Should players be running tactical lectures?

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Oh, and a big fat happy good morning to you!

So what have we today? Not much. Just me continuing the party, on my own, sitting in a cold flat. I clamped my hand in some grips two days ago and I’ve damaged nerves because I can’t feel my little finger anymore. All that trying to pull a rawl plug out the wall. Fear not though, you don’t need a little finger to write a blog. I’ll soldier on, for you guys.

So I’m reading this book yeah, (Another Way of Winning) and I love it. Why? Because it’s making me a better Premier League manager.

Anyway, what I learned yesterday is that my assertion that we should expect more from more from players is loosely a correct one. I spoke a couple of days ago about the old guard being leaders on and off the pitch. The case in point was the player meeting called by Tony Adams and co post Blackburn in 97… Petit and Paddy were given a telling off, players like Overmars were told to pull their fingers out and we went on to win the league.

That’s having know how in the squad. That’s taking the bull by the horn. That’s being innovative. That’s not seeking permission to be better.

Here’s the key for me, in any job you do. If you’re not being led properly… work around the problem to get to the best possible outcome for your team. Beg for forgiveness, you get me? (don’t beg, it’s embarrassing. Well, unless you’ve liquidated the bank your employed by with your work around).

So when Cruyff was sacked in the 6th year of his tenure, amazingly, that’s still the longest any Barca manager has served, Bobby Robson was appointed at 63. The players used to call him Granddad, interestingly. So he had Jose Mourninho as his translator. Bobby Robson used to scrawl down tactics on a chalk board and Jose would turn them into Spanish.

Apparently, the tactics weren’t exactly brilliant. So Jose used to make them better, more clear. As Robson’s tenure powered on, his tactical recommendations became more bizarre so Jose and Pep used to work together to not just make them clearer… but to make them far, far better. Sometimes the final product was totally different. They were working together to create a better outcome for the team. I think this is brilliant, because it’s how young innovative leaders work when faced with a dinosaur.

So why don’t our players take more control? Per Mertesacker was asked about tactics at the World Cup at some do last night…


Arsene doesn’t really do tactics, which shouldn’t be news if you’ve been reading this site for the last 5 years or watched one of our famous capitulations against top team. So here’s a question, why don’t the players do their own tactics and video analysis? Why don’t they take a situation they know is complete professional suicide… and do something about it?

Culture. It’s as simple as that. The Arsenal culture is one man. One man, one set of values, one set of ideas. Progress is only acceptable if it comes from one place. If you build a culture that is dependent and you don’t encourage ideas from other places, people become lazy. People become demotivated. Great staff become neutered.

Ideas are investments. They’re little pieces of art. They’re a creative execution that an individual or a group have invested time in to build to a point they can be showcased. If you share that vision, and it’s ignored, you’ll think twice about doing it again. If your idea is dropped and you continue to see that your organisation is still suffering the issues your idea was designed to solve, it’s even more demotivating.

Creative problem solving can’t come from the top. It has to come from the layer below. It has to come with buy in, if people are invested in the idea, it has more chance of working. I fear that at Arsenal, unless it comes from one man, or his old boys club, nothing is ever done. We’ve bred a culture of dependence and in turn we have a malaise. We don’t have players who will think for themselves and do their own tactical work. We don’t have a squad that will speak up. They’ll just continue doing the same things they know are wrong, over and over because the cost of doing something is perhaps too great.

If that’s what Arsene wants, then fine. But for me, you can still have authority whilst having a group of people who will question standard practice and come up with solutions that can make a difference. Ideas can come from anywhere, but it takes a special kind of manager to be able to listen. Especially if that said manager is a legend.

Maybe the ‘let others work it out’ approach is a bit modern. Maybe that’s not how it was done back in the day. But I think the way Adams and Co behaved back in the day shows you that expecting players to take responsibility isn’t a wild suggestion. It just requires some balls, some personality… but then again, we don’t sign players like that these days. We sign nice boys. Which is fine, but you need that extra bit of something in the team.

I mean, the fact Wenger doesn’t really believe in captains tells you all you need to know… maybe he doesn’t want a strong captain because that’d be a challenge to his supremacy? Maybe he doesn’t have strong staff who are willing to challenge? Or maybe the cost of being challenging is your career… and people know this?

I mean, topline, has anyone sat down with Alexis Sanchez and purged his brain? If I get someone in from a better agency, I want to know it all. How do they pitch? How do they approach a brief? What’s the structure? What do they have that we don’t? How would you change things? What don’t you like about this place?

