We behaved badly yesterday, fan performance must improve…

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The Southampton game was a bit of a nervy one, but you sensed after their spanking at the weekend this might be a tough game for them. Morgan Schneiderlin wasn’t playing and he really is one of their dominant players. Our line up was pretty strong all considering. Martinez continued to deputise. Giroud sat on the bench. Our front three was Chambo, WELBZ and Sanchez. An exciting front three.

We controlled possession for large parts but didn’t really convert it into anything too interesting. WELBZ broke the back line early doors, he had  quite a tough angle to get on a ball that came in from the left, he inexplicably tried to tuck a left footed shot inside Forster’s post. It went horribly wrong. It really wasn’t a good decision. Our best chance of the first half fell to Chambo, his instinctive shot was too close to the keeper who dropped swiftly to keep his side on zero conceded.

Flamini put Martinez under pressure down the other end with a horror show of a back pass, but the young Argentine did well to bail his team mate out of a hole.

The second half was a bit more interesting. Mainly  because of some bad behaviour from the fans. Alex and myself discussed this at length last night, but the simple fact is, your experience on the TV is totally different to the one you get in the ground. It’s easier to switch off with TV and it’s easier not to get caught up in pack mentality when you’re, you know, not sitting with a pack. I have to be honest, at the moment, I don’t enjoy going to watch Arsenal play at the ground. Everyone is fed up. Everyone is bored of Arsene Wenger. Everyone spends most of the game moaning. This is across the board, all generations. Wenger really has dampened everyone’s appetite. When you lump out a load of cash and you’re served false hope… every single year, it gets to you. This season, people aren’t buying it, because they know.

Sad times when you’d prefer to be watching it on TV.

Now, that doesn’t excuse some of the behaviour from last night, but it gives you context. Now, in general, fans were in pretty good voice last night. But the song I don’t like, because it’s a bit like the… ‘why are we waiting, we are suffocating’… song you used to sing to irritate your parents as a kid… is… ‘We’re the North Bank, we’re the North Bank, the North Bank of Highbury’… then the West Bank sing and it goes on. It’s basically the fans singing at each other. The reason I don’t like it is because it’s the fans driving through the boredom by singing at each other. When that song comes on, it’s almost like a kick out at the action that’s going on pitch side.

But hey, we were singing.

Then the big one came, Chambo, who was having an unproductive, yet try hard game was subbed for Giroud. The decision was roundly booed. Now, I didn’t boo because it’s not my thing. I couldn’t really pinpoint why he was booed. Maybe it’s because Wenger only subs his favourites on before 70 minutes. Maybe it’s because Wenger seems to have it in for Chambo, who despite being unproductive, was causing problems with his pace. Maybe because it was so predictable? Maybe it was because WELBZ was playing so badly, he actually played a through ball to no one, yet he stayed on?

Whatever it was… the reaction wasn’t overly helpful. And let me tell you, the booing was SO loud.

Anyway, turns out the decision was a fine one. Giroud was the difference. He came on and immediately impacted the game with his beautiful looks and deft passing. Having two strikers on the pitch that are huge frightens defenders. Giroud had a rasping half volley saved. Sanchez played Giroud through the middle, his lay off was fired at the top corner but Forster clawed it out. WELBZ had a looping header tipped wide and the Giroud follow up was blocked.

Then Podolski was brought on for his customary 1o minutes. His arrival was CHEERED like a goal had been scored. More insight into how the fans are thinking and maybe a clue that we see the unfairness. Nothing for me seemed more unfair than watching Tomas staring on like a lost puppy who’d taken a shit in his banker owners Church’s. What does that man have to do to land some time?

It was weird, I kind of felt a weird sense of entitlement for very little. Like, we deserved the win despite not really doing too much.

Well, that entitlement paid off in the end when Aaron Ramsey, who was garbage again, crafted some space in the box, cut the ball back where Sanchez was on hand to drill him the winner!

Paradise. So much paradise I went for a post match beer at El Comandante, who still have the finest selection of bar staff in the land.


Giroud is going to be a major figure for us in the run in. The main problem we had with him last year is that he was drilled into the ground because we had no one else to rotate him in (bar Nik B, but that’s a different story). This season, we have WELBZ. Based on the last few performances, it’s clear who is number one and it’s not WELBZ. Giroud looked fresh, ambitious and very fit last night. Good to see him influence a game to that degree.

