Those cracks look good and papered…

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I’m up. Struggling to sleep, so I’m going to pen a pre-match report before Alex wakes up for the full monty a bit. Just some topline thoughts before I leave for work.


We put in a shift, no doubt. I thought we overran the Dortmund team. We played with style, we passed with more crispness than I’ve seen for a while and we looked genuinely exciting moving forward. I thought Chamberlain was excellent. I read a report on him being firmly under the radar for such a talent. My view is the reason that is mainly centres around his lack of impact in games. He’s starting to show that he can be that player, he hit the bar with a looping half volley which crashed against the bar. Really impressed with his explosive pace around the pitch. He’s one to watch.

Sanchez is just outrageous, he’s the bench mark for work rate and talent. What a finish from him. Could he have stuck that any closer to the post? I also thought Martinez looked solid. He didn’t really  have much to do, but his was good with his feet and he’s a towering figure for one so young. I felt comfortable with him in goal. Gibbs also had a solid game, as did Moreal. I also can’t leave without giving a big fat clap to Yaya Sanogo. Gotta love the boy for that goal… clunky first touch followed by a falling shot that slipped under the keeper for the all important opener. Shame that he left with an injury.

Injury Problems:

Telling that I predicted last night might be bad new for Arteta. The man is an old boy in footballing terms, he can’t be over exerted. He was, we didn’t look after him again, now he’s out for a long time. It’s so obvious if you have a memory that goes back longer than 6 months. It’s quite clear that Tony Colbert is up to his old tricks again, because our injury pile up is exactly the same as it was last year and the year before and the year before. If the appointment of Shad was just a token gesture of the club, what’s the point in keeping him on? He’s about as useful as Podolski at the moment. It’s a crime we’re not utilising his skill set, but it’s not a surprise.


Again, a bit of a bugbear, but Dortmund were well beaten yesterday. They offered nothing, yet we didn’t use our subs efficiently to rest a battered squad for a West Brom at the weekend who are likely to cause us more problems than the German side. Why give Lukas 10 minutes? Why not give him half an hour? Why not utilise the squad a bit better so players who we might need feel more included? It’s madness.

Jurgen Klopp:

I said before the game I’d not be interested in taking him on of Wenger were to hand his notice in. He was a great manager, with a great system… but now he’s been sussed. He didn’t have a plan b when he had all the best players, now he has a very weak set of players, he hasn’t been able create a plan A. His team looked flat and tired yesterday, I can honestly say, outside Bender, they didn’t have a single player that interested me. Klopp is looking every inch the fallen star at the moment, so I’d be steering well clear of him until he proves that there can be a second coming of Dortmund.

German League:

Are we cool taking back the ‘Greatest League In Europe’ title from Germany now? The Premier League is the best. Pound for pound, they couldn’t compete. We play more games, with higher intensity and we have better players. Sure, that’s down to more money, but people need to get over slagging the Premier League. It’s up and down because nearly every team is competitive compared to 3 or 4 in other leagues. Last night was a pleasure to watch because we’re a pretty average outfit and we beat Dortmund with second gear ease.


One of my pals messaged me after the game and said something like, ‘Typical Wenger, when the pressure is on, he’ll come up with a result like that which papers over the massive cracks’… and it’s so true. Wenger never fails too hard. Beating Dortmund is fantastic news, but they’re in terminal decline in Germany at the moment. It was shocking they beat us so easily away from home. The bigger question you have to ask is whether qualification actually means anything to you. We’ll get through to the next round with our only hope of passing through being us playing Leverkusen or Porto. If we do qualify, it’ll be nice, but we have zero hope of winning the trophy. How is that the case? We have a manager who hasn’t been able to crack a proper squad in 18 attempts… but we still back him.

Don’t get caught up in the illusion that yesterday is a corner turned… it’s just a pretty lump of pasted paper dumped on a broken squad.

Now it’s all about the assault on the top 4… big game at the weekend. Let’s hope we have some bodies available!

Alex will be here with a match report shortly!

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  1. Dissenter

    “You think players come to the PL just because of money??!!”

    Yes, simples.

    Just wondering, how many Bundesliga games have you seen this season?
    Does it occur to you that the Bundesliga has everything else that you’ve cited about the premier league?

    The premier league has more money than everyone else due to the extraordinary marketing and vision of its founders.

    The premier league is just like La Liga now; there’s Chelsea and Man City in one league, then there’s the rest.

    There’s an Anglo-centric bias, we see it here in the states all the time. Good thing that we probably have easier live TV access to the global game that you guys.
    We can make up our minds ourselves.

  2. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Sad news about Phil Hughes and now talk of Pele being in a critical condition in hospital.

    Good win last night and a good performance, poor Dortmund performance but we done to them what they usually do to us.

