Major name crocked for 8 weeks?

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The hot rumour this morning is that Jack is crocked for 8 weeks and may need surgery on damaged ligaments. The rumour has come from a total randomer online, but something as specific and negative as this is unlikely to be a complete untruth especially as the account sharing it looks fairly established.

If it is true, it’s bad news. Jack plays a dangerous game and he’s paid the price there. He likes the Roy of the Rovers scrappy play and he invites it. There was no need for him to be in possession of the ball when he was tackled. A Spanish player would have had that outwide way earlier. A harsh punishment if he is out long term.

That leaves us in an unathletic pickle. Santi, Rosicky, Arteta and Flamini are all of an age where 3 games in a week is a stretch. Wenger now has limited options and he’ll be in a panic. This could be a horrible few weeks of squad beasting. Because there aren’t options.

Still, fingers crossed the story is just some masochistic chaps idea of top INTERNETZ attention seeking.

In other news, Usmanov let fly with a piece of PR that was perfect and packed full of wisdom. The jist of his piece was that even a genius has to own up to his mistakes or he’ll never improve.

‘Potential of the team is there, but there is no critical evaluation of own mistakes and their admittance. Because not a single genius can retain its level when he does not admit own mistakes. Only when you admit your mistakes you rid of them. I wish this to my club. Nothing wrong, but we just repeat same results year by year. Quite high to secure the place in the Champions League. But we regularly lose in the first circles of play-offs. As an investor I am not happy with that.’

Admittance that maybe Wenger is a fallen star, because any businessman with half a brain can see the wood for the trees now. You’d hope stan would say something like that, eh? He’s besotted though. Champions League qualification is success to him. Because the bottom line is a trophy.

‘But we have Russia proverb which goes – ‘Even an old lady can have a roof falling on her’. Everybody makes mistakes. He can make mistakes and I know as you age that it is more difficult, more challenging to accept ones mistakes. Maybe it’s a problem today’

That Russian proverb is lost on me, but the jist of Wenger being stuck in his ways isn’t. Damning words from a man who was as enamoured with Arsene as Stan was a year ago.

I like this line.

‘I like Arsene for his principles. But principles are sort of restriction. And restrictions are always lost possibilities. ‘

Principles are valuable. Rigid principles related to style and sport aren’t. Wenger is layering 1998 freedom of expression principles over a 2014 team. His ideals need an update. He’s not dynamic enough to admit that. Which is why he’s in such a mess, because his view on almost all aspects of the game are flawed and outdated.

He’s been respectful, he’s called a spade a spade and he’s bang on the money. All this, ‘it’s just PR’… well, yeah, of course it is. Nice to hear from a major shareholder who doesn’t Own the .com. Nice to know someone has a clue what’s going on. Nice to know someone cares. Nice to read this…

‘My opinion, and I tell it openly, we need to strengthen every position to play on the level of such teams in UK as Chelsea and Manchester City, in Europe like Real, Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Bavaria and other clubs.’

Maybe he dropped the ball here…

‘ I know sport pretty well and respect all on the club, including Kroenke, who has a substantial experience in sport. But we also have knowledge of sport and have investment in volleyball, basketball…’

Volleyball? You having a laugh!

The dream would be that Stan has a price and that Usmanov will meet it. Stan is an investor. He’s not proactive and he seems far from dynamic. All his sports teams are floundering. He’s not really a sports club owner. He doesn’t seem to be too interested in any of his teams. Begs the question why he bothers?

Usmanov is a speculator. Sure, it’s unlikely he’s picking out companies to invest in personally, but he has a clear strategy that involves picking up stakes in tech startups early doors. He’s had tremendous success Facebook, Vkontact and Twitter. He offers advice where he can but never interferes. He’d look to drive the club. Wenger would land a year under. He’d have carte Blanche to do what he wanted, if he failed, he’d be out on his arse. If we were to make a new managerial signing, you’d imagine we’d take a proper search and select approach to the successor… none of this pulling a rabbit out of a hat and hoping.

Anyway, Alisher has the chance to make some friends with the fans and put some pressure on the current regime. There will be a section of holier than thou people repulsed at the idea… the same people who ‘nearly’ go against the manager, but for some bizarre reason don’t despite all the evidence totally supporting that stance.

