Sanchez is SOOOOO happy

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I know you’re feeling it. That Christmas vibe, right? NO? You have that ‘oh my, we’re playing those horrible buggers from Stoke’ vibe instead?

Yeah. Me too. No Christmas cheer there.

Right, so, Alexis is loving life as the hero at Arsenal. For me, he’s loving it a bit too much.

‘The first year was OK and then the second year I was better, but I needed time. Arsenal play beautiful football, but Barcelona play in a way that no other team in the world does. English football is more direct, more end to end, but I like that. It suits the way I want to play.’

‘My team-mates have helped me adapt. If my team-mates were not so good, then I would not have done so well. It is that easy. The quality here is impressive. You only need to take a glance around [a training session] to see that. It is the same level, more or less, as there was at Barcelona. We do different things in training, but player for player, it is just about the same.’

This is a very interesting learning for player purchasing. I think the best strategy our budgets can stretch to is to take a look at the mega clubs and pick off their surplus players. We’re never going to a be a club that spends £70m on a single player. But hey, why do that when you can pick up two Sanchez like players for that type of fee? Even as we move into a more monied state, I still like the idea that as a club, we’ll try to unearth gems. We haven’t really done too much of that over the past few years. It’d be great if our new financial muscle allowed us to compete for players like Hazard when they’re still in France. Or pick off some of the big names in Portugal.

Anyway, it’s fantastic Sanchez is so happy. Be one of many icons at Barca… or be an absolute hero at The Grove! I know what I’d want… FOR IT TO ALL BE ABOUT ME. It’d be fabulous.

‘The game naturally goes through the strong point so in Barcelona the game goes through Messi. It means the other players become a bit more peripheral. You could see now when you watch Barcelona, Suárez was a super dominant figure at Liverpool and sometimes you think: ‘Where is he?’ I’m certain he will find his place but it’s not easy for the players there.’

It is really interesting that players go to these mega clubs and they’re just ‘ok’. I can see the appeal. All that heritage. All that adoration. But it’s even more fickle than it is over here. Their fans will boo loose touches. I mean, imagine voting Cesc out of your club? That’s a horrendous decision. Hleb left Arsenal to go to Barca and killed his career in the process. He was such a brilliant player for us. He could have had it all. Yet he chose the bright lights of Barca and ruined himself in the process.

Today, against Stoke, it’ll be tough. Good news is they played in the week as well, so they’ll not have midweek freshness over us. We’re also on the up. The team is slowly gaining a bit more confidence. Hopefully Begovic won’t have an incredible game in the same way Forster did for Southampton. It’d be great if we were a little more direct. As standard, we boast the highest possession stats, I just think we could be a bit more adventurous on goal.

I’d imagine it’ll be a similar line up to the one that played in the week. Hopefully Martinez will continue to deputise. Chezzer normally lucks out when another keeper is having a good run. I think Fabianski picked up an injury last year. I’d imagine Martinez is due a howler. Hopefully that doesn’t happen. I’ve enjoyed having him dominating his area.

Arsenal need to be strong today. Stoke will come to bully, but it’s important to note that they have some good players these days. Still, if United can beat them, so can we. So let’s have a positive game and rack ip some more points!


See you tomorrow. x



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  1. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    As much as i can’t stand Wenger the players have to hold their head in shame.

    Stoke 3-0 up at half time?

    Interesting what Wenger said is “Before the game we didn’t do what we said we we’re going to do”

    So clearly there was a game plan.

    Players like Mert, Gibbs, Ramsey know what theses games are about close marking, putting you off your game, silly fouls etc.

    Giroud although he is big is the biggest pussy i’ve seen in an Arsenal shirt

    The smallest of touches on him and he goes down in a heap

    when he came off we played a little more with authority.

    We have played like this the whole season.

  2. Cesc Appeal

    Daily Mail give Mert and Chambers a 3 and 3.5 rating.

    Soon as I saw them in the line up as CB’s I said they’d spell trouble for us. Not exactly an incisive observation any idiot could see that. But shocked at just how poor they were.

