

  19. TooMuchCesc

    The abuse in the video is unfortunate. I fear it will create a sympathetic backlash of support for Wenger. No one likes to see personal abuse.

  20. Highbury Daze

    He might think twice about taking public transport next time, this is just the start, this has been 10 years in the making

    He had a chance to withdraw after the FA Cup win, a combination of arrogance and ego made sure that didn’t happen, so suffer the consequence, this goes on in most clubs, when the fans are not happy with a situation they protest until the manager is removed

  21. Highbury Daze

    It’s just beautiful watching this guy getting what he deserves, when the fans have grievances and they want to air them, at the AGM they can’t, they are stood over by bully boys and told to ask nice questions, you know the easy ones and not ones that will embarrass Wenger and the club , if any question is asked not on the agenda, they are evicted

    Everything controlled and scripted

    But not out in the street, not in the stands, better get used to this Arsene, because there is more coming your way

  22. Cesc Appeal

    I do agree with what a lot of people are saying out there, it isn’t nice, it doesn’t cast us as fans in the best light.

    But then again, he only has himself to blame. He’s so incredible stubborn and ego driven his lack of flexibility and unwillingness to listen to reason has led to a feeling of frustration among fans that’s palpable now.

    It’s Wenger’s way or the highway. And I think a lot of fans have reached the point where it’s like “f**k you, highway.”

    Said earlier, why can’t he hand over power to some great coaches? Be almost just the figurehead, the matchday guy but relinquish a lot of his power on transfers, coaching, fitness, contracts etc that at the moment is total. That’s why it’s hard to have sympathy.

    You can’t demand all the power, all the plaudits when things go well then act surprised, hurt and demand sympathy when people turn on you. Its a double edged sword Arsene and for too long he’s had it his own way. Well, it is turning now, I’d say Wenger Out is the majority now, now obviously there’s a lot of fence sitters who’ll fluctuate from result to result; but there’s a massive core of fans now who want change.

  23. Jeff

    I can’t believe they travelled to Stoke and back on train. Don’t they do coaches any more? Is this another one of Arsene’s money saving ideas?

  24. Cesc Appeal


    He is a maddeningly frustrating figure. Sometimes you think yeah that’s classy, he’s a nice bloke, or witty, or intelligent or something…but most of the time you just think you stubborn, egotistical, unaccountable prick. You really don’t give a toss about anyone but yourself and peddling your own agenda.

    How long have a lot of us on here been saying “leave Arsene before the abuse starts?” Because no one wants to see a 65 year old man who’s done what he has for Arsenal told to “fuck off” out of our club. But I cannot have any sympathy for him.

    I said last week I’m beginning to actually dislike him as a man. I’ve wanted him out for almost 4 years now (if my maths serves me which usually it does not) but it’s only recently I’ve begun to actually dislike him and find listening to him unmanageable.

    Time for a change, change was needed years ago and this is the result of Wenger clinging on, holding us back. You don’t need to be a manager, or have made 50 000 substitutions to have called this. Because us “doomers” and “reactionaries” have been for years.

    And here we go.

  25. Highbury Daze

    You could write a book about this guys failings, there are many instances too numerous to state here, but the biggest by far for me was when this club was hoarding cash like there was no tomorrow, a reported 150 million quid cash this club had, AFC had not won a trophy in 7 going on 8 years, and during the summer 3 months after Wenger had told us he would strengthen the team, he would not just sign anybody he wanted a QUALITEEE PLAYER WHO COULD ADD SOMETHING TO THE TEAM

    So after 3 months passed he finds that man Sanogo, who he signs on a free transfer, this is the qualidee signing he has been waiting for

    Not content to sit on his laurels, he finds another Flamini, in he comes on a free transfer, nothing spent, he sold Manonne and Gervinho for a combined 10 million quid

    Nothing spent, and 10 million acquired, added on to the 150 million we already had

    This was Wenger’s business done, completed, he was using much the same squad that finished 4th the season before and now with the added bonus of 2 free transfers we are going in to battle with the 150 million quid intact

    We faced Villa in the first game of the season at home, an easy 3 points, we were smashed 3-1, and had a CL game coming up for qualification, Chris Hudson let his feelings be known to the owner/board/Wenger and some other flunkeys

    Asking, WHAT IS GOING ON AT THIS CLUB, well we know what is going on Chris, it is a money making machine that tries to spend as little on the squad as possible, just to get by, just to finish 4th

    Now the rumblings were getting louder, Chips Keswick was just appointed Chairman, he saw what could happen if this was not nipped in the bud

    So he instructed Wenger to buy Ozil on the last day at the last minute, TO GET THE FANS OFF THEIR BACK, they had 150 million, 42.5 million was the insurance policy against a revolution at this club, a small price to pay for their continued fleecing of the fans

    That was utterly despicable and for me the worst action any club has took against it’s now fans

    What a greedy corporation this has turned into

    This is not a football club anymore, it has morphed into something quite disgusting

  26. Highbury Daze

    And before anyone goes on about the purchase of Ozil and Sanchez, we as a club already had that money in place, it just took a internal debalce for them to spend it, where it should be spent, on the pitch, not in some shareholders fucking bank account

  27. london gunner

    DiegoSimeone has spoken about how his impatient to leave atletico madrid… WE need this dude! Offer him Wengers wages and the man will come!

