Sanchez is SOOOOO happy

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I know you’re feeling it. That Christmas vibe, right? NO? You have that ‘oh my, we’re playing those horrible buggers from Stoke’ vibe instead?

Yeah. Me too. No Christmas cheer there.

Right, so, Alexis is loving life as the hero at Arsenal. For me, he’s loving it a bit too much.

‘The first year was OK and then the second year I was better, but I needed time. Arsenal play beautiful football, but Barcelona play in a way that no other team in the world does. English football is more direct, more end to end, but I like that. It suits the way I want to play.’

‘My team-mates have helped me adapt. If my team-mates were not so good, then I would not have done so well. It is that easy. The quality here is impressive. You only need to take a glance around [a training session] to see that. It is the same level, more or less, as there was at Barcelona. We do different things in training, but player for player, it is just about the same.’

This is a very interesting learning for player purchasing. I think the best strategy our budgets can stretch to is to take a look at the mega clubs and pick off their surplus players. We’re never going to a be a club that spends £70m on a single player. But hey, why do that when you can pick up two Sanchez like players for that type of fee? Even as we move into a more monied state, I still like the idea that as a club, we’ll try to unearth gems. We haven’t really done too much of that over the past few years. It’d be great if our new financial muscle allowed us to compete for players like Hazard when they’re still in France. Or pick off some of the big names in Portugal.

Anyway, it’s fantastic Sanchez is so happy. Be one of many icons at Barca… or be an absolute hero at The Grove! I know what I’d want… FOR IT TO ALL BE ABOUT ME. It’d be fabulous.

‘The game naturally goes through the strong point so in Barcelona the game goes through Messi. It means the other players become a bit more peripheral. You could see now when you watch Barcelona, Suárez was a super dominant figure at Liverpool and sometimes you think: ‘Where is he?’ I’m certain he will find his place but it’s not easy for the players there.’

It is really interesting that players go to these mega clubs and they’re just ‘ok’. I can see the appeal. All that heritage. All that adoration. But it’s even more fickle than it is over here. Their fans will boo loose touches. I mean, imagine voting Cesc out of your club? That’s a horrendous decision. Hleb left Arsenal to go to Barca and killed his career in the process. He was such a brilliant player for us. He could have had it all. Yet he chose the bright lights of Barca and ruined himself in the process.

Today, against Stoke, it’ll be tough. Good news is they played in the week as well, so they’ll not have midweek freshness over us. We’re also on the up. The team is slowly gaining a bit more confidence. Hopefully Begovic won’t have an incredible game in the same way Forster did for Southampton. It’d be great if we were a little more direct. As standard, we boast the highest possession stats, I just think we could be a bit more adventurous on goal.

I’d imagine it’ll be a similar line up to the one that played in the week. Hopefully Martinez will continue to deputise. Chezzer normally lucks out when another keeper is having a good run. I think Fabianski picked up an injury last year. I’d imagine Martinez is due a howler. Hopefully that doesn’t happen. I’ve enjoyed having him dominating his area.

Arsenal need to be strong today. Stoke will come to bully, but it’s important to note that they have some good players these days. Still, if United can beat them, so can we. So let’s have a positive game and rack ip some more points!


See you tomorrow. x



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    Giroud must start, with Welbz pushed to the left and Ox on the right (seeing as he won’t play a 4-4-2). Have Santi picking the ball up from deep and getting the attacks going.

    Defence is king and always will be. Mert looks so weak this season to me and we’ve had problems with our full backs all season long. Not convinced by the keeper,

  2. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Stoke is a real worry. Their physicality usually produces a fair share of niggling little injuries. Hopefully we walk away with the 3 points and more importantly, no real injuries.

  3. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Most concerning is that Wenger has declared Sanchez as Red Zone. We all know what a sensible manager would do. Shame we don’t have one…sigh.

  4. Highbury Daze

    I’m just waiting for a bigger club than us to come for Sanchez, I won’t be surprised if City offer mega money for him, and of course we sell, this guy was got cheaply, 35 million quid, what a joke, he is worth min. 50 million plus, this guy could carry Ozil on his back and still score

  5. Highbury Daze

    What did United pay for Shaw, 28 million quid 7 million less than Alexis, you were robbed Van Gaal, robbed, I know they are different type players in different positions, but seriously 28 million, for a LB


    Pedro, why do you always mention Ivan in terms of a strong character who can change the way things are when there has never been one example of him doing anything at the club apart from tow the party line.