    The excuses that he didn’t have Kozz, ridiculous, a 100 cap German International, with two 19 year olds either side of him, yes you sympathise, but at the same time where is he? He needed to act as the old head and take charge. But he was all over the place from kick off, gave possession away with stupid touches and passes, no tracking back, allowed Bojan in a number of times.

  3. N'Gambo

    Per announced his international retirement for a reason. He should retire from club football at the end of this season.

    It’s stupid to blame Chambers – he’s going to be an immense CB for the next decade. At the moment, he’s 19 years old, bought in as an understudy, and has now played every game, mostly out of position. Blame Wenger who sold Vermalen and didn’t replace him.

    Games like this will shatter the confidence of Chambers, Bellerin, Martinez.

    Wenger is a fucking disgrace – really. And what does the Chairman say, “if he doesn’t have a plan, we say nothing”. Its fucking unbelievable the club is run this way.

    At a home game, sometime soon, another outrageous debacle, and for sure, there will brawls breaking out everywhere. It will make the TV news all over the sporting world.

    Arsenal’s civil war will see him out, in shame.

  4. relieable sauce

    I can definately see a few of our best players wanting out if this continues.

    Nice little profit for the bankers though.

  5. MidwestGun

    Shambolic defending today. Not surprising, really. When I saw our backline. Mertesacker on the left doesn’t work. He relies on his positioning and experience because besides height that’s all he has in the tank. The angles are all different and he has no relationship with Gibbs.
    Why is he playing there? Because our manager is crazy deluded to think he can backup Kos with a LB with a history of injury. And most importantly he’s never played Cb til this year. Great plan.
    Our manager is so painfully past it….. it’s obvious we need a fresh change, approach. Tired of the making do with subpar and square peg round hole approach.

    Also, Campbell in the 93rd minute? Hahaha fuck me.

    Could talk about numerous other subpar performances by players but really until AW goes it’s more of the same because it’s hard to get a players true level of performance under crap management.

    The only positive is Chelscum losing. Fuck off Mourinho.
    But our performance was so bad it ruined my enjoyment of that, too. 

  6. Berg

    Ngambo chambers hasn’t showed that much to suggest he will be immense and surely even at 19 he should be able to deal with a fairly mediocre stoke attack

  7. Cesc Appeal


    But he’s 19.

    I remember way back after his first game and you had all the helmets saying “if he’s good enough he’s old enough”…mainly to try and excuse Wenger for not signing a CB… but I said at the tine as a 19 year old he’s still learning, his form will be sporadic and he WILL make A LOT of mistakes and be rash.

    The bone management of a guy who’s on £8 Million a year and who’s been managing since 1983 is staggering. You really can’t excuse it, it’s worryingly bad how year on year Wenger’s decisions are getting more concerning.

  8. Keyser

    Lol because there’s no adaptation period or process of learning for any other players, it was all supposedly avoidable.

  9. Jaffna Boy

    Alexis wont be happy after today;-)
    Pedro – I disagree with you on LVG. He will turn ManU around. Lets wait till the end of the season.

  10. MidwestGun

    If I’m assigning blame to goals. Why not… because I can.
    First goal- AW for starting with that backline setup. They scored in 19 seconds. How about mental preparedness? Gibbs, Chambers.

    2nd goal- Gibbs, Mert, and whomever was supposed to be tracking from the midfield. But Mertesacker shouldn’t have been playing there in the first place.

    3rd goal – zonal marking. So our manager. Not exactly a new issue giving up goals from corners. Also, Martinez was finally tested a bit. Not exactly scintillating stuff.

    Overall our manager for having a bad plan and not addressing deficiencies in the transfer window. Again.

  11. TemaGooner

    Top, top comment on DailyMail by HENRY007 of London: ” When I die, I gotta to wear my Arsenal shirt to prove to God that I have been through hell already”.
    This manager will continue to sell us the future until he leaves. Will win nothing, unless he changes.

  12. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    So we get rasped on the pitch by Stoke!

    Next Sunderland an burnely will be queuing up for sloppy seconds on us…

    All because wenger has not produced a single yoot player since he has been there .

    The wenger driven project has crashed and died
    The only pay survivor Is the name an club badge.

    Time to ho back to the start with an adventurous less conservative manager whose ego believes it is larger than the club .

