Should players be running tactical lectures?

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Oh, and a big fat happy good morning to you!

So what have we today? Not much. Just me continuing the party, on my own, sitting in a cold flat. I clamped my hand in some grips two days ago and I’ve damaged nerves because I can’t feel my little finger anymore. All that trying to pull a rawl plug out the wall. Fear not though, you don’t need a little finger to write a blog. I’ll soldier on, for you guys.

So I’m reading this book yeah, (Another Way of Winning) and I love it. Why? Because it’s making me a better Premier League manager.

Anyway, what I learned yesterday is that my assertion that we should expect more from more from players is loosely a correct one. I spoke a couple of days ago about the old guard being leaders on and off the pitch. The case in point was the player meeting called by Tony Adams and co post Blackburn in 97… Petit and Paddy were given a telling off, players like Overmars were told to pull their fingers out and we went on to win the league.

That’s having know how in the squad. That’s taking the bull by the horn. That’s being innovative. That’s not seeking permission to be better.

Here’s the key for me, in any job you do. If you’re not being led properly… work around the problem to get to the best possible outcome for your team. Beg for forgiveness, you get me? (don’t beg, it’s embarrassing. Well, unless you’ve liquidated the bank your employed by with your work around).

So when Cruyff was sacked in the 6th year of his tenure, amazingly, that’s still the longest any Barca manager has served, Bobby Robson was appointed at 63. The players used to call him Granddad, interestingly. So he had Jose Mourninho as his translator. Bobby Robson used to scrawl down tactics on a chalk board and Jose would turn them into Spanish.

Apparently, the tactics weren’t exactly brilliant. So Jose used to make them better, more clear. As Robson’s tenure powered on, his tactical recommendations became more bizarre so Jose and Pep used to work together to not just make them clearer… but to make them far, far better. Sometimes the final product was totally different. They were working together to create a better outcome for the team. I think this is brilliant, because it’s how young innovative leaders work when faced with a dinosaur.

So why don’t our players take more control? Per Mertesacker was asked about tactics at the World Cup at some do last night…


Arsene doesn’t really do tactics, which shouldn’t be news if you’ve been reading this site for the last 5 years or watched one of our famous capitulations against top team. So here’s a question, why don’t the players do their own tactics and video analysis? Why don’t they take a situation they know is complete professional suicide… and do something about it?

Culture. It’s as simple as that. The Arsenal culture is one man. One man, one set of values, one set of ideas. Progress is only acceptable if it comes from one place. If you build a culture that is dependent and you don’t encourage ideas from other places, people become lazy. People become demotivated. Great staff become neutered.

Ideas are investments. They’re little pieces of art. They’re a creative execution that an individual or a group have invested time in to build to a point they can be showcased. If you share that vision, and it’s ignored, you’ll think twice about doing it again. If your idea is dropped and you continue to see that your organisation is still suffering the issues your idea was designed to solve, it’s even more demotivating.

Creative problem solving can’t come from the top. It has to come from the layer below. It has to come with buy in, if people are invested in the idea, it has more chance of working. I fear that at Arsenal, unless it comes from one man, or his old boys club, nothing is ever done. We’ve bred a culture of dependence and in turn we have a malaise. We don’t have players who will think for themselves and do their own tactical work. We don’t have a squad that will speak up. They’ll just continue doing the same things they know are wrong, over and over because the cost of doing something is perhaps too great.

If that’s what Arsene wants, then fine. But for me, you can still have authority whilst having a group of people who will question standard practice and come up with solutions that can make a difference. Ideas can come from anywhere, but it takes a special kind of manager to be able to listen. Especially if that said manager is a legend.

Maybe the ‘let others work it out’ approach is a bit modern. Maybe that’s not how it was done back in the day. But I think the way Adams and Co behaved back in the day shows you that expecting players to take responsibility isn’t a wild suggestion. It just requires some balls, some personality… but then again, we don’t sign players like that these days. We sign nice boys. Which is fine, but you need that extra bit of something in the team.

I mean, the fact Wenger doesn’t really believe in captains tells you all you need to know… maybe he doesn’t want a strong captain because that’d be a challenge to his supremacy? Maybe he doesn’t have strong staff who are willing to challenge? Or maybe the cost of being challenging is your career… and people know this?

