Dortmund post mortem, West Brom preview, injuries and transfers

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Morning good morning one and all. Alex writing the post that was supposed to go up yesterday.

Huge apologies for that by the way, I know you guys need your daily hit of football analysis, bantz and bad spelling and I let you down. Hard. Let me buy you some flowers and milk tray to make up for it. Better yet, lets pretend today is Friday and this post is on time. Enjoy work!

So lots to cover today; Dortmund match report, West Brom preview, injury crises and transfer gossip.

The game on Wednesday was a great result and probably the best 90 minutes we have played this season. It was also refreshing that, for the first time this season, Alexis wasn’t by far our best player – a solid team performance.

The controversial decision before the game was to start former postman, Yaya Sanogo, up top instead of Podolski or indeed Sanchez. To be fair to the lad he acquitted himself quite well and looked slightly less like a guy recovering from major leg surgery.

His hold up play from the throw in for his goal was excellent. His first touch was quite heavy but he slotted it away well. He did fluff his lines a few moments later when he was put through by Ramsey, trying a fancy trick when shooting would have been the better option. Composure son, composure. Hopefully this will help him kick on as a player because his recent performances have been pretty toilet.

Other honourable mentions go to Martinez who wasn’t very busy, but looked composed and kicked a lot better than SZCZ; Ox who was on turbo cheat mode again; Cazorla who looked classier than a bubble bath with Mila Kunis; and Arteta who put in the kind of calm authoritative DM performance that this team desperately needs, but now means he is injured for three months. Sweet. More on that in a bit.

Credit to the manager where it’s due, these are his players, he signed and trains them and they comfortably turned over a big European team. I do wish he had made some substitutions earlier on to rest some of our key players. Maybe he was worried about an Arsenal collapse, but if he cant trust any of his players outside of the 11 he has on the pitch to hold a lead, then that his kind of his fault.

Oh and just as an aside, how bad were Dortmund? Almost unrecognisable from the team we played even a few weeks ago, nervous, slow and about as threatening as Theo Walcott in a pub brawl.

West Brom preview
West Brom is a small town in the West Midlands. Its main exports are Slade and Coal and it has a population of 700. The best thing about West Bromwich Albion is the Albion pub in Broadway Market in Hackney (I’ve never been to West Bromwich).

They have been struggling in the league and their best player, Berahino, has been a naughty boy of late. Will it affect his game? Who knows. What’s important for me is that the team builds on a strong mid-week performance and the manager rotates/rests some players to avoid injury and fatigue – which he obviously won’t do.

Sounding like a broken record is something I good at, but surely SURELY Joel Campbell and Rosicky have to get some game time soon? Were Joel Campbell’s world cup performances any worse than Oxlade-Chamberlain’s?

The good news is we will have Giroud back in for Yaya. Bad news it that Sir Pointsalot, Flamini, starts for the injured Arteta. We need a better performance from him and Ramsey than we saw against Swansea, no doubt. If those two can put in a solid midfield display, we should have enough to win today.

Currently out for Arsenal are Arteta, Wilshere, Theo, Ozil, Debuchy, Szczesny, Ospina, Welbz, Diaby and Yaya.

As far as I’m aware, Wilshere, Debuchy, SZCZ’s injuries are the result of collisions, which means the rest are due to strains. I don’t think its possible to prevent every muscle strain from occurring in professional football, but clearly we still have an issue here. Arteta’s injury is particularly frustrating because you could see it coming – Pedro even called it in his match preview.

The guy can’t play two games in a week. Its not because two games in a week is over strenuous, it’s because in between those two games he is getting beasted in training sessions every day. Maybe when you have a player of Arteta’s age, you don’t need to train him so intensively? Maybe you need to give him a break over Christmas? Or maybe you need to have a capable deputy who can fill in for him in some games?

Transfer Gossip
Like Santa Claus come early, Arsene has not even waited until December to start boiling piss with his quotes about possible January signings:

“I would like to remind you that to buy football players is not to go into a supermarket and just say: ‘I want to buy a right-back or a centre-back’… It’s to find the right quality. If you go out tomorrow, you will see that everybody looks for the same positions everywhere. It’s not as simple as it looks.

“In January, it is even more difficult because players are even less available than in June or July. But we will try to be creative and have one or two good ideas.”

You’ve got to admire his commitment to this narrative. If you are making excuses before the race has even started, then you’ve already lost. To dare is to dream etc etc.

We desperately need a DM and a CB for cover. There are so many quality possibilities at DM – Cabaye, Schniederlin, Carvalho, Kondgobia, Bender, Khedira, McCarthy. As for CB, well we don’t need a world class signing, just someone who can do a job. Like Squillaci. Jokes!

Hopefully there’s some pressure on him from the top to make it happen because for the first time in about 10 years we really are only two signings away from having a complete squad.

If we end up with another Kallstrom-esque loan signing, however, then I might have to burn my Arsenal shirt in protest. Well maybe not that, but I’ll certainly burn my Arsenal branded washbag.

