Wenger was a genius, never a tactician…

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Arsene Wenger is back on the defensive!

“I started to manage a team at the top level in 1983. If I am completely useless tactically, I am a genius [because] I can hide it very well.

See, he makes a bit of a low grade point here. I think the reason he had so much success in his early years is because he believed in a style of football that was helped by having an incredible group of players. He’s never been great tactically, but he’s always bypassed that by being exceptional at identifying talent.

In the early years, when he had a head start on fitness, he not only had the best players, he had the fittest. We’d always be able to grind down teams in the latter stages of games because we’d bully them physically.

He’s never been great tactically, which is why he’s never won the Champions League in 15 attempts. Jose Mourinho, whatever you want to say about him and his cash piles, won the Champions League with FC Porto because he was exceptional tactically.

So here’s where it goes wrong for Arsene. The players he now purchases aren’t at the level they were before. His transfer secrets have been rumbled, his approach hasn’t really changed and all the other teams in the league have pushed forward in every single area. Pound for pound, our league is incredibly strong now because there’s so much money in it.

Wenger hasn’t evolved. We can’t bully teams anymore. Other teams are out thinking us and we’re paying the price.

You can’t insinuate you’re anything other than tactically average when you get rumbled so often by the top teams.

“I can do my job. I do my job with total commitment, I would like people to live with me and see for seven days what kind of work we produce, and you will see that it is total commitment.

This line is the one that gets me, because I’ve been told it by so many people… all Arsene does is watch football. He has no other hobby. He’s sacrificed everything for his passion.

So what exactly is he watching?

He watches way more football than me and you. He probably owns a back catalogue of stories about games that would blow your mind. So when he’s watching these games, what does he think? Why doesn’t he ever input some of those influences into his thinking? How can a man so obsessed by the game not know how to build out a squad properly? How can he not look at other teams and their different formations and not pick things up? Why is he still tied to this ‘one vision fits all’ approach?


“I do what I love, but I think I do it with honesty and total commitment.”

Doesn’t cut it any more. As Usmanov said, principles are getting in the way of progress. That’ll never change, because Wenger’s commitment to what he thinks is right, is actually wrong. So it’s game over.

Have a great day.

P.S. Klopp lost 2-0 to Eintracht yesterday. Amazing how many people get angry because I’m not a massive fan of the German at the moment. Look at the facts, he’s not just underperforming, he’s absolutely tanking at the moment because he’s not adapting his style or approach despite being rumbled.

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  1. Tipster

    VCC, I saw the sun reporters comments, he was absoultely spot on, the other jurno’s sitting on the fence, his last comment on the topic was Koeman as a possible replacement, good for me.

  2. Highbury Daze

    I have been watching the Arsenal for a long long time, I have been happy, I have been sad,, but in all my years of support I have never been angry, until the last 8 years, I don’t care if the next manager doesn’t finish 4th, as long as he does what we as fans know is the right thing ,we should give support, we were in a strong position last year even though the manager had one striker, Giroud, January was the time to bring in a couple of players to give us the final push

    What does Wenger do, sign Kallstrom on a free, this is the kind of fucking managerial garbage I can do without, if the new manager brings in a CB or a CDM, and shows the fans he is trying to provide what is needed for the club, I am happy that he tried, this fucking manager refuses to try

    It’s as if he purposely goes out of his way to offend, now if you sell 2 CB, why go out and buy 2 RB, this guy has lost his marbles, the lights are on but there is nobody home, this manager is a pallet short of a load

    He is about as useless as a one legged man in an arse kicking competition, this manager has singlehandedly fucked up my football experience

  3. London gunner


    You snide creep why are you speaking about me behind my back?

    Is that not pathetic. Your a loser who spends all his life on a blog because you have no social life so it’s a bit rude to be bitching about me. So get a girlfriend develop new hobbies outside of le grove

  4. Thank you and goodnight

    ‘In your clubs history’….. your club? You’ve just proved your not an Arsenal supporter but an Arsène supporter. Can’t wait when the aneroxic french man fucks off and takes the AKB’S with him. Cunts everyone of them.

  5. hunter13

    oh hey midwest didnt have you for a fan/stalker..i sign autographs every friday at 13:30 at the savoy if youre interested……

    on the football side of things, what are your expectations for this season ( realistic ones) ?

