Arsene Wenger DOES use video analysis…

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Arsene having a go at video analysis for the first time

Just jokes… he did last night though.

Our manager has been offering up mad amounts of chirpse to his new favourite channel, BeIN.

Now, I’m reticent to go too hard into this, because when there’s something great people have heard in an interview, it never gets challenged… whenever there’s something people don’t like


… that I can’t challenge. But let’s just take a look at some of the text and have a chat about it.

‘He (Diaby) is a player that I have an enormous amount of respect for.

‘Everytime he comes back, he has to start from zero with another injury. He was a victim of competition.

‘A footballer needs his ankle. He was destroyed by a bad tackle (in May 2006, leaving him with a fractured ankle) at Sunderland six or seven years ago which altered his ankle.

‘He is not a fragile player. He was the victim of an assassin’s tackle that went unpunished.’

Sounds like Wenger, right?

Ok, I think it’s Wenger. See the thing with Diaby is however you want to cut it, the man has always been an injury prone train wreck. The Dan Smith tackle really did take him out big time and I feel for him, but let’s not paint the picture that he was CR7 resillient before. But here’s the point, that tackle was what, 8 years ago? He’s still with us. On mega salary. That sentence sums it all up with Wenger and loyalty. We consistently didn’t buy a replacement for, what, 4 years? He’s still on a deal that never seems to end. I mean, to come out and say he isn’t fragile when he quite obviously is… well, it’s odd.

Wenger also revealed another superb player he nearly signed in Paul Pogba. Wenger reckons he could land the Balon D’or one day! He could. A total monster, one of the best in the business at 21.


Problem is, we’re never going to land him. He’s an £80m player these days and we’re not exactly appealing at this current time. Plus, you know, the club are pretending they have no money again.

… and I was thinking about this. Total conspiracy moment, do you think this could be, like,  a ploy.

AW: Ivan, I’ve had a bit of a mare mate, I need some money…

IG: How much Arsene?

AW: LIke, £60m in January. I’ve seen this guy called Chris Smalling I like. Thinking a sweet £20m deal?

IG: Errr, Arsene, we’ve only got about £2m… for the rest of your deal

Too far? Is it too fanciful to think we might be keeping out powder dry for a manager who knows what he’s doing in the transfer market?

More alarming blame shift on the injury front. What did he say the other week? That the injuries we’d had were all world cup related? Now he’s saying Ozil’s injury… well, I’ll let you read.

“He will not be back until January. He came back from the World Cup with an injury.”

Yet he came back and played how many games for us? Those comments are blame culture that kind of make us look a bit silly. Surely we should be picking up on these problems? I don’t know the details, but blaming the World Cup when it finished in July is a bit weak. Similar with Laurent. What’s the excuse there. We knew about that issue from February, we didn’t sign a replacement for him, then played him?

First rule of excuse making. Think them through.

Wenger also denied the crazy rumours of Lukas being available, because he fixes the prices! Poor old Lukas, he ain’t going nowhere. Just like Nil B last year.

Wenger also had this to say, which is kind of a barbed response to people who want him to go (me and you) and kind of sweet.

“I turned down PSG, Bayern Munich & French national team many times; I wanted to honour Arsenal contract.”

“When Arsenal gave me a chance, they were extremely courageous. That is why I am profoundly loyal to this club. I would like to leave a trace of me when I leave the club.”

Wenger, there will be a trace of you when you leave. Your brand blueprint will be forever wrapped in the club for as long as the club want a brand that symbolises beautiful football and class.

However, turning down other clubs isn’t a reason to keep the gravy train going. Football is about progress. Arsenal took a chance on a young man with ambition and vision. I think it’s time to pass the baton. Maybe we can take a chance on someone else with ideas and a vision. Ultimately, you’ll be leaving the club in a better position than the one you found it in. We’ll be forever grateful for that. Just don’t let it go down the toilet. You said that when you were playing, you asked your Chairman to tell you when it was over for you. He did and you moved on. It’s a shame no one has the balls to say that to you now.

The interview got quite confused, Wenger contradicting himself within moments when talking about his defence.