Who would you be looking at in January? Do we need to strengthen in any other positions? Let me know below, but please, keep it clean.

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  1. Leedsgunner


    Thanks for your reply. The reason managers like Arsene doesn’t rotate is basically fear. He’s driven to play the same team and formation because he thinks it will get him the results he needs… or said players have gotten him the results before. Ironically because of mental and physical fatigue even without injuries this approach brings diminishing returns… plus our opposition learn to exploit our weaknesses if we adopt the same players and formation.

    Back in the late 1990s and during the ascendancy of the Invincibles the skill and fitness levels of our players were such that we were so ahead that Wenger could get away with approach. However everyone else has caught up with AFC now in skill and fitness and this approach doesn’t work anymore. Arsene’s cheerleaders point to excuses like oil money and the like but the fact that teams like Burnley Swansea and Leicester have exposed us this campaign demonstrates that it’s not simply because of money. However what the moneyed clubs do is exploit our weaknesses so much more resulting in us becoming humiliated (Chelsea 6-0, Man United 8-2, Man City 6-3 Liverpool 5-1 etc.)

    Wenger needs to bring more to the table. He needs to maximise the strength of his squad by playing the formation and players that exploit the weaknesses of the opposition rather than going down the path of least resistance. Other managers are doing it to us so he has no excuse except laziness. He needs to justify why he deserves one of the largest pay packets in world football plus one of the best in terms of security.

    Right now.

  2. Jeff

    Wenger rejects criticism from fans.

    Of course he would. He’s been rejecting criticism from anyone for a long time. His position is as safe as houses. But I think though that the away fans will probably continue to exhibit the banner asking for his resignation and it might be the beginning of the end although it is by and large too late. The club has suffered under his awful management for nearly a decade and will continue to do so for some time yet.

  3. Highbury Daze

    Swansea beat us 2-1, as you say money has nothing to do with it, we spend more on wages than Chelsea, this stooge doesn’t have a leg to stand on, if we spend more on wages then Swansea, how come they beat us

    The shite just dribbles from this guys mouth every time he opens it, he always has an excuse for failure, and to get beaten by the Swans and not beat the other weaker team than us is FAILURE, and to have Moh come out and defend him is pathetic, yes he has been great for the club, the emphasis on has been, if any neutral looked at our last 10 years they would say this club has failed, failed to reach it’s potential, this manager is a total waste of time now, he should have been relegated to the history books years ago, please someone put him out of his fucking misery

  4. Highbury Daze

    Every time this manager comes and goes to the Emirates, that banner, you know the one, TFTM should be unfurled, he says it doesn’t worry him as everyone is entitled to an opinion, but it does worry him, if it didn’t he would not have commented on it, and while he is packing his bags this greedy fucking American needs to go with him, a billionaire snipping 3 million quid from the club with a pack of lies that it was for services rendered, what a cunt, he owns the club, whatever this prick does he should not be rewarded with a 3 million quid bonus, the fucking temerity of this sucker

  5. Highbury Daze

    “for strategic and advisory services”

    That is the pathetic excuse this turd used to fleece 3 million out of the club, now if he offered that service to Man, City I could understand, fuck you Kroenke you pathetic parasite

  6. Highbury Daze

    I will tell you the real reason, he wanted to put ticket prices up by 8% Gazidis talked him into making it only 3% because you cannot blatantly ass fuck the fans Stan, why not asked Stan, well it is a bad look said Ivan, so because he was stiffed there he showed them, he took the 3 million quid which is petty cash for him, just to prove a point, this is a blood sucker parasite extraordinaire, an American over in England to make as much money as he can from the peoples game, this guy would make Gordon Gecko look like a philanthropist, Kroenke reminds me of that soulless creature of Dickens, Scrooge, the scrooge of Christmas present

  7. Wallace

    it is amazing how Chelsea are able to field the same side week in week out while ourselves and Man Utd are usually in the position of having anywhere from 6 to 10 players out. i mean, it’s December tomorrow and apart from Costa and his hamstrings Chelsea have been injury free. and Mourinho’s not rotating.

  8. gnarleygeorge9

    ‘I would like to remind you that to buy football players is not to go into a supermarket and just say: ‘I want to buy a right-back or a centre-back’… It’s to find the right quality. If you go out tomorrow, you will see that everybody looks for the same positions everywhere. It’s not as simple as it looks.”

    “In January, it is even more difficult because players are even less available than in June or July. But we will try to be creative and have one or two good ideas.”

    Sounds like an accountant to me. Anyway he needs a brute of a CDM IMO, so get your accountants glasses off mon ami & do the right thing!

  9. Shaun Wilson

    Linked heavily with McCarthy and Mings – if we miss out on Hummels. At £32m does anyone think we will get this future Manchester United defender? The previously mentioned players represent a two for one deal at Wenger’s supermarket and that is why we will remain fourth or there a outs while he remains in charge.

