It’s banner time…

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Love that typo

Love that typo in the retort

You know what I love? Waking up and the only drama about an Arsenal game is a banner.

… no issue with the score. A win. A marvellous three points that puts us back in contention for the top four trophy. Sweet, sweet happiness.

Wenger brought in the changes from midweek, Danny Welbeck found himself out wide with Giroud returning to the middle. Flamini pinned the midfield with Santi and Rambo in slightly more advanced positions. The defence was pretty strong considering where we’ve been over the past few weeks. Koscielny back in the fold gave me a happy feeling, it was also good to see Monreal given the nod over Kieran Gibbs at left back.

The first 2o minutes we held our shape well, lost out left back to injury (standard), but we kept things solid and looked like we were shooting for defensive solidity over anything else. We have a few notable chances, the main one coming from Danny Welbeck when he latched onto a through ball but fired his shot a little too close to Foster. There was also a penalty shout at the edge of the box when Giroud went over the feet of one of their full backs. Not sure it looked like a penalty to me.

Half time steamed in and the WBA fans seemed to boo their team and the goalless draw. Bit weird. The ungrateful bastards. Kevin Keegan is doing all he can to make things right.

The second half saw the breakthrough, a lovely burst of pace from Santi out wide saw him float a perfect ball into WELBZ who drive his header into the top corner. We were winning. What a lovely feeling.

I wouldn’t say we played the game out with any sort of calmness. WBA came to life and tested us. They were keen to get at us from wide positions, perhaps sensing the keeper would fold under the pressure of lots of crosses. Martinez was solid though, he was brave and he owned the box, which was refreshing.

The main concerns came from the injuries we started to pick up. Per Mertesackers was nursing a strained groin muscle. We couldn’t take him off because there weren’t any options. Gibbs was limping, he always is. Then The Ox looked to be in a lot of discomfort when he took a knock. He played on, so hopefully we don’t have Jack Wilshere repercussions there. Wenger said this…

“How bad they are, I don’t know.”

Bad times.

We held onto our lead, the closest they came was hitting the woodwork, and took the three points.


That Banner…

Some Arsenal fans rolled out a banner. Quite amusing. My issue with the banner is that the people who roll it out never time it very well. I don’t like the in game protest, it’s always a bit wasted. Especially if you win. You need to time something like that well otherwise it just discredits what you’re trying to do. Fans of other clubs won’t connect with that sort of behaviour either… not that the key audience is other fans, but it’s a good barometer.

But this is the thing, what else are people supposed to do to raise dissatisfaction concerns? Not everyone can blog. Not everyone can go to AGMs. So I totally get it. The problem we have at Arsenal is that we’re too nice. A couple of wins from Arsene and a top four and everyone will forget that we’ve not progressed as a team again. It’s standard Arsene. Too good to fail hard, too out of touch to bring the big trophies home.

Elite purgatory.


I know I’ve got a bit of thing about our number one, you know, not being that good. I’m right on that, I’ve been right for a year on that. He’s complacent because he can be. He doesn’t dig you out of a hole, his distribution is weak and his positioning is poor. I think people are starting to see that. I was really hoping Martinez would do well yesterday. He has a great touch, his kicking is sport on and he’s very athletic… whilst boasting a huge frame. He hasn’t really had to do much so far, but what he has done is instill some confidence at the back and in the stands. I’m really liking him. Wenger should keep him in the team. I AM TEAM MARTINEZ… until he makes a mistake then I’ll slam that bastard into next week.

Jus jokes!


Everything that’s happening is a result of poor player management earlier on in the season. Sure, you can do nothing about the Chezzer and Jack injuries, but as the pundits pointed out on BT, you need to have a squad capable of coping with that. The soft tissue injuries are the worry, because they’re the ones you can pin on player management. We’re in a situation where we don’t have a very big squad, then we over play / over train those players, then when you hit December, the wheels come off… just like they did last year when we lost Aaron, Gibbs, Giroud and Theo in the space of about 3 weeks.

The only hope we have is that a lot of players are coming back around that time who are first teamers. Their injuries have protected them against later injuries. What a scenario eh? Major point here is that we need to go hard for a centre back and a defensive midfielder in January. Schneiderlin and Winston Reid would be perfect. Both are player we know the manager has an interest in. Both are getable (word?). We land those two, it could be an interesting push for the rest of the season. We’d also be able to register them for the Champions League… I think. Might have that wrong.

Onwards and upwards my pretties… have a fun weekend!

