Sanchez is SOOOOO happy

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I know you’re feeling it. That Christmas vibe, right? NO? You have that ‘oh my, we’re playing those horrible buggers from Stoke’ vibe instead?

Yeah. Me too. No Christmas cheer there.

Right, so, Alexis is loving life as the hero at Arsenal. For me, he’s loving it a bit too much.

‘The first year was OK and then the second year I was better, but I needed time. Arsenal play beautiful football, but Barcelona play in a way that no other team in the world does. English football is more direct, more end to end, but I like that. It suits the way I want to play.’

‘My team-mates have helped me adapt. If my team-mates were not so good, then I would not have done so well. It is that easy. The quality here is impressive. You only need to take a glance around [a training session] to see that. It is the same level, more or less, as there was at Barcelona. We do different things in training, but player for player, it is just about the same.’

This is a very interesting learning for player purchasing. I think the best strategy our budgets can stretch to is to take a look at the mega clubs and pick off their surplus players. We’re never going to a be a club that spends £70m on a single player. But hey, why do that when you can pick up two Sanchez like players for that type of fee? Even as we move into a more monied state, I still like the idea that as a club, we’ll try to unearth gems. We haven’t really done too much of that over the past few years. It’d be great if our new financial muscle allowed us to compete for players like Hazard when they’re still in France. Or pick off some of the big names in Portugal.

Anyway, it’s fantastic Sanchez is so happy. Be one of many icons at Barca… or be an absolute hero at The Grove! I know what I’d want… FOR IT TO ALL BE ABOUT ME. It’d be fabulous.

‘The game naturally goes through the strong point so in Barcelona the game goes through Messi. It means the other players become a bit more peripheral. You could see now when you watch Barcelona, Suárez was a super dominant figure at Liverpool and sometimes you think: ‘Where is he?’ I’m certain he will find his place but it’s not easy for the players there.’

It is really interesting that players go to these mega clubs and they’re just ‘ok’. I can see the appeal. All that heritage. All that adoration. But it’s even more fickle than it is over here. Their fans will boo loose touches. I mean, imagine voting Cesc out of your club? That’s a horrendous decision. Hleb left Arsenal to go to Barca and killed his career in the process. He was such a brilliant player for us. He could have had it all. Yet he chose the bright lights of Barca and ruined himself in the process.

Today, against Stoke, it’ll be tough. Good news is they played in the week as well, so they’ll not have midweek freshness over us. We’re also on the up. The team is slowly gaining a bit more confidence. Hopefully Begovic won’t have an incredible game in the same way Forster did for Southampton. It’d be great if we were a little more direct. As standard, we boast the highest possession stats, I just think we could be a bit more adventurous on goal.

I’d imagine it’ll be a similar line up to the one that played in the week. Hopefully Martinez will continue to deputise. Chezzer normally lucks out when another keeper is having a good run. I think Fabianski picked up an injury last year. I’d imagine Martinez is due a howler. Hopefully that doesn’t happen. I’ve enjoyed having him dominating his area.

Arsenal need to be strong today. Stoke will come to bully, but it’s important to note that they have some good players these days. Still, if United can beat them, so can we. So let’s have a positive game and rack ip some more points!


See you tomorrow. x



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  1. relieable sauce

    wengers interested in youth because it buys him time, gives him an excuse to fail & creates another fresh batch for the aKB.
    Crowley & Zelalem will be waiting a long time to disloge JW & AR…I guess theyll do a year or 2 on the wings waiting for them to become WC before we sell them for big bucks.
    Rinse the fans & repeat the BS.

  2. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Don’t forget the obligatory loan spell in the shop window , a try before you buy ….

    Ala afobe, aneke, Lansbury

    Crowley an zel will not make it at the club….

    For that you can bet on .

  3. Keyser

    Jeff – Another Chambers isn’t going to win us a title, there’s no guarantee he’d even get us 4th, when we already need to start thinking about replacing Mertesacker let alone Koscielny.

    I’m saying in between windows, or even a season the difference would be negligible, it’s like you and Campbell, he needs games, but then soo does Ox, that isn’t favourites is it, all you’re saying is buy another player who needs the same games Chambers does hoping that they work out, Wenger might even do that in January in the shape of Mings but then you’re still buying them for the future. Unless we’re really lucky.

    That’s the difference and the balance we’re stuck in between, like buying Sanchez, he’s adapting but he’s also contributing offensively while he’s at it.

  4. Ishola

    Gibbs was shit again defensively. Just jogging along and doesn’t seem to care or understand that a fullbacks job is to defend as well as going forward and looking nice on the ball. Not that he is good at the other two really in any case. His head seems empty with the notion that a fullback should be looking to get tight on wide players and at least try to prevent crosses coming in.

    Gibbs epitomises the faults in the coaching of Wenger. A player that is not very good off the ball.

    There was a time in the past where I thought Gibbs could become a good player. No more. He is 25 years old now and still looks and plays like a teenager. Monreal was also dodgy defensively so thought Gibbs would be the better option. Not any more. Gibbs should be dropped indefinitely from the LB position when Monreal is available to play there. Not that there is any resounding confidence in Monreal defensively either but Gibbs has made one too many defensive mistakes and lapses so far this season.

    As for the game = predictable. Arsenal defence shits itself just at the thought of facing a player like Crouch let alone coming to terms with it and trying to cope with it. This has been the case with or without Koscielny in the past as well. It’s a terminal weakness in the side which will not be eradicated until Wenger fvcks off. Horrible defending crosses, highballs, horrible preventing crosses and not good enough too many times without the ball. All problems we all know stem from one man,

  5. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – There’s a pretty obvious difference now though isn’t there.

