Look away, tonight could be horrendous

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Lots of sounds bites to smash through this morning. The first one is Wenger on the Usmanov comments.

‘First of all, the 18 years I have been here I have shown that I can take criticism and everybody has the right to have an opinion,’ he said. 

‘Having said that, we have values at this club. The first one is when we go through a difficult patch, we show solidarity. That is a very important one.

‘The second one is that, when you have something to say to each other, we say it face-to-face. We don’t need to go to the newspapers.’ 

Interesting comment from the manager. You could maybe agree with it if you had the full context. That being that Usmanov really isn’t involved in the club.  Le Grove has one share, Usmanov has 30% of them, yet he has about as much access as we do to the club. Which is a pretty sorry state of affairs considering the value he’d no doubt offer. So he’s not really inside the club to say it face to face… unless he’s singing it to Wenger with the rest of the fans.

It’s a good thing that he has an opinion, that he speaks to the fans in language they totally get. I sat in the last AGM. It’s quite clear that not a lot of face to face talking goes on at board level. Remember Sir Chips stating, ‘When the manager has a plan, we back it. When he doesn’t, we keep quiet’… that tells you all you need to know about how the club is run at board level and it stinks.

In injury news, Jack is out indefinitely due to the ankle injury he sustained at the weekend. Pretty disappointing. I know many fans point to him being poor this season, so it might not be a big deal…  but it is. He’s a body. He’s a capable body and we don’t have a squad. Every time players come back into the fold, more leave it. It’s a depressing cycle and it’s caused us some big problems this evening.

The injury news doesn’t get any better. There’s no Chezzer, so that means we’ll be playing Martinez. There’s also no Walcott or Welbeck. I mean, this is a pretty desperate squad this evening. We’ll be playing Arteta for the second time in three days which means he’ll be out of contention for the weekend or destroyed and useless like he was after a heavy workload for the Chelsea game. It also means we’re putting a heavy burden on players like Aaron and Giroud who are fresh back from injury.

Tonight could be really bad. Dortmund have been great in the Champions League and Wenger certainly hasn’t cottoned onto how all the German teams are picking apart Klopp’s pressing game. So I’m half expecting to see a rabbit caught in headlights operation this evening. It wasn’t fun in Germany and Arteta played there as well. I have no idea how we’re going to cope.

Someone made an amusing point last night that this will be the first time in the clubs history where a majority of the fans prefer the opposition manager.


Please don’t get too attached to the obvious Wenger replacement. He’s having an absolute disaster in Germany at the moment. Managers go through phases of failure and it’s good for them. What I’d like to see from Klopp is that he comes back from this phase and reinvents the Dortmund wheel. If he doesn’t, he’s just like Wenger. One system, one vision with no adaptability. I’m sure he’s not that man, but you never know… success makes you arrogant. He hasn’t evolved his operation. The players he’s brought in of late haven’t been exceptional, his injury record is pretty appalling and tactically he’s just walked into school with no clothes on (not as a 48 year old man, metaphorically).

That said, he’ll still outsmart Wenger this evening.

I also don’t like the idea of bringing in Martinez. Again, a smart manager, tactically astute, but he’s not cutting it at Everton at the moment and his injury pile up was critiqued by Roy Keane recently.

For me, right now, the managers that are the most interesting would  be Diego Simeone. He managed that tiny squad last year into the Champions League final. He’s a big scary name, he’s a leader and he’s suffered severe failure. He’s very, very experienced for someone of 42 years old. I also think Rudi Garcia is a fascinating guy as well, he’s worked wonders with Roma and he was the guy the took that tiny Lille side to Ligue One glory with players like Hazard and Gervinho (I know!).

I’d also be interested any manager who has been managed by the great Johann Cruyff. Koeman, Guardiola, Enrique and the late Villanova all have a meticulous approach and a deep understanding of the game. Picking up managers on the periphery at amazing clubs wouldn’t be the worst move. That’s why the Paul Clement story interests me. Not because I know much about him, just that his experience is fascinating. Managers that have seen it all, worked under exceptional modern influecnes… they could be the future of Arsenal.

I don’t want a fan choice, I want the right choice.

Interesting to read this Henry Winter article. I’ve been writing these for 5 years. Now the main man in English journalism has moved to the darkside, expect the pressure to get stronger and stronger. That article is end game for Arsene. Journo’s hunt in packs, they’ve tasted blood now…

Right, enjoy the game tonight, hopefully Wenger will spring a surprise!