“I think we have a very good balance between Koscielny and Mertesacker. We are losing experience at the back at the moment. We are paying the price for Debuchy (injury), because Chambers is a central defender.”

“Defending is the job of an old man. You have to be 26 or 27 to be a complete defender.”

You can’t blame our centre back problems on Debuchy. If him being injured scuppered the plans, we should have had a better second option at right back. Also, if defending is for old men, why don’t we have an old man backing up our two main centre backs.

Finally, why doesn’t Arsene talk on UK TV shows like he’s doing for BeIN? Really annoying. BT should get some coin out and bring him on board…! Get him playing some more beach ball. It’s so farsical, it should be in English. Trying to carve out a media career early? Better that than sorting out the issues at home eh!

Other bits and pieces?

Joel Campbell said he’s not furious about not playing. Shocker. I really thought he’d come out at the start of December and say he was massively frustrated and upset. Fair play for a mature response. He deserves a chance. We have a need for him in our squad, I think it’d be a mistake to let him go.

Obviously I would like to be playing but that’s something that has to be earned day by day. I have to keep training and waiting for the opportunity. I know it’s a very competitive team.

“Arsenal is one of the best teams in the world where there are many important players. I have to be patient, keep training and I know my chance will arrive and I’ll have to take advantage of it when it comes.”

Take advantage Joel, do it for us. We all like you.

Also, great news that Debuchy might be back for December. I’ve heard great things about what he’s like as a player and I think it’s always a big concern doing yourself in at 29. He’ll want to prove himself at Arsenal, he’s a fighter and he has the know how we’re lacking at right back at the moment. Looking forward to getting him back in play. This is great news!

Finally, let’s all laugh at United and their horrendous pile up of injuries. Daley Blind ruined himself against Holland, which is bad for him, but great for Arsenal. Why is this happening? Because you have a man past his prime, laced with arrogance, not respecting the modern rigours of the game at United. That story is going to explode at some point. The game has moved on… LVG ‘has learned all he needs to learn’ and there is the problem. You’ve never learned it all.

Two bad managerial appointments in a row… what a disaster!

Have a good day!

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  1. Leedsgunner

    “Wenger has confirmed Abou Diaby will be offered a new deal at the club if he regains fitness #AFC”

    Nothing personal towards Diaby but honestly? Can someone remind Arsene of this when he complains that he doesn’t have the money to compete? So we don’t have money to complete but we have money to flush away on a crock… Diaby must hold the record for the most expensive player for actual games played.

    Sustainable business model my arse.

  2. Thomas

    Gunnervision ‏@Gunner_vision 37m37 minutes ago
    Wenger has confirmed Abou Diaby will be offered a new deal at the club if he regains fitness #AFC

    FFS someone shoot this idiot please?

  3. MidwestGun

    Jwl –
    Ha! Ya…… I wish you the best of luck. My brother has turned all my nieces into Chelscum supporters. They love Henry because I have brainwashed them. But sadly the fact we currently lose to all the top teams and Chelscum in particular hasn’t helped my cause.
    They do support the BlackHawks tho. Small victories. Could be they think the sweaters are cool, tho. 🙁

  4. Jim Lahey

    @Leeds & Tits – I think this Diaby thing is just a show of his power, that he can do as he pleses within the club and no one will question him. No other club would offer Diaby a new contract, why should we.

  5. RJM

    I actually want Wenger to stay, fuck it, sign another contract. Its hilarious havn this lunatic in charge! Everyday theres more evidence to the fact hes a complete fruitcake!
    Arsenal wld be boring without him. It aint like we’d win anything with anyone else. A culture of winning ala Chelsea comes from the top. We will never have that as long as Stans the man.

  6. Dan Ahern

    IF he regains fitness? Yeah right. No offense to the man but he’s been a charity case for a couple years now. Don’t see why anyone would even lie and put conditions on the new contract that’s coming.

  7. Cesc Appeal

    Where’s the CEO or financial officer or something saying he’s not comfortable with flushing £3 Million a year!

