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Happy good morning to you!

Don’t listen.

No, you heard me, don’t listen.


Oh sorry, I mean, don’t listen to Arsene Wenger saying he can win the title within two years. He can’t. There’s no chance. Not unless he has a complete overhaul of his approach. We all that’s not possible, so don’t get excited that Wenger’s next planned title assault is the year he packs it all in.

We’ve had a group of young exciting players coming through forever. We know the rules though. Once one of those guys becomes consistent enough to be perceived as world class, they go to a club with more ambition. To win TROPHIES.

I think it’s hard to see how the current crop we have can get to that level. I appreciate there are a lot of good players at the club. I think Chamberlain could be very special, Ramsey will be World Class when he pulls himself out of his confidence hole. Theo is constantly injured and he’s not really a world class talent. Gibbs is a long way off for me, he has poor fitness and he’s very fragile, not to mention consistently out of position. Jack Wilshere is a long way off being the player he needs to be, I pray to god we’re not seriously lining him up for a £150k a week deal. Welbeck, well, he’s good, I can see where he’s going as a player, but it’s hopeful to imagine he’ll be ripping it up like Thierry.

Wenger has just served us up a big slice of hope. The type of hope that’s been synonomous with the second half of his career. Because he’s done it once, a little bit of you thinks the wiley old fox can bring it back again. He can’t though. He really can’t. He’s too far gone. We’ll have to wait for the next manager to really crack on. We need a revolution now. It’s gone beyond an evolutionary change. I’d love it if Arsene were the man to make it happen for us, in the same way I’d love Oasis to come back and deliver and incredible goodbye album, but somethings aren’t to be… most people only have their time in the sun once. Wenger is one of those guys.

I mean, the worst thing about that line is there isn’t even any ambition in his fantasy… two years, really?

All this nonsense about loving stability. Hasn’t really landed us much over the last 5 years, has it? Mourinho had a solid year one plan where he drove out the dross (and some players that weren’t dross) and in season 2, he’s smashing it. Where’s Wenger’s similar plan?

As someone said to me the other day, ‘if the plan takes that long, chances are, there’s not a fucking plan’… amen, Sister Sledge.

Still, the good thing about Arsene, is he changes his mind, like me.

“After 13 or 14 games, you cannot say that the title race is over.”

That, after conceding the title to Chelsea a month ago! I don’t think he’s wrong. If we’ve learnt anything over the last 20 years, it’s the longer your winning run goes on… the harder the fall when it collapses. I don’t think the blues will remain invincible, but I think it’ll be very hard for Arsenal to catch them. I think with a different manager and a better approach, we’d be able to make more of a charge. In fact, we’ll make a charge because we have so many good players coming back, but I think the gap is sizeable for us to close it.

You never know though… imagine that, Arsene winning the league from here! That’d be an egg pie in the face moment to savour!

‘We have not started very well but we never had the squad together since the start of the season. It was a post-World Cup start. I think we have what is requested to do it’

I do wish he’d stop landing all our problems on the World Cup. Our players had the longest rest out of any club in Europe and we knew about this World Cup 2 years ago. We should have had a better plan in place. Chelsea aren’t suffering. What are they doing differently? That’s the trouble with Arsene, there’s always an excuse. What was the excuse last year? That the squad was a little bit small? All things that are under his control.

Another siren going off is the chat about Laurent.

“Koscielny could be a problem because his inflammation of the achilles is not completely gone,”

“He had two tendons which were bad. The left has gone completely and the right is still a little bit there so, if he has no reaction, he can cope with it. If he has a reaction, you have to be cautious.”

Basically, it sounds like the club don’t really know what to do with this injury. Apparently it’s quite complex. I don’t know what that means, but maybe it’s a bit like a back injury? My worry with Laurent is this… he’s one of the best centre backs in the world. Every season he gets linked to Bayern Munich. He’s not getting what he wants at Arsenal. He’s on pretty big money now, but he could be on mega money. He hasn’t looked interested… my fear is this is his last season with us. He’s at that perfect age where he can move and win a European Cup. If he stays, he’s not at that physical peak. He’s also been here a while… watch this space.