  7. Highbury Daze

    I tell you something there needs to be a clear out at Barcelona, they sell Sanchez to buy Suarez, they buy from us ,Song and Vermaelen for around 30 million quid, Song no longer there and Vermaelen injured again

  8. Highbury Daze

    There are no strong characters under a dictator, none, everyone is afraid to speak up under a regime like that, they are all yes men, arse lickers, brown noses, anyone who speaks up against a dictator does it only once, in countries like Nth Korea they shoot them, in England they belittle them, reduce them to mutes

  9. Vintage Gun

    Interesting post Pedders. Good insight on Sanchez. Let’s just hope he doesn’t go from ‘RED ZONE’ to ‘DEAD ZONE’ against the neanderthilic orcs this afternoon.

  10. Danny

    None of Rory Delap’s bloody throw ins and no Andy Capp on the touchline. Let’s hope they don’t nobble Sanchez.

  11. Highbury Daze

    Ozil will be gone as well, he is not built for the EPL, to fragile not durable, needs more meat on his bones, one big tackle and he’s off with Diaby, these players are made of glass

  12. N5

    “because he doesnt allow facts to colour his agenda”

    And you don’t have an agenda? I never read any contribution from you on this site, other than to criticise Pedro. Why don’t you debate him and write a counter comment rather than just keep coming day after day and digging at him like a schoolgirl.

  13. Highbury Daze

    I think Poldoski should start this one, we need strong men and he is one of our strongest, the rest of them are weaklings

  14. Ozrus

    So Alexis says, I’m happy, Pedro says erm, bulshit. I says ummmmmmm, I’ll go with Sanchez. He has more cred, is all.

  15. Highbury Daze

    So what do we have now, a second choice DM, Flamini playing 1st choice LB, and while he has acquitted himself well, Martinez is till 3rd choice, maybe after these performances he might end up being number 2, Wenger won’t drop Chez, what we have to do is get out strongest players for this match, it doesn’t matter if they are not the best, they must be physically strong, and we do not have many at our club, Giroud is a moral to start, we need his size/bulk, maybe we could play him in the middle of the park, put some hurt on Shawcross, there you go Arsene, I just fixed your CDM problem, GIROUD

  16. gonsterous

    When has Wenger ever used tactics… Expect the same 11 and Wenger sitting on the bench squirming his hands !!

  17. Highbury Daze

    Alexis has to say he’s happy, he’s been there 5 minutes what he’s gonnsa say he’s pissed off, you can by his body language, he is not happy, yes he is happy when he scores and they win, but on field it is not so he gets frustrated all the time looking at players pointing out where they should have been or where they should go, he is a top world class player, but he is wasted at this club, I love him but it’s sad to see him here with Arteta Flamini, and the rest of the second rate players

  18. Ozrus

    Highbury haze, time to shut the fuck up. Honestly. Blah blah fuckety blah. You make little sense you blubbering fool. Time to quit

  19. Moray

    Haha Hleb could have had it all…good one Pedders. Good player of course and a foot with glue in it but no shot on him.

    Edu is the one for me. That guy was hitting top form for Arsenal and he went to Valencia at possibly the worst time in their history.

  20. Highbury Daze

    I saw Wenger use tactics, it was against Chelsea on his 1000th game, they were the tactics where all the players except the keeper and on CB, were charging around like headless chickens, all up inside the Che;sea 18 yard line, saying give me the ball I want to score

    They weren’t very successful, but the were tactics, attack at every opportunity, suicidal tactics I called them, he used them 6 times, and funny thing Chelsea scored 6 goals if my memory serves me right

  21. Highbury Daze

    Go stick your head in the toilet oz, and pull the chain is it my fault you are a throw back from some simian, sounds like your mother fucked a monkey

  22. MadeToLoveMagic

    I think sanchez saying that the quality at training is much the same at barca and arsenal just points even more to the fact that our players dont go into match days with proper tailor made plans designed to suit specific oppositions….

    In training we are like Barca , we do have excellent players and wenger has done well on that front, without spending stupid money,,,, but on match days……..

    You could have 11 picassos but if you dont give them the right tools to work with then talent starts to become irrelevent

  23. Highbury Daze

    I would like to stay and chat oz but I have to go out maybe next time, I don’t see you around here very much why don’t you make that a permanent thing you cunt ache

  24. Ozrus

    Highbury haze I read your diatribes just about every fucking day. I tell you it’s a lot worse than reading Cesc Appeal’s whiny posts. You should stop.

  25. drunk fanboy

    Hey Pedro, why don’t you ever write a post where you tell us how perfect everything is in Wengerland?
    throw I a few words on how terrible and biased the referee will be, also we’re not too far off the most important trophy.

    1 nil to the good guys, santi with a screamer.