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  1. El Tel 1

    GG the greatest Manager since Herbert Chapman. He would really turn the current players into a force to be reckoned with

  2. El Tel 1

    Alan Smith or Giroud

    Wrighty or Welbeck

    Marwood or Cazorla

    Groves or Alexis

    Boulder or Kosser

    Seaman or useless bollocks

  3. Highbury Daze

    Tha;s how it’s done, release a story to the press you might be in for Hummels, after you have had a bad couple of weeks,all of a sudden they hear the news up in Manchester, all of a sudden they are in for him, when did AFC pay over 30 million for a defender, some Arsenal fans get excited, the sane ones know this is a charade, then after the initial excitement dies down, Arsene releases a counter statement to the press, if we can’t get Hummels, ( who I was never in for in the first place) I might try and get my other Aldi’s target, MINGS, the 8 million quid alternative

    We started with 6 defenders in the summer, Kos is back, Debauchery is nearing return giving us Wenger’s magnificent 6, the number he said was good enough to last a 9 month season

    The only way Hummels is coming to this club is if Klopp comes first

  4. Highbury Daze

    To all the dead heads out there who go on about Klopp being at the bottom of the table and not good enough for Arsenal, there are circumstances why that is

    I doubt a manager who won back to back titles with the same club is a dud manager, with the parasites that is Bayern Munich they went about destroying Dortmund and other clubs in the league, a bit like what Manchester United used to do, identify the best players in your league, and pay whatever it costs to get them playing for your club, just like what Real Madrid do, just like what any club around the world does, Porto in Spain. I would take Klopp any day over Wenger

  5. Highbury Daze

    This club Dortmund played in the CL final not too long ago, football supporters are a funny lot

    Klopp has done more with his club in the last 5 years than Wenger has in 10 with Arsenal

  6. El Tel 1


    I don’t think the players George had were better, He was just a better Team builder.

    One of my favorites was Kevin Richardson.

    I liked those unsung heroes.

    All the great teams have these clever hard working team players.

    One of my favorite current players is Muller.

  7. Leedsgunner

    If we are going to spend over £20m for a defender for me it has to be Varane or Aymeric Laporte — younger, more faster and better in the air than Hummels. Obviously though in Hummels you are getting a ready made captain used to organising defences. Not worth £30m though.

    Although I suspect if Varane was available Chelsea would snap him up as Maureen loves him. Doesn’t stop me dreaming him in Gooner colours though!

  8. london gunner


    “I doubt a manager who won back to back titles with the same club is a dud manager, with the parasites that is chelsea/city they went about destroying arsenal and other clubs in the league”

    Just because someone has been successful once doesn’t mean they will always be. My theory is simple Klopp had a novel formula in his approach to the game with a particular tactic it was super effective once because it was novel and thus his opponents had not learnt to counter it. They have now and the end result is his in the bottom of the league with near 40 percent of the season done.

    PS you called me an AKB cunt the other day when I actually want Wenger out as much as you.


  9. Cesc Appeal

    Cristian Ledesma’s agent confirms Arsenal are interested in him and have sent scouts to watch him.

    32, started once this year for Lazio Arsenal are looking at a loan.

    This years Kallstrom people. More like it.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    You can’t really judge Klopp on what’s happening at BvB now, it’s impossible to say how well/badly he’d do at Arsenal.

    Wenger was sacked by Monaco and managing in Japan when we got him. What if Simeone has a bad year next year? Will he be shit, seeing as he’s great right now having won La Liga and doing decently again this year, Klopp won back to back titles remember.

    All it needs is someone with new ideas to come in at Arsenal and build on what is already there, JUST like Wenger did. We shouldn’t have another manager for as long as we had Wenger, you can see how after 8-10 years Wenger started to become stagnant, change is good and THAT is what we need.

    Obviously the who is important but it’s not so important as the how, how will they do, how will they build on what’s already here, who will be able to do the best in the fastest time?

    Klopp, Guardiola, Simeone, Garci – they all get my thumbs up. But just as I say about the CDM it doesn’t need to be a name, they just have to be able to do the job.

    Never again should we have a manager for as long as we’ve had Wenger, or has as much power as Wenger. The new manager should have a modern coaching set up, scouting set up and a board that are able to help him with transfers and contracts.