I mean, have your opinion. It’s up to you, I just find it incredible so many big Arsenal names won’t call for change. Almost corrupt, because there’s been no logic in backing the failed regime. We’ve been in decay for years. It’s an odd situation. We have a manager revered as an intellect despite that seeming to have no impact on his ability to see the problems. This results in this weird situation where people think there’s some sort of intellectual credence in aligning themselves with him.

The people calling for change are seen as digital barbarians, when in fact, they’re the smart ones. They’re the balanced group of people. They’re the the dynamic thinkers.

The malaise from that is that as a fan base, we’ve enabled the shit show to continue. Now we’re in danger of doing what we do every year… sinking to 8th, rising up from the ashes and going through the same… ‘I think he realises what’s needed’… bullshit.

He doesn’t know what we need. I know what we need. Intelligent change at the end of the season, with the manager being shunted on. We need interjection now, someone needs to force something different now. Empower some people, hold an inquiry with some actions off the back, do something to shake things up in the interim. We won’t though, unless Arsene drives it… which is unlikely. Real unlikely.

Anyway, I’m in meetings all day, fingers crossed the Jack thing is a nonsense. If it’s not, dortmund could be spectacularly horrible viewing.


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  1. Frankie T

    Wenger in 2002 “we won’t lose a game”

    Wenger in 2014 “we will have a strong season” (also known as finishing 4th)

  2. Rhys Jaggar


    You need to open your eyes to the world, mate, about volleyball. Sure, in the UK, it’s a minority sport which barely registers. On continental Europe it’s seriously big bananas.

    You sound like someone in 1995 saying that track cycling was for wussies. Usmanov comes from a country where they have different top sports to us. There, ice hockey players are like footballers here. Biathletes will have Putin bestow upon them a Dacha if they win Olympic gold (and some do): for anyone who’s wondering what biathlon is, it’s basically burning yourself out on skis and then having to shoot a rifle accurately in the middle of it. A bit like Arsenal players having to shoot penalties after 120 minutes of knackering exercise. It’s just done on snow, because in Russia it snows a lot in winter so they go in for sports which you can do outside in the snow. The other things they go for are indoor sports, like ice skating/dancing, basketball and the like. And ice hockey, whose most famous Russian coach died this week, not that you’d know it reading the UK newspapers. He was the Sir Alex Ferguson of ice hockey.

    I guess I’m saying: respect their sports as much as you’d like them to respect ours.

    After all, some English bloggers gave Maria Sharapova a seriously hard time for not knowing who Sachin Tendulkar was. Why should she know?? Cricket in Russia is about as important as snot picking is at the Olympics. If someone wanted her to talk about the Indian Premier Tennis League, where Tendulkar might own a team, maybe they should have briefed her first about who he was??

    As for your sentiments, I agree and have agreed for quite some time. The real issue about saying: ‘something must be done’ is this: who can make it happen??

    I’d happily go in there as a management consultant, with Ivan’s backing, but unless he’s prepared to sack Wenger if he won’t play ball, there’s very little point. Apart from me submitting an invoice for £50,000 or whatever for 6 months work which ends up in a professional report which gathers dust in the Arsenal corridors of power. Now I know £50,000 is chicken shit in a £300m turnover company, but taking money off Arsenal folk under false pretences is what the whole problem is all about.

    After all, my first piece of consultancy, 15 years ago nearly, involved me saying, in my penultimate communication prior to submission of my sanitised final report: ‘Fire the Chairman!’ A strange thing to do to the person paying you, but it was a matter of knocking heads together sufficiently firmly to stop all the posturing whilst a company’s cash flow was rapidly going down the toilet.

    At Arsenal, it’s not the cash flow going down the toilet, it’s the spirit of the fanbase, the quality of the team and the ability to compete medium term.

    But the principles of how to sort things out remain:
    1. Listen to what everyone has to say.
    2. Evaluate what they say for veracity, reality, political practicality and, in Arsenal’s case, shareholder value (I”d rather it wasn’t primarily about that, but Arsenal is a plc, so all things come down to shareholder value in the end). Unless one of the options is changing the legal vehicle of Arsenal Holdings to some community-based asset vehicle or whatnot.
    3. Flesh out the options moving forward and gain Board approval for a preferred course of action.
    4. Produce a detailed action plan, lines of accountability, metrics for evaluation and budgetary implications for actions agreed upon.
    5. Either negotiate for the right to implement certain key parts of that course of action or submit a final report and invoice for services rendered.

