Is it over for Abou Diaby?

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So, what’s new today?

Well, Abou Diaby is injured for three months. What? Oh right. You said what’s new!

Badum tschhhhhhhhhh!

So much bantz and we’re barely 25 words in!

We’re beyond a joke now. I hope we don’t offer him a hopeful 3 year deal. He’s earned an absolute mint out of us, which is fine, because that’s his contract. I do question the thought process that made us give him such a massive deal. He’s never been a fit player, even before that horrendous injury. It’s sad and people say I’m brutal on Diaby, but how fussed can you be about a man who is way richer than 99% of the country for doing very little. I’m more upset for the people who can’t get a living wage working at our club.





Having a generous approach to players should extend to everyone…

So Lukas Podolski is being urged to leave Arsenal by Lowe of Germany. I don’t really see the problem here. I’d leave. However, if I couldn’t land myself a £90k a week deal elsewhere, I might not leave. You’re 29, that’s old in football terms and £90k a week is a lot of cash. It’s a shame we don’t use him more. Or even really have a role for him coming off the bench… kind of like Ole Gunnar used to have for United.

There are some other pretty bland stories. We’re be linked to anyone who looks like a body. I’ve no idea who we’re going to land this January, but don’t be expecting names that come from the top clubs, because those clubs won’t sell and kill themselves before the summer.

Right, I’m being shouted into a meeting… see you tomorrow!

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  1. Cesc Appeal

    Whoa whoa… Powerpuff Girls are pretty badass. Professor Utonium added chemical X accidentally; that has to be pretty venomous.

  2. Irondawg

    November 14, 2014 at 10:40 am
    I said it before. The media, the AAA and all the amateurs that have this delusional idea that they know better than Arsene Wenger are idiots. Seriously, all they do is offer ‘opinion’, nothing they say can be proved or disproved. And they know it. Its all speculative nonsense from complete amateurs.

    However, a very well known blogger with a rational hatred of Arsene Wenger (and who at times comes across as being anti-Arsenal) is one of those described perfectly by Tony. He blames Arsene Wenger for everything. We injure our own players, our scouts are rubbish, Wenger is useless at tactics, Ozil is rubbish, Sanchez doesn’t know what he’s talking about (I posted this yesterday), it was only Hull, Man City rested all their players and Mourinho is a god.

    He also writes for the Metro, amongst others and seems to have a very high opinion of himself. But here is an example of the type of nonsense he produces on a regular basis, which can be proved as nonsense. Looking back, it is a really good laugh and proves how clueless these clowns are:

    Pedro you been outed son! 😉

  3. Gooner Dan

    I heard we are linked with Krycowiak he is a defensive midfilder who plays for Sevilla £24 million buyout clause check out his video tracking Ronaldo the length of the pitch and then smashing him with a perfectly time challenge

  4. Irondawg

    “He is the one that cannot be replaced. His work cannot be replicated. We as a club should be and we are proud to have him.”

    Another comment from that article Drey posted from untold..

    Im genuinely concerned for these people now

  5. Cesc Appeal

    Like I said, to some Wenger’s tenure is more important than the club. Their arguments are totally dry now, all they’ve got left is sentimentality and bad luck.

    Yeah Pedro has got some stuff wrong, as has most every blogger/pundit/expert going…you get some posters on here who’ll tell you what Wenger is going to do, how we’ll be fine and then when everything goes tits up they run off and hide and say they “knew it’s be too negative on here.”

    At least Pedro is still here day in day out – and let’s be honest the underlining theme of this blog, or the fundamental criticisms made over the years have been proved right. There is no plan, we’re stuck in the past as a club because of our archaic, stubborn, egotistical manager.

    Injuries, scouting, wage bill, transfers, our success, fourth place trophy, tactics etc are core issues in our club and Pedro has called them right on Le Grove, the Bear Geoff as well and numerous posters on here and of course other blogs and sites. But that won’t get mentioned.