  11. Highbury Daze

    Reporter to Arsene, what do you make of the banner, thanks for the memories, but it’s time to say goodbye

    I don’t talk about that, replies the disgruntled manager

    When the reporter then says your own fans holding a banner up wanting you out,Wenger cuts him off before he can finish, I DON’T COMMENT ON THAT,

    do I need to say it again, I DON’T COMMENT ON THAT

    He then goes off on a tangent about the world has opinions, everyone has an opinion, they are like arseholes, everyone has them

    You see this guy lives in a perfect world, a fantasy world, and no one is allowed to enter that world with questions about his authority

    This manager has gone off the rails completely, I don’t comment on that, did you not hear me, I don’t comment on that, this accountant dismisses everyone who has an opinion of him, there is nothing on this planet that can enter the Arsenal garden, there is a force field, a bubble around this manager and his club, and if he don’t like the question, it never gets answered, THIS MAN IS IN TOTAL DENIAL

  12. Bamford13

    Wenger telling us he will not go.

    Klopp is a genius, regardless of present struggles. London hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about. One, look at his simplistic analysis. As if Klopp has a “single trick” which people have discovered. Holy fuck that oversimplifies what a manager does and what Klopp has done over the past 3-4 years. Two, this is someone who thinks Walcott is a better footballer than Hazard.


    Klopp and Simeone are two of the best and are both worlds better than Wenger. However, any competent manager — one willing to spend money on a quality CDM, CF and CB — will do at this point.

    Wenger out!

  13. MidwestGun

    “I Would like you to live with me and see for seven days what kind of work we produce, and you will see that it is total commitment.”
    Ha!!!! This is bs. Do it. Put your money where your mouth is. They have all kinds of reality programs that follow teams around behind the scenes.
    Brendan Rogers did it.
    AW knows this would never happen. He can barely be bothered to do interviews.

  14. Highbury Daze

    “I Would like you to live with me and see for seven days what kind of work we produce, and you will see that it is total commitment.”
    I know people who had total commitment in their work, what does that mean, you could be a demented monster, and be totally committed to your work of evil, just because you are committed Arsene does not make you right, what it means that you are, as far as you are concerned ,you are totally committed to have all your players charging up field leaving no defense at home

    You are committed to playing tipy tapy football, you are committed to Chez our keeper, blindly I might add

    TROUBLE IS ARSENE, YOU ARE COMMITTED TO ALL THE WRONG IDEAS, wake the fuck up man, you sound like a fucking imbecile

  15. Dark Hei

    While I am in agreement with the sentiment of the banner, it is kind of stupid to sack the manager in the middle of the season.

    As Pedro puts it, elite purgatory. Would you guys prefer stable elite purgatory or rolling the dice on a new coach who has almost zero chance of catching Chelsea?

    Numbskulls, if you want to let go of a manager do it end season.

  16. Highbury Daze

    We saw the work you produce Arsene, 6-0 against Chelsea, 6-3 against City and 5-1 against Liverpool, do you want me to go on, finishing 4th every year, I don’t need to live with you for a week to know what you do, the world sees what you do
    and it’s not pretty

  17. Dark Hei

    BTW, I seriously think Wenger isn’t a dud either.

    That man is as undying as a martian terraformar. I am sure Arsenal will go on some epic 20 games unbeaten streak and end up with CL qualification.

    Unfortunately, nowadays, such roaring comebacks does not cut the mustard anymore.

  18. MidwestGun

    Dark Hei –
    Teams don’t go on 20 game win streaks with Flamini as your defensive mid. And an aging Arteta who can barely finish a game without an injury. AW set this season up to be what it is a battle for 4th.

  19. Highbury Daze

    Won’t comment on weak defense, won’t comment on why some fans want him out, wont comment on private matters, what the fuck can we expect you to comment on Arsene, how you have managed for over 30 years, how you take out 11 million quid a year from AFC. just what the fuck can we comment on with you

    You are living in a child’s dream Arsene, a make believe world, a world immune to criticism, where every thing is rosy, boy are you heading for a fall

  20. MidwestGun

    Sorry unbeaten streak.

    Our injury history won’t allow it either. I don’t think there will ever be a magical moment when we have a solid injury free starting lineup this year.

  21. Emiratesstroller

    Our performance on Saturday against mediocre opposition was fairly average.
    My concern is that we are not ruthless enough in attack, dominant in midfield and of course brittle in defence.

    The only saving grace is that we have now won our last 2 games and not conceded in either of them, but noone is going to suggest that we look like a trophy winning side.

    I feel still that there is absolutely NO STRATEGY in the way we play. Football is
    a team game and at the moment I feel that far too often our players are playing like a bunch of individuals with limited cohesion and a lack of good decision

    I worry about Ramsey. He moves ‘gung-ho’ forward all the time, but his final ball or shooting are poor. Frankly I think that he has had a poor season.

