I talked to a selfie hating United blogger and asked some big questions

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The Stretty Rant are a Manchester United blog with big opinions. I asked if I could get some of those down on digital paper.  They agreed because they’re polite and nice.

Here’s what they said.

What’s the vibe at United at the moment?

Much more happier than last season! Obviously United have spent a lot of money over the summer, but we’ve now got a proven manager at the helm who will get it right if given time. David Moyes was never my choice, even when many were discussing who would take over from Fergie, and the job proved too big for him. Was he treated unfairly, yes he was – but I don’t think he should have been given the job in the first place.

Although United have had some disappointing results (three losses and a draw away at Burnley), there is an excitement about the club – something that was missing during Moyes’ time. Angel Di Maria is an absolute genius of a footballer and is an absolute joy to watch. One thing Ronaldo was brilliant at (other than the goals and taking the piss out of the opposition) was carrying the ball eighty yards up the pitch and Di Maria has that ability to accelerate away and relieve pressure. Everyone feels that United needed to replace the experience of Ferdinand, Vidic and Evra (Rojo and Shaw were obviously brought in), whilst the defensive injuries have not helped. I’m still confident United can finish top four.

What do you think of LVG?

A great manager with an interesting personality. Throughout the history of football, people have loved (and loathed) big personalities within football. Brian Clough, Jose Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson have all divided opinions – but they were/are interesting, both how they set their teams up and also how they handle the media. Louis van Gaal has no doubt found it tougher than he expected and I think United fans all felt the club would be closer to Chelsea than we are right now.

You have to give a manager time, especially since it has only been eighteen months since Fergie stepped down, and van Gaal should get it as I think he will get it right. If you gave Moyes five years, I never felt the team would play an attractive brand of football, which subsequently would help towards winning a trophy. Although twenty years ago, van Gaal took an extremely young Ajax team to the pinnacle of club football and beat – OK, a much weaker team than previous – the incumbent European Champions. He has experience in many different leagues and brings a wealth of experience to the club. Very happy with him.

Which signing has impressed you the most this summer (your signings)?

Angel Di Maria hands down. There was a rumour around five years ago that United and Benfica were planning a swap deal with Nani and Di Maria and there was hesitation as to whether it would be a good move. How ridiculous that sounds now (although Nani had a blinder at The Emirates that season – 2009/10 – when we won 3-1) considering the player Di Maria has become. He was exceptional in the Champions League final and was brilliant at the World Cup until getting injured. All the players at Madrid were shocked to see him go, which is of course a testament to his superb ability. Their loss is of course United fans gain as he is exceptional to watch.

Falcao hasn’t got going, although will be a top striker when he does. I really don’t think he would have passed the medical had his knee shown any signs of injury. Shaw has bags of potential and will be a top class left back for many years to come.

What do you think about the Arsenal situation?

There is an obvious school of thought that Arsene Wenger inherited a back line and instilled a core through the centre. Arsenal between 1998 and 2004 were awesome to watch and were extremely difficult to beat. Going from a centre midfield of John Jenson and Ian Selly to Patrick Vieira and Emmanuel Petit was the work of Wenger and they were so difficult to play against. I remember Gary Neville saying that he just couldn’t play against the Arsenal team. Petit would find space and keep knocking balls in behind for Marc Overmars to chase and leave Neville for dead. That team was tough as well. The addition of Thierry Henry turned Arsenal into potential European Cup winners and, if truth be told, Arsenal had a better chance in 2004 than when you actually got to the final in 2006 to win it.

I think when you’ve experienced success for a while, beating the likes of Ferguson and United in the process, it is obviously frustrating that you’re no longer competing for the title. To go unbeaten for a whole season, to bring talents like van Persie, Fabregas and Wilshere to the club and then not to push on would of course be frustrating for any fan! But post 2004, Arsenal were competing with the riches of Chelsea, a rejuvenated Ronaldo-led Manchester United and latterly the bags of riches in Manchester City. Competition has increased, whilst Wenger’s be controlling the purse strings – this of course changed with the signing of Mesut Ozil and his hefty transfer fee. There is money to spend but I know Arsenal fans are crying out to sign a top class holding midfielder and a centre half.

