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Happy good morning to you!

Things I missed last week. Terry Burton taking potshots at Ivan Gazidis. As reported here, Joncker, the Dutchman, was an Ivan appointment. That led to Burton leaving.

‘He told Ivan Gazidis, Arsenal’s chief executive, that he had made “a big mistake”, informed Arsène Wenger – who said he was not involved in the decision’

Then this is the bit in football that makes me sick. You’ll notice that pundits all seem to say they wouldn’t move Arsene on, then they list through the list of issues he has which amount naivety at best, negligence at work. That’s because they’re all looking out for themselves. Looking out for their next job.

“For me, he is the boss. I think I can look most football people in the eye – not physically but metaphorically – but with Arsène I see him as someone who has done things that no one else has done. To me, he will always be the best. He’s done an unbelievable job at Arsenal over a long period of time.”

I appreciate you can’t lambast your ex-manager, but how can anyone who works in the game say the above with a straight face?

Well, it’s quite easy when you’re working at West Brom and you know all the young players. Say the right thing, there’s no doubt Wenger will look favourably on the request to bring in Chuba Akpom this January.

You see what I mean? Journo’s get interviews for favourable press, players get jobs, managers get players, bloggers get jobs… you’re never getting it straight in soccerball.

It’s a sorry state of affairs…

Anyway! How about Thierry Henry moving back to the UK? Exciting, eh?

He’s quit the Redbulls, we love him. So let’s make him the King of Arsenal and the ruler of us all. I’d be game. You?

Just jokes. I don’t want him back playing for the first team. He’s well past it now and it’d be a big distraction. I’d be happy for him to train, I just don’t want this winter to become the Thierry show. He left us years ago, won it all, earned it all… I’d be cool with him coming back in some capacity. Like PV04. Trouble is, I don’t think he’s the same character as PV04, so I’m not sure leading U21 teams is going to be him. He doesn’t exactly earn rave reviews in any of the books I’ve read on him. You can’t be selfish as a manager, you need to be personable, you need to be selfless and you need to be able to work with people.

Not saying he can’t do that. I’d just be interested to see what the club have in store for him. I think the likelihood is that he’ll go and work for Sky. He’s an absolute encyclopedia when it comes to football. Apparently, when he was staying in a hotel here when he first started, he asked for an additional screen to be put into his room so he could watch two games at once. He has value, I just wonder where.

You have to look at all decisions with a clear head. Sure, the fans would love him wherever, but that’s not how you’ll get the most out him.

Talking of clear head decisions. Amazing to read that the Dortmund fans are turning on their charismatic leader. He’s in a relegation fight. He’s in a tailspin. Can he turn it around? A few people have questioned how opinion can turn on him so quickly. Like it’s beyond the realms of possibility that variables can change and so can opinions. Facts are, the problems with Klopp haven’t come in the last three months, they’ve been building for two years. His injury record has been poor, his pressing game has slowly been identified as a burden on the players and his tactics have been rumbled.

You don’t pop for the manager in a relegation battle with Dortmund. He’s still a consideration, totally. He’s been fired before. You’d just have to question a club that bins off Wenger for a manager doing a far worse job. It’s the same with Brendan Rogers on a smaller scale. He’s not a shite manager all of a sudden, but he’s made bad decisions. He didn’t prepare properly for the impact Champions League would have on his squad. It’s also been written that the manager failed to upgrade his backroom team to prepare. Putting faith in inexperience. He also made bad decisions with players. Should he be sacked? No. He should be given a chance to rectify the issues? If he can’t, then he’s proved he’s not as adaptable as we first thought.

Managers that are interesting at the moment are Pep, because he’ll be at breaking point at Bayern by the time Arsene leaves. Diego Simeone, because he has a huge amount of experience and success. He’s also a major personality in the same way Klopp is. Then there’s Garcia, a bit older, but would continue the French zest we’ve had at the club for twenty years.

SANOGO is back tomorrow night. Take that in before we get to the bad news…

Gibbs, Oz, Monreal are not about. Injured or busy.

Debuchy and Chez are back next week.

Ospina back for the next world cup.

The great news is Southampton took a bit of a spanking, they’ll be down in the dumps, we’ll be at the top of the dumps… so it should be a good game. Southampton will have a plan to exploit our defence, it’s in a bit of a state. They’ll be a challenge, but I think we’ll have too much for them.

Well, that’s what I hope happens… more on that tomorrow!

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  1. N5

    “So happy to be alive, the birds are chirping and the sun is out. ”

    Don’t rub it in Mid, it’s colder than a Siberian gulag here!