    Reliable Sauce – Eh ?

    Reality Check – Mate, we’re going to face similar problems with the new manager all your asking for is a change, I don’t mind protest away, in fact I’d respect people more if they actually did get off their asses, it’s years too late, but at least it’s something rather than hollow invective.

  6. Wallace

    haven’t seen the game, but incredible to think he chose Stoke away to finally go with the two 19yr olds in defence. just when we look like we’re starting to build some momentum Wenger’s crazy gamble in the summer comes back and bites us on the ass.

  7. Arsene's Nurse

    1 tackle made by the back for from MotD analysis – shocking. One thing will be clear tomorrow; the AKBs will not post here at all.

    Wenger’s decision not to buy defenders having seen Vermaelen and Sagna leave along with Jenkinson sent on loan is criminal.

  8. Mike adamski

    Wengers gambles usually bite us in the ass .

    I’m used to us defending like crap but today was just unbelievable. Players not picking people up , not switched on , not closing down crosses.
    Mertesacker and gibbs were dreadful today, chambers struggled too.

    Wenger clearly doesn’t give a shit about the defence. And to top it off this fucking madman wants to give diaby a new deal.

    The man is mentally ill

  9. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – Come on man, Chambers alone cost more than our club record at the time, we’re buying seasoned right backs to replace seasoned right backs and that’s before we mention Ozil or Sanchez.

  10. Follow the money

    Arseblog and Untold believe it or not are more upset about today. I don’t know what world they’ve been living on but most people here on LG are not surprised by today’s result. Shocking the state of the squad. Good thing we have an 8 million manager who knows defenders…oh wait. Wenger would never won anything without Dein to build and sign the required pieces

  11. relieable sauce


    It wont stop Wenger from trying if theyre one of his favourites though.
    The try before you buy scheme is their only chance to get some tactical coaching before they get wengerised.

    lol. Just saw the lowlights. Bouldy & Wenger are funny as fuck. Not a scooby.
    1 tackle made all game from back 4.
    “Shambolic”, “embarassing”, “but theyll finish top 4 because thats what Arsenal do”




  12. relieable sauce

    That one tackle made was between 4 of our own players.
    Alway a good chance one of them would get it…oh no, they didnt did they.
    : /

  13. WrightIsGod

    I sat and watched Wenger delay Campbell coming onto the pitch for 10 minutes. He was stripped off and everything.

  14. Gunner2301


    It’s easy to say we moved stadium we couldn’t afford to buy players

    Read what Hill-Wood says

    Key points
    Money was there if needed
    We made profit
    We can manage the debt comfortably

    The previous year our wage bill was comparable to Uniteds and they won the league.

    Did we need to be so prudent that we lost touch so badly? I don’t think so. Wenger wanted his project to run its course and that was to the detriment of the club like what he’s doing now.

  15. David Smith

    Arsenes Nurse, he sold Miquel as well.
    Even Coquelin is out on loan, Wenger will not buy a central midfielder in Jan so we are going to be very very short in that dept until the end of the season. Arteta cannot play without getting injured.
    Wenger is demotivated, his time is coming to an end and it will not be an end fitting of his beginning, he must know that.
    I hope he picks things up for his own sake, but he just is not capable.
    David Dein is reputedly behind the scenes in a non employed capacity trying to help his friend, but he is beyond help.

  16. Ces1ne

    Funny as hell watching the Arsenal FanTV interviews with the mutants from Stoke before the match & most of their fans admitted they act the way they do towards Arsenal bc it’s more a disliking towards wenger than anything else. Now they can all die horrible deaths (IMHO) for the way they treated Ramsey but take that out of the equation & all they are saying is that they don’t like us now bc we have an arrogant twat of a manager…..hmmmmmm, those mutant Orcs from Stoke do have a point, don’t they?

  17. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – Lol we’ve had this discussion and you’re now saying what.

    We renewed Sponsorship deals last year, we bought Ozil, and Sanchez this year, last year our net spend what 30 odd million this year it’s 50.

    It’s a start, if you’re saying we had such options back then, you’re simply wrong, and those are exactly the options we needed.

  18. Emiratesstroller

    The defending today was absolutely woeful both at the back and also in midfield. To lose in this fashion to a team who are really mediocre is an embarrassment.

    What we learned today was:

    1. The club has failed to invest properly in defence now for most of Wenger’s
    term at the club. Everybody bar the manager in world football knows it.
    2.Having watched the game one has to ask would a combination of
    Mertesacker and Chambers get into a Championship Team on today’s
    performance. Their defending was a disgrace. Beaten in the air, constantly
    out of position and absolutely no pace or mobility. Gibbs was not much
    3.Flamini cannot play two games a week, but as usual is not good enough to
    play DM at this level. Without him we have virtually no midfielders who
    can defend properly. Our midfield is designed simply as an offensive unit.
    4.Please explain to me why the team continues to use zonal marking. It
    beggars belief.
    5. Wenger makes as usual excuses. It is like an old record.

    My son who was a decent footballer can no longer watch the team because he is so frustrated.

    Many in adjoining seats to myself express similar sentiments because they are equally frustrated. There is now hardly anyone who does not feel that the
    manager is a liability.

    On Wednesday when I discussed the possible transfers in January everyone
    laughed. We know that Wenger will not invest properly in the team. If we
    are lucky he will recruit a low budget youngster like Mings or a loanee.

    Moreover the more remote the possibility of us securing Champions League
    Qualification next season the less likely that any top player will wish to come
    to us.