  13. Mike adamski

    Gotta say I do love Claude , he’s so emotional it’s hilarious .

    The other guy ty is just nuts , he will not criticise wenger no matter what.

  14. Marc

    The problem isn’t the players we have it’s the players we don’t (plus piss poor preparation!). Bellerin is a highly rated youngster who could go on to be a good player. If Wenger is going to decide that Chambers is going to be CB backup then Bellerin has to be given a run out against weaker opposition instead of being thrown in at the deep end in one of the games we regularly struggle in.

    As Cesc said earlier Wenger’s decisions seem to be getting more and more deluded, if an elderly relative was acting in such a way you’d take away their driving license and any sharp objects.

  15. Jeff


    The harder we fail, the more resolute Ty becomes about Wenger. It’s like all rational thinking goes straight out of the window just so that he does not look stupid by admitting Wenger has lost it. This is the problem with most die-hard AKBs. It’s not just changing their minds about Wenger but having to admit being wrong all these years. That’s the difficulty they face.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    Serious infighting now, those few interviews that have gone up are extremely aggressive

    When a manager is that divisive something is wrong

  17. Cesc Appeal


    Well he destroys his own argument with this comment when asked Wenger in or out?

    “In…of course…ALWAYS.”

    Destroys it. Means he doesn’t think, just answers, no possible way he’d ever be Wenger out. Ridiculous.

  18. Marc

    I differ from the view that Wenger should have gone 8 years ago, the period of moving into the new stadium and the financial restrictions were enormous and Wenger did amazing job of keeping us in the top 4 during that period. Problem is now we have money and have failed to sign players in a couple of positions that are screaming for attention and Wenger seems oblivious to these short comings.

    The mans got old – time to step down, perhaps too late for gracefully but if he doesn’t go now it’s going to be nasty.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    I’m really enjoying how angry everyone is and aggressive and willing to spark each other out then the video ends…”looking for a gift this Christmas”

  20. MidwestGun

    I was hoping this game would help erase the memory of last year’s Stoke away loss when we actually were in first place. Well it did… but not in a good way.

    On a side note Hughes played Cameron as a holding midfielder. Wise move. Maybe he reads my comments. Lol.

  21. Thomas

    Cesc AppealDecember 6, 2014 19:46:31
    I fucking hate that Ty bloke. Ridiculous fucking child


    Can’t stand that cunt. Twats like him represents everything that’s wrong with the club nowadays.


    So typical. After every embarrassing defeat we always get an easy team to bounce back on so Wenger can continue his bullshit.

  22. Keyser

    “I’m really enjoying how angry everyone is and aggressive and willing to spark each other out”

    Safely sat at home, watching on your computer, as it should be.

  23. Harry Redknapp

    mert is always a disaster when pushed to the left side of the central defence, wenger has never balanaced a team since dave dein done it for him

  24. Hunter

    Words fail me,a first half battering along with unbelievably bad defending describe yet another poor performance.Listening to Wengers reaction is just pathetic.He is a complete moron and an utter FAILURE!WENGER OUT!

  25. Jeff


    That’s right it becomes a religion because he is not willing to even entertain the possibility that we need a change however bad things get – which of course is completely irrational.

  26. Cesc Appeal

    Finally as well, lad in one of the videos:

    “All the Wenger in people, the reasons they give are always the same no matter who you speak to. They aren’t footballing reasons. There CAN’T be any footballing reasons to be Wenger in.”

  27. MidwestGun

    That Claude/Ty vid is about a 8 out of 10 on cringe scale.

    Starting to look like a boxing ring after a bad judge decision. 60 year old cutmen screaming at each other.

  28. Cesc Appeal


    Haha! I really hate that Ty guy. Looks like the club shop shat on him. Just repeats the same couple of words over and over and over…that isn’t an argument.

  29. Cesc Appeal

    “Wenger in or out?…Let’s see what he does in January.”
    :Any pro-Wenger fan, any time over the last decade

  30. Arsenewonga

    So what will you do?

    Nowt nuttin nothing Nish fuck all…..