  2. N5

    @alexanderhenry, what about the other 9 years? don’t just pick injuries in isolation because of course some of them are going to be down to bad luck, but certainly not every year!

  3. N5

    Also @alexanderhenry, have adequate cover! Nacho playing CB isn’t good enough, having a DCM pairing of a combined 300 years old isn’t good enough.

    You’re looking at things far to simplistically.

  4. Shaun Wilson

    The, ‘Henry to Arsenal as manager’ rumour is gaining momentum. If it transpires that it’s true then we will truly have become a joke. I’m sorry – legend as player, undoubtedly, but the man wasn’t even a good captain of the club never mind being appointed as manager!

  5. Cesc Appeal

    Impact injuries…fine

    Soft tissues injuries over the last decade…not so much

    Picking and distorting facts to support your own arguments. Tut tut.

    Wenger confirmed Kozz and Ozil came back from the WC with issues – so bit dumb to play them week in week out wasn’t it?

  6. N5

    Shitttt Mid, that one went so far over my head it was in orbit. Good on you for remaining positive.

    When you’re smiling, when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you, when you’re laughing, when you’re laughing, the whole world etc.

  7. Ozy

    This whole Henry becoming manager thing is just paper talk and speculation based on nothing. Let’s not get carried away.

    Blsany, don’t play with my emotions like that. Pjanic and Calhanaglou are two of my favorite players. I’d gladly sacrifice my left nut to have those two at Arsenal.

  8. N5

    “Wenger confirmed Kozz and Ozil came back from the WC with issues – so bit dumb to play them week in week out wasn’t it?”

    Don’t forget Ospina was injured pre-WC and Kim Kallstrom broke his back the day before transfer.

    *I understand my two didn’t play week in and week out, but I still wanted to moan 😡

  9. N5

    Nobody is saying that all our injuries are down to bad management, far from it. What people are saying is, you don’t top the injury list for a decade due to “bad luck”. One year yes, two years maybe, three years what, four years piss off, five years SHADDDD!!

  10. gonsterous

    Actually was wondering why the journalist dint question Wenger on strengthening when he knew they came back injured or the fact that he continued playing them every single game ?

  11. Romford Pele

    Really implore you guys to read this, great read: http://www.theguardian.com/football/2014/dec/02/thierry-henry-arsenal-arsene-wenger-barcelona-career

    I don’t agree with everything he says but certain things do stand out. The collective is so so important. Like he says, when the collective is functioning wel, individuals will stand out but everyone has to play well as a unit first. Do agree that a Spaniard should’ve won the Ballon D’Or too. In one of those years Messi won it consecutively, I think it should’ve gone to Xavi/Iniesta. Messi obviously is an all-time great, but the roles that Xavi/Iniesta have played in elevating him to that level has definitely been underplayed IMO. The bit about the collective also reinforces my love for Ozil and why I believe he is our best player and why we should be looking to extract the best from him.

    What I didn’t like about that article; you could close your eyes and easily imagine Wenger saying a lot of that. Now that’s not a big surprise as Wenger had a massive influence on TH14’s career. But the bit about not comprimising principles is what I fundamentally disagree with. Long and short, football is about winning. If the methods you currently employ aren’t working, then why not adapt and change? It takes a big man to admit mistakes and work on new ways of attaining success

  12. Romford Pele

    “Actually debuchy falling on his ankle could be construed as bad luck..”

    That’s the only one that you could truly hold your hands up to. Generally unlucky.

  13. MidwestGun

    Is anyone else worried Gibbs will push it because we need him and get injured around the 35th minute. Then we either have to slide the whole back line to the left and insert Bellerin or move Flamini to LB. Anyhow, what if’s…… I guess.

    I hope Ramsey and Santi show some discipline as well and help Flamini out.
    Anyhow, expecting a tough game. Think we will win tho if we take our early chances. Santi hopefully had extra shooting practice.

  14. N5

    If there is ever a match where Flamini gets played at LB, I will…… well I don’t know what I’ll do, but it won’t be pretty.

  15. MidwestGun

    Well my love for Ozil is well documented in the Le Grove annals, still baffles me as to why AW felt it necessary to build the team around a JW/ Ramsey cam setup this year. I know Keyser believes it was due to WC, injuries, and trying to build up relationships but we had other options until Ozil was ready to assume the cam role. Should have built on last year.

  16. N5

    Arsenal play Southampton on Wednesday and Wenger has a problem at left-back with doubts over Kieran Gibbs and Nacho Monreal.

