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More little bits sneaking through from that interview Wenger did with French TV for an hour. Apparently, if Diaby proves his fitness, he’ll earn himself a new deal.

Un-f*cking-believable. I’d hope Ivan Gazidis would block any such aspiration. The man has played a whopping 22 games in 4 years. 100 starts across his 6 year deal. That’s £210,000 a game he’s taken home. £2,333 a minute played (if he’d played 90mins). The fact he’s allowed to prove the fitness over the course of 5 months is quite staggering.

By the end of this season, he’ll be 29 years old. Footballers hit their physical peak, averagely, at 29. Then it’s all down hill from there. The last thing this side needs is to invest in another 29 year old midfielder who won’t be worth anything in a years time. I don’t care if he plays every game until the end of the season, he’s not a worthwhile investment.

I’ve seen people compare his ability to that of Yaya Toure, which is staggering. Talk about revisionism. I mean, he’s looked good in, what, 10 or so games? That’s the other thing. We’re not resigning an experienced player, we’re resigning someone with the footballing mental age of a 22 year old. He has had no game time. He’s not learnt anything by not being available. That £65k+ a week would be far better spent on someone who has fitness in the game from the start.

It’s loyalty gone mad…

‘But what did you expect him to say?’

Nothing. I can’t be the only one who finds Wenger popping up on any media show that’ll take him a bit embarrassing? He was shit canned by Canal+ for whatever reason, then instead of just concentrating on his football career, he sought out a new job doing a Gary Neville on BeIN.

What top class manager takes on a punditry role midseason? You didn’t see Ferguson doing it back in the day. You don’t see Jose or Pep Guardiola doing it? Surely when you earn a salary like that and carry a reputation as big as Wenger, you don’t do the shows, you know, like Kate Moss doesn’t interview. Messing around playing beach ball, getting tongue twisted on French TV isn’t befitting. It’s all made that little bit worse when you know that Rome is burning. Colbert and Peyton have put metal in the staff room mircowave and everyone is in tears.

Shouldn’t he be back at home assessing the shit show that’s been the opening 3 months of the season?

  • Why are there so many injuries?
  • What’s wrong with our tactical set up?
  • Why are my scouts not returning any decent players?
  • Have I taken Shad for coffee recently, you know, see how he’s settling in?
  • Why is our keeper playing so badly?

There are so many thing that are more important right now than trying to establish a post football media career with a foreign TV channel.

It’s always about Arsene… and it’s getting worse.

Rambo has said critique of him is unfair…

“I’m not worried. I know my qualities. I’ve had a few injuries and I’m just getting back. To be honest, I’m still not 100 % physically. It does take a bit out of me. It will take me a few more games to be back to my best. I’m not worried. Certain criticism from people is unfair.”

He might be talking about Charlie Nicholas calling his football ‘Hollywood’. He’s right, it is. Ramsey can bundle up his bad form in fitness, but fitness doesn’t make you play like you’re a striker. It doesn’t force you to go for all the ridiculous long balls or hold on to it for too long. Aaron is playing like he was 2 seasons ago.

I’m sure he can bring his form back onto the top table where the exquisite players dine. He just needs some focus. Needs to get his head right. Needs to start scoring loads of goals and remembering what made him so incredible last season. Question I always have is ‘who is sitting with him to bring him back?’… do any of the coaching staff sit down with him and show him what’s going wrong? Is anyone putting an arm around him and helping him work his problems through?

Who knows…

I know that the further we walk into Wenger’s Arsenal career, the more apparent it becomes that the players he inherited were born leaders who took initiative that perhaps Arsene wasn’t capable of. Look at our old back 5… all of them leaders in their own right. All hard as nails. All completely dedicated to the team. All drilled in practices that worked. Look at what we have now? Ego, inexperience and generally a quite placid group of players. All top talents, but I don’t know, just not the sort of guys who will take the ball by the horns. I think Wenger engineers his sides to be built like that.

If that manager can’t offer you what you need, shouldn’t the players be taking control. Like they did in 1998 after the Blackburn game, where they held a meeting to bollock the players… then went on an outstanding run to win the league. Who is capable of that sort of leadership at Arsenal? I mean, the manager is so deluded these days he doesn’t even believe in captaincy. That’s a bit like saying you don’t believe in leadership.