    I guess I know Arsenal reasonably well, I”ve worked with top professionals in a wide variety of fields from pharmaceuticals to professional musicians, from investment profesionals to research professors.

    And I have an uncanny ability to synthesise rapidly, break problems down into discrete actionable tasks leading to solutions and deal with highly het up, highly strung professionals in blood on the walls environments.

    In the past I wanted people to like me, which meant I got rather stressed out when the blood was splashing all over the walls. Now I couldn’t give a damn.

    I’d tell Arsenal what they needed to hear, not what they wanted to hear.

    If they threatened to put me on front pages of national newspapers rather than hear it, well, I guess they can go to the dogs and I’ll go off and support someone else. No need to stay somewhere you’re not wanted, not needed.

    They’ve got 60,000 odd people who’ll keep them solvent.

    What they could do with are 12 people who, together, can make them champions. Then the 60,000 can lift the roof in song, drink all the pubs dry in North London and institute ‘wearing red and white Fridays’ in the offices across the capital, much to the chagrin of Spurs supporters.

  3. MidwestGun

    Regarding Kroenke, the sports environment in the US is different, basically once you buy into a sports franchise your minted. Hence the exorbitant buy in costsl. Because of collective bargaining( the players are unionized) there is a capitalist wage structure in place with salary caps and teams share revenue also tv rights. Also most stadiums are subsidized by the City or state. Unless the leagues fold it’s a no brainer investment. The only way you can lose money is if the fans don’t go to games because your team is terrible and even then opposing fans will buy the tickets. There is no away section.
    The reason his teams here are not successful has little to do with money but apathy, lack of accountability to winning, and poor drafting and scouting departments. I’ve heard he basically leaves the management of his clubs to his son who is more interested in sports.

    In Arsenal he found a lot of these same qualities. Too big to fail, socialist wage structure, and the promise of increased tv revenue.

    Zacharse –
    A correction to earlier comment. Kroenke did not move Rams to St. Louis, former owner did. Kroenke is threatening to move team back tho to LA because of bigger market and he is holding city ransam for a new stadium project with more corporate boxes.

    Bottom line….. money and investment with Kroenke isn’t the reason for his teams lack of success it’s disinterest in the process of winning. Scouting, drafting, coaching etc….

  4. WengerEagle

    People are saying that if City lose tonight they are out, how?

    Even if they lose tonight, if they go on matchday 6 to Rome and beat Roma and Bayern presumably beat CSKA then City, Roma and CKSA will all be on 5 points with City having a better GD than the other 2.

    Or does it come down to head to head in the UCL?

    CSKA beat City once, Roma beat CSKA once, City would have beaten Roma once and the other 3 matches would have ended in draws so how would it be decided?

  5. nigel tufnel

    Real reputable source on the jack rumour. Almost as good as I dreamed it or overheard it from a 13 yr old on a bus.

    Actually the bus would be a better source than yours.

    Hopefully not true though. I like jack and his spirit. ?

    Btw Arsene ain’t goin anywhere. Deal with it.

  6. Cesc Appeal

    “Btw Arsene ain’t goin anywhere. Deal with it.”

    Well at least they’ve abandoned even attempting to come up with ‘reasons’ for him to stay…

  7. Keyser

    Midwest – How can Owners influence their teams chances in America through investment ? How much scope do they have ?

    Also the differences between Markets, you read the Billy Beane articles and Oakland are supposedly far exceeding their means ?

  8. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Well it’s complicated depends on Leagues but really the owners can’t affect the teams much financially beyond stadium ticket prices and corporate boxes. And a share of merchandise sales. So the bigger markets by nature of having more fans to pay for tickets and merchandise have an advantage.
    Why you see owners like Jerry Jones building ginormous stadiums. Seriously, if you ever get a chance to see it, it’s unreal.
    One of the reasons Kroenke wants to move Rams is market of LA im sure.
    But Kroenke is from Missouri has a degree from that university so wants to keep a major sport in his home area also.

    Oakland is definitely a tough market because of proximity of San Francisco a more affluent fanbase.