Alexis Sanchez is top class and I’m glad he went to Arsenal over Liverpool! I still think Wenger should have bought Fabregas back. You can’t ignore a talent like that when he becomes available and I think Wenger should have taken a punt. Many have cited stubbornness in the Frenchman, which may be true – but Ferguson was also extremely stubborn – but it pays off when you’re successful! The 3-3 draw with Anderlecht was farcical and Wenger’s overall record against Jose Mourinho is now laughable – but I still think he is a class coach, who aims to instil an attractive brand of football. But with Arsenal out of the title race (as are we), eleven years is a long time for the third most success domestic club to go without the championship.

Would you keep Arsene Wenger at the end of the season if things stayed the same as they have for the last 5 years?

It’s difficult to say without experiencing it. I understand the frustrations and the fact that Arsenal are the most expensive club in England with regards to ticket sales, but I was also extremely pro-Ferguson, especially at a very difficult time for the club (Glazer buy out in 05 before we played you in the Cup final). United were way off the pace in 2004, 2005 and 2006 – although there was some promise in the 2005/06 season (despite an early Champions League exit) – and many were calling for a new manager to step in saying that Fergie should have called it a day in 2002. No chance for me, and perhaps I would be the same way with Wenger – although, I realise it has been a far longer time frame that the one I am referring to.

A top class coach who I still think could get it right one day.

How do you think you’ll set up against Arsenal?

4-3-3 but dependent on injuries (De Gea and Di Maria could miss the match)
De Gea, Valencia, Jones, McNair, Shaw, Carrick, Herrera, Rooney, Di Maria, Januzaj, van Persie

What do you think the result will be?

Hopefully better than the dire 0-0 from last season. You’re favourites, I expect us to win – but I’m going for 2-2.

How do you think United will finish the year?

4th place.

Who do you think will win the league?

Chelsea all day long. They needed a striker last season and have signed a great forward in Diego Costa and of course Cesc Fabregas – sorry to bring that up again.

Which Arsenal player do you dislike the most?

None really. But if I have to pick one I’ll got for Szczesny. I fucking hate a selfie berk.

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  1. N5

    This is a great idea, you should attempt this with every team before each match, if you can’t do every, maybe just the big teams. Never do the Spuds though, regardless.

  2. tunnygriffboy

    Definig game for Wenger tomorrow. Lose or draw with an insipid performance and the fans will turn

    Klopp has said he wouldn’t mind working in England and would talk to clubs. Ivan get your phone out !

  3. Thomas

    “Hopefully better than the dire 0-0 from last season. You’re favourites, I expect us to win – but I’m going for 2-2.”

    Lol that didn’t make any sense at all.

  4. Jim Lahey

    @Mid – Someday it will be broken!

    @N5 – Thought I had a 6 minute window there, could have done some damage!

    But has anyone ever been first on two posts in the same day??!

  5. MidwestGun

    Pedro –
    Really interesting interview. This Man U. fan seems too level headed, I don’t know any of those. Your going stir crazy with this staycation aren’t you?

  6. N5


    Ha ha, nice one.

    Jim, you start getting slowed up with Pedro’s post filter though, after 10 it starts telling you to slow down.

    I will die with that record! 😀

  7. N5

    “But has anyone ever been first on two posts in the same day??!”

    I don’t think so mate, you have the title there. The first Le Grove doubleheader! 😯

  8. Jim Lahey

    @N5 – 49 would have been a good number to get to!

    I am in no way confident about tomorrow, United are a mental (yuck… sound a bit like someone else there) block for the team. Every Mourinho team we have faced has been equal if not better than us. But we have played some shitty United sides, last year being a prime example!

  9. MidwestGun

    Girls I’ve almost slept with-
    -Scarlett Johannson
    -Megan Fox
    -Elisha Cuthbert
    -Natalie Dormer

    Girls I’ve actually slept with –
    -Drunk girl at closing time who resembled Shakira if you squinted your eyes.
    -Girl claiming to be a hand model.
    -Girl next door who is a lesbian now, I think.
    – Stripper named Crystal… not her real name.

    This AW thing is easy.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    Hope the Guardiola rumours have some weight; perhaps Munich has made him yearn for a challenge again. We’d go from being the most under prepared side in the world to the most over prepared.