    There is also one lesson we can learn from Chelsea even when they are not at
    their best and that is the whole team need to track back when they lose the ball and defend and not just leave it to the back line. We were very lucky that
    Berahimo was given offside when the score was 0-0, but it was a typical example of wayward defending in both midfield and defence.

    The injury situation does not get better at the club and that has to be a real concern. Some of the injuries are not avoidable, but others clearly are. Players
    like Gibbs, Wilshire and Walcott are most definitely ‘injury prone’ and that is
    down to a combination of a ‘weak body’ and also ‘poor decision making’ in the
    way they play. If you add in Diaby and Sanogo that is 5 players who are more
    often injured than not.

    Wenger is reacting badly to criticism about him whether it comes from Merson, Usmanov or now a section of fans. If he does not like what is JUSTIFIED
    CRITICISM of what has been a very poor season and failure on his part to build a successful and trophy winning team then he knows the answer.

    Most of the critics are loyal fans, but frustrated with the very average performance of our team and manager. Wenger is ultimately responsible for ALL
    FOOTBALL DECISIONS at the club. If he does not like the criticism then he
    should leave.

  22. Wallace

    ” But back to Wenger for a second. One of the main criticisms of the Arsenal manager is that he has played pretty much the same system for the past few years: some variation on 4-2-3-1 that a child could map out in advance. Yet there were glimpses here, in between the long periods of turgid low-intensity football, that Arsenal are finally beginning to evolve. With the return of Olivier Giroud after injury, this was our first chance to see Giroud, Welbeck and Alexis Sánchez in tandem.

    For most of the first half, Welbeck was banished to the mechanical-hare role on the left wing, Sánchez on the right. But in the second, things began to shift. Welbeck moved to the right flank, frequently drifting in to join Giroud in the centre. Sánchez attacked the spaces around them.

    With Aaron Ramsey stepping forward to join Cazorla, this was something more akin to a Barcelona-style 4-1-2-3, with three genuine forwards playing high up the pitch. It may only have a been a first effort, but with a little more practice Arsenal’s new-look attack could be a source of genuine excitement.

    “We can play together, definitely,” Giroud said. “Me, him, Alexis, we are confident playing together. Also with Santi and Aaron. Maybe we need to have more of a killer touch in front of goal.”

    After years of stasis, was this a sign of Wenger flexing his tactical nous, finally developing a Plan B?….I started to manage a team at the top level in 1983. If I am completely useless tactically, I am a genius who can hide it very well.””

    – Jonathan Liew(Daily Telegraph)

  23. Jeff

    Wenger and the current owner is a match made in heaven for them, but a match made in hell for us and the club.

    Here is the order of priority:

    1. Profit (however small – involves finishing fourth)
    2. Wenger (he has total control and the last word on just about anything)
    3. Players (particularly Wenger’s favourites)
    4. The Club
    5. The fans

  24. Highbury Daze

    The reason Wenger acts or reacts to criticism like he does is because he is 65 years old, it is true about the saying grumpy old men

    They cannot do what they did when they were 25-35, or even 40, now at 65 it is far worse, the fuse is short, the temper volatile, it is frustrating for the old bastards and it is worse when you have arrogance added to the mix, not to mention an over inflated ego, Arsene has struck the trifecta

    See how he goes on about the solidarity, how together they are all are inside the bubble, away from prying fucking reporters, this guy is certifiable, there are guys in the nut house saner than Wenger

  25. Highbury Daze

    Arsene might be a lot of things, but I assure you, tactically astute is not one of them, what a laugh, Jose is and a few more, but Wenger is light years from them, he is so astute, when 4-0 down against Chelsea, he had his players charging up field to make it 4-1, instead it ended up 6-0, not that is fucked up

  26. Highbury Daze

    Any manager worth his salt would have battened down the hatches, taken the loss moved on, but this old prick can’t do that, it wouldn’t matter how many goals they conceded, they play the same game every time, nothing changes, that is why we have scores like 8-2, 6-0 6-3 5-1 4-4
    This manager is a joke, one day the whole world will wake up to the fact

  27. tunnygriffboy


    Usually spot on with what you say but think you’re being harsh about the team on Saturday. Was it a grade A performance ? No. However the shape and organisation looked better. West Brom put 9 men behind the ball and showed no ambition at all. We created chances and could have had a couple by half time. We controlled the game and got the goal. Only time we where under pressure was when they hoofed the ball in the air last 10 minutes.