  9. Thomas

    Arsenal 1886-2006 November 25, 2014 19:13:30


    Head to head decides on who goes through and city would be out if they finish level with cska.


    But CSKA, City and Roma would all be even with everyone winning against one of the two other teams and the rest being draws. So they would then have to go to goal difference. I think that’s what WengerEAgle meant.

  10. Danish Gooner

    Worst Wenger supporters of the net.Positivelyarsenal.They are so far up his backside they can taste his tonsils.Wrote a very critical view on our beloved leader and of course like some sort of communist newspaper i got censored,bunch of utter twats.

  11. Danish Gooner

    This is what i wrote and they censored me twice.He is raking in 9 mil a year for absolutely nothing.Yes,he have given a lot of time and effort to Arsenal and no one will claim anything else but as with all things in life you can stay too long and become stale,this is exactly what has happened to Wenger.He is stubborn and arrogant and as long as you are winning that is a alright but when you are failing miserably like he is now and have been doing for 10 years now it becomes annoying and irritating.He always tells it like it never is,never ever owns up and is ridicilously loyal to some of the players(Abou Diaby) cost around 30 mil when his time is up straight down the drain.He is completely lost when it comes to tactics always playing the same way and being picked of time and time again by better teams and very often inferior teams like Manure the other day.He refuses to understand that attacking wise every tom,dick and harry knows his game,he still insists on the same tired game play and will never ever own up and change to become a better manager.Mainly the last reason is why Wengers time is more then up,he is so far his last sell by date that it is becoming pathetic.Remember his own words when shifting Highbury “we are moving to compete with Manure and other financially strong teams”.10 years without a championship and cannon fodder in the cl isnt competing it is derlict of duty and is a sackable offense at most companies and sane football clubs.

  12. Keyser

    Midwest – I thought as much, just wanted to know why people make a big deal of someone say, like Prokarov, taking over the Nets if he can’t affect the team too much ? How does Cuban do it ? If we stuck solely to Basketball ?

    People apply American Ideals when trying to compare the sort of impact he could have over here, which is wrong, partly because he simply buys teams and is hand’s off and the other part is that he has or will have had far greater scope to affect things with Arsenal.

    A bit like the embarrassement with the Usmonies now, with FFP being imposed, the window for that ability to inforce change has closed or will close.

    Soo any statements from Usmanov are basically transparent attempts to stir the pot.

  13. Johnty79

    No disrespect but wilsheres injuries are all self inflicted…Henry had a rule don’t stretch for a ball or go in for a tackle that you cannot 100% win. To me memory he never got a compact injury in his whole career. Wilshere gas all ready had 30-40 in his career. Constantly getting injured through his own fault.

    Maybe a new manager can talk some sense as the way he plays is clueless.

  14. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Not as familiar with the Prokarov situation but I think he is viewed as a playboy billionaire that would just be buying the team as a toy. And therefore will get bored with it.
    Cuban generally loves basketball, he attends every game, is involved with drafting and player decisions. In fact, I think his own manager at some point told him he needs to back off a bit. He used to sit right behind bench. And he has been fined by league for referee abuse in game.
    I would love a passionate owner like that for Arsenal regardless of nationality because there would be accountability. As far as Usamanov I don’t know enough about him to say but if I was a 30% owner I would probably stir the pot too.

  15. Keyser

    Midwest – Mean’t more how they use their wealth to affect team performance, I think Kraft financed the stadium in New England himself ?

    Don’t really care about the owners we were fine without, literally the only worth, to us as fans, of having two billionaies on board is if they invest in the sporting side.

  16. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Ahhh I see. Well I think Cuban was instrumental in player decisions as well. But other then improved facilities, there isn’t much difference the owners can make financially. Some commercial deals but if you spend too much there is a luxury tax in the NBA. So it comes down to management, drafting, etc… Why San Antonio is good. It’s not there facility which is not that nice. And they are a small market. Whether FFP accomplishes that type of thing im skeptical.

  17. Follow the money

    Positively Arsenal is run by Blackburn George aka pedantic George formerly of ACLF. I think. He left ACLF because they finally saw the light and began to criticize his lord and saviour. Real Nutter that one

  18. Keyser

    Midwest – Sorry, know Kraft ? Is NFL, but like Jerry Jones, does he basically fund the stadium himself or is it leveraged against the team/franchise ?