    Walcott out is aggravating. Not sure who’d I stick in out wide instead, not Cazorla, he’s been terrible. Maybe even a wild card option like Campbell. But we need to set up to attack that mash potato defence.

    Don’t know why mash potato…needed to think of something soft, easy to kick and destroy, tends to collapse in on itself…you do better.

  11. N5

    Jim, I was talking with Romford about this yesterday. I’ve travelled to both OT and North London for home and away Manc games for years now and I just don’t recall having to many occassions where we’ve come away really happy! We’ve had our times, but mentally we’ve lost before most games.

    Luckily I didn’t go to the 8-2 match, Romford did the poor sod.

  12. N5

    Eagle, it was funny. Ahern said did you steal that from Franchise, Karim said yeah he did, he’s like that. The buggers then were digging me out for my shady ways!

    That’s what I love about the Grove! It has a real community of funny fuckers

  13. Jim Lahey

    @N5 – When Nasri scored two against them! Thats the last time I remember us beating them. I’m aware that we did it in 11 with Ramsey scoring, but I don’t remember it!

  14. MidwestGun

    Campbell makes too much sense. So it won’t happen. And I don’t want to see Flamini anywhere near starting…. but does anyone trust Arteta’s fitness?

    And have Jack and Ramsey ever worked in the same lineup very well?… trying to remember.

  15. N5

    Jim, yeah the Nasri one was great. I went to their ground for the game we had a fight and both teams got docked points. I went to the one where Rocky scored an absolute blinder, you may be a little young to remember that one, but if you YouTube Rocky Old Trafford you’ll see a class goal. I was at the one with the Van Nistarooy (spelling) fight. We’ve had some great tear ups with them.

    My favourite of all though, also had my favourite goal of all time, the Henry at Highbury goal, where he did that little dink to raise the ball slightly and vollyed it from miles out! Man that guy could make you salivate with his skills.

  16. N5

    Mid someone was saying about Flamini playing right back tomorrow! if that happens I’ll honestly walk out, I’m not going to watch Di-Maria tearing that turtle a new arsehole!!

    Eagle, @LeGrove has 47k followers, so I imagine you get 1000s on a daily basis read the blog. Nowhere near as many comment, but I know the site gets 1000s of hits a day.

  17. WengerEagle


    Christ that’s an impressive number. It’s really mushroomed in the last few years.

    Pedro’s and the PKB’s have just been called out by Walter over on Untold btw haha.

  18. N5

    Lol Jim/Eagle at the time of writing that post Pedro was right, they did sell for lots and invest in quality. It didn’t work but the reason for that is a different matter. Someone should tell Walter Bollockx that.

    Cesc, where have you been mate, you been Rouge-ing?

  19. MidwestGun

    Cheers….. 2nd part mostly true.

    N5 –
    Flamini at RB? Nooo. Just no. What’s he gonna do. Point at Di Maria as he blows by him?
    Normally I say we need an early goal but that seems to work against us. So hopefully we keep it boring the first half. Don’t want to get in a shootout open game especially if Giroud is starting. Really we just need a win against Man U. Because I’m sick of losing to them even when they aren’t good.

  20. Jim Lahey

    November 21, 2014 at 3:39 pm

    It’s in a way funny how the people who adore Peter above anyone else come in groups to Untold the last days. Maybe they are getting tired of reading the same shit every day and are desperate for some quality articles.
    Or did you agreed to come over here and teach us a lesson? Don’t dare to say it wasn’t mentioned in the last days/weeks….”

    More Loooolzzz …

  21. Cesc Appeal


    No no, Uni stuff…but also I think as we were saying the other day it’s all a bit dull now. International break doesn’t help but Arsenal sort of doesn’t feel worth talking about as much as it once did.

  22. N5

    MWG, that’s what I was basically saying. Flamini would either get skinned or sent off within 10 minutes trying to keep up with him. Bellerin would be a much better decision, he’s young yes and inexperienced, but I’d have a team of Sanogo’s over fucking turtle head Flamini.

  23. N5

    CA, I thought you’d been held captive by Abstergo! I’ve been playing that Advance Warfare. Not sure if you dabble in COD, but if so don’t bother with this one mate. You might as well flush £50 down the loo. I’m wanting to give First Person GTAV a go though.