I mean, topline, has anyone sat down with Alexis Sanchez and purged his brain? If I get someone in from a better agency, I want to know it all. How do they pitch? How do they approach a brief? What’s the structure? What do they have that we don’t? How would you change things? What don’t you like about this place?

Do you think Arsene sat down with his new £30m man and blitzed him with questions? Because you’d have a few…

What’s the approach to fitness? How often would you rest? What would you eat? How would tactics be approached? How much ball work would you do? How do you recover? How often would you sit in a class? How did you practice your game execution? What was the prematch ritual? How did you debrief on games? What sort of role did the assistant play? Did you use video analysis at half time? Do you know the company they used? What would be the one thing you’d change about this place?

When you’re a competitive outfit, the only time you get to find these things out is when you bring in new people. Would Arsene think this way? I’m not so sure. For a man obsessed with football, he doesn’t seem to learn much from watching others, does he?

So in conclusion, if the culture isn’t right. What can be done to change it? Who is looking in to see if something is broken? Who is helping to make Arsenal a better place to work? Who is has enough on the line to force a better Arsenal? From where I’m sitting, that’s behind my keyboard, it looks like no one.

That’s what makes me sad. Two and half more years of watching minimal progression. Untapped potential. Unmemorable seasons. But fear not, once this is over, better times are coming.  This is elite purgatory, but it won’t last forever. Of that I’m sure.

Anyway, brain dump for the day.

P.S. Stop bantzing me in the comments section… it’s freaking me out.


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  1. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Said last night we are expected to win….an we all know what happens er we think that ,

    Wenger is the manager in name only

    Lost the dressing room
    Lost percentage of fans
    Lost the media

    All except the money men want him out

  2. N5

    Romford, although I always feared it, I’m gutted. I really thought he might agree something with us, seeing how Ozil is over here!

    @Masterstroke. How on Earth did a poster like SurferX get banned, he’s so polite and laid back.

  3. bergkamplegend

    “Alex you simpleton, its come from the players themselves. Get your tongue out of wengers arse.”

    Wow… So Alex licks arsene’s ass, while Keyser sucks wenger’s dick…
    Really really hot Le Grove lololol

  4. @snoekrats


    Very true just had a chat with a friend and in my books just alexis and welbeck constantly playing well.

    Even Per has been well below his best at a time when we needed him more than most.

    Even Santi has been incredibly poor.

  5. Romford Pele


    Santi has arguably been the worst of the lot. Hasn’t had his shooting boots on since the F.A Cup. Think he’s afforded a lot of goodwill because of his likeable personality but there’s a few i’d be playing ahead of him right now tbh.

  6. Masterstroke


    SurferX challenged them on that stupid AAA thing we were discussing here recently, and everyone jumped all over him, but he held out until Attwood stepped in and barred him.

  7. Bermy boy

    Can’t wait to see Wenger shit himself when Manpoopoo take to the field during pre game warm up.The bright side for him is that they make Depends look almost like regular undergarments.

  8. Dissenter

    I don’t think we were ever going for Arteta in the winter window.

    If we were, then why extend Arteta’s contract?

    That Arteta contract extension still has me fuming. The dude was never an elite player in any position. He’s average personified who’s playing his last legs as a DM.
    At least for Gerrard you understand the sentimentality of Liverpool to keep him. He’s a big part of their history and stuck with them when he could have left.

    We owe Arteta nothing, why stick with dross.

    You’ll have to enjoy the Arteta/Flamini show for another 1.5 years. No DM signing it seems.

  9. Bamford13


    Another thing: you mention Ozil saying Wenger can help him grow. This is obvious pro forma positivity, manager-praise.

    Look instead at what he did and said after the Chelsea match: after an emotional embrace with Mourinho post-game, Ozil described Mourinho as “the best manager in the world” and a “father figure”.

    Not “a great manager,” but “the best manager in the world,” he said. This tells you what Ozil REALLY thinks.

    That he said this some 100 feet from his current manager, Wenger — whom Mourinho has publicly insulted — speaks volumes.

  10. Romford Pele

    “If we were, then why extend Arteta’s contract?”

    Nothing has been confirmed, yet. That’s not to say it won’t happen though.

  11. N5

    TYAG, what worries me is Ozil leaving to Bayern. If he’s spoken to Sami about Bayern then it’ll explain why he’s gone first awaiting Ozil to join him. I know that’s a bit conspiracy, but it would make sense.