    In a way FFP probably brings us closer to the American Ideal, whereas you lot already have Salary caps and the draft.

    Would luxury tax just be the equivalent of FFP penalties ?

  19. WengerEagle

    It’s funny because City should have already been a goal or two down before the penalty, they were being dominated and now they’re 1-0 up with an extra man.

    Rudi Garcia must scarcely believe what is happening today.

  20. Jeff

    Bayern playing a dangerous game at the back. The keeper is doubling up as a defender and a goal keeper. Very clever but also very stupid if it doesn’t work.

  21. ArseneBgone

    Hey paco taco or whatever your name is, you flip flop more than a junkie w/o his fix, I mean whatever the “In” thing is your all for it! No thank you, don’t want some Russian mobster owning Arsenal so how’s that for you paco”

  22. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Depends on the market. Jerry Jones financed it himself and owns the stadium. Chicago for instance tho doesn’t own the stadium. So they sell seat licenses. They own the right to your seat.
    The way Surfer X explained it to me ya luxury tax is a similar punishment. But FFP can limit eligible players and even playing in CL right? So it could be more severe, I just don’t know if the deciding board will be fair or effective in FFP.

  23. kwik fit

    To think we could have had Alsono a couple of seasons back if we’d spend a couple more million. Yet another blunder by arsene the tool.

  24. Johnty79

    I think 9 men bayern Munich would beat us…

    But guardiola still flopped last year. He won’t win the champs league either….but I’d rake him in a heart beat over wenger.

  25. MidwestGun

    Sadly I can’t even think that far ahead. I know it’s a doomer thing to say but CL is so out of our realm of competitiveness that I don’t think much about our match ups anymore.

  26. Leedsgunner

    Bayern Munich are such a strong side.. in fact playing with 10 men probably is equalling the field not giving Man City an advantage…

    Bayern Munich – what a club looks and plays like when the manager has drive, vision and a strategy to get them there… no wonder they regularly cane us when it counts!

  27. Zacharse

    Missed comments for a while

    Mid- that’s right, he Kroenke didn’t move them, forgot, but that’s why he was able to buy them on the cheap if i remember right, but I can’t imagine he won’t move them back to LA… not since kurt warner was on the rams have they been even close to competitive and the opther teams… yes, disinterest in compettion.

    Keyser- re: Oakland A’s. I live in Oakland and ama big A’s fan. Unfortunately the A’s have a similar problem to Arsenal, but also different since they don’t have anywhere near the market AFC has. The similarities are that they never win anything. There are plenty of teams with smaller cities and fanbases that constantly do better than the A’s. Moneyball the movie was good, but completely dishonest as to the underdog nature of the team. Basically the whole Billy Beane thing is a big pat on the back for guys like wenger and him.

  28. Keyser

    Zacharse – Not sure how you’d define the ‘market’, that’s probably where it gets complicated, like there’s a blanket tv deal here in England, with a pretty even split, not sure how tv money for the MLB as a whole is distributed between teams, but then other leagues in Europe negotiate differently.

    That could be like different Conferences ? and the Champions League like an extended version of the playoffs, maybe.

    Billy Beane basically admits he exploited ‘low hanging fruit’ as in inefficiencies other teams hadn’t bothered with or simply missed to begin with, that’s pretty much where the comparison ends, the A’s once ‘bigger market’ teams looked at those same inefficiences are reverting to the mean, while us without FFP or the outside investment of other teams have struggled to grow.

    Not sure how much more growth there is for the A’s ? Especially with how Baseball is still pre-dominantly an American Sport.

  29. Keyser

    *Struggled to grow, but are growing quite steadily.

    Thats’ a strength and weakness of American Sport, the insular side means you can govern and regulate sports pretty efficiently, outside of that it has limited it’s ability to grow globally.

  30. N5

    Marble is really craving attention at the moment isn’t he.

    Costa is shit, Di-Maria is shit, Henry is overrated and Aguero is a headless chicken!

  31. Jeff

    I really enjoyed watching that. What an incredible game. I know Bayern were down to 10 men but Aguero, he simply does not miss. What a striker. What a player. I am so jealous that we don’t have that class of striker in our midst.