  3. Romford Pele

    Keyser- but what does that have to do with allowing players free reign to roam the pitch.. You keep talking about adapting but if allowing players to work stuff out for themselves on the pitch isn’t working, it makes sense to veer towards another approach.

  4. Romford Pele

    “The premier league is just like La Liga now; there’s Chelsea and Man City in one league, then there’s the rest.”

    Lol that’s utter BS. It’s nothing like the other leagues. The disparity in money is different. Barca and Real can negotiate their own commercial deals, to the detriment of the other teams in that league. Bayern just drain the talent out of the Bundesliga. This league is competitive, that’s why players want to come here.

    Yes, the Bundesliga is an exciting product in its own right, but the PL is that on a much bigger scale.

  5. N5

    “I think your the 1 who needs to grow up and don’t let a complete stranger get you so enraged, by the way your mom liked what I had to offer”

    Isn’t this sentence a little contradicted?

  6. Pedro

    Bamford, Romford is right… the Premier League is far superior to every league on the planet.

    More money, better players, superior fitness, way more intensity, better tech and smarter managers.

    All our teams have at least 5-6 top players, they all have pretty good squads…

    The only reason other leagues have teams packed with such super amazing players is because they’re usually one of two who dominate the money.

    Spain has a terrible league, the German league is a total joke, Italy isn’t even worth talking about…

  7. TheBayingMob

    daz “and don’t let a complete stranger get you so enraged” … PMSL, this is what you had to say no less than five or so hours ago …

    “@thebayingmob I hate you I don’t even know you and I hate your guts I hope all the bad things in life happen to you and only you hate hate hate”

    Honestly, that’s hilarious … I think that’s the definition of enraged pencil dick. You’re either a child or a simple-ton (maybe both), now I think your Alphabet Spaghetti must be ready and it’s nearly bed time, do run along you petulant little boy, and here’s a little rule for forum posting, ‘Try to remember what you posted earlier’ before you start with the fucking lame your mom jokes, you utter cock.

  8. Romford Pele

    Like I say, there is no bias… Us supporters acknowledge our NT is tripe on the whole, we’re never on here hyping them. We may hype specific players but that’s different.

  9. Romford Pele


    Arteta (on Ox) told The Daily Mail: “The potential he has is second to none. If he really wants to, really focuses, he can go to the very top.

    “He has the speed and skill to become an unbelievable winger, but he has the vision of a midfielder, and that’s very difficult to find. Defensively, he needs to improve, but he has time and people to help him.”

  10. TheBayingMob

    Ahhhhh that old get out line … oh nice one, I feel so stooopid … pmsl, I think we’re done here dazzer, like I said come back when you’re a grown up, or at least, when you’ve managed to find more than one brain cell … feed him to the pigs Erol

  11. N5

    “I’m messing with u but ur 2 dumb 2 relise”

    You is spelt you, not u, to is spelt to not 2 and realise is spelt with an a. But you’re right he’s the dumb one.

  12. NYCgooner

    Ox really does have everything going for him. Young(21), great athlete, and very skilled. Just needs to continue to work on his game and there is no reason he can’t be one of the best.

  13. Romford Pele

    Lol I just saw Leverkeusen lost at home… to Monaco!!

    Yeah big up the Bundesliga… All of their teams lost this week

  14. daz

    Well done N5 thanks for English lesson granddad what next you going to teach me how things were better in your day I didn’t realise I had check spellings when taking the piss

  15. N5

    daz, you don’t need to check spellings, just make sure you’re not contradicting yourself when taking the mick. It helps your argument stand up. You can’t say to someone that they should grow up and then imply you had sex with their mum, like you can’t say to someone that they are dumb and spell 5 out of 10 words incorrectly.

    Also I’m only 35, so I’m quite a hip grandad.

    Take some pride in yourself daz, even if it’s just the way you behave online. You may be anonymous, but a dick is a dick.

  16. N5

    daz, I know the Grove gives as good as it gets mate. But the community on here is well worth sticking around for. We all argue and give each other shit, but that’s what make this site what it is.

    You’ll fit right in with us weirdos.

  17. Bigper


    Yeah I do love the ox, has the potential to be up there with the best, very much under the radar.. He certainly does have intelligence as well as being powerful and quick. Just needs to work on his composure and not to rush things too much at times but that will come with experience

  18. daz

    That’s fine but some people need to chill out with the abuse towards Wenger I just amused myself to see how he would react to a bit of abuse thrown his way and he didn’t disappoint

  19. Ozy

    “Spain has a terrible league, the German league is a total joke, Italy isn’t even worth talking about…”

    This ridiculous blanket statement is the reason why so many have issues with Pedro. Way over the top.