    Wenger’s got far, far too much power at this club. Needs to go. Not healthy, no professional and not conducive to a winning environment.

  8. TitsMcgee

    Nothing personal towards Diaby but honestly? Can someone remind Arsene of this when he complains that he doesn’t have the money to compete?”

    I have said it before and I’ll say it again. Wenger looks at AFC as an Academy. To him the players are his kids and he is obsessed with giving them their “chances”. That is why he is so slow to flog who he has to flog. That is why he always buys some young incredibly raw project for peanuts. That is also why he has free reign to do whatever the fork he wants to do with experiments all over the squad.

    Zero accountability and therefore ZERO end in sight until he fcuks off.

    The man is a cancer.

  9. MidwestGun

    He gave Arteta another year. Even tho clearly he is struggling with fitness instead of waiting till end of year. It’s sentiment rather than what are we doing to get better and win. Ya…. frustrating as hell. I don’t blame Arteta or Diaby really. Altho, sometimes you got to know when enough is enough.

  10. jwl

    How old is Daiby – he must be near 30 by now – you have to laugh, or cry, that Arsenal are going to break their no contracts to over 30s for a guy who never feckin plays!

    If Diaby is insured, and Arsenal aren’t paying his salary, I would be amazed if Arsenal could get insurance again for Diaby’s next contract. Who is going to insure a guy who’s constantly injured and clearly can’t play competitive football.

    I am going to show my niece your comment N5. She will get a good laugh from that.

  11. Jim Lahey

    Sell: Arteta, Flamini, Diaby, Coquelin

    Buy: Cabaye & Schneiderlin

    Lose 4 gain 2, squad stronger….

    Both players can be bought, both a French both will improve us.

  12. jwl

    TitsMcGee You replied to a comment I made last week about how Wenger’s not ambitious because he doesn’t have abilities/capabilities to manage a top tier team. I agreed with your response, I also think Wenger talking about loyalty to players all the time because he wants to apply pressure on club to be loyal to him.
    Wenger will not get another top job when he quits Arsenal so he’s hanging on for dear life as long as he can.

  13. Leedsgunner

    “Where’s the CEO or financial officer or something saying he’s not comfortable with flushing £3 Million a year!”

    Why? It’s not like it’s their own money is it? No matter however the team does as long as the financials are met they get paid their bonuses. They don’t care they should.

  14. TitsMcgee

    , I also think Wenger talking about loyalty to players all the time because he wants to apply pressure on club to be loyal to him.
    Wenger will not get another top job when he quits Arsenal so he’s hanging on for dear life as long as he can.”

    Yes I think it is pretty obvious that he is just trying to hang on and see out another 2.5 years and cash in on 24 million.

    Everything he does is “protect my arse” mode. He set up the club not to win vs Chelsea but to NOT LOSE by 6-0 so that he can say “hey we improved didn’t we”?

    His job right now is to not ruin the apple cart.

  15. Jeff

    “so he’s hanging on for dear life as long as he can.”

    That just doesn’t measure up to

    “We listen when he has a plan and keep quiet when he doesn’t”

    Do you really believe he’s hanging on for dear life or is he simply being treated as some sort of deity because the controllers are even more stupid than he is?

  16. nijjy

    both teams have defensive problems. what worries me is that we haven’t beaten utd in a long long long effing time even when we should’ve last season. so keep your laughing or crying till the end of the game pedro.

  17. Live by the River

    What’s the fan reaction to a certain defeat this weekend to Manchester United going to be then?

    Marching with the St Leonards Girls Pipers through Hastings or some real crowd action?

    All gone quiet on the demo front discussing irrelevances again keyboard lightweights….

  18. TitsMcgee

    Do you really believe he’s hanging on for dear life or is he simply being treated as some sort of deity because the controllers are even more stupid than he is?”

    I think that while yes the controllers are complicit by giving him so much power in the first place even they would have to sit him down and have a word if he came outside of top 4(getting smashed like he did last season).

