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Today’s match report won’t be penned by me, I’m handing over to James Willson, friend of the blog. I’ll be back tomorrow with something really balanced.

If ever there was a performance that served as a microcosm for the post-Highbury years under Arsene Wenger at Arsenal, yesterday was it.

Early spells of complete comfort and domination, a flurry of missed chances followed by the inevitable sucker-punch from our opponents.

Pre-game, the feeling appeared to be that this was one we could – and should – win; a feeling that was enhanced by the United line-up, with a midfield containing Fellaini and Carrick holding in midfield and a defence that on paper at least appeared as water-tight as a sieve. From their line-up it was clear their intention was to cede possession and soak up pressure from Arsenal, with the hope to hit us on the break at pace.

United’s set-up handed the impetus to Arsenal, with the game entering a familiar pattern of intricate passing from the home-team and complete dominance of territory and possession. One of the accusations often levelled at Arsenal is their inability to create chances in spite of their domination, however the early signs were promising as a flurry of good chances were made and subsequently spurned.

The most gilt-edged of these fell to Jack Wilshire who found himself with the freedom of the United box but dallied for what seemed an eternity before tamely hitting the ball straight at De Gea. At this level that kind of miss is frankly unacceptable and is indicative of a talented player who really should produce more end product. Yesterday was his 110th game in the Premier League for the club. Despite playing a large chunk of those games in an advanced position, his return reads 6 goals and 12 assists, equating to a goal every 18 games – a paltry figure for a player of his ability.

Speaking of Wilshere, he was involved in an altercation with Marouane Fellaini, where he clearly drove his head into the Screech from Saved by the Bell’s chest. I love that Jack has a real fire in his belly and many top players have an edge to their game. However, those players often have an intelligence and controlled aggression that has so far evaded our Jack. It was a moment of madness that a better referee than Mike Dean would have likely given him his marching orders for. The incident killed our momentum and signalled an end to the period of domination and threat we had enjoyed in the opening exchanges.

Manchester United’s threat was minimal, with Chesney having as quieter a first half as he’ll have had in his Arsenal career; exemplified by van Persie having a grand total of 12 touches during the whole game, 3 of which were corners. Despite the lack of bite from United, I never felt comfortable, with painful memories of wasted opportunities still fresh in the mind. The talk at halftime was centred on whether we would once again be punished for our profligacy in front of goal?

Was it ever in doubt? That all-too familiar sinking feeling came early in the second half as a result of pure keystone cops stuff from our defence and goalkeeper. It was such an ‘Arsenal’ goal to concede as well – a decent delivery from Ashley Young into our box caused mayhem, with no communication between our keeper and Gibbs as they collided. The ball fell out to Valencia who hopefully whacked the ball across the box and with the shot going well wide and the grounded Gibbs flicked a leg at the ball, guiding it passed the hapless Szczesny. Whilst Gibbs will be credited with the own-goal, much of the blame should be apportioned to our keeper, who needs to raise his game. He failed to communicate with his defender to claim the cross and was too weak in his attempts to hold onto the ball. The difference between Szczesny and De Gea was depressingly marked, with De Gea giving a goalkeeping master class. A few seasons ago you could separate the two with cigarette paper, but sadly one has made great leaps whilst our man has worryingly regressed.

Their second goal was as predictable as it was irritating. We took off Ramsey, who was poor again, for Giroud to try and salvage a goal, but we barely threatened aside from a decent Alexis header that De Gea held onto comfortably. With 5 minutes remaining we lost the ball outside the United box and the end-result was never in doubt. United countered at speed with Di Maria and Rooney faced by the lone figure of Monreal in our defence. Di Maria slipped Shrek through who dinked it over Emi Martinez.

Whilst the goal will bring back recent memories of the Anderlecht game, we have seen this goal countless times at the Emirates. The naivety of an experienced player like Mertesaker, to be caught so far up the pitch is mind-boggling and the players should take a portion of the responsibility for it. However the same thing happens over and over again, yet our £8million a year manager’s only repost is “I don’t know why we had nobody at the back at all, you could see straight away we would be punished.” What a damning indictment of our manager’s inability to remedy ongoing failings on the pitch. Wenger’s attempts to palm the blame over to the players just isn’t good enough – he needs to accept that these players lack the in-game management of our former stars and need a greater level of instruction.

Just to prolong the agony, Giroud scored a belter with a few minutes to go, but we never looked like getting the equalizer. Most of the home fans missed Giroud’s goal as there was a mass-exodus upon United’s second. There was no vociferous cries of protest, no booing, no anger – just apathy.

And that’s where we are with this side. It’s all become so painfully predictable with the same old problems rearing their ugly head over and over again and the saddest thing is, nothing will change. Pete has written at length on this blog about the lack of accountability at the club and the culture of indifference towards mediocrity.

Whilst this is conjecture, a logical process of deduction gives a clear message that Wenger does not get pulled up by anyone at the club for his failings. Each season there are systemic problems, which have become endemic – the gargantuan injury list, a porous defence, the failure to address our weaknesses in the transfer market and our appalling record against the top sides. Sadly, change will only be catalyzed by a change of manager.