Do you think Arsene sat down with his new £30m man and blitzed him with questions? Because you’d have a few…

What’s the approach to fitness? How often would you rest? What would you eat? How would tactics be approached? How much ball work would you do? How do you recover? How often would you sit in a class? How did you practice your game execution? What was the prematch ritual? How did you debrief on games? What sort of role did the assistant play? Did you use video analysis at half time? Do you know the company they used? What would be the one thing you’d change about this place?

When you’re a competitive outfit, the only time you get to find these things out is when you bring in new people. Would Arsene think this way? I’m not so sure. For a man obsessed with football, he doesn’t seem to learn much from watching others, does he?

So in conclusion, if the culture isn’t right. What can be done to change it? Who is looking in to see if something is broken? Who is helping to make Arsenal a better place to work? Who is has enough on the line to force a better Arsenal? From where I’m sitting, that’s behind my keyboard, it looks like no one.

That’s what makes me sad. Two and half more years of watching minimal progression. Untapped potential. Unmemorable seasons. But fear not, once this is over, better times are coming.  This is elite purgatory, but it won’t last forever. Of that I’m sure.

Anyway, brain dump for the day.

P.S. Stop bantzing me in the comments section… it’s freaking me out.


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  1. N5

    Yeah I hear you RP, I only really think of the Spuds on the day, but the Rent Boys really grind my gears too.
    I think Manure sticks with me because I’ve spent so much money going to and from their ground and ours and I just can’t remember getting the upper hand over them often. I was there for that game with the big fight that got us docked points and I was there for that game where Rocky scored a belter, I was there at the Keown crane chop to Van Horseface and many others, but home and away, I can’t remember many where I have left feeling happy.

    This weekend please football gods.

  2. N5

    Lol TYAG, that would be frightening. Imagine a sea of Pedro’s throughout the Emirates. Can you imagine Attwood? His head would turn purple, before it bursts.

  3. Romford Pele

    Lol N5, Wenger used to have a decent record against United up until around 2008 (probably the time he should’ve gone). Since then it’s been abysmal. I was there at the 8-2…. Dark, dark days my friend.

  4. N5

    Oh Romford, you poor sod! I didn’t realise you went that day. I’ve been to OT where we’ve been 4 down in twenty, but never anything like that! That was one of the first seasons I didn’t travel up to there.

    I turned of the TV at half time, it must have been a nightmare up there.

    What was the atmosphere like? I understand it would have been venomous are side but how were the Mancs, did they start showing pity after the 7th?

  5. MidwestGun

    Yeah… I think. It’s the Man U. Fans around me here that make it unbearable.
    Them and the Chelscum fans( mostly my brother). Lol

    It makes a loss a little more personal. There is no such thing as Spurs fan here. Hahaha. Well….almost…. I did see a Bale shirt once on a guy at the mall..
    There’s a huge Italian contingency tho. So Serie A debates get a bit heated, you would fit right in Romford. 😀

    The Untold thing…….. hahaha. I agree with Tunny mostly but it’s funny.
    # PKB

  6. N5

    Midwest. It’s odd over here, because the Spuds hated us since we moved over to their part of London and some still refer to us as Woolwich! During the Graham years things were always so much closer between us in terms of quality and results! The hatred was huge.

    There is still no love lost, but it’s nothing quite like it once was.

  7. Romford Pele

    “What was the atmosphere like? I understand it would have been venomous are side but how were the Mancs, did they start showing pity after the 7th?”

    To be honest mate, the fans were quite supportive on the whole as they could blatantly see we were being ripped to shreds. There was nothing else we could do. Me, I didn’t really say anything. I just sat there, speechless, cursing Wenger.

    United fans were lapping it up, as you would. They’re pretty sh*** with their chants though. All they could muster up was “EASY”.

    Ha Mid, I do enjoy a good Serie A debate though I think i’d be put in my place by all the Ultras!

  8. N5

    Jim, I never want to see a player injured (except maybe Joey Barton), but Blind being injured is great for us. He’s been a good addition to their squad. I still don’t think it’ll make a jot of difference, but anything we can grab on too.

  9. Romford Pele

    Spurs started piping up again ever since they got CL and we started winning. Despite the fact they haven’t finished above us in nearly two decades, you’d still find them running their mouths. A lot of my mates are Spuds so I like nothing better than putting a sock in it.