  28. Cesc Appeal


    For me it was January in 2011 I lost it. We had a fantastic team mostly that year.

    But, yet again what was the criticism? Defensively weak, naive defending, no leaders. Needed a CB and a CDM, commanding GK as well.

    In January it’ll be 4 years since then, and what are we saying? Defensively weak, naive defending, no leaders. Need a CB and a CDM, commanding GK as well.

    We’re actually in a much worse position now as well, which puts paid to all those money arguments because Wenger has FAR more of it now and we’re FAR worse off!

  29. Cesc Appeal

    What I fear is the current wave of great young managers will all be taken by the time Wenger finally leaves. And then we’ll be stuck with a Wenger choice and Arsene going to board level.

    That would be an utter disaster.

  30. Cesc Appeal

    Simeone at City. That would be interesting. Would like to see what he’d put together there.

    Neat, sharp football but organised, a hard working machine of powerful, athletic players who don’t mind getting their hands dirty.

  31. Cesc Appeal


    No sympathy.

    To be fair they weren’t screaming at Campbell. It wasn’t abuse toward him to be honest.

    Wenger. Don’t like it. Wish it didn’t need to happen but he’s brought it all on himself. Maybe it’s the only way the message gets through. Perhaps all this walking on egg shells, don’t say boo to the manager stuff is hurting the club?

    Who knows. Don’t like it. But I don’t feel sorry for him.

  32. tunnygriffboy


    Perhaps it’s just me but screaming abuse at anyone is not something I’d do. I’d bemightily eembarrassed if it was me posted all over the internet doing that. Perhaps it’s a generational thing but it’s not something I like, way to personal and in his face.

  33. Leedsgunner


    You are right the players I mentioned were pilloried because whilst they were here. Why? They were inconsistent, prone to error and injuries. I’m not trying to be a hypocrite and say should have not been let go.

    My question is why are they playing so much better away from Arsenal. What is Arsene NOT doing that the other clubs/managers ARE?

    That is the BIG QUESTION.

  34. Jeff

    It’s all very well the websites telling the fans it’s disrespectful to hurl abuse at the manager but how much more disrespectful has he been towards the fans. They count for nothing as far as Wenger and the board are concerned – nothing. Their views are ignored, their questions are batted away and Wenger thinks he just take them for granted and carry on like this for the remainder of his term. There will come a tipping over point and it is possibly the beginning of the end.

  35. Cesc Appeal


    Think it’s just naturally got to that stage now. He isn’t listening, he isn’t changing, the failings are laughably predictable now, this was always going to happen.

    As I said to TYAGN how many times have we said on here “step down before the abuse comes”…

  36. Cesc Appeal


    I actually agree with that.

    I think the way the club treats the fans on the most part is shoddy, give us your money but don’t ask questions of us, especially Arsene Wenger, leave him be.

    That smirk of Wenger’s at the Stoke station, it’s the same in interviews when he’s asked about “spend some fucking money” or Wenger Out banners, or boos or whatever, it’s that incredulous look as if “THEY…question ME…how DARE they.”

    All a bit pathetic now. His days done and he seems to be the only one who doesn’t realise.

  37. tunnygriffboy


    He’ll go at the end of the season. What was once the majority wanting him to stay has become the minority. The press are into it now, they’re not going to let it go. It’s the beginning of the end.

  38. Leedsgunner

    Thank you N5 and Cesc much obliged.

    How are you fellas? What a horror show the Stoke game was huh? You know what the sad thing is, I was neither shocked or surprised — just resigned that we are a glorified London based Aston Villa — happy with an occasional cup here but a title is nowhere near as KRONKE and Wenger are at Arsenal.

    Sad sad days. Oh to be a GOONER!!!!

  39. Cesc Appeal


    I’m still not sure. You have a lot of fence sitters who’ll be saying “give him the summer” pretty soon as soon as we hit some form.

  40. N5

    Leeds did you read my comment earlier? my old man went yesterday and he said around 100 were chanting Wenger out and there was fighting in the stands. He said every wrong touch, goal, error was met with groans and moans from around 1000 of the 3000 traveling fans.