Personally, I find it depressing that the most hotly debated subject at the club is the future of the manager. The fact that Wenger has polarized the fan-base to such an extent is telling in itself. Equally depressing is that those who dare criticize Wenger are often labeled as “bad fans” amongst other more unsavory things. Clearly this is anecdotal, but I haven’t met an Arsenal fan who wants a change of manager that has any agenda, other than wanting what they think is best for Arsenal. Furthermore, a desire to see a new manager isn’t necessarily a slur on Wenger, nor is it a personal slight on him.

Frankly, I want what’s best for Arsenal. If that’s with Wenger, I’d be delighted, but I do not believe we can’t do better. Simply put, Wenger isn’t getting anything like as much from this squad as he should be and the evidence is there for all to see. Arsenal have won only 33% of their premier league games this season, which is below the average of 35%. To be below the mean average in the league for wins with a squad as talented as ours is embarrassing. People harp on about other clubs having difficult seasons as if that somehow mitigates our poor start. I couldn’t care less about the travails of Liverpool or Manchester City. Arsenal could, and should, be doing so much better than they are and the blame lies firmly with one man.

The excellent @BeardedGenius tweeted yesterday about “Arsenal being Arsenal” – a fair point, but perhaps it would be more apt to say this was “Arsene being Arsene”. The ongoing and repetitive failings at the club are not an “Arsenal” problem that runs throughout the fabric of the club. They are problems that are intrinsically linked to Wenger – he has, and always has had, all of the power at the club and the shortcomings that continue to repeat themselves should be a reflection on him.

A new manager may or may not bring success, however you can be certain that our long-standing problems would be eradicated by someone with new ideas and a fresh pair of eyes. Sometimes change is better than nothing and in all honesty, what do we have to lose?

I refute the warnings from those who took a cursory look at the difficulties United had after losing Ferguson as a justification for not seeking change ourselves. They had just won the league and lost arguably the greatest manager in the league’s history. League champions, we most certainly are not. The only thing at stake is our Champions League status. I may be in the minority regarding this point, but the Champions League isn’t the golden egg to me, as many would have you believe. Clearly there are financial implications, but if our manager won’t spend the accrued revenue anyway, what is it for? Some tepid group matches, followed by a spanking from one of Europe’s elite. If that’s all we risk by seeking a new manager, then it’s a risk I would be willing to take.

Wenger deserves respect for what he has achieved and the transformation he oversaw at Arsenal. His legacy – the Emirates Stadium – will stand for many years as testament to his achievements. However, football is never static and as Wenger himself has said “Arsenal can never stand still”. Unfortunately, we have reached a painful point of stasis and I can’t see it changing.

Until a change in the manager’s approach, or in the management personnel, comes about, I’m afraid our seasons will continue to be nothing other than a foregone conclusion.

Until next time.

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  1. kwik fit

    Guys I go to sleep at night and all i fucking thing is Arsenal. Why is rosisky not played! Why is chambers at right back! Why is arteta our DM! Why have I got a massive dick? So many questions so little time!

  2. Cesc Appeal

    We’ll finish fourth still, that’ll satisfy most as they delude themselves that “Wenger knows he has to do better, next season he’ll get it right.”

    Whatever. I’m done with Arsenal, done with caring massively about them.

    All they care about is money, Kroenke and Wenger. They don’t care about us, so fuck em.

    Think this week I’ve mostly been talking about games or Ched Evans on here!!! Do you see what you’ve done KSE “FC”!!!

  3. Leedsgunner

    Unless the owner and the Board go – the same problems will crop up. Kronke loves financial sustainability over sporting success. Have a look at his other clubs they are ALL factories of mediocrity.

  4. N5

    Why Kwik has a massive dick is a question that will baffle us all for years to come. Maybe one day science will explain it, but until that day the ladies will just need to keep investing in wheel chairs if their going to insist on being with him!!

  5. Cesc Appeal

    I think we refer to Arsenal as KSE “FC” from now on. Captained by Arsene Clough, or Brian Wenger; take your pick.

  6. Leedsgunner


    Ahh,the joy of youth!

    Self inflicted insomnia — I went to bed plenty early too tonight – thanks for nothing Wenger!

  7. N5

    Ha thanks Kwik.. It’s my Grove now. Let’s get the Manc out. No blogger should blog for too long! it’s not healthy and he gets all the power 😀

    Kwik you’re the one that keep the place laughing, come rain or shine. It feels odd when you’re down. Who’s gonna make us laugh when times are tough?

    Leeds. I’m gonna blame Wenger for everything now. Its the butterfly effect. He flapped his wings so my life sucks! or something like that. I’m not too sure on Chaos theory.

  8. Cesc Appeal


    Haha! I knew it though! Knew it! You’d be a terrible criminal in hiding!!


    Ha! You have to love Le Grove. It goes beyond mere football, you’ve actually got a little community here of regular posters who get on and have a laugh.

  9. N5

    Ha ha Cesc, you’re right. I’m predictable if not a little simple 😀 😕

    Leeds, can you do me one of those contracts too please. It would be a great help for some of the silly mistakes I make.