  26. bennydevito

    Silent Stan, Joppa, you don’t know what you’re talking about.. I’m with Pedro regarding Gazidas. 2 examples are that Gazidas signed Wellbeck, Wenger said as much when saying if he was still in the country he wouldn’t have signed him. Gazidas signed Moniker who has ripped up the old methods and restructured the training apart from the 1st team. So much so that a previous member of the coaching staff quit and then attacked the new setup through the press. Again, when asked about it Wenger said Moniker wasn’t his appointment.

    So there you go. No agenda from Pedro, just observation and fact. You two are the ones with anti Pedro agendas.

  27. kwik fit

    6 of Chelsea’a first 11 have started every game. So that puts a massive hole in the ‘ rest Sanchez’ argument.

    Come on you Geordies!!!

  28. Cesc Appeal

    Oh hi Ozrus, lover of cats and Arsene Wenger, I like this style you have now on here, surface for the early posts then run off and hide before anyone takes you to task. Ballsy.

    Any who, time to give Sanchez a break today I think. No doubt he’s needed and would probably play well if we do stick him in, but we always do this, play a great player endlessly whilst he’s in form then break him and lose him for 2-3 months.

    Don’t know whether to go with a front three of Podolski, Giroud and Oxlade or stick Welbeck in instead of Podolski for his running, aggression and effort.

    Something about Stoke as well screams out for tough British players who won’t mind the rough and tumble…

  29. london gunner

    Chelsea look so good even though drawing right now.

    They defend as a pack and attack as a pack and the transition between each state is frighteningly quick.

    Credit to Mourinho his got them playing exciting and attractive football.

    Come on NEWCASTLE! put a spanner in their works.

  30. Hitman

    Martinez to keep today. We need to cut out those crosses. He inspires more confidence than Chesney.

    Two big lads upfront – OG & Welbz.
    No Santi please for this one.
    Shame we have no decent DM – Flam is going to get battered.

  31. london gunner

    I don’t get the whole rest Sanchez thing against stoke.

    We barely beat West Brom. What’s to say we wont need Sanchez input against Stoke?

    I think we are playing so poorly as a collective that we need his individual talent in every game.

    Instead we need to do a Chelsea apply the pressure massively for the first 60 mins get a couple of goals than cost it for the rest of the game.

    It’s not about rotation so much as managing game intensity Mourniho doesn’t actually rotate much. Hazard, Willian and Cesc play nearly every game and they are attacking players. Costa is rotate so much because of injury/fitness problems.

  32. GoonerInNY

    We should go easy on Ozrus and siletstan. Believing that Wenger is anything but incompetent requires you to ignore 90 percent of all the evidence. You have to go into a parallel world where Arsenal didn’t go into a season with only six senior defenders, only two of whom had ever started an EPL game at CB, or where Giroud wasn’t the only CF for two seasons with a guy who had never played above Ligue 2 and wouldn’t get a squad number from most EPL teams as the backup. And all the road blowouts. And Arteta/Flamini. And the injuries. And the icing out of squad players. Etc.

    Going from fantasy land to reality is hard. Maybe Pedro should retain a psychologist to help these delusional Wenger supporters (who love a man but don’t care about the club) navigate the journey to reality.

  33. Rhys Jaggar

    ‘Highbury Daze December 6, 2014 12:19:46

    Go stick your head in the toilet oz, and pull the chain is it my fault you are a throw back from some simian, sounds like your mother fucked a monkey’

    Hey mate, Leicester City might be looking for a new manager soon – sounds like you’d fit in just perfectly!! Hire Robbie Savage as your assistant and Greg Dyke’s bunch will showpiece you as football’s gold standard for creating a family club environment.

  34. Goondawg

    Lol@Ozrus 12:35


    Good post Pedro. Will be a tough one, but Sanchez has revitalised the squad and we have players like Giroud coming back.

  35. Jeff

    Oh if only they made it 2:0. That would have been lovely. Come on Newcastle – for the next 30 minutes you are my team.

  36. Jeff

    One thing I would say in contrast to our management philosophy is that soon as the goal goes in, Mourinho makes a change and brings in Schurle. If this was us in the same situation, we would wait till minute 67 or later. This is one of those things that I have never understood about Wenger – for it is pure Wengerism.

  37. Cesc Appeal

    We’ll get punished at CB today. Mert has been very poor this season without Kozz, not sure Chambers next to him will steady him the same way.

    Hope Chambers has one of his great games today, should be pumped up but with a 19 year old being over excited isn’t always best.

    Ramsey HAS to be under strict instruction to sit deeper today, he has to shield those CB’s with Flamini.