    The bit that annoyed me was when Wenger asked why he just sits there he said they love me in that Stadium and if I get up and walk around they’ll love me too much, or some such sarcastic reply!

    He was telling his players to man up but unable to show the same leadership.

  41. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, sad but totally predictable.

    This collapse has been coming for years, just look at the negligent manner with which Wenger has treated the squad. Poor tactics, archaic fitness standards, centralised power with Wenger.

    If everything runs through Wenger, and he starts to become a worn out, superfluous part…the whole machine fails. We’ve criticised the structure of Arsenal for years on here and now it’s all coming to fruition.

  42. tunnygriffboy


    Vela is older, playing for a smaller club in a league more suited to his talents.
    Jenkinson had good days for us, it was one game for him today. He put in a good cross which he is good at though he didn’t stop the cross for the Swansea goal
    Song had natural ability, again he’s a few years older, perhaps he’s realised time is running out and he’s not acting like billy big bollox. He was a liability for his side in the WC though.

  43. N5

    “Even more hapless defending followed. When Jonathan Walters scored the third just before half-time, five Arsenal players had attempted to head away the same cross without any of them actually getting airborne. With their manager apparently fearful of entering his technical area (“they love me so much here I didn’t want to give them the opportunity to show their love” was Wenger’s explanation for remaining rooted to the bench) Arsenal’s first-half showing brought new definition to the term surrender.”


  44. tunnygriffboy


    It may be totally predictable but in my opinion it doesn’t make it right. Would you do it ? Better to boo in the ground than do that so close to someone. Doesn’t portray us fans in a good light.

  45. Cesc Appeal


    I might do it at this point.

    I wouldn’t tell him to f**k off. I’d probably try to ask/shout an actual question, “why don’t you see the need for defenders Arsene?” “Why do you make the same mistakes every year Arsene?”

    I think the ends justifies the means, and if it means the end we all need, well, it’s not how I’d have liked this to have happened; but if it gets the job done eventually then perhaps it’s justified.

  46. Cesc Appeal

    “Hughes any side would have fancied their chances seeing our back four with Flamini in front of them.”

    Try telling that to Arsene Wenger.

  47. tunnygriffboy


    You say that every missed etc . ….. was greeted with groans from a large contingent of away support. That is frustration due to the current situation. Won’t be long until this affects the players if it hasn’t already.

  48. N5

    What do you guys think about him saying “they love me so much here I didn’t want to give them the opportunity to show their love” as his excuse for not coming out of his technical area?

    It’s so flippant it annoys the heck out of me? what is his excuse for every other ground then also?

  49. Jeff


    I think Arsenal fans are the most forgiving, the most tolerant, and the most patient but at the same time also the most gullible among the football supporting masses. I cannot for the life of me understand why it has come to this.

    I read somewhere that the reason Wenger can’t be sacked and therefore the reason he got another 3 years is because he’s actually on the board. I don’t know to what extent this is true. But what is not in dispute is that he’s simply too ingrained within the Arsenal machinery, his role and ultimate purpose or his demarcation is not clear cut. Nobody actually knows how much power he wields but it is clearly too much. I hope we never have a manager like that again.

  50. N5

    tunny, that’s what my old man was saying. I know I’ve mentioned if a few times today but he’s always had an admiration of Wenger, regardless of whether he wants him to still be in charge or not. Yet he was saying, he’s never heard it like that in 45 years of attending matches. He said it was uncomfortable.

  51. Leedsgunner


    Fair enough points re our former players but the point remains that for £8m plus a year Wenger looks more out of touch, out of ideas and out on his own. He should offering more. Sure we might even get 4th but that will be DESPITE of WENGER rather than BECAUSE of him.

    I’ve posted these two Qs before but let me ask you…

    1. What do you think Wenger of 2014/2015 offers to the club that is unique and beneficial?

    2. If Wenger had to reapply for his position would you hire him?

    … and lastly I get the impression you still back the manager, which I completely respect as your choice…

    3. Nwhat would it take for you to say enough is enough. I ask that Q not to raise a fight or to hurl insults but to raise a debate. To your credit you’ve come across as a fair minded poster.

    Kind regards

  52. Jeff

    I don’t suppose for one minute that the Stoke result will mean the end of Wenger’s reign because I consider the 8:2 at Man U a much worse result and he didn’t flinch then – did he? In fact, this will make him more resolute to stay just to prove a point.

    He is an extremely stubborn, proud man that finds himself in a place where he cannot be challenged, he cannot be sacked, he cannot be admonished, and he won’t be held to account. The words “if he has a plan we listen, if he doesn’t we keep quiet” will resound in his ears and he will take heart from that.