We don’t have a lot of know how in our side. We don’t have a huge amount of character. Which is mostly down to the manager. You can’t help that the personality of the squad is built with control in mind.

Interesting that you have Steve Bould there, a player Ray Parlour called the most underrated player he’d ever played with, brimming with know how, yet he seems to have a bit of a redundant input into the set up?

I do wonder what Jose would do to this squad. As much as I hate him, you have to admire what he does at Chelsea. He comes in, he looks at what he needs, because he understand that regardless of how good your tactics / setup is, without great players you die. He then builds out exactly what he needs. He looks into the future and plans so far ahead you’d be staggered. Every move is strategic, every move is thought through and it’s all geared around winning.

When I started in marketing, social marketing was very much a wild west kinda operation, you could get a job because you were a two bob blogger and clients would just ask us to throw a competition or whack any old content out there for the consumer. This worked for a while, but the output didn’t really have any long term value and the approach was very hit and miss. Then we developed this crazy idea that if you used insights and mapped a strategic vision, things might be better… because you knew what a brand stood for and where it wanted to go and had the roadmap to get there.

This is Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal. He’s still operating in the Wild West of football. There’s no vision for where we want to go. There are no insights into why we’re stagnating. There are just a bunch of ill thought out tactical executions that don’t make any sense, but kind of do a job.

What is the long term plan for Diaby? Can you tell me? If you performed some basic analysis across his record, what would your conclusion say? It wouldn’t say ‘give him a new deal’ would it? Look at how we play, kind of like a mini Barca if you’re being generous. They play high intensity football. Power, pace with outrageous discipline. Would you say buying Ozil fit into that vision? Would you say a giant cumbersome striker with weak control fits the bill in that system? Would you think Flamini had the skill set to play Busquets role? Of course not, but those signings weren’t thought out. They were options offered. Our transfer strategy is all about pull. We wait and see what’s coming, rather then pursuing what’s right for us.

Chelsea got to January last year and they knew two things. Their was far too much dependence on the running of Ramires and that they lacked power in the middle of the park. Instead of waiting until Jan 31st, they identified an explayer called Matic who boasted giant physicality, pace over 10m and super hero like power. Ok, it didn’t result in them winning the title… but Jose wasn’t thinking about the now, he’s a planner. He knew this year was his year. Whether that should have been acceptable considering the embarrassment of riches he has last season is a different question.

That’s understanding the needs of your squad. Now he has perfection, he’s smashing it. Will it last the season? There aren’t many who’d bet against it, especially now he has most of his players on side. Jose is the master of squad rotation and the king of psychology. He’ll be making sure all his players get a taste of the action so they’re physically and mentally sharp when crunch time comes. He doesn’t have squad players complaining in November. He doesn’t have a starting line up that looks flat.

Our manager is beasting the same starting 11 over and over again because he’s scared he’ll lose more ground… WHICH IS COUNTER INTUITIVE IF YOU LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENS EVERYTIME WE DO THAT. Or look at the injury stack up we’ve suffered with.

My point here is being a good manager shouldn’t be so hard. He has all the resource in the world to make good at this club, but his priorities don’t seem to be on developing his offering. Wenger has a formula that worked in 1998 and he’s determined to prove he can bring back the SEGA Saturn… when everyone else is rocking Oculus Rift.

A Twitter pal asked if I’d heard a podcast the other day. He said it was good. ‘They almost called time on the manager’. I find it crazy that so many major an publications still uhhmmm and ahhh over Wenger. It’s apparent he’s dead. It’s not even an argument now. Yet so many still sit on their hands in case the great man rises from the ashes. He won’t. It’s over. If you’re doubting him now, it’s with good reason. Now it’s just a case of winding down that clock that has 2.5 years on it…

What a bore…

1700 words, that’s what happens when I don’t have a hangover.



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  1. Ughelligunner

    Yes and so? AKb. And you doomer. Guess who is winning at the mo.. The AKBs because their lord Wenger is still here till he dies and you will be here complaining till he dies.