    Masterstroke, that place really is a joke. I just can’t imagine Surfer getting angry or offensive, he’s such a placid gentlemen that it baffles me that he’s been banned.

  12. Shaun Wilson

    The Clement rumour sounds plausible, but just saying, he does come to the club either now or at the end of the season, will Wenger marginalize him to the extent he has done with Bould. Perhaps someone should remind Clement we still have over two and half years of this despot to look forward to.

  13. N5

    tunny, don’t be surprised, that comment is coming from a guy that has me as king AKB! I don’t think he know’s what’s going on.

  14. goonpharm

    Hello all.

    Score for tomorrow? We go 1-0 up via a Welbeck goal assisted by none other than Alexis.

    Monreal to give away a penalty which will converted by RvP.

    Rooney to get one from a set piece. 1-2 loss I’m afraid.

  15. Leedsgunner

    We owe Wenger nothing… never mind Arteta — Arteta in the first couple of years was dependable enough but it was apparently to all that he needed shifting out. The time to buy Arteta was 5 years ago. Not in 2011 when he was 29. Financially the most expensive player we’ve signed considering his age — he’s no Claude Makelele is he?

    He needs to be shifted out!

  16. Highbury Daze

    I had to laugh to myself after reading a couple of posts on Wenger’s tactics, it’s an oldie but goodie, he thinks tactics are a brand of mints

    If when you are in possession and all your outfield players except Per are in the opponents half, and Ox loses the ball as he usually does, the you see two fullbacks a CD and a couple more CM rush back and try and stop the inevitable goal, then yes, Wenger does have tactics

    It’s called the suicide tactic, leave 40 yards of space for the opposition to run into when you dawdle around their penalty area and lose the ball, leaving the slowest man on the pitch Per, to stop the marauding counter attack

    I witnessed this tactic first hand against Chelsea last season, 6 times in the same game

  17. Arsene's Nurse

    Irondawg November 20, 2014 11:13:32

    Two massive twitter rumours doing the rounds

    1) Steve Bould either has been sacked or will be sacked and Paul Clement (Real Madrid) will be the new assistant manager.

    2) Wenger was showing around an agent at the Colney, potentially for a transfer that could reach 30-40m.
    It’s number 2. Wenger is buying Sturridge to keep Diaby company for the next 4 years!

  18. Highbury Daze

    Now on the other hand Mourinho’s tactics,among many, was to play deep in defence, knowing Arsenal play keep ball, and pass it among themselves, Chelsea choked Arsenal, gave then no space for Sanchez or other fast players the space to exploit, you know, run in behind them, like they did to us, 6 times, result, Chelsea, breakaway goals counter sucker punch, call it what you like, but a guy who boasts he has been in management for 30 years, and continued with the same tactic the whole game until he was demoralised 6-0, is saying something

    If I was Wenger I would keep mum about the 30 year bit, it makes him look a total nincompoop

    You would think after 30 years you would learn, what a fucking dickhead

  19. TitsMcgee

    Gabriele Marcotti ‏@Marcotti 2h2 hours ago
    Cadena SER reporting that Sami Khedira – a free agent in June – has signed pre-contract to join Bayern next season.

    Raphael Honigstein ‏@honigstein 1h1 hour ago
    @Marcotti board tried to push Khedira on Pep in the summer. He said no. Would be remarkable if they’ve gone ahead and signed him now

    Gabriele Marcotti ‏@Marcotti 1h1 hour ago
    @honigstein That’s what I thought too (mainly because you told me). Cd be way to light fire under Real, re: new deal.

  20. Leedsgunner

    I think we have to fair to Szcz. True he’s not been in great form but for a goal keeper you look so much better or worse depending the defence that is in front of you. Given that our defence is more porous that Wenger’s treat bag for Diaby… no wonder Szcz is struggling. If we had a DM to cout out the attack… oh what’s the use – we all know where the team needs addressing but the person who could address it refuses to.

  21. Thank you and goodnight

    I’ve just had a conversation with the last wenger supporter around my way and Christ did I want to put the twat in hospital. Yes I know I have anger issues but they Fucking wind me up. There is just no logic to their arguments. Aaaaaaarrrggghhhh! ! Twat

  22. Irondawg


    Posted at 12:43@ BBC SPORT

    Good news Arsenal fans.