    Get together …let me know where and when..and let’s march on the ground ….prior to this we let the red tops know that this is going to happen and every other Saturday we walk on that shithole until the cunt has gone….

    No? …yeah thought so….

  31. Marko

    Blaming the defeat on injuries and not the fact that we went into the season with 2 first team centre backs and no recognized DM (been calling out for one since Gilberto left) should tell you all you need to know about Wenger. In his mind he’s blameless and left backs can make good centre halves in a pinch and also career right midfielder’s/ centre midfielder’s make good DM’s in their early 30’s. Also going into a season with one ST is a masterstroke (last year). He’s nuts at this point and needs to just go

  32. Keyser

    “Any pro-Wenger fan, any time over the last decade”

    Like this, it should make you cringe, but to see delusion in others oblivious to your own, it ends up being funny.

  33. goona

    The sad thing is, today’s result isn’t even a suprise anymore to me, we’re simply a below average team…..mid table here we come…….in fact until wenger goes I don’t give a flying fuck

  34. Cesc Appeal


    You might actually be onto something there.

    “Are you more committed than me…are you more committed than me…are you more committed than me…”

    I’d want to slap him on the back of the head to make sure he wasn’t stuck or something.

  35. Jeff

    But every sane person knows we are not going to lose every game. And by all accounts, fourth will be our finishing position. However, what is not acceptable is that we all sat here back in August and predicted it. Were we exceptionally clever or just applied a little bit of common sense? No depth in defence (especially in the Premier League) means virtual suicide but with our injury record, it becomes a certainty. And yet, what amazes me is that the controllers are still happy to defer absolute power to Arsene and praise him unashamedly in the AGM.

  36. Keyser

    WE – I think it might be too close to home, I’m a fan of Gareth and Dwight.

    Lol I can’t watch these fans online because they’re probably exactly like us, without being able to pretend we’re cool and subversive on here.

  37. relieable sauce

    cringeworthy. lol.

    water off a ducks back after listening to le profs ravings.

    Cpt Ahab, David Koresh & George W rolled into one.

  38. MidwestGun

    It’s gonna take some time to heal the rift after AW’s departure. And that’s sad when we could and should be concentrating on Chelscum or Man U. Fans.

    Purgatory like Pedro says until we get changes. Tired of getting beat up by them. Texted my brother the Chelscum fan right after their loss. He got me back. To be fair, I was asking for it.

  39. WengerEagle

    It’s a shame that such a simpleton in Claude is interviewed with Ty.

    It just resorts to a shouting match and while it’s entertaining to watch, Ty comes out of it looking better than he should.

  40. Keyser

    Jeff – That’s partly the problem, why do people think there is a solution to winning the title or the Champions League and refuse to even acknowledge it might actually be difficult.

    You’ll get them saying ‘I Don’t want us to spend like Citeh’, yet that’s exactly what it’s going to take, it’s either save the money until you find the player you need or spend for the sake of it.

  41. goona

    Wengers a useless cunt yes, but the players also lack balls drive determination, winners, desire etc….between them all we are in the perfect storm of failure and it’s going to get a lot worse. We are feared by no team now.

  42. Keyser

    “It just resorts to a shouting match and while it’s entertaining to watch, Ty comes out of it looking better than he should.”

    Exactly, it’s not worthy of Social Commentary, it’s like the early round of Britain’s got Talent.

  43. WengerEagle


    Haha yeah I’ve met many a Brent in work these last couple of years.

    I’m not mad on Dwight, he’s funny but his ignorance and naivety is overplayed a bit to the point it isn’t as funny like with that Vampire episode.

    For me the US version is all about Michael, Stanley and Toby.

  44. Gooner Dan

    The result and the managers incompetence is no surprise lets face it. I see people are turning om Per which is good he needs replacing as Laurent is class and is constantly bailing out that lanky prick, Gibbs and MoronReal. I have said it on here before which of our players would DEFINENTLY survive if we finally replaced that fukin senile cunt Wenger with the managers touted on here as his replacement. Simeone or Guardiola to name 2 I would be very surprised if alot would not be moved on. Wenger is shit we know that but some of the performances from players are not acceptable and can we please stop licking Cazorla’s arse he is a fucking pussy but we are so used to mediocraty he has almost god like status.