  10. Cesc Appeal


    I feel like when I’m on the train just mumbling “Assassins Creed” and see you hurtling across the field beside the train and clambering on the side, jimmying the door and standing there panting say “I heard someone say Assassins Creed…own up.”

  11. N5

    Zacharse. I’ll be chanting it with you. You’ll have to wait for Jan though to see what happens with Reus and Hummels. They’ll be the deciding factor for Klopp IMO.

  12. N5

    Ha ha Cesc. It’s your fault! stop having such interesting conversations and dull yourself down a bit and I won’t feel the incessant need to interrupt your conversations.

  13. Cesc Appeal


    It’s good, no one else understands how fundamentally important Assassins Creed is to humanity.

    Everyone goes on about Einstein, Newton, Hawking, Fleming etc but what about Altair, Ezio, Connor, Edward, Shay, Arno

  14. N5

    Cesc I bet if I said the name Warren Vidic to most they would have no idea what he was, but if I said Joey Essex, the majority would!!

    Where is the justice. It’s time for you to dust off that fist and give someone a punch!

  15. Cesc Appeal


    Haven’t given anyone a punch in a while. There is one bloke who is way, way up on my punch list but I’m not a fan of hitting the elderly. Society tends to frown upon it.

    Stupid bastards.

  16. N5

    Do it anyway Cesc, fuck society! rage against the machine!

    Ricky Spanish up the old bastard and if you get eyeballed by a witness, I have a man on the inside that can say you were with him all night. I say man. More of a green dinosaur in an Arsenal kit. But either way, he’ll take the stand for you!

  17. MidwestGun

    A day late and a dollar short to reading the post.
    Actually, more than a dollar. Thanks a lot Hull. 🙁

    But very good post James Willson you have managed to articulate what many have been saying/thinking.

  18. gonsterous

    Dortmund game gonna be a breeze… Can see it now.. arsenal run away winners … Or the big headline…. Arsenal win will surely now define their season…. Or even better Wenger: Tactical God or just a son of one ??

  19. Emiratesstroller

    Bamford 13

    There are plenty of slow centre backs in world football. What counts is your
    positional play and anticipation. Mertesacker may not have been rated first
    choice to play in later stages of World Cup, but he was still good enough to be
    in the German Squad.

    Terry is also not particularly quick these days, but he is still good enough to play for Chelsea. The key difference between Arsenal and Chelsea is that they
    have a well organised defence and all the players in midfield and even the
    forwards track back once the ball is lost.

    Our players lack discipline, positional sense and frankly are poor at defending.

    At the moment you could bring into the club a dozen world class individuals and the team would still not win anything, because the football culture at club
    is wrong and that is down to manager and coaching staff.

  20. Highbury Daze

    fucked up club/squad/team while ever Wenger is at the helm, it is really that simple, we sign Cazorla, Poldi,Ozil,Sanchez, Giroud, all good players, not one can play in defense, all this prick manager signs are attackers, inside forwards, he never spends big money on defenders, Toure, cost him 150,000 quid, Sol Campbell, nothing, came on a free, Wenger signed Senderos, Stepanovs, Silvestre, and so on, he just hasn’t got a fucking clue, also signed Richard Wright, about as useless as tits on a bull

    Time to go Arsene, there is no loyalty in football no sentiment, it’s just business, ask Henry, Vieira, and all our top players this guy sold, the one underlying thread of these players were they were all sold for more than the were purchased for

    It’s always business, football is the vehicle to masquerade this buy and sell players, well at AFC it is, it is the ONLY reason Kroenke bought the club, a greedy fucking American with more billions than he needs, how much do these cunts really need, and for him to take 3 million out of the club is scrooge like, it matters not it is his club, that is fucking petty lousy shit

  21. Highbury Daze

    Where was Per when Di Maria and Rooney broke for 2-0, he was in the same place as Gibbs and Chambers, in United’s half, along with our midfielders, the only souls back were the keeper and Monreal, a second choice LB asked to play 1st choice CD, no shape, no discipline, no leadership, it’s a fucking onfield shambles

    And Wenger questions his defence, sir, get off you old bony arse, this club pays you to direct these players on game day



  22. Jeff

    In the past Arsene has made some very risky decisions in the window (mainly by not buying or buying cheap) and managed to get away with it by finishing fourth. However we now have a new record “worst start to a season in the entire Premier League era”. This will not go unnoticed by the fan-base; even the ones deluded enough to think the future is with Wenger. We are in very real danger now of actually not even finishing fourth which is of course yet another personal record for Wenger should it happen.

    I have actually stopped blaming Wenger himself now for these lapses and at least the last 3 years. Despite all praise and adoration the board and owner bestow upon him, they are being extremely cruel by letting someone carry on who’s quite obviously no longer up to the job. It isn’t loyalty it is being extremely short-sighted and absolutely void of any football knowledge, sense, acumen, interest – call it what you like. In that respect, the owner is the culprit in all of this – without question – because only he has the power to stop it.