    The ONE service he provides is that 4th spot. Take that away and what exactly is his benefit? Even Wenger would have questions to answer especially after things have been trending downwards for a while(in terms of our competitiveness)

  19. Ozy

    Midwest, this may seem like I’m targeting you but I’m not, just a general trend I’ve noticed that your comment reminded me of. Why are people saying Chambers isn’t a RB? He played for Southampton as a RB, his natural position is a RB, we bought him as a RB who can play CB. He is a RB.

    Just because he’s been performing really poorly as a RB does not mean you can all start saying he’s not a RB and he’s being played as a CB. That’s convenient.

    The truth is, we have a 19 year old RB being asked to play week in, week out, Champions League included, with the pressure of constantly performing, trying to emulate Sagna or Debuchy, which are very big shoes to fill.

    Bellerin is also 19. Why aren’t they rotated? Why the faith in Chambers and not Bellerin? Who can honestly say Chambers is more skilled than Bellerin right now? Two similar but also very different players. Of course I’d rather see Chambers play CB than Monreal, with Bellerin playing RB.. but that’s not something we should ask of either of them.

    Wenger has failed in properly reinforcing this squad so we’re relying on a 19 year old RB to play in the first eleven every week. The pressure to perform in Arsenal is much higher than at Southampton, and at Southampton, just last season, Chambers only played a number of times. He’s playing every single game now. I rate Chambers. I just don’t think he’s ready for that yet. Neither is Bellerin. But why is Chambers ready and not Bellerin?

  20. N5

    “All gone quiet on the demo front discussing irrelevances again keyboard lightweights….”

    Ha ha, you’re so stupid that you don’t see the irony in your comments.

    Get off your fat arse and do something about it then!! get your arse to Arsenal if you can find the place. You should at least be able to find London as most trains go there!!

    I’d love to break your jaw you gobby cunt!!

  21. MidwestGun

    Ozy –
    No… it’s a fair comment. But I believe AW himself said Chambers is a CB. Why I brought it up. I honestly wish AW would talk about tactics after his games more and try to explain things. Doubt it would explain much tho because most of the time he just says I don’t know why, or I didn’t see it.

    Roberto Martinez at the World Cup broadcast for instance explaining tactics was brilliant.

  22. SpanishDave

    They have all got their noses in the trough thats why no one says anything to Wenger. Steve Bould is overpaid and comfortable so hes not going to say or do anything, a fraud really with no principles.

  23. MidwestGun

    In general tho… I think Chambers skill set is better suited to handle CB. As Rb you have to handle the other teams fast, tricky wingers unless of course you play Arsenal and Santi.
    Altho to be fair playing next to Mert is asking to cover a lot of ground.

  24. MidwestGun

    Rewatching the Swansea match we were actually defensively solid enough playing 4-2-3-1 up until we went ahead by a goal. We had not much creativity, because Flamini and Mertesacker for the most part were playing it out of the
    Back. But then inexplicably we went ahead with a great counter and Ramsey, Flamini and Gibbs kept pressing forward instead of helping defend and lying back for another counter. Also, the Swansea manager made a tactical adjustment and threw 2 up top and took Bony off to get in a fresh body. AW didn’t react at all until way too late. .

  25. Cesc Appeal

    When you really take a minute and assess how Wenger walked into the season defensively it’s a horror show.

    No CDM.
    2 CB’s…one of which came back from the WC with acute tendinitis.
    2 LB’s….one of which is made of glass the other average, passable.
    1 RB in Debuchy (unlucky there.)
    Chambers – who by Wenger’s admissions is too young to be relied upon in any meaningful way…as all of us on here said after his first performance when all the pro-Wenger lobby were hailing him as total cover.

    10 seconds it takes to compile that info. Wenger had months. Incredible levels of negligence. Before you even look at results, formations, other areas of the field I’d already be seriously questioning what kind of manager this was.

  26. Harry Redknapp

    but its like the dortmund manager said, hummels is not the best, he has mistakes in him, but he is first name on the team sheet and the captain because he is a true leader who pushes the team on and organises and dont stop pressing his team mates all game.

  27. Harry Redknapp

    chambers in fairness has done a good job. he is just not a natural right back, if your ontop he will look like one tho.