    What will is suggesting Moyes for manager, or other teams good transfer business that turns out sour…ignore the correct critique of our club that’s been there for years now before it was “mainstream” to openly criticise Wenger.

    I’ve noticed a distinct lack of pro-Wenger posters on here now. People will make all kinds of rubbish up about negativity or bullying or something but really it’s because they’ve got nothing to fire in return to the criticism placed at Wenger’s door on this site. I wouldn’t want to have to argue from their point of view; can’t understand why they still think like that outside of fear and sentimentality.

    So now they are all gathering in safe havens where the deluded authors of the site will delete any opposing opinions…that in itself over at Untold tells you how weak their position is. We’ve had loons like Hunter13 on here but we debated with him. Over at Untold criticise Wenger and you’re deleted. What’s wrong guys? Touch a nerve, little too close to home with the criticisms?

  6. Irondawg

    Definitely the tide is turning now Cesc. Many akbs are jumping ship and becoming disgruntled now. Im not smacking Wenger for what he has done in the past, for that I am grateful. Because I am one of the arsenal fans Marble was chatting crap about, born of the Wenger era. But like all dictatorial things, they topple over and the end is nigh.

    He has become stagnant and the modern game has caught up with his once innovative methods. You can’t defend the humiliating defeats we have suffered at the hands of our rivals in recent times. Arab money is the untold excuse flouted around. Stadium restrictions blah blah, we moved so we can compete. So compete already, dont resign the league in november ffs

  7. gnarleygeorge9

    It’s a beautiful Saturday morning, the sun is out, I’m over my hangover…………& then I see 2 words ‘injured’ & ‘Diaby’ in your post

  8. TheBayingMob

    Essentially there’s nothing wrong with that Metro article, it’s all correct; the fact that Spurs signings haven’t worked out has nothing to do with it, at the time of writing it was right. Spurs proactively replaced a high profile departure with 100m worth of talent. The reason why that talent hasn’t worked out is another argument, maybe it’s a similar argument to the many AW youth signings that have come and gone, bled the wage bill dry and given us next to fuck all …

  9. TheBayingMob

    I wonder where these pansies who support AW over AFC get off? I mean, what will they do once Wenger is gone!? At the very least he will die at some point, there will be a point where he no longer manages AFC, will they go and support where even he goes to? Will they start supporting his grave? I mean, wtf!? Honestly …

  10. TheBayingMob

    “So very disappointing. We’re watching end of days with Arsene and its painfully boring and painfully slow.”

    See even a year a later, that is still BANG ON … and we’ll go on watching it for another 2.5 years …

  11. Keyser

    “Like I said, to some Wenger’s tenure is more important than the club.”

    “AKB’s remind of people walking around with poppies on..”

    Who’s trolling who, do people know anymore ?

    “I’ve noticed a distinct lack of pro-Wenger posters on here now.”

    You should also have noticed that Marble and Johnty are probably nearing the point where they’re two of the more significant posters.

  12. Keyser

    TBM – I sometimes wonder whether people are unwilling to see, are too frustrated to see, or simply ignore what they see and appreciate.

    The article is flawed, the problem isn’t replacing Bale, it’s having to sell him to begin with.

    It’s also written on the 30th of August, we bought Ozil the 3rd day after, September the 2nd, a year on we’ve ended the trophy drought and we’ve bought Sanchez, the only significant departure being Sagna.

    Which one do you like better ? Mathew Horne or Martin Freeman.

  13. N5

    Cesc, don’t engage N’Gambo with this stuff. Don’t you remember his last tin hat rant! he’s ignorant and a little backward if he doesn’t understand the significance of the Poppy.

  14. Cesc Appeal


    I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt before I went off on one. My guess was going to be he’d say “by wearing a poppy you’re supporting a tyrannical UK government who uses the military as an oppressive force to oppress the poorer nations of the world and steal their resources and force their coercion to western ideas whilst killing innocents.”