  24. salparadisenyc

    Gazidas you better be reading the Honigstein interview with Klopp.
    “After Dortumund, England is the only choice.”

    Middy, hand models are the best, 100% effort.

  25. N5

    @Jim, I never got into COD until Black Ops and I must admit that due to maps like Firing Range I really enjoyed that one, plus I was new to Multiplayer so I enjoyed all the idiots on the mic back then. By the time Black Ops II came out, I started muting people but still played the online and still really enjoyed it. I’ve not like anything else though MW3 was shit, Ghosts was shit and now Advance Warfare is shit. The single player was OK but the multiplayer was awful!

  26. Cesc Appeal


    No not touching that.

    Waiting until my Christmas break, saved £100 from my bday, GAME will give me £100 for my PS3 and some games then I’m getting myself a PS4 and GTA5; had it on 3 but the first person and better graphics alone make it worth it.

    PS4 for £140 basically. Not bad.

  27. N5

    @salparadisenyc, you’ve got me excited at that! If Hummels leaves as it’s suggested he will, then I can see Klopp saying bollocks to them!

  28. Jim Lahey

    @N5 – They have been awful! Although like you I really enjoyed the online maps for Black Ops, some very good maps on there! Go back and play the single player for World at War, it was by far the best! And of course the classic Nazi Zombies Multiplayer is on there too!

  29. Goonergirl


    Haha indeed I am. I’m just hoping that we win tomorrow. Definitely not going to go easy on him with the banter if we do win.

  30. N5

    CA Good idea mate. I’m loving the PS4 now more games are coming out for it and you can’t grumble at the price. When you get it feel free to add me, I’m JoystiQ7-_-7

  31. N5

    Ohhh Jim sorry dude, I thought we was talking multiplayer. Yeah World at War was my favourite too, it was call having Jack Beaur doing the voices too.

    I liked COD4 as well for the single player.

  32. Cesc Appeal


    I will do. Never been a big multiplayer guy but I will for the next gen.

    First person GTA looks incredible, got to get the Witcher and Dragon Age as well. Then Metal Gear next year.

  33. Jim Lahey

    @Pedro – Can I ask if these allegations are true?

    “Well Untold is full of people who thought that this was real. But from the moment you gave another opinion you were thrown out. Or Peter changed your comment to make you look like an idiot. As he tried to do with me. But I discovered his little trick on how to make people with an opinion look bad.
    And you know what my opinion was that go be banned? Asking for people claiming to be Arsenal supporters to stop using and giving bad names to our own players. I didn’t mind they criticised the players or the managers but just asked to leave the insults behind. “

  34. N5

    CA I never was too mate, but the best thing about GTAV is the multiplayer. It’s carnage. You own your own apartment and get immersed in this digital community like you would believe. Once you do go online though, you can kiss goodbye to sleeping.

  35. N5

    Jim, there is no truth in that at all. Pedro doesn’t edit people’s comments to make them look bad. I’ve asked people to leave out the insults before and he left my comment as it was! the handsome witty best blogger in the world that he is – N5 100% wrote that last bit and this comment has not been edited.

  36. MidwestGun

    Jim L. –
    Pedro doesn’t change comments. Those peeps are crazy. They just don’t understand a blog filter and think because their comments went into moderation because of a banned word Pedro is changing things, idiots.

  37. Goonergirl


    Haha if we don’t win tomorrow I think I will be violent lol. Not only because of him being a united supporter but also because this is the best chance we have to actually beat them. Its been too long

  38. N5

    Both Jim, I don’t have the Xbox at the moment but I’ve put many more hours into that. I had Titanfall yes. I liked it. I wasn’t keen that it didn’t have scorestreaks, but it was a great 1st attempt.

    Advance Warfare has ripped Titanfall off like you wouldn’t believe.

  39. Jim Lahey

    @N5 – Agree with you re Titanfall, scorestreaks are missing and needs a bit more content, but the gameplay is solid!

    Yeah Advanced Warfare is a total rip! Its shameless!

    Just on Walter being banned, does anyone know what his username was on here? Because if he was banned, none of us would be able to use it in a post!

  40. N5

    CA, If you have even a slight addictive personality then avoid it mate. You’ll never get offline.