  45. Jeff


    I think everyone knows there are no certainties but there are probabilities. The probability that we would come unstuck in defence given that we did not strengthen in that area to the extent required left us at greater risk than otherwise might have been the case.

    As for spending like City, I don’t think we will or can do that but I also think we are capable of spending a bit more than we have done or at the very least a little more wisely than we have done in order to get those positions we lack fully covered. But alas, that was not done in the summer so now we see ourselves out of contention as early as late October. That part of it is unacceptable to most fans.

  46. WrightIsGod

    I’ve been embroiled in a tedious Twitter argument (which I quite enjoyed actually) with @geoffarsenal and his goons ever since the defeat today.


  47. N'Gambo

    Our DM is Flamini or Arteta – Chelsea have Matic – he missed today’s game and they lose.

    Flamini FFS – Wenger get’s him on a ‘free’ FFS – becase that’s what he’s worth FFS!

  48. relieable sauce


    You know, the guy from Moby Dick.
    Ive not read the book, or seen the film tbh…but I do remember the Guiness advert & the Simpons episode where Lisa refers to him : /

  49. Marko

    In my mind the squad needs major work before we can hope to challenge for a league title. Upgrades on Cazorla, Giroud and Mertesacker are needed and replacements for Vermaelen, Podolski, Arteta and Flamini.

  50. Berg

    Gooner dan, carzola hasn’t been great but than again not a lot of our players have. Ramsay has been shocking all season and I don’t think he is that great. His goals last season masked his deficiencies. Prior to that he was poor and we all made excuses and blamed it on broken ankle. If Ramsay doesn’t score what else does he offer to the team? Is he great at creating chances or defensively getting back?

  51. N'Gambo

    Berg – good point. None of them have any football experience – not one of them.

    Typical English rentier class-warfare chaps – ‘thank you for your interest in their affairs’

  52. Keyser

    Jeff – It was always going to be like that, you can’t seperate this year from last it’s continous, Chambers has shown he has a level head and can be composed and full of promise, at the same time he will make mistakes, whether it’s because of age isn’t really here or there, because any player coming in will need to adapt.

    It’s not about cover is it, if it was about cover we could’ve kept Djourou, it’s about buying well enough to challenge, so you either find what you need or you face the risk of accumulating deadwood again.

    Remember you wanted them to match the ambition shown in Ozil, well they did in Sanchez, it was never going to happen over any specific period of time, whether we get in a new manager or not, it’s simply the situation we’re in.

  53. MidwestGun

    Sauce –
    I remember reading it about 30 years ago. Lol. But…. now you say Simpsons it makes sense.

    Marko –
    Agreed… that’s why AW’s…. “of course” answer to could we win the title in 3 years is so ridiculous.

  54. reality check

    Remember you wanted them to match the ambition shown in Ozil, well they did in Sanchez, it was never going to happen over any specific period of time, whether we get in a new manager or not, it’s simply the situation we’re in.

    Excellent point lorde keys, so it wouldn’t matter if wenger leaves then. Since it’s the situation we’re in, either way WengerIn or WengerOut we’re frucked so, f**k it might aswell get him aat’

  55. Gooner Dan

    Berg, I totally agree Ramsey is another one who I am certain would not last 5 minutes under an elite manager my bug with Cazorla is in the stadium he enjoys such adhoration for very little other tha he can pass well with both feet. Take Cesc, Silva and Lampard here are 3 midfielders of the highest quality Lampard ruthless finishing from midfield the other two DECISIVE passes from midfield week in week out Cazorla is fuk all compared to these and still gets his arse kisssed all the time

  56. Keyser

    “Since it’s the situation we’re in, either way WengerIn or WengerOut we’re frucked so, f**k it might aswell get him aat’”

    Or we keep him in, either way good luck mate.

  57. Jeff


    I’m going to disagree with the sentiment that we either buy expensive or risk buying deadwood. There is a middle ground which we can afford. Chambers was a reasonable buy – we all agree but he didn’t cost the earth. So is it not conceivable that we could have acquired younger, better versions of Arteta and Flamin for example without it necessarily costing the earth?

