Is LVG being purposefully evasive about player fitness to confuse Wenger?

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Friday. It. Is. Here.

So we’ve had a bit of a press conference, which was nice. We found out many exciting things. #WELBZ is a late fitness test for tomorrow’s game, you’d have to think that whatever the result, we’ll be chucking him at the deepend beacuse now we have the back up of Olivier.

The major bombshell was that Theo would not be under consideration. Which is sad. He was all about the consideration, but now he’s suffered some sort of set back. No point in losing your mind over it, he was ill quite a few times last year, it might be a flu bug or something. Hey, he might have hit a West Hamspstead Kebab shop thinking that signified a higher quality of food, only to realise that this theory was a poor one…

I know your pain Theo, I know it too well.

No news on Yaya Sanogo, but he scored 2 goals for the U21s in the week, so clearly, I’d expect him to be up for a start.

Outside the above bad news, we had word that Debuchy was three weeks away from a come back and Kos is at least three weeks. Apparently the injury has is a very tough one to manage, so the return is indefinite. That’s a worry. When he’s on his game, he’s such an important player. In his prime. A big loss. One we’ll need to manage in January.

Winston Reid is still on the radar. Big Sam says they’re still negotiating with him. I’m pretty sure we’ve put the feelers out. He’s 26, captain of his club and country, part of a defence that kept many clean sheets last year and my wonky West Ham mates all really like him. Which means precisely nothing. But there you go.

Back onto the United game.

Di Maria is back. De Gea is back. Carrick, Shaw, Falcao, Evans and Jones are all maybes. They’re in such a total mess from the outside looking in… but that’s what you’d want, right? I feel this is all games from LVG. He’s the master of being a total nightmare before games. I mean, if we were into planning and tactics, we’d not know what to expect. We’re not, so the games are a bit pointless. Just tell us you starting 11 LVG. Then we the fans can plot our fantasy plan!

I’m not sure how much truth there is in this quote, but someone tweeted that LVG had said…

‘I ran a ‘how to win a Champions League’ conference a few weeks ago. Wenger was in the audience. Nice guy’

What a bitch.

Anyway, we should be beating United. They’re out of form, they’re depleted or short of match fitness and we’re at home with some very good players available. I don’t think it’ll be a cake walk… but this should be three points.

A front three of Alexis, Chambo and Welbz… a midfield of Jack, Arteta and Rambo, a back four of whoever is available. It should be too much. We should blitz their terrible back four. We test the keeper. We need to make things difficult. Let’s hope the manager prepares them right. I don’t want to see a flat performance followed by comments about being jaded.

Interesting to hear Jack Wilshere talk about playing in the holding role. I mean, I know it was only Scotland he bossed it against, but there’s a very good player asking to plug a massive problem we have. He’s athletic, he has a lot of drive and he has the passing tools to set up the attack. Why not give him a go? My dream would be him pinning the midfield with Aaron, with Cazorla sitting in the hole. I doubt it’ll happen like that. But it should. Our current holding options don’t have the energy or they don’t have the technique.

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  1. tunnygriffboy

    I know Henry has huge respect for Wenger, but still you have to admit he knows something about football.

    Also being around the tenth best team in Europe isn’t that bad an effort considering where we were 20 years ago. The question is can Wenger build on this with the base of the squad he has and with top addition. Sadly I don’t think he can.

  2. MadeToLoveMagic

    Things you would never hear Wenger say,,

    “Well we have a few options in that position already, but what the hell, we are unlucky with injuries so maybe it would make sense to have some extra cover for the season, buy him”

  3. WengerEagle


    Hahaha that’s quality, the PKB thing sounds like it’s catching on.

    I posted for the first time over there today and was asked about fish.

    Yep, fish.

    Btw I made a Gravatar account, how do I make the Le-Grove avatar match it?

    I’m a newbie at this. 😀

  4. N5

    Jim, was that not who you posted from earlier with the Xenophobe 7am comment?

    Mark, it was a little more involved than that, but that’s the jist! Pedro come on and was like WTF is going on! he put it on his @LeGrove twitter that he was getting bantzed on the Grove and put a screenshot of what we were up too.