    I’m GUESSING that’s where he was going to come from.

  15. Cesc Appeal


    It’s always the same from people like that.

    Utterly ridiculous. How about a show of respect from the men, women and sadly children who died to give you the right TO rant like that and have that opinion!

    Really angers me when people mix politics with the soldiers themselves. The poppy is about respect ordinary people who did something extraordinary and ended up giving the ultimate sacrifice.

    To disparage it with petty liberal nonsensical bile is just disgusting.

  16. N5

    My thoughts exactly Cesc. As Winston Churchill said Never was so much owed by so many to so few.

    On a slightly different note. I’ve been coming to the Grove for some years now and even in times that we were not playing well the comments section has been a buzz. What is happening lately? is it due to the type of commenters that people have stopped coming? or is it just boredom with the current situation?

  17. Cesc Appeal

    Has anyone seen the Adam Lallana trick shot on the Assassin’s Creed YouTube advert?? If that’s not shopped it’s amazing!!

  18. N'Gambo

    The Poppy signifies the blind, stupid obedience to an imperial regime – get your legs blown off and die for Prince Harry and the feudal land-owning rentiers.

    After that, following Arsene and Stan is easy.

  19. karim


    Sorry about the late reply.
    Yeah, it’s a small feline but not a tiger, embarrassing really.

    Podolski did well with 2 assists tonight, although it was against Gibraltar

  20. Cesc Appeal


    I think it’s apathy for our current state. What is the point?

    Do you honestly derive excitement from Arsenal any more? It’s a pretty boring, frustrating club to support – I know I really pitch up more out of habit now I think.

    But I’ve thought the same as you the last few weeks…it’s a bit like, what’s the point? It’s all been said, it’ll never change.

  21. Highbury Daze

    The significance is, we are worse off table wise, having bought Ozil and Sanchez, this is the worst start to a campaign, it matters not who we have in the squad, this manager is now incapable of utilising them to their fullest capacity, our squad is thin yes, but don’t tell me other managers could not get better results than what Wenger has produced

    If any proof was needed all you have to do is watch the BBC female interviewer ask him questions about not having defensive options, it was the defence that let us down remarks Wenger, when she asked him well you never bought a DM or a CB and you let Miquel and Vermaelen go

    He was fucked, had no answer, then he tries to belittle her, saying, you don’t listen to me very well

    The one who won’t listen is you Wenger, found out, busted, this guy doesn’t even have the fucking decency to acknowledge the jig is up,

    But dictators never walk they are over thrown, this guy is a virus, running through AFC, it needs cleansing

  22. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Sad news about diaby ?

    I think a fitting tribute we could do for the fella is to vote him our player of the season !

    Three months out will mean when he is fighting fit he will be out of contract…..

    I’m sure another top team will take this player of immense talent and game changing abilities will sign him up soon …

    Viva la diaby !

  23. Keyser

    Who are these people, it’s bad enough when regulars like Cesc Appeal goes on paranoid delusional rants, but it’s almost like people are now just posting to take the biscuit.

  24. N5

    Keyser, this isn’t the first time N’Gambo has dusted off his tin hat. He really hates the UK and anything it has or will ever stand for! accept for Arsenal of course!!

    The comment section is full of them.

  25. Keyser

    Jaqui Oatley asked Wenger the usual post-match question, he’d already given a pretty long and detailed answer, and then she tries to push it towards a pre-determined agenda.

    It’s transparent and that’s when Wenger turns because he can see she’s gone back on herself.

  26. Keyser

    What Wenger should’ve done is shouted ‘You Heathen, away with you, be gone’, then kicked her in the nuts and Stone Cold Stunned her.
    *Camera pans 180*

    Obviously at this point Gary Lineker would’ve appeared at the top of the tunnel proclaiming ‘WENGURRHH’ and proceded to run full pelt towards him.