Tonight could be a proper experimental line up. We could see a very make shift defence and we’ll certainly see Southampton try and exploit our weak full backs. WBA were playing that game last time out, I’d imagine that Southampton will have a more effective plan than simply that. Koeman is another manager who has had time under Cruyff, so he’ll have a meticulous plan in place, it’s just down to Southampton and whether they can execute it. Here’s the thing though, if we’re on form, their plan won’t matter because we should have enough player wise to take them down.

Wenger says Southampton can challenge top 4… I’m not so sure. I think they’ll fall away. Their squad isn’t good enough. However, they do have some great talents. Amazed we weren’t sniffing around their head of recruitment, or their head of youth development. They’re the best in the business on both accounts at the moment, we’re fading in both areas, so it would have made business sense to move for them… but we didn’t.

Anyway, I’m excited about this tonight. If you’re going to the can, wrap up, it’s cold out!

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  1. Cesc Appeal


    I just disagree.

    I know you’re very in Wenger’s corner and will look for an out for him, but a decade of injury table topping just precludes anything else being to blame. If we had a spike every so often then fine…but it’s a recurring theme at Arsenal.

    People poke fun about it, changing our emblem to a wheelchair. 4th place trophy, tightness with money, bottling big games and injuries…that’s what fans know us for.

  2. Cesc Appeal


    Was a horrendous game. Very boring. Luckily I was watching Spurs get ruined split screen.

    Giroud came on and played very well, Podolski as well. Sanchez (obviously) nipped up with our winner from a Ramsey cross.

    Very harsh on Saints who were down to ten at that point and played well, but that’s football. Take the three points!

  3. Ughelligunner

    Van Percy was on record complaining about pain killers he is taken and other utd team mates also said he hardly trains during fergy’s last year.

    That’s to say other teams player may also get our injuries but maybe they give them treatments while they are still allowed to play, something i think we hardly do.

    I am just speculating at the moment though.

  4. Cesc Appeal


    But, if they were giving them painkillers to play THROUGH a potentially bad injury one would think they’d end up with a heck of a lot more soft tissue injuries than us?

    That makes no sense. Internationals and painkillers? Why not add hair growth supplements and diet pills!

    It’s much, much simpler than that buddy! Stop reaching!

  5. Ughelligunner

    Cesc, this will be hard , but look at Falcao and walcot scenario.

    Same injury before world cup, walcot was offered a therapy leading to quick recovery which arsenal and him rejected.

    Falcoa came back sooner played preseson and was available until he came to man utd.

    You see, it might be our policy with the kind of therapy we choose to give our players.

    Today Monreal, got an early Knock, look to the bench for help, but the bench said gibbs can’t come on you have to manage.

    If Gibbs were fit, believe you he would have been pulled out immediately.

    I watch mourinho’s teams and he rarely pulls a player off because of an injury unless it is so serious and the player can’t walk.

  6. Highbury Daze

    Someone here commented why Cazorla shooting is rubbish, I think he is in 2 minds, the first being his natural instincts, BANG, shoot if you get a chance, the second is his master’s voice ringing in his ears about getting close before shooting, like say 3 yards

    It is just enough time for the defense to close him down, block the shot, then we have to start all over again, if he takes the first option he will succeed, his shots almost get blocked trying to shoot through 7 defenders

    It is the same for most of them because the master will not allow pot shots from 20-30 yards, if they do, Per sees them on Monday and collects the fine that Wenger imposed on them for disobeying orders, do not shoot until you see the whites of the keepers eyes

  7. Ughelligunner

    Man utd, degea dislocated his finger in international training, came back same week and had a man of the match performance against arsenal and he is still keeping till date, what do you think happen to the finger?

    He is been treated and at the same time playing. If it were arsenal, that keeper would be out for a month.

    Fellani last season, dislocated wrist, still played while been treated. But at arsenal it would have been a different kettle.

    Gibbs and kos have been pulled out because of head injuries at arsenal when i hardly see where teams pull their players off for head bleeding, but this is arsenal

    i believe our therapy approach is making our injuries look mammoth.

  8. Masterstroke

    Spanish Dave & R.S.P.C Arsenal

    Eat shit you pair of stupid pricks.

    Apart from the goal we had eight shots on target (all of them saved by a terrific keeper ) to their one.