  2. Ughelligunner

    Yes Franchise, he was moaning about little horses and milk and you hear their fans saying its true, while our fans where also agreeing with them, just like they sympathise with man utd for not having defence when we don’t too?

    Mourinho was claiming we had strikers and he mentioned Giroud and Bentner as if he would take them in exchange for Ba.

    And when wenger said he was afraid to fail, he went ballistic and said wenger is a specialist in failure (legrove went joyous), when today the same chelsea are trying to emulate the wenger invincibles

  3. Ughelligunner

    Tell me wenger is too patient, and is too pricy. Tell me wenger does not care about trophies at the moment, then i would stop my theory rant.

  4. divinesherlock


    you finally get the point I was trying to make , thank goodness. I get labelled an AKB while am just saying dont discredit him for what he has achieved. Dont call him shit just to make your point . I just asked the guy to name one manager who has achieved all of the above ? I never made excuses for Wenger .

  5. 124Toeknee

    Arsene Wenger has gone bananas. Personally I have never ever been overjoyed having him as manager of our club. Giving Alex Ferguson a run for his money was satisfactory but he soon ran out of stamina. He could not retain a title anyway. Now he has run out of ideas ( if he ever really had any). Over the course of his 1000 or so years in charge he has succeeded in causing me to lose almost all interest in being a Gooner and has turned the club into a laughing stock. The sight of him on telly chatting like he knows shit makes me cringe. The whole set up at Arsenal now makes me want to vomit. Maybe Wenger will do us all a favour and go after Sepp Blatter’s job. Then the 2026 World cup would be held in Papua New Guinea. Can power drive people mad? Impossible!

  6. Ughelligunner

    Midwest, tell me why do totenham fans and Liverpool fans banter our lots in the UK?

    We are too emotional to banter, and that is why even when we are a goal down at the emirates you see fans chewing their fingers and texting while watching the visiting fans dance.

    Ask the little children that go to the emirates what they go to watch.

    We are only bullies on here, where we can’t be reached physically.

    One Liverpool fan banter my chelsea lot and some of them came to me claiming i should ban him from my center… A Liverpool fan.

    You need to watch football in my country, you would be immune to banter or stop watching football in public.

    My girlfriends a man utd fan and you need to hear her banter me and all i just say is anything i say would’t affect you becos you don’t have the football knowledge and that’s true, she doesn’t know football as such.

  7. MidwestGun

    Ughelli –
    Sorry but the truth is its hard to banter from a standpoint of losing badly on a regular basis. . Did you miss the Pool game last year they destroyed us?
    No idea why Spud fans are vocal. But it’s telling when opposing fans are chanting One AW, and to keep him.

    I understand you probably have a unique experience in your country, tho.

  8. MidwestGun

    Why they need to wait until weekend? Lol. I honestly don’t think it has anything to do with hatred in the true sense of the word. It’s years of built up frustration due to refusing to address weaknesses, refusing to truly compete like last year’s January window, causing weaknesses like this years defensive depth and tactical ineptness like substitutions not pertinent to game, lack of motivation, lack of situational adjustments like leading, etc….

  9. Ozy

    Divinesherlock, hatred towards a man who has a crippling grip around a club we love and bleed for. That’s where the hatred comes from, this man “Mr. Wenger” has been consistently putting himself and his ego before the good of the club.

    We might beat Man U on Saturday but that shouldn’t mask the absolute shit show we’ve had to endure over the years. The man is past it. The game is moving on without him and others like him. It’s constantly evolving and he’s too stubborn to change. He and you and all AKBs and fans who feel happy that we finish fourth every year are all celebrating mediocrity.

    There wouldn’t be this rage if we were a mid-table team or we had limited finances. We’re one of the richest clubs, we have one of the most expensive tickets in all of football so we should be better. That’s the problem. We all know we have the potential to be better but we don’t because Wenger and the board are comfortable with mediocrity.

  10. Ozy

    If we buy Krychowiak for 24 million, it’d be a massive indication tk absolutely everybody what an embarassment our scouting department is.