    *Camera pans back*

    Arsene pulls out his nunchucks, Linekars charging like a bull, calm, collected, Arsene does a few nun-chuck moves and lauches them at the right moment, Linkears close enough to feel the full force, as they wrap around his head and knock him out, but also far eough to slide head first along the floor.

    *During this slide as the camera cut away and back to Wenger.*

    He’s turned away, stripped naked and is busy twerking, just as Linkears head hits his heel, he turns exactly like this and then walks off into the distance.


  27. Highbury Daze

    What’s so great about the Emirates Stadium, the fact it can house 60,000 as opposed to 38,000 at Highbury, more money for the administration is one plus, as far as a football experience goes, Highbury kills the Emirates, cold, hollow, soulless, yes it’s vast, it holds more, but it’s plastic, disneyland, hollywood American crap all rolled into one

    Emirates Stadium, used for rock concerts, conventions, and any other money making circus it can get it’s grubby hands on, oh!, and they occasionally play football there

    It’s a tourist destination, can you believe this absurdity, a football ground is a must visit when in London, sacre fucking bleu

    One thing for sure, the Yanks sure know how to turn a buck

  28. Cesc Appeal


    I wouldn’t bother. Seems to be under the impression we’re still ruled by the monarchy and are living to serve…well Prince Harry apparently.

  29. Keyser

    The fans make the stadium, not the other way around, are these people automated, obviously Highbury’s going to hold more affections in people’s memories it was there for a Century.

    Which is why I think the bits of the pitch that were burned by the Galatasaray fans flares should be left as a reminder.

    ‘Dad, why’s that part of the pitch black ?’

    ‘Now son wait a minute, sit right there, this is a story about when Galatasaray came to town, and the whole stadium flipped upside down,’

  30. N5

    Cesc did you know WW1 was commanded by Harry and we all wear poppys to let Harry know we are grateful for his sacrifice. Also the UK was the cause of both WWs and something to do with Andrew???

  31. Cesc Appeal

    Ruled by a Monarch

    We serve Prince Harry

    English FA is corrupt based on a report that the author of has condemned as being utterly misrepresented by the same people who said Russia having destroyed all evidence of its own bid, including documents and computers was clean as a whistle…

    I’m not sure what time of the day it is for you N’Gambo, but go to bed…seriously

  32. Cesc Appeal


    Rumour has it Harry started the whole Afghanistan thing because of something said about gingers…can’t confirm that but fuck it, seems we’re peddling unsubstantiated rubbish here so

  33. Cesc Appeal


    Ubisoft has killed itself this week…following on from what we were saying the other day.

    Shares are down.

    Reviews of AC and Far Cry 4 have been panned! AC Rouge and FC 4 are essentially AC Black Flag and FC 3 with different stories (sort of)…really, really poor.

    They’ll get an epic cash in but how much damage will this have done to them? Smaller, slower companies like Bioware are the ones killing it right now.

  34. Cesc Appeal

    What if Prince Harry is the Kurgan?

    What if he’s been around for almost a thousand years and is responsible for every major battle since Hastings in 1066??

    We’ve all been so blind!

  35. N'Gambo

    Did you see in the recent Private Eye (never in the mainstream press) that the UK parliament has destroyed all parliamentarian benefits claims records from before 2010.

    But you want to talk about Russia.

    Mental morons.

  36. Highbury Daze

    I will come back in May, and I am confident there will be no CL football for AFC next season

    As bad as United are, and City struggling, as well as Liverpool going backwards, this manager will, for the first time, NOT deliver the holy grail that is CL football, it is a pathetic in the first place that a team who finishes 4th every year should have a walk up start to the richest competition in the world, and to place that manager on a pedestal for finishing 4th, when all he has to do is beat Liverpool and Spurs home

    The caper is up Arsene

  37. N5

    Cesc, it was always a fear that Ubisoft were going to behave this way once they