    The Bundesliga a joke? The Bundesliga is home to incredible young managers, incredible players, incredible youth systems, incredible support, incredible teams. Teams like Wolfsburg, Leverkusen, Schalke, Monchegladbach and Hannover are on par with Man U, Everton, Liverpool, us and can beat all the mid table and low-table teams. Bayern and Dortmund can and have beaten teams like City and Chelsea. So how is the Premier League better?

    The German league is an amazing example of a well run league, from head to toe. I agree that the Italian league is nowhere near where it used to be and in the Spanish League, there’s a huge gap between places 1 and 2, 3-5 and the rest of the league but the German league is a joke? Spare me.

  20. TheBayingMob

    Funny that you should come out with some ageist shit to N5 in his 30s (proving you’re a child, and not a clever one at that), yet the man you’re in love with is a 65 year old who wears speedos on the beach. Another contradiction … A confused young child, I think you need some counseling …

    Wenger Out.

  21. Bermy boy

    As nice as it would appear Walcott coming back in the squad ,with our luck who is to say we will not lose another half decent player two games after that.With AFC history is doomed to repeat itself………4th ring a bell.

  22. Ozy

    Damn, Wilshere out for 3-4 months. When do we cut our losses and move on? We should have players in the mould of Pjanic, Rabiot, Verrati, Kovacic… NOT Wilshere’s.

  23. Ozy


    Don’t think we can snap him up, unfortunately. Real Madrid sniffing about, rumors of a 30 million bid; which Inter have dismissed as not enough. He is a beast and honestly, would build my team around him.

  24. Arsene's Nurse

    Bermy boy November 27, 2014 18:49:01

    I think we could have robocop but WENGER would still break him !

    Now we know why Diaby is always injured……………… have 15 seconds to comply……….you have 10 seconds to comply.

  25. WengerEagle


    That’s a shame, once Real get involved he’ll only end up in one place. He could well be Modric’s long term successor, Illaramendi will get sold in all likelihood and they weirdly enough are kind of short on CM’s. Khedira’s leaving them at the end of the season too.

    I was watching the Milan-Inter derby there on the weekend gone and it’s hard to believe how poor these two great clubs have become. Both have won the Champions League in the last 7 years and now look like mid-table Premiership sides. Milan especially are pure shocking now, they don’t have one single top player throughout the whole squad (El Sharaawry could be, he’s had bad luck with injuries and is still only 21/22).

    Juventus and Roma are the only quality teams left in Serie A and even they have both been patchy in Europe to say the least. Juventus will go far this year though IMO, possible Semi-Finalists.

  26. daz

    Oh ur back Bmob u should have just left it don’t you get I was fucking with you to see you get angry yet your still replying, face it you got rinsed for joke and why do you keep calling me a naughty little boy are you trying to groom me?

  27. hunter13

    i believe that (and maybe one of you can correct me on this) in its entire history as a football club, arsenal has never maintained such a long stay at the top positions domestically and abroad. Is that true?

    I only ask cause i hear some fellow gunners complaining about the current state so im guessing Arsenal was competing Real Madrid for the decima when this french bloke wasnt around.


  28. Up 4 grabs now

    Evening all, great atmosphere last night from the away fans, even @ 2-0 down they kept going. Dortmund was shocking though. But still wouldn’t throw Klopp away just yet. There were still too many moments when nearly everyone was up for corners for my liking.

  29. Johnty79

    The performance last night meant nothing. Those of you who think it does are deluded. Dortmand know they’ve won the group and didn’t bother.

    And a mention for jack wilshere….he’s a disgrace in the fact that his injuries are shelf inflicted the careless way he plays the game. The sooner we get rid or get him hypnotised not to play like a headless chicken. It could be something to do with iq. Matic cesc have brains and discipline our midfielders have nothing.

    The amount of injuries we have is quite simple…our players are very poor they r so poor they have play at 101% of there limited ability. Cesc plays at 70% of his ability and this is better than our midfielders. If you are a crap player the only way you can match a good player is by playing beyond your ability through straining yourself mentally and physically. This is why our players get injured with the combination of wenger ‘beasting them’.

  30. the_real_andy

    it is pretty easy to understand why the premier league is not as successful as it should be if you take a look at the players employed here – > firstly, as so many top class players joined premier league teams in the last 10 years or so the wages are inflated. this is a problem because average players get overpaid incredibly. while other leagues “only” have 5 or 6 top class players on ridiculous wages in 2 or maximum 3 teams the EPL has 25 in 12 different teams.
    secondly there is no winter break. it is wonderful as a fan if you can watch football without an interruption in the winter but honestly it pays off at the end of the year. I would say its fair to mention that English teams may well have an advantage in the first knock out stage of the UCL as they never stopped playing while others only play their third or forth game in the new year. but latest in the round of the last 8 English teams have a big disadvantage because of so many competitive games already played in the season.
    thirdly, you may argue about the “best” league in the world but one thing is fact – it is the most intense league. you simply can not line up a second string against bottom teams as they fight and fight and fight and are technically and tactically way better compared to other leagues.

    if you take these three points into account it does not surprise anyone why English teams are not as successful as they probably should be. as long as the FA does not offer a winter break to minimize the intensity English teams won’t be able to succeed internationally on a regular base – meaning 3 or 4 years of real domination

  31. BacaryisGone

    We might not have replaced Vermaelen, but at least we didn’t keep him and actually got Barcelona to stump up 15 million for a perma-crock.