Rambo really doesn’t look comfortable on the pitch. His passing and control have regressed two years and he looks very low. I didn’t notice him for the first 30 minutes. Compare that to last when he’d totally dominate proceedings… sad what an injury can do to you. Sad that we could have done more to prevent that injury. Is what it is…

WELBZ is starting to show why he’s not at elite level and why he’s lucky Arsenal took him on. At first glance, you can see why any club would want him, fast, aggressive, imposing with good technique. The reality is that he’s a long way off world class. His finishing really isn’t very clinical despite him getting all the chances in the game. He needs to learn some composure. It’s a shame Thierry can’t come back as a striking coach. Teddy Sheringham is having a tremendous impact at high flying West Ham. Danny needs some coaching like that, not sure he’s going to get that from Wenger. He needs to improve and sharpish. At the top, you need to be a one chance one goal type of player… he’s nowhere near that at the moment. Still, Adebayor was poor in his first season…

Martinez had a superb game. Not because he was a great shot stopper, no, because he commanded his box the way our number one should. There’s nothing harder in the game than coming for a looping ball into your box. Martinez did that at least 5 times yesterday. He owned everything. His distribution was a little bit enthusiastic,  but I can let that go because he assured the defence yesterday. He basically showed everyone what I’ve been saying for ages… our number one isn’t progressing and he’s not that good.

… and hey, Martinez isn’t the level we need either. That said, it’s unfair to chastise too hard, both don’t have a very good keeping coach. They have a yes man who should be called Teflon Tony when you look at the car crash 8 years of keepers we’ve had.

The crowd were badly behaved yesterday. I understand, because I’m there and I feel it. This is just a reaction to years of being fed hope with no delivery. The fans are fed up. That doesn’t excuse booing subs though. It’s not productive. We need to lock our feelings in until after the game. However, the club need to take note. The worm has turned. Wenger is not a favourite anymore. People recognise that he’s clinging on because no one at the club has the balls to say anything. That’s not even speculation, that straight from the Sir Chips mouth.

No clubs mercy should ever be at the behest of a failing manager.

The points were taken. They were a very good three points. We’re moving up the table, we’re now in 6th, hovering perfectly around 4th place ready to pounce on the main goal… qualification for a trophy that we’ll never win. Magic.

Right, see you tomorrow!

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  1. Highbury Daze

    If you are late for your meals you get fined 250 quid, so you are paying for your own food, hahaha, this is fucked up

  2. Highbury Daze

    And what about the kids on lower wages up to 1000 quid, with the fines in place they actually pay the club to come there, they could in fact pay more in fines than their wage, sacre fucking bleu

  3. Highbury Daze

    I understand the need for discipline, but this is beyond the pale, what happened to give me 10 pushups or similar, why is everything about money at this vile place, it was never as bad as this, a guy on 11 million quid a year taking money of kidz for coming late for breakfast, fuck you Wenger you low life cunt

  4. Highbury Daze

    Say your in the toilet longer than expected, you come late for breakfast and are punished financially 250 quid light in your wages, this manager needs a swift uppercut to his chin

    I told you he was like those dictators Hitler etc.

  5. Vintage Gun

    Diaby? New Deal? The guy who has amassed a measly 32 starts since 2010/11?

    Insanity in its purest form. Honestly.

    I bet he gets a weekly bonus for assisting the physio with his treatment.

  6. Vintage Gun

    “Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has said in-form forward Alexis Sanchez is “in the red zone physically” and in danger of picking up an injury, but is not likely to rest the Chilean for Saturday’s game at Stoke.


  7. Keyser

    “Highbury, Hitler let the Nazi’s read papers in the office!!”

    Don’t be silly, only in the Concentration Camps.

  8. Leedsgunner

    Why isn’t he going to rest him? Isn’t prevention better than two to three months off the treatment tables? How is this in anyway good man management?

    He can’t rest him because he knows he can’t afford to lose. It’s all about protecting him and taking the heat of Arsene. He did it to Özil, Ramsey, Wilshere, Cesc, RvP, Walnutt — same mistakes made over and over again.