    First time front three had played together, which was interesting and Santi had a super game in the middle. Re Berahino offside, we’ve had a couple of howlers this season so far this season as well.. Sunderland did to Chelsea what West Brom were trying to do to us. 9 men behind the ball at home. Us and Chelsea played CL this week, us on Wednesday and we had a Saturday lunchtime kick off.

  28. Emiratesstroller

    Age is not an issue. If you cannot cope with pressure or start making poor decisions whatever your age it is time to go.Ferguson was 70+ and still producing results at end of career.

    The main problem with Wenger is that he is in a ‘rut’. Clubs and management as well as players need to be reenergised when performance declines. Wenger has not delivered for over 8 years and that is the real issue.

    The reality is that his decision making is poor and if you want evidence of that fact take a look at following:

    1. He loses Fabregas at a relatively low price AND then fails to exercise option
    to bring him back allowing him to go to major competitor.

    2. He loses Van Persie a 30 goal a season player to a major competitor who win theLeague Title on back of his goals. The replacement is a low budget player who scores half the goals.

    3. He sells Song the only physically strong and athletic midfielder and after 3
    years has failed to replace him. It is patently obvious to everyone that we need
    such a player in team.

    4. He reduces in 2013-4 the number of defenders in squad to 7 relying on Sagna to fulfil dual role as full-back and if required centre back.

    5. He reduces further in 2014-5 the number of defenders to 6 including
    bring in an inexperienced full-back and having on books just 2 established
    centre backs including Koscielny who had an injury already before close of
    transfer window.

    6. He goes through an entire season with just one striker option. Giroud may
    be a strong boy, but he was flogged to death last season.

    7. He recruits players with diagnosed injury problems e.g. Kallstrom and Ospina. He keeps in squad Diaby and even renews his contract despite serious
    long term injuries.

    8. He experiments with youth and tic tac football and offloads many of his
    experienced and athletic players.

  29. tunnygriffboy


    Again you talk sense. Just a couple of points. Did Wenger sell van persie, fabregas, nasri etc . . . Or did the club sell them ?

    Re tiki taka, do you see a change in this with the forwards Alexis, Welbeck, Walcott and the Ox ? These are much more dynamic than the players we had available last season especially with the injuries we had.

  30. Highbury Daze

    Imagine this was a trial, Arsene is in the dock, which poor bugger wants to defend him, no one, Arsene will defend himself, he’s too smart for everyone, the charges are numerous stretching back 10 years, ( which is what this guy should get) in solitary,
    prosecution opens up with the charges, since the success of 2004/05, you Arsene Wenger have allowed this club to slip from being one of the strongest clubs in England to one of the 4th best, how do you plead, Arsene.. not guilty your honour, You went through a season unbeaten, conceding around 21 goals, now your teams let in 40-50 a season, why is that, Arsene mumbles to himself, I won’t comment on that

    Around this time you introduced a wasteful socialist pay structure where all but the top players received 50,000 pounds a week, can you explain that, Arsene mumbles again, I won’t comment on that

    This period in time was when you started to sell all of your best players each year, you sold every captain you had Henry, Gallas, Van Persie, Vermaelen, Fabregas, can you tell us why you did this Arsene, continues the mumbling, I won’t comment on that

    Is it true you could not offload duds like Denilson and Bendtner because of their high wages and no other club could afford to pay them, the mumbling is louder, I won’t comment on that

    You won nothing for 9 years until you won the FA Cup last season, at the age of 64 why did you not retire on a high, go out in a blaze of glory, now I can comment on that, how great am I, I am a genius, tactically astute aware of everything, do you know they made a statue of me outside the Emirates, I have been managing for over 30 years, I know it all, no one can tell me anything, I am superior, who have you managed, well

    Back to more serious matters Arsene, 2014 season is the worst start in 32 years, what is that, I was unlucky with Injuries, the other clubs have found me out, they know how we play, my team don’t like it rough and the other clubs always intimidate my boys

    It has nothing to do with my not strengthening the team, we have 6 defenders, and about 19 mids and attackers,

    Don’t you think there is a bit unbalanced, no monsieur, if the score 3 we score 3 that is my philosophy, all we need to do is score more than the other team, it’s all mathematics, it really is quite simple, maybe after 30 years you will understand

    By now the prosecution are really baffled , the defence lawyers, look at the judge and ask him, can we change our plea to insanity, judge calls a recess, thank fuck say the assembled masses