  6. Highbury Daze

    Someone here mentioned about being committed is just not enough, it’s true, I have seen lunatics committed to evil, put their heart and should into horror, just because you are committed does not make you right Arsene

    You are committed to having 9 of your players galavanting up the pitch all trying to score, no defence at home when you lose the ball, then concede for the 6th time, that is total commitment to insanity

    And you are right again Arsene, you should be committed straight to the nearest fucking mental asylum

  7. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    You know there is no one more stubborn than wenger

    He is so thick skinned that he can not see the sadness in people’s eyes when they say he is no longer wanted, ego tells him it’s just cos we lost to swans an united….
    Couple of wins will make them happy….

    The French let them eat cake attitude .

  8. Bankz

    I think it’s now safe to say Thomas Vermaelen did an advanced ABOU DIABY muscle transplant, before we robbed FC Barcelona £15mill for him☻☻

  9. Tipster

    VCC, yes crystal clear, really good, probably one of the few jurno’s who’s not on the pay role, so to speak,. Motd 2 rubbished the banner etc. but most of the bbc sit on the fence.

  10. hunter13

    heh…we gonna play the who is the “best” gooner now tyag…?.. is that all you bring at the table when the statistic i give you shatters your every argument that we are “moving backwards” ?

  11. MidwestGun

    Oh yes Hunter13 huge fan of your work. Impressive you could right a book on trolling. You serve alcohol at your book signing I’ll show up.

    Anyhow expect we will finish 4th. Like usual.

  12. Highbury Daze

    This dribbling imbecilic manager calls a press conference, then goes on like a spoiled schoolboy because they ask questions on his authority, on his style, he feels under threat and responds with, why you look at me, why you have to blame someone, instead of answering the questions in a mature way this 65 year old spits the dummy and throws tantrums, this is the shithed at the helm of your club, this is the spokesperson of AFC

    I won’t comment on that, did you not hear me, I won’t comment on that, Arsene you are a fucking waste of time

  13. Thank you and goodnight

    @Hunter 13

    Yeah really shatters my argument. Your right wenger’s a genius and we’re actually moving forward. As for who’s the better supporter , put it this way…..only a chav or United supporter would want Wenger to stay as it’s the easiest 6 points a season they’ll pick up. Fuck me, even Leicester give them a harder game

  14. Highbury Daze

    hunter, are you a Wenger plant, I can give you statistics too, they can all be moulded to suit an argument just what stat has you ejaculating over Wenger

  15. Highbury Daze

    Statistics are purely American, they keep someone in a job, who cares if you had 67% possession and got beaten 3-1, what do they tell you, only stat is the score line, Arsenal’s possession is mainly in our back 3rd, passing the ball back and forth between keeper and defenders, going nowhere, you can have 8 shots on target to 3, what good is that if you lose the game 2-0, fucking useless pieces of information

  16. Highbury Daze

    Arsenal never finished outside the top 2, sharing that with United, since 2005 we have finished 4th most seasons with 3rd once when Chelsea fucked up

    So from being 1st or second every year, to being 4th every year, I can safely say we have gone backwards, regressed like players under Wenger, so stick your stats up your arse hunter

  17. MidwestGun

    Whoa… whoa whoa let’s not blame Americans for stats. We got enough issues. Stats are a good tool if used properly. Diego Simeone uses Google glasses for real time stats to help him assess fitness and substitutions.

  18. Highbury Daze

    If a guy is tired you sub him, if he’s in cured you sub him, I don’t need a laptop to tell me that, Hey Jack, how you feel, I’m gone boss, of I will replace you Jack, come off son, hey, Tomas, get ready your on so, take jacks place

  19. Highbury Daze

    Wenger don’t use them he subs people constantly around the 70 minute mark without fail, unless there is an injury

  20. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I think we will beat the saints weds ?

    I aldo think Liverpool and astonvilla will both win away tomorrow ….

    I also think arsene Wenger is a bloody good man master tactician who if to leave us would be a disaster ….

    Man those arthritis pain killers kicked in early I’m tripping …….