    Manchester United will finish above us not because they are a better team, but
    because the people who run and manage that club learn from their mistakes
    and show some genuine ambition.

    Wenger sounds now like a politician. He keeps on repeating what he assumes
    everyone wants to hear with promises that the grass is greener on horizon, but
    the trouble is that noone apart from perhaps the major shareholder believes him.

    He is a lost cause and even if the club has to compensate him it would be better now to send him on his way. Frankly the CEO deludes himself if he thinks
    that his departure is a problem.

    I can provide him with a catalogue of better managers. Bluntly on current
    performance Wenger does not merit managing a second division team.

  19. David Smith

    So true 2301, wenger used the stadium, Denis sacking and the past and current boards weakness to hijack the club. His plan was to coach the youth of Africa, he believes people from that part of the world, and those who have emigrated are naturally the best players. Doesn’t explain why he signed Park, or Senderos though!
    Wenger has become a fcuk up that should never have happened at a properly run club. The problem is, the board past and recent present know a collective fcuk all about football so leave everything to wenger. Almost tragic.

  20. MidwestGun

    Follow the dolla-
    Don’t know…. just popped over to read a few comments on Untold and every single one was blaming the referee. Cept one guy and they jumped all over him. So ya they are upset….. at the wrong thing as usual.

    As if the referees had anything to do with poor defending and Giroud’s amazing header. When I say amazing I mean amazingly shit.

    My recollection was they took a goal off the board and awarded us a questionable penalty. They should have carded Crouch and Adams. And Chambers second was dodgy. But all in all, evened out. And good teams make their own luck by eliminating mistakes. Blaming the referees is the ultimate cop-out. And a sure sign of deflecting the blame. Besides, Stoke playing like a rugby team is hardly a secret is it. Ill prepared defense and attitude.

  21. Keyser

    “His plan was to coach the youth of Africa, he believes people from that part of the world, and those who have emigrated are naturally the best players.”

    This is exactly like Hitler, replace the Aryan race, with West African characteristics.

  22. Gunner2301


    It’s a matter of what you do with the resources you have available to you. Rather than invest that money in quality (I’m not saying we could buy an Ozil or Sanchez we didn’t need to) the money that was Covenanted to be invested in the squad was used by Wenger to pay average and below average players ridiculous wages which was his way of getting around this. Are you saying this isn’t true?.

    That’s why we end up with a high wage bill but not the players to show for it whilst other clubs have these players. Wenger has always been doing this.

  23. Thomas

    Gah you just fucking new that twat Wenger was going to say ‘it was unlucky’ or some bullshit beacause of the red card and that we managed to cut it to 3-2. That’s why I would be better if Stoke won 4-0. That way he can’t hide. What a coward.

  24. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – Go back and check the wagebills, net spend, and the resources available, you’re wrong. If we didn’t invest in youth, there would’ve been even less of a squad to work with.

    Our wagebill isn’t especially high, it’s us transitioning and trying to attract players like Ozil and Sanchez while trying to keep the squad together, at the same time Chelsea are suppsedly trying to comply with FFP.

  25. Gunner2301


    I think he enjoyed it so much he realised he could have a career outside of football whilst remaining at Arsenal and picking up his sizeable wages.

    What’s strange about this new contract. If it’s true that Abou was so ashamed that he was taking the clubs money he said don’t pay me, Why on fucking earth is Arsene forcing more money on him? It doesn’t make sense.

  26. Ces1ne

    Not only is that Diaby “fun fact” mind-blowing, it’s even more mind-blowing that when our kids read about the Emirates, they will ask us “Dad, who was Abou Diaby?…..and we will actually have to attempt to explain exactly what Diaby did…..”Well son, he not only played 2.5 matches a season for 27 seasons, he also got his contract renewed 5 times despite not having an unbroken bone in his body…….a real legend!!!”

  27. relieable sauce

    lol. Thought that was a joke about Diaby & the seat. Surprised health & safety ok’d the risk assesment
    Reviting past glories again on again, not that there is any glory in it.
    Nice little earer for stan though with Deleware foods serving up the jerk dogs. mmmm mm.

  28. Ces1ne

    I refuse to believe they allowed adiaby today use actual tools when that 1st seat was put down…..way too risky for his health. Him & wenger probably stood over some poor worker making less than living wage & are taking credit for it.

  29. Gunner2301


    Why are you showing me net spend stats when it has been clear that Wenger has refused to invest and still does. That unwillingness to spend will distort any figures you put up. All your showing me is that Wenger would make a good banker and were not in banking were in football we need a manager who can see the problems and resolve it with the right personnel.

  30. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – It shows you wagebill and net spend you muppet, and considering you’re trying to say he spent the money on wages it might be relevant.

  31. Dev_gooner

    Ces1neDecember 7, 2014 00:01:47
    Not only is that Diaby “fun fact” mind-blowing, it’s even more mind-blowing that when our kids read about the Emirates, they will ask us “Dad, who was Abou Diaby?…..and we will actually have to attempt to explain exactly what Diaby did…..”Well son, he not only played 2.5 matches a season for 27 seasons, he also got his contract renewed 5 times despite not having an unbroken bone in his body…….a real legend!!!”

    ROFL .. fell off my bed reading this!

  32. Marko

    If one of these days we wake up to the news that Arsenal have agreed a new deal with Abou Diaby someone please light a candle for poor old Marky. Cause that motherfucker is jumping head first off a bridge in response to the ridiculousness

  33. Gunner2301


    United had a net spend of -8.3mill and wage bill of 50mill whilst we had a net spend of 3.3mill and 40mill

    To me that says they’ve done better with their resources considering the quality of players they have had over that period compared to ours and the number of titles they have won.