  23. NewCo Arsenal PLC

    I’m struggling to comprehend why our BoD thought it made sense to offer Wenger any new contract, and why Wenger accepted – (probably because he’s a greedy parasitical megalomaniac) – knowing full well that he’ll never get the better of Mourinho, or even a struggling Man Utd.
    Chelsea are what we should and could be, instead we’re heading in opposite directions thanks to our pathetic spineless set-up.
    Wenger has neutered us and chopped our balls off. What a prick!

  24. Emiratesstroller


    The difficulty is that noone wants to ‘sack’ someone who has given the length
    of service that Wenger has to the club.

    His strength in my view was always as a ‘moderniser’ rather than as a ‘great tactical coach’. That was important in dragging football in this country and in particular at the club out of the 19/20th century.

    The trouble is that we have now reached the point where we need someone
    at the club who is actually improving the team and not the finances or the
    infrastructure of the club.

    Sadly Wenger is not that person. Despite all the negatives about the team we
    do have on our books some talented players, but at the moment they play
    like a bunch of individuals with absolutely no ‘team tactical game’.

    Merson may not be the ‘brain box’ of the year but he was a good footballer and
    understands the game as indeed do many other critics of Arsenal’s team. You
    don’t need to be an intellectual to understand that there is something fundamentally wrong at club at moment.

    Frankly Arsenal made a mistake in extending Wenger’s contract, but the only
    person who can put Wenger out of his misery is the man himself. The Board
    and CEO are unlikely to do it unless the club is in crisis i.e. in danger of relegation. At the moment that is not the case.

  25. Jeff


    I understand fully what you are saying but there is one thing that ought to trump all of that. The club MUST come above any sentimentality, loyalty or any individual. That is why I said the owner is void of any real football interest in all of this and appears to be taking the path of least resistance. It was much easier to offer him a three year contract than it would have been to say “thank you for all the years but we need to move on”.

    Of course Wenger himself will not resign because that is not in his nature and he’s too “addicted” to the job now to simply walk away. That is why for the good of the club everything that can be done must be done. But Kroenke does not have that burning desire or the passion for Arsenal Football Club. To him it is nothing more than just another “business concern”. This is glaring to anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear.

    As it happens, the club has been coming a poor second to Wenger for a good many years now and no one other than the owner can possibly put an end to it. But we have been cursed with someone who just wants a “quiet life” – away from it all. Kroenke has been an unmitigated disaster for Arsenal and I curse the day he darkened our door – that really is the bottom line.

  26. Thank you and goodnight

    These are the comforting words from our hero captain….

    “We have to guard against negativity but we were also pleased because I think we turned it around from last week at Swansea, I was very proud of our performance”….

    Mediocrity from board down to manager then players. WE LOST TO THE WORST UNITED TEAM IN YEARS YOU FUCKING BELL END. A united team who had 5 put past them by Leicester for fuck sake, and that was without United having their defense missing.

    Just fuck off Arsène you specialist in failure

  27. Gunner2301

    Heard Brendan on the news taking responsibility for recent losses saying its down to his decision making.

    Arsene when have you ever taken responsibility for anything?


  28. Jeff


    Most people fall into a trap when it comes to Wenger and Arsenal. What is this trap? If you consistently finish “fourth”, every fan has to ask themselves a question. Is this good enough? Given the success we’ve had in the past, a very large number of fans fall into the trap of thinking: if he was capable of all that, he is still the same manager – so they desperately look for “other factors” to explain it.

    You see, I actually think that even if the “oil men” didn’t turn up and even if we didn’t build a new stadium – once the core of the invincibles vanished, we were never going to be anywhere near as successful going forward under Wenger. The reason for this is that Wenger will still have needed to change and adapt no matter what other factors occur. But that is precisely the thing he will not or cannot do. In other words, other managers will still have caught up, superseded, and rendered him irrelevant – just like he is today.

    That is why, any other owner with even a modicum of passion and interest for the club will have seen this early on and acted before Wenger took root. Now, of course, simply because of the length of time, he has become a huge oak that is more a hindrance than anything else but far too big and costly to remove.

  29. Ughelligunner

    TYNG, why wait for the media? Are they fans of arsenal?

    We who want him out should throw the first stone. Start by staging a one man match in your locality, people might join in and you would get the attention of the world.

    Make sure you burn the arsenal flag or jersey, this way you would get notice.

    Pedros blog hasn’t prove to be helpful in your course over the years, don’t you think you should change tactics? So you will be heard?

  30. Ughelligunner

    You see we arsenal fans are worse than the board.

    We want change but sit at home complaining daily in a blog that does not support protest, and you want the board/media to help you out?

    Throw the first step, legrove has a large contingent on ground do a dirty protest stuff, get arrested for the love of arsenal.

    Make the board know you are serious, but complaining daily without doing anything serious is futile.

    Ok, try getting into a game and run onto the pitch shouting wenger out, other legrove members will follow suit disrupting the game, and maybe just maybe other 20k fans will join the revolt.

    P.s. This is an advice, not taking the piss.
    Cos the media wouldn’t do nothing. You have the power.

    That’s how we role when we are dead serious we don’t want something.

  31. arsene'snewZip

    Good morning Grovers.