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  1. goonpharm

    kwik fitNovember 26, 2014 21:37:33
    Good win guysI would keep Martinez in goal in the next game. He made two top save’s tonight that I feel Chesney wouldn’t have.But how bad were Dortmund

    Yes. That mouthy prick Chezzer needs a dose of humility. Leave him on the bench for a few games and let Martinez and Ospina fight it out for a while.

  2. TheBlaster

    Our pressing was excellent throughout the match. I never get to say that. Dortmund were not poor. Give credit where credit is due. For once we defended well at a team and kept the tempo high and the passing good. Fair dos

  3. goonpharm

    Question – why the fuck can’t we play like that every game?

    It’s not rocket science. Take your chances, defend with discipline and the results will follow.

  4. goonpharm

    Chesney was at fault for the 1st goal on Saturday when we were in control.

    Time and time again he’s cost us games. The only reason he gets a pass is because he’s playing behind a makeshift back line.

    It just masks his incompetence as a keeper. Plus his kicking is shit. Worst in the league. Martinez looked far more assured in his kicking in this one game than that cunt has in all is career.


  5. kwik fit

    Wenger tells SKY: “Arteta doesn’t look good. It’s a calf injury. He’ll be out for a while. The injuries are very difficult to take.”

    Fuck that, he actually looked good tonight. We are now down to Ramsey and Flamini in the CM positions, and Ramsey doesn’t even what to play there.

  6. Thomas

    reality check November 26, 2014 21:48:54

    Ok, well done, but..

    We always qualify

    We always get top 4

    You can’t mis manage your own team, achieve the same old targets then call it a positive because we did it from a difficult position.

    We’re the ones that mis-managed the team which caused us to be in a difficult position in the first place!!??


    Exactly. We shouldn’t even be in that position to begin with. Then the senile cunt tries to spin it like some huge achievement. Pathetic really.

  7. Wengerites be damned!

    Yes, I agree. Let the Argie keeper (or Ospina) play and leave big mouth Szczesny on bench.
    Sánchez. How long will it take for a top club comes in for him? I really hope Wenger leaves sooner than the Chilean guy.

  8. Keyser

    We’ve put in soo many similar performances over the years, where we’ve tempered our attacking instincts and then reverted to shape and shut teams down, it was a decent performance but you realise how fine the margins are, Sanogo misses that, which he’s more than capable of or Martinez doesn’t save that one shot, which he’s more than capable of missing and you begin to understand why we have soo much trouble, at least recently.

    Dortmund didn’t need a win, weren’t under pressure, you can see why Klopp’s struggling, they may have the effort and work-rate, but from previous seasons, their passing isn’t as crisp or incisive and the level of technique in depth isn’t quite there.

    I haven’t found the stats yet, but compared to the weekend and several other games home or away, I’m guessing we took far fewer shots to score the two we did, likewise allowing Dortmund soo few oppurtunities. The Ox shot would have skewed these stats even further.

  9. Highbury Daze

    Did you have an enjoyable night Lee, go to bed now and bite the pillow, just don’t kick the cat because Arsenal won, you are such a sad sack, would you rather the team lost, you pathetic creature

  10. kwik fit


    Ox’s first touch and range of passing is not good enough for playing in the middle. I feel he’s better deployed in wide area’s with his pace.

  11. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    We are better off going into next match.

    Tricky game but they will of gained some confidence from that game .

  12. gazzap

    To be fair you could tell the players were trying to implement a shape that had been discussed following the debacle of the last few games. I think it helped that Dortmund didn’t need a point, and are in a poor run themselves.
    There were still a couple of bad moments but much better.

  13. MadeToLoveMagic


    i actually reckon ox could be a beast of a dm rather than a cm if he got the chance, His teckers is fine for position i think, hes powerful can pass and wouldnt get taken off the ball too easily

  14. Emiratesstroller

    Good result tonight.


    Martinez in goal looks solid with a decent level of concentration. Okay as a third string GK.

    Two very good goals.

    Sanchez and Oxlade are playing very well. It will be very difficult for Walcott to displace the Ox on his current form.


    Our defence still looks brittle.Borussia did not put them exactly under pressure. My main concerns are that our full backs are too often upfield at same time leaving centre backs exposed. Also we lack genuine quality defensive cover in midfield as has been obvious all season.