    Bed beckons …

  21. MidwestGun

    Daze –
    I didn’t say it’s the only method. It’s a tool like anything else. If you know how to use it, it increases efficiency. You want a fresh, younger mgr and approach, I guarantee they will use statistical assessment.

    Stats to prove a specific debate point are mostly useless tho.

  22. Highbury Daze

    The below piece is taken from football 365, it is just for hunter

    Crisis? What crisis? Ah, the crisis of seemingly never-ending atrophy clouded by consecutive Champions League qualifications and new stadium excuses. Despite Arsene Wenger’s protestations, there are still no long-term signs that Arsenal are improving. If anything, they’re falling back a little bit more each season as the gap to the title challengers grows.

  23. Highbury Daze

    True mid, if we are down 1-0 or 2-0 at half time it’s business as usual until the 70th minute, he is incapable of making on field adjustments if needed, because he is lost in a laptop data, it told him pre match what to do, and so it goes

  24. N5

    I suppose I could watch Chelsea 4 times a match plus every Arsenal and BVB game, including spending loads of time on the BVB forum as well as Le Grove. Throw in a job there also then I wonder how you fit your hobbies in London.

    PS the comments were addressed to you, not about you. You jumped up little shit.

  25. MidwestGun

    Daze –
    Yep, like anything else it’s the person utilizing the methods. Simeone has his assistant give him the real time info. What is Bould doing? . Having a set substitution ritual is crazy. As well as not planning for game specific situations like a 2 goal lead. The players are responsible sure, but I put the blame squarely on the manager for not planning properly and reacting to all our blown leads this year.

  26. Wallace


    “When Wenger arrived in England, Arsenal were as big as United, it’s as simple as that. They’ve built a new stadium, yes, but fans have been drip-fed mediocrity.”

    the above’s taken from your quoting of the entire article. the Sun guy’s entitled to his opinion, but the above is just complete bullshit. for 2/3yrs Graham challenged Utd’s supremacy before falling away pretty dramatically. we were nowhere near Utd when Wenger took over.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    Seems quite a few journalists are starting to really probe at the situation at Arsenal now and Wenger. Interesting, his reaction to the banner certainly seems as if he’s feeling the heat a bit now.

  28. MidwestGun

    Staying out of the N5… LG feud. But Bamford’s nationality had nothing to do with his view on Klopp and it was a cheap shot.

    Personally, I think different nationalities coming together to support a team is really freakin cool and should be celebrated. The map of all the countries tweeting about the FA Cup match was amazing. However, I understand the animosity because of our useless owner.

  29. rollen

    I suppose I could watch Chelsea 4 times a match plus every Arsenal and BVB game, including spending loads of time on the BVB forum as well as Le Grove. Throw in a job there also then I wonder how you fit your hobbies in London.

    also being object of the dreams of all hot girls in Hackney area :]

  30. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    Feeling the heat would be good. Accountability is what I think one of our biggest problems are. Not gonna lie, seemed like AW actually thought about game set up for once vs W. Brom. Altho, it probably had more to do with injuries and not wanting to play Campbell, Podolski or Rosicky.

  31. Ces1ne

    Highbury Daze @14:40

    summed it ALL up with that comment……and in very few words too!
    Forget the tactics, transfers, players, etc…… It all goes back to what you said in that comment. Not only is this not the case anywhere else in world football, but also in ANY American sport either! Not one club in world football, nor one team in American sports (basketball, baseball, American football, hockey) is operating at such a delusional level that the goddamn coach is the most un-sackable person associated with the organization. It’s something that boggles my mind every damn time I think about a manager being the most powerful person in a sports organization, and not the players. Like you said, at every other club the manager is the most disposable entity….but our club is the only one that the situation is backwards!
    Even longer tenured coaches in American sports were winning consistently (unlike wenger) such as Popovich (NBA-Spurs) or Torre (MLB-Yankees) or Bellicheck (NFL-Patriots) and you can be damn sure those guys knew/know when their time is up unlike our unambitious manager. And in there lies the key word, that those long-serving successful managers had/have that wenger does not anymore……..AMBITION (that and humility, but humility is non-existent in the eldery nor the French)

  32. N5

    Mid I’ve thought LG was a jumped up youngun for a while, but I’ve always given him the benefit of the doubt. I told him it was his “I told you so” attitude that irked me and that was that. But him calling Bamford a fucking fat yank was bang out of order.