    I’m in love with Arsène.
    But unfortunately, he’s in love with Ivan, and my heart is broken.

  32. Ughelligunner

    I heard a fan was thrown out by the stewards, that the problem, we only boo.. But complain daily.

    I was thinking as the fan was protesting, two or three would join in, then others and others…but they all are timid and afraid of been thrown out yet they would timidly go home and log on to twitter, blog and start moaning.

    Wash, rinse and repeat. Arsenal lose, wenger refuse to take the blame, players refuse to take the blame, board refuse to take the blame, Keyser and me refuse to blame the manager/team,

    fans refuse to take the blame for forcing the manager out, Pedro refuse to take the blame for staging a protest. Wash rinse repeat.

    Till Wednesday, then Saturday, then Tuesday then Sunday…

  33. Ughelligunner

    I heard a fan was thrown out by the stewards, that the problem, we only boo.. But complain daily.

    I was thinking as the fan was protesting, two or three would join in, then others and others…but they all are timid and afraid of been thrown out yet they would timidly go home and log on to twitter, blog and start moaning.

    Wash, rinse and repeat. Arsenal lose, wenger refuse to take the blame, players refuse to take the blame, board refuse to take the blame, Keyser and me refuse to blame the manager/team,

    fans refuse to take the blame for forcing the manager out, Pedro refuse to take the blame for staging a protest. Wash rinse repeat.

    Till Wednesday, then Saturday, then Tuesday then Sunday..

  34. Ughelligunner

    N5, good honest remark.

    I don’t really blame you, you rarely moan daily even when you wenger out.

    Its the marbles and others of this world that complain daily yet when they see wenger on the street, they ask for autograph instead of casting a shoe.

    They don’t want to take responsibility for arsenal sake yet complain when other fans refuse to criticise the manager.

    It is really simple.

    How many of arsenal fans have done half of what the newcastle fans have done this year? None,

    Yet we complain and accuse each other, when we either utilise our power or shut up.

  35. Thank you and goodnight


    I think your wrong. Complaining and moaning daily has made a difference as more and more fans are now seeing things from the ‘doomers’ point of view. From maybe 10% being anti wenger a few years ago, I’d say it’s more 60-40 now in favour of getting rid of him. Now we could all be like you and pretend wenger is the messiah but the few of us who have been championing change are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel

  36. Emiratesstroller


    I had not heard the BBC interview of Phil Neville and Kilbane but it more or less replicates what I have written on this thread.

    The only difference between what I have written and they have said is that they think there is a prospect of Wenger getting the sack if the club finishes outside top 4.

    Sadly I don’t think that would happen. The CEO [but probably not Kroenke] might suggest to Wenger that it is time to move upstairs to the Boardroom
    and bring in in a new manager.

    Will that happen? Only if Wenger agrees and on current evidence I don’t see that happening.

    What is clear to me is that the manager and coaches do not seem to have a grip on what is going on on the pitch.

    No team wins titles playing the way we do and Arsenal with the resources they
    have should be doing much better than we are.

  37. arsene'snewZip

    Please Dortmund, could you continue the demolition job this wednesday, and put an end to our suffering, many thanks to Klopp and his boys in advance!! lol

  38. Jeff


    There is rather a glaring flaw in your argument. Protestations of the sort you recommend can only work if the majority is behind you. It is not. Most fans still have a soft spot for Wenger and would soon stifle and stamp out such behaviour from other fans.

    So long as that remains, any of the methods you recommend would be useless. With the Newcastle fans, they spoke pretty much with one voice. We at Arsenal are bitterly divided and the Wenger-Ins still have the numbers on their side. Unless and until that changes, nothing else can.

    Also, the implied premise that this blog’s sole purpose is for protestation only, is not true. It does lend itself to many subjects concerning Arsenal and football in general but it so happens that Wenger is by far the main problem and remains that way because the owner won’t act. So, blogs like this and the media in general are really the only outlets to swing that huge majority of Wenger-lovers. That’s the first thing that needs to happen.

  39. Ughelligunner

    Cesc appeal, accuses Brian clough daily for supporting wenger, because he is on arsenal fan tv.

    The tv is for all arsenal fans, come down to where they are after thy game say your piece, no need to become angry for another man’s piece.

    Or better still gather wenger out fans around do a video that you want him out, post it on Youtube. You are making yourself heard.

    Do a legrove YouTube wenger out video.

    I am not angry you want wenger out, and i don’t know why you should be angry i don’t want him out.

  40. Jeff


    I agree with you. Finishing out of top four is probably still not enough so in all likelihood this will continue for another 2.5 years. I don’t even think he will be moved “upstairs” because he practically occupies all floors as it is so it will be seen as a demotion because he’ll lose the one thing that he thinks he’s most good at and that is managing the team. It really is a terrible situation we’re in.

  41. Justice4 Sonogo

    The fact that we can’t beat the worst Man U team in years at home is depressing.
    Yes it’s Wenger’s fault we all agree and he shouldn’t be managing this team by know doing what he did this season, BUT sometimes players should be blamed also they were wastful and reckless and defensively unprofessional with school boy’s errors at times.