    Losing Arteta is a big blow as Flamini is so poor. He does absolutely nothing in dictating the tempo of the game or pushing the team forward. I honestly would rather see Monreal, Rosicky or Chambers ahead of Flamini in a defensive midfield role when Kozzer returns. In fact, if I had to go with one of them, I would probably put Monreal there, and I was his biggest critic last season. However, he’s shown himself to be tough and positionally more disciplined than last season.

    With Wilshere out, Monreal could slot in alongside Ramsey and provide us with a more solid base than Rosicky. I would keep Chambers at RB until Debuchy comes back.

    Team for West Brom:

    Chambers, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs
    Ramsey Monreal
    Ox Santi Alexis

  32. Cesc Appeal

    Decent performance, should definitely go with Giroud and Sanchez up front at the weekend…am worried the Chilean is going to breakdown soon but we really have no other option.

    Hopefully Oxlade can carry on in this vein of form, this is exactly what I’ve wanted to see out of him, direct, taking people on, using his build and pace, shooting from distance. Could be a fantastic player for us. Gibbs as well needs to consistently perform as he did last night, his positioning is still a bit dodgy though.

    Little bit annoying the way some people are swaggering about today with an air of vindication that a 2-0 win over BvB erases our worst start in 32 years and obvious failings of the manager both in the summer and now in the season.

    Annoying. But I suppose they have to enjoy the breaks in the cloud and occasional rays of sun light.

  33. Cesc Appeal


    Monreal at CDM? Hmmm.

    With been stuck with Flamteta al season, so it’ll be Flamini now. But worrying that Arteta’s body appear to be gone, people said his legs were going last year. Again, everyone apart from the gaffer.

    I’d love to experiment with Chambers there, but with have all the depth of Paris Hilton at the back (intellectually, vaginal wise might be a different story) so we can’t really risk it.

    Such a f**k up not getting a CDM, really, really bad.

  34. Up 4 grabs now

    Still need to improve big time,Not getting carried away with last night, it was two struggling teams and Sanchez providing the quality. When you think Suarez went for almost double what we paid for Sanchez and barca dropped a clanger signing crock vermalen as well you have to laugh.

  35. N5

    “New man klopp already making arsenal look like winners”… James Richardson”

    Maybe James forgot they did us at their ground with the same score, so was Old man Wenger making Dortmund look like winners?

    We as fans have very short memories.

  36. London gunner

    Alexis goal… Oh my… Can’t see anyone else pulling of that technique of shot.

    Granted we got people who can score from that range, but that wrapping his foot round the ball making it dip and bounce before the keeper right into the side netting.. Not one other player could do that.

    Oh and alexis>rvp

  37. Cesc Appeal

    Sanchez makes that move a lot, but he’s so fast and tricky he pulls it off. Hopefully he can finish it off like that with more frequency. Right at the end where he won that free kick Cazorla skied it was like watching Aguero, past three players, speed, skill, strength the lot until he was chopped down.

    Special, special player. Barcelona are insane.

    But again, offset by the f**k up in the summer in not providing us with steel, presence and commanding players.

    Also, Mert is turning into a real worry; hope Kozz can bring a bit of stability back to his game though.

  38. N5

    U4GN they are something else aren’t they. I’ve been next to them a couple of times and not many teams compare, maybe Napoli and funnily enough Palace.

  39. N5

    U4GN, 8-1 that’s a nice little earner. but I’m surprised it was that low. Sanogo should have come after Gunnersauraus for 1st scorer. 😀

  40. Cesc Appeal


    I swear a paper worked it out, 17th or something I think?

    Also I like the look of Martinez, not sure how tall he is but he reminds me of Courtois or Forster in that he’s a big old lump, like Pedro said I felt safe with him goal, big, big bloke.

    Hope to see a bit of him in the EPL, see how he goes. We can risk it.

  41. London gunner

    Mert is acting like captain maverick. Charging forward trying to get a goal despite the fact his our slowest defender and is leaving back hour hopelessly exposed.

    I think his heads been inflated by world cup success.

    Cazorla was fabulous yesterday his vision, decision making, dribbling l and passing all on top form. Even seemed to have more zip in his running speed. His been utter gash all season it’s frustrating to see that he can actually play to a high level because you have to ask yourself why doesn’t he regularly.
    I would keep him as cam with ozil still out.