    “We have some question marks about Gibbs, Monreal and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Everybody else looks like being available,” said Wenger.

    “Laurent Koscielny just came back after a long time and we will see how he responds.

    “Goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny is still out. Mathieu Debuchy is training. Could he be involved next week? Certainly. David Ospina as well, one week. Yaya Sanogo is all right now.”

  17. SpanishDave

    PHWcalling our fans ignorant. They travel every week to watch away games which he doesnt, they pay high ticket prices which he doesnt.
    He is an arrogant arse like Wenger , they have no respect for the fans. What a club we have become.

  18. MidwestGun

    Think I agree with Romford, probably see the same lineup as W. Brom. Imagine unless Gibbs is just completely unable he will give it a go.

    Then we probably have an emergency 18 year old or something as backup.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Love to know where DM pluck these figures from. January budget for Arsenal is £20 Million…yeah okay. Same as Swansea apparently.

    And Spurs have a larger budget at £35 Million than City and Chelsea with £30 Million.

    Wonder if they just spin a wheel and see what figure it lands on. £208 Million in the bank, massive commercials deals, but yeah…£20 Million. Watch the Wenger lackeys lap that one up as a reason we “can’t buy.”

  20. kwik fit


    “Thoroughly ignorant people seem to have a say nowadays. It is a few hotheads jumping up and down thinking they are being clever”

    The biggest ignoramus at our club is you Mr Hill-wood. If you had brains you’d be dangerous.

  21. Highbury Daze

    SD, that has always been the view of these upper class cunts, PHW, thanks for taking an interest in our affairs, his daddy left him a football club, and he proceeded to rip the lower class fans off, I thought the old goat had died, he can’t be far off, so some good news on AFC after all

  22. Up 4 grabs now

    Nice to see Barcelona buggering up transfers again Vermalen will be back in 4 months. 15 million for us, shame we didn’t spend it.

  23. Cesc Appeal

    What would people reckon on a January move for Krychowiak and agreeing a pre contract deal for Khedira?

    K&K at the bas of midfield next season with Ramsey and Wilshere alternating in the there when the opposition allows, Oxlade/Walcott, Ozil, Sanchez beyond.

    Krychowiak, Khedira
    Oxlade, Ozil, Sanchez

    That’s pretty solid to be honest.

    Try a bid for Reid or Van Dijk as well in January.

  24. Highbury Daze

    What is that PHW an Etonian, a self proclaimed elitest , look at them all, him ,Keswick and the rest of the parasites, I doubt these pricks ever played the game, what these people are is businessmen, fleecing the working class, this is the reptile who didn’t want Kroenke’s type at the club, he soon dropped his trousers for him, what a pathetic senile fool you are PHW, what a fucking geriatric dribbler

  25. Leedsgunner

    Ignore PHW – the only reason he had a say in our affairs was because his dad was on the board, or was it his grandfather… and they passed on their holdings to him.

    In short, he has much right to criticise Arsenal fans as Kung Fu Panda.

  26. Highbury Daze

    Up for grabs, he does play them out of position, he has always done that, you think Ozil is happy on the left or right wings, this moron used to play Bendtner wide right, the same with Ramsey, did you ever see SAF play Beckham centrally

    Wenger doesn’t think positions are specialist,, Per spends as much time in the opposition half as he does his own, Wenger tried Ox in a central role, that lasted about 5 minutes because Ox keeps on losing the ball in dangerous positions

    And the way he has this team playing would it matter, there is no structure, there is no plan, we have 10 outfield guys passing the ball around back and forth to each other waiting for something to happen

    They wing it, waiting and hoping an opening will appear so they can pass the ball into the net

  27. Jeff

    Hillwood wants the status quo to continue. He doesn’t want a change at the top because it came in with his blessing. He oversaw the infestation and personally laid down the red carpet for Kroenke. If immortality was available, he would install it at the Emirates so that nothing changes – ever. He feels he owes something to Wenger and the hierarchy. They all love each other to bits and would do anything to protect their brethren. He feels indebted to them and is enamoured with all of them from top to bottom. He is an old fool that sympathises with other old fools – all losers – no passion – no hint of anything “football”.

    The fans are paying customers. What company executive slags off their customers and survives unless they are henchmen in an autocratic dictatorship full of soulless hard faces? He has no respect for the fans – none whatsoever – a loathsome character. The feeling is mutual.

