Sanchez is SOOOOO happy

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I know you’re feeling it. That Christmas vibe, right? NO? You have that ‘oh my, we’re playing those horrible buggers from Stoke’ vibe instead?

Yeah. Me too. No Christmas cheer there.

Right, so, Alexis is loving life as the hero at Arsenal. For me, he’s loving it a bit too much.

‘The first year was OK and then the second year I was better, but I needed time. Arsenal play beautiful football, but Barcelona play in a way that no other team in the world does. English football is more direct, more end to end, but I like that. It suits the way I want to play.’

‘My team-mates have helped me adapt. If my team-mates were not so good, then I would not have done so well. It is that easy. The quality here is impressive. You only need to take a glance around [a training session] to see that. It is the same level, more or less, as there was at Barcelona. We do different things in training, but player for player, it is just about the same.’

This is a very interesting learning for player purchasing. I think the best strategy our budgets can stretch to is to take a look at the mega clubs and pick off their surplus players. We’re never going to a be a club that spends £70m on a single player. But hey, why do that when you can pick up two Sanchez like players for that type of fee? Even as we move into a more monied state, I still like the idea that as a club, we’ll try to unearth gems. We haven’t really done too much of that over the past few years. It’d be great if our new financial muscle allowed us to compete for players like Hazard when they’re still in France. Or pick off some of the big names in Portugal.

Anyway, it’s fantastic Sanchez is so happy. Be one of many icons at Barca… or be an absolute hero at The Grove! I know what I’d want… FOR IT TO ALL BE ABOUT ME. It’d be fabulous.

‘The game naturally goes through the strong point so in Barcelona the game goes through Messi. It means the other players become a bit more peripheral. You could see now when you watch Barcelona, Suárez was a super dominant figure at Liverpool and sometimes you think: ‘Where is he?’ I’m certain he will find his place but it’s not easy for the players there.’

It is really interesting that players go to these mega clubs and they’re just ‘ok’. I can see the appeal. All that heritage. All that adoration. But it’s even more fickle than it is over here. Their fans will boo loose touches. I mean, imagine voting Cesc out of your club? That’s a horrendous decision. Hleb left Arsenal to go to Barca and killed his career in the process. He was such a brilliant player for us. He could have had it all. Yet he chose the bright lights of Barca and ruined himself in the process.

Today, against Stoke, it’ll be tough. Good news is they played in the week as well, so they’ll not have midweek freshness over us. We’re also on the up. The team is slowly gaining a bit more confidence. Hopefully Begovic won’t have an incredible game in the same way Forster did for Southampton. It’d be great if we were a little more direct. As standard, we boast the highest possession stats, I just think we could be a bit more adventurous on goal.

I’d imagine it’ll be a similar line up to the one that played in the week. Hopefully Martinez will continue to deputise. Chezzer normally lucks out when another keeper is having a good run. I think Fabianski picked up an injury last year. I’d imagine Martinez is due a howler. Hopefully that doesn’t happen. I’ve enjoyed having him dominating his area.

Arsenal need to be strong today. Stoke will come to bully, but it’s important to note that they have some good players these days. Still, if United can beat them, so can we. So let’s have a positive game and rack ip some more points!


See you tomorrow. x



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  1. gazzap

    But Chambers isn’t going for the ball. He should be because he probably would have won it. He was blocking the man again. It was soft but he has got to be more intelligent especially on a booking. He is showing his inexperience,

  2. Paulinho

    Sanchez will always be a poor passer. He just has an extremely small sweet spot so needs to connect perfectly when not using inside of his foot.

  3. reality check

    Its like we’re happy just to go along for the ride.

    Lower teams we deliver a mixture of WIN LOSE and DRAW

    Top teams we LOSE

    There’s only one outcome for a team with results like that. Best of the rest. Which is fourth.

    So we won two before this game now mabey we lose. All lower teams.

    if we’re going to win the league never beating a top team. We have to win all our lower team games.

    Really and truly we’re all just going along for the ride. There is no real destination.

    C’mon Joel!!

  4. Arsene's Nurse

    Now the AKBs and deluded morons over at Untold will have their ready made excuse and blame it on the ref.

    We missed the chance to win this game in the first 20 mins.

  5. Berg

    Karim do you actually watch chambers.he may develop in to a good player but he certainly ain’t ready to be starting games

  6. london gunner

    I hate this result if we lose its 3 points down the bin and wenger now has a pre made excuse because of the chambers red. Its lose lose really.

    If we draw its brave arsenal come back from 3-0 with 10 men.

    Its just typical Arsenal always an excuse never an answer.

  7. Leedsgunner

    5 minutes, lol.

    If we equalise I’ll be pleased for a point but honestly the way we played in the first half the truth is we didn’t deserve anything from this game.

