Should a conviction mean a life ban in football?

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Really slim pickings this morning because ENGUUURRRRLLLLAAAAANNNNNDDDDD played last night. I didn’t watch that game, sounds like that was a good choice as well (GREAT GOALS WELBZ). We’re nearly there. Only a week to go until we take on United at home in a battle for top four supremacy! Regardless of how the season is going, I’m still really looking forward to that game. United Arsenal is always special and of late, always disappointing!

I’ve just been catching up with the Ched Evans story. A player convicted for rape, jailed and out on licence after serving half of his sentence.

The not so much of a shocker? A football club steaming in there to pick up his contract and let him train with them.

Should he be able to work in the game again? Β It’s a tough one on the ethical front. We live in a society that is about rehabilitation. You serve your sentence, then you’re free to resume your life because you’ve paid your debt. If we wrote off every person who served time, we’d have a pretty big problem.

However, football is different. Your professional conduct is about community conduct. Whether footballers like to admit it or not, they have role model status. The trade off between being a mere mortal and a superstar is that there are rules you follow. For me, something as severe as a rape charge should be met with an exclusion from the game. If a referee can be suspended from the game if they have substantial personal debt, then there should be scope to ‘disbar’ footballers who commit disgusting crimes.

I think what’s made this whole situation ever worse is that he has a campaign running to discredit the victim. The muppet brigade on Twitter are sending vile messages to people like Jess Ennis, who are standing up for the right decision… and there’s been no compassion or remorse through the whole process.

The idea that a football club would dirty its name by taking him on doesn’t surprise me. The people who run these operations are hardly dynamic. It’s just sad that there’s a debate here. It’s sad that the discussion can create so much hateful commentary. It’s a shame no one jumps in to make a decision.

But hey, we’re working in a game when open corruption at the highest level dictates where the world cup is held.

Football is about the community. People who run clubs are custodians. They have a responsibility to their community. This whole debacle is disgusting and unnecessary. It’s selfish and I feel sorry for the victim and the fans who have to support a club with no moral back bone.

There’s literally so many bollocks players being linked to us at the moment, I can’t even be arsed to talk about them all.

The player that does interest me is the potential of bringing in Petr Cech. I said ALLLLL summer that our number wasn’t good enough and I think he’s proved it so far this season with some very dodgy performances and a shot to save ratio a hospital patient in a coma would feel embarrassed by. Ospina doesn’t appear to be cutting it on the fitness front which means there’s been no action. Petr Cech would make sense. World Class keeper who needs a move to get some game time. I’d be all over that. A leader, a winner and much better than our current offerings.

Joel Campbell is rumoured to be a target of Everton. A really perplexing player situation there. He’s gone away, worked hard, put in some great performances around the globe… yet he can barely get a game. Bizarre. He’s a bit raw, but he’s a beast and can be sublimely skilful in spurts, a great player off the bench. But Wenger doesn’t believe in him. So that’s that, no chance for him.

Another player doesn’t agree with is Lukas. He’s dropped this amusing comment…

“I’ve spent the last four months making brief appearances. I’ve had to wrap myself up warm in my winter coat with my hat and scarf on to watch the others playing.”

As I said at the start of the week, players are pissed off because they’ve been shut out. If Wenger didn’t want Lukas, Rosicky and Campbell, he should have flogged them in the summer. Instead, what he’s done, is keep 3 relatively costly players with no intention of playing them… to the detriment of the squad. We’re three players down. It’s a shambles, it really is. Indecisive squad building. A staple trait of Wenger over the last 5 years. It happens every year… ‘what with the youth coming through I see no reason to purchase.’… followed by September 4th loan of all the youth he’s talking about.

What I don’t get with Wenger is the compete lack of interest in building a squad that can compete. He said recently Chelsea were too strong. Sure, they are, but that didn’t happen by accident. It was a simple two year plan that would have been affordable for us. Why is he so bad at building a squad? I mean, honestly, I think even the most basic of fan can see what’s needed… why can’t a man with no hobby outside football see?

Right, that’s your lot. See you tomorrow. x

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  1. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah really disgraceful. But then you can see why the courts HAVE to do it. In a system of precedent you can’t start the bending the rules slightly; because someone will point to it later down the line and say “me too.”

  2. tunnygriffboy

    Fucking epic result πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Fellaini done another player with his elbow. He’s a dirty bastard. Joe Allen’s nose will look a mess tomorrow. He won’t care though. πŸ™‚

  3. Cesc Appeal


    You joke but I HONESTLY thought that the other day. We had Leslie Thomas come in to our Uni don’t know if you’ve heard of him, pretty famous Human Rights barrister and police abuse cases.