  9. Cesc Appeal


    But you can’t even try to argue that us being nice/Internationals/painkillers is responsible for our appalling injury record over the last 12 years.

    Ramsey last year is a good example, for weeks on here fans were saying he’s going to get injured, going to get injured, rest him he’s going to get injured…bang.

    Walcott returned last January, dropped right in straight away consistently…bang

    Even IF there are innocent explanations, then whatever we’re doing so innocently we need to stop and replicate what other clubs are doing.

    It’s not that but IF it was. There is no excuse available for our injury record.

  10. Highbury Daze

    So that’s it fans, Arsene’s grand vision for AFC,, score the winning goal in the 89th minute to steal the points, after giving heart palpitations to the adoring fans, I wanted a draw or a loss in this game, I am not afraid to admit I want my team to lose, because this manager needs to be punished for his disgraceful actions with this club over a long period of time, we all know the deficiencies in this squad, and this saboteur has done very little in the way of addressing them, he needs punishing on the scoreboard, as much as I love the club, I do not get joy from them winning anymore under this reptile

  11. WrightIsGod

    Things i learnt from this game:

    1. 10 game unbeaten run is in full swing.
    2. What is Aaron Ramsey and where has he disappeared to?
    3. Martinez has been my player of the last two games.
    4. Wenger actually made a substitution that changed the game. Initially I (and the Emirates) disagreed with his Ox substitution but there was a clear difference once Giroud came on the pitch in all his beauty.
    5. Wenger may NEVER EVER leave.

  12. Cesc Appeal

    “Arsenal 3 wins 3 clean sheets since Manchester United defeat. I think this has proven Wenger is the right man for Arsenal”

    Comment from a reader on DM…holy shit. What can you do.

  13. tunnygriffboy

    We must get a world class marquee signing

    Get marquee signing

    Marquee signing does rather well

    Marquee signing carries team

    Ramsey idnt have a great game on the ball tonight but his work rate and defensive work was immense

    People say Saints were unlucky. First half was even. They created 1 clear chance all game. We kept them penned in for long periods of the second half and their keeper was brilliant all night. In the end we got the goal our second half deserved

  14. Masterstroke

    Ramsey made two significant contributions to this game. The first was the foul on Jack ( son of Corky ) Cork that forced him off, and the second the pass to Alexis to score. He still hasn’t hit last season’s form, but is decent value along side Flamini.

  15. Masterstroke

    I can’t be bothered to check who it was, but someone actually said that they wanted us to draw or lose so that Arsene is held responsible. What a truly perverse twat. I thought we played Ok against one of the top sides who were unlucky to go down to ten men, but still only had one shot on target (during the whole match) to our eight.

  16. Highbury Daze

    Imagine Sanchez playing for City or Chelsea, they would be in another stratosphere, he looks misplaced at AFC, as much as I like him, I feel he is wasted at this club under Wenger, the same for Ozil

  17. Goondawg

    We have three world class players. Sanchez, Ozil and Koscielny. What a rock he has been, the glue that holds our defense together.

  18. Goondawg

    Giroud over Welbeck for me as well. Ramsey became rambo purely because he was able to feed off Giroud. Our attacking had more directness and we had good crosses and link up play

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Love those pictures of all the workmen standing around chatting, smoking, watching one bloke working in the hole, labelled Arsenals season so far with Sanchez in the hole.

    Wenger giving Sanchez loads of instruction “you get the ball, pass it to the middle, swap wings with Welbeck, receive the ball, get to the edge of the box pass to Ramsey who can score on a surging run.”

    Sanchez “si, get ball and score senior Wenger.”

  20. Ces1ne

    Does Ughelli really believe these injury fantasy stories he’s spewwing today? Or are these conspiracies they conjure up on Untold?
    I can see the headline now……
    “Arsenal only club that doesn’t force players to get doped up to play thru injuries bc wenger knows”
    You can’t really believe the nonsense you spit up on here, do you Ughelli?? Please don’t respond…they are hypothetical questions as I know your answers will involve some grand explanation of why the world/UEFA/injury gods/etc…are against us. You’re pathetic bruh, sorry

  21. BacaryisGone

    A few quick thoughts:

    1 .Three straight clean sheets. Let’s hope Kozzer stays healthy. That block he pulled off after Clyne’s cross was monstrous.