  28. Highbury Daze

    If there no LB available, why not play 3 CB, oh wait, we don’t have 3 CB do we, stupid sold them, well maybe play Kos Per Chambers as a back 3, use Bellerin and Flamini as RWB and LWB, the rest pick themselves

    But Wenger would never think of that, to fucking dense, he thinks he’s smart, but he aint I could run this squad better than him

  29. Jeff


    Spot on there. Money comes first every time – the fans are just incidentals – something to be tolerated but ignored.

  30. goonpharm

    But the bit about not comprimising principles is what I fundamentally disagree with. Long and short, football is about winning.


    Disagree with this statement Romford. Cryuff was probably the catalyst for years of Barcelona dominance. The guy is a genius for his total football philosophy but he always stuck by his principles that you should play beautiful football and impose your style on opposition.

    Likewise his protégé Pep dominated through the tiki taka style possession football and has Bayern doing a similar thing.

    The difference between those two and our manager is that they identify a principle, stick to it and then give their teams the personnel to execute it.

    Wenger on the other is trying to recreate Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel using a toilet brush and some reduced to clear paint from B&Q.

    It’s easy to say that principles aren’t important and that winning is everything but I argue the right principles – implemented correctly will lead to success.

  31. Cesc Appeal


    What it would allow us is rotation. If Khedira can play as he was for Germany in the world cup, as power B2B player then we’d be okay.

    If Ramsey could find some level of consistent good play as well it’d be much simpler.

    What I’d like is both to give us real options, playing two CDM’s one game, one and a B2B the next.

    I suppose though we’d really need a creative wideman in that sort of line up, Ozil and Sanchez and then an Isco maybe. I only keep the same ST’s because I can’t see Wenger shelling out or dropping Giroud and Sanogo.

    Debuchy, Sokratis, Kozz, Gibbs
    Ramsey/Krychowiak, Khedira
    Isco, Ozil, Sanchez

    Would be a great side I think. Little bit of everything. So much power in there as well, Sokratis, Kozz, Krychowiak, Khedira, Ramsey when he wants to, Sanchez all powerful players.

    As you say we could do with a striking upgrade but…especially as Madrid are keen on dropping talent and grabbing the flavour of the summer that’s doable for us now I think.

    Honestly think that would be a fantastic group of players.

  32. Up 4 grabs now

    Highbury was being sarcastic about Wenger playing players out of position. I’m with you on the 3 centrebacks in some games. The fullback never defend like dixon and winterburn use to, so why not play them as wingbacks. At least there is less chance of being caught on the break!

  33. goonpharm

    Take the current team we have at the moment and add 3 more players and we become contenders.




    This makes Per, Arteta, Flamini and Giroud all squad players. We suddenly have squad depth.

  34. Highbury Daze

    We are attack overload, Wenger never wanted Welbeck, he brought Campbell back after the pressure of a good WC,so after promising the world and work right up until the window closes, Wenger is in Italy on the last day of the transfer window praying with the Pope, we have Poldi, Campbell, Walcott, Sanogo, Giroud, Welbeck, it’s saturation point, look at the back, bare as Mrs Hubbard’s cupboard, top strikers cost big money to purchase and they cost more in wages this is why most clubs play one, it’s cheaper, but I have to say Welbeck is good value at 16 million quid, a bargain really, WELL DONE IVAN FOR SIGNING HIM

    He’s fast high work rate, unlike Giroud who is a lump

  35. Cesc Appeal

    Kondogbia is another good shout. Very impressive in the Emirates Cup when I saw him, bossed our middle, quite a mountain to climb that one.

    Me and Romford said it in the summer, we need two CDMs

    Krychowiak, Bender, Kondogbia, Khedira, Schneiderlin…any two out of these, sure I’ve forgotten some as well.

    Really do think Sokratis would be a great buy at CB, underutilised at BvB and with the position they are in right now…could happen.

  36. reality check

    phw comments are right on time.

    If we continue to criticise them, call them out, dent their egos, soon enough they will turn on the fans.

    Ego is a wonderful thing. Remember pleb gate. His ego was bruised.

    When your opposition has an ego, it’s very easy to manipulate them, and predict the choices they will make.

    Revenge, ill show you!
    Who do you think you are!
    Do you know who I am!

    Very predictable behaviour, all the fans have to do is…. continue.

  37. Highbury Daze

    I would never play 3 CB normally, but when you are left short like we are with non signings and injuries, sometimes you just have to adapt, another word not in the Wenger dictionary, you can get away with it at a pinch, then resume back to 4 when the players return from injury, I don’t recall this manager ever play a back 3

  38. Up 4 grabs now

    I wouldn’t play 3 at the back too often either but your right Wenger rarely changes formation. You need to be able to adapt to who your playing. Why at home when your playing a small team that will only hit you on the break doesn’t he play two up top!