    Is there anything else you want me to see?

  34. Ces1ne

    Just means you’re spewing the same delusional b.s. as always….not here to “troll” you. Nobody is calling names or degrading you as a person….just that you’re views on the wage bill are so far fetched that th bridge quote rings true. With all the attention-whoring you do on here all day you would think you could distinguish between “trolling” and just calling you out on your usual nonsense one time……I guess not. My bad on that bruh, keep up your online persona….you’re the man.

  35. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – Lol dude, it’s over a 12 year period, you can check teams wagebill and spend to your hearts content, instead of picking out one year and trying to generalise, it also has every other team in the league at the time I think.

    Remember you started this conversation.

  36. Keyser

    Ces1ne – You haven’t even engaged me, what post was I supposed to respond to of yours ?

    Or did you honestly come on looking for attention making some claim about a ‘bridge’, come on man have some self-respect.

  37. Gunner2301


    All I’m saying is that we didn’t use our resources to the best of our abilities even more so as we were blowing the trumpet of self sustainability for,more than a decade whilst blowing millions on dross which is a little hypocritical really.

  38. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – Yeah, you’ve made that point before, and it’s pretty insignificant.

    As soon as you refer to other teams it falls down completely.

  39. relieable sauce

    Im sure this must have been posted before but wenger does sound like a compulsive gambler with his continuous excuses. Never considering that his formula is flawed only bemoaning bad luck, conditions, rigged outcomes etc. Claiming that the winning streak will start next game, unless we lose of course, then its the next one. Highlighting any result as vindication for his actions & proof that the system works. Meanwhile driving those closest to him to despair until they are just happy that he comes home with the shirt on his back.

    DD is only heping his friend if he is advising him to step down.

  40. Gunner2301


    Let’s,refer to the AST a few years back before,Sanchez and Ozil

    So we had 71 players on the wage bill and struggled to find players to field, we had a mass of players on loan and a load we couldn’t shift because of their high wages.

    All that inefficiency equates to a couple of world class players we could have had but Wenger needs a harem of players worshipping him even if they won’t be playing.

  41. Ces1ne


    Not even gonna give you the satisfaction of another person to argue with on here bc I know you get off on it. Don’t talk to me about “self respect” when you stand out as the biggest attention-whore on this blog. Check your own self respect, and that’s from someone who come on here occasionally….you stand out THAT much with your non-stop arguements. Self respect? Please, spare me guy

  42. Ces1ne


    At least it didn’t go over someone’s head….yet I got accused of “trolling” someone that constantly “trolls” a whole blog with delight…..

  43. Keyser

    Ces1ne – Lol, you’ve written two paragraphs now, and you seem to have nothing to say for yourself, you ask for my attention and are now bitching because you have it.

    Like I said, Do you live under it Broheim.

  44. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – It doesn’t equate to that, because as soon as you begin to compare it other teams to gain perspective your argument falls down.

    Because there’s no risk of inefficiency elsewhere.

  45. N'Gambo

    Keyser is like conservative radio and newspaper commentators arguing for ‘austerity’ measures in smooth and reasoned tones (while out the back their rich mates are plundering the joint at our expense).

    What was the Great Train Robbery, compared to the Great Royal Mail Robbery? Think of Keyser as a cheap imitation of Vince Cable, explaining why it has to be so. (only without Cable’s good looks, or dress sense).

  46. Ces1ne


    You lost the right for a discussion of my original “bridge” comment when you not only accused me of “trolling” you, but also my “self respect” and NOW you want me to say something about that? Nope…….just bc my comment went over your head at first & you thought I was trolling, hahahahah
    Like I said, you’re an attention-whore who looks for arguements when it suits them. I have ripped apart your whole pathetic LeGrove online persona in one phrase “attention-whore”. This comes from someone that only reads the comments 2-3 times a week, you’re that pathetic with your arguing with everyone about everything, so you stand out THAT much to people that come here only occasionally. Think about that, pathetic.
    Self-respect? You’re commenting 100s of time a week arguing with people on here, not me, let’s have some perspective broham 😉

  47. Ces1ne


    Sorry, just had to rip you & this online persona you have apart bc you questioned my self respect….maybe you’ll learn, maybe you won’t, but if you know that’s how you come across (you, not your Arsenal views) on here maybe you’ll be better off for it. I’m here to help brosenberg

  48. Keyser


    “Here comes Keyser with his wage bill delusions………I have a bridge I wanna sell you bruh ”

    Lol is this the post ?

    Dial’s upgraded, or he’s been reproducing.

    Sheeeeeeeeet, to be fair, I just got torn to pieces, I got Pawned, Owned and Edumacated, my online attention-whore persona can never be seen here again…

  49. David Smith

    Wenger will be gone by next season. Events will ensure that as well as planning. Wenger is finished , he knows it so do the board. It is all coming home to roost, gambling with minimal squad, no attention or coaching for the defence, refusal to engage in Ivan’s initiatives for data analysis and injury management, poor management of referees and media, Diaby new deal, and a hundred other things. Ivan may have a soft spot for wenger, but he has an even softer spot for money. Wenger will very soon be costing a lot of money, and don’t be fooled, it will not cost so much to be rid of wenger as reported, especially if he is not performing.

  50. Ces1ne


    Are you still at it after I sent that verbal ether your way? Listen, I understand you’re probably not the most confrontational or up-front person in real life so you come online and act the complete opposite to make up for it. I gotcha brochevski, there are people like you all over don’t worry.
    Gonna go now, keep what I said about how you seem on here in mind. I’ll probably check in over the week & I’ll betcha there you’ll be, arguing & looking for attention with about 6 other commenters. Keep up the good fight!

