Arsene puts Arsenal fans in a football coma…

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I couldn’t face a match report yesterday. I took Saturday night self destruction to the sort of levels you’d expect post a game like that. The match hit me hard. Harder than any game over the last year because of the expectation, I knew we’d lose like that.

United weren’t just bad, they were terrible. I can comfortably say that in living memory, I’ve never known such a bad United team. They were terrible. For Arsenal to leave that game without a point is beyond embarrassing. For Arsenal to concede 2 goals from one shot on target is incredible. It’s just so, so flat lining.


You all know my views on our number one. He’s not good enough. He never bails us out. He’s constantly out of position. He’s a terrible shot stopper. He’s not at a level needed. Sure, his keeping coach is laughable, but that’s down to Wenger. For the first goal, people keep complaining to me that it wasn’t a shot. Ok, let’s rewind back. Where is the shout to Gibbs? Where in the Peter Shilton book of keeping does he recommend the slapped clearance? Also, why is a man as big as he is not coming out with two fists ploughing through whoever is in front of him to clear the ball.

It was weak keeping. Then he went off. Which for me, looked like he was leaving the pitch because he was embarrassed. It was so, so poor.


What were they doing for goal two? Per, World Cup winner, 30 years old and he leaves his whole defence exposed against Rooney and Di Maria? No intelligence Whatsoever. Rooney exposed us, a few moments later Di Maria did exactly the same thing. Who is managing this sort of issue on the pitch and off it? It’s not acceptable for the manager to say he doesn’t know why it’s happened.


He played well, showed a lot of grit. In the heat of the battle, I loved watching him go for Fellaini. The issue for me is that he could have been sent off, it was stupid, there was nothing smart about it. Then he breaks on goal and he doesn’t pass to Sanchez. It’s poor decision making that cost us a point. He needs to grow up, he needs to stop seeking out trouble… he needs to be managed.


I think the most upsetting thing about the state of Arsenal at the moment is the indifference the fans are feeling. You potter around forums and fans are exasperated. They care about the club, but losing games like the one at the weekend is par the course. People streamed out of the stadium after the second goal. Light mutterings that the silver lining is, if we lose big games, it edges Wenger closer to the exit door. That’s a sad state of affairs, but that’s the legacy Arsene Wenger is leaving at the moment.

There isn’t a defence of him any more. He’s been at the club 18 years, we’ve just had our worst start in 32 years. What’s going on? How can Mourinho come in and create a title challenging team in two years and Arsene can’t do the same (if we count from when he started spending money?). Simple answer here… he’s not capable. Arsene Wenger is an average manager these days. He’s never won the Champions League because he’s not good enough to win it. He can’t win the league now because he can’t outsmart the best. He can’t even outsmart LVG who is certainly a car crash waiting to happen at United.

It’s desperate times. I’m numb to it. I’m numb to Wenger. I’m struggling to keep the interest going. My season ticket feels like a chore again. The same old shit with a different shirt brand. Arsene never changes. No one ever asks him to change. So we stay the same… swimming along the river of elite purgatory.

… and look, we’ll be back. This week is probably going to be awful. Dortmund could absolutely kill us, West Brom will probably be a mess and we could drop points against Southampton. We won’t be far off the top four though. Then we’ll have Debuchy and Laurent back, Theo will start landing some game time, Giroud can rotate with WELBZ and Ozil will rejoin the group in January. We have too much quality to not finish in the top four.

… but is that how you judge success? Just doing the bare minimum expected of a wage bill higher than Chelsea? That’s not how a sporting institution should be run. If Wenger can’t achieve progress right now, he should leave. Stumbling into 4th every season is starting to become as synonymous with Arsenal as bottling it is for Spurs. What a disgusting thought.

I’d say we’re at a cross roads with Wenger, but from what I hear, we’re not… Stan & Co are happy with their man and that’ll stay the same for the duration of his deal. Treading water and keeping the gravy train going is what he’s all about. Wenger is a hero to him. They’re totally confident he’ll be good for the usual. It’s amazing that Stan can be satisfied with that sort of return… but then again, he’s not invested in football, so it’s not a shock.

I thought I was going to be able to fire off a power rant, but I don’t have the energy. I feel like I’m saying the same things over and over again… namely, because I am. When a layman can spot the problems, call out what’s going to happen and be pretty accurate… you know you’re in trouble.

All of this was entirely predictable. As it is every year. So why doesn’t anyone at the club act?

… because Wenger never fails hard enough.

That’s a sorry old story.

Fans are in a Wenger induced footballing coma. Someone wake me up when it’s over and we’ve employed a proper manager.

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  1. Ashwin Gunner


    My comment on untold has pissed of some guys. not on me. but on Pedro, as I have his profile pic.. 😛

    anyways. i am not going back there. That place is a shit hole where Wenger is worshipped. I dont want Pedro to get abused unnecessarily.