    I remember when they won at the Emirates in 2010 after being two goals down at HT. I literally drank myself to sleep that day.

  10. Jim Lahey

    @RP – Did you have to suffer the United fans all the way back to London on the train too?!

    Is it true that a bunch of their players will be fit for this weekend?

  11. N5

    “Me, I didn’t really say anything. I just sat there, speechless”

    Been there brother. I was like that over in Paris when Nayim lobbed Seaman from the halfway line. It’s the first time I’ve been ashamed of Arsenal fans, they were tearing up the seats and causing a right mess! I’ve never seen that from our lot.

    I just sat there amongst this madness sulking and hoping the floor would swallow me up.

    The only plus side was, Arsenal paid for our tickets that day as an apology for the way we were all treated in Genoa in the Semi final. We got locked in a carpark surrouded by armed police for 4 hours, taken into the ground by the same police, sat with them around us the entire match and then marched straight out of italy to the airport and home! I thought Arsenal were a class act that day sorted us out tickets and travel as it wasn’t their fault.

  12. Romford Pele

    “@RP – Did you have to suffer the United fans all the way back to London on the train too?!”

    Jim, just put on my massive headphones and went to sleep lol!

    Yeah, De Gea, Phil Jones, Smalling, Evans, Di Maria, Shaw are all fit. Great lol

  13. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    Ya… I get that. My first coach…. huge Arsenal supporter would talk about the old school rivalries. Proximity breeds contempt. But on a global scale Spurs are irrelevant. Man U, Chelscum, and Pool to some extent the most annoying here. But Man. U Fans the worst for talking shit. Losing to that bunch. Ugh!

  14. Jim Lahey

    @RP – Yeah I just can’t see us getting a result, last year when anyone and everyone was beating them we couldn’t do it, don’t see that changing any time soon.

    @N5 – Cup Winners Cup final 1995, remember watching it as a child.

  15. Ulstersaysarse

    I don’t know if anyone remembers me posting a couple weeks ago about the Wenger press conference prior to the Swansea game. He made the following comment,

    “If I say to you: ‘No, the objective is not to win the title’, then I have to commit suicide when I go out from here.”

    As I said back then I was quite shocked at his choice of words especially as I lost a parent to suicide 4 years ago. I took it upon me to write to the club to see how they felt about this. Not expecting even an email reply I was generally surprised when I received a phone call from Wegner’s PR Department who proceeded to deliver me an apology & inform me that the matter had been discussed with Arsene & that his words were not meant to be offensive & they hoped that I would except their apology on his behalf.

    I was quite touched by the way they had taken the matter in hand & thought some of the fans here should know that our club can still handle some things with style & grace. Unfortunately it’s not on the pitch but as I said, was genuinely impressed with their personal touch.

  16. Masterstroke

    Yes, thanks for the PKB info. It’s good to see Attwood take one up the Arse, but four times is stupendous. And to see the handsome ones’ photo there is a bonus.
    They had a problem some time ago with a good few attempts to sabotage the site, but must be getting careless again.

  17. Leedsgunner

    Here’s a classic comment from Untold (under the United Preview entry)

    “So refreshing to read a pro wenger blog for a change, they seem to be getting rarer these day’s due to media whores such as LePuke.
    I cannot see us losing to manu this weekend, they are weaker than in recent times and without Ferguson leading them they look lost.”

    The hilarious thing is this comment is lovingly nestled between two other comments submitted by Ozy and Jim both sporting Pedro’s picture from Le Puke as this poster calls us.

    Thick as planks.

    Le Grove 6 – 0 Untold Arsenal

  18. Gladwyn

    Hello Pedrophiles!!!

    have a feeling we will get mugged by the Mancs on Saturday. They managed to beat us with a shit of a manager in Moyes, not that LVG is any better, but at least he has players who can take some responsibility on themselves. Their attack will come to life against us.

  19. N5

    “Jim, Holmes and Ozy with same profile pic and hash tag? I think ure trolls just taking the piss.”

    Lol it took 6 out of 18 comments for them to sus it.

  20. MidwestGun

    If I had to bet on the game. Which I’m not. Would say 1 to 1. Probably be lower scoring then anticipated with both teams a bit worried about defending. However, an early goal and all bets are off. Might open up.

  21. blsany

    Afternoon boys
    Pedro has got to much time on his hands lately.Ozil saying that Wenger will make him a better a player is fucking stupid considering while he is probably making a quit exit.