  11. Leedsgunner


    Completely agree re scouting department… honestly being an AFC scout must be one of the most desired jobs in football. Loads of trips to watch players again and again with the full knowledge – your report really won’t be relied on because in all likelihood they won’t be signed.

  12. Micro

    All you, get a life, the guy has a contract which you can’t get and can only criticize, how useless can some people be? Is that all all of you can do for a living and imagine you are important? I think Wenger is doing you a favor by giving mediocres like you a chance to criticize and feel relevant. It’s a fact that the best critics are the most incompetent.

  13. Micro

    All you, get a life, the guy has a contract which you can’t get and can only criticize, how useless can some people be? Is that all all of you can do for a living and imagine you are important? I think Wenger is doing you a favor by giving mediocres like you a chance to criticize and feel relevant. It’s a fact that the best critics are the most incompetent.

  14. Micro

    All you, get a life, the guy has a contract which you can’t get and can only criticize, how useless can some people be? Is that all all of you can do for a living and imagine you are important? I think Wenger is doing you a favor by giving mediocres like you a chance to criticize and feel relevant. It’s a fact that the best critics are the most incompetent.

  15. MidwestGun

    Yep only those who can get a Premier League managers contract should be critics. Good point. Also when you dine out your shouldn’t criticize the food unless your a professional chef. Also fans aren’t important because what team needs fans? Excellent points. 🙄

  16. NYCgooner

    Right on Micro. I can’t think of anything as impotent and boring as people who criticise others online.… Oh, wait.


  17. Cesc Appeal

    “He has a contract all you can’t get.”

    Ahhhhh…the real source of our bitterness has been exposed!! It burns…the wisdom of your words, the thought behind them; too much to bear.

    I do feel bad, this is literally what the Wenger loving world has been reduced to by the years of criticism that’s been proved right time and again. We’re just big bully’s basically.

    “Stadium Debt”
    “Oil Money”
    “We don’t have any money”
    “Judge him in May”
    “Judge him in September”
    “Judge him in February”
    “Bad Luck”
    “Hey shut up you’re not a football manager…”

    Think they’ve finally got us guys.

  18. MidwestGun

    Nyc –
    Don’t know if I’ve said this before….. but for an AKB your alright … but N5…. nothing but trouble. Stay clear of that one. He will drag you down with him .
    Next thing you know your nicknamed after a mediocre actor.

  19. NYCgooner

    “the guy who stands at the urinal next to you when there are 10 available > Micro”


    You guys are playing for keeps.

  20. alex cutter

    The kinda guy that would fuck a person in the ass and not even have the goddamn common courtesy to give him a reach-around > Micro

    * Guess the movie reference for 20 internet points.

  21. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Clyne would of been the ideal Sagna replacement
    I was calling for him last season.

    So composed on the ball.

  22. kwik fit

    Really impressed with Jack in the holding role. I know its only Scotland but he looks composed and snit doing the usual crazy tackles. And what a ball for Ox, world class. Has he found his niche? Lets hope Wenger doesn’t play him out wide in his next game. Wenger with hate Woy getting all the plaudits for finding Jack’s best position that’s why he may never play him there.

  23. Ughelligunner

    Kwifit so true, and when he fcuk it up wen we play chelsea in a holding midfield role what would you accuse when of?

    Just get us those pics pls…

  24. Cesc Appeal


    He gets a clearly defined role.

    Not, “I don’t know mate, just 4 of you in a row run about a bit and see what happens.”

    The Arsenal midfield is a shambles, no direction at all. Like I keep saying would be interesting to see what a decent manager would get out of this team. Before any new additions.

  25. kwik fit


    Exactly, a clearly defined role , now there’s an idea. Nah, all players are interchangeable and should play in all parts of the pitch, at the same time 😉


    But Mid she’s got a Mcd’s happy meal for you! 🙂

  26. kwik fit

    I think dat guy was taken off only as a precaution. Lets hope so anyway cos we just don’t what to contemplate the alternative.

  27. Toli83


    His passing looks good from deep though and long range through balls look spot on!

    Would massively need to work on tacking and his football brain though. Could solve a problem though.

  28. WengerEagle

    International friendlies are horrible to watch, utterly pointless and yet the players are still too passive to actually take the bull by the horns and make something happen.