    2. It might be a cliche, but Monreal is like a new signing. I don’t recognize him from last season-thankfully.

    3. Sanchez looks exhausted. We might not want to, but against the Stoke orks (or StOrks) it might be wise to start him on the bench with Ox, Giroud and Welbeck upfront. Arsene won’t rest him, of course.

    4. Welbeck might not have had his best game, but he’s always troubling defences. It’s great not having to rely on Sanogo if Giroud is out.

    5. Martinez still looking very assured. I bet Chezzer’s just praying that he makes a couple of howlers before he gets fit again, because right now Martinez is looking hard to replace.

  22. angeausarsenal

    Anyone who watched that game and didn’t think we clearly deserved to win is allowing their hatred of Wenger to to cloud their judgement. Our defence looked great and if it wasn’t for a man of the match performance by Forster we could easily have won 3-0.
    Yes they were without Schneiderling and were reduced to 10 men but we also had players out. It’s true a lot of our injuries are because our squad has been run into the ground because of Wenger’s ridiculous stubbornness in refusing to buy players but when our team puts in a decent performance against one of the form team of the season so far at least give them some credit.
    Wenger needs to go but our players are deserving of our support.
    PS: Martinez deserves to keep his place very impressive so far.

  23. Ces1ne

    If you don’t think we were shooting Koz up with injections (cortisone or similar) to get him thru matches before he broke down I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you…..majority of professionals admit to eating pills to curb the pain once their careers are up so I don’t know why anyone, even a wenger-minion would think our club was any different. It’s just that our recovery department is a joke. I’m sure pain prevention is universal thru the professional ranks.

  24. BacaryisGone

    I love how some people are coming to the conclusion that Jack’s injury is the reason we’ve started winning again. The real reason is the return of Koz.

  25. N5

    BiG, it’s hard to come to that conclusion as both hold about as there just isn’t enough matches to come to either conclusion, however Kos has only played against WBA and Southampton, he didn’t play against Dortmund (he was an unused sub). Jack hasn’t played in the last 3 matches and we’ve won all of those.

    So although, as I say, the evidence could point to either or even be because of both. Jack hasn’t played more that we’ve won, then how many Kos has. If that makes sense.

  26. BacaryisGone

    Agreed N5, it’s way too small a sample size but having watched our last two league matches, it’s clear how valuable Koz is to our overall confidence. I agree with Santi. Kozzer is one of our three world-class players. Losing him will have a greater negative impact than losing Wilshere will have a greater positive impact.

  27. BacaryisGone

    Talking about Wilshere, but our injury list really isn’t that bad right now.

    Of our current injured players all but Wilshere (February) and Ozil (January) are expected to be back in the next two weeks. From a squad of about 25 players, that’s not bad at all. Of course, the question is how many will get injured over the hectic holiday period.

  28. N5

    BIG, Koz is massive. He’s such a good player and without him at the back, they have looked shambolic at times. I’m so happy he’s returned and looking as good as he did before he got injured.

  29. Highbury Daze

    What’s with that opening plea from Wenger about great vision about AFC future, is he asking for another 3 years after this 3 evaporate, or is he seeing a vision after he has gone after the original 3 years, giving a better manager to succeed where he has failed these past 10 years

    Or is that drivel in response to the banner about pissing off now, is he scared he might get the flick before the 3 years expire

    Strange man

  30. Highbury Daze

    Once his 3 years are up that would be 20 years at AFC, you only get 20 years for murder, this is murderous having to put up with him for another 2.5 years, no more please Stan, put a stop to this lunacy

  31. Highbury Daze

    This team, although victorious today, are an extension of the manager, they can be nervous at times as Wenger has said, this manager at 65 years old looks frail, shaking like a leaf, he looks anything but in control, pacing around nervously, even at the simple art of drinking from a plastic bottle, he is shaking like shit trying to get a mouthful of water, almost spilling it all over his lovely blue suit

    It’s just as well for Wenger authors do not write books about negativity, they don’t sell very well,Myles Palmer wrote a book about the early successful years, the Professor, but wrote nothing since 2005 on his next 8 years, It is plain to see why

    Who would buy such a book, it would be filed under tragedy, and never see light of day, and Palmer is still trying to flog his first book on the site what a desperate he is, trashing Wenger on a daily basis, and trying to make money by selling his first book, what a fucking hypocrite you are Myles, shut that sham site down you are a bigger fraud than Wenger

  32. Emiratesstroller

    Thoughts on last night’s game.