  28. Cesc Appeal


    Yes, I enjoyed learning about his musings on the rule of Law as well. When my lecturer was saying how important he was on subsequent law men and scholars I said “he’s a cracking aerial threat as well.”

  29. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    Yep…. those Greek international half time discussions must be really deep.

    Here’s one for your buddy River.

    “Let him that would move the world first move himself.”


  30. Cesc Appeal

    “There are known knowns, there are things we know we know, we also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not known…but there are also unknown unknowns…the ones we don’t know we don’t know.”

    Donald Rumsfeld.

    Arguably the best thing ever uttered in the course of human history.

  31. Frankie T

    Debuchy is a massive miss for us he looked the part before he got injured. Good business getting him in but as usual the position was destroyed by you know who sending jenks on loan to west ham. So we buy a young English right back and train him up for three seasons only to send him out on loan and buy 19yr old centre back to take his place.
    Feeling sick of the thought of di Maria running at chambers. Walcott must start right side to help track back and keep up with diMaria whilst giving di Maria something to think about at the other end of the pitch.

  32. MidwestGun

    Haha on a serious note. If we lose to Man. U. We are looking at 9th place in the table. January might be irrelevant by then. Altho, AW thinks it’s irrelevant anyhow. Huge match considering our schedule after that also.

  33. Cesc Appeal

    We’re getting at least 4th place, probably third.

    It’s the great Wenger illusion, he makes you feel as if we’re in a lowly position, struggling, against all the odds, but we rise and claim a UCL place…it’s a trick from Wenger.

    The sum of the parts of this squad before any more additions is better than scrabbling around for fourth.

    Said it so many times, I’d like to see what a decent manager would do with this team. We’re still short of top quality in crucial areas, but we’re still better than this.

  34. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    Yes… I know. Already bracing myself for that 4th place battle. Can hardly wait. Would be nice to beat one of the 2 teams I hate the most in the World tho for a change. Where I live Man. U and Chelscum fans are relentless. Why I can’t laugh at Man U ‘ s situation. Because as much crap as I gave them
    last year, come game time we get owned. Payback might be a bitch.

  35. Dan Ahern

    The cool thing about Rummie’s statement is it does have some philosophical merit. I’m not justifying how he interpreted it, but it’s an interesting breakdown.

  36. TitsMcgee

    It’s the great Wenger illusion, he makes you feel as if we’re in a lowly position, struggling, against all the odds, but we rise and claim a UCL place…it’s a trick from Wenger.”

    In that sense he is absolutely brilliant.

    He makes us think that we are punching above our weight by coming in 4th like we are West Ham or something and the AKBs lap it up like dogs.

    Then every now and then drops some irrelevant shiiite like “France wanted me many times” so as to imply that we should be grateful to him because he is “so loyal” to us. i.e be loyal to me

    (Like France wouldn’t have canned his ass after 1 season, you don’t get to be mediocre at international level and last 18 years)

  37. TitsMcgee

    2 CB’s…one of which came back from the WC with acute tendinitis.”

    Both of which went deep into the WC as well. Kos Quarters and Mert Final.

    Nevermind the ludicrous notion of going into a season with just 2 CBs with or without WC.

  38. Leedsgunner

    I have a feeling that Sagna leaving for him was a big big blow. His ego provably told him he would stay… and I suspect one of the reasons he didn’t strengthen defensively in January (when we should’ve ideally strengthened) was he expected to be able to convince Sagna to stay out of loyalty to him etc. Sad really that he thinks so much of himself that he doesn’t do his job properly. We knew for months Sagna and TV5 were going but Wenger chose to sit on his hands.

    He thinks he’s some genius but everyone (including his ex-players) can see he’s a washed up has been. No wonder he surrounds himself with “yes men” he can’t bear to hear anything else.

  39. Cesc Appeal

    Debuchy, Sokratis, Kozz, Gibbs

    That’s a pretty decent back line I think. Sell Mert or keep him until his contract runs down as we’re so generous, get Schar on a pre contract in January.