  22. Jeff

    Giroud will more than likely start given that Welbeck has played two internationals. But what is strange is that others who return from long term injury (like Walcott) have to be eased in ever so gently – it would be strange if Giroud plays an entire game.

  23. rrobbins

    Imagine texts, letters, and emails, to kreinke sports/ Ivan demanding a football general manager; a dein like individual to collaborate with wenger/ board? Then I woke up. Until the empty seats are in tens of thousands the board will remain asleep at the wheel. Imagine asking for ticket price increases with 100m sterling not being used for personnel, coaching, and tools for performance. ‘When it’s not about the money, it’s about the money. Greed has replaced tradition.

  24. Follow the money

    Vieira and co could work out tactics themselves. That Wenger thought project youth and the current squads could do the same is total insanity. But again it’s all about him. You know damned well if he’d won something with project youth he’d have been out there taking credit for making it work. I’ve been convinced for years that Wenger does things differently from everyone else so he can claim to be a genius when it comes off.

  25. Danish Gooner

    Another Wenger excuse for not spending bites the dust.Bayern borrowed 346 mil euros in 2004 and today they have paid off every cent,they had a 25 year plan but wanted the debt out of the way as soon as possible to make way for new player investment…………………Arsenal look more and more like they are run by Homer Simpson.Remember how Wenger always says every summer how he have to get 15 mil pounds for the stadium before he can spend…….what a twat.Arsenal are stock piling money put wont spend on players nor thier debt…..DISGRACEFUL !!! Money wise we are as big as Bayern or at least use to be.

  26. kelsey


    haven’t you sussed Attwood out yet. Look around the site carefully.It’s a vehicle to sell literature and books, that’s his living and Arsenal is an after thought.

  27. NYCgooner

    I seriously don’t know how we’ve come to the accepted conclusion that we don’t have any leaders among the players when i’m sure none of us have been in the locker room. I assume that conclusion is drawn because they all seem to be nice guys but that doesn’t mean they they are not leaders. Actually its a little insulting to look at a group of grown professional men and decide that all of them are somehow afraid to challenge their teammates or speak up to Wenger.

    I think even the most ardent PKB would agree(See what i did there) that claiming our roster is filled with a bunch shy choir boys is at best, pure conjecture and at worst just shit stirring.

  28. Frankie T

    Cannot see giroud starting as Walcott has been back a few weeks and still not started. If giroud starts then it’s obvious favouritism from wenger.

    For me it’s gotta be a standard 4-4-2 and I’d throw Bellerin in to allow chambers to play cb as rvp and Rooney would destroy Monreal.

    Bellerin mert. Chambers. Gibbs

    Walcott. Jack. Arteta. Ox/caz

    Sanchez. Welbz.

    Possibly including cazorla to give us a bit of trickery and unpredictability. If Walcott is not ready then ox on the right.

  29. Cesc Appeal

    Anything less than a win on Saturday is a bad result.

    Only selection dilemma for me is Wilshere or Ramsey, I prefer Ramsey, like what he brings in terms of overall contribution and physicality. But Wilshere has being playing well for England and Ramsey’s form is still toilet.

    For me it’s:
    Bellerin, Mert, Chambers, Gibbs
    Arteta, Ramsey
    Walcott, Sanchez, Oxlade

    Nothing less than a win will do against a truly laughable United back line.

  30. NYCgooner


    Love that line up but i don’t think Theo is ready for a start as yet. I would continue to start Ox and santi with Alexis on the left, Welbs up top.

  31. Cesc Appeal


    Cazorla is a big no for me. I’d rather have Rosicky or Campbell.

    I just think this is a perfect game for Walcott; it’s been rather unlike us but we’ve handled him really careful so far. I’d give him a half and see how he feels at the break, take him off at 50 mins or something where we can introduce a possession player because hopefully we’re in the lead.

    However, I fully expect to see something like:
    Chambers, Mert, Monreal, Gibbs
    Sanchez, Wilshere, Ramsey, Cazorla

    That’s what I think he will play. He will bottle it and set up first to protect that kiddie pool shallow defence he waltzed into the season with and hope not to get caught out and in doing so massively let off that ridiculous United defence.

    I just feel if you set up with pace and physicality from the off, and really go at them United will have lost in 15 minutes…but then this is Arsenal, and 3-0 up would mean nothing with our team and managers inability to see out a game.