    We are getting once again too many injuries. This is impacting on our performances when it matters.

  15. Baartil

    Great game!
    Alexis is world class! Attacking players creates a lot, imagine a world class goalie and world class defenders and world class CDM…..

  16. Cesc Appeal

    I am slowly falling into a deep love with Sanchez…it’s reciprocal he just doesn’t know it yet. Might kidnap his dog then he’ll understand

  17. GoonerGaz

    Dawg, I might be wrong, but if we put 7 past Gala and Dortmund draw then that will also put us top, will it not?

    Ever the optimist!

  18. kwik fit


    He does have certain attributes that would suit the DM position but have not seen enough quality in his first touch and distribution at this point in his career to suggest he could play there ATM.

  19. GoonerGaz


    Agree particularly on the fullbacks issue.

    I heard Baines in an interview saying that when Coleman bombs forward Baines holds back and vice versa…. hardly rocket science and I don’t see why Gibbs Chamberlain can’t do the same.

  20. kwik fit

    Chambers, on the other hand could make a fine DM at this point. Bellerin at RB and Chambers and Ramsey in the middle cold just work.

  21. Highbury Daze

    I welcome a win, but Dortmund without Goetz, Lewandowski, Reus, and whoever else is out injured, look bad, it’s no wonder they are second last in Bundesliga, we are at home, and while I thought it would be a score draw, I never in my wildest dreams have I seen Dortmund so inept

    Arsenal played like a team tonight, not a set of individuals, all playing for one another, maybe the moronic manager for once gave a team talk as opposed to whispering in individuals ears

  22. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    I was bitterly disappointed with BvB, were really poor. I know their league form is awful but the team that beat us 2-0 played like a totally different animal

  23. Sam

    LOL whenever i need a good laugh i just come here. We lose and you bitch. We win and you guys bitch. You say arteta is shit all year then he has a good game and you are mad b/c some how it is Wenger’s fault that he got kicked. Pedro couldn’t predict the sun rising if his football knowledge is anything to go by.

    You are a spoiled bunch of brats. Just enjoy the day. Why spend so much time of your life being miserable?

  24. Gunner2301

    A long awaited decent performance from the team. Stand out performers Alexis, Ox, Martinez and Cazorla apart from his set pieces. Still Wenger must go he’s bought himself a bit of time with the more fickle fans no doubt. The result doesn’t change the fundamental problems.

  25. Hitman49

    Bvb look avarege in the first half and tried to play a more open game in the second,
    They certainly saw that we were light in the middle and from where I sat they controled the second half, and for a change we scored against the run of play Alex’s goal was a thing of beauty. . !

    But for me no change after that result as they have been as poor as us..


  26. tunnygriffboy

    Dortmu d with a load of players out. Arsenal with a load of players out.

    Much better tonight. We actually had a half tidy shape. Looked ok going forward considering our options. Ox and Alexis excellent, Arteta was good and Ramsey was more solid. Big hand to Santi, best in a while and well done the young keeper.

    7 first team regulars out tonight. Add Arteta ( could be a long one ) and the goal machine from tonight. Least Kos on the bench and Giroud available and Debauchery on way back.

  27. Highbury Daze

    What happened in the second half when Arsenal made it 2-0, they did what they always do, always, they think they have done enough, so they ease off playing a more defensive style (don’t laugh), they hang back giving the opposition the ball and soak up pressure, most times they concede, but this time it worked against a side on top of the group and already qualified

  28. london gunner


    “It’s easy to want Simeone. The Bundesliga is a lot tighter and harder than the Spanish League.”

    No its not. Simeone had to compete with the mammoths of Real madrid and Barcelona.

    Klopp had to compete with Bayern. A bayern side that was hopelessly mismanaged and all over the shop. Klopp has one main rival and caught them at their weakest point.

    Diego Simeone beasted two teams that were better than Bayerns team when Klopp won the league.

    We should be going for simeone. I don’t see why we aren’t competing for the best.

  29. N5

    london, now respond to the rest of Ozy’s comment where he tells you that you’re talking nonsense about Klopps decline and explains to you why, rather than pick one piece out that you think you can answer by presenting your opinion as fact.

