Lukas off for £4m…

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Arsenal's season if it were a fountain

Arsenal’s season if it were a fountain

Won’t be much going on in this post today because the international break is well and truly breaking the resolve of the news outlets.

“In Spain they are good passers with good technique, in Germany they have good mobility and efficient technique and in England they have a good fighting spirit.

That’s what Arsene Wenger said about his eye for working out what nationality players are. He might as well have said,

‘Spaniards are good, Germans are good, English players like to run around a bit’

It’s quite sad that 18 years on from bringing in coaches who understand technical excellence, we’re still struggling with the same issues. There’s no physiological reason our players can’t be technically gifted. I think it’s about coaching badges and the lack of them. I’m going to take some badges at some point so if I ever have children, I can run a boot camp in my back garden, to build the perfect footballer… he won’t know anything outside of football, but he’ll have a sweet right and left foot.

That’s the plan anyway.

Word has it we’re offloading Lukas for £4m this January. People seem annoyed by that. The reason we’re letting him go for so little is that his wages are so massive. We’ve been looking to sell him for two summers. No one will buy. I hope he gets a move, even if it’s on loan. He could be a weapon for a club that puts him front and centre… maybe as part of a 4-4-2.

I think England are playing today. Should be fun. I’m not overly interested. My main hope during international break is that we don’t pick up any injuries. That’s a sorry old affair. I read about the FIFA report being a white wash… and England getting embarrassed on bidding overtures. Quite amazing scenes. I just don’t understand why clubs don’t break away from FIFA and set up their own thing. That organsiation is so outrageously corrupt and nonchalent about it. It’s a depressing scenario… but what’s the upshot… we all abandon the world cup?

No way.

So it’s your fault

Have a good day!

P.S. Apparently Abou isn’t injured. My point still stands. How many times have we seen him this season?

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  1. Irondawg

    I blame Roy Hogson he hasnt got the foggiest. The biggest outlet is clyne. Change the shape of the team, and introduce two wingers. Walcott and Oxlade

  2. N5

    Who is this bitch who won’t get of my nutsack! if you have such an infatuation with me river just say so. Plus you just agreed with the fake gambon who is a notorious cock so what does that say about you?

    Also are you being purposfully ironic? you keep moaning about me not talking football, yet how is commenting about me talking football.

    And lastly, lives near some river! you can keep up the charade that you purposefully meant to keep writing different N postcodes, but you’ve been outed as not even knowing where the club is so as Ive said before, unless your gonna man up, sit the fuck down and shut up.

  3. N5

    River or should I say Red2thecore or should I say Simon! speak up then! Mr. I only want this forum to be about my obsession.

    I was here before you started trolling and I’ll be here well after you’ve gone, if you can’t cope with that then that’s your problem, but keep asking Pedro to ban me is just laughable!! Pedro isn’t going to ban me for talking about non Arsenal related things.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    Why is it Wilshere is careful with possession for England but could not be more generous with it when he plays for Arsenal?

  5. LilmanToldEm

    Cesc.. I think it’s because of the deep role he plays with England.. I think Roy has given him a defined role with instructions compared to when he plays for arsenal and seems to force the play and runs around like a headless chicken

  6. Cesc Appeal


    Well this is what I was thinking…is it because in England’s line up he’s told “this is your job.”

    Whereas Wenger seems to talk about him in midfield as being all over the place, one week he’s talking about the potential to be deep lying, the next he’s saying his final third work isn’t good enough…Wilshere himself is saying he’s watching Xabi Alonso for inspiration.

    I think Ramsey is suffering that this year, aside from Arteta and Flamini who aren’t good enough I don’t feel anyone else in the middle has a defined role.

  7. Highbury Daze

    The reason Wenger is selling Podolski in January, is because he never had time to sell him in last summer

    With Sanchez acquired and Danny swooped up on the last day while the manager was praying with the pope, Wenger found himself swamped with strikers

    Campbell, Sanchez, Giroud, Podolski, Walcott, then along comes Danny on the last day to infuriate Wenger, he wanted to get rid of Campbell, but with Giroud injured there goes that plan, so he stayed, still can’t get a start

    Everyone asks why doesn’t Lucas play, well he doesn’t play because Wenger does not want him injured, so he can sell him in January, imagine if he does start games and gets injured, BANG, there goes the profit

    Bottom line, Wenger doesn’t want Campbell or Podolski, he has Giroud, the other two are money in the bank for Wenger, the main game at AFC, selling players for profit, In Podolski’s case it will not be profit, but a 90,000 pound a week liability off the books, taking a hit on the original buying price will be offset by the money saved on wages, it’s a win win situation for Wenger

  8. kel

    England are sooooooo good against shit opposition it not funny. And welbez Too lest see all the goals he’s scored this season have been against shit teams. Him, jack, gibbs all over rated english players

  9. useroz

    The Great Rooney said Welbeck has nothing to prove…… I’d suggest Rooney to go visit his granny more.