    1. 80 minutes of mediocrity and 10 minutes of effort.
    2. Team following return of Koscielny looks more solid in defence.
    3.Martinez in goal looks promising in three games played albeit seldom
    severely tested. Very composed with good command of his area. Catches the
    ball well. Good levels of concentration. Could be an improvement on Szczesny.
    4. Midfield comprising of Flamini,Ramsey and Cazorla was in my view fairly
    poor last night. Ramsey has been dreadful all season. He needs to think
    more about what he is doing.
    5.Welbeck and Ox looked tired . May need a rest.
    6.Sanchez is the class player this season in a team full of mediocrity.
    7.There appears to be very limited strategic thinking in the way the team is
    playing at moment.
    8.Most of the season ticket holders around me are fairly pissed off with the
    club and manager in particular. Feel that the club is completely rudderless
    and unlikely to progress.

  33. Highbury Daze

    I would like to know what the long term vision is before I buy into it, and does this long term vision include him getting a renewed contract on the renewed contract, at rising 66 how long can this reptile keep dishing up this pile of shit to the masses, as long as they continue to lap it up I guess

  34. Highbury Daze

    I think most here would visit ANR from time to time, I used to, but couldn’t stomach his gym stories, the Pilates, who gives a fuck about Pilates, and his friend the grocer, and who wants to hear about his wife and daughter, and all the other tripe, people go there for Arsenal stories, he claims not to be an Arsenal supporter, yet he devotes a lot of his time to writing about it, If I wasn’t a football supporter I certainly would not waste my precious time writing about it, this guy is full of shit

  35. tunnygriffboy


    I think the players gave a lot tonight. A lot of them running on fumes. They’ve been playing 2 games a week since middle of August. Many have had to because of injuries. We had 7 first team players missing tonight.

    Southampton have the best defensive record so far this season. Well organised and tough to break down. Having said that we pinned them in as the second half wore on and if it hadn’t been for their keeper we could have had 2 or 3

    Ramsey misplaced a lot of passes tonight but his work rate was immense in defence. At least he’s thinking about those responsibilies. Santi was a good link tonight between midfield and front men. Giroud looked very good when he came on. Sanchez could maybe play v Stoke and have the following week of when we go to Turkey.

  36. Highbury Daze

    This is what irritates me, Per Mertesacker after the game, we needed that,the pressure was on

    Yes the pressure was, because this manager has brainwashed these poor players into thinking that we have to make the top 4 so we can play in the CL, that’s the aim, not keep winning so we might catch Chelsea, or get 2nd this year, it is always the same, top 4, that is why when you see this club firmly entrenched in the top 4, they all slacken off, subconsciously, because they think the season is over we have made the top 4, this is the management under Wenger, you have done your job boys well done down tools

  37. Highbury Daze

    1. 80 minutes of mediocrity and 10 minutes of effort.

    That stroller is the game plan, do what you have to in order to win, if the opposition score first, then you see a flurry of activity all buzzing around because they need a goal to draw and another to win, but in this game Saints didn’t score, so Arsenal could fuck around all match as long as it stayed 0-0, then as they always do, put in for 10 minutes at the end, woeful, then if the other team score in that period, we are fucked with no time left for the winner, go check out the Swansea game, this is a pattern under Wenger

  38. tunnygriffboy

    Southampton are very strong defensively. We had 19 shots in the game with 8 on target. But for some wayward finishing and some brilliant goalkeeping we could have had a couple more goals

    The first half was pretty even but as the game wore on we got stronger and they struggled to get out of their half eventually we got our goal

    Sometimes it takes time to wear a good defensive side down. Had we taken our early chances it may have been different but to say we made no effort in the first 80 minutes is disingenuous and smacks of moaning for the sake of bashing the team. We can play better but saying there is no effort is ridiculous

  39. Emiratesstroller


    Yes Southampton are a decent team and defensively well organised.