  31. ronnie

    Can someone explain to me what years of experience but with limited trophies to show have to do with a manager keeping his job. Wenger is finished and he knows it! You started managing in 1983, were fortunate to land a terrific job at arsenal football club when aged 46 with just over 10years of coaching experience. Now you seem to suggest we should have hired a manager with 30years experience in 1996! This man has to go now. This is not arsene football club pal!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Highbury Daze

    Arsene sold them tunny, he has done this as far back as 1998, it’s nothing new, when you pay 500k for a player this manager is not going to refuse 34 million pounds for him, same with all those players, the one constant is they all got sold for more than their purchase price

  33. Highbury Daze

    As I have explained here many times, Anelka 500k bought, sold 23 million pounds, this club under Wenger has been a selling club for the last 16 years, Toure cost AFC 150,000 quid, Arsene sold him for 16 million to City because he didn’t get on with Gallas, and Wenger always looks after the French

  34. Thank you and goodnight

    @ Emiratesroller

    Spot on, 100%:agree with you. People try to make out that it’s all about money, it’s not. It’s the decision making or lack of being the main reason I believe he’s past it. We all know we’re one of richest clubs in EPL but also know that realistically we will always be outbid by chelsea and city if it comes down to a financial battle for a player. So you have to be smart in other areas and this is where wenger has been found out to be seriously incompetent on almost every level.

  35. Highbury Daze

    Courts back in session….call Abu Diaby to the stand, sorry your honour we are waiting for Abu, he had an accident on the way to the courthouse, he is in intensive care, it’s OK says Arsene, I can vouch for him, yes it’s true he has played around 100 games in 8 years for the club, how much has he cost AFC in wages, not much your honour, about 23 million pounds, the judge collapses and has to be revived, the bailiff is pounding the gavel, recess, take the judge to see Abu in hospital

  36. Wallace

    Highbury Daze

    we got Henry & Vieira’s best years. all the others were offered deals elsewhere that we couldn’t match. Anelka was a big disappointment for me, but it was his brothers who drove the Madrid deal. given the choice i’m sure Wenger would rather have kept him.

  37. Emiratesstroller


    I do not believe that Arsenal needed to sell any player since the stadium was built. The idea that it was is a myth.

    The reason players have been sold are:

    1. The player wants to go for more money and Wenger does not want to hold
    onto players who are unhappy.
    2. Players see that other clubs are more ambitious and successful whether it
    is in England or Abroad.
    3.Wenger is not particularly loyal to players and vice versa.He believes that he
    can sell players for top dollar and buy replacements cheaply. That might
    have worked in past but not recently.
    4.The set up of team has been poor for many years.

    The only criticism of club is that they have played along with the myth that Wenger is irreplaceable and in consequence failed to show real ambition.

  38. tunnygriffboy


    We have been a selling club. Bar a half dozen clubs in the world, all are. We are not one yet. We are at the moment due to the growth of the club in terms of match day revenue and sponsorship able to start paying better wages and have kept players we wanted to in the last two summers. We will still lose players to the very elite clubs though.

  39. Highbury Daze

    Any manager in the world would take 23 million pounds for Anelka since he cost you 500k, same as Cesc, although Cesc wanted to go back home, the 34 million pounds was the key to that sale, and the reason Wenger never brought him back, no way is Wenger giving his profit that took 8 years to mature back to Barcelona, profit is the name of the game

  40. gunnergetyou

    “We can play together, definitely,” Giroud said. “Me, him, Alexis, we are confident playing together. Also with Santi and Aaron. Maybe we need to have more of a killer touch in front of goal.”

    Not for me… I think that the Ox has definately earnt his place in our starting line up and doesn’t deserve to be benched to accomodate Wenger’s favourites. Things will get even more tricky for Wenger once Walcott eventually returns.

    Dont mind having Welbeck and Giroud upfront together as a plan b, and its good for Wenger to actually switch things up for a change, but i would usually go the Ox or Theo

  41. Highbury Daze

    Arsene is a genius financially, who else could pay 3.75 million quid for Vieira play him until his legs went, then sold him for 13 million to Inter, or Henry played until he burnt out best years behind him, sold for 16 million quid, cost 10 million, how does Arsene do it fucking genius at fiscal dealings, bought Overmars for 7 million sold to Barca 24 million, the list is endless, Ade, RVP cost 3 million sold to united for 24 million, forget about whatever reasons you think are for the selling, it is profit that is the driving force behind wenger

  42. Wallace

    Highbury Daze

    i disagree. Cesc & Anelka were world class. no manager willingly sells a world class player. plus they were both very young. maybe a different matter if they were 29/30 and someone came in with a huge offer.