  42. N5

    CA, we have little chance. Wenger has his favorites, so the moment big mouth is fit, he’ll be back in charge. It’s good to know he has a (albeit reactive opinion) talented young fella biting at his heals.

  43. Up 4 grabs now

    N5 I went away to palace years ago. They never stopped. 8-1 wasn’t bad as usually first scorer is something like 2-1, I’m just happy for the win to be honest. Thought Sanchez was fantastic last night, even if he lost the ball a couple of times he chased it to win it straight back.
    He needs a few more to do that with him though

  44. N5

    U4GN, are you a regular at the Emirates? if not it’s amazing to see Alexis live isn’t it. Two people who really surprise me are Alexis and Wellbeck. When you watch on TV you follow the ball so you don’t always see how much work players are putting in, but the two of those guys are like bloody cyborgs.

  45. Cesc Appeal


    But as you say it’s no good if Arsenal isn’t a meritocracy.

    He occupies the goal if you know what I mean, big old lump you imagine he could put a big paw on the ball or clatter through players…say that he’ll probably drop an utter clanger against West Brom now. Unless Wenger is thinking about playing Chambers there or something, 50 000 games and all that

  46. Thomas

    “Little bit annoying the way some people are swaggering about today with an air of vindication that a 2-0 win over BvB erases our worst start in 32 years and obvious failings of the manager both in the summer and now in the season.

    Annoying. But I suppose they have to enjoy the breaks in the cloud and occasional rays of sun light.”


    It’s always the same like that every time Wanker manages to get a result in between the shitshower performances. Embarrassing really.

  47. Cesc Appeal

    It does certainly look as if Sanchez is having an effect on Oxlade though, much more direct. As if he’s twigged “ahh, it’s okay to lose the ball sometimes” with two wide men pushing hard and direct BvB were pegged back, couldn’t be as adventurous or expressive.

    We were good last night because it was one touch and direct, more of that.

  48. Cesc Appeal

    “Arsene, Arsene come on! That hole is clearly round and that peg square!!.”

    “I know I know…I know what to do now…”

    “Oh, thank goodness” (slaps him on the back in relief)

    “Need a bigger hammer.”

  49. Cesc Appeal

    Wow, Daily Mirror poll “Should this be Arsene Wenger’s last season as Arsenal manager.” I thought after a win the fickle brigade would be out in force. But nope, 84% say Yes.

    Have fans FINALLY realised, finally seen him for what he is now, an old guy who WAS brilliant a decade ago but maybe needs to retire now.

  50. N5

    What’s happened to Marble since he said Costa and Di-Maria were shit, Henry was overrated and Aguero was out of his depth? he seems to have gone into hiding.

  51. rollen

    N5 November 27, 2014 19:49:52

    Up4 Grabs now! We were there when Sanogo scored. We will go down in history my friend.

    lol saw Sanogo bagging 4 live >

  52. Up 4 grabs now

    Hi sorry N5, had to put my daughter’s to bed. I have a friend’s season ticket as they are quite ill and can’t go. So have been the last 6-7 home games and might be going for the rest of the season? I try and go as much as I can.
    I used to go every home game and some away games from about the 87-88 season onwards till 93. then I started work and worked most weekends. So it was probably 4-5 Times a season. Sanchez is quality would really like to see him Theo Ozil and wellbeing together.

  53. N5

    Me to U4GN, but swap Wellbeing for Wellbeck, he’s better in front of goal. 😀

    Sorry to hear about your friend, but glad someone is getting use out of his ticket. Sadly the price is so expensive a lot of people can’t go anymore. I’m really lucky with work. My boss is a gooner so has no issue letting me have the afternoons off so I can travel up midweek.

  54. Up 4 grabs now

    I’m not to bad, I live in chingford north east London so finish work sort the kids out and down to the Emirates with my brother. He’s a season ticket holder since 92 and even he has finally cracked and wants Wenger out!

  55. Up 4 grabs now

    Your right about the price though. First time I went to arsenal it was £4 to stand on the northbank or clock end and beer was a £1 a bottle in the pub!

  56. N5

    U4GN, I have to confess, I was on the fence for a long long time with Wenger, but Kim Kalstrom was the straw that broke the Kims back. I kept assuming Wenger was having his hands tied by someone at the club, but the last two years especially there has been no excuse and I just want Arsenal to be a relevant club again.

    Your username reminds me of special times, the post Thomas charging through the midfield and the early years Wenger who brought that something special too deserved time to get things right but now were just a mediocre presence making up numbers and I want the feeling back once more of challenging and winning things.