  51. Andrew

    How much agony is enough for the naysayers? Wenger has incontrovertibly lost his goddamn marbles. The players that have been rounded up by Wenger are so feeble and gutless it makes your skin crawl. Alexis, Ox, Danny and Kos are great, but outside of them and some youngsters from the academy, you wonder what the hell Wenger was thinking when he choses players.

    The soul destroying prick that Wenger is, he keeps up his experiment with Diaby and holds onto grandpa Arteta. Even the BFG and Gibbs are shit now and Cazorla and Ramsey are clearly irritating / frustrating the fans so much it’s a wonder their heads don’t explode from all the negative karma wafting their way.

    It really isn’t that complicated. Wenger can and should have strategically purchased defensive players. They don’t even have to be amazing – even a couple of hack players with evil on their minds and insatiable desire to crush their opponents would be better than the delicate flowers that masquerade as defenders in our team.

    The way things stand right now, you could pretty much pick any defensive player in teams from the bottom half of the table and it would undoubtedly be an improvement.

    A couple of years ago you would not have caught me saying this, but Wenger truly is out of touch (and out of his mind?), but either way, the management of the team is piss-poor to say the least.

    The club has become a joke. And Wenger truly is to blame.

  52. Highbury Daze

    I don’t know why the arguments, we all should be happy, well most of us, the team lost, I thought that was the point, keep losing until the manager goes, because if he keeps winning, he will never go, so as far I’m concerned, great result, I want this guy to feel the pain that the fans have endured for years, with a bunch of losses like this fans arguing and fighting among themselves, is not a good look

    And if this imposter had a shred of self respect and a modicum of grace he would resign ASAP

    You think another manager couldn’t better the Stoke result, or the United one, or even the Swansea debacle, please

  53. Highbury Daze

    And here’s a personal message to Rhys Jagoff, I read your pseudo intellectual crap at ANR you are so fucking full of yourself, I was engaging some poster who did not agree with me, that’s fine, I don’t need some prick like you to come riding in on his white horse and save the day, why don’t you fuck off back to your data studies, I had what I believe to be fair grievances about this club, if someone abuses me I usually abuse back, that’s fine no damage done, it’s when cunts like you who are not invited into the conversation pop their ugly heads in and offer their 2 bobs worth, you and Wenger would get on just fine, a nice pair of fucks up themselves

  54. Highbury Daze

    It’s a simple game of football, and professors like Jagoff want to break it down into hard data, a book of percentages, stats, and other useless information that these guys use to make people think they are smart, wee the stats say Arsenal should have won this game by at least 4 goals

    Arsenal had more possession, more shots, more shots on target,more corners, 9 to 3, they conceded 14 fouls to Stokes 17

    Now if you never knew the score what would you deduce from those stats, and we were 3-0 at half time, stats just keep someone in a job, I have yet to hear from anyone how they influence the score, what is we care about you can ram your stats and data right up your arse

  55. Highbury Daze

    Who needs heat signature maps, how far a player has run, I f a guy is tired I ask him can you go on, I don’t need to refer to a fucking laptop to give me data, I got an idea ,why not replace the players with robots, they can just keep going and going, toss Who gives two fucks if player x ran 12 k and player y ran 11.2, how will that help you, some are more durable than others, we know Sanchez can run day and night, I can see that with my own eyes, but Wenger and Jag, need to refer to their data before making any decisions, quite pathetic really, and don’t bother responding Jagoff, I will not read your crap

  56. Highbury Daze

    Wenger laments soft defence, this manager bought the defence, he should teach defence, (he doesn’t), he picks the defence, what does Steve Bould do in this organisation, this has been coming, going into a season with 6 defenders, having to pick two 19 year olds in your back four, at a place where you have won once in 9 attempts, and they pay Wenger 8 million plus 3 million quid bonus for this debacle

    I’m not thinking clearly I can’t get my head around the massive fucking shit storm that is heading to the Emirates with this clown in charge, I can tell you one thing

    The fans have held out for 10 years and it’s partly their fault this club finds itself in, this should have been settled long before now, this guy should have left ages ago

    The only reason he didn’t is he makes the greedy cunts too much money, this is not about football any more, it’s business, but this brand is getting fucking trashed most weeks, the owners can see this there will be words in private and this guy will go, no fucking way he will be there in 3 years time, HE IS TOXIC, LIKE THE CLUB

  57. Bamford13

    Yes, we spent some 50m this summer, including:

    – £16m on United’s third-string CF, who has now scored 3 goals in 14 EPL games and who we only signed because our mediocre first-choice CF went down with injury

    – £16m on a 19-y-o CB who lacks the pace and experience to be effective against top teams

    – £0 on a quality CDM, the one player we needed more than any other

    That’s not money well-spent.

    We should’ve spent on a quality CDM and CF, so as to improve the side. Instead we’re treading water. We also needed a dominating CB who could replace Mertesacker in the starting XI this season.

    He may have spent £50m, but he didn’t spend it wisely.

    Wenger out.