    And he said the hours you have to work are incredible, can’t remember who said it but a famous lawyer said “you win your case on your seat not on your feet.” Essentially saying like an iceberg the vast majority of the work is hidden below the surface, what you do in court is a tiny portion of it.

    And I did think…oh no, my gaming…ragging on the ineptitude of Arsene Wenger…all will be lost!!!

    Unless of course I become CEO of Arsenal πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. N5

    Lol Cesc. Leeds gets time on the Grove so you’ll still at least get that I guess, but on the flip of that, Ezio and co will just have to wait until retirement on the Playstation 12.

  5. Cesc Appeal


    I suppose I could use my skills when I am a lawyer to send a really shitty letter to Ubisoft about their poor efforts this week.

    And also pictures and colouring in of my ideas.

  6. northern gooner


    Are u watching the darts.

    5/4 for any player to get a 180 in each leg. Its happened in 6 out the 8 so far.
    Buying money

  7. kwik fit

    Wenger is spouting his usual shit tonight about how he turned down France, Real and PSG to remain loyal to arsenal. He also states that he wants to build his own legacy at the club. What a egotistical dick. Defeat on Saturday Wenger and you’ll see what the fans really think of you!

  8. Cesc Appeal

    People always try to pretend we should be grateful he turned them down or that it was altruistic by Wenger – not entirely the truth. Wenger is in a unique position in football that you don’t find anywhere else and HE won’t find anywhere else.

  9. kwik fit


    He has the capacity to ignore the obvious and has become so ultimately consumed by his own ego, his entire view of the world and everyone in it is twisted. You could say his ego exceeds both his intelligence and his capacity to see beyond his own personal interests.

  10. Cesc Appeal



    His ego is all-consuming. He will literally contradict something he said a few weeks prior in an interview and not think anything of it.

    Was it you who posted his comments about the 22 year old CB thing? Incredible!

  11. Cesc Appeal


    The thought process of Arsene Wenger…you just can’t fathom it.

    I think it’s been so long since anyone took him to task or held him accountable for anything that he just says things totally unchecked.

  12. kwik fit


    The only people that bring him to task are the fans. If it gets nasty on the pitch, and I hope it doesn’t, the fans will turn on Wenger and his balls are not big enough to ignore the wrath of the fans.

  13. tunnygriffboy

    The only way he will go is if the fans tell him to go. That will happen if results and performances continue as they are. Thing is two signings and the injured players back and results will pick up. So many things are positive within the club but we need to make sure players like Sanchez enjoy it here.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    Not so sure he would go, you listen to some Arsenal fans and it’s beyond words how deluded they are, or how utterly bent on ignoring Wenger’s failing and thinking of the invincibles they are.

    Results may pick up, but so what? We’re in a perpetual cycle of being at the whims of Arsene Wenger – so what if we come 3rd? What does it matter? I don’t know that I’d want to be regarded as the “most consistent” manager in the league if that wasn’t with regards to winning things.

    Wenger always looks like he’s doing better, or about on par to the sum of the parts of the squad. But truth is engage your brain and dig a little deeper and you can see that it’s wilful mediocrity and failure – the finances we have the stature of club and we’ve got two senior CB’s? No CDM? No elite striker? A manager who doesn’t have any tactics? A style on the pitch and as a club that hasn’t changed since 1997?

    So we get our injured players back and then put in some good form and creep into UCL qualification…then we’ll be back to “Wenger knows, he knows he has to do better…he’ll fix it this summer.”

    We’re always “one or two signings from competing” so it’s not even worth saying it.

    How long has it been a decade now we’ve been going on about how fragile Arsenal are? How defensively we’re amateurs? How Wenger is negligent with filling certain positions and negligent with his squad management and refusal to adapt.

    It’s consistently wilfully average. And people lap it up because on the surface it looks like Wenger is doing alright with what he has, or “it could be worse.” Sure, but it could be a whole lot better, and should be when you have a godo look at what’s been built at Arsenal.

    Over Β£200 Million in cash and look at our squad. A wage bill higher than Chelsea’s and look at our squad. Good enough? Wenger doing a good job? Really? Causes for optimism aside from “the abysmal form this season will get better.”

    Of course it will, because we’ve been here before and it does. We’ll be here again next year. And EXACTLY the same things will be said, injuries, bad luck, referees, one or two signings yawn yawn yawn…it’s been a decade now I know it’s international break but this is why the conversation is becoming so diverse on here because we’re sick of repeating ourselves.