    Jim, Walter is barking mad mate, I wouldn’t listen to a word the man says, he’s the laughing stock of Bloggers. Remind him how he banned me for asking him to speak to people with respect! how’s that any different to anything he’s saying Pedro did?

  41. MidwestGun

    Ggirl –
    Ya… it has been too long. Last years 0 -0 was embarassing effort, and the 1-0 loss when RVP did his celebration thing. Thought we should have won last year. Well…. you don’t have to physically harm him, pyschological warfare more effective anyhow.
    Had an ex-gf who used to ask me if “I was gonna wear that” every time we went out somewhere. I’m still not over it. 🙁

  42. N5

    Goonergirl, don’t mention it. Well done for doing it first time though. Loads of people have started doing it this week and not many have got it first time.

    Middy, did you see my question yesterday asking you if you live anywhere near Hillside Illinois?

  43. MidwestGun

    Ggirl –
    Probably be a nicer person. Lol. Man. U fans here are the worst so I’m probably projecting my angst. The guy in the questionnaire Pedro posted seems ok. But I think it’s telling… I get the impression they really don’t consider us a rival. And really we haven’t been.

  44. Goonergirl


    Yeah I wouldn’t want to psychologically harm him lol. If we do win it’ll just be harmless banter from me. But he ain’t that bad either. We were friends when the 8-2 catastrophe happened and he wasn’t as bad as others lol.

  45. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    No I live probably 3 or 4 hour drive from there. It’s a Chicago suburb. But I did live in Downer’s Grove for a year about 25 years ago which is near there.

  46. Goonergirl

    I want to get me a ps4 but they so expensive this side. It’s R6000 here and my ps3 has decided to give up on me lol. Now I’m trying to save money to get a ps4 but that could take a while

  47. N5

    MWG, I was wondering what the area is like. We’re coming there next year for a holiday and I was going to go and have a look at Al Capone’s grave (morbid) and loads of sites down in Chicago, but wanted to know if the area was nice to stay in?

  48. Follow the money

    When Nasri put two past Utd that was 09 I think at the very end of us playing beautiful football. That was also the last time I remember us beating a top team (Bayern doesn’t count we were already out of the tie). Untold are fascists. LG is much more Democratic and is not an echo chamber like that dump. Anyone notice they’ve taken down their Lord Wenger thing? Haha what a bunch of clowns

  49. Arsene's Vet

    Folks, how does an internet-challenged bigger read the untold shite above? I clicked on it and could only view the heading but not the body of the article. Think I’ve got same problem with all metro posts too.

  50. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    N5 –
    Yep….. it’s good. West suburbs aren’t bad. You just want to stay away from Southside of Chicago and Indiana Illinois border area. Gary Indiana area.

    Don’t know if your into this kind of thing but definitely if you have time check out art museum, Shedd aquarium, near Soldier field and any of the numerous Blues clubs. Also, for drinking Wrigleyville area near Wrigley field is good times. Really there is a ton to do should be good time.

  51. northern gooner

    Good evening everyone.

    Skimmed through the comments.
    Untold is funny. So very funny.

    Also i have just tried to trade in my ps3 with 20 games (its the 320gb slim) and was offered 73 quid.
    Told them to shove it up there arse!

  52. MidwestGun

    Vet –
    If I remember right you have to go over to recent articles on the right side there and click on one. I think the PKB stuff was under Manchester vs AFC preview article. But I just viewed yesterday, so they might have comments under a more recent article now.

  53. jwl

    MidwestGun That comment – how he didn’t dislike any of our players – irritated me most because ManUre fans don’t even think about us anymore, we are afterthought. Manc recent domination of Arsenal has left us gooners with mild ptsd while they don’t even think of us as rivals now.

    How did you do with snow this week Midwest? Me not too bad, I am about 70 miles west of toronto and we got about a foot, foot and half of snow, so not out of control. Buffalo is crazy, I am about 150 miles north of there and I am shocked, they get like eight feet of snow this week, that’s a whole winter’s worth of snow in a week. Thank fcuk I don’t live there, I can’t imagine the shoveling for next week or two to get things back to normal.

  54. Cesc Appeal

    Arsenal can be so incredibly mind numbing to talk about you often find this blog ventures into all kinds of topics.