    We’re in a bad place right now and the pain will last a while longer because it is not easy to wean someone off an addiction – for this is exactly what Arsenal is to Arsene.

  53. Leedsgunner

    Having watched the video,I personally think it’s a storm in a tea cup. Win against Gala — and the club and the manager will say everything is fine and hope people forget about last Saturday.

    Sadly most people do. They will celebrate the win,forgetting that we have next to no chance of winning the competition in Europe.

  54. tunnygriffboy


    Thing is things like that in the ground and the clip of the crowd in the station is going to polarise the factions further. The players will pick up on it and it will increase pressure as if there isn’t enough with the results we’ve been having.

    Re hiding in the dug out. I think it’s poor. I mentioned earlier that it was poor of him to say that the defending was too soft. It’s hanging two teenagers out to dry.

    I wish Bould would get up and start bellowing instructions.

    Either we have to go on a winning streak soon ( which we could when we get players back ) to dampen unrest. Or we buy players in January or he says he’s finishing the end of the season. The club has to be united or god knows what will happen.

  55. Keyser

    Lol the desperate people who are saying we predicted this or we saw it coming need to stop wetting themselves and actually finish what they’ve been threatening for years, you’ve got no excuses now, thats an in, any protest should include you in their numbers.

    Imagine that video with ga well aimed shoe ffs, one shoe, slightly heavy sole, maybe a canvas sneaker with a rubber bottom, Addidas Gazelles, it’d knock a 65 year old man doolally but wouldn’t leave much long lasting damage.

    Imagine Claude barechested, White and Red Torso, Braveheart wig running full pelt along the platform, would make front page news.

  56. relieable sauce

    He gets 8 mil pa to be the lightening rod apparently, this is what hes made for.

    Fans dont feel they can or should air their grievances at the home & the ast meet is a staged farce, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Even gooners have a breaking point.
    Sad but inevitable.

  57. N5

    tunny, agreed RE hanging out the young lads to dry, it was poor form.

    RE the sitting without instruction, IMO although I hate that he appears clueless when the heat is really on, it’s his prerogative and I just get slightly frustrated with it, rather than annoyed, but the “they love me” comment, just annoyed me as it’s both flippant and nonsense. Sometimes, I wish he’d just not saying anything as you find yourself cringing at it.

    RE the booing, the stuff after the match reminded me a lot of the Blackburn days, where there was endless discussion on the class of the supporter and in some places it actually martyred Steve Kean and I believe he got extra time by the board due to his growing sympathetic media following as they found the supporters classless and bullies.

    With that in mind, I don’t think the shouting abuse as they get on the bus will work in anyone’s favor, other than to put a further wedge between the supporters. I don’t mind it at Full Time, but I don’t like the waiting around to grab them as they leave or during the match as it just makes things harder for the players.

  58. tunnygriffboy


    I did back the manager until he didn’t buy a CB and DM in the summer even though I thought we broought some good players in. I’ve never been an akb as I’ve seen faults and acknowledge them. However, I will acknowledge things that are positive in the club and things that are blamed on Wenger whenit is not his fault or of his doing

    I wanted him to be given the chance with the money from the sponsorship deals after what he has done for the club. If he had got the players we needed to compliment the one’s he bought in the summer then we wouldn’t be languishing where we are now, tactics or not.

    I will always respect him for the football, trophies and players he brought to the club. He’s also been part of a vision that has ensured financially we are able to stay competitive in the future. I don’t hate him and I believe he loves the club but I think he’s run his race and it’s time for a younger man to take over the reigns.

  59. Keyser

    I also think people need to purge themselves of the bile and anomosity, you can’t leave it be, it’s like a Boil that’s been festing for years the pus needs to be set free.

    The board and Kroenke need to feel it, otherwise the same people are just going to be equally frustrated by a new manager.

  60. relieable sauce

    I only watch matches now with the slim hope that Bouldy finally snaps, chucking every water bottle thats to hand at him til he cowers in the dugout, then forcefully removing the sleeping bag coat to repeatedly stamp on it in the centre circle to a chorus of cheering gooners.

  61. Leedsgunner

    “What do you guys think about him saying “they love me so much here I didn’t want to give them the opportunity to show their love” as his excuse for not coming out of his technical area?”

    He is a coward. In fact he’s a coward in everything he does for Arsenal.

    Although he self-righteously talks about how he always “honours his contracts” it’s more about fear. Although he says he could have gone to Real, Barça or PSG — the reality is no decent club who actually wants to win something will have him.

    I suspect though the stories of how PSG want him will again start to surface by the club just to get the fans behind him… if they want him, please take him! A well worn tired ploy for disgruntled fans to back him. Because we are so lucky to have him you know! *lol*

    He wouldn’t last a season at another big club.