  39. Leedsgunner

    “The difference between those two and our manager is that they identify a principle, stick to it and then give their teams the personnel to execute it.”

    Yep. Nailed it first time.

  40. Leedsgunner

    You can tell Wenger’s under pressure and scrutiny and he doesn’t like it.

    Despite his acolytes mumbling “Arsene knows Best” ad nauseum even he knows that his recent record doesn’t stand up to the elite in the game. Why else is his suddenly pointing to all and sundry about how he deserves respect by the virtue of his consistency?

    Who cares if you’re consistently second rate? You’re still second rate.

    Even he knows he’s past it… that’s why he’s commending himself! Better to be praised by someone else quietly than to self-praise at the top of your voice.

  41. BacaryisGone

    I might be too much of an optimist, but I like to look at the progress we’ve made with this squad in the last 2-3 years. When you have players like Debuchy and Ozil out it’s easy to overlook how many options we have in certain areas of the team. Viewing it from Arsene’s formation preference:

    GK: (Sczcesny, Ospina, Martinez)
    Three quality if not world class keepers. Considering I would only put Courtois and Cech in that category domestically, our goalkeeper options put us in the Top 5 in the Premier League.

    RB: (Debuchy, Jenkinson, Bellerin)
    So Jenks isn’t available but we have Chambers as an option there for now. Jenks has been a revelation on loan at West Ham, and he might just come back next season ahead of Bellerin. As our first choice RB, we have a top International defender in the injured Debuchy.

    LB: Gibbs, Monreal
    Gibbs has been one of the most underrated defenders in the league. He’s finally getting some serious recognition although he does still needs more discipline at times (for example, racing forward against Dortmund on the overlap when we were needing to protect the lead). Monreal has improved this season and looks to be a reliable back-up.

    CB: Mertesacker, Koscielny, Chambers

    We’re one short. Absolutely no question about it. If Wenger fails to sign another CB in January, I’ll probably join the ranks of those who feel he’s lost touch especially if he cites protecting Hayden as a reason.

    DM: Arteta, Flamini

    A real shame Arteta got injured as he makes up for his lack of pace with good anticipation and metronomic passing. He should be the back-up though. We all agree that we need a superior first-choice in such a key area of the pitch. Flamini should be an emergency option.

    CM (Box to Box): Ramsey, Wilshere, Diaby

    I’m embarrassed to put Diaby here but I have to reflect Wenger’s thinking. I would feel great if I saw these options last season but Ramsey has been poor and Wilshere can’t stay healthy. I don’t know what happened to Rosicky but from being so vibrant last season, he’s played rarely this season and has been careless in the couple of times he’s been asked to do a job for us.

    AM: Ozil, Cazorla

    I can understand why fans get frustrated with Santi being played out of position but we were right last season to give Ozil the chance to nail down that position. Arsene veered away from that earlier this season and the last couple of games has seen a return of Santi’s brilliance behind the main striker. Still, very few teams could match our options in this position.

    RW: Walcott, Chamberlain, Campbell, Gnabry:

    Three pacey exciting right wingers, with only Ox appearing to be be robust enough to feature regularly. I fear for Theo’s ability to stay healthy and we’re probably in for more contract wrangling, but in Ox we have a player with huge upside potential. Gnabry needs to get some playing time on loan. Campbell is the great mystery. Nearly everyone likes him except Arsene. To be fair, I think Arsene sees his qualities but doesn’t see him fit into his plans tactically. He surely can’t go on loan again so either he breaks through this season or he’s getting sold.

    LW: Sanchez, Podolski

    Sanchez needs no discussion. Remarkable first season. Podolski is out in the cold as Arsene will play Welbeck ahead of him if Alexis is out.

    CF: Giroud, Welbeck, Sanogo

    All three players add something. Giroud is strong but tricky, Welbeck is fast and agile and Sanogo is a physical beast. With players like Sanchez, Ox, Ramsey, Santi and Theo around they don’t need to be prolific goalscorers but they all need to be more clinical in front of goal.

    So here’s the crazy thing. Most of us agree on where we need strengthening (CB and DM). We have money although the available amount is disputed. But we also have assets we can sell in Podolski and Campbell in order to strengthen other areas. The problem with Podolski is finding a team willing to take a 29 year old striker who doesn’t hustle on 100k a week. Campbell is a different story. He’s not on high wages and he’ll have teams after him.