    You try and yank people’s heads out of the sand but they’re so deep, so entrenched and fear the actual view is a harsh reality that they know deep down, excuses are make up to a cracked, and scarred face of Arsenal.

  15. tunnygriffboy

    I just think that the results will improve due to injury returns and possibly new players. That will keep the majority happy and hence he will stay. Fans go apoplectic then he walks. I have a huge amount of respect for Wenger for what he has done for the club but I concede the time has come for fresh impetus. We will only get there if the fans are revolting πŸ™‚

  16. Thomas

    “Wenger: “When the manager puts the best player in a position that doesn’t suit him, in the long term you don’t get the best out of the team”

    “@GFFNPressConf: On Ozil: “He will not be back until January. He came back from the World Cup with an injury.”


    Incredible comments really. What a senile cunt.

  17. Cesc Appeal

    This is what I was saying, Wenger either knows what he’s doing when he says this and is on the worlds biggest troll or honestly has no clue what a tit he’s making out of himself.

    If I was Gazidis…well I wouldn’t have given him a new deal and would probably do something about the dome with all that money…but I’d bar him from interviews. Unless it’s a whole “give him enough rope” thing. But I doubt it.

  18. Cesc Appeal


    But this is the problem with Madrid, Isco is a great player, but he gets marginalised a lot at Madrid, now Bale’s back it will probably happen again.

    Flavour of the season team. Sterling is their new favourite.

    A lot of fans were talking about that rumoured Β£20 Million deal for Cazorla to Atletico and then buying Isco.

    Might have been smart to sell Cazorla, I wouldn’t have wept (as long as we replaced him)…he’s been awful this year.

  19. Cesc Appeal


    Now a fan would look at that and say, Arteta and Ramsey deep middle, Oxlade, Sanchez and Walcott behind Welbeck. Hit them fast and hard on the break.

    Wenger will look at it and say, 4-1-4-1, Arteta deep, Sanchez, Ramsey, Wilshere and Cazorla.

    And watch us suck all the tempo out of the game and let United off, we always do that, a team comes to the Emirates and get’s let off with a glaring weakness in their side. Other teams would viciously exploit it.

  20. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    If it’s true

    Feel for blind,

    International football is dead. Why get injured for it ?

    You know England Spain , France, Italy , Netherlands , should announce now that they won’t play in the 2022 World Cup , if we do it alone we will get slaughtered by the scum that run the mafia fifa

  21. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The lying fraud totally incompetent wenger spouting off again that he tried to buy pogba…..

    The man is a disgrace
    He don’t represent arsenal fc for me.

    Can’t wait for him to leave or however he goes !

  22. Ozy

    It seems there’s always a player Wenger was close to but didn’t sign. Why does he keep admitting this?! Who cares if you tried to sign him!? I once tried to sleep with a 10 at a party and she flat out laughed in my face.

    Why would I go around telling people I ALMOST slept with her?

  23. Zacharse

    Every game Joel Campbell’s come into we make a comeback.
    ITS FUCKING RIDICULOUS he aint starting over ox or santi or fucking sanogo

    i said it a while ago out best attack ive seen so far is welbz sanchez ozil (middle) and campbell. how no one else sees this is beyooooooooooond me

  24. Wallace

    β€œWe are paying the price for Debuchy’s injury because Calum Chambers is a central defender.”

    after the Swansea game i think he’s got to try Bellerin and bring Chambers into the middle.

  25. Bankz


    You obviously don’t know Wenger well enough.
    I’d bet he’d start Chambers as RB against the Man United attack come Saturday.

  26. Bankz

    Man United injuries
    Jesse Lingard

    Nor bad…not bad.
    Only Arsenal could play a side with that many injuries at home & go defensive/hope for a draw instead of going all out & seeking to annihilate them for the 3Points.

  27. Wallace

    Sanchez will be just as fired up as Rooney, and Welbeck should be as eager to prove himself as van Persie…guess it’ll come down to who’s got the most inept defence. will be tight!