    However, Arsenal particularly at home should be playing better than we are.
    There has been all season a lack of strategic thinking in the way we play.

    I thought that we were particularly poor in midfield. Ramsey’s problem is that
    he ‘TRIES TOO MUCH so that his end product is poor whether it is final pass or
    shot at goal.

    We dominate games as we saw last night against Southampton and previously
    against Man Utd, but the truth is that in most games this season you cannot say that we are in control.

    In every game we play there is a feeling that we will be caught on ‘counterattack’ or do something stupid.

    Leaving aside the lack of defensive resources the team needs urgently a player who can provide leadership in midfield and put his foot on the ball and hold
    it rather than play tic tac football. It will make a huge difference to the team.

  40. Frankie T

    I’m Wenger Out but we can’t deny we had a good 2nd half performance and deserved the win. Against utd de geas saves were basic but two of forsters saves were class.

  41. Highbury Daze

    What we mean tunny, when we say they tried for 10 minutes those last 10 minutes were frantic needing a goal we saw how they should have played from the first whistle, they didn’t they stroked the ball around nonchalantly, yes they had a few shots saved by great goalkeeping but the longer the match went the more desperate Arsenal got until the winner came, and the last 10 minutes were a constant bombardment at the Saints goal, who were content to keep it 0-0 after going down to 10 men

  42. Wallace

    Ramsey’s still trolling on the ball but judging by the ground he covered looks like he’s close to 100% fitness-wise. Giroud was a real handful when he came on. Sanchez looked a little tired. and Welbeck, even though it wasn’t his best game, i love the way he covers the ground. once Theo and Ozil return i don’t think many sides will be as dangerous as us on the counter.

  43. tunnygriffboy


    Couldn’t agree more about having a WC midfielder to play that deep lying role. Ramsey is a funny one. He’s the sort of lad that wants to do well and is trying too hard. His pass % age was 82 yesterday which is higher than I thought. I m re watching the game atm and noticed that his work rate is immense. Encouragingly he seems to be playing a bit deeper and taking his defensive responsibility seriously. He could do with a goal for his confidence as could Santi who I thought did well yesterday. They could both do with a physical player alongside themed

    I think with our new forward line we are moving away from tiki taka , are dribbling more and hitting more long balls


    Sometimes you have to give credit to the opposition. They have the best defensive record in the league. We were never going to get a bundle of chances. Welbeck had 2 good ones in the first half and Ox had one. As the game went on they began to tire and we upped the tempo finding more space. The Giroud substitution was key. He looked fresh and sharp. He had 2 chances brilliantly saved and created another good one for Welbeck, again well saved. Eventually we got the goal we deserved.

    We weren’t at our best and most fluent but we did enough to beat a good side. Some of our players are running on fumes as they have had to play so much. Yesterday we had 7 what I would call 1st team regulars unavailable, these are players which Wenger would have no problem with selecting. Once they are back, just like Giroud they can bring some zest back to the team.

  44. Leedsgunner

    Time for humble pie.

    I wanted Falcao and Balotelli at the end of transfer window but I have to say Welbeck has been better for us. Nice for once that other teams get duds too!

    (Although I’ve been right about Giroud as an impact sub huh? He actually is proving himself quite useful).

    Kos is the real reason for our upturn in fortune… we need another like him. Pronto.

    Wenger as much as you want Wilshere is NOT the answer. At the moment he’s a nice luxury to have… trade him in the summer and get someone who can play regularly and doesn’t get injured at the drop of a hat!

  45. tunnygriffboy


    A 7 out of 10 performance ?

    Just rewatching the game. Ramsey busting his guts to get back in defensive positions. Similarly Alexis, Ox and Welbeck are doing the same. They work really hard. I can forgive an average performance if the work rate is there. We have Debuchy, Gibbs, Arteta, Walcott and Ozil to come back soon. Hopefully they’ll be full of energy like Giroud and will be able to give some guys a rest.

    Giroud looks sharp. He’s not been flogged into the ground, he’s had an enforced reat, a month with Shad and Welbeck after his position. Perhaps he’ll go up a level.