  32. Cesc Appeal

    You just think as well, a CDM and not walking in with a negligent amount of personnel in defence and this would probably be a game we’d be rubbing our hands together at the thought of. You think of Spurs, Swansea, Hull, City even – games where if we’d had a little more physicality and defensive guile we’d have taken all three points.

    We’d be right behind Chelsea and drooling at the thought of what a well put together side might do to this United team. Alas, as always unnecessarily held back and struggling because of the manager.

  33. Cesc Appeal

    By the way, never really been over onto Untold; the Pedro face thing is hilarious!

    Everyone always talks about it as if it’s a huge site? But it gets like 12-20 comments a time or something? Unless that was just the articles I was looking at?

  34. Blsany

    Wilshere should play on current form ahead of ramsey.Ramsey needs to be dropped simple as.Until he stops starring in Spielberg new hollywood movie.

  35. NYCgooner


    Santi hasn’t been that bad. He can’t score to save his life right now but he’s been keeping things ticking in the midfield for us which often goes unnoticed for us for some reason. I also agree with Blsany above that wilshere on current form should get the start over ramsey but thats if we actually played 4 2 3 1.

  36. Cesc Appeal


    Cazorla has been woeful! Really, really bad. Can’t stand a player who doesn’t step up when he’s needed or when it’s his moment. The Ozil injury actually seemed to make him play worse.

    I just prefer the all round effect Ramsey has. He’ll buzz about everywhere.

    Remember as well you’re basing Wilshere’s form on England, where he has a designated role and instructions. In a Wengerball line up where he’s free to do whatever often Jack looks terrible. Certainly strikes me as someone who needs instruction and to be told to play a role.

  37. Ulstersaysarse

    I don’t know if anyone remembers me posting a couple weeks ago about the Wenger press conference prior to the Swansea game. He made the following comment, “If I say to you: ‘No, the objective is not to win the title’, then I have to commit suicide when I go out from here.”As I said back then I was quite shocked at his choice of words especially as I lost a parent to suicide 4 years ago. I took it upon me to write to the club to see how they felt about this. Not expecting even an email reply I was generally surprised when I received a phone call from Wegner’s PR Department who proceeded to deliver me an apology & inform me that the matter had been discussed with Arsene & that his words were not meant to be offensive & they hoped that I would except their apology on his behalf. I was quite touched by the way they had taken the matter in hand & thought some of the fans here should know that our club can still handle some things with style & grace. Unfortunately it’s not on the pitch but as I said, was genuinely impressed with their personal touch.

  38. N'Gambo

    From Bacary Sagna:

    “At Arsenal we lost our way every season in March or April,” stated Sagna, who spent seven years in north London, in The Sun.

    “We would lose our grip on titles with the squad decimated by injuries. What was missing was trophies.”

    But he says he has no regrets about moving, after growing frustrated with what he perceived as Arsenal’s reluctance to offer him a new deal.

    “Talks dragged on for a year and a half. Arsenal fans said I went to City for the money. But my contract was unchanged for six years.”

  39. N5

    Ulstersaysarse, I’m not sure I believe they spoke to Wenger, although it’s possible, but regardless that’s still a classy way to respond.

    Sorry about your loss also mate.

  40. NYCgooner


    I agree with you my friend. I’ve actually being saying it for years that I wish Arsenal had a more vocal leader. I still think there are guys on team that are locker room leaders but i get the point everyone is making that we don’t have anyone in the Adams role. I was hoping Flamini would be that person because of his take no prisoners attitude but he lacks the discipline required to lead by example.

  41. Ughelligunner

    I don’t know why the hatred for Giroud, he misses alot but he is the one that is always at the right place, while welbeck simply is always lagging behind position wise, hence too many balls fall either behind him or before him.

    Although Welbeck has the skill n speed, giroud does the defensive donkey work, this can be said is due to early better education and football Carrier.

    But truly Giroud is always at the right place, this is what welbeck is missing.
    I see no reason for bashing one and leaving the other because they are both mediocre, when people like Benteke and Lukaku are doing wonders at welbeck’s age. Is it nationality bias?

    We always receive banter from the united fans anytime arsenal is playing because of welbeck because they don’t rate him like we do on here.

  42. Ughelligunner

    Did you listen to the new financial comment Gazidis made when comparing us to Dortmund and Athletico Madrid in regards to winning trophies? Notice he didn’t mention the big boys again but is trying to say we might pull one out of the bag (Fa cup) like the aforementioned teams.