    Our boys always get injured in these friendlies too

  29. WengerEagle


    Haha it really means fuck all in the grand scheme of things but it’s surprising nonetheless at how poor your boys are playing atm.

    I suppose it’ll take a lot longer for football to become a really dominant sport in the US.

  30. kwik fit

    At least Theo got some decent playing time under his belt on international duty. WTF was the point in putting him in the squad.

  31. Bamford13


    The Invincibles went unbeaten because of the quality, character and athleticism of those particular players — not because of Wenger’s tactical acumen. Without that caliber of player — i.e., ever since — Wenger has done fuck all.

    Fuck all.

    Last year’s FA Cup was a joke. We barely beat a Hull City side that was missing 4-5 of their starters. Our performance was tawdry and sad. Had we played a top side — Chelsea, City, even United — we would’ve lost. No question.

    Prior to that we beat a couple of decent teams, but had we met one of the above-mentioned three we would’ve lost. No honest supporter would deny this.

    Lastly, Wenger has had plenty of money for some time now. Please stop using this excuse.

    Finally, you ask if Mourinho has ever gone unbeaten? Has he been humiliated 6-0, 6-3, 5-1 and 3-0 by rivals, all in one season? Never in a million fucking years.

    Wenger is a dead letter. He hasn’t done anything noteworthy in nearly a decade, and most of what he has done recently is fucking cringe-worthy and embarrassing.

    He’s a senile twat and he needs to go. ASAP.

  32. Bamford13

    I should’ve said this above, but the Invincibles were comprised of serious, mature, experienced players who could manage themselves on the field. Telling them, “go out and express yourselves” — the sum total of Wenger’s tactical instruction — was all they needed. A player like Vieira could do the rest by himself.

    Since then Wenger has had sides that actually need instruction, tactics, guidance. They’ve all failed, because he is not capable of providing these things.


  33. ikon

    Frankly, I do not understand the heading of this blog post… “Wenger on TV what a joke”..

    Wenger is qualified to talk on football wherever he likes… where as very few people are qualified enough to make a statement like that.

    I criticise Wenger for all his errors and shortcomings just like everyone else…. but I cannot be that thick to have sat achieving 1% of what he has achieved, credit his huge paycheck for the difference and indulge myself in posts like this.

  34. wenker-wanger

    @ bamford13…. Spot on mate… Wankger has fooled so many fans and is still managing to fool those AKB idiots… Whatever success he has had has been largely down to tony adams the best defense in europe at the time, tough characters all over the pitch and wankgers seemingly attractiveness to get top quality french superstars like henry to join the club. It all just fell in this lucky tossers lap!

  35. Wallace

    cracking goal from Wellington Silva for Brasil U21’s last night. another exciting forward to add to the collection.

  36. arsene'snewZip

    “I do wonder what Jose would do to this squad. As much as I hate him, you have to admire what he does at Chelsea. ”

    Fucking amen to that!!

    Le senile one out right now.

  37. N5

    “but I cannot be that thick to have sat achieving 1% of what he has achieved, credit his huge paycheck for the difference and indulge myself in posts like this.”

    But you have indulged in posts like this, as you’ve obviously read it and replied to it.

  38. Highbury Daze

    Wallace, all these cracking youngsters are just waiting to be moved on, Wenger has them earmarked for sale. you think Gnabry, Silva,Zelalem, Campbell,Akpom, et al are the future of the Arenal team, I very much doubt it

    Wenger doesn’t want to add any more forwards to the team, it is bloated with them, he is getting rid of Podolski and Campbell come January

    Giroud, Sanchez,Walcott, Poldi,Campbell, Sanogo, Welbeck, 7 attackers, look at our defenders, Per and Kos, we are so bereft of defenders Wenger has the temerity to put Bellerin and Hayden on the list to try and make some kind of sense to the first team squad defence wise, it is as bare as this has to be the MOST UNBALANCED SQUAD IN WORLD FOOTBALL what the fuck are you playing at Arsene

  39. N5

    “you think Gnabry, Silva,Zelalem, Campbell,Akpom, et al are the future of the Arenal team, I very much doubt it”

    I’ll be gutted if he moves Akpom on! god knows why he isn’t playing now?