  46. Wallace


    yeah, good win. Southampton are a very competent side. seems like we’ve actually put some thought into the defensive side of the game this last few matches and we look much the better for it.

    also, didn’t matter in the end but how did the ref miss the handball in the lead up to the goal?

  47. tunnygriffboy


    And he missed hatchet man Santi’s foul on Tadic. Santi the “Enforcer” 🙂

    If we miss that chance would he have given the pen? I doubt it. It could have been critical.

    CB and Dm in January ? Need to nurse Kos and we need cover in midfield for Arteta. With these additions and players coming back giving us chance to rest players I’m cautiously optimistic we can pick up results. Big game again on Saturday m I hope we take some chances early to give us breathing space. Sooner or later we’ll take them

    Last 4 games 59 attempts 22 on target
    Against 15 attempts 4 on target.

  48. Wallace


    yeah, don’t think any Arsenal fan relishes Stoke away. i get the impression they have gotten a little smaller though. still think it would be a good idea to start both Giroud & Welbeck.

    re CB & DM – yeah, would be hugely frustrating if we do get one of each in Jan and then finish the season strongly.

  49. tunnygriffboy


    Giroud, Welbeck and Alexis/Ox front three. As you were for rest of team, Gibbs in for Monreal although he played well last night. What news on Theo, we could do with him for Christmas programme

  50. Jim Lahey

    Missed 70 minutes of teh game last night, looks like Foster played a blinder, no shock there.
    Did Santi play as a No.10 again? How did he play?

    Did we have a couple of penalty shouts?

  51. gambon

    Love a good reactionary interview from Arsene,.

    Absolute turgid performance, then we get incredibly lucky and Wenger is talking like we are 2 points off top.

    Yet another season where we are nowhere near the top teams, a goal difference that a mid table team would not be overly excited about, but Wenger thinks if he keeps talking about “Mental Strengz” and “desire” we will somehow win the PL despite a chasm in quality (both playing & managerial staff)

    Oh and as for our big game record, you know the one Wenger and many players mentioned we will put right….

    Everton (A) 2-2
    Spurs (H) 1-1
    Man City (H) 1-1
    Chelsea (A) 0-2
    Man UTD (H) 1-2

    So thats 5 of the 12 big games, we havent won a single one, we have only once scored more than 1 goal, and we have 3 points from these 5 games.

    Once again on course for a season of flat track bullying the shit teams.

  52. tunnygriffboy


    Santi did ok. Ramsey was a bit off with his passing but work rate was huge. Pretty even first half but we got on top after the break and kept them pinned in for long periods. Kos was immense and Welbeck and co worked hard to get back when they countered. Ramsey played b2b rather than a ten and seems to be aware of his defensive responsibility.

    Giroud made difference when he came on and by the end they were knackered and Forster saved brilliantly from Giroud and Welbeck. We deserved the win while not at our best.

  53. Emiratesstroller

    My real concern about Arsenal at the moment is that the club has a lot of talenton its books at the moment, but we are not at moment an ‘effective and well balanced team’.

    Also it is clear that we do struggle to control matches against ‘well organised’
    teams who are patient and play us on counterattack where we have proved vulnerable.

    Frankly we do not need to make wholesale changes to the squad, but we do need to get the best out of the players and also improve their tactics.

    The real problem for me is Wenger and his coaching team, because our main
    deficiency is ‘football intelligence’ rather than ‘technical ability and talent’.

  54. tunnygriffboy


    Do you not think there was a better shape to us yesterday? Kos obviously helps but I got the impression Ramsey was sitting deeper alongside Flamini early on and as we pushed further forward as the game wore on and we started to dominate he went further forward.

  55. Emiratesstroller

    I was at yesterday’s game and yes I did think that for first time this season our defence was fairly well organised. Also I felt that Martinez composure and positional sense is a big plus. Although he has not been seriously tested in last three
    games I do think that having a reliable rather than impulsive goalkeeper makes a huge difference.

    However, I was less than impressed with our midfield and offensive play. I thought that we did not play well there. Only in last 10 minutes when Southampton was down to ten players and Giroud came on did we look dangerous and manage to turn game around.