    Bayern’s comment was to sell season ticket in the summer, is it not obvious?

  43. Cesc Appeal

    Maybe it’s because one is 23 and has great physical attributes and the other is approaching 30 and slower than Arsene making a tactical switch?

  44. Cesc Appeal


    Unfortunately we can (and do) have all the financial fire power in the world. If you’ve got a defective manager who won’t utilise it based on decisions of his own agenda and ego it matters little.

  45. Ughelligunner

    .”As I said back then I was
    quite shocked at his choice of
    ulster, yeah, the club are always classy when it comes to this, and i think it came from wenger because i av read where he personally sends card/donation to arsenal fans.

    This your comment will only get review from the one and only N5, since it is not an arsenal wenger out agenda driven comment so don’t be surprise you ve said it 4 times on 3 separate days and nobody said a thing.

    Say something about tactics and players out of position comment and you will get the accolade.

    But not to blame them, we are all frustrated at the mo, and nothing good comes from Nazereth now.

  46. Ughelligunner

    Cech appeal, what of Benteke and Lukaku, they are both younger and far better, and we do compare them to Giroud, but since welbeck came we resulted to giving time. Arsenal is not a training ground.

    Giroud or not, they are the same with different skill set to one another. No need for bias.

  47. Ughelligunner

    If i find myself in a great position to score and i miss, i take more blame than who never ends up there at all.

    That was why every body hated Gervinho and ramsey at first.

  48. Cesc Appeal


    The difference is work ethic and athleticism, Giroud has his uses, his hold up play is good, but he can be a lazy lump quite often and his conversion rate is truly abysmal. But neither are good enough for us.

    Remember that one as well, Arsenal is not a training ground you’re quite right.

  49. Cesc Appeal

    If you’re a striker of course you should take blame! They don’t hand out goals for “well you were in the right position.” His job is to score, and he has one of the worst conversion rates in the league. That’s not “bias” just is what it is.

    Neither Giroud or Welbeck are good enough to lead our line, but at least in Welbeck there’s raw attributes that are encouraging and he’s young.

    Giroud is a decent second choice, or alternative option for a different style. But we need a much better striker and have since RVP left.

  50. Gunner2301

    Pedro great post!

    UG- sorry for your loss mate. Like others have said it seems on this occasion they have taken care to respond to an ill thought out comment by the manager. I must admit of all the Comms I have heard about with Arsenal where a personal response has been sent they seem to be on the ball.

    RSPC – Where’s your avatar your mashing up the Pedrofile vibe 🙂 we managed to get a full page last night. Cesc your just as bad 😉

    I’m seeing a 3-2 loss this weekend. They will have too much up front.

  51. Gunner2301


    I agree with you. Neither Welbeck or Giroud are the answer or good enough as a main striker for a club of our stature. What we’ve gone and done is bought 2 squad strikers. So we still need 2 quality strikers imho and need to get rid of at least 1 of them.

    You could say the whole team balance and dynamic is a joke now because of Wengers I’ll thought out purchases.

  52. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Sorry sir

    On lattes this week , when I get home I’m catteled an just want to chill …. SOS I let team down…
    If it any consolation at least you got a ps mention frompedro on the post!

    Fine acclaim indeed.

  53. N5

    “Maybe the Desmond this weekend ??”

    I honestly can’t see us getting more than 1, we just don’t have the confidence against Manure and play like shite.

    1-1 or 1-2.

  54. rollen

    The Gunners’ latest financial results indicated that, while they have cash reserves of £207m, they still have a significant debt to pay on their stadium, which they spend almost £35m servicing every year.

  55. Highbury Daze

    No, they were not I’ll thought out, everything Wenger does is carefully planned to the last detail, Welbeck and Ozil were not Wenger signings, as carefully as he plans, there is not a lot of common sense in his decisions, we had Sagna at RB with Jenkinson as back up, he lets Sagna go on a free, sends Karl out on loan, then goes out and buys 2 RB, he may want to use Chambers as a CD but he is a RB, that’s where he played for Saints

    So we are playing LB, Monreal, and RB Chambers as CD, we are playing the best number 10, Ozil when he’s fit, as a left or right mid/winger, we have the slowest CDM in the league, Arteta, we have a WC winner, Poldi, can’t buy a game, Sanogo gets more game time than him

    This is a CIRCUS under the supervision of the biggest fucking clown in the universe

  56. N5

    RSPCA, you could be right mate. The way I am about Manure games, I’d take a Desmond right now. Fucking cowardly I know, but I never can see us beating them.