  58. Highbury Daze

    Look at this result objectively, we used a 3rd choice RB a 2nd or 3rd choice CB, and 3rd choice Keeper, those are the facts, forget data and the rest of the guff, we have a CDM Flamini who in reality is a 2nd choice, we had Giroud who has been out 3 months, and it showed, we have Welbeck and Podolski on the bench, Campbell comes on with what 3 minutes to go

    We are the Britannia where we rarely win, rarely get a result, and this is the team we go with, I’m surprised it wasn’t 5-0 at half time

    It is true, this team does the bare minimum of what needs to be done, it hardly plays 90 minutes at full throttle, either a good start then slows, or poor start and finish strong

    And it will get worse, not better, this defence is there for the taking against any PL side, what player wants to come to the Emirates, I know Sanchez and Ozil hate the fucking place, it’s in the body language, two top class players dumped on us from clubs that never wanted them, we never chased these players, scouted these players, they were there at the time, not needed, 77 million quid spent on 2 attacking players, one a powder puff fragile girly man, the other the best football warrior on the planet they must be hating this ,coming from Barca and Madrid to play for this relic bony arsed miser, and as has been pointed out, the players ARE NOT PLAYING FOR THE MANGER, it is plain to see, look at the effort, non existent, passing the ball back and forward to one another is not football, it’s a training exercise straight off the training pitch

    The whole club needs cleansing

  59. Ughelligunner

    Keyser December 6, 2014
    “I’m really enjoying how angry
    everyone is and aggressive
    and willing to spark each
    other out”
    Safely sat at home, watching
    on your computer, as it should

    Keyser pls leave Cesc appeal alone, he is our youngest resident lawyer, do you want to spoil his reputation before he becomes G? Lol

    The legrove people are like Wenger from their explanations, they don’t go to games and they use it as excuses in bashing the season ticket holders, site distance as excuse others say they won’t spend a penny. Then come online to bash the few who manage to do a YouTube/tv support, which is another easy way to send your msg.

    But they don’t, and wait for others to do it or wait for the game to be over so they can run to twitter n blogs..

    When a legrove video would be very easy to make, are we afraid people might recognise us?

    P.S. I have been thinking, what if the arsenalfan tv interview is staged to have different opinions of the manager.

  60. Highbury Daze

    Wenger thinks Sanchez is close to the red zone, he checked his laptop, and yes, sure enough there it is all the data pointing towards that conclusion

    Well, I know that and I don’t have a laptop, Sanchez has started about 14 games so far this season, he is the first picked, his stamina is unbelievable, but most know it can’t continue without some respite, but the genius manager cannot rest him, like Cesc before and then Wilshere, we know they will get run into the ground until they drop for either exhaustion/injury, because this squad is never prepared, never equipped to go the distance, if he dropped those players the team would probably have lost, so he plays them every game, and with those two they were kids, bodies not mature enough to take the continual strain of EPL football,

    I hope we continue to lose games, the more banners around the better, the paying public deserve far better than what this Amerikan cash kow is serving up, the starting point is, get a manager ,who knows what he is doing

  61. Ughelligunner

    Many here were asking wenger to play mertesaker and Chambers and to bench moreal, using Belerin as rb.

    But today there are different opinions as to wenger never balances the team…. How about telling us you are sorry for getting that wrong and wenger knows his players more than you.

    On legrove we never take the blame just like wenger? We give excuses like he is paid 8m, he should have signed a cb, he should…

    Are we as egomian as the person we describe seeing we are his prodigy in other ways?

    You know there is a reason i don’t let legrove/pedro carry me away with ever changing facts.

    Like N5 said sometime ago, looking at the way we change mindset about formations and changes that didn’t work, then no wonder managers find it difficult because he has to make sure at 99percent of the time or something like this.

  62. Thank you and goodnight

    How to be a Happy Gunner?

    I developed a formula to be a Happy Gunner. Its Arsene’s Guide to a Happy Gunner

    1. Always live in the past

    2. Be deluded and think the squad is best. Be happy when other teams lose.

    3. Blame the referee and rest of the world for the defeat

    4. Always talk about FFP, Big spending Clubs, greedy players and young future stars.

    5. Celebrate Fourth Place Trophy

    Anybody in their right might will not question the Loyalty and contribution of Arsene Wenger to this football club. He brought most supporters into this club. Its sad that many of those supporters are turning against him.

  63. Thank you and goodnight


    Comfort yourself knowing you only have 2 1/2 years more of le grove to put up with. Because then Arsène will leave to manage a big club ( ha ha ha), then you can go on to his new teams supporters blog with your Arsène love in.

  64. Highbury Daze

    What you saw against Stoke was Giroud, who looked like he had just got out of bed 30 minutes before the game, maybe he had another one of those fuck sessions, who cares, it is the job of the manager to get these millionaires in the right frame of mind for the task at hand, and that was to beat Stoke, trouble is, it’s all soft spoken words, no shouting, no balling out, no critiquing, no ripping in to the players, he tells them what he wants according to his laptop, this has not changed in 18 years, so it’s pretty basic, go out enjoy yourselves, kick the ball between yourselves, no shooting from distance remember now, we want to be the English Barcelona

    So armed with the same tactics that he used with the invincible’s, he sends out his 2nd and 3rd choice team, ill equipped for the job at hand, is it any wonder they get spanked

    You cannot blame the players, we have a general who allows the players to perform like that without correction, sitting down for the majority of the match, looking at his watch from time to time thinking fuck this will be over soon, what’s the score Bouldy

    There are no bad soldiers, only bad officers, that statement from Napoleon underscored the IMPORTANCE OF GOOD LEADERSHIP

    This football team is lacking in that very important quality, from top to bottom, there are no leaders off the pitch, and there are none on the pitch, I can see that can anyone else

  65. Highbury Daze

    And another thing, Per is in the purple zone, he is about to drop, I wonder what the messiah’s laptop said about him, this guy is playing from memory

  66. Highbury Daze

    We have 2, TWO recognised CB in our club, and if fit they play every game, when one is injured we have a LB playing CB, say it slowly, Kos and Per and the only 2 recognised CB in a billion pound club, and just for a change, the manager played the 2nd choice RB as a CB, and got smashed by Stoke