  32. Cesc Appeal

    Were Aguero’s stats 3 attempts, 3 on target, 3 goals…phenomenal

    Thought Munich played well with 10, lacked a bit of their usual control though and a couple of really stupid mistakes, unlike them.

    Good game though.

  33. Zacharse


    Market for MLB mostly has to do with size of city/fanbase. compare the yankees to the A’s for example and a the difference in $ tix. cheap ticket to Yankee game is probably a couple hundred bucks where A’s is $15.
    Also, every team has used sabermetrics for more than a decade now. Oakland still hasn’t won shit where St Louis, for one, a much much smaller market than oakland has done quite a bit. Even Kansas City made it to the World Series this year

    But the season which Moneyball documents was not one of low hanging fruit. They had a stacked team and still couldn’t do it.
    Baseball is quite popular in central america and asia so there is quite a bit of growth still happening

    The real problem is that sabermetrics and wengermetrics aren’t rooted in winning, they’re rooted in biz. My feeling at least. A balance between the two would be ideal


  34. Keyser

    Zacharse – That’s where I fall down really, I couldn’t tell you how Pujols ended up in St Louis or whether the A’s drafted well or what, I only really started paying attention to American Sports when Setanta bought the rights and then ESPN took them over.

    From the outside I’d have thought St Louis was the bigger market team, just at a guess.

    Basketball has travelled well, but I think we’d be delving into other areas there, I think it’s just harder to implement Baseball or even the NFL in other areas, football basically needs a ball, and Basketball a couple of hoops at either end of a playground.

    Thing is Wenger was winning, I think that’s another difference in baseball, at some point it just comes down to individual match-ups. Whereas in other Sports you can determine that if you space the floor/pitch you’ll get a good shot off, trying to get someone to hit a Home Run at the exact moment you need to is far harder to control.

  35. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    Oh ok. Ya…. good plan if we we can get Marble to talk shit about Sanogo….. hat trick. 😀

    Hahaha. Sadly doubt even that would work. I think I would start Sanchez and Podolski 2 up top before Sanogo but whatever …. given up trying to figure it out.

  36. drunk fanboy

    somehow I posted this on yesterday’s post (I really need to stop drinking)

    Been reading some blogs recently and to be honest some of
    them scare me.
    In a game where Dean didn’t red card Wilshere for a headbutt
    and incorrectly called United offside in a 2 on 1 (happened 3
    times in one match, seriously who is in charge of our
    defence? , some people have convinced themselves that
    Dean’s bias caused us to lose.
    I mean really? Incompetent, yes. Biased, not likely. Are we
    just going to blame everybody else for our poor finishing and

  37. drunk fanboy

    Aguero is out of his depth he runs around like a headless

    heh…guess someone has lost their…”marbles”

  38. Leedsgunner

    I really enjoyed watching that. What an incredible game. I know Bayern were down to 10 men but Aguero, he simply does not miss. What a striker. What a player. I am so jealous that we don’t have that class of striker in our midst.

    No doubt any day now – Wenger will tell us he tried to sign him!

  39. Fatsofatsoman

    I have no idea what he’s been paid historically but lets say he started on 4m
    for 4 years then on to 5m for four years then 6m for four years then 7m for 5 years and now on 8m.

    That means Wenger has fleeced this club for 103m in his tenure – pretty hard to feel sorry for the guy and any abuse he’s about to cop.

    The last 9 years he’s picked up 61m and returned one FA Cup.

    Get rid of the parasite now.

  40. Biggles

    Obviously it’s never a good thing to get injuries, but with the players we do have, we should be ok. The only problem is that Wenger can’t rotate. You just know that if Santi gets injured or suspended, Wenger would rather start with 10 men than play Rosicky.

    I had a gander a the fixture list and there’s 10 games between now and the 1st of Jan. Every single one of those games is a must win if we want to actually build a bit of momentum and secure top 4. Looking at those fixtures it’s clear to see that the West Brom, Stoke and QPR games should be the easiest and are the ones where we should be planning on using squad players. We NEED to utilise the full squad here.

    Sanchez will break if we try and play him every single game. Bring in Campbell or Podolski. We need to give Bellerin a couple of games so we can play defensive shuffle and either shift Chambers to the middle to let Per have a lie in or to move Monreal to left back before Gibbs does a Diaby. Walcott needs some substitute minutes to get back up to speed, but they have to work up to that (so really we know that he’ll be beasted to death). We also have to give the Ox a game off here and there (as he’s already played as many games this season as he did all of last season), so give Gnabry a shot.