  55. Cesc Appeal

    Chambers talking about taking on Luke Shaw, I hope he means just in general and not 1 v 1, as in RB v LB.

    Has to be Bellerin tomorrow just to cope with the pace and to get Monreal out of CB.

    What an utter shambles even having to say that! Nowhere near good enough. Appalling squad management.

  56. MidwestGun

    Jwl –
    Glad to here your doing ok with snow. I didn’t get any I’m nearer St. Louis so missed snowmageddan. Might get an ice storm tho which could be worse if it knocks down power. Basically it’s just freakin cold. Lol. But you Canadians are prolly used to that.

    Ya.. a team that actually inspired fear in our opposition would be nice. I saw where Sanchez is 42% of our scoring. Other than Ox or maybe Ramsey, who scores? Welbeck doesn’t have any consistency. Giroud against the lower table teams, maybe. Sanogoal? Really need another scoring threat. HopingTheo could comeback.

  57. Cesc Appeal


    I fear it will be

    Chambers, Mert, Monreal, Gibbs
    Sanchez, Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla

    And then when we’re paceless, have no direction or tempo and are looking vulnerable to every United counter he’ll do that thing where he points at the field and shouts something at Steve Bould like “I told them to keep the ball.”

  58. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    Yep… Most likely. Assuming Welbeck is fit. I’m actually most concerned about Arteta’s fitness. He’s only played the full 90 i think 3 times including the Community Shield. Can’t believe we are considering another year contract Extension. I mean I can believe it. But it’s crazy.

    Flamini has been disastrous this year, mostly. If Arteta can play the full 90 and somebody screens the back 4 with him. Maybe we can pull something out. Lol trying to convince myself.

  59. MidwestGun

    Gnabry is a strange case. Had a couple good games scored a goal. Then suddenly he was benched. Then he disappeared. Then he had a mysterious knee injury that’s lasted almost a year. Now I guess he’s back with youth team. Weird. We get Sanogo updates on injuries and progress all the time… Nobody really cares. But Gnabry was in a media blackhole.

  60. Gunner2301

    Great responses from the Man U fella. I think it’s slightly different when your on the receiving end of Arsenes decision making. Add to that we know more about what’s going on within the club and the effects it is having whereas for an outsider it won’t nearly look as bad or you could put some of it down to bad luck. But good interview none the less.

  61. Gunner2301

    Anyone think we should start doing a commentary on the Untold posts right here in the comments?

    I’ll start – The title of the piece was

    “Being ahead of the game, behind the time and raging against the dying of the light.”

    I read through the first 5 or 6 paragraphs confused as the poster meandered from Australia To the England Scotland match to the IRA only to make the point that Jack can play a number of positions? Hardly enlightening.

    Then we move on to a tirade about the media and the journalistic style of Untold as if the authors work for the Guardian only to finish off with a quote from that well known sage and fountain of knowledge Joey Barton only to state that one of the authors at Untold had used the same quote ‘poem’ a few weeks ago so Barton may have copied it from him. PMSL 🙂

    I think they’re a bit desperate for content over there. Lol 🙂

  62. Sandy

    Once Klop realises that the illegitimate child Kronkite and his lickspittle Gazidis are only interested in doing enough too keep the Arsenal faithful turning up avery week and getting ripped off rather than actually winning things he will be off elsewhere.
    I keep saying it the problems are the liars and scoundlers above Wenger- ant responsible executive would have made him spend the money or sacked him years ago.
    Only the supporters can do anything about it but we are too limp wristed, until we rebel we will get exactly what Kronkite and Gazidis want- big profits, big management fees big exec salaries and a few crumbs for those idiots, you and me, who pay for it.
    How long before Sanchez and Ozil realise they are playing for a team of losers and ask for a transfer.
    Breaks my heart this, I love our club, I just wish those that run it did also.

  63. Arsene's Vet

    here is the shocker folks. I hope you wake up, read it and weep for our dear club. Wenger is planning to play Welbz on the wings. Guess its not enough to have Theo, Ox, Alexis, Gnabry, Podolski and Campbell competing for the two slots on the flank.

  64. MidwestGun

    Jim Lahey with the first comment 3 times in a day is clearly juiced up on oil money and paying off the referees. Not counting the treble. Sorry.

    Something fishy going on.