    It freaked him out a little though, not just that we’d done it, but that we’d found a picture of him doing his Zoolander pose!

  5. N5

    Eagle, did you use the same email address you use here? did you select rating G as in suitable for every forum? if yes to both, it’ll start working in about ten minutes.

  6. jwl

    N5 We think Wenger is bad but thank God we don’t support Wigan and have to listen to Whelan and Mackay tell us there thoughts about ethnic people.

    What I find most frustrating is that Wenger is not even trying to win trophies. We are massive club being held hostage by old man who doesn’t want to compete against better managers. Talking about not signing world class players, bigging up non-existent trophies for finishing first at Christmas, it is all so infuriating!

  7. Relieable sauce

    Things you won’t hear Wenger say –

    Now to defend my European title.

    Diaby will not be offered a new contract, Arsenal is not a hospital or a rehabilitation centre.

    Joel Campell is a striker.

    No Ivan, I should take a pay cut or at least a freeze until Arsenal are genuine challengers for top honours.

    I would unlikely last a full season at a top European club, I fear being found out & that is why I won’t quit Arsenal for another club.

    Right, we need a CB & DM! Lets get them signed & except no excuses for failure.

    Finally, a win over Mourinho.

  8. Goonergirl

    Hello everyone

    I’m going to be watching the game tomorrow with my united supporting boyfriend. Its so unfortunate that he supports such a terrible team. Really hope we win tomorrow.

  9. WengerEagle


    Steve Kean. Remember that little bald fella that used to manage Blackburn a few years ago and he was so terrible that they had a ‘Kean Out’ plane fly over Ewood Park?

    Haha he’s managing in Brunei now.


  10. Mark

    Shit you won’t hear Wenger say

    Right we’re one up with ten minutes to go – I want the midfield to sit and protect the back four.

  11. N5

    Lol Eagle, love it mate.

    I’m using Henry from his Monaco days now, but as Franchise uses a very very similar one, Dan Ahern and Karim have labelled me a shady character and won’t leave me around their houses unsupervised 😀

  12. Leedsgunner


    Those knuckle draggers at Untold… they’re probably bragging to everyone that NB52 is a commenter on their site…Pedro has anyone told you that the likeness to said player is uncanny? 😉

  13. jwl

    Goonergirl – I hate watching matches with opposing fans, I do not enjoy banter when Arsenal are loosing. You can never relax with Arsenal, when we had TH14 that was one thing, but now 3 or 4 goal leads are not safe. I can only watch matches with my nine year old niece.

  14. Goonergirl


    Yeah I don’t like it either. Although I made him promise to take it easy on the banter if the result does go against us. I on the other plan to have a field day with him if we do win lol.

  15. N5

    Not dumb at all GG, go to sign up using the email you use here. Upload the picture you want to use onto their site and select the rating G so that it’s OK to be used on any site. Within 10 minutes it’ll show up here.

    Let me know if you get stuck.

  16. jwl

    ” I on the other plan to have a field day with him if we do win”

    GG – only fair, seeing as how we constantly lose to them. You must have much trash talking saved up seeing as we’ve been dire against ManUre for a while now.

  17. N5

    I have to say I think Alfie won the shit Wenger won’t say contest with his!

    “I’m just gonna do my coat up, I’ll be 30 seconds”

  18. Carts

    Cech is still a top keeper. Chelsea had no choice but to give Courtois #1 jersey as he didn’t have long left on contract and he’d been having worldies for Atletico.

    Only thing I’d ask is that Cech loses the tea cosy

  19. N5

    Mark tell him at the time Pedro made that comment about Tottenham he was right, they did invest the money well! why Tottenham couldn’t get them to gel is a whole different story. Plus refer to him as WalterBollockx he loves that.

  20. David Smith

    Things you might hear wenger say “Tony Colbert has taken the art of physiology and sports science into realms untapped. The man is a God. Arsenal are lucky to have such a craftsman, and it shows constantly in the performances and fitness levels of our players”

  21. useroz

    With or without LVG doing it, Wenger is confused anyway.

    Sick of these Wenger songs….
    *my dear comes back in three weeks
    *oh dear he has a setback so another three weeks