  28. SUGA3

    we coul not even get a win against clown shoes Moyes United with pretty much the full team available and keen to play well ahead of the World Cup…

    just saying…

  29. Highbury Daze

    Well pointed out Ozy, he could have signed Alonso, Ronaldo, Pogba, instead he signed Jeffers, Eboue,Chamakh, this is the nearly man, if I have to listen to 2.5 years of this tripe I might kill myself

  30. Highbury Daze

    I want Wenger to say to the team/squad, listen we haven’t beaten United for around 3 years, forget all I have taught you, throw it all out the window, go out and express yourselves, play with the freedom that I have drained from you these last 10 years, forget tika taka, just put the ball in the net more times than they put it in ours, who knows, we just might win

  31. Shaun Wilson

    @R.S.P.C. Arsenal

    Never really thought about it but…you’re so right. International football is dead!
    Also, is anyone else here getting uber pissed off with the continued trickle of information regarding who Wenger COULD have signed (but didn’t) I bet you could probably assemble a world class team from those ‘close but no cigar’ signings…

  32. Highbury Daze

    The reason we never signed said players, is this manager refused to pay the asking price, this guy has a fixed price in his head what each player is valued at, and will never go the extra yard to secure the player, all for a lousy few million quid, it really is quite reprehensible how this clown operates

  33. Leedsgunner

    “I tried to sign Paul Pogba…”


    Is it just me or do other people just find these stories pointless and irritating? What’s he expecting? A gold star for effort? A pat on the back? The reality of the situation is Arsene you didn’t sign him and that how you should be judged. Honestly these statements are so futile and pathetic. It’s like someone saying “I tried to ask out Natalie Portman once, Keira Knightley or Scarlet Johansson once…” Who cares? Until you seal the deal it means nothing.

    Oh by the way, Diaby is not injury prone. Yeah right Arsene.

    What a complete muppet.

  34. TheBayingMob

    The close signings are embarrassing. This is AW trying to justify his terrible transfer activity in the last few years. Like a child with his teacher saying “I did try and do my homework!!!” … But ultimately there is fuck all to show for it so what’s the point? I get what he’s saying about Diaby. I mean the Dan Smith challenge fucked his career over. Flintoff quit ceicjet because he couldn’t face the constant rehabilitation from injury fret injury, but try and justify why he’s still there on 60k a week with just a handful of games in three years is laughable.

  35. Highbury Daze

    The eye opener is the reported story Ashley Cole wanted 55k a week to resign with Arsenal, Wenger said no, we will go as high as 50k, the rest is history, we lost Cole and got a baby who sits down in protest after losing a game

    But hey, this scrooge saved the club 5k a week, genius

  36. Highbury Daze

    What this guy is asking for is acceptance/understanding, he believes that because he tells me he tried to sigh these exceptional players, but failed, is that he tried, for all his shortcomings he wants us to believe that he could have signed these players and he is not to blame for the clubs current predicament, because HE TRIED TO SIGN THEM

    We all know it’s a crock of shit, he underbid knowing the bid would be rejected, what a pice of work this fiend really is

  37. SUGA3

    the best thing about this all is that we can afford to pay the going rate, but oh no, let’s try being a bunch of clever cunts and insult the seller with offers of Β£3.93 and a pack of Wotsits…

    I mean, no one is stupid and everyone knows that we are minted, therefore it is hardly possible to get a player we need on the cheap, especially that every Tom, Dick and Harry sees how desperate we are becoming!

  38. Highbury Daze

    This clubs business is buying kids for next to nothing, paying compensation to the mother club for pinching their talent, polishing them, then selling them for profit at a later date, this and finishing 4th is the aim, Wenger poached Dan Crowley for peanuts from Aston Villa, this guy could be the future England captain, worth anywhere up to 20-35 million quid, cost to Arsenal 1 million quid, this is the MO of Arsene Wenger profit from player sales, just like the stock market, buy low, sell high

  39. Highbury Daze

    Alonso was available for around 12-15 million, Arsene offers 10 million and not a penny more, then he tells us he tried to sign him, no you never Arsene, you made a bid that you knew would be rejected, so you put the que in the rack and stopped negotiations, u never tried to sign him

    You showed us that you made a bid, thats all, you would not spend an extra 2-5 million quid to get a super talent like Alonso, what a pure cunt

  40. Highbury Daze

    Let me ask you this, how many Arsenal players have finished their careers at AFC, Denis Bergkamp comes to mind, not too many, they we sold for profit, Our champions, Henry, Vieira just to name a few, no one retires at AFC while Wenger is in charge, too much Francs to be made, after all, that is the name of the game, football is secondary to making a shed load of money from patient loyal fans

  41. arsene'snewZip

    “I tried to sign Paul Pogba…”

    ==>> β€œI tried to sign Paul Pogba…” + Drogba + Yaya TourΓ© + Ronaldo + Zlatan etc etc etc… lol

  42. Emiratesstroller

    I was told in the late 1980s that the chances of becoming a professional footballer at the top level was one in a million. That was in the era when the old First Division was dominated only by British born footballers.