  9. Vintage Gun

    Wenger on Alexis;

    “He is in the red zone,” said Wenger. “You can see that when he plays but he can dig deep. He played his 27th game on Wednesday since the start of the season, if you consider international games and travelling on top of that. Unfortunately you never know how far you can push it. We are not scientific enough to predict that completely but he has good recovery potential. He recovers very quickly.”

  10. TitsMcgee

    The sad part is when he runs Alexis into the ground he’ll be the first to use the excuse that we lost another big game due to injuries and “bad luck” not having a healthy squad.

  11. Thank you and goodnight

    Great comment by Steven Howard in the papers today….A real LMAO comment.

    ” Arsène Wenger claims he has a very special team and one that will win the Premier league within 3 years.
    In terms of who reaches a state of dementia first, wenger and I appear to be running neck and neck”….

    Ha ha ha ha. Brilliant

  12. Thank you and goodnight

    For someone supposedly intelligent he really should think before opening that mouth of his. By declaring Sanchez is in the red zone yet he won’t rest him, he’s making a rod for his back. If Sanchez gets injured tomorrow fans and media will have a field day.
    I’m beginning to think with each passing comment from Wenger, that not only did he fool us all by pretending to be A WC manager, but also that he’s intelligent

  13. Shaun Wilson

    £8M is not small change

    These days it is actually (It ‘s also a years wages for a certain dementia sufferer)

  14. Goondawg

    Lol calling Wenger Hitler. Very classy..

    For the thickos who aren’t clearly trolling along, you do realise Wenger was horribly misquoted right and he never said arsenal WILL win the league within two years. Its just a case of journalists that are click-baiting whores.

    Journo: Is it conceivable that Arsenal may win the title in the next three years?

    Arsene: Errrr… Sure, why not?

    Tomorrow Headlines:


  15. Emiratesstroller

    Wenger is like a ‘broken record’. We get the same soundbites from him each year and what he has to say and actually does is now so repetitive that rather
    like politicians noone can believe seriously anything he has to say.

    The reality is that we have a bunch of talented offensive players, but our defence is as brittle as glass. We know that against physically strong ‘in your face’ or’counterattacking’ teams we are vulnerable and so it proved today.

    This club is not going to achieve anything so long as we have Wenger at the
    helm. His mindset is alien to the realities of EPL.

    I knew immediately when we played Chambers alongside Mertesacker in the
    centre of park that we would have a torrid afternoon. Both are right sided and
    neither is particularly good in air. We had a similar result the last time they
    played together in middle of park.

    Chambers may be a promising young player but in my view he is at best a fourth choice centre back.

    The overwhelming view from people around me at Emirates on Wednesday
    was that Wenger will not do any serious transfer business in January even though we need urgently an additional centre back and a quality defensive midfielder. We will go through transfer window, because Wenger will never
    pay price he needs to raise for a quality defensive player. At best we will land
    up with a budget price young defender such as Mings or a loanee similar to
    Karllstrom last year.

    The trouble is that there is noone at the club with the balls to challenge the

  16. Rosicky@Arsenal

    People criticizing wenger forget what wenger has brought to the club no manager have achieved at there respective club.

    Trophies since 1998

    CUP Manu Arsenal Pool Chelsea

    CL 2 0 1 1
    EPL 9 3 0 3
    FA cup 2 5 1 5

    TOTAL 13 8 2 9

    City and spurs are no way near.
    Arsenal are 3rd in trophy count since wenger joined.

    Apart from above we remained in top 4 each year which no body had done in EPL.
    Even United missed out last year.

    Everyone has a different way of seeing things.I would like my club to be consistent rather winning a cup 1 year and then finishing out of top 4 the other year like united missing lats years.and chelsea in 2012.

    Also not to forget United had a better trophy count due to biased refrees who were under Fergies threat through out his tenure at OT.

    Wenger attacking football style has always been a pleasure to watch as against mourhinio boring defensive football which brought him the axe in his first stint at bridge.

    Wengers ultimate gift to the club is the Emirates which will stand for a century.Even Fergie or Mourinhio cant match the feat in decades at there clubs.

    if we see the broader picture of 18 years wenger has been a success on many fronts.

    people here are so short sighted they start moaning on 1 or 2 bad results rather analyzing the team performance over the whole season.