    If Poldi and Campbell can’t really get a look-in with the injuries we already have, let’s balance our squad. Two in and two out, and we’ll be a much better squad as a result.

  42. Cesc Appeal

    “One minute AW runs the club like a dictator and the next we buy Welbeck who AW didn’t want.. make ur minds up”

    My time machine works! Gary, you’re about 3-4 months too late with that one buddy

  43. Ozy

    BacaryisGone, you seem to have highlighted the problems in our squad. Much too lopsided, no real balance. Poor, poor, poor CMs, terrible DMs but way too many options for the RW. Decent fullbacks, decent goalkeepers, but so short on CBs, it’s sad. You putting Chambers as the 3rd CB and not the 2nd choice RB is kind of reaching, especially considering Wenger’s picked Monreal, a LB, for the vacant CB position ahead of Chambers. We have two really great AMs who turn into absolute shit when played in any other position so that’s limiting.

    We have 4 RWs but 1 LW and 1 LW who can’t get a look in. We have three average strikers. Really, you call this a good squad?

  44. Ces1ne


    Isn’t it amazing that not even eternally-deluded Liverpool supporters have made something as embarrassing & pathetic as some of our more “special” supporters have done with creating UntoldArsenal?!?! A percentage of our support is more deluded than ‘Pool supporters, think about how ridiculous THAT is!!!!!

  45. BacaryisGone


    Thanks for your comments to my post.

    I’m pretty sure Monreal played instead of Chambers at CB because Debuchy was out and he felt the back four balance of Chambers-Mert-Monreal-Gibbs would be better than Bellerin-Mert-Chambers-Gibbs. Also, Chambers and Mert played poorly together when they last teamed up at CB with Mert having to move across to the left side.

    The new CB needs to be a left-sided player so we can potentially have 4 decent combos (Mert-Koz, Chambers-Koz, Mert-New CB, Chambers-New CB, Koz-New CB with Koz as the right CB).

  46. Goondawg

    David de gea is sick. Lost count how many times he has saved Utd in the dying minutes this season. He pretty much is the difference between 1 and 3 points. Wish Scez would start saving us as well.

  47. BacaryisGone

    By the way, Ozy, it’s a good squad but could be a great one. Assuming that Ozil and Cazorla can only play CAM, then they can rotate based on form and fitness. Alexis is first choice on the left, but Ox and Welbeck can do a great job there too. Theo just needs to get healthy.

    Seriously, you add a ball-winning, temp making DM into our current first-choice line-up and another quality LCB in the squad and we’re formidable.

  48. northern gooner


    When i 1st read the untold posts i actually thought it was a parody/joke site.
    I visit it now out of pure curiosity after a game.

    I work with some deluded scousers and even they have looked on untold and laughed.

  49. Ozy

    Yeah, BacaryisGone, with Vermaelen gone, we have a massive need for a left-sided CB. You’ve just demonstrated how far more flexible we’d be in the back with just 1 new player. Problem is, we need far more than just 1 more player.

  50. Ozy

    We need more than that, BiG!

    Even if you’re not ruthless and keep Arteta, Cazorla, Monreal and one of Wilshere/Ramsey if they don’t improve, we need to get rid of Podolski, Flamini, Sanogoal, Campbell, and Diaby.

    But this squad is fine… if you’re happy with Top 4.

  51. Leedsgunner

    Diaby’s contract I believe comes into an end this summer and I think the club would be mad to renew his contract – although I can see Wenger doing it just to raise a two finger salute to the fans. You know how much he loves telling us whose in charge — until something goes wrong then suddenly it’s all about the collective.

    I digress. Diaby is a lost cause. Let’s pay him off and cut him free. Poldi, Campbell, Coquelin, Miyachi, and Sanogo are all sellable assets – I suspect together they could bring in £20m and free up £500 000 in wages a week.

    No reason not to buy a young WC DM and CB with a little bit of planning. We have more than enough money.

  52. MidwestGun

    “My time machine works!”
    Cesc –
    About this time machine….. ya……., you and I need to work out a loan deal.
    For betting purposes only….. I assure you. 😀

  53. hunter13

    come on guys lets face it…lets speak truths here

    you wanted us to lose the f.a cup. winning it condemned you to another 3 years of this ‘hell’

    so, effectively, you lost…..

    you have two options now..a)withdraw with dignity since you dont like whats on the menu or b) continue to be drama queens with your red table cloths and general melodramatics….

  54. MidwestGun

    Wrong again hunter13.