  38. Jeff

    Our Lineup

    26 Martinez
    39 Bellerin
    04 Mertesacker
    21 Chambers
    03 Gibbs
    20 Flamini
    16 Ramsey
    15 Oxlade-Chamberlain
    19 Cazorla
    17 Sánchez
    12 Giroud


    01 Szczesny
    06 Koscielny
    09 Podolski
    23 Welbeck
    28 Campbell
    37 Ajayi
    70 Maitland-Niles

  39. Cesc Appeal

    You can probably taste the anticipation in the air for the pro-Wenger lot.

    “Oil money and he can’t go unbeaten…one Arsene Wenger.”

  40. Jeff

    We will struggle without Koz you feel but he’s on the bench. Our bench we have a number 37 and 70 sitting there – not good.


    We need physical attacking players in today so I reckon it’ll be podolski welbeck chamberlain. It only makes sense.

    But then again…were talking about a man who defies common sense on a weekly basis so fingers crossed.

  42. Al

    Look how deep Newcastle are…They HAVE to push because they will concede otherwise. Probably a scrappy goal/deflection due to the numbers back there

  43. Jeff


    Our record will be there way after Wenger’s on. All records belong to the club – it’s ours. So I don’t want Chelsea to boast they’ve done the same or better.

  44. Bergkamp63

    “Hleb left Arsenal to go to Barca and killed his career in the process. He was such a brilliant player for us”

    WTF ? I must be thinking of a different player, the Hleb that played for us was more akin to a bumble bee repeatedly running into plate glass windows ! Not to mention his shooting was worse than Cazorla’s.

  45. Paulinho

    Jack Colback has been superb. Another example of how easy it is to bring in physical combative players that he can be effective in this league in that role.

    That tackle and run simply wouldn’t have happened at Arsenal.

  46. Paulinho

    Steven Taylor one of the most underrated players around. Every time he stays fit and gets a run of games Newcastle are always tough to beat. Injuries have ruined what could have been a great career.

  47. Masterstroke

    That’s what happens when one of your central defenders gets sent off. Drogba will punish them now if they’re not onto him.

  48. Leedsgunner

    Thanks Pedro for recording for us what the PR bods at AFC wanted us to hear.

    Here below is what I imagine the transcript said before it was modified and changed and approved by the department of Happy Clappy Propaganda.

    “‘My team-mates have helped me adapt. My team-mates, apart from a select few not so good, BUT thank goodness I have done so well. That is easy. The quality here is far from impressive. You only need to take a glance around [a training session] to see that. It is nowhere near the same level as there was at Barcelona. We do different things in training, as in we actually train, but player for player, I ask myself — is this the best we can muster?” 🙂

    No in all seriousness if Alexis honestly believes that “player for player… it is just about the same” he needs his EYES and his HEAD examined.

    My wish-list for today:

    3 points
    No injuries

    ps: There is only “ONE INVINCIBLES”, sorry Chelsea… ha, ha, ha!

  49. daz

    What’s happened a post without mentioning Wenger well done. Pardew will be inline to take his place now though at least he knows how to beat mourinho. 🙂

  50. Al

    The unbeaten Record is not about Wenger….Its about US…Its for us FANS and our memories and HISTORY.

    Shows you just how hard and special it was for those Arsenal boys to go Unbeaten…

  51. Dissenter

    Don’t we play Newcastle away next week?

    Be careful what you rejoice for.
    They don’t have a midweek game and will be high on confidence. They’ll also be fresh.

  52. Paulinho

    I’ll be stunned if Stoke don’t win this. Looking at their team they’ve got almost everything covered to do it. Two brutes in central midfield, Crouch up front, and Bojan to buzz around and pick up the loose balls.

  53. gonsterous

    the record was never in doubt ???

    I was half scared coz they looked like an unstoppable force… but i guess a couple of injuries to the main players and all great teams turn average

  54. Leedsgunner

    We are not in the title race — we will never be in the title race until we learn how to beat Chelsea, Man City and Man United during the season. We might not like it, but that’s the truth.

  55. Johnty79

    Stoke have no pace on the wings so bringing in bellerin seems silly….

    Arsenal 3:0

    Note: I have never predicted an arsenal win. Sanchez and giroud to share the goals.

  56. useroz

    Where the fuck was our LB??? Mert all the way near corner flag….. Kos missed the header and poor sod Bellerin up against the brutes. Fucking no chance……….

    Just #9 second s

    ….and. Grouch’s frist start in how many games??

    Wenger Out

  57. Keyser

    Lol was it a mistake ? Simple cross wtf happened ?

    Anthony Taylor ? Continuing the trend of giving Stoke inexplicable free-kicks, Sanchez just learning that.

  58. useroz

    Fuck off gitoud……that’s from 3 yards ffs

    U and I could hit the target at least

    Great cross Bellerin though. Keep at it kid