    I think there is evidence to support the idea that Wenger does not like to buy in positions that he thinks is going to scupper or sideline players he likes (his favourites). On deadwood, he could so easily start looking for players to replace the many we have who are clearly injury prone – but the trouble is some of them happen to be among his favourites – so his disinclined to do it. This is the great conundrum about Arsene.

  58. Leedsgunner

    “You’re too negative, I want to win the League, I get behind my team, I get behind my team, I get behind my team, I get behind my team…” TY, Arsenal Fan TV

    People like TY crack me up with unbelief. They mistake loyalty for fanaticism. If he wants to win the league with this lot, he’ll be waiting a long time. Just because one points out how the tea could be improved and stated where the team fell short DOES NOT mean you don’t support the team any less. How arrogant and patronising.

    That’s it son, hey get behind the team while we get disgracefully laughed at by all a sundry. I know, I know it’s not the lads fault because they fought back bravely… forget the fact that they folded like a house of cards in the first half.

  59. MidwestGun

    Can somebody explain the tactical strategy of bringing Campbell on when your losing in injury time with 2 minutes left? Lol

    Or is that just too genius for us mere fans to understand.

  60. Keyser

    Jeff – Come on, there’s a pretty obvious market trend in inflated prices, he cost 16 million, whereas Debuchy cost 10, it’s not guaranteed but there’s a definite trend, otherwise us, Tottenham and Liverpool wouldn’t have had such a problem replacing players we’ve lost.

    Again it’s not about better is it, it’s the balance between maintaining our position and competing with those above. Chambers may allow us to do that in time, but Sanchez is someone that can have an affect now, and even he’s far from perfect.

    The favourites thing is in your head, what examples are you going to ue, Ox over Campbell ? Sanchez over Podolski ?

  61. Cesc Appeal


    He was ready to come for a good while, I remember the commentator drawing attention to him ready to come on a good 5-10 minutes before he did. Maybe some of that legendary dithering again.

  62. Marko

    Truth is we’ve been dealing with squad issues for a long time now. Stubbornness to address these issues is why people like Almunia, Djourou, Justin Hoyte, Denilson Craig Eastmond and Mark Randell have appearances for Arsenal some many.

  63. Jeff


    All I’m saying is that we desperately needed new players in at least two positions DM and CB. If they were of the same calibre as Debuchy or Chambers, it would have made our lives a little easier. But he did not buy them. For that, he is accountable and I can see nothing that mitigates that situation – nothing.

    We have a track record for going into seasons ill equipped to deal with the long arduous journey ahead and every time we falter, the same old excuse about needing time to find the balance and the right players is wheeled out. Those excuses are just not acceptable any more.

  64. Marko

    I feel sorry for Joel Campbell. People will say he’s not good enough but truth is we haven’t been given a chance to see if he is or not. Definitely worth more of a look than Sanogo. With Podolski well no offence he had plenty of chances last season to cement his place but he didn’t so that’s why he’s a squad player

  65. Keyser

    Jeff – I know what you’re saying, you’ve simply ignored wht I’ve said.

    Look at Chambers, 16 million, but he’s still making mistakes as he adapts, why wouldn’t a similar player make the same mistakes ? All you’re doing is increasing the number of variables knowing they all need gametime to adapt anyway, it doesn’t make much sense.

    Once you get injuries it might give you more depth, but in the end they’re unlikely to walk in and make decisive differences, especially those needed to win titles.

  66. kwik fit

    Big protest organised before the Newcastle game outside the emirates I hear. Every one welcome. Bring a bottle 🙂

  67. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Yes players are to blame to an extent,
    However since a very early age the players approach the pitch under instructions, keeping shape , stay in position movement, working on scenarios that the opponents will adopt ,
    Most important is to keep shape ….
    This is said and worked on by manager an duties carried out by captain on pitch .

    This has not happened at all this season .

    So either the players don’t buy into it ?
    Wenger font coach or train like that ?
    All bodes bad off the future…,
    Still wenger is enjoying a nice family meal now not caring or upset , so why should we ,

  68. Jeff


    Are you seriously suggesting that having those extra players in the squad would have made no difference? Then why bother buying anybody? Just keep going with the players we have until they drop.