    He often says one thing and does another. There are lots of people that spend a lot of time on the Grove! so what? Does it effect him? he said he watches each Chelsea match about 4 times, every BVB match, all Athletico and Arsenal matches, plus he spends lots of time on the BVB site, so how is that different?

    I would tolerate his snidey little comments if he was a decent man. If I’m wrong I hold my hand up, but you can guarantee he will not be apologising to Bamford for what he said today if Klopp turns things around.

  33. N5

    Oh yeah Rollen, how can I forget that not only is he doing all that, knowing everything about everything, but he’s also a MADMEN type advertiser and a womaniser to boot. Shagging each and every girl from every nation.

    Lying, Xenophobic, jumped up gobshite.

  34. Cesc Appeal


    Maybe knowing the press are ready to carve him apart now especially as they’d have the backing of half the fan base now, maybe more if the results are really poor such as a couple of weeks ago, might be a good thing.

    Might mean he goes back to the solid set up we had at the beginning of last season with a “first let’s not concede” mentality. This year Wenger’s priorities were (well himself obviously) but then cramming the players he wanted in there, in there.

  35. N5

    ” I understand the animosity because of our useless owner.”

    Mid, don’t give him an out! 400 million people can’t be stereotyped because of one useless rug wearer. He knows what he did and he’s no better than when Marble did it.

  36. Cesc Appeal


    You’ll have the last laugh, when China are the dominant super power people will be reminiscing about the days of the US of A. Because China literally do not give a toss what anyone has to say.

  37. Cesc Appeal

    “400 million people can’t be stereotyped because of one useless rug wearer. ”


    Walking around Kentucky frying their chicken, drinking Bud Light and watching Nascar all the time, bloody ingrates.

  38. Vcc

    Wallace GG never challenged Man Utd supremacy it was Liverpools. Manu had been in the doldrums until fergie drove them on. Yes before GG left and there was some dross players in the team. Hillier was a massive cock as well as not very good. Also the season GG was sacked we got to the cup winners cup final having won it the previous season.

  39. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    Not really giving an out. Just sayin. When people say Kroenke is a yank cunt. I agree. Altho, our country doesn’t have a monopoly on rich cunts, we just have a lot of them.

  40. N5

    Lol Cesc, you’re right, I don’t know what I was thinking, every American is fat and every Englishman drinks tea with no teeth. I know this to be true, because I have no teeth and I’m on my 25th cup of tea today.

  41. N5

    MWG, it’s something we have to take. I hate all the fake French accents and frog name calling that Wenger gets because I’m married to a French lady and I know it would offend her, but you live with it because it is what is is and also it’s funny to say “why you look at me”. But Bamford isn’t Stan and the reply he got because he called London clueless was well over the line.

  42. Cesc Appeal



    I’m sick of all this “let’s get rid of stereotypes” shit. No, let’s reinforce them. Embrace them.

    But don’t mention the war.

  43. Vcc

    Ok Wallace I think you make a reasonable point regarding being equal to Man U at that point they were starting to pull ahead and GG had lost his way. However I would agree with the article and it’s clear AW has lost his way in much the same way as GG.

  44. Cesc Appeal


    Haha! Don’t want you in the UN then. “Already China, we’ll let you off the genocide because I do love me some chicken fried rice and battered chicken balls!”

  45. Cesc Appeal


    Don’t remember that one?

    Ohhhhh, the ones the Yanks left us alone fighting everyone for ages then bribed us before they’d get involved…that one 😉

    Haha. No, I love the Americans they’re like our overly emotional, too touchy feely cousins who love us for the grouchy gits we are and pretend to get our humour.

    Plus, XL Bacon Double Cheeseburgers. Now if you can’t get on board with the Yankee doodles after that f**k you.

  46. Cesc Appeal


    So that’s what the bastards do all day…no wonder the world is utterly messed up but there is an abundance of fine cuisine…hmmm

  47. N5

    Lol Cesc, they one me over when they produced Denica Patrick!!

    Which Asian country is Lucy Lui from, if its China, then they have me on board too.