    None of that will happen of course. Wenger has his favourites and plays them until they drop. Of our 27 outfield players in our first team squad, 9 of them only ever get game time outside of the League Cup when absolutely necessary. By squad number they are Rosicky, Podolski, Sanogo, Gnabry, Campbell, Zelalem, Akpom, Bellerin and Hayden. On top of that, the other 18 includes some who are currently injured, such as Ozil or Diaby (lol!). It’s just a total joke at this point.

  41. Danish Gooner

    I am zeee manager of the Arseneal,i say we zannnt play with out and out striker like Costa or Aguero is ruining the aestichs of myball i wantzzzzz ze false nine dont mind if we are predictable and will never score Wellbz is my love child so fuck all you stupid fanzzzzzzzzzzz.

  42. Highbury Daze

    Every single one of those games is a must win if we want to actually build a bit of momentum and secure top 4.

    That is an extract from Biggles, and while I do not wish to put him down, that line is what is wrong with this club, the majority are hoping like hell we make the top 4,it is the goal of this club and the vast majority of the fans that have the top 4 as their priority, they know we cannot win the league, and will never actually win the CL, so every motherfucker settles for 4th,pathetic actually, AFC pays 160 million quid in players wages, more than Chelsea, and we want to finish 4th, fucking hell, something is out of whack at this club

  43. Zacharse

    watching the pre match clip of wenger, he says something like ‘when you’ve been in the game as long as I have you forget what a crises is’
    which makes sense coming from him and all credit due him the guy manned a rough ship for a while, but he’s burnt out
    he’s simply burnt out. As any kind of professional, you’ll never do your best when you’re burnt out

    klopp before christmas

  44. Zacharse


    if you’re still out there…
    i think sabermetrics stood a much better chance to dictate winning when very few coaches and scouts were thinking that way, but like samsung, people are going to copy success sooner or later

    St. Louis, if i remember correctly, is one of the smallest in the US, not a big city and half of it the equivalent of council estates… regional cities are very unassuming. to put it in perspective, the largest market in the US for ‘country music’ a sure indicator of political beliefs you’d think, is Sacramento, CA. anyway

    Baseball is the one american sport that juxtaposes well with pl.
    basketball is too fast and ref’s calls in the 4th quarter dictate a lot of what happens. football has too many players, plus its a socialist owner structure. Baseball salaries are also larger than other sport on average, and by quite a bit if I’m not mistaken.
    you’d be surprised how technical baseball is, defensively moreso. Hard to discern without watching with someone who’s knowledgable. Even something like hitting is very much down to the players inspiring each other, sharing info on the opposing pitcher, team strategy etc. It has the same depths of subtlety that footie’s got. Plus, the season is loooooong. which makes it a squad game rather than just a starting IX. 152 games, 5-6 games a week from april to september. anyhoo

  45. Bamford13


    “Aguero is out of his depth he runs around like a headless chicken.”

    He had a hat-trick and nearly single-handedly won City the match. Universally regarded as one of the best strikers in the game.

    Yet again Marble shows he knows fuck all about football.

  46. Ughelligunner

    Every coach has a pattern of play. Look at Peps bayern, couldn’t shut the game down, relying on Robben and Ribery to win the game for him. Attacking immensely when all bayern could do was play defensively. If it were wenger’s arsenal, he would be eaten alive.

    We all know what Morhino would have done against city, all because these coaches know one way to play.

    Wenger’s demise is the average loons he keeps his trust with.

    The Pep’s and Morhino’s have worldclass players they keep their trust with.

    Worldclass Players win you games and give you consistency.

    P.S. Don’t get me started with Roma. Lol, couldn’t attack or shut the game down with all the arrays of midfielders portrayed here, somebody mentioned he was resting players for Inter Milan. Lol Inter Milan = Everton in the EPL, that is me been generous.

  47. Ughelligunner

    A Chelsea fan i watch both games with, mentioned how Pep was showing signs of frustration that City equalised when he had already qualified,

    overrunning his stars just because he got an easy league to win, i reminded him to look at Dimateo face and tell me why he is showing no expression even when his side is been flogged by chelsea, and the Chelsea fan told me, Dimateo knows it is impossible to win,

    i told him but when at chelsea he makes disappointing signs when chelsea concedes. Why because he knows the Chelsea can win.