    Since the advent of EPL the market has opened up to footballers on the world stage and therefore the chances are probably nearer one in ten million.

    Obviously you need to speculate to accumulate and finding ‘world class’ and ‘winners’ is not an exact science.

    The policy at Arsenal is in general terms no different from that at the other
    major clubs apart from the fact that clubs like Chelsea have tended to recruit
    better players than us at youth level and outspent us when it comes to their
    senior team.

    The club’s policies were not wrong, but the general weakness has been poor
    talent identification and failure to strengthen the team in areas which were
    clearly substandard. That is of course down to the Manager and personnel at
    the club.

    The only players in recent times who should not have been allowed to leave the club, but did so were Ashley Cole, Cesc Fabregas and Robin Van Persie. The first two because they were coming into their prime and the latter because he was at the time at his peak. The departure of Cole and Van Persie was
    down to poor judgment, but Fabregas was probably unavoidable.

    Most of the overseas players who have come to the club are mercenary. Their
    loyalty is dependent on the best financial package and of course regular first
    team football. Also you have to factor in the success of the team as well.

    Arsenal pay on the whole very good wages, but first team security is not guaranteed and of course there have been other clubs who have a better track record of winning trophies than us.

    The real issue is not the commercial element of Arsenal’s trading policy, but
    Arsenal’s continued employment of Wenger, the coaching and scouting staff.
    Bluntly they are stale and our track record over last ten years is poor.

    The club needs fresh impetus and stimulation on the football side. As I said many times there was absolutely no justification for extending Wenger’s contract based on his recent track record.

  43. arsene'snewZip

    Wenger on Bein Sport last evening : “we can compete” ==> with chelsea, city, and in the champion’s league of course.

    The (old senile) man clearly needs to be interned.

  44. Jim Lahey

    “Since the advent of EPL the market has opened up to footballers on the world stage and therefore the chances are probably nearer one in ten million.”

    Ha ES that would mean there were only around 5 English footballers playing top level football, there are 6 at Arsenal alone!

    I would say a 1 in 500,000 chance, saying there are about 100 English players in the EPL! Still the chances of becoming a top footballer are very small!

  45. Harry Redknapp

    arsenal started with the right plan, bring through youth, but the other part of the plan should have been to buy whats not coming through the system and not cheaply either, buyin cheap shit is where it went wrong. you expect some youth player to hit the world class heights withing a few years but to do that they need to be enforced with a dennis or a viera, not a fucking flamini or arteta or a squilachi or a chamakh for that matter. cesc had the quality around him to become who he is, a lot of youth players we push through now hit aa level but are not surrounded with imagination to push on with.

  46. N5

    “Did Lehmann retire at Arsenal?”

    I think you may be right. I don’t recall Lehmann going on to play elsewhere. But still that’s quite a fact.

  47. Jim Lahey

    @N5 – That Minor in Applied and Computational Mathematics I have is being but to good use! πŸ˜›

    Yeah I can’t even remember the last player to have a testimonial at Arsenal… its like a revolving door over there!

  48. Emiratesstroller

    Jim Lahey

    The statement was made to me by George Graham when I met him whilst he was on holiday. At the time he was manager of the club.

  49. Harry Redknapp

    lehman retired playing for stuttgart then came out of retirement when we had a goal keeper crisis, after 9 months retired he signed for us in like march till april 2012 i think

  50. Jim Lahey

    @N5 – Jan 2016 would it be? Can’t see him making it that far… at least I hope not! Imagine it, not even fit to play your own testimonial!

    @ES – Graham. good manager, poor mathematician!

  51. N5

    Cheers Harry RE Lehmann and you right about Diaby. The 1 million pound a match man.

    Jim, I bet he gets one and they bring him out on a skateboard. He’ll be attached to Sanchez and be dragged all over the pitch at a million miles an hour.

  52. Harry Redknapp

    the only thing i agree with wenger on when it comes to diaby, it was an asassins tackle. diaby looked potentially tremendous

  53. karim

    Cheers guys, I know the diaby situation is symbolic of what s going wrong at Arsenal but i just don t understand the aggressivity everytime he s being talked about

  54. Harry Redknapp

    can i just say i have actually heard that diaby has personally chosen not to draw his wage for over a year now.

  55. Harry Redknapp

    and its true abou diaby is a symbol of wengers current problems but if every player showed the conviction and determination of diaby during his rehabilitations we wouldnt be getting rolled like a bunch of pussys