  30. N5

    “LG, what makes you think I don’t watch domestic games? They’re in the relegation zone but only 12 points away from tying for 2nd. They’ve lost a lot of games domestically but had you watched the games, Klopp wasn’t “found out” for being “tactically naive,” they were all close games, some should’ve gone in Dortmund’s favor. He’s lost his two best players, one being his goal scorer, the other being probably the best young German talent in years. Reus has been in and out this season due to injuries. As has Hummels. As have a lot of other players (Sven, Sokratis, Sahin, Blaszczykowski, Gundogan)… They’ve relied too heavily on younger players like Ginter, Durm and Jojic. The only time they’ve lost by more than 1 goal was against Mainz. I don’t think YOU’VE seen any domestic games, just read results online. Simeone’s Atletico lost 3-1 to Valencia, tied 0-0 with Rayo Vallecano, lost 2-1 to a severely out of form Real Sociedad… you see? It’s easy to list results.

    And maybe those two are better than Klopp. But to discredit Klopp completely based on this season? Come on. Based on last season? 2nd, won the Super Cup, reached the Quarterr Finals of the Champions League where they only lost 2-3 in aggregate against Real Madrid (beating them at home 2-0), runner ups of the Pokal cup. Yes, I want Klopp. I’d prefer Simeone, or even Ancelotti maybe, but if we were to get Klopp, I’d be overjoyed.”

    There you go London, I’ve removed the distraction for you, now please respond to the rest of this comment and tear it to pieces as you’ve seen the undoing of Klopp for so long.

    Change this #Weneedbetterthanklopp to #Ozyjustschooledyou

  31. Romford Pele

    Still Wenger out but good win tonight.

    All I have to say really is that Ox is so wavy!!!

    When we can field this on a regular basis, it’ll be on top for everyone:

  32. hunter13

    hehe…im reading today’s entry blog article whatever…haha..who wrote it? mate whoever you are…give up!!! Ha!

    nights like these when the Arsenal plays such football must be tyranny for you huh?

    sorry…but i cant stop laughing..hahahaaaaaa

  33. alex cutter

    “…nights like these when the Arsenal plays such football must be tyranny for you huh?… sorry…but i cant stop laughing..hahahaaaaaa”

    You’re getting mighty excited about a competent win at home, over a side that’s already clinched, and is two points away from relegation in their own league.

    I bet your girlfriend’s fat.

  34. Ben D

    Things are far from where they should be for our club….and can’t wait for Wenger to leave so we can start a new era and hopefully become more consistent and challenge for trophies again…….


    Sometimes, the negativity on this blog is appalling. Tonight was a decent performance/outcome, and credit should go to the team…..comments suggesting that somehow credit is not due because Dortmund didn’t need a win, or had injuries etc are misplaced because teams lose to teams who don’t need the points all the time, we also had key players out, you can only play the team that is put out in front of you etc….

    Finally, just looked at all the Group Standings, and for all the praises being heaped on Chelsea, they only have one more point at this stage than we have in what is arguably a weaker Group than ours…….and purely on points gained so far, we rank pretty high.

    Hard to not be mad about results so far this season, but sometimes things can look worse when emotions are involved and looking dispassionately at the facts brings some balance…..

  35. Ben D

    The boys were clearly playing under instructions tonight and see the result….can’t wait to see this team managed by someone who will actually issue them tactical instructions and not just “go and play your game, if we play the way we can, we can beat anybody and need not worry about what they do”…. Which appears to be Wenger’s way…….l

  36. alex cutter

    “Tonight was a decent performance/outcome, and credit should go to the team…”

    Is this what things things have been reduced to? Getting a fucking hard-on about a “decent” performance?

    “…or all the praises being heaped on Chelsea, they only have one more point at this stage than we have”

    Are you seriously comparing us to Chelsea?

    You too, are Jerem.


  37. Ben D


    Yes, there’s nothing wrong with being happy when the team you claim you love gets a good result. You can choose to wallow in misery no matter what..it’s your prerogative.

    Secondly………read what I’m saying about Chelsea properly…I am not comparing us to Chelsea generally, what I’m saying is they haven’t done as well in the Champs League….unless all that matters is whether you are top of your group or not….

  38. Ben D

    Hahahahahaha. Nice way to back out.

    Enjoy your negative energy. There are loads on here who will help whip you into a spiral of never-ending negativity.

  39. Follow the money

    Wenger out. You know more humiliations are coming. You know Wenger won’t learn from his successes like tonight or his failures (too many to list). His record against the big boys is beyond embarrassing. Simeone plz. Someone who has proven he can beat the top teams

  40. alex cutter

    “Enjoy your negative energy. There are loads on here who will help whip you into a spiral of never-ending negativity.”