  40. Highbury Daze

    Wenger never wanted Campbell back at the Emirates, a good world cup put pressure on for him to return, Campbell wanted a move to Benfica, the manager blocked his move because Giroud was injured and he needed him for back up, unbeknown to Arsene, Gazidis purchased Welbeck on the last day giving Campbell no time for the loan he desperately wanted, AFC is a circus, people not communicating to one another, people with their own agenda, and all the while, Arsene, the famous clown is conducting this debacle

  41. Highbury Daze

    Reason he is not playing now (Akpom) is because Wenger has Giroud, Sanogo, with Walcott and Sanchez as cover, the rest are expendable

  42. Thank you and goodnight


    Those 50,000 t shirts you wanted have come on mate. You know the ones you ordered ,with ‘ I love wenger’ on the front and ‘no1 AKB ‘ on the back.
    Where would you like me to drop them off, work or home ? 😀

  43. Highbury Daze

    Poached for 1 million quid from Villa, and if it don’t work out, sell him for anything up to 15 million and beyond

    Arsene is the best fiscal manager in the world, bar none, it’s just a shame his football management skills are no where near as good

  44. Highbury Daze

    I will tell you what Wenger’s real game is since he has been at AFC, we have been called a selling club more recently, but since 1998, we have always been that, a selling club, sure we won some trophies with some great English defenders and some brilliant French players, a season unbeaten is a monumental achievement, but AFC has sold it’s best for his whole tenure, the one who wasn’t sold was DB 10

    The name of the game is profit

    Overmars bought 7 million sold for 25 million to Barca
    Anelka…….500k….sold……23 million Real Madrid
    RVP…..2.75…….sold……24 million Utd
    Kolo Toure…..150k……..sold…….16 million City
    Clichy……250,000,,,,sold,,,,,,,7 million….City
    Adebayor….7 million……sold…25 million…City
    Henry……10 million,,,,,burned out …..sold 16 million Barca
    Vieira…….3.5 million….burned out…….13 million Inter
    Nasri……15 million……sold…..22 million….City
    Alex Song……1 million…….sold…..15 million ….Barca
    Cesc…….free…..500k paid to Barca as compensation…..sold to the same idiots….34 million

    Now this one I had forgotten about David Bentley, probably a free….sold not to sure but he did play for Spurs….sold for 10 million Bravo Arsene, you are a genius

    Look I don’t mind anyone turning a profit, that’s the world we live in

    But football was never meant to be like this, not run by corporations and men who have more fucking money that they will ever need

    The MO of Arsene Wenger is making profit on player sales, full stop, yes he won some trophies along the way in the first 8 years of his tenure, mainly due to England defence he inherited from George Graham and French Superstars at the rise of French football, Henry, Vieira Petit, Pires

    Now those two things have evaporated, what have we got, one FA cup against Hull, this after we went 2-0 down and should have been 3-0, coming back to win our first trophy in 9 years

    The party is over Arsene, the only ones who don’t think it is, are yourself and Kroenke

    Please clear your desk, and shut the door on your way out


  45. Highbury Daze

    Well we now know who that shit for brains Durham supports, this douche bag has the gall to put in print on a daily rag the game between Utd. and Arsenal should be called off because of injuries, while we have some they, seem to have more, and this imbecile is frightened his team might lose, I have just read the headline, maybe it’s a put up job, either way this cunt should not be allowed near a national newspaper, if the story is legitimate, this guy needs to stick his head in the shit house, while I pull the chain

  46. Highbury Daze

    Can someone tell dumbshit Durham that is the reason clubs have SQUADS of around 25 players, to compensate for out of form players, and Injuries

    Durham, give yourself an uppercut, I’m sure you read Le Grove, you complete fuckwit

  47. Highbury Daze

    Maybe the manager can get his kit on and help out, go in goal Louie, you can use your big fat ugly head to keep the ball out

  48. Highbury Daze

    urham sticking up for them, why don’t we just postpone all EPL games until Saints get a new team, and Utd are back to full strength, that make you happy Adrian, you tampon head