    His cowardice causes him to retreat when other clubs comes in for our no.1 targets… Who then brags about how he tried. Who the f**k cares?

    His cowardice causes him not to rotate, and play his stars into the ground year after year.

    His cowardice causes him to back perpetually injured players rather than letting them go and signing WC replacements.

    His cowardice causes him to say repeated humiliations at the hands of rivals and others are just bad luck.

    His cowardice causes him to not to adapt his tactics and to play his star players in out of positions.

    His cowardice causes him to offer big contracts to below par players because to him it’s more important to have players who are beholden to him rather than having players who are worthy of the shirt.

    You know what is COWARDICE to say if not ARSENE than WHO?

  62. Ariel

    I don’t necessarily agree with the language the protestors used towards wenger, but i understand the anger and frustration some people have at the moment. After watching wenger dismiss criticism, lecture reporters, treat everybody like they are below him and act with no accountability whatsoever for so long, if you had the chance for a second to talk directly to wenger, what would you say? would you take a stand for your club?

  63. Highbury Daze

    People follow a club, not a manager, whoever is in charge the passion and love for the club remain, once this guy goes does it really matter who comes in, the new boy will have 160 million quid spend on wages, I would back myself with the financial clout AFC have

    All these bleeding hearts that appear on Arsenal fantv, they are there at every game, home and away, those to nancy boys, Claude, Ty Bully the usual suspects, why the fuck do these guys turn up every single week rain hail or shine, if it was me I would not attend their matches until something was done about the manager

    But no, these fucking soft cocks turn up, they are the reason Wenger is still there

    See what happens if they didn’t turn up, the attendances dropped the money didn’t roll in, the food and drink was not sold on game day, etc etc etc

    The ones who want change still attend the matches you should all be ass fucked

  64. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Absolute power corrupts, absolutely. Any dispute that this describes Arsene Wenger at Arsenal?

    Arsenal are nothing more than an utter joke and nothing can dispute the damage that has been done by one Arsene Wenger, nothing.

  65. Arsenal 1886-2006

    I must say that the abuse wenger got at the station was nothing compared to what he would get if he was at Real, Barca, AC-Inter or any other top or middling European club.
    He has had a very easy ride up until now and we shall see how much character he has when under pressure, the dissent would not have gone unnoticed amongst the board and they must know that they are next in the firing line.

  66. Andrew

    I’m not sure that a booing a person and a few choice “have sex and travel” shouts are that terrible given the disdainful and dismissive attitude exuded by Wenger. In reality, he clearly thinks of the fans as the irrelevant and unwashed masses, not able to understand the subtle talent required to sign your name to an endorsement contract or the heady skill involved in trading decent players for crap, thereby (gasp) making a profit.

    Oh for fucks sakes. Where is the joy in being a Gooner anymore? Watching Gollum cling to his “precious” every week while the Emirates burns with rage doesn’t edify the soul or make for a happy life.

    Please just f**k off AW – its come to that now. It had to.

  67. Highbury Daze

    What happened to Moh’s protest, that died a sudden death, where is Chris Hudson when you need him, worst start for 32 years and these guys are no where to be seen, it’s time to get going boys what are the trust and the other movements doing, this is worse than a couple of years ago and the silence is deafening

  68. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I did think that was a curious thing to say. Can’t ask your players to be brave then hide in your dug out.

    Mourinho always says he prefers the abuse to be directed at him because the crowd ignore his players then.

  69. Highbury Daze

    I recall a while back this manager saying if he felt he had nothing left to give the club he would depart, he would stand down, I knew it was absolute bollocks when he said it, dictators never stand down, name me one in a 1000 years of history one dictator who stood down of his own vacation , ZERO, they never stand down

    They always go out kicking and screaming, absolute power is hard to give up, these guys need to be over thrown, like they all have been through out time

    And this guy is a dictator, of that there can be no denying

  70. N5

    Cesc it was really really odd. He’s demanding a certain type of character to be shown by his players, but isn’t prepared to lead by example.

    At times he reminds me of Basil Fawlty, full of bluster but mainly awkward.

  71. Cesc Appeal

    “The problem for Arsenal — and it is long-standing — is that Wenger has shifted from being a man who proves his critics wrong, to one who proves his critics right. He can still make smart decisions, such as beating Liverpool to Alexis Sanchez, but frequently he is last with the answer. Losing to Stoke he said his defence was too soft. And who didn’t see that day of reckoning coming?”