  57. Highbury Daze

    This game is looking more and more like a 3-3 stalemate, which will suit Wenger, he will view this as a victory, after being dominated and losing 99% of games in the last 8 years to United, Wenger will welcome a draw

    LVG is just as a stupid appointment as Moyes was, this chinless wonder tries to buy his way to success at every club he has managed, forget the injures, this guy got smashed 5-3 by Leicester, when he had his top players available, playing 3 at the back might have worked for him in 1991, but is it a fucked up formation in the modern game

    Who plays 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 in todays football, this guy is so far removed from reality he is like Wenger, old relic dinosaurs from a bygone age

    The one good thing is he just might play that against us, and if he does, Sanchez will destroy them, tear them apart, trouble is their strikers will do the same to us, hence the 3-3 4-4 which I predict

  58. Gunner2301

    How do we resolve the JW issue?

    He produces the goods in a deeper role for England. He isn’t setting the world alight with Arsenal and doesn’t fit in well. He says he’s open to playing that position for Arsenal but Wenger doesn’t see him there. He could end up being a James Milner if he has no clearly defined role with the club.

    I personally think he’s better in an attacking role and would alternate him with Ramsey. He hasn’t played any top opposition in that deeper role and I reckon he’d get found out if he did. His tackling isn’t of a level that I would trust him in front of the back 4 either. I’d rather we bring in a specialist like schneiderlin personally.

  59. Danish Gooner

    Seriously,if we cant beat Manure now,we never will.They lookawesome going forward in Rooney,Di Maria,Mata,Van Persie etc but they have no midfield and no defense so actually we should win.

  60. Bamford13

    If Jack plays the holding role fairly well for England, why not play him there with Ramsey as the CM and Sanchez as the CAM. Then play Ox and Theo wide (if Theo is fine). Like this:

    Bell Cham Mert Gibb
    Sanchez Ramsey
    Walcott Welbeck Oxlade

    That line-up would at least be fairly dangerous going forward.

  61. Highbury Daze

    AFC used to have some good keepers, Jennings, Seaman,Wilson, this was pre Wenger, since he came to the club along with defenders, this guy hasn’t a clue, what have we had, Almunia, Mannone, Wright, Sczcesny, probably the best was Lehmann, but he was half crazy, how hard is it to identify a world class keeper, every club seems to have one but us, maybe it’s because Wenger doesn’t want to pay more than 500k for one, defence not his strong point

    He boasts 18 years at AFC does Wenger tell me any defender worth his salt besides Sol Campbell that this idiot has signed, and Sol was a free transfer

    my mind goes back to Stepanovs,Upson Cygan,Senderos,Djourou Santos, Silvestre, just to name a few

    The jig is up Arsene, you have been found out, you have been exposed what you really are, a very limited manager who has no, no idea about defence, a man who won a few trophies with George Graham defence, plus Bruce Rioch signed Bergkamp, aded a few great French stars, won a few trophies with them but once they went what are we left with, 9 years with one FA Cup

    The last 9 years have been one big con for the fans

  62. moray

    Bamford, my asshole has more potential than Sanogo. And it’s scored the same number of goals as him for us…

    I hope Wenger is gone soon before he destroys more young Arsenal talents.

  63. N5

    Ps Bamford I said about jack playing that position when he was just coming back from injury and got laughed out of town, I don’t think it’s an opinion shared by most here.

    But like you, I think he should be played there.

  64. TheBayingMob

    Fuck me they’re ref obsessed over at Untold; I try not to go over there too much, that picture on the main page of the two old foggies (who I assume run the site, maybe one is Walter Bollockx?) gives me the heeby geebies! Creepy! Anyway, nice bantz over there with the #PKB. Excellent. Their ref obsession is embarrassing though, reading their site is like being given a lift by your half blind 80 year grandpa, a terrifying journey where he blames all the other road users for being a bliiiiind mutha-fukka …

  65. Ashwin Gunner

    “Ha ha ashwin, I think you all got found out in the end. Someone called the 3 of you out ”

    ha ha.. that’s the best part. He didnt notice me. I didn;t have Pedro’s pic at that time. He called out on Ozy, Holmes and Jim..

    my cover is still intact 😛

  66. N5

    Oh shit Ashwin, I didn’t realise 4 of you got in over there.