  42. Thank you and goodnight


    I don’t think the wenger ins are in the majority mate, not anymore anyway. Amongst our foreign fans they might be in the majority but not amongst homegrown Arsenal fans. Out of the ones around my way I’d say it’s 5% that want Wenger to stay.

  43. arsene'snewZip

    “Out of the ones around my way I’d say it’s 5% that want Wenger to stay.”

    Unfortunatelly for the club, it’s much, much more than 5%.

  44. Justice4 Sonogo

    So many selfish plyers in this team unfortunately players who are after personal glory first.
    Why is Schezny still Our No 1 is a joke IMO

  45. Jeff


    Perhaps that is the case local to you but in general, I believe there is still a huge contingent of seemingly unmovable Wenger support that protects and mandates him to carry on.

  46. Emiratesstroller


    The one option which has not been discussed, but might change what is going on in the club is to bring in a high calibre assistant manager whom Wenger respects as a coach and a person and will be able to influence change.

    Dennis Bergkamp who is a highly intelligent man as well as a former world class footballer and ex Arsenal player might be the right person.

    I doubt that he would become Manager because of his travel phobias, but he
    has been working in Holland and at Ajax for some time. Bergkamp might be
    considered a technically gifted footballer, but his game was also about ‘bite,
    discipline, work ethic and professionalism’ all the characteristics lacking in
    current team.

    Maybe he would be able in short term to turn matters around. Frankly I don’t
    see anyone in the current coaching team able to do that.

  47. arsene'snewZip

    “Dennis Bergkamp who is a highly intelligent man as well as a former world class footballer and ex Arsenal player might be the right person.”

    Totally agree, even if he can’t travel on planes lol

  48. Gunner2301


    You mean Arsene in love with himself. There is no room for anyone else in that relationship.

    I see Skysports are putting the pressure on calling for him to go. The worm has turned.


  49. Ughelligunner

    Jeff, TYng, those are only excuses. And they are time wasting.

    You have been waiting for how long, some 2, 3 others like marble 8yrs.

    One fan protested at the emirates, and thrown out, what did the remaining 10k wenger out fans do. Kept quite and booed, waiting patiently for the game to end so they run home to twitter and start complaining, and pick a fight with the Keyser, and Brian Clough of the wenger ins.

    Or wait for the media, when the media are waiting for you to stage a protest so they can cover the story?

    Action they say speaks greater than words.

    N5, who was the poster that made banners, and wrote letters to Ivan last season and how many le-grovers came out?

    Every revolutionary movement always starts with one person, no need to wait till everybody gets involve first before acting cos you never know who would love to join in the dance.

    We are just as guilty as the Owner, Board, Manager, because we refuse to do our individual responsibility and we are all answerable to none.

  50. Ughelligunner

    Jeff, TYng, those are only excuses. And they are time wasting.

    You have been waiting for how long, some 2, 3 others like marble 8yrs.

    One fan protested at the emirates, and thrown out, what did the remaining 10k wenger out fans do. Kept quite and booed, waiting patiently for the game to end so they run home to twitter and start complaining, and pick a fight with the Keyser, and Brian Clough of the wenger ins.

    Or wait for the media, when the media are waiting for you to stage a protest so they can cover the story?

    Action they say speaks greater than words.

    N5, who was the poster that made banners, and wrote letters to Ivan last season and how many le-grovers came out

    We are just as guilty as the Owner, Board, Manager, because we refuse to do our individual responsibility and we are all answerable to none.

  51. Highbury Daze

    Justice, the reason Chez is our number 1 keeper is there is no one else, there is no competition, he’s there every game, he could let in 6 goals and he still plays the next game, he gets injured, who plays, our number 3 keeper, because our new number 2 keeper is in sick bay with the rest of the boys, injured, the one constant at this club

  52. The Bewhiskered Savant

    I was casting some runes last night ( as you do..) and I would just like to inform every follower of our venerable football club that the Oracle has spoken…Arsene Wenger will not be the manager of Arsenal at the coming of the winter solstice – to the uninitiated that’s the 21 of December. – So take solace, my brave band of hearty adherents – for Mr Wenger, the end (of his managerial career at least) is truly nigh.

  53. Highbury Daze

    Let me tell something to the Arsene lovers, at 65 years old going on 66 it won’t get any better, this relic is incapable of leading the club to better things, he has had 10 years to do that, I think that is quite long enough, and 2 jammy games against Wigan and Hull in the FA Cup bought this guy some time, there is no way on Gods green earth this guy can last 2.5 years, not without a revolution at the Emirates, surely the fans who turn up each fortnight will tire of this shambolic offering, why is it so hard to move this manager on, so what if he won things 15 years ago, George Graham won things 20 years ago, why not get him back, Christ it should be the easiest thing in the world to ditch a manager, it gets done dozen times every season, what is so special about this club

    The manager is always the one you can do without, we can’t sack the board, or in this case we should, you can’t sell all the players, the easiest thing, and it is universal, get rid of the manager, it’s so fucking easy

  54. Jeff


    You call it an excuse but an excuse for what? Everyone has their own way of making their point of view heard. If yours is to burn shirts and run onto the pitch, then I come back to my point about the majority and minority.