    Martin Samuel

  72. Highbury Daze

    Is there nothing so pathetic than to watch 60,000 sheep being shorn every fortnight at the Emirates, some holding onto past glories, others hoping like fucking hell the same relic who bestowed those glories on them can find a magic formula to resurrect them

    To some people this is sad, it isn’t Wenger understands, it’s just business, when your brand gets damaged, something needs to be done to repair it, if these parasites see the share price drop, they shit themselves, there will be contingency plans in place I’m sure, well you would think there would be, after all this is a business not a football club, and there is no room for sentimentality

  73. Cesc Appeal


    The club is utterly falling apart. You’ve got Arsenal fans arguing on news sites now in the comments sections like they do in blogs.

    The core is rotten. Somebody has got to stand up and seize the day, take the bulls by the horns and be a leader. Gazidis? Can’t see it. Kroenke? Club is making profit so no. This is the crux. Manager who does what he wants and no one to pull him up.

    Club is in chaos and it’s been building for years, told you so doesn’t taste sweet, saying makes you want to bang the heads of all the pro-Wenger rabble who make excuse after excuse and talked of a utopian tomorrow. We were right, doesn’t feel great though.

  74. N5

    Cesc, nothing about being a Gooner feels great at the moment, but we need to go through some discomfort regardless and if it results in change then I’m all for it.

    I don’t like the in fighting, but the club only has itself to blame. You give someone so many years in charge then you get institutionalised supporters that don’t remember any different and the idea of change frightens them.

  75. Keyser

    “We were right, doesn’t feel great though.”

    Cesc Appeal – What were you right about.

    N5 – He was joking, at which you’ll probably get people spazzing out ‘Why’s he joking, can’t effin believe it..’

    We conceded within a minute, do you think he and Bould were sitting there thinking ‘Fuck should’ve worked on that’

  76. N5

    Keyser, joke or not, he did just sit there and gave a flippant reply. It didn’t feel like the most appropriate time to be trying out his stand up.

  77. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I agree. We’ve been saying all season you don’t get any joy from Arsenal; feels like Wenger’s plaything and we’re stuck on the ride.

    The length of time he’s been here without adapting at all…you didn’t need to be clairvoyant to see this coming.

    Like Martin Samuel says, any semi-decent manager with Arsenal’s financial clout should be able to get to fourth comfortably.

  78. N5

    “We conceded within a minute, do you think he and Bould were sitting there thinking ‘Fuck should’ve worked on that’”

    What about the next two goals?

  79. Highbury Daze

    I want to be able to talk about football games where Arsenal won, where glory was achieved, not about a balance sheet of 150 million quid, fans don’t give a toss about that, that’s for the greedy owners to ejaculate over, all we want is to see our team do well, and a club like AFC with it’s resources is under performing by a big margin, and the man responsible for that is Wenger, the manager, why is so hard to be rid of this guy

    This should be the easiest thing to do in world football get rid of the manager

    at 65 going on 66 these managers are not like fit you 30 something’s, have you seen Roy Hodgson, LVG theses guys can barely get their arses out of their chairs they manage from the dugout, because of their age, other young managers, Monk, Simione, Martinez, Pep and a whole lot more have energy passion, motivation, up and about instilling belief from the touchlines

    These old cunts have had their time and should be put out to pasture, we are getting smashed 3-0 and Wenger is sitting on his arse like a fucking statue, not good enough, get up and earn your wage, what waste of fucking time, honestly

  80. Keyser

    N5 – What about them ? Are you really that upset by this one game or is it about a cumulative effect ? I could go through it and try to explain it, but are you really willing to listen ?

    It’s like the Klopp debate, to understand why he’s having trouble now you need to understand how he underpinned any success.

    Likewise Simeone.

    It’s all linked, you can’t seperate this year from last or even one game to the next, it’s like saying ‘I could’ve predicted it’, ‘Well no shit Sherlock’ an entire board’s cashed in and just about moved on, the only face that’s left is Wengers.

    We’re supposedly a club falling apart but all we need is a new manager to solve everything, if Wenger goes I seriously hope the same muppets don’t get tetchy with the new manager, because while Wenger will have born the brunt of all that goes before, the new manager will be faced with many of the same problems.