  8. Augustine

    So only one defender of the 4 who started the game left…and he (Merteseker) is currently playing upfront

    You can’t make this stuff up..
    Thanks for the memories Arsene

  9. Thomas

    What a pathetic fucking performance. You just now the senile twat is going to spin this and blame the referee. Too bad Stoke didn’t make it 4-0.

  10. reality check

    Unlucky lads. What can you do eh, same tactics no matter the opposition. Takes time to work it out yourselves. Dont worry. Wenger out in 2.5

  11. gazzap

    I am definitely a wenger OUT and this is not an excuse for being crap in the first half BUT the ref didn’t seem to want to give anything our way today. Sure lino gave that decision about the offside AND the penalty but I am specifically talking about the ref not the assistant refs.
    In a game like Stoke away he really needed to keep his cards in his pocket a bit more. It wasn’t even a dirty game FFS.

  12. Keyser

    In two minds, while I want the masses to finally get off their whiny asses’ and do something about it, Stoke are sickening, Hughes is kind of funny, and it makes for a more interesting league where Charlie Adam can get away with putting Sanchez in a headlock.

  13. Jeff

    Nice come back in the end but no cigar. Soon as Giroud went off, the game turned. But alas too much of a mountain to climb. We are still teetering around 6th or 7th.

  14. Bristles

    Mental strength, blah blah… Players feeling a little bit the number of games we’ve played, blah blah… Poor refereeing, blah blah… I have managed 5 million games, no-one can question me, blah blah…

  15. Jeff

    The referee was a bit incompetent but he was certainly not biased against Stoke or Arsenal. He was just shit – anyone can be shit on any given day.

    But it was the first half that did the damage. The second half was a face saving exercise and we did that quite well although we still lost.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    We’ll make top four. No danger there. Spurs and Liverpool are a bit shit this year.

    Wenger knows that is what he has to do to keep at least half the fan base on side and deluded themselves that things will become better.

  17. Keyser

    gazzap – He’s just proper shit all round.

    I do wonder whether the premiership actually like to promote Stoke’s rugby style because it makes the league more interesting, a bit like Middle Earth.

  18. Leedsgunner

    While Arsene gives excuses the table doesn’t lie:

    6th after 14 games… 23 points and that with a wage bill that is bigger than the present winners.

    Remember it’s not Arsene’s fault.

  19. Mike adamski

    How crap has mertesacker been this season ?
    We are letting in tons of goals this season .

    Dam you wenger .

    I expected a loss today . I hoped we’d beat them but this is no surprise.

  20. Thomas

    If we are going to lose we might as well lose 4-0 now it looked like it was close and the demented cunt is going to use the red card to hide behind. Always gets away with it.

  21. Zementalstrength

    This could have been the end of Arsènal.

    It will be the end of Arsenal, just because we shown ZE mental Ztrength in the second half.

    Did you saw the face of wenger at the end ?? He don’t even care anymore, as he know we will finish 4th.

    And the fact that he finally played Poldi and Campbell at the end tells you a lot about his dirty mind.

  22. Zementalstrength

    Keyser’s excuse for today’s performance : “Stoke’s rugby style”…
    Same excuse for wenger ?? lol

  23. Leedsgunner

    Anyone who blames the referee for this loss is as deluded as Wenger. Perhaps Calum should not have been carded a second time and sent off but the truth is the second Bojan goal should have stood and Stoke was hard done by as well. At least let’s be fair minded and say that the two blunders cancelled each other out.

    We defeated ourselves with poor poor finishing, naive defending and not having enough shots on net. In the first half we had 1 shot on net. 1.

    We lost the game in the first half — we didn’t deserve anything in this game.

  24. N'Gambo

    Trying to blame the ref’s FFS! They gave us a totally borderline penalty and disallowed a totally borderline Stoke goal.

    They gave us 2 goals!

    And what do you expect with Chambers – he’s 19 years old. He was bought as an understudy and he’s played every game with very little experience.

    Wenger is punch-drunk, boxing at shadows.

  25. kwik fit

    And you know whats worse , Wenger will only buy Tyrone Mings in January. He’s possessed in building an all British team to add to his legacy. Make no mistake guys , Wenger doesn’t give one fuck about our club our the supporters . Its all about him and his delusional ego.
    Next week I going to the Emirates with the biggest Wenger out banner you’ve ever seen. I hope the real supporters come out next week and win, lose or draw we make our feelings crystal clear.

    No more of this shit!!!!!

  26. WengerEagle

    ‘Don’t think 4th is nailed on as many on here think it is!’

    Have to agree with Cesc Appeal on this, every year people say we won’t finish 4th and yet we do- every year.