  48. MidwestGun

    Haha ya…. I’m from the midwest we put bacon or cheese on everything. So I was being a little tongue in cheek.
    Don’t knock bacon flavored moonshine til you try it. Lol.

  49. Cesc Appeal


    After I threw down about £150 for a day out to Spurs this year as I left I promised myself I’m not spunking any more money on Arsenal with Wenger there. Last three times I’ve been, Everton, United and Spurs were 1-1, 0-0 and 1-1.

    Doesn’t bother me so much, except United and Spurs Wenger utterly bottled it. Wish he’d say that before I bothered my arse travelling there, getting pumped up before hand to be let down.

  50. tunnygriffboy

    20 odd goal attempts v manu, 19 v West Brom. 225 attempts so far this season 8%success rate. Need to improve. Must take an early chance v Southampton. They looked really solid til city scored on Sunday then went to pieces.

  51. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    Lol. Think it was when we hired the hair model to be striker. Remember Gambon doing an entire guest post about it. Must say tho, Sanchez is the shit. What’s his efficiency rate?

  52. Cesc Appeal


    It’s just like the weak defending and lack of leadership…been a symptom of Wenger’s failing reign for years now.

  53. Ozy

    Haha @ LG. Where did he go?

    I think I’m going to go to Woodwork (for any New Yorkers on here..) and watch the Southampton game. Will be a crazy good game, hopefully.

  54. Bamford13


    “an angry keyboard warrior fat fuck yank”

    I still play this game, London, so I’m fit. Nice American stereotype, though.

    You’re a real dipshit, mate. You’re just upset because you’ll never live down saying that Walcott is a better footballer than Hazard or comparing yourself to Richard Dawkins (or any number of other moronic things you’ve said).

    Yeah, you’re just like Richard Dawkins, mate.

    Why don’t you stick to track and field — your sport — as I suggested previously? A much simpler field of study.

    You know fuck-all about football — aside from all that you’ve picked up hanging out on BVB forums, of course. 😉

  55. WengerEagle

    London Gunner

    It’s a public blog, it’s hardly behind the back if all of the comments are in plain sight on your screen is it? I commented on it too so don’t just dig out N5.

    If you rarely posted on here it would be uncalled for but you post on here most days, including today.

    Bamford himself didn’t see your comment abusing him so it’s the pot calling the kettle black situation.

  56. Highbury Daze

    Well maybe the ones who started supporting the club around 1996, the same ones who only know this manager, and are shitting their pants at the thought of their father figure leaving

  57. peanuts&monkeys

    Costa + Fab in the summer 32+28 = 60Million could have got the team within touching distance of table-top now.

    The 16 mill for Welbz could have been spared and Khedira could have brought in.

    Ozil could have been sold at 30 million and and the money could have been moneygrammed to Kroenke.

    Wenger refuses to go for proven talent. He simply refuses to accept common wisdom. he deliberately goes out to prove everybody else wrong to satisfy his ego and vanity.

    He is finished. Bury him. Some more banners this wednesday please….So what if Pedro doesnt like the ‘timing’.

  58. Wallace

    Akpom & Afobe full of goals this season. i think it’s too late for Afobe, but surely Akpom needs a loan to test himself against better opposition.

    Rafa Honigstein talking up Augsburg’s Markus Weinzierl as a coming superstar. sure he’ll be figuring on Pedro’s list of candidates to replace Wenger before Christmas. guess he at least has some management experience, which surely gives him the edge over the Madrid guy.

  59. Zementalstrength

    “So what if Pedro doesnt like the ‘timing’.”

    Yes, it’s a bit embarassing…
    Pedro asks for those banners, but he’s unhappy when they get out.

  60. Highbury Daze

    If you have a gripe, what we do in a democratic society, is protest, from ticket prices to club direction to utter disregard for all that is holy in assembling a fit and proper squad, it is our right, if you dislike the timing who cares, you can’t get it out on game and put it back the next

    Win lose or draw, if you have a legit gripe show it every game, even if we beat Saints, why hide what a lot of Arsenal fans are now calling for

    You are either in or out, for or against, there is no right or wrong to unfurl the truth

  61. Highbury Daze

    Even the City fans protested when they played us in an away game, 126 pounds I think the price was quoted to watch the shaky fearful gunners, the City boys unfurled their banner, telling Kroenke to jam it up his Arsenal