    Striker Olivier Giroud is available for Saturday’s match against Manchester United, almost a month ahead of schedule after breaking his leg in August

  23. Highbury Daze

    TYAG, you have to understand the mentality of these people you are dealing with, it’s like Hitler giving the masses a bowl of soup, Wenger gave them titles and cups early doors, and the messiah deal was struck, to some, it matters not what he does now, how bad he gets, even if we finished 5th or 6th, these mental midgets would still hail him for what he did from 1996-2005, these droids need pitying, they are brainwashed, unable to dissect the past from the present, and are in the twilight zone regarding the future

  24. Irondawg

    Ive missed the fella!

    I dont think Welbeck has been all that great lately. Sure a hat trick against crumbling gala and hatful of goals against third rated nations at international level isnt to be sniffed at, but at the end of the day he only has 2 premier league goals

    Hate him or love him, Giroud will get you goals&assists

  25. N5

    “well it’s not good news for Campbell and Sanogo”

    I don’t think it’s good news for anybody! I can’t stand to see his ‘I just missed another sitter’ cumface!!

  26. Carts

    “I’ve just had a conversation with the last wenger supporter around my way and Christ did I want to put the twat in hospital. Yes I know I have anger issues but they Fucking wind me up. There is just no logic to their arguments. Aaaaaaarrrggghhhh! ! Twat”

    Hahahaha…been there a few times.

  27. Leedsgunner


    Win lose or draw… I have a feeling that Wenger will point this out as something to celebrate — and to justify his existence… especially if it’s on the BBC. It’ll become another valuable trophy in the AKB trophy cabinet of “Completely Meaningless and Pointless Trophies”.

    Along with the infamous 4th place trophy, it will become the Golden Sausage Award for the top team with the most English goals. Right next to the Humanitarian Award for Compassion, otherwise known as the Kallstrom Peace Prize and who can forget “Who spent the most days leading the EPL (without winning it) Award… also known as the 128 days Cup.

  28. Highbury Daze

    You know Arsene has his Fav’s Giroud is right up there along with Diaby, he’s not a big fane of Poldi or Rosicky, loves Jack, adores Jack, shoved the best number 10 to the left wing so his little boy could play in the middle

  29. TitsMcgee

    Hate him or love him, Giroud will get you goals&assists”

    Vs the weaker opponents. The same as Welbeck(so far) so I don’t see how Giroud changes our fortunes much if any. Keep him as an option on the bench but he’s certainly not a greater asset than Welbeck at this stage.

  30. Leedsgunner


    Not strictly true he scored a cracker against Man City in the Community Shield — credit where credits due… not a Giroud fan by any means but I remember that being a good strike.

  31. TitsMcgee

    Win lose or draw… I have a feeling that Wenger will point this out as something to celebrate — and to justify his existence… especially if it’s on the BBC. It’ll become another valuable trophy in the AKB trophy cabinet of “Completely Meaningless and Pointless Trophies”.Along with the infamous 4th place trophy, it will become the Golden Sausage Award for the top team with the most English goals. Right next to the Humanitarian Award for Compassion, otherwise known as the Kallstrom Peace Prize and who can forget “Who spent the most days leading the EPL (without winning it) Award… also known as the 128 days Cup.”


    You know the man well.

  32. Irondawg

    Im keen to see how Sanchez and Giroud gels. Could really kick-start our season. Debuchy back as well. Shame kos is 3 weeks away.

    Giroud is a beast. Its completely unheard of for someone at Arsenal to return from injury EARLY.

  33. Highbury Daze

    Iron, I have a theory about that, I think we should not score first, let the opposition score first, then we come out all guns blazing with 20 minutes to go, score 2 quick goals near the end giving the other side no time to score the winner/equaliser

  34. N5

    Leeds, I should have said during an EPL match then as although yes we did beat Citeh, it was hardly the Citeh team we face during the season. It was a great goal, but he has never scored against a top team during the EPL season.

  35. Carts

    AlexanderHenry – Of course shit can be contrused as conjecture. Almost every specualtion is conjecture unless from the horses mouth.
    When you look at our set up and performaces against certain teams, you couldn’t exactly fault one for suggesting we don’t discuss tactics.

  36. N5

    “Im keen to see how Sanchez and Giroud gels.”

    They couldn’t be any less suited. A rabbit and a turtle! they will go together like Tina and Ike.

  37. N5

    @Holmes, you are a fucking genius. I can’t believe Pedro’s face and PKB are sitting on Untold and nobody has noticed. Attwood is going to fit.