    Sokratis, Kozz, Schar, Chambers. That’s pretty decent.

  40. Ozy

    We should sign Reid on January at a very low price, sign Schaar on a pre contract and go all out for a DM. Sokratis would cost 20+

    Would rather use that for a commanding DM like Carvahlo or Kondogbia, in addition to a pre contract agreement with Khedira. Damnnn. This is so easy!

  41. Ozy

    Btw, whoever mentioned it the other day, just saw Interstellar. Crazy movie. Gotta suspend disbelief at times but what a crazy movie. Love the twist at the end (won’t spoil it) but it certainly is different from other space movies that really shove certain ideas down your throat.

  42. MidwestGun

    Based on last January… more likely some half-crocked player that used to be good 8 years ago is more likely. Wouldn’t want them to be cup tied, you know, for when we make the semi-finals of the CL. Someone completely off anyone’s radar. AW can dust off the ol’ rolodex, again.

  43. Quagmire

    What will the people in Untold write once their Messiah leaves. Will they commit mass suicide? Would the same people had stuck with Graham for that long? For them everything about the club is Wenger.

  44. SpanishDave

    Most of the akbs have only known Wenger, they enjoyed the success and are scared of the future without him. When he goes they will build shrines, and wait for the second coming.

  45. Cesc Appeal

    Irony is Untold will then be devoted to slamming the new guy and reminiscing about Wenger.

    Unless of course Wenger goes to the board and appoints the new guy.

  46. Leedsgunner

    So predictable.

    Utter farce.

    If Arsene is that desperate to have him tell him to PERSONALLY fund it.

    If the club wants to spend a few million that much I propose AFC write a big fat cheque equal to a new contract for Diaby and send it c/o BAND AID 30. They need the money more than Diaby and at least it could help more than 1 person live an unwarranted millionaire lifestyle.

  47. kwik fit

    Arsene Wenger: “I turned down Bayern Munich, PSG and the French national team many times. I wanted to stay loyal to Abou Diaby’.

  48. Cesc Appeal

    Arsene Wenger, Nelly Remix: “No matter what I do, all I think about’s Abou…even when you’ve got a boo boo…Abou you know I’m crazy over you.”

  49. Cesc Appeal


    That TY guy is unbelievable.

    I can’t watch it though, because I find Claude so frustrating to listen to. You know what he wants to say but he’ll take an age to say it, if at all…and he’s incredible changey from one result to the next.

  50. Jeff


    You’re right of course. Claude is not the greatest orator in the world but those of us who know what he’s trying to say hear him loud and clear.

    On the other end of the spectrum, you have Ty who sticks to his guns no matter what because the alternative is simply too unthinkable and unbearable. Fans like him find it difficult to renounce a great leader; someone who to them is beyond reproach even though they can see the great chasms of ineptitude and the bewildering decisions that issue from this man. They cannot let go of the past – that’s the difficulty they have – they cannot let go. As it happens, neither can Wenger, so we’re stuck and only the sands of time will see him out.

  51. Jeff

    Diaby has made only 22 appearances in four seasons.

    Wenger: “If he comes back, I will keep him. I always believed in him. In football, the most important thing is health.”

  52. Jeff

    The Diaby situation epitomizes everything that is wrong at Arsenal. The board may not agree with it but the simple fact is that nobody can say to Wenger: “What are you playing at?” It’s totally insane.

  53. Paul Mc Daid

    Its criminal what this man has done to this club, this fraud ran our legends out the door yet now he is rewarding brock who are not good enough to play for Arsenal,God only knows what this club will look like in Two more years time,we are running on empty now, No leadership, direction, ambition, coaching and certainly No Winning or Competing,its a total outrage.