    When all is said and done, if people on this blog repeating themselves about Wenger is a thorn on your side, the cure is as simple as it is quick.

    Other than that, I really see no other point to your argument.

  55. David Smith

    the usually pro wenger arseblog reporting this morning that he heard Jenks…a player we could really do with now….was shipped out over a row over bonus payments. So if this is true, wenger has further weakened the defence for the sake of I would guess somewhere between 10 and a hundred grand.
    In wenger world, pennies rank above prizes, no wonder Stan loves him so much.
    A known condition with Kos….Jenks, TV, Bac, Iggy shipped out, only two bought in. Maths was never my best subject….but I fail to compute that one.
    I firmly believe Wenger is finished, but lets hope the crowd can bring themselves to make it a certainty. Not against the players, just against one man

  56. Jeff


    If I’ve learned one thing about Wenger over the years it is that he will NOT share his kingdom – even if he knew we could win the double again. It’s his way or the highway.

    If I have understood his psychology correctly, bringing someone in to “help” him is actually an even bigger insult (to him) than sacking him. He won’t stand for it.

    The best possible option is a clean break.

  57. Emiratesstroller

    Highbury Daze

    Arsenal does not have a track record of sacking managers. In the time that I
    have been watch and supporting the club since mid 1950s I can only remember three where that was done.

    The first was Billy Wright who was hopeless. The second was George Graham
    because of his alleged of field activities and the third was Bruce Rioch who
    rather like Moyes at Man Utd was found to be wanting in the job.

    As I said the best option at moment might be to replace Steve Bould with someone like Dennis Bergkamp. Bergkamp has had 6 years coaching experience in Holland at all levels of the game.

    He offers not only the background of being a ‘winner’ and ‘world class’ footballer, but also a high degree of intelligence. What most Arsenal Supporters
    may not know is that Dennis Bergkamp secured a BA[Hons] Degree in Engineering at Bath University whilst playing football at the club.

    That would put him on the same wavelength as Wenger and the senior management at the club.

  58. Jim Lahey

    I love that after the fall out of yet another shambles, Untold are running a story about an alleged red wine incident… Just stick your head in the sand and maybe it will all just blow over!

  59. Jeff


    What, no blaming the referee on Untold? That hasn’t happened for a while. The fact that he gave us a full 8 minutes to get a goal back I suppose put Mike Dean in their good books at least for now.

    No excuses then? No mitigating circumstances for the loss? No half-baked conspiracy theories? Oh dear, even they’re running out of ideas then.

  60. Thank you and goodnight

    That red wine incident is ironic as WIG and some other posters have said before how ordinary fans are being priced out. Red wine…..really? Surprised it wasn’t pimms with a cucumber sandwich, crusts cut off of course, thrown for good measure 😀

  61. Jim Lahey

    @Jeff – They actually put up a post the day of the defeat, blaming everyone and everything for the loss, but absolving Wenger of any responsibility, citing “What could he do?”.

    @TYAG I’m sure it was a nice glass of Pontet-Canet! Very befitting of the Fench theme at the club! 😛

  62. Highbury Daze

    No stroller, that will not work, dictators listen to no one, you could throw in Bergkamp,anyone, Wenger is not having it, he has to run the show, everything, he doesn’t want CEO’s buying players when he’s in Italy, he doesn’t want the Chairman buy a player because we lost to Villa 3-1, in short, he wants nobody

    HE CAN DO IT ALL, or so he thinks

  63. Highbury Daze

    So if this owner and the board had any sense/balls they would not have renewed his contract, since they did, they should admit it was a mistake, tear it up, pay him off and thank him sincerely for his 18 years


  64. Highbury Daze

    Arsene has made the owners/board a lot of money through transfer sales, I have indicated here before, it is his calling, Cesc, cost 500k in compensation to Barca for poaching him as a 16 year old, sold back to the mugs, 34 million quid, Thank you very much

    Anelka, same 500k cost sold 23 million to Real Madrid, Toure 150,000 sold to the dimwits at City for 16 million, Adebayor, cost not sure, 7 million I think, don’t matter sold to the same idiots as Toure for not sure 25 million I think

    Even out 2 champions Vieira and Henry bought 3.5 and 10 million respectively, sold after they were run into the ground burned out, 13.75 and 16 million respectively

    It is the Wenger game, this shit was going on long before the Emirates was built, the new stadium is used as an excuse not to spend, we have debt on the stadium they whined, didn’t stop them from selling Overmars to Barcelona for 25 million quid, his cost to us, not exactly sure in the region of 7 million quid

    This is the ambition of an accountant a man who holds a degree in economics, who happend to win a few games of football


  65. Highbury Daze

    But they can’t tell the fans that, you need to be seduced the loyal trusting fans, imaging if they told you the truth

    We don’t give a fuck about you, all we want is your money, we are educated university trained conmen, fleecing the low browed proles, this is the workers game, football, why are corporations running it, why are billionaires buying up English football teams, well some for ego, some for money laundering, not too many over the love of the game, what the fuck would a guy with university degrees want with football, MONEY, and LEGITIMACY