  38. Irondawg

    Anyways N5 he definitely wont start against Utd. Its too early for that. Its just good to have a squad beginning to fill out again I suppose. Giroud improves every season marginally. Id like to see Giroud up top, with Ox, Sanchez and Walcott behind.

  39. Romford Pele

    Lol it seems like a player seems to get better when he’s injured. L’Oreal has his uses but I guarantee you people will be moaning within 2 seconds of his return

  40. Highbury Daze

    I shudder at the prospect of protecting a lead, no Kos, Chambers, Gibbs, Monreal, Hayden, Bellerin, Per, Hayden and Bellerin had to be drafted into the first team squad to make up the numbers, otherwise we are showing 6 defenders in the 1st team squad, Kos out, leaves 5 fit defenders, yes 5 defenders to go through a 9 month season, now I know why misery guts was in Italy, he was praying for divine intervention

  41. Ashwin Gunner

    Pedro, Good Post

    Its true. Wenger doesn;t like strong captains. Cesc was too nice. then came RVP who was a strong personality. He wont stand any bullshit.

    i remember the Man u home game when RVP sweared at Wenge for taking Ox.
    Can you imagine Arteta or Per challenging Wenger.

    I dont. they all fear him. i repeat. they might or might not respect him. but definitely fear him. So they dont speak up. not does any coaching staff. Funnily. Even Ivan does;n have balls.

  42. N5

    @Irondawg, I can’t argue there mate, he is useful against the bottom 16 and will score goals. But I would use Danny at the weekend even if L’Oreal was fit, he will want to prove a point to their tw@t of a manager.

    @Romford, I reckon before Saturday is out he’ll be getting stick! short term memory.

  43. N5

    Holmes, you are my new hero mate. I just tried to post. I gave it the old great post guys, up the reds #PKB, but it got instabinned. I didn’t realise that snivelling little toad Walter had already shitcanned me for disagreeing with the way he spoke to people. What a f*cking plank.

  44. Irondawg

    Yh I hope Welbeck takes out his frustrations on them hard. Pulls out a DatGuy performance instead of the Welwide ones the manure scum are hoping for.

    Should be an interesting game

  45. Holmes

    @N5 – I’m surprised he’s banned your comments, didn’t someone mention you’re an AKB? I’m sure old Walter would love to your comments on-board 😉

    @Leedsgunner – Alas no my friend, it’s Darren. Doesn’t have the same ring to it. I’m surprised the comment made its way through to be fair. But lets all revel in Pedro’s face making it across to the dark-side, even if it is just for a few moments.

  46. Ashwin Gunner


    Dont worry mate. i have just posted something nice on their website. MY comment is waiting for moderation. if it gets through, then i will also put a Pedro face for my future comments.

    Its high time that we troll all these websites. Its payback time for all the AKB’s who come and piss here 😀


  47. N5

    @Holmes “didn’t someone mention you’re an AKB” Lol yes they did, I’d fit right in over there. Still their loss! 😀

    @Ashwin, love it mate. I thought you’d be banned by Walter too though.

  48. Dissenter

    “Lol it seems like a player seems to get better when he’s injured. L’Oreal has his uses but I guarantee you people will be moaning within 2 seconds of his return”

    Wouldn’t you give him more than 2 seconds to get his form back? He’s been out for three month.

    Giroud’s return is good for the team, there have been many games where Welbeck has gone missing. Alternating them will preserve both for the busy Christmas season and beyond.

    People forget this dude got 16 goals last season and never got any real rest.

  49. Dissenter

    “Lol it seems like a player seems to get better when he’s injured. L’Oreal has his uses but I guarantee you people will be moaning within 2 seconds of his return”

    Wouldn’t you give him more than 2 seconds to get his form back? He’s been out for three month.

    Giroud’s return is good for the team, there have been many games where Welbeck has gone missing. Alternating them will preserve both for the busy Christmas season and beyond.

    People forget this dude got 16 league goals last season and never got any real rest.

  50. Romford Pele

    “Wouldn’t you give him more than 2 seconds to get his form back? He’s been out for three month.”