  54. Highbury Daze

    Where else on this planet are you going to get 8 million quid plus 3 million bonus a year wages for finishing 4th, what that translates to is, beating Spurs and Liverpool home every year, and as easy as that should be, Wenger struggles with it

    The answer to that question is NOWHERE, so all this bile he spews about loyalty and I could have gone here, I could have gone there, is a crock of shit, the reason, and the only reason this fraud did not go there is because at the clubs he mentioned, HE WOULD BE ACCOUNTABLE, and I doubt there would be 11 million quid waiting for him at the end of each year

    So the reason we are stuck with a decrepit relic dinosaur is, zero accountability, and 11 million quid a year, forget everything else

    As if spending more on wages than Chelsea and finishing 4th is a great result, you have all been duped

  55. Highbury Daze

    Just think about it,a massive club like Arsenal and the manager lets City, Utd. Chelsea take the top 3 spots most years and is happy to finish 4th for CL football, with the clout AFC has, I would back myself to finish 4th each year, and do it for less money

    And this guy and his disciples trumpet this annual event like it is somehow an astonishing achievement and that Wenger should congratulated, with the resources he has available to him, my view is he is massively underachieving

    Remember, all he has to do is beat Spurs and Liverpool home and that is an easy task, Liverpool shocked everyone last season, but lucky Arsene had United drop out of the 4 because of Moyes, a few years ago Chelsea self destructed, and Arsenal finished 3rd, this guy is running on empty

  56. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal are supposed to be a major club in EPL as well as competing in Champions League.

    If you have expectations to win those trophies then your squad should contain
    players who are not only the best in business but have acquired experience. The mistake that Wenger has made too often in the past is that he has played regularly immature players in his teams.Chambers may be a good prospect but in my view he is neither exceptional nor good enough to be playing as
    regularly as he has done this season.

    I made the point earlier in this thread that clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid operate B Teams in lower divisions of Spanish League where the players learn their craft. I have always believed that this is a better system than
    loaning players out to other clubs where more often than not they land up as
    bench warmers and squad fillers.

  57. NewCo Arsenal PLC

    Please Arsenal fans wherever you are, save our club from this graceless fall into obscurity, and the madness of our useless impotent ‘leader’.
    If you truly love The Arsenal, it is time for change of biblical proportions.
    Our invisible owners need to be accountable and be prepared to answer some damning questions. Heads should roll for this poison currently masquerading as Arsenal Football Club.
    The only alternative is to allow this to continue, and lose your Arsenal forever.

  58. Bamford13

    Just watched 20 minutes of this guy Krychowiak. Excellent player. Athletic, technical, powerful, with fantastic long passing.

    He would improve us measurably immediately — which is why there is no chance Wenger signs him.

    We need to look more like the following:


    Such a team could win things and would bring the joy back to Arsenal.

  59. gonsterous

    Hahahshs loved reading all those quotes.. something tells me its gonna be a lovely day,, aside from the weather that is…

  60. Ughelligunner

    Has anyone notice that, chelsea’s Costa and fabregas can play for chelsea but claim hamstring injuries when they go for internationals?

    Mourinho is so selfish. I think Ferguson also used to do the same thing, no wonder chelsea have lesser injuries compared to Arsenal, Man utd, City and Liverpool all year round. Their players contribute little to their national sides.

  61. Wallace


    “Midwest, this may seem like I’m targeting you but I’m not, just a general trend I’ve noticed that your comment reminded me of. Why are people saying Chambers isn’t a RB? He played for Southampton as a RB, his natural position is a RB, we bought him as a RB who can play CB. He is a RB.”

    nope, he got his chance in the Southampton side when the RB got injured but he was brought through their youth set-up as a CB with occassionally games at DM.

  62. Thank you and goodnight

    If diaby is given a contract extension that will be a massive up yours to the fans. The fact he’s willing to give an average injury prone player a contract extension is proof that wenger has lost the plot and has no respect for the hard working fans who contribute to his and the players wages.

  63. Josh

    It’s no surprise Wenger took another TV role in France. What other excuse will he have to see his bit on the side in Paris?

  64. goonerboy

    Say it again and again… a fit Diaby is a good player…not a great player but a good one…. but when has he been fit in the past 7/8 years?
    When Mr Wenger do you accept that he’s no longer fit enough to play top level football? When he’s had a leg amputated? Just how much evidence do you need?
    Wenger really is massively frustrating.