  57. Arsene's Nurse

    N5 November 27, 2014 20:38:54

    What’s happened to Marble since he said Costa and Di-Maria were shit, Henry was overrated and Aguero was out of his depth? he seems to have gone into hiding.
    He’s gone to his safe house to lie low – the one that contains his padded room.

  58. Up 4 grabs now

    I’m exactly the same, I kept giving him the benefit of the doubt. Because of the past, but some decisions have baffled me. Kalstrom, never properly replacing Gilberto. ( God watching Denilson and song trying to play there was awful) persisting with alumunia the list goes on.

  59. daz

    Well I think he was shit he only won two league cups in his last ten years then got relegated. You ask any Forrest fan that last decade is all they talk about.

  60. Up 4 grabs now

    I’m not like utd fans that arrogantly think we should win everything all the time but we should at least compete. Doing so well last season we all knew we had to strengthen in January and he didn’t that’s what pisses me off. I honestly think if we had kept van Persie for that last season we would have won the league. But he wanted the money

  61. BacaryisGone


    I think if Monreal were to play in CM, it would need to be alongside Ramsey on the left rather than behind him. Not exactly Vieira and Petite but possibly the best available right now. It might mean we’re less fluid moving forward but with Ramsey and Monreal shielding the defence, we would concede a lot less.

  62. Goondawg

    You know yesterdays performance from Chambers made me think he would make a great DM. He grew up playing there after all. I loved the way he went past fellaini in the utd game and then against the dortmund players he was taking them on for fun. He has so much potential and hes only 18 its incredible

    He has good foot skills and confidence, he never boots it away under pressure, he always has his head up looking for the right pass and will use his skill to get out of a tight situation. Great ball retention and he is combining really well with other players, including oxlade who he has good rapport with, always playing 1-2s and he can cross well and is good at getting into crossing positions or putting oxlade chamberlain into these crossing positions.

    If arteta is injured, and Koz is coming back. Id love to see chambers given a run in the DM position over flamini. Also would like monreal paired with koz with per dropped

  63. daz

    I haven’t got a problem with people wanting him to go maybe ur right I know he has made mistakes and people should be critical but he isn’t the devil either people call him old git and wanker and cunt are over stepping the line. He will go down in history as a great man and rightfully so

  64. R.S.P.C.Arsenal



    However u are forgetting that flamini is French
    Brought back the former poster boy flam is a wenger fave

    He has as much chance of playing there as. Joel an pod starting Saturday ,,,

  65. Goondawg

    Honestly at times it sure looked like he was playing CAM the way he was getting past players, so wouldnt be shocked to see wenger give him a go there lol

    I actually wouldnt put it past Wenger to try him in the DM position to avoid buying a DM in jan

  66. Keyser

    Romford Pele – Sorry for the late reply, people seem to be confusing free reign with our desperation to score, yesterday’s game looked exactly like last year, except it’s not Ramsey working off players, it’s Sanchez, any other approach will be a reserved one, it’ll be one that’ll take twice as long to produce the same results. It’s basically playing not to concede, while attempting to score.

    You’re not relying on team efficiency, you’re basically relying on individual talent.

    Against United, we take anyone of those chances and the game turns on it’s head, Welbeck’s cut back against Swansea is exactly the sort of decisions Wenger is trying to influence, you allow dynamic gameplay, but then focus on individual passing patterns within it, Pires cutback to Henry, Bergkamp throughball, Ljungberg diagonal run, it looks spontaneous but they’ve built those understandings through repetition and consistentcy.

    Walcott’s impact is similar, against Swansea Sanchez picks out his run, Walcott makes that run consistently and Sanchez picking it out is promising, Sanchez should have everything to be as influential as Ramsey was last year his progression will be interesting.

    Wilshere’s shot against United, he did two things wrong, not score himself, not play a pass to his left to allow Sanchez a tap-in. Welbeck similarly you either shoot to score or you reverse the pass for Ox, the right choice is the one that works, though Wenger even then would probably want him to reverse the ball because again it allows for the easiest scoring possibility.

  67. Keyser

    Goondawg – Not sure if Chambers is quick enough, he definetly seems smart, but it’s different in the middle, at right back he works with the touchline, it’s almost like a safety net, he and Mertesacker can work in unison to constrict space and play, at centre-back it’s similar, it’s a more vertical game, you move up and down with the offside line and you don’t really dwell on the ball too much.

    In the centre it’s dynamic, you move horizontally aswell as vertically, you have to push play forward and break the press, Chambers has good feet, he’s strong and seems durable, he has the height to, not sure if he’s mobile enough, Vermaelen was quicker, but you could see how years of playing as a defender had left him rigid, especially being soo left-footed.

  68. Arsene's Nurse

    Monreal is a LB. He’s been unfairly drafted into playing CB and to give the lad credit has done as well as can be expected plus a bit more. There will have been massive pressure on the lad to do what he has done and I think he should be given credit for that.