    Yeah of course, but at 28, L’Oreal isn’t suddenly going to show me something I haven’t seen. He’s had two years leading the line and he hasn’t shown enough to warrant holding that tag. He’s done OK but we need better. L’Oreal isn’t gonna suddenly get quicker. He isn’t suddenly gonna start skinny people, fashioning chances for himself. If anything, i’d back him to continue frustrating like he always does. Sure, rotate him with Welbz, but at the end of the day, if it’s a straight shootout between the two, Dat guy wins all day long. We need to evolve our play, the only thing L’Oreal really has over Welbz is strength but it’s not like Welbz can’t handle himself either. How you can make an informed opinion on Welbz after only 3 months here is beyond me. There’s been much upheaval and our best players are injured so now isn’t really the time to be talking about him supposedly going missing.

  51. N5

    Dissenter, again though. None of L’Oreals goals were against top opposition. Plus Romford wasn’t saying he’d moan about him, but it is the way of the Grove, you’ll read people saying thank god he’s back only to say what a cunt he is an hour later.

    Ashwin, you have to sign up too using the email you use here. If you look at the last post of yesterdays blog I’ve linked the site, the instructions and the picture to use.

  52. Irondawg

    Is welbeck even fit for saturday?

    I remember him clutching his thigh during the game against scotland,, and he had to come off

  53. Romford Pele

    “It is the way of the Grove, you’ll read people saying thank god he’s back only to say what a cunt he is an hour later.”

    Pretty much

    RE Dat guy, Wenger gave team news earlier on today and didn’t allude to any injuries sustained from the Interlull so you’d assume he’s fine. Guess we’ll find out for sure during his press conference tomorrow.

  54. N5

    Leeds’ I’m such a child with these types of things though. It really tickles me seeing Pedro pulling the Magnum Blue Steel over at Untold.

  55. Irondawg

    RE Giroud, Im not expecting him to be bloody ronaldo, I know Giroud has his faults but do does Wenger in his overplaying of Giroud and it showed when he visibly tailed off. A knackered Giroud even against the top teams can not fully function at his best

    This year will be different, because Giroud will be integrated into the team with Welbeck, Sanchez and Walcott,and we will have options to rest and recover. Last year Giroud got 22 goals in all competitions and he contributed to many other goals as well in terms of assists. Sure his face pisses me off after his dire misses but theres no denying he is an asset to the team

    Especially since we have become so over-reliant on Sanchez, and it will be good to have some added dynamism. He has already scored once this season, compared to Welbecks 2 goals in the league. And has been out for 3-4 months. Plus he is a beast when defending corners and set pieces as well. BUT IS HE ZLATAN ? NO, hes still fucking shit!

  56. Masterstroke

    How does Holmes do it? Great pic of P.
    You’ll have to clue me in on the #pkb. I don’t understand its function. Is it something to with twitter?

  57. N5

    Masterstroke, last night Le Prof was giving Midwest some stick on here about how he has an agenda and believes everything Pedro says and called him a PKB as in Pedro Knows Best. We decided as unity to Midwest and Pedro to all put his face on our avy. All of us had the same picture for consistency.

    #PKB I think would be a Twitter thing, but adding it to any site that is anti-Grove just seems funny to the child in me.

  58. N5

    Holmes you are my new favourite person in the world, you are a fucking genius and king of the internet.

    My favourite forgotten Arsenal players:


  59. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal have currently the following players on their books who would expect
    to play regularly in first team:

    Szczesny [GK] having average season.
    Debuchy [RB] injured
    Mertesacker [CB] not playing particularly well primarily because he lacks support.
    Gibbs [LB] beginning to show some form, but always at risk of injury.
    Monreal [LB] currently playing CB. Unsuited for that position.
    Arteta [DMF] past his best.
    Wilshire [CMF] beginning to show form for England but not Arsenal.
    Ramsey [CMF] this season’s performance below par.
    Ozil [AMF] played out of position and now injured.
    Cazorla [AMF] below par season.
    Walcott [RW] been injured.
    Oxlade-Chamberlain [RW] improving, but needs better decision making.
    Sanchez [LW] star player in most games.
    Podolski [LW] not playing regularly enough.
    Welbeck [ST] playing quite well, but needs to score more goals.
    Giroud [ST] injured.

    The rest of first team squad are fringe players and not good enough to play regularly in first team.

    Ospina [GK] arrived at club injured
    Chambers [RB] should be playing only occasionally in first team.
    Flamini [DMF] well past his best.
    Diaby [CMF] injured and a liability.
    Rosicky [AMF] 33 and probably in last season at club.
    Campbell [RW/SS] fringe player and surplus to requirement.
    Gnabry [RW/LW] injured
    Sanogo [ST] injured and not good enough.