  81. Highbury Daze

    And therein lies the problem for AFC, Arsene has instructed them what to do, how to play, all from the laptop, he thinks he has done his job, it’s now up to the players, that’s why he sits there like he is at the seaside

    When do you see Wenger instructing his team from the touchline, not too many times, he spends his time out of his chair arguing the toss with the 4th official, then it’s back in the chair arms folded kicking water bottles around the pitch

  82. Highbury Daze

    You very seldom hear any talk about Pellegrini, the quiet man, the football tend to speak for him, but with AFC and Chelsea, is always about the fucking managers, the centre of attention, the biggest egos by far in world football, IT’S ALL ABOUT THEM, that grub Mourinho couldn’t take the loss and move on, he had to dig at the time wasting of Newcastle, it is the same as Wenger always someone or something else fault why they lost it can never be them

    Wenger lamented about the soft defence, Sir, you bought them, coached them selected them, DO YOU NOT THINK IT WAS YOUR FAULT, what did you expect with a squad that has used a 3rd choice RB and 2nd choice CB and a 3rd choice keeper at a place where you have won only once in 9 visits, two 19 year olds in your back four and a 22 year old keeper

    Just how did you think it would play out you eunuch

  83. Dissenter

    The pusch has started.
    When Sir Chips stated that they keep quiet when Wenger is plan-less he confirmed what we all know.
    Wenger has been sticking his finger into the eyes of every fan who just wants to win.

    Those who make meaningful change impossible make chaotic exits inevitable.

  84. Keyser

    I don’t know how to describe Bale without spoiling it, but the lengths he went to make you believe in his role is just as haunting.

  85. Highbury Daze

    I know we all go over the same ground, that is because that is what happens at AFC, every week every month, every year, i WOULD LIKE NOTHING MORE THAN TO CHANGE THE RECORD talk about positive things for the club, I just can’t see any worth talking about

  86. Keyser

    The Sir Chips comments are just as funny, people cling to them as some sort of evidence, when more worringly he also said this :

    “This fee was proposed by myself and Lord Harris (another director) for the wide range of services provided to Arsenal Football Club by Kroenke Sports and Entertainment,” said Keswick.

    “KSE is one of the most respected and successful sports organisations in the United States, operating in the most sophisticated sports business market in the world. They have an extensive and long experience in modern sports management.

    “It is of the utmost importance that, as a club, we use it to our best advantage to ensure we keep progressing. There was no competitive tender for these services as they are directly available to us.

    “A tender process was unnecessary. We are entirely satisfied the fee was appropriate. In terms of any future fees, that would depend on the nature of the services provided.”

  87. Cesc Appeal

    I haven’t seen the film but I remember a fuss at the time about whether he was going too far and actually endangering himself.

  88. Highbury Daze

    And the upshot of that Arsenal side that started against stoke Crouch scored the fastest goal of the season 19 SECONDS, i wonder what took them so long to score against two 19 year olds a 22 year old and a geriatric 30 year old

  89. relieable sauce

    I didnt know Welbeck was carrying a groin strain before the game.
    Why even have him on the bench? Hes hardly in great form & playing injured wont help. Especially as you have Pod & JC chomping at the bit. Seems very shortsighted & needlessly risky to say the least.
    Cant help feeling the dressing room must be a little bit divided as well as the fanbase.

  90. Highbury Daze

    The guy owns the club, if it was for another club, say City, by all means charge a fee for services rendered, but he owns the club, do it for nothing it’s yours, we know you are a stingy money grabbing sod, we don’t need to hear made up crap by the Chairman to justify you pinching 3 million from your own club
    What a low life weasel

  91. Keyser

    Because we needed the points at Stoke, whereas we’ve qualified in the Champions League.

    Podolski and Campbell are likely to start on Tuesday. Though considering how little they’ve shown when they’ve had a chance they might not.

  92. Highbury Daze

    We know why the 3 million was pilfered from the club, because he wanted to put ticket prices up by 8% did Kroenke, Gazidis advised that is too much of a hike so the agreed on 3%, so Stan said fuck you all it’s my club I will engineer a bullshit account for services rendered to my own club to take out money I missed out on by not being allowed to ass fuck the fans with an 8% rise in tickets, what a reptile, this club is full of them

  93. Highbury Daze

    They won’t start keyser, I think Wenger is afraid they get injured thus rendering them unsellable in January, Campbell got what the other day, 30 seconds playing time, Poldi not much more all the signs are they are gone in Jan, I expect much the same, maybe Rosicky might get a start, don’t know what he’s done to offend, maybe he made a pass at the rap singer, I know Wenger is a vindictive SOB

  94. Highbury Daze

    The title usually goes to the one with the highest wage bill, City, Chelsea, United are in the top 3, we outdid Chelsea we spent more on wages than them to finish below them on the ladder, 160 odd million quid was our wage bill, teams below us can’t compete with that, so armed with that knowledge we will finish top 4 most years, no big deal in that, just beating Liverpool and Spurs to play CL is all AFC have to do, and they hail Wenger as the messiah, the second coming, his achievements are not astounding considering that

    We as a club spend 167 million quid on wages so we can finish 4th to play in the Cl which earns us around 30 odd million quid, what am I missing here, why is it so important to finish 4th

  95. relieable sauce

    why do we need the points so badly at stoke ? & wenger signed these 2 so if they cant be played to gain form & are as bad as we are led to be believed why were they not sold so we could buy someone useful? rather than playing players with injuries.