    Wanted us to win because it might be the last time in forever. And I hadn’t celebrated anything in ten years. Remember that bit. See the thing is, if we put a solid effort into winning there wouldn’t be a need for people to complain. Worst start in 30 years tho.

    It’s a pretty simple question. Is AW the best person to take the club forward? Will he make us competitive for a CL title or a Premier League title in the next 3 years? It’s one thing to enter the competition but it’s a complete different thing to try and win.

    So once again… your logic is untoldish. Meaning deluded. It’s not a competition between fans you nitwit. It’s wanting the best for your Club.

  55. Goondawg

    “Rumors of Arsenal bidding for Lucas Silva hotting up. Great, young Brazilian DM. Our competitors? Real Madrid. We have no chance.”

    Yh if he wants to rot on the bench.

  56. Cesc Appeal


    Don’t engage with it. Best ignored and he’ll scuttle back to the cult of Positively or wherever he comes from.

    I’ll loan you the time machine, though being an Arsenal fan does feel as if you’re permanently trapped in one. Need a CB, CDM and GK…it’s 2010 again!!

  57. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    Sorry… can’t help myself. Sometimes you got to wonder how people get up and dress themselves in the morning tho. I just want us to be great again and you got some moron coming on here thinking it’s a fan competition with winners and losers. Meanwhile we are all losing by continously losing to our
    rivals in a bad way. I suppose he enjoyed losing to Man. U.

    Anyhow, this time machine is a money maker I’m telling you. We could own this Club….. in no time. 😀

  58. N'Gambo

    More Wenger screw-ball shit for arsenal.com: “‘If you look around me [for] people who have worked without interruption for 30 years in this job, you will not find many’

    Wenger – we don’t want the rest of your life – we want a different manager.

    We’re ‘interrupting’ you. Good Bye.

  59. Bamford13

    Excellent statistics below from that Opta article re Wenger’s points per game since the sale of Vieira.

    Essentially Wenger’s real successes came when Vieira was at the club; since Vieira’s departure, Wenger has won ONE trophy in eight years and hasn’t finished higher than third.


    “As you can see in the table supplied by Opta, below, at 1.54 Arsenal’s average points per game this season is worse than it has ever been since the unbeaten season. In fact the next worse is 1.76, the season after the sale of Patrick Vieira, which marks a clear demarcation point in Wenger’s reign: seven of his eight major trophies were won before the loss of his inspirational captain that summer, and they haven’t finished in the top two since.” – Yahoo Sports Europe

  60. Highbury Daze

    Winning one trophy in 8 years matters not to these corporate thugs, they rake in tens of millions of pounds every year, the only ones who worry about trophies are the fans who pay the money, and they have seen one in 8 as reported, the fans are there to be fleeced like sheep, lining up most weeks to watch mediocrity, losing 2-1 to Swansea, Jesus fucking Christ, this is Wenger’s worst start in 12 years, Arsenal’s worst in 32 years, when will the penny drop

    This man is mismanaging a club that should be doing SO MUCH BETTER THAN IT IS, if this guy thinks one banner is not worthy of commenting on, just wait until they go up all around the ground, maybe then this pig ignorant slug will comment then

  61. Highbury Daze

    The contempt these parasites have for you and me is palpable, PHW has the temerity to come out of retirement and give us his 2 bobs worth about staging a banner protest in the ground, like governments who are put there by the people for the people

    Football supporters around the world help fund this corporation called AFC, and this ancient reptile, PHW is out of order bitching about a few ignorant people as he put it so eloquently, when the ignorance is clearly further up the food chain, I am looking at you Arsene, try showing a little humility, to the fans you bunch of parasites

  62. Highbury Daze

    It is true in most walks of life, we see it on a constant basis on TV, people falling for scams that relieve them of their hard earned cash gullible people being robbed, culprits being chased down the road by a TV crew
    Well modern day football is similar in the fact the fans are sheep, following with blind loyalty to a club/manager, I guess in the same way people followed Hitler or any despot you care to name, Pol Pot, even when they are hurting for their club to do better, to win the title to win something anything, they are devastated, but they hold on, thinking it must get better, mass hypnotism I call it

    With the money this club has and has spent, to think 4th is acceptable is monstrous

    They are fleecing the fans with deception, telling us yes we can afford Rooney type wages, all for the sole purpose to relieve the fans of their cash, it is fraud, deceptive and I’m sure unlawful, getting money by fraudulent means, it looks lawful because it’s just football, dig a little deeper