    1) Chelsea
    2) City
    3) Man U
    4) Us

    Tottenham will duke it out with Liverpool for 5th and I fancied Newcastle from the start of the year to finish top 6/7, I’m not as surprised by their form as others are.

    I don’t see Everton finishing top 8 this year. One of Southampton/West Ham will.

  27. Live by the River

    Postcode Boy your constant dissing of other posters and your OD on posts to this forum are effing tedious mate….

    Why don’t you just F off !!

    Talk AFC not personal jibes you FW!!

    BTW AW is sacked by the end of the month!

  28. Bigper

    I really don’t see top four this year personally. We show no signs whatsoever of putting a good run together. We are sixth after a third of the games its not like the season has just started anymore

    We are too easy to play Against to put a run together imo

  29. Keyser

    Sylvie just wants my cock, if she can lift the rolls of fat and pick it out amongst all the Carbuncles then feel free.

  30. LeMassiveCoq

    My mate (just) who has been a staunch Wengerite has just posted
    “time to go Wenger, get Klopp in” on Facebook….

    The worm is turning even for AKB’s

  31. goon

    Don’t give me that mental strength bollocks in the second half, why the fuck were we 3-0 at half time to that shower of shit? we shouldn’t ever be in that position at half time.

    What the fuck does that make our team? Utterly atrocious performance, which unfortunately is rapidly becoming the norm rather than the exception. If the season carries on like this we wont make top fucking EIGHT.

    I dont give a fuck who replaces Wenger really dont just want him to leave, and leave NOW.

  32. WengerEagle

    ‘We are sixth after a third of the games its not like the season has just started anymore’

    When all is said and done we are only 2-4 points off of 4th depending on Man U/West Ham’s results.

    West Ham and Southampton won’t go the distance, just like Everton couldn’t last season or the Spuds in the years before.

  33. Keyser

    “Have to agree with Cesc Appeal on this, every year people say we won’t finish 4th and yet we do- every year.”

    The quest for 4th is a bit like the game today, we can have an immensely shit start or time of it, but that’s not a true reflection so we come back, except every year we’re more and more erratic and harder to predict.

    There really is fuckall reason to believe any predictions. It’s completely arbitrary, us finishing 4th is about as likely as anything else.

  34. Dusty Kart

    No chance of finishing 4th? not that it matters anyway ?what’s the point when we have clueless in charge! table don’t lie we are a mid table team.

  35. Zementalstrength

    Keyser : I gladly tell you to go fuck yourself, but given the way you walk I see that it is already done, and more than once… By N5 maybe ??

  36. goona

    Garth crooks just hit the nail on the head “arsenal are one or two players away from a championship side”…….yep the division bellow

  37. kwik fit

    I honestly can’t see how this team under the tutelage of the clueless one will make top four this season. Sadly the price of winning the cup in May.
    Can’t stand Pardew but credit where credit is due. He set up his team to defend and catch chelsea on the break and it worked. Its called a game plan Arsene!

  38. WengerEagle

    ‘Keyser : I gladly tell you to go fuck yourself, but given the way you walk I see that it is already done, and more than once… By N5 maybe ??’


    That is very funneh.

  39. Jeff

    I’m not really sure that being in the Champions League actually helps us a great deal so far as trophies are concerned. We get something like £40m out of it but since we never really have enough depth or talent in the squad, the CL games take their toll and we spread ourselves so thinly as to make it impossible to win anything domestic or otherwise.

    Maybe there is a case to be made that being out of it might be better in trophy terms than being in it. Who is to say that if we had nothing but domestic games to concentrate on we might actually have a better chance of winning the league.

  40. Bigper


    I hope you are right as Europa league will fuck us even more. I’ve always been confident of top four in previous seasons but this year I think we are even wore defensively than normal and even shit teams can out think us tactically these days

    I don’t see why other teams won’t go the distance but we will? Eventually we will drop out the top four as wenger is getting more and more inept. think it could be this year

  41. kwik fit

    Wenger spoke endlessly about his side hitting the red zone in his press match press conference. Guess what his players didn’t start playing until they were 3/0 down. Tiredness is an attitude of mind cemented by the manager.

  42. Gooner Dan

    Wenger has to go we know that, but some of our players are a fucking joke Gibbs is pathetic I don’t know why Cazorla is so popular does not do what his equivalents in other big teams do. He is also largely not affective defensively or offensively on a regular basis. Metersaker is another one who is lucky we have Koscielny who often bails him out. Monreal is fukin shit and that useless prick Scheszney will probably get back in the team now.

  43. WengerEagle

    ‘The quest for 4th is a bit like the game today, we can have an immensely shit start or time of it, but that’s not a true reflection so we come back, except every year we’re more and more erratic and harder to predict.’

    True, at least last season there was actually decent chemistry there with Ramsey-Ozil and *sigh* Giroud with Wally and Poldi chipping in with important goals. Even Cazorla scored a few important ones (Liverpool at home off the top of my mind).