    New players always need time to adapt – whatever their calibre is but that shouldn’t stop us from covering the positions we lack. I’m not saying we should buy cheap just for cover – I am saying buying reasonable and I think both Chambers and Debuchy are in that bracket. They are not super world class but they are not trash either.

  69. Ces1ne

    Gotta feel for Bellerin tho…….wenger is gonna kill that kids career before it can even start!!! FIRST he gets looked over during the whole Chambers/Monreal RB/CB nonsense…..THEN wenger thinks it would be a grand ol’ idea to give him his first Champions League start at the most intimidating ground in Europe (Dortmund), THEN doesn’t play him on the League until we are going to the friendly confines of the Britannia playing Stoke AWAY???????? Might be the worst handling of a younger prospect in quite a while imho.

  70. Thank you and goodnight


    That’s all the AKB’S have left now in their defense of Wenger. ‘Support the team’, ‘let’s see who we buy in January, before judging’, ‘ judge him in may’…..rinse repeat.
    Because they no longer have genuine arguments anymore as they’ve been proven wrong time after time.

  71. Ces1ne

    The weirdest thing about my above comment is that I don’t even rate Bellerin that highly right now (Jenks was/is better)…..but wenger isn’t even attempting to help develop him properly. Just another pathetic decision from our delusional manager.

  72. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    With soppy bollocks already saying she won’t play Sanchez in big cup.

    Will he play Joel or pod ?

    Or will the lesser seen Walcott famed for being married to Melanie palsy ?

    Or the less frequently seen rare about diaby famed for swindling more than the sex pistols?

    Whatever he has admitted we ain’t trying in midweek so bayern it is then next round

  73. kwik fit

    Are you inviting trouble implying that we should bring a bottle ?


    RSPC I suggest we knock it back in honour of the club that we all fell in love with before Wenger and his cohorts r#ped it.

  74. Keyser

    Jeff – I’ve already addressed that haven’t I, it’s just ‘Cover’ for the sake of cover then, it’s like Vermaelen we could’ve kept him, he’s injured anyway, would you just shift the blame onto our injury woes then, because we’d have supposedly covered a position.

    This isn’t indefinite, we’re talking about the time between windows here. At most a season.

    What sort of difference do you think they would’ve made, considering we’re supposedly in the hunt for 4th and have qualified from our group anyway. At the same time as you get people saying so and so player isn’t getting games.

  75. relieable sauce

    keysers argument is that there were no CBs or CMs good enough to suit our system (lol). NOT ONE. So wenger went & bought another no 10 & a wide forward re-signed flamini (ffs) & turned down cesc instead.
    Wenger doesnt know what we need… & even if he does know then its incompetence either way you look at it.
    Its black & white when it suits him.

  76. MidwestGun

    Ces1ne –
    True… but he did start Sanogo first game ever last year vs Bayern Munich, and then in a must win knockout FA cup game. So he has precedent of throwing kids to the wolves.
    To be fair that’s how I learned to swim. But shouldn’t be a viable development strategy for a pro athlete.

  77. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    What annoyed me today was the unprofessionally organisation of the team …..

    Martin in goal has done well but should not have started ,
    If he is gonna throes in a kid play one of the reserve defenders bid pc it stops shaving two right footed CB

  78. Roaaary

    Lol wenger said our defending was poor? Maybe he should have for seen this months ago like the rest of the footballing world.

    Arsene plonker.

    Guys don’t be too angry or stressed with this. It’s over. Arsenal are poor and will remain poor until he goes. Enjoy your lives and forget arsene fc until he goes

  79. Jeff


    But that is the point. Without those extra players, it makes no difference at all. Fourth and qualification to the last 16 is about the best this team can do. If we want more than that, we have to buy reasonable players and then perhaps we could compete a bit better. If you’re saying doing that would have made no difference at all, I disagree.

  80. kwik fit


    Easier said than done mate. When you support a team its impossible to ignore them. You live and breath them . We need to move to a new era ASAP. The Wenger era is dead and he sticks around because the fans have not been vocal enough in their disapproval. Once the fans make it known that he’s not wanted he will go. Next Saturady 3pm it starts, Can’t wait!