  96. Keyser

    It’s not that they’re that bad, they need to gain form but then so do other players, Sanchez is playing ahead of Podolski and Ox in front of Campbell, if they’d played better against Southampton in the Carling Cup for example they would’ve had more games. Likewise if Podolski actually bothers to track back properly and we don’t concede the equaliser against Anderlecht he probably would’ve had the last two Champions League games aswell.

  97. relieable sauce

    It wont surprise you that I think it could of been handled a lot better.
    Noticed you dodged my loaded 1st question 🙂
    I know you could answer it but it could take a while & I must hit the sack.

  98. Pistolpete

    Why are the board letting wenger face all this. They need to step in now. Say that wenger will be leaving at the end of the season, like he is. This so callled board of ours are disgraceful.

  99. Leedsgunner

    “We conceded within a minute, do you think he and Bould were sitting there thinking ‘Fuck should’ve worked on that’”

    No now that was unfortunate. However we shouldn’t have conceded the next three. What about the very many goals we conceded from set plays? What about learning from our mistakes. The truth is the Stoke scoreline flattered us.

  100. Highbury Daze

    Thank you, that is very well and good the sad part about that is Wenger has a seat on the board, he is unlikely to sack himself

    A concerted constant barrage of the sort of stuff at Stoke railway station, placards, banners and every bit of negative action will be needed to shift this relic, once started it has to be followed through

  101. Thank you and goodnight

    @ Highbury daze

    I think people have finally woken up now. I think people have realised now that even if wenger went out and bought 2 WC players over the 2 transfer windows in a season, nothing would change. It’s not about the money it’s everything else.

  102. Highbury Daze

    All aboard to London Euston, stand clear of the platform,that’s the last trip Wenger will take from Stoke by train, but where ever they go in England to play, if they come back by train he can expect the same reception

    I think it will be strictly bus travel from now on, but it won’t matter, they same people will be waiting for this clown to let him know his time at this club as far as management is concerned IS OVER

    Start making plans for your retirement Arsene, get back to Paris and look after your love child, give your family some time and attention, after 30 years in management it is long overdue, like the nike ad says JUST DO IT

  103. Highbury Daze

    It was never about the money, that was an excuse used to fool the fans, we could buy 4 world class players, it makes no difference, he is incapable any more, he is strained flustered, lacking any energy, no get up and go, Christ he is 65 going on 66, give it up, enjoy the fruits of your labour, he has enough money to choke a hundred horses, find something else in your life Arsene, go into business with Diaby, the two of you piss off back to Paris, enjoy life, you cannot be enjoying it at the minute,

  104. peanuts&monkeys

    Remember, how ManU fans threatened Rooney with death when he was contemplating a move to City. What Wenger is doing to us is much worse than what Rooney’s act could have ever harmed United. Why are we such snobs?

  105. peanuts&monkeys

    Well, what about keeping off LG for a day as a mark of protest? Can we do it tomorrow? Guys….?

    I can assure you two such days off LG will snatch away Pedro’s sleep totally. And, as a recoil Pedders will hold no bar in screwing Wenger online. I guarantee Pedro will organise protests and will himself hold out banners in the next home match.

    Can we do it tomorrow? Guys….? I am off. What about you?

  106. Highbury Daze

    I have said on here before I could manage this club into 4th spot each year, and so could a lot of you, if you are spending 167 million quid on wages that should be no problem, why do we need Arsene Wenger on 11 million quid a year to finish 4th. lunacy

  107. Wallace

    nothing cool about a bunch of grown men hurling abuse at a 65yr old.

    people who think he’ll see out his contract whatever happens are forgetting he was a game away from quitting in the summer. unless there’s a remarkable turnaround between now and the end of the season – and there might well be if he buys a DM and he can get his main players fit – i think he’ll leave at the end of the year.

  108. N5

    Er, if you can explain to me how going 3-0 down to Stoke in 45 minutes is acceptable then of course I’d be willing to listen.

    When have I ever been one to put my fingers in my ears and going la la la?

    I just don’t think there is much mitigation for it. Yes we were defensively week, but as the Telegraph said, who didn’t see that coming.

    Only Wenger by the looks of things.

    I’m honestly willing to have my opinion changed if you’ve got the answers.

  109. Ashwin Gunner

    “nothing cool about a bunch of grown men hurling abuse at a 65yr old”


    I dont blame them. doesnt matter if he 65 year old or 85 year old. He is not a holy cow who cannot be questioned

  110. Wallace


    i’m sure they made their feelings plain at the ground. waiting for him in a public place just seems kinda thuggish.