  43. Highbury Daze

    Never give more than 1 year to 30 year olds, every player bought had to have a resale value, that is why Wenger never used to spend more than 10-13 million quid on players, his MO is buy low, sell high, stock exchange tactics, he bought dan crowley for 1 million quid from Villa, how much do you think this boy will be worth in 5 or 6 years, he is the future England captain, gotten for a lousy 1 million that my friends is what Arsene is all about, kids cheaply sold for maximum

  44. Highbury Daze

    If you wanted to buy Hummels, a 30 million quid player and another club beat you to him, United/City, do you think you would accept an 8 million quid replacement, Mings, NO you would look for a player of capable qualities, this Mings Hummles storyis a load of crap, you would look to buy Subotic or similar, not lower your standards

    The truth is if Wenger was to buy a defender which he won’t ir would be in the price range of Mings, the Arsene price I call it, he is comfy in the 8-10 million quid purchase range

  45. Emiratesstroller


    Obviously there are some players whom Wenger wanted to offload.

    However, I don’t think that was the case with the likes of Henry,Fabregas, Van
    Persie or Sagna.

    On other matters elsewhere I don’t think that all the recent transfer business
    starting with Flamini were that clever. Flamini walked out on Bosman as was
    case with Sagna.

    Far too many other players left on low transfer fees because the club allowed them to wind down their contracts to a point that the players and his agent
    were in driving seat.

  46. Highbury Daze

    Off course they came in with a huge offer, you answered your own question, and Arsene took it, his plan all along

  47. Highbury Daze

    If you buy a player for 20 million your selling price is not that much more, your profit is smaller, but if you identify youth, at 15-16 polish them like Cesc, RVP, Nasri Ade, even Song cost 1 million sold for 15 million, profit you are in denial like the rest

  48. Wallace

    “Off course they came in with a huge offer, you answered your own question, and Arsene took it, his plan all along”

    no, i said he would have prefered to keep both players(Cesc & Anelka).

  49. tunnygriffboy


    Yes, players running down their contracts was criminal. Thankfully we’ve been better over the last two years. We have good young players on long contracts and they are being re negotiated in good time


    There is no reason why Alexis, Giroud and Welbeck can’t play together. I’m quite excited about it. With Walcott and the Ox in the mix we are able to use different combinations. We have quality to rotate without weakening the team. We can also have different combinations for different opponents. Thing is we haven’t had them all fit together.

  50. Highbury Daze

    This man is an accountant a buyer and seller of flesh, footballers, that is the name of the game, football is the vehicle to masquerade this practice, and I thought the slave trade was over, there is no difference, someone sold a negro to another white man for a price years ago, 200 years later they are doing the same thing, selling a person to another person, difference they are paying the person nowadays for his work

    People actually own rights to players, Tevez and Mascherino were two that come to mind a while back, slavery, someone owns a player, fuck off, there is something stinking about world football

  51. Highbury Daze

    Tunny, therein lies the problem, we have good players, but the manager cannot get the best out of them, individually they are fine, but he is unable to utilise their attributes because he wants every player to tiki taka attack attack
    when we lose the ball, and every team loses the ball, our team are unable to deploy a defence, because every bastard bar the keeper and one CB are up field trying to score, its a fucking shambles orchestrated by this outdated french stick insect

  52. Highbury Daze

    Hmmnn thats a hard one should I keep a player or take the 23 million quid, are you for fucking real, a profit of 22.5 million, no I will keep the player, bullshit

  53. london gunner


    Its called gegenpressing. Its pretty much the only tactic Klopp plays with. I watch every dortmund game I doubt you do so I can see how stubborn and inflexible klopp is. I also spend more time on the BVB forum than this blog. I speak to the fans they are frustrated at Klopps lack of plan B. You can rubbish my claims all you what, but you can;t rubbish the claims of dortmund fans who know far more than an angry keyboard warrior fat fuck yank.

    All I am saying is Klopp is like wenger in many ways.

    1 tactically stubborn only has plan A
    2 Focuses on attack to the detriment of defence
    3 Is a philosopher not a pragmatist
    4 Was successfully when his take on the game was fresh and novel
    5 physically beasts his players to breaking point-injury pileups galore

    I want Diego whose currently third and only 4 points off 1st then a manager whose in danger of getting his team relegated.