  10. gazzap

    Interesting that wenger said he wouldn’t comment on the banner but said we all have to plan for the future.
    I thought this was a very interesting comment. I think he meant, look I am going soon, but we are planning behind the scenes for my replacement so i’m not just going to leave when they put a banner up.
    I think this Andries Jonker might be the plan. That worries me a little bit to tell you the truth. I don’t think he should be planning the post wenger era at all.

  11. london gunner

    so many akbs coming out of the wood work across the internet because of a win against brom.

    “A class goal by a class player in a class team. This result must be really hurting all the dumb, plastic Chelsea and Spurs supporters. Arsenal will now go on a run of wins to the end of the season and prove we are one of the the best teams in Europe, that will shut up all the Wenger haters who I love and is like a father figure to me after not having one all my life.”

    “Great win. Results are turning around now. Most importantly, crucial players are coming back slowly after an injury riddled period. Sadly, those stupid banners trying to undermine the confidence of the team and manager are just what our rivals need. I really hope we can ignore them and press on. They are not true Arsenal supporters!!!!”

    “It simply annoys me that some fans think you just change the manager and that fixes the problem. So Wenger leaves, who REALISTICALLY comes in and can do a better job with these players?? We need better defenders, that’s the problem. Fans take Arsenal’s consistency in getting in the top 4 for granted. Yes we haven’t won the league in years, but look who has won it and how much have they spent?. Everyone was singing Brendon Rogers praise last season, he lost one player and looked what happened? Look at Spurs, forever changing managers, what difference has it made?? World class players brings success. Sick of the knee jerk nonsense…other clubs think we are stupid to want to get rid of Wenger…we just do not seem to value what we have. Be careful what you wish for!!!!!!!!”

  12. Thomas

    london gunner

    It’s always like that as soon as we get a win. They immediately feel vindicated no matter how shit we’ve played prior. Pathetic.

  13. Hitman49

    I liked the comment on giving cred to out rival !

    Yeah what they forgot to put was that’s now Southampton,spuds,Stoke,
    We can no longer eat at the top table !

  14. WrightIsGod

    AKB’s aren’t talking about referee decisions this week though are they?

    Berahino was clearly onside. Referee excuses mean nothing as they often are evened out over a course if a season.

    You make your own luck. If you’re the dominant team you tend to deserve and get the win. I hate AKB’s!

  15. Tipster

    Sun reporter on sky Sunday supplement spot on with the wenger situation. Sign him up…and his last comment on the topic was interesting, Ronald Kollman. Yep he’d do me

  16. Highbury Daze

    And there is London gunner doing the opposite of what we do, a win against a team that topped the group in CL were abysmal against us, and we struggle to a 1-0 over West Brom and you are blowing Wenger’s trumpet, well I guess it’s better than blowing his cock, give it a rest for fuck sake gunner

  17. Highbury Daze

    This has been 10 years in the making, and gunner comes to the party when we beat West fucking Brom, excuse me while I vomit

  18. Tipster

    Unfortunately some people seem to support Wenger more than the club. I think the away support have started the end game for wenger, just with jackie Oakley was there to interview him about it. “You do not listen very vell to my answer”

  19. Highbury Daze

    Well you senile old cunt, u said the defence were responsible for letting a 3 goal lead slip against Anderlecht, I just pointed out you were the imbecile who sold Vermaelen and Miquel and never replaced either of them

    And to top it off, you still have not signed a cdm, and don’t mention the names Arteta or Flamini

    So monsieur, it is you who do listen to me, you pompous motherfucker

  20. Highbury Daze

    Typical Wenger, caught out on national TV making a cunt out of himself, then tries to turn it back on the interviewer, what a low life, she asked the questions the other reporters will never ask, because they are shit scared they won’t get an invite into one of this imposters chat sessions, she was the only reporter with balls, asks him to his face, the other pricks like Durham and co just pen their shit in the daily rags, weak bastards

  21. MadeToLoveMagic

    Basically my take on all this is that , yes , wenger has made some bizaare desicions of late.

    Yes im finally starting to accept that he may not have the capacity to change like i thought he would, to adapt his game to suit the opponents we are facing..

    If we had a team that had the greatest most expensive players in world football then i feel wenger would be right to be so dogmatic with his approach to the game but the fact is we dont, we have a highly talented squad but they need instruction, they need when things are going wrong wenger to look at the last game and come up with solid stone ideas and analysis on what went wrong..

    wengers approach is basically to let people make mistakes , and learn, which to a point is fine.. This worked for the first 8 years when we were unstoppable but now we have a young fragile wenger needs to take more responsibility for the direction of the team on a game to game basis

    YOu know im sure in fact know that wenger is realising this, is he too stubborn, too old to really make the change>?

    apparently the guy spends his whole life watching football even when he gets home so i struggle to think he could be as blind as some people think.

    He is a highly smart and respected individual, i just hope these 2 and a half years, prove the doubters (including myself) wrong