    Hurry on back to Untold Arsenal. They’re missing your link in the circle jerk chain,

  41. Ben D

    I guess posting childish YouTube videos with every comment makes you more ‘serious’ than using a random number of “.” in ellipses.

    Oh, and I’m going nowhere. You can leave if you don’t like my comments, or ignore them. Le Grove doesn’t belong to you….

  42. Ben D


    They are so few and far between! Enjoy my friend.

    I am smiling tonight, knowing that smile can be wiped off my face with the next match.

  43. gnarleygeorge9

    In fairness to Pedro “Look away, tonight could be horrendous” Shit he was only saying what most Gooners were thinking 😉

    As for me I thought pre game that The Arsenal would win coz its just typical of Old Frenchie to get the result. Then when I heard Sonogo was starting up front I said to myself ‘No fuck this” I turned the tele off, got into the car, got to work then watched the game on ESPN(Fox) on my smart phone, to find that Snago (oops 😳 that stands for sensitive new age gun owner) I mean Sonogo scored after 85 seconds. I worked/watched & thoroughly enjoyed myself. Sanchez’s goal was beautiful 🙂

    I thought I knew the beast that is The pride of North London, but I’m more confused about it than ever. So in the spiwit of that confusion, I’ll predict The Arse will play off in the CL final, you know I’m right…..wrong…..right….. oh phuck knows 😈

  44. Dark Hei

    This is depressing.

    I think Wenger needs to go at the end of the season but this win is still very much enjoyable.

    So the reactions on the blog is….disappointing. If your team can’t make you happy with a big win, nothing will.

  45. Leedsgunner

    Good win, fair enough again Wenger demonstrates he can pull another life out of the hat… to buy himself a bit more time… doesn’t change the fact that he’s mismanaged the team in the EPL – which is where he should be judged. Besides don’t get too excited because our record in the last. 16 isn’t anything to boast about.

  46. Leedsgunner

    Any manager can pull out a win from time to time but we should be able to stand back and look at the trend that the team is on. This season in the league the team is on a downward trend. 6 wins in 16 games is no where good enough for a team with the wage bill that the team is on… and I’m just thinking out the manager never mind the players.

    Predictably Wenger shows up to take the credit, but disappears when responsibilty needs to owned for failures. Excuse me if I don’t get ecstatic because the manager and the team perform on the field for the first time in weeks!

    Call me miserable but I’m choosing to look at the bigger picture.

  47. Bamford13

    Cesc Appeal

    “By ‘model girlfriend’ I take it you mean spraying perfume on your right hand before.”

    Brilliant. Funniest comment of the day.

  48. Jeff

    Yeah, Dortmund’s heart wasn’t in it last night. It could be their league form that is dragging down their CL form but nevertheless I was pleasantly surprised by our purposeful defending and seeing out the game last night. It shows we can do it but for some reason, in other games, often crucial ones, we simply choose not to. That I cannot understand. But we’ll see.

    Also, hasn’t Ox come through in leaps and bounds? I was very impressed by his hunger and desire last night. He turned up 100% and conducted himself around the pitch like an assured world class player. Well done. Cazorla also did well and I was also impressed by the cool head of Martinez – not bad for our “third” keeper.

  49. Jeff

    It is not inconceivable (from last night’s performance) that Anderlecht might in fact come away the winner against Dortmund – leaving us simply to win at Gala and finish top. If we don’t do that though, we can pretty much guarantee our exit in the next round.

  50. Jeff

    I have though one very worrying thought at the back of my mind – Sanchez is playing too many games. His work rate is very high so he almost certainly needs a rest. But we can’t afford to rest him – not even against the lesser teams – so we are in danger there. Lose him, and we can kiss goodbye to any ideas about fourth in my estimation.

  51. four1111s

    these were two different teams comparing to their first matchup. a little coincidental it was with jack out? i’m not exactly convinced we play better without him but sometimes i gotta wonder…

    all i want is for wenger to start playing our guys in the right positions. jack played great at CDM with the international squad, why not try him there? ozil prefers the 10, welbeck likes being up top in the middle, sanchez prefers to be out on the left, the list goes on — i just don’t understand wenger’s obsession with playing them out of position sometimes.

    and i’ll never understand how sanogo got the start or how he scored… but even a broken clock is right twice a day i guess