    Ozy posted twice, you once, Holmes twice and Jim once so thats 6 out of the 18 posts before they caught on! 5 Pedro faces sitting on there, 6 x PKB hashtag, and Holmes genius forgotten Arsenal Players that spelt out PEDRO KNOWS BEST!

    I know it’s childish, but it really tickled me.

  67. N5

    “If we nick it tomorrow this place will have Keyser back again. Just saying..”

    Gladwyn to be fair to Keyser, he comes on after most games, win, lose or draw.

  68. Ashwin Gunner

    “Gladwyn to be fair to Keyser, he comes on after most games, win, lose or draw.”

    Yea.. agreed. Keyser comes irrespective how Arsenal performs.

    There used to be a guy called Ken, who wanted to rename Emirates to Arsene Wenger. Dont see him around

  69. N5

    “There used to be a guy called Ken, who wanted to rename Emirates to Arsene Wenger. Dont see him around”

    I must have missed him! was he joking. The Arsene Wenger Stadium!! That would be horrible!!

  70. TheBayingMob

    “I know it’s childish, but it really tickled me.”

    Don’t feel ashamed about being childish N5. As a man, it is hitherto your right, and no, thus it is your duty in life to carry on chuckling at stuff like a 14 year old. I’m 41, and when young idiots scream something at me out of a car window, I must admit I have a little chuckle to myself, as I remember being 17 and doing that to people. At the time you have no idea that the stream of abuse you just throw was incomprehensible to it’s intended victim as you raced by in your mates Mark 5 Cortina, but, it was funny all the same. At the end of the day, it’s why the Inbetweeners was so genius, men never grow up. I’m proud of that. Lollage.

  71. N5

    TBM, thanks mate. I do sometimes look at myself and think when does this whole acting like an adult thing begin? I’m 35 and a father of 2 and I act sillier than my youngest!

    It’s what gets us through the day though so I’m OK with it. 😀

  72. TheBayingMob

    Ahh N5 … 35, you are on the threshold young man … still young but staring down the barrel. Make the most of the next five years my friend. Although to be fair, nothing much changes after 40, you just lose your mind a little bit, lol ….

  73. Jim Lahey

    Another “we nearly signed him from Wenger” So we nearly signed Messi as a teenager. Honestly its probably good we didn’t. He wouldn’t have been the same player under Wenger as he is now.

  74. N5

    Ha Ha TBM, that’s good to know. Comforting really! As long as the cough sweets and slippers don’t start just because I’ve hit the four – zero, I’ll be happy.

    There are a few posters on here that make me feel really old, WengerEagle, Cesc Appeal and Jim Lahey to name a few. They’re only just in their 20s and when they talk, I can’t help but feel a little jealous of them. They have an excuse for terrorising Untold 😆

  75. arsene'snewZip

    “Another “we nearly signed him from Wenger””

    Not the first, not the last.

    In other news Arteta is fully fit for tomorrow, THANK GOD!! (lol ??)

  76. TheBayingMob

    The only excuses you need to terrorize Untold is Attwood and Walter Bollockx … This is not an age dependent thing mate. I mean something’s are, don’t get me wrong, some nightclubs for example. After 30ish … errrrrm, no … canning loads of X and dancing on a beach all night … mmmmm probably not, plus your kids will be embarrassed … but terrorizing Untold … no limit at all. Carry on mate. And don’t be jealous of the youngster’s language, they’ll learn how to spell one day just like we had to do when our jobs ended up getting serious for some reason … hahahahaha …

  77. N5

    Ha ha TBM, that Walter Bollockx banned me for asking him to speak to people with respect, so I can only sit and back and enjoy the carnage.

    Thank you for your words today, they’ve really made me laugh, oh and appreciate my middle age 😯

  78. Ashwin Gunner

    “I must have missed him! was he joking. The Arsene Wenger Stadium!! That would be horrible!!”


    He used to come around the same time was spamming around. But he never got into any discussion of any sort with anyone. He used to come. Praise lord Wenger with a series of posts and leave. He would never reply to any questions.

    Miss him and N.i.e.l 😀

  79. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Do you reall miss those posters ?

    The joke wears off quickly with them ,,,

    Big question

    What’s the best tin of chocolate ?

    Quality street


    Mine quality

  80. N5

    Ashwin N,i,e,l is back under the name Highbury Daze, but this time I find myself agreeing with everything he says. So I’m liking him being back.