    Will you care to pay visit to Untold once. I want to see how that goes. 😛

  2. peanuts&monkeys

    @Highbury Daze November 25, 2014 05:55:32

    Cracking comment. If i could i would print a million copies of your comment and litter around Emirates.

    But, you know we are not supposed to protest. Arsenal fans only rattle their jewelry like the ladies in the front rows in opera. Someone commented very right: Emirates deserve what it gets. Arsenal fans are too snob to register a protest. Shame!

  3. Evan

    ARSENE WENGER held talks with chief executive Ivan Gazidis at Arsenal’s training ground yesterday as the pressure piled up on the Gunners boss. According to the amazing daily star

  4. Jim Lahey

    @Ozy –

    “Darren Wilson will be not be charged. The justice system did not fail. It was built this way.”

    No indictment, he is innocent, justice has been done. Move on.

  5. TheBayingMob

    When you guys go baiting Untold (by the way, the loss to United’s was Mike Dean’s fault; proven; fact … check it out) …. anyway, could you provide links to the article you are commenting on, they produce about eight articles a day of varying amount of old man pish … has anyone read the nonsence on the AAA thing? It starts off by saying the AAA (Anti-Arsenal Agenda, or something) goes back 120 years … just a huge amount of embarrassing and quite ludicrous rubbish spouted by some effeminate old men who quite frankly, haven’t got a f***ing Scooby what’s going on in the real world …

  6. Highbury Daze

    If I don’t like the movie, I get up and walk out, I do not sit there and torture myself no matter how much I like the actors

  7. Highbury Daze

    You see, Moh thinks because you support Arsenal you have to sit there until the end, agonising over what is unfolding before your very eyes, we know the outcome we have witnessed it how many times the last couple of weeks, 3-0 up against Anderlecht, 3-3, lost 2-1 to Swansea, lost 2-1 against United

    Only a masochist there and gets tortured, this is not a slight on the players, it is aimed at one person, the dictator Wenger

  8. Highbury Daze

    And to compound matters he leaves Giroud out of the CL squad, just when you thought Wenger couldn’t fuck anything else up, he doesn’t gamble on Giroud being fit in time, yet he gambles on only 6 first team defenders at the club, adding Hayden and Bellerin to avoid any more fucking embarrassment over lack of personnel in the defence, oh my dear God this is beyond farcical, no one could make this shit up, this would be a hit play, with John Cleese playing Wenger, the minister for idiotic decisions, a classic, this would run for years in the west end, not sure to post it under drama, or comedy, maybe tragedy, a comic tragedy

  9. Highbury Daze

    Look, I would like to write something positive I really would, I love the Arsenal,but I cannot see anything close to resembling positivity, Wenger always finds the positive side of each game , he has to try and inspire after a demoralising defeat, even if there isn’t any, he makes it up, it doesn’t matter how much spin he puts on it, how much window dressing he does, we lost the fucking game against a piss poor side who never had a shot on goal until the 85th minute, do not try and bullshit me with semantics Wenger, your ineptness is transposed to the team it is yours, and yours alone, look how other dictators have fallen, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, and while I don’t say Wenger is like them, I make the point dictators do not have happy endings, and this guy is certainly a dictator who refuses to delegate

  10. Live by the River

    Good well thought out comments Highbury Daze… much better than the trolling gibberish from some of the regular inmates of late

    I hear from some of the people at Hale End that the manager’s job is now viewed as untenable and that support staff are just scared for their own jobs when he goes and that the umbilical cord with the youth set up and AW has been deliberately broken

    Exciting times (if we can also flush out the corporate thief from the US)

    Might have a club again…..

  11. Zementalstrength

    “Wenger always finds the positive side of each game”
    I can’t wait to hear the “positive side” of the next game tomorrow lol

  12. Zementalstrength

    Yesterday I went on the “famous” Untold website, which I didn’t know, but I was just curious…
    Let’s call it a useless website, period. lol

  13. Highbury Daze

    If you want a laugh Ashwin, hop on over to arsenalfantv, it’s a hoot, listen to Moh round on the supporters who left early, he thinks because he likes to be tortured everyone else should be

  14. drunk fanboy

    Been reading some blogs recently and to be honest some of them scare me. 

    In a game where Dean didn’t red card Wilshere for a headbutt and incorrectly called United offside in a 2 on 1 (happened 3 times in one match, seriously who is in charge of our defence? , some people have convinced themselves that Dean’s bias caused us to lose. 
    I mean really? Incompetent, yes. Biased, not likely. Are we just going to blame everybody else for our poor finishing and defence

  15. drunk fanboy

    Zementalstrength November 25, 2014 10:32:31
    Yesterday I went on the “famous” Untold website, which I
    didn’t know, but I was just curious…
    Let’s call it a useless website, period. lol

    not entirely useless…it’s good for a laugh