    We need a new manager

  54. Wallace

    “Hmmnn thats a hard one should I keep a player or take the 23 million quid, are you for fucking real, a profit of 22.5 million, no I will keep the player, bullshit”

    but when it’s a world class player….you really think Spurs would rather have the 85m than Bale, or Liverpool the 75m rather than Suarez? when you have a top player you do all you can to keep him.

  55. gunnergetyou


    That’s all good with me, but Wenger doesnt seem to believe in rotation, so he usually picks the same players until they’re injured, and then the others gets frozen out eg Podolski,Campbell and Rosicky. I have no problem with switching things up from time to time but for me the strongest front three would have to be :- Alexis——-Welbz/Giroud——-Ox/Theo

  56. tunnygriffboy


    I think he will rotate those players. All of them are top quality. I don’t understand Rosicky not playing but Podolski and Campbell are not quite up to it. With the injuries we’ve had putting Podolski and Campbell in weakens us further. Ironically had we had a full squad and strong team it would be safer to play the two. In my opinion I would rather get rid and bring one player of higher quality in.

  57. Emiratesstroller

    Highbury Daze

    In the past you may be right.

    Wenger had a more advanced scouting system when compared with every other club in Europe particularly in France.

    However, times change and many of our recent acquisitions were poor or unsuited to EPL. Moreover our recent disposals have not been that clever and their replacements were in many cases rather mediocre.

    Let’s face it our strikers acquired in recent times were not that brilliant. Both
    Giroud and Welbeck are better than most but not 30+ a year goalscorers like
    Henry or Van Persie.

    However when I look at some of the other players recruited they are not remotely Arsenal quality players.

    We keep on hearing that our acquisition policy is founded on money and we
    cannot compete with Man City or Chelsea. That is pure moonshine. Man Utd
    may have had a larger budget than ourselves but they were in a similar situation with debts.

    What has been wrong with Arsenal for years has been Wenger’s policy of buying wholesale low budget players many of whom were duds. If you want to gamble on low budget players you do so with youngsters.

    However, when you buy players who are 25+ realistically you pay what they are worth. There is no so thing as real bargains anymore with such players. You will not buy a world class forward for less than £50million + and probably
    £35 million + for a top quality defender or midfielder.

    The hard facts are that there are now at least a dozen clubs worldwide capable of spending that amount as and when required including ourselves. Whether
    Wenger is prepared to pay that amount is debatable. Somehow I don’t think
    Ozil acquisition was driven by him.

  58. tunnygriffboy


    How can you say the Ozil deal wasn’t driven by him? We have no idea what happens behind the scenes re transfers, all we can glean is what is written in the press. We have spent 35 million on Alexis as well. We are able to get one marquee player a season now. Thing is we are years behind other teams who now have numerous 20million+ players on the bench. A lot of our 20million+ players came to us young and have been developed. That takes time.

  59. peanuts&monkeys

    Pedro, so, is that your message to the fans, as you have picd on the post? You want more of Arsene? You want Arsene to continue? Protests are the ultimate ways to bring about changes in sporting clubs. You have always been coy about protests. Your logic today about timing et al are bullshit. You are no better than N5, Wallace and other AKBs.

  60. Emiratesstroller


    I am fairly confident that transfer was not driven by Wenger.

    1. He was looking all summer for striker i.e. Higuain and then Suarez.
    2. We had not bought a single player all summer and there was growing pressure in media and supporters to do so. For Arsenal suddenly to jump from spending on a single player £16 million to £42 million suggests to me that directive came from elsewhere and it was a last minute rather than preplanned purchase.

  61. Andrew

    To hell with Arsene and his band of diminutive and feeble footfairies lured into his unholy castle of shame. When I see these creampuffs and their weak-willed efforts on the pitch it shows me how clueless he truly is. You could gut the club of most of its players and replace them with average but hardworking players from the EPL and still be further ahead. Special thanks to AW for especially these gems:

    Complete and Utter Crap – Monreal, Flamini, Arteta, Sanogo, Diaby
    Aspires to be Crap -Giroud, Cazorla
    Whiff-o-Crap – Ozil, Ramsey, BFG(I still kinda love him, but my gran can out-sprint him for chrissakes)

    Is it really that complicated to buy a few solid defensive types and only buy attackers that are true predators.

    I can now once again look forward to seeing Giroud giraffe-footing around with his carefully coiffed bouffant and periodically thrusting his arms into the heavens in anguish while theatrically grimacing at yet another missed opportunity.

    I just can’t wait. What a f******g joke