‘What can you do about it?’ says a man paid £8m a year to know

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Happy afternoon. Why’s the post late? Because I drank all the beer last night and ate all the chicken. Posh chicken from Bird Restaurant. It’s a scene there… like the inner workings of a morbidly obese persons dream… fried chicken everywhere… amazing.

Anyway,  back into football… and this weeks addition of ‘Say what?’

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‘Szczesny hasn’t trained, Mikel Arteta is out and Yaya Sanogo has problems.’

‘Welbeck will be checked. He had a swollen knee so he wasn’t available for Dortmund.’

‘[Walcott] has a groin problem that he came back from England with. He is not available.’

‘We have been unlucky with injuries. What can you do about it? Not a lot.’

Oh my Arsene, I have some tings to say about deez wurds.

Firstly, Yaya Sanogo is a guy who is on the record as saying he was so screwed from injuries, he considered quitting to become a postman. Now, his injury record, when you look at it, is atrocious. He spent most of last season injured. This season, it’s been exactly the same story.

Now here’s the crazy thing. To play under a Wenger regime, you need to be tough. So, so very tough. Because his methodology doesn’t really work in a way that suits athletes needs. So if you know, as a manager, your methods cause injuries, DON’T BUY INJURY PRONE PLAYERS.

Just a simple rule of thumb really. Why does he always seem to go for players without checking their fitness levels? If a players is broken at youth level, it doesn’t really bode well for them being fit at senior level.

The Walcott  injury is another strange one. I don’t know what’s gone on there, but it’s easy to blame England. We’ve seen how poorly we’ve brought back players. Particularly him. Wouldn’t surprise me if he went there in a state. Like Ozil and Laurent did.

As for Arteta, well, that was completely predictable. He’s at an age where he needs to be wrapped in cotton wool.

… and the ‘what can you do about it?’ comment is a total, total joke. It’s a repetitive one. A conversation we have EVERY season. It’s so deflating. I’m demotivated as a fan. I can’t imagine what the backroom team think when they read stuff like that. It must be so depressing. Because there is always something you can do.

Did you watch that video? Did you hear them talk about predictive analytics? Did you see the redzone (mainly for those who think I made that up)?

Why aren’t we using this data. It exists. It works and we partner with IBM. So we have an account with them already. If Wenger truly believe there’s nothing you can do, maybe he needs to be introduced to these guys.

Unless they’re lying.

Play that video over and over and over until Wenger understands, then force him to utilise the data.

I just find it staggering a total sporting layman can find out all of this looking through Youtube and reading sport magazines, yet millionaire businessmen who do it for a living sit idly by and allow the manager to embarrass the club by saying such ignorant things.

Hey, maybe Ivan doesn’t know about this sort of tech. I doubt it though. He just won’t know how to implement something like that into a group of men who think they know best.

There was some good news.

‘January might be a month when we have nearly everybody back because Koscielny is back in the squad, Debuchy will be back I think in two weeks,’

Ozil coming back will also be immense for the run in. It means we’ll make the top four, which means there will be no Wenger leaving. It just means we won’t progress as a football club for another two years.

‘It was a big game of a very, very high intensity and I think we had an outstanding performance. It allows us to qualify for the 15th successive year in the last 16 in Europe.

‘We’re the only team who has done that and we are, of course, very proud of that consistency. It allows us to concentrate on our last game and focus on finishing top of the group.

An excellent achievement. Sad thing about it is we’ve qualified that many times and never won it. For a competition Wenger loves so much, he’s not very good at the business end of it.

We’ll have to wait for a new manager to make an assualt there. One that learns from his mistakes.

Anyway, I’m done. See you later.

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  1. Shaun Wilson

    @MadeTo LoveMagic

    One’s tongue was firmly in one’s cheek re the Wilshire picture – I concede that wasn’t obvious on re-reading the post. Lord of the rings is pure wank by the way…

  2. Highbury Daze

    You are right stroller, but what it will buy is a midfielder come January, when those 2 you mentioned go, no defenders to come in,Debauchery and Kos back, so someone to compensate for Jack and Arteta, and on him, there is no way he should get an extension, I know Arsene is in love with him, but that’s where it has to stop,

  3. Highbury Daze

    It’s still November, and AFC has ONE (1) fit first team CB, Per, how is this possible, forget about beating Dortmund, forget everything except, AFC is down to 3rd choice keeper and one fit CB

    This is stuff of fairy stories, I would like an explanation Arsene, what could you possibly come up with, and don’t say injuries you sorry SOB, we only had TWo to start with, you are a fucking dummy

  4. wenker-wanger

    what can you do anout it?….answer : just fck off now and put anyone with half an ounce of football savvy and experience in charge. pathetic responses from a tired out washed up senile fool.
    im currently working alongside a barnsley fan that would willingly swap club fortunes for what we fanatical gooners are served up. Such is the limited thinking out there. Its not a question of supporting a prestigious club its more what the philosophy, ambition and efforts of the club are.
    Arsenal are a living corpse kept alive by a headless chicken costing vast amounts of money.
    Its a football crime to run a club for profit only as wankger and his plastic moneygrabbing cnuts are doing.
    4th place is better for them than 1st, simply for the fact that BIG ££££investment will be required for 1st, whereas financing to beat liverpool, spuds and other top 6 contenders has be shown to be well cost-effective.

  5. Roaaary

    Welbz chucked out on the wing again in place of a NATURAL winger in the ox.

    Fucking stupidity again.

    Why not rest welbz and bring him on later in the game when giroud obviously tired?!??

  6. Jeff

    Here’s the line up for today.

    26 Martinez
    21 Chambers
    04 Mertesacker
    06 Koscielny
    18 Monreal
    16 Ramsey
    20 Flamini
    17 Sánchez
    19 Cazorla
    23 Welbeck
    12 Giroud


    03 Gibbs
    07 Rosicky
    09 Podolski
    15 Oxlade-Chamberlain
    28 Campbell
    39 Bellerin
    49 Macey

  7. Jeff

    He’s playing Sanchez again. I personally would have rested him. We should be able to beat West Brom without him. Strangely, Gibbs is on the bench and Monreal is back in his usual left back position.

  8. rollen

    lol again transfers talk…

    full set of Italian defenders from 90s and we will be weak at the back with Wenger in charge.

  9. Highbury Daze

    I think Ramsey is wearing one right boot and one left one, no player has regressed more in such a short time as him, he is fucking woeful

  10. Highbury Daze

    Well they walked out 10 minutes early in the united game, I have had enough of this bilge, I’m walking out at half time, fuck this Wenger ball, the sooner this turd goes the better off I will be, I have had a gutful of this puerile excrement trying to pass it’s self off as football. I could not put myself through 45 more minutes of that, honestly, I have more self respect, truly abysmal, I will read the score in the papers tomorrow