  66. Highbury Daze

    Did you know in the 2006/2007 season Arsene bought Eduardo for 7.5 million Fabianski 2 million, Denilson, 3.4 Song, 1 million and Gallas on a free, our spend was 13 million

    We sold the same season Henry 16 million Aliadiere 2 Muamba,2, Larsson 1, Stokes, 2,Lauren our great RB was sold for a lousy 500k, Wenger could not let him go for free, Ashley Cole 5 million, Cygan, 2 million and various smaller sales, totalling 30.9 million

    AFC made profit of 17 million pounds on transfers

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH ARSENE, heres a life contract, you fucking genius

  67. Highbury Daze

    This fellow gooners, is the sole reason Kroenke bought AFC, ARSENE WENGER and his ability to make a killing in the transfer market

    it is better than the stock exchange, and less risk

  68. Highbury Daze

    I’m not familiar with this untold unholy blog, but they seem to have the correct name, UNTOLD, that is what you get, the real story not told, untold, or a complete fabrication of the truth to appease the supporters whose knuckles drag along the ground, never mind I guess the disbelievers need a place to go also, where they feel welcome and loved believing the same putrid bile about their messiah, that he actually does walk on water, which is not hard if you know where the stones are

  69. Highbury Daze

    Moh condemned the fans who walked out 10 miutes before the game finished against United, he said if you go to the movies you don’t walk out before the end, you don’t know what will happen

    If I was there I would have walked out at half time, we know how this movie will finish Moh, I have seen it a thousand fucking times, only a sucker would sit there and expect a miracle, that is positive action, you pay your money, if you don’t like what you see why stay, you are a fucking moron Moh, rush out and buys the new Puma gear, it’s supporters like Moh that keep Wenger in a job

    If more walked out maybe these thieves would take notice as it is they turn up every week
    Claude, Bully and the rest of the fucks, then after the inevitable they get on AFTV and bitch, fuck the lot of you pricks, I say don
    t go to the match, show the empty seats to the board/owner/manager, then they might have a different view on the status as it stands at the Emirates

  70. Highbury Daze

    Ask yourself, what kind of numpty sits through a movie until the end if it is a shit movie, if it is unbearable, the acting pathetic, the scenery fake, the direction, well no direction actually, it just meanders without focus, without a plot, you know, like Arsenal football team, making it up as they go along,the music score, way too loud, in all, a fucking boring production, enjoy Moh

  71. Johnty79

    Shar of basil would be a fantastic signing…so would nastatic of man city. I think we should sign both of these and have a grand new defence…

    A shame that Clyne will cost 24m now. We could of had him for 2m when I said sign him when he was palace or 6-8m two years ago….

  72. Johnty79

    Just a personal opinion but I don’t think klopp is quite right..his crazy humour may work on German players but I can’t see the English players adapting to him. If he signed Draxler I’d take him though as a gamble.

    I’m sure you all agree..I’d take 5/6 with klopp then 3rd with wenger….

    I think koeman or Martinez would be better.

    Come on dortmand please destroy us but I think they will take it easy against us…lucky wenger.

    If wenger plays Sanchez or welbeck there should be an investigation as they have been overplayed.

    The only hope I have now as an arsenal fan is think how good we would be with a new goalkeeper,two centre backs, an centre de-midfielder and wenger leaving!

  73. WrightIsGod

    All I can see is Schneiderlin bossing midfield. Spreading play with quality passes. The problem is our wingers come inside and cramp the middle of the field all the time.

  74. Gunner2301

    So it looks like Giroud isn’t available for Dortmund because he hasn’t been registered for the CL Group stage due to an “Admin” error?

    The amateur comedy show continues at Arsenal.

  75. Emiratesstroller

    When Wenger leaves there will be wholesale changes in the first and reserve
    team coaching and scouting teams, because a new manager will want his own people coming in.

    However, I doubt that there will be radical changes in Academy and Hale End Programmes, because a new Academy Director was appointed this year.

    What I do think is that when Wenger does go whether sooner or later they
    will employ like most other major clubs a Football Director and the Manager
    will become effectively the senior Coach.

    I made the point earlier that Bergkamp should become assistant manager in
    short term, but perhaps a better position for him might be Football Director
    as his mobility is restricted by air travel phobia. Bergkamp is of the right age
    [45], he is highly intelligent with his feet firmly on the ground, huge knowledge of football matters, capable of gaining respect of any major football star
    and above all he is and has always been a LOYAL ARSENAL MAN who ended his career at the club. I would certainly prefer him to the likes of Patrick Vieira
    and Thierry Henry albeit that the latter has his roots still in North London where his daughter is educated at a leading independent school.

    Personally I would like to see an orderly exit of Wenger and the matter not handled like far too many other clubs including our neighbours [Spurs] habitually do. Wenger has given good service to the club and deserves as I suggested yesterday to be treated with respect for what he has achieved, but it is time for him to go.

  76. tenerife gooner

    I have asked many times what do you need to run a production line,my answer always is Bags of Balls and Bags of Common Sense it as always amazed me how many ,many times people with far greater IQ than myself cannot see the Obvious.