    On anothe note what about that Adrian Durham, he has his tongue as far up LVG arse as he can get it, what a snivelling cretin, arse kisser extraordinaire, this mug should be ashamed

  62. Highbury Daze

    I still cannot let go of the fact we failed to beat the worst Man Utd side I have seen in a while, even last season under Moyes the bums were beating United, but not Wenger and his weak willed weak minded babies

    How this clown manager comes out and continues the words mental strength and spirt, it is the two fucking things this squad do not have, one player is exempt, Sanchez, the rest are fragile mindsets, eggshells come to mind, I have had a gutful of Wenger and his fucking mental strength, character is another over used word by this professor

  63. Emiratesstroller

    Highbury Daze

    “MENTAL STRENGTH” is frankly not much good if you play like “HEADLESS

    Also I would venture to suggest that what Arsenal needs more at the moment

  64. Highbury Daze

    That’s what Ozil needs, a Patrick Vieiera type to partner him in the middle of the park, the engine room where the game is won or lost, we have Arteta, Flamini, Cazorla, Wilshere, all vertically challenged, they look like they are from Lilliput

  65. Highbury Daze

    That’s why Wenger plays Ozil out wide left or right, he has no strength, he is easily pushed off the ball, if he had that Vieira type he would flourish, and AFC would benefit but this manager is so far off the reservation it’s not funny, you don’t spend 42.5 million quid on the best number 10 in the world and ask him to do the donkey work like track back, that’s for the drugs like Flamini et al

  66. Highbury Daze

    You know the manager has lost the plot when in a TV interview, he asks a journo, why you look at me, every time this fuck is asked a question on his failure over the last 8 years, he always reverts to the old chestnut, how successful he was years ago, why don’t you ask me easy questions like how I won the title and doubles 10 years ago, this absolute moron thinks because he won 10 years ago it is Ok to keep stumbling over his dick in 2014

    He is doing a Jethro Tull….Living In The Past

  67. Highbury Daze

    Vy you look at me,,,well Arsene, it is your press conference, you did call it did you not, where would you like me to look
    the Journos are a bunch of mental fucking midgets, to afraid to ask the real questions, incase they won’t be invited back, the best was the female BBC reporter who busted this idiot for what he is, negligent and incompetent

    It is the best interview of him, if you haven’t seen it do yourself a favour, it is a must see

    After we let Anderlecht back to 3-3, Wenger blames the defence for letting in 3 second half goals

    She comes at him with both barrels, well Arsene, is it because you never bought a CB or CDM after letting Vermaelen and Miquel go

    Steam is coming out of his ears, you don’t listen very well to me he says to her, he has been found out so he tries the old reverse heckle on her by turning it back on her

    But she did listen and so did we, she pointed out to his total incompetence in going into a new season with 6 defenders, why sell two CB and buy two RB, this guy is off the reservation, with no leg to stand on and his stupidity laid bare for all to see he tries to bluff her, and it worked, she stopped when she should have rammed it right up his arse

  68. Highbury Daze

    I don’t comment on that, did you not hear me, I don’t comment on that, I bet if the banner read “Arsene is the greatest manager in the world”
    he would have plenty to say

  69. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Had a treble

    2 in

    Now relying on arsenal for 150

    Gotta cover meself saints at 4-1
    Or draw at 3-1

    Knewcibshoulf have choose united rather than arsenal
    Those muppets will let me down in sure

  70. Rhys Jaggar


    Wenger’s last season at Monaco tanked and he went with his tail between his legs to Japan for a year or so. It didn’t stop him becoming Arsenal manager.

    Klopp’s Dortmund career is uncannily similar to Wenger’s tenure at Monaco.

    Perhaps his moment has passed for now, but as you have said, if he can reinvent himself, maybe his time will come again.

    I don’t get angry at you being anti-Klopp, I do get mildly irritated you kissing Rudi Garcia’s arse for winning eff all.

    Short lists always change as circumstances change, but few would deny that in the past three years, the names Ancellotti, Simeone, Klopp,, Martinez would have been on it. Garcia for me is on the long list, not necessarily on the short-list. Depends ultimately on who’s available in June, since if the best candidates stay put, the realistic list of names changes.