    Sure Rooney would love for Welbeck to prove nothing in the next (ManU) game, wouldn’t he?

    Why is Welbeck scoring in England and sparingly for Arsenal given he’s new to the striker position in both setups?

    *Only scores against lesser teams?
    *Arsenal MF/wing shitter than England’s?
    *Not motivated to play for Arsenal/ Wenger?

    And some ex-England coach reckons Wilshere shows he’d play the deep holding role?? Pace? Built? Dithering on the ball outside our 18 yard box?

    Think these guys do ok ‘cos of the lesser opponents. Let’s see what they (Rooney very much included) could deliver against Spain, Germany, Argentina etc.

  10. TheBayingMob

    We know what they deliver against better teams. Fook all. Like Henry, was more a flat track bully than owt else and that makes sense to some degree. You’d hope Welbeck can turn it on against Slovenia, I’d be more worried If he didn’t. I’m glad the Gerrard / Lampard axis is now gone, there’s a chance England could evolve (the U19s and U17s have had success in recent years) but Enlgand are never going to be back at the top table of football, at least not for many years anyway.

  11. Jeff

    It was like watching Arsenal versus Slovenia. Wilshere did quite well, and maybe the deeper role is more suited to his limited abilities than the one Wenger gives him. Roy knows best!

  12. Wallace

    “maybe the deeper role is more suited to his limited abilities”

    it baffles me the abuse Wilshere gets on here. whether we’re getting the most out of him currently is a valid point, but i don’t think any serious observer of the game would deny he’s a big talent.

  13. Charlie Boy

    @Wallace – spot on!

    He had some sublime touches with the ball and maintained the momentum throughout.

    Of course he’s prone to the odd moan – but aren’t most players!

    Give the lad a break – he’s on the cusp of something big and needs support, not constant slagging.


  14. tunnygriffboy


    Everyone gets stick on here 🙂 🙂

    No reason he shouldn’t or couldn’t play deep alongside Arteta. Glad for Welbeckas well. Good for his confidence. Needed a couple of goals.

  15. N5

    I didn’t make the comment, but how is limited abilities an insult? Romford said the same about Walcott and got it from all angles! it’s not an insult to say a player has a limited skillset! Should people make things up and say Wow Jack is a great defender, striker, playmaker, keeper, ballboy, salesman! or should they be honest and say, playing the deeper role suits his skillset?

  16. N5

    Sheffield United fans really are scum. They were chanting Evans name and suggesting his crime was no worse than a petty theft and now they are abusing online and from the stands anyone associated with the club that has spoke out against Chad.

    Ennis asked for her name to be removed from the stands so has ended up having abuse sung about her from the stands and aimed at her on Twitter.

    That poor girl who Evans attacked has had to change her name and hide from fear of backlash, Evans gets back to his big wage and hailed as a hero from his slope headed moronic supporters! Justice!!

  17. Wallace


    in Walcott’s case the term is maybe more accurate, but calling Jack ‘limited’ is just insulting. at his best – and he’s definitely getting back to something like – he displays a range of talent that only early Rooney could compete with. it’s no coincidence they link up so well for England.

  18. N5

    Wallace, although I can understand your reaction on this site as the Grove can be scathing, I honestly don’t believe that particular comment to have meant to carry any malice. When you have people calling Jack things like c*nt and w*nker for just falling over, I would consider “limited” to be just a matter of opinion.

  19. tunnygriffboy

    Most people have limitations, some more or less than others. Limitations on Jack are his pace and tackling ability, well the main ones. His skill set and technique is are really strong. He’s more than caple of different roles but at the moment it seems he needs specfic instruction to carry them out.

    Agree with N5 that too many of our players are abused way too much, unfairly attimes and are called all sorts of things. Wilsherein my opinion has a great future, he’s still only 22 and missed virtually 18 months in last two years

  20. N5

    Wallace, I agree if you were to say I had limited intelligence, I would see that as an insult, so I certainly see your point. But as I said about Romford and Theo, when he called him limited he was certainly not being insulting, especially as he added, he was very good at what he can do.

    Tunny, it’s shocking the way they have behaved. The club has suggested they will give a life time ban to anyone caught doing it, but they won’t do a thing. The club has very little morals.

  21. N5

    To be honest thought it’s all semantics and Jeff might have meant it in a derogatory way. I’m sure he’ll say when he comes back on.

  22. Jeff

    Limited abilities means exactly what it says. It doesn’t mean the player is garbage which I’m sure we all agree a lot of players in the world of football are but he’s not world class either. The comment was in respect of the contrast between how well he did in the deeper role compared with how he does in a more advanced position playing for Arsenal. So it follows logically that in the more forward role his abilities are not as effective as they might be in the deeper role we saw last night. If he was equally good in both positions, the comment would not be appropriate

    Nothing in there that I can see over which to get one’s knickers in a twist.