    But now at Schalke against his former thing he knows it is impossible.

    P.S. These are for the gamblers, Bayern Munich hardly win an Epl team home an Away in the Champions league.

    I wonder if they would like to contend with Chelsea, Man Utd, Arsenal, Man City, Liverpool, Totenham, for just one season in one league table and lets see how they would fare?

    Is there a way it could happen?

  48. reality check

    Pedro. Don’t give them a pass. Those who laughed and scoffed at your report on jacks injury and your sources.

    Not happy he’s out again but tbh its like…
    Here we go again with this yoot!

  49. drunk fanboy

    Wilshere maybe 3mths….anyone remember the last bit of good
    news that got reported re Arsenal?

    Giroud is fit earlier than expected?

  50. Rustygunner

    There are vacancies for defenders in Germany. And Bayern ought to do an act of kindness and recall Per from his penance at Arsenal, where he is self coaching and breaking his heart in the process. The scouts will be watching tonight.

  51. Highbury Daze

    If I was manager of AFC, my instructions to Wilshere would have been, do not overstretch into tackles, stay on your feet, do not slide around the pitch like some nutcase, and above all else do not react to provocation, seems Wenger either doesn’t tell them anything, or Wilshere is a dummy and slow learner

  52. Highbury Daze

    So what will we have served up tonight maybe Bellerin at RB, Chambers at CB and Martinez as keeper

    So that’s a 22 year old keeper, and two 19 year old defenders playing in the CL

    You have really outdone yourself this time Arsene, Bravo, I can’t wait for Usmanov’s take on this one

  53. Jeff

    They are all told to go out and express themselves. So, Wilshere chooses to express himself in the way he thinks is best which unfortunately is reminiscent of a boxer that approaches his opponent with both hands down. He gets clobbered and the next thing he knows is being carried off on a stretcher.

    If the manager himself won’t learn or change his ways, what chance have the players got?

  54. Highbury Daze

    Just as well Dortmund are through as they might play a weakened side, our only chance for victory, although a draw will suffice

  55. Wallace

    drunk fanboy

    yes, and Koscielny back(hopefully not a gamble).

    it’s crazy we’re in November and already had Ospina, Debuchy, Koscielny, Wilshere, Ozil, Walcott & Giroud ruled out for long periods. even for Arsenal that’s going some.

  56. Highbury Daze

    I still maintain players regress under Wenger, Jack was superb against Barca a few years back, I think he is worse than that now, same for Cazorla, brilliant first season, once Wenger gets his hooks into them he strangles their natural flair, I saw Walcott play for Saints scoring great goals, he has not in my opinion elevated above that level, he is around the same, Vermaelen, was the best CB in the PL in the first couple of years with us, Wenger soon drained that from him, after he was Wengerised they guy couldn’t stay on his feet, Wenger destroyed him, like he destroyed Arshavin

  57. Highbury Daze

    All these injuries, over training, over playing same players week in week out, play them until they drop, Wenger strategy

  58. drunk fanboy

    Highbury DazeNovember 26, 2014    07:32:51
    drunk, that is also bad news because he was left out of the registrations for CL

    well, we have Sanogo, if he’s good enough for bayern he’s good enough for dortmund.

    @Wallace, at least the injuries are spread out different positions this time; doesn’t make much difference for the defence though since ogl decided we don’t need another CB

  59. Highbury Daze

    Per played all last season, straight into the WC, 2 weeks off, back into playing, when does he get a rest, plays every game because there is no one else
    I hope Dortmund give this cunt what he deserves, a smashing

  60. Highbury Daze

    Yes the French players seem to be the ones who are first picks, or Wenger’s favourites, Like Arteta and Jack, Arsene adores them, push Ozil out wide to accommodate Jack, shove Welbeck out wide to accommodate Giroud, or Sanogo, moulding them for the French national side

  61. Highbury Daze

    If he could take criticism, he would have shut his mouth, said nothing, like he lambasted Usmanov for talking out of school, then this moron does exactly the same, instead of keeping it in house, he gets on the TV and tells the world he don’t give a fuck about, this guy is fucking senile