    This manager is ruining the careers of young players before they get started, having them grilled by experienced men, having them demoralised by asking them to go to Stoke and get their arse ripped, imagine the trauma reliving those memories

    Thanks Arsene, you are one demented individual

  67. Highbury Daze

    Never allow any rest either to the conqueror or the conquered.’
    One always has enough troops when he knows how to use them.’
    An army of lions commanded by a deer will never be an army of lions.’
    It is not sufficient that the soldier must shoot, but he must shoot well.’
    Move upon the enemy in one mass on one line so that when brought to battle you shall outnumber him, and from such a direction that you compromise him.’
    It is not enough to give orders, they must be obeyed.’
    ‘Give your orders so that they cannot be disobeyed.’
    ‘The greatest general is he who makes the fewest mistakes.’

    There are a few quotes from Napoleon, I’m sure the scholar Wenger has read him, Giroud should take note of the fourth line, and the fifth line was used by Wenger on his 1000th game against Chelsea, unfortunately he did not have the success of Napoleon on that day

    And the second one is strange, I think Wenger used this tactic in most of his campaigns, he always thinks he has enough troops, but he doesn’t know how to use them

    I am sure in their spare time, Wenger and Diaby would sip coffee and debate Napoleon , but somehow I doubt they fully understood him

  68. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal are a house of cards.

    On paper the team looks beautiful with players like Sanchez and Ozil capable of starring in any major team. Before anyone criticises Ozil remember that even Mourinho described him as a great player.

    Yet the Manager persists in not constructing foundations i.e. improving properly the defence. The minute Koscielny does not play the house collapses.

    The irony is that with a couple of top additions in the squad we could have been challenging at the top of league.

    We have needed a top defensive midfielder for at least three years and a solid
    second or third option centre back for two years. Yet Wenger ignores these

    I am 100% sure that had we bought these resources the team would not be losing to the likes of Swansea and Stoke or drawing against teams like Leicester

    The third element missing is of course a top coach with a decent tactical brain.
    That was obvious from yesterday’s performance. Tactically we are clueless and played in first half like headless chickens.

    Tiredness and injuries are excuses. You can rotate if you have right players to
    do so. Injuries is an occupational hazard for most teams, but not at Arsenal. We have on our books too many injury prone players e.g. Diaby,Gibbs,Wilshire, Walcott and Sanogo.

    If you want to reduce our injury list you need to offload several of these players. None are frankly indispensable.

  69. Highbury Daze

    Stroller, when you build a house, you lay the foundations first, ie defence then build upon that, check out foundations out

    Ozil is a great player, just not suited to the EPL, and Wenger can’t utilise him to his full potential, because we don’t have a CDM, a protector if you will, like say a Vieira, which would give freedom to Ozil’s skills, he is wasted with us at the present time

  70. Jeff

    The first thing a new manager should do is weed out all the injury prone players – those that get injured every season without fail and stay out for long periods of time.

    Then, ensure that we have adequate back up in key positions. In short, we have to remove handicaps (inherent disadvantages) from the squad. There can be no favourites.

    The rest is down to the tactical prowess of the manager. Play the opposition, exploit weaknesses, change formation if necessary and practice changing when necessary. This one-dimensional nonsense has to stop because we’ve been sussed out even by the lesser teams and it simply doesn’t work any more.

    Does all of the above guaranteed trophies? Of course it doesn’t. Nothing can ever do that – but we will become a football club again and we will compete with other top teams. All these excuses about oil men, stadium, bad luck, referees have to be banished from the mindset of the club. Nobody ever achieved anything by looking for excuses to justify failure.

    There should be a placard in the dressing room that says “Fourth is Failure”.

    None of the above can possibly take place under Wenger. I am talking about the future. The present is blighted. The last 10 years have been nothing more than a dark era that saw us fall from grace and pretend we’re still a force to contend with.

  71. Thank you and goodnight

    You lot should be ashamed of yourselves. Single handedly the man built the Emirates, alone to save money, while also selling pies on match day, washing and ironing the kit and at one stage even taking on the role of tea lady when Eileen went sick for a couple of days.

  72. Jeff

    By the way Tyrone Mings is not the answer. It’s another light weight “critics shut your mouth” response which won’t make any difference whatsoever.

  73. SUGA3

    it is really all so simple: if you play virtually the same group of players throughout the previous 50ish game season, they have every right to break down left, right and centre this season, especially when they are getting on a bit (Arteta) or basically are completely fucked like Koscielny…

    Koscielny has pretty much the same issue Vermaelen had, it may not be exactly the same injury, but it is all fatigue related, simple as that!

    IMO, CB set up of Mertesacker/Chambers + Koscielny/Vermaelen would actually be a satisfactory one if it was not for Wenger running Vermaelen into the ground in his first season and now doing exactly the same to Koscielny, you just watch…

    the team is also crying out for a defensive mid like it has been since Vieira had left, the team is unbalanced, the manager does not use a few players (Rosicky, Podolski) he has got, ah, fuck it, what have I not said yet?

  74. Mike adamski

    Just watched wengers post match bbc interview ..

    He seemed so blasé about it.
    He didn’t seem to be hurting or dying to get back to training to sort these defensive frailties out.

    ” this is stokes game of the year ” he said.

    It seems Everytime we lose he does blame bad defending but he is the boss and doesn’t remedy it ever.
    It’s bizarre

    He is finished.