    We defended a lot better too barring the 4 humiliations (6-3, 5-1, 6-0, 3-0) to City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Everton. We didn’t create a lot because of how deep we had to play with Mert but we at least were clinical in attack and took most of our chances that came.

    Now we’re poor defensively and although we’re creating more, outside of Sanchez, no one has been able to finish this season.

    ‘There really is fuckall reason to believe any predictions. It’s completely arbitrary, us finishing 4th is about as likely as anything else.’

    Look at the teams outside of Chelsea/City and maybe United. Who else are strong enough to finish 4th?

    Spurs have their worst side in years and they couldn’t even finish 4th with the likes of Bale, Van der Vaart and Modric.

    Everton have been terrible this season.

    Liverpool were carried by Suarez and Sturridge last season and have neither now. Also players like Gerrard, Henderson and Sterling who were very good last season are cack now.

    Southampton? West Ham? Newcastle?

    Nothing is written in stone but I can’t see us finishing lower than 4th even given how bad we’ve been so far.

  44. peanuts&monkeys

    the motherfucker has some luck. till last year his good luck was rubbing off on his team. now, its only upon himself. he was lucky that his pack of mules managed to draw back two. else, more fans would haver been unhappy. how lucky that motherfucker is!

    those two goals are the reason AKBs like N5 and wallace are happy even after this humiliation. such fans should be banished

  45. N5

    Peanuts, I’ve told you a million times what I think of Wenger, but you chose to ignore it anyway so god knows why you’re asking?

  46. Keyser

    WE – That’s the point, look at the teams, you can’t predict it, Liverpool play mid-week they go out they could forego the competition to concentrate on getting back in, it’s helped that the winner of the Europa League gets a place in the Champions League, but it’s pretty pointless predicting it either way now.

    We’re almost at breaking point and we’ve got Christmas coming up.

  47. peanuts&monkeys

    yes, we hate him. we hate him to the core. you dont hate him because you were in the toddlers when arsenal lost 2 – 8, when arsenal drew 4 – 4 with newcastle. you were probably still feeding from bottles when rvp was sold to a pl rival.

    we hate him and we hate everybody who dont hate him. out from arsenal, you akbs

  48. toniboy

    If Arsenal come 4th this season, Wenger will be given a bonus cos he would have done it with only 2 CBs. He will probably buy an unknown or youngster in January. Igor Stepanovs and Giles Grimandi were the pair when he was thrashed 6-1 by United and it was the beginning of the substandard players. Its not going to stop. ..don’t waste your time.

  49. relieable sauce

    Thanks for the nightmares Arsene. Now fuck off.

    ps – Keyser can fuck himself, literally. Its why he never leaves the house.

    pps – decent debut by Andrew Cole if his post match commentwere anything to go by.
    …still a bit shocked after agreeing with Garth as well. Strange days : /

    Welsh twat talked of the WOB like they are shitty fairweather fans. Doesnt surprise me though when he talked of scoring from set pieces like its a dirty word. Clueless twat.


  50. the_real_andy

    this performance has wenger all over it. talking about hate games and brutal fouls and asking the ref to act upon before the game event started in his press conferences and interviews. the players were afraid and the ref couldn’t (even if he wanted to) act properly after wenger’s comments. he is simply a person who still believes it’s 2001. talking about sanchez being in the red zone but still letting him play. it’s so frustrating nowadays to be an arsenal fan -> before the game starts you already know the outcome. during the game you know already what wenger’s going to say in his press conference -> great mental strength, great togetherness, unlucky with some decisions, bad pitch ….

    why can a guy being as intelligent as he is (and he really is) can act so stupid. insanity is doing the same over and over again and waiting for something to change in the outcome -> that’s exactly what he does. get this guy resigning now or he will not be remembered as the one managing a whole campaign without a loss or making is possible to buy a new stadium. he will be the dumbass of manager now capable of winning a league title because of his stubbornness. being loved from 99 % of all arsenal fans around the world in 2006 to be hated by 99 % of all arsenal fans around the world in 2016. congrats

  51. Thomas

    Wenger sat there on the bench the whole game like a clueless idiot. Time for the men in white coats to come get Wenger.

  52. Mike adamski

    I don’t even think wenger has a plan A anymore , let alone a plan B .
    This was totally the wrong game for bellerin , he got thrown to the lions the poor sod.

    The defending was absolutely terrible. I continually defend gibbs but why on earth can’t he close down properly ??
    BFG falls apart without kos .

    At least we have two top defenders in Kos and debuchy .
    We lack a top keeper , we lack a top DM, we lack depth in defence .

    Sadly ,We have a manager who can take us no further . I certainly don’t trust him to make us great again