    In some ways this change of position, which has been forced upon him, will actually make him a better LB, because he will have a greater understanding of the art of defending as a whole. Doesn’t make him a (first or second choice) CB, it just means that he will understand how a LB and other team mates, predominantly CMs and CBs players fit, with regard to defending, having experienced it first hand. He’s been shoved in at the deep end.

    It’s far more difficult to get a CB (let alone a LB) to step up to playing a centre midfield role than getting a centre midfielder to slot into a CB or full-back position.

    Yes, there are a few CBs who can make the transition, but they are few and far between. Professionalism is just that; it’s specialization – the best person in the specific role. When things are amiss then a make and mend situation occurs where the best effort is all that you can do. (See Man Utd last week against us)

    The idea of getting a defensive player who is a LB, who has been drafted to play CB and then switch him to playing a specific DM role at Arsenal, is one born of desperate need rather than sound principle. I’m putting that as diplomatically as I can. 😀

    We may have a hole to fill, but that doesn’t mean we can shove another round peg into a square hole to make do. Monreal is already making do.

    The DM role at Arsenal is not a purely defensive role in the Makelele style (even in the 4-1-MESS-1). It’s a far more interactive role in the build up from the back. That means you need a far more technically accomplished player than Monreal in that role. The player must also be far more experienced too.

    Because we have been deficient in that position for the last year or two (or whenever) , then fans look for solutions. And why wouldn’t they? We all want the team to do well and therefore we all look for what we each consider to be the best solution given the players on Arsenal’s books.

    In the past we’ve seen Vermaelen touted to fill that DM role. More recently it’s been Chambers. Today I outlined why I think Wilshere is better suited to the deeper role, but again that’s a tomorrow solution.

    None of these ideas are ideally suited to today’s situation, they are reactions to today’s situation, brought about by a need that has not been addressed.

    Coquelin is on loan at Charlton until 1st December, but even he isn’t considered right for the position.

    At the back we need all the bodies we can, so drafting Monreal into yet another unfamiliar but vitally important position is simply strapping a bandage on a sucking chest wound.

    We need a specialized DM that fits Arsenal’s style of play. But you already knew that.

  69. Keyser

    “I went to see Arsène, and Arsène said he’d had nothing to do with it – he hadn’t signed his contract at that time. I told Arsène in the January that I would leave in the summer. He said: ‘Don’t go, I’d like you to stay’.

    “But I didn’t want to work under someone else. I was prepared to do it because it was Liam Brady, but not someone brought in from outside.”

    Also Romford’s on Question Time, bit weird.

  70. Goondawg

    Keyser, yeah some good points, and if we are pushing to succeed at another level, I would want a steadier option at DM. His range of passing is good I feel, and his height would be an added asset in midfield as we wouldnt have to intercalate giroud at set pieces potentially giving us extra options going forward

  71. Follow the money

    Wenger deserves all the abuse he gets. He’s brought it upon himself at any rate. Persisting with Almunia and Denilson? We would have won something during the Cesc years if Wenger had replaced those two with anyone who could do the job and not throw away games and points. Almunia cost us between 9-15 points a season.

  72. Highbury Daze

    The cruel part of the Denilson fiasco was afc were paying wages for this fool while in Brazil up until time his contract ran out, because these other clubs could not afford the socialist 50k a week

    Same with most of the loanees, not would or could afford those 50k weekly gifts, history will look back on Wenger and AFC, and say, did a manager really pay every squad player 50k a week

    One win over Dortmund and the love in is back with some fans,

  73. Highbury Daze

    What is not broadcast about, but there is some truth in the fact that after the 8 million quid a year Wenger gets for finishing 4th, he pulls a further 3 million quid for achieving the great feat of beating Spurs and Liverpool home to 4th, and while Liverpool finished in the top 4 last season, they did so at the expense of United, thereby giving Wenger his 4th place trophy

  74. Dark Hei

    I will agree with Pedro on this, which is a rarity.

    Wenger needs to go, if we end up business as usual come end of the season.

    An FA Cup and the world record of 4th place trophy will be a happy farewell in my books. He isn’t the best, but Wenger is far from the worst.