  60. Ozy

    Haha, Holmes. That’s hilarious. I tried commenting but it’s still awaiting moderation.

    Khedira to Bayern, huh? Could see that. Alonso was a stop gap this year. Khedira would’ve been massive for us. What a shame. We’re sniffing around for some Polish DM who signed for 4 million just a few months ago but is now worth 24 million when we could’ve gone in for Khedira. Only at Arsenal..

  61. Holmes

    @Leedsgunner – Sherlock works for me buddy. I’m thinking of going for the hat-trick. Thinking I need to go big this time though. REALLY BIG!!!! ha

  62. N5

    Holmes. its genius. They think they’ve got another drone joining the site. Yet you have Pedro Knows Best wrote right there in the comments next to the picture of Pedro and the cream on the top for me, was the hashtag!! absolute gold.

  63. Leedsgunner

    Don’t blow your ammo too soon — we have to have you as our guy on the inside — take the p*** all season long. Respect to you again — pure genius! 😉

  64. Holmes

    I like your thinking Leeds.
    I’ll play the long game boys. Get them onside then destroy them from the inside until they see the light. Ha ha ha #PKB

  65. Leedsgunner

    Remember Ozy and Sherlock if you get interrogated by the AKB Gestapo about why you have similar avis — remember your training — you are twins!!! 😉

  66. Holmes

    Correction – It’s a pretty shit site when almost half of their post comments are coming Pedro. Does anyone honestly believe the biased tripe written on there?

  67. Leedsgunner

    Sherlock agreed.

    The irony is LG gets panned by the UA zombies but compared to their site – LG gets many more views, comments and more importantly actual debate than the rubbish written there… in this regard Pedro really does know best! 😉


  68. N5

    One of my favourite Le Troll days, was when we all went on to the Arsenal (offical) website and voted player of the month for a player that hadn’t even played. I think it was Diaby, but he had somethng like 3000 votes compared to something like 100 on his nearest rival!

  69. tunnygriffboy

    Got to admit about this #pkb stuff, I’ve been thinking childish purile bastards but I’ve just flicked stations and had a look and I did a genuine looooool. I must be a child at heartvas well 🙂 🙂 🙂

  70. MidwestGun

    Pedro –
    Really good post today. This whole staycation, sober, playing injured, thing is really benefiting Le Grove. You should do it more often, except the injury thing. Injuring yourself is weird.
    But otherwise more staycation’s please, because it’s all about us! 😀

    P.s. – sorry bout freakin you out. It’s all N5’s fault. I warned him. Lol. But honestly I just wanted to see what it was like to be Pedro for a day.
    Pretty awesome, must say.

  71. N5

    “I’ve been thinking childish purile bastards”

    Well that’s very honest of you tunny! 🙁

    Romford, what’s the plan for the weekend mate? is it Romford Snr or Gonnerette?

  72. MidwestGun

    “so also it’s your fault! ”
    Yes, my ex-wifes divorce attorney has made that very clear. 😀
    I’m used to it.
    Oh well…. maybe some good will come of it. The world can always use a little more Pedro, I suppose.

  73. N5

    Lol I know gambon.

    Did you see it Mid, Holmes wrote a list of his favourite players on untold and the names spelt out PedroKnowsBest, it was genius. They also have Pedro pictures on their site and the #PKB. It’s all under the Manure game blog, not the Jack blog.

  74. Romford Pele

    N5, with Romford Snr mate, always is 95% of the time. Few beers before the game to warm up the vocal cords. Not expecting us to win but should be a good atmosphere and the crowd will be up for it. Hopefully we win with a brace from Dat Guy.

  75. N5

    Me too Romford. Its me, my uncle and dad and we go up the George (just off Holloway Road) for a few before hand. My boy wanted to come this weekend, but I don’t feel comfortable taking him to Manure or Tottenham yet, although I took him to Chelsea and he did alright.

    Although I have no faith, I’m like Midwest, a loss against United hurts me more than most clubs and I would give anything for us to beat them.

  76. Romford Pele

    N5, it used to be United though my stance has softened towards them over the years, not really sure why. It’s the Rent Boys + Spurs that really grind my gears. Still find Man City/Liverpool pretty irrelevant.