  75. SUGA3

    these two are at the completely opposite ends of the spectrum, Ty is a caricature AKB, but Claude frankly does not do the other side justice, being a bit of a fickle pisshead 😆

  76. Highbury Daze

    Ah! the tea lady, didn’t he shag her as well, he likes a bit of rap on the side,

    Look at that Stoke squad not much name wise, but they did all put in a shift, they were up for it, they showed urgency to score, unlike Arsenal who dawdled around the pitch looking not too interested in the first 45, and like them they put the car into gear when they are behind, down 3-0 at half time then they start to play, and this manager lets them get away this lackadaisical attitude, he should have been out of his chair after 20 seconds right after the first goal went in, but no, he is relaxed not giving a fuck, when goal number 2 went in, same thing, mutterings to Bould, can you go to the canteen and get me some water, after goal number 3 went in, he can be seen saying to Bould, how is that we conceded now, I don’t know boss, I lost count

  77. Emiratesstroller

    Highbury Daze

    Ozil is not a luxury player if he is used correctly. He is more than capable of playing in EPL.

    The problem is that at Arsenal we have noone playing in midfield who defends properly, half of our defence [fullbacks] who are constantly out of position, and
    a Centre Back[Mertesacker] who cannot head a ball.

    What Arsenal needs to do is build a team which is solid in defence, a playmaker [Ozil] who has the good instincts to make the correct telling pass, some
    pace up front and of course a clinical finisher.

    Personally I don’t believe that Ozil is a faded wallflower, but he needs to be played correctly in a solid and decent team.

    At the moment we are not that unit. The real problem at Arsenal is that we could bring in half a dozen quality players and still not be successful because
    there is with Wenger no strategic thinking.

  78. Highbury Daze

    It’s not Ty’s fault he is demented, he is a pallet short of a load, he is passionate about AFC ,he just cannot articulate in to intelligently I expect him any minute to throw a right hook to Claude’s jaw

  79. Highbury Daze

    I said that many times about Ozil needing a Vieira type player beside him, and because we haven’t Wenger plays him wide left or right out of the heat of the kitchen, the middle of the park

  80. Highbury Daze

    The one thing AFC doesn’t need is new players, it needs new management, it’s pretty simple, a harder task manager than the current one, who is not afraid to raise his voice

  81. SUGA3

    actually, I have always thought Ty would be getting slapped down first for being a bit of an annoying twat with no manners and no culture of discussion whatsoever…

  82. Highbury Daze

    When Abramovich pulls up stumps Chelsea are going to be back to their original self, mid table crap, same as City, once the oil men get bored with their toy it’s back to shitsville for them, now I’m not sure about the time frame for this event, but I do know it will happen either by death or boredom, whatever comes first

  83. SUGA3

    I don’t think Chelsea even run at a loss anymore and the money he did put in he has already written off and as for the Citeh, the oil money is not running out anytime soon, so there’s sadly fat chance of that happening, plus, they will have to become a profitable venture and will, just like Chelsea has…

  84. N5

    Just spoken with my dad and he says there was lots of trouble between ourselves at Stoke. Proper punch ups, after around 100 were singing Wenger out! The whole attitude is changing, people have finally had enough.

    Only 100ish singing, but at least 1000 groaning, moaning and whatnot.

  85. Thank you and goodnight

    The excuse wenger gave for hiding away in the dug out is all that’s wrong with Arsenal. The team are moulded in the image of the manager and he’s just a bottler. Maureen or fergie would of given it large to the stoke fans and rammed they’re taunts down they’re throats. Our manager hides like a little girl

  86. Frankie T

    Wengers defensive signings off the top of my head

    Upson – miss
    Stepanovs – miss
    Grimandi – miss
    Luzhny – miss
    Campbell – massive hit
    Senderos – miss
    Lauren – hit
    Toure – hit
    Eboue – miss
    Silvinho – miss
    Gallas – hit
    Squillaci – miss
    Sagna – hit
    Santos – wtf
    Koscielny – hit
    Mertesacker – meh
    Debuchy – hopefully a hit

    Could think if a few more but look at some of the absolute dross he signs. We will never win the league with such an incompetent manager. Akb’s how the fuck do you defend a man who signs such shit and puts faith in championship level players. Look what he’s done for the club etc….what is he doing now though. Even watching Everton last night Martinez team looked decent at the back whilst also giving city problems up top. He sets his team up with a game plan and if they finish 8th and want rid then i’d happily take him.

  87. Highbury Daze

    Wenger has never been keen on defenders or keepers, not his long suit, he is a midfield man pure and simple, then he can mould them into a defender or attacker whatever is needed at the time, he is versatile our manager, what about those obscene fines he has going at the Emirates for the players

    If you are late for meals it’s a 250 quid fine, make a phone call in the building at it costs you 500, this is a scrooge bastard , read a paper and it cost you 100 quid, doesn’t want the players reading how bad a manager he is, although I think they have an idea

  88. David Willetts

    Arsene, now you blame your soft defence in public, but you are responsible – you loaned Jenkinson to West Ham, replaced him with novice Chambers, who you play at CB because you failed to sign the two CB’s we need, you turned away Song and Fab who you could have picked up cheap, and your LB duo are not up to the job. Don’t have a single defensive mid. And yesterday you had to play Bellerin at RB then replaced him with Flamini. You sat on you bum for the entire game and offered your team nothing. Finally what do you teach your defence on the training pitch? You are incompetent.

    By the way what wages are you on now?

  89. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Absolute power corrupts, absolutely. Any dispute that this describes Arsene Wenger at Arsenal?

    Arsenal are nothing more than an utter joke and nothing can dispute the damage that has been done by one Arsene Wenger, nothing.