  81. Leedsgunner

    “Once we were 3-0 down, we had a mountain to climb. We did climb, but were a bit unlucky I must say.” Arsene Wenger BBC after losing to Stoke.

    As predicted, a brave face, an elaborate spin to a calamity.

    We were just UNLUCKY.

    Unlucky with referee decisions, unlucky with injuries and now this. Thank goodness there’s always bad luck to turn to when there’s accountability to be had, huh Arsene?

    No reason why we collectively jumped off the cliff in the first half. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised… he said the same thing after blowing the leads against Swansea and Anderlecht — but hey why bother addressing a weakness that you have identified when you can use it as an excuse later on?

    No doubt the most important thing is we stick together.

    Will the last person to leave the Emirates turn off the lights?


  82. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Is there really anyone who thinks wenger can turn this round ?

    I’m including the players ….
    Vote with feet

    Stop the cash flow the maybe the sceptic may be pushed to do something

  83. Roaaary

    @kwik believe me I hurt too. But this weekend I went out and didn’t look at the score until half time. I looked at FT too but didn’t feel as bad as usual.

    The anderlecht game was the turning point for me. Showed a complete lack of dignity and knowledge from wenger to lose that.

    I love arsenal but I don’t love what that man has created. I wouldn’t even mind a mid table club as long as they all tried their hardest

  84. Gooner Dan

    Amen kwik fit fuk Wenger been too nice too fucking long at the Emirates it’s time too force change we are being taken the piss out of and have been for at least 8 years shown too much loyalty. SIMPLE AS THAT !!

  85. Leedsgunner

    Lifeless, clueless, toothless…

    Funny that bad luck only comes into it when we lose. Perhaps the truth is we are lucky to win under this inept so-called manager.

  86. reality check

    Cheers keys, luck is what we’re going to need. The booing needs to be louder. The banner more frequent, it makes no difference to our predicament so the only factor to consider is fan satisfaction right.
    Our preference.

    Would the fans prefer wengerIn or WengerOut?

    Hmmm I’d guess it’s 60%-40% out. Not just after today. Im mean in general.

    So then i guess the whining the crying the shouting hoop hollerin.. is justified.

  87. Gunner2301


    “Look at Chambers, 16 million, but he’s still making mistakes as he adapts, why wouldn’t a similar player make the same mistakes ? All you’re doing is increasing the number of variables knowing they all need gametime to adapt anyway, it doesn’t make much sense.”

    So wasnt’ this the epitomy of project youth? And I’m sure you were behind what Wenger was doing at that point in time I.e Walcott thrown in and playing 200 games when he wasn’t ready. By the way I disagreed with this approach exactly for the reasons you stated.

  88. Berg

    Wenger will get us fourth and for most that will be a successful season. The others teams around us are as poor if not worse

  89. kwik fit

    Roaaaary sorry I didn’t mean to suggest you did not care . I think everyone on this blog really love the Arsenal. Even the AKB’s who frequent the place from time to time although they have been calling less and less in recent months.

  90. Roaaary

    The anger and pain we feel is because we all know arsenal are capable of better and we can see the obvious.

    When you get to the point you can see there is no changing you just find it easy to not care.

    Wenger won’t go. Fans and board are too nice – team doesn’t fail hard enough.

  91. Gunner2301

    The worse thing is Wenger is paying these bunch of cunts, his favourites (including Diaby) more than Mourinhio is paying his world class players at Chelsea. Fancy that eh!


  92. Ces1ne


    I’m with you on the “deep end” thing, but the professional athlete development process should be a bit more calculated (which you also alluded to, so……well said). Can’t even compare the Sanogo (ugh….) Bayern start to the throwing of Bellerin to the wolves bc as a forward Sanogo can sort of hide or just not have an impact…….no way in hell a young RB can “hide” or not have an impact against the teams wenger played Bellerin against bc it’s up to the other team if they want to target that area or not.

  93. Gunner2301

    Wenger was selling the “Jam Tomorrow” promise with project youth and he’s still trying to sell it the charlatan. He only does post match interviews to smirk at the fans. His time is up.