    If I promised you something and never delivered, I WOULD BE IN THE DOCK

    false advertising for a start, Wenger telling the fans sure we can win the league, listening to the dimwit that is bully saying the same thing when you haven’t got a fucking hope, it’s a ruse, tell them we can win, then fail and finish 4th then tell them we tried we were unlucky with injuries, bad luck maybe next year

    Well it’s over you pricks the jig is up, when next year comes around keep your traps shut, and if you do open them tell the fans we are hopeful, tell the truth for once in your reign

    But then again if you told the truth the fans would walk out enmasse and you cannot afford that so keep selling the future to the sheep

  63. Highbury Daze

    It has been said before many times, but it is worth repeating, this manager, Arsene Wenger has been offering the same shite since 2005, selling the future, heroic failure, telling us we are aiming for the top but always come up short, when all along they are aiming for 4th because they know spending 160 million quid a year on wages should give you that, they do not care about 1st 2nd or 3rd, they have written those places off, using oil money as an excuse we cannot compete, utter fabricated fucking garbage, there are only around 25 players allocated to a first team squad, there are millions of good footballers around, our club should be competitive with the money we invest in players and their wages

    Financial doping is the excuse Wenger trotted out to save his arse when he gets beaten by the big teams, well, how do you think Norwich and a dozen other smaller clubs feel when AFC uses it’s financial muscle, don’t you think AFC has an unfair advantage over the smaller clubs in the Premiership, just like Wenger whinges about City and Chelsea over him

    He is a fraud conman and charlatan, and the sooner he leaves this club the happier I will be and I can start enjoying my football again

  64. Highbury Daze

    If our manager had a clue, if he was smart, if he was the manager he thinks he is, we would have a chance of winning the title, unfortunately he isn’t

    Our best chance in a while fell last year, with 3 new managers at Chelsea City and United, the manager refused to buy the right players in the summer, then he proceeded to fuck the January transfer window up by getting a guy with a broken back on a free, thereby rendering our challenge over, it is though this manager did this on purpose, sabotage, how else can you rationally explain his erratic actions

    This club should have shown him the door after the FA Cup win, the biggest mistake in 18 years has just been made

  65. AG

    Klopp responding to the rumblings of discontent following Dortmund’s disastrous start to the season:”I completely understand the crticism, it’s only human. As is the booing […] But if all you’re interested in is success, then you’d be better off supporting Bayern Munich.”

  66. Thank you and goodnight

    Stop whinging everyone. Arsène Wenger has come out and asked fans to be patient and that by 2017 he will win back the title…..In other news fat Sam asks the hammers fans to be patient as by 2035 he will win the EPL as well as the CL 😀

  67. Jeff


    It’s the same principle as giving a chimp an eternity randomly bashing at away at a keyboard and eventually he’ll write the bible except Wenger is slightly more optimistic when it comes to winning the league.

  68. Wallace


    agree with your take on the squad.

    Bild reporting Ancelotti going public on his admiration for Reus.

  69. Loyika

    !? Does Highbury Daze have a day job!?

    Same thing over and over and over and over again (Half of which doesn’t make any sense what so ever)

    I can just imagine whats it’s like to live with someone like him as a pal or family!?

  70. Disturbance

    I’m all up for giving Thierry some job at the club, just not the managers one. We need Simeone, Garcia or Pep. But Wenger will never be sacked, so there goes nothing.

  71. gazzap

    “Wenger signed a new, three-year contract in May shortly after winning the FA Cup, and insists that claiming a fourth league championship for Arsenal during that period is a realistic target.”

    Worst,most depressing thing I’ve read for a while. Means he isn’t going anywhere for 3 years. Guys please make another banner. He’s not getting the message.

    Wenger. F*ck. off.

  72. Leedsgunner

    The only way we will win the title by 2017 is if Chelsea, Man City and Man United decide to leave the EPL.

    What does it matter anyway? Wenger is like a politician of a protest party… he has the freedom to say whatever he wants because he knows he will never be called to account. Imagine that paid £8m plus a year and never have to give an answer to anyone…

  73. London gunner

    “Talking of clear head decisions. Amazing to read that the Dortmund fans are turning on their charismatic leader. He’s in a relegation fight. He’s in a tailspin. Can he turn it around? A few people have questioned how opinion can turn on him so quickly. Like it’s beyond the realms of possibility that variables can change and so can opinions. Facts are, the problems with Klopp haven’t come in the last three months, they’ve been building for two years. His injury record has been poor, his pressing game has slowly been identified as a burden on the players and his tactics have been rumbled.”

    This is all I have been saying. The haters can hate, but they just hate the truth.