  75. Highbury Daze

    Wenger is just fine if all you want, is to finish 4th every year, play in the CL for the privilege to be the first one knocked out every year

    But if the club and fans want better than that, after paying Wenger 11 million quid a year and spend 160 million quid a year on wages I would demand a lot fucking better for the money

    You take out Ozil and Sanchez from this flea bitten squad and what have you got left

    I will tell you, say they both pull 7 million a year, keep it round figures, say 16 million quid for the both

    This club pays 100 million quid to the rest of the second rate players fuck me, you are kidding, and on top of that, this underfed fucking Frenchman has wasted 20 million quid wages on Diaby these last 8 years, this club is fucked, the waste is extraordinary, this weasel should have been fucked off years ago

  76. Highbury Daze

    Apologies, got my sums wrong after paying Sanchez and Ozil, 144 million quid is spent on the rest of the rabble, giving the club a 160 million wage bill

  77. Highbury Daze

    I don’t care how good Wenger thinks Diaby could have been without a thousand injuries these past 8 years, this player should have ben jettisoned years ago, around the same time as the manager, waste is in abundance at this club, it is a very rich club, but mismanaged to the point bordering on criminal, how Wenger, a senile 65 year old pensioner is squandering these massive profits just so he can massage his over inflated fucking ego is beyond criminal actually, it is pure fucking insanity

  78. kay

    Wilshere getting injured is a blessing in disguise..
    Cazorla has to be the no 10 till ozil is back..
    Our team would be much better when walcott, debuchy and koz are back.. would actually like to see chambers and koz at the back..

  79. Highbury Daze

    They say the prize money for playing in the CL is about 30 million quid depending on how far you go, I’m no genius, but what is the point of having a 160 million quid wage bill at AFC just to finish 4th, so you can scoop 30 million quid, playing in the CL what am I missing, what else is there attached to finishing 4th, prestige, can any one enlighten me

  80. Highbury Daze

    Trouble is the club still pays Wilshere 90k a week, have you seen the time this guy has spent out of the side, the last 3-4 years, it is getting Diabyesqe

  81. Highbury Daze

    Speaking of papering over cracks, there are a few in this managers head that need attention, It’s like waiting for a revolution to happen, waiting for this guys abdication or death, whatever comes first, at 65 years of age no one should be making decisions affecting the populace, it’s something akin to 60 something politicians making decision that affect a whole country. they are ancient, set in their ways, and do not have the right mindset to take us forward, same with these judges, dirty old fucking scroats 70 something deciding peoples fate, it is just wrong

    So in closing, just hurry up and abdicate or die Arsene, I don’t give a hoot which one, just make a choice

  82. Dark Hei

    “Have fans FINALLY realised, finally seen him for what he is now, an old guy who WAS brilliant a decade ago but maybe needs to retire now.”

    Look CA, this season is where Wenger finally got the fair shot he wanted. He has thus far bombed miserably. I wouldn’t jump into the “Finally” portion since maybe some people think they got it right, but then again the next manager that comes on board might bomb, horribly. And then some bloke will say “look Wenger’s great blah, blah, blah” and the debate never dies.

    Given the current state of affairs, even your resident AKB at Le Grove is saying this should be his final season. Even if Wenger, by some astonishing feat, win the league, it should be his finale too. If someone is available, end of this season is the best time to grab em. Next season, is not ideal as the club will have to grapple with players leaving for the Euros. The season after, which is Wenger’s 3rd year anyway, might be a stretch too far.

  83. Zementalstrength


    Fuck it’s not the new post!! lol

    Everybody’s dead ?? Not very surprising, considering the mess that the club is becoming, thanks to the board and to le specialist in… In what by the way ?? lol

  84. Goondawg

    Sanchez loves to run. One of his Italian adventures at Udinese came when he left his house close to the club’s Stadio Friuli outside the city to drive into the centre on a shopping trip only to lose his keys. A more pampered player might have called his agent to send a car. But whether out of embarrassment or just because he thought nothing of the ‘hardship’, Sanchez ran the four miles home to get a spare set of keys — and then ran back to his car.

    Read more:

  85. Highbury Daze

    Arsene Wenger is like Captain Edward. J Smith, he is going down with the ship, can you imagine Sanchez on speed, what a sight that would be,

  86. gazzap

    Wilshere got injured because Wenger plays him in an advanced position not because of bad luck as wenger claimed today.

    Wilshere takes the ball very close to players before moving the ball. If you do this in and around centre backs they are going to be putting tackles in and closing Jack down in numbers. He also sometimes slightly overruns the ball and then is stretching for it. In a deeper role if you overrun the ball a bit, it normally is not a big issue, as you still have a bit of space to get the ball back. In the final third the spaces are smaller and the opposition will be looking to tackle. Jack is more likely to put his ankle in harm’s way in the attacking midfielder role.

    I felt Hodgson was clever at keeping Jack out of the danger and at the same time using his long passing ability. Wenger hasn’t spotted this but I do agree that in the PL you need a real athlete and tackler in the DM position that you don’t really need at international level (unless you are playing about 5 or 6 of the worlds top countries).
    but Jack should have been playing alongside Arteta and not further forward, which is where he was against Man utd.
    but wenger is very stubborn and doesn’t always try and see the whole picture.

  87. Zementalstrength

    “…not because of bad luck as wenger claimed today.”

    Don’t you dare!!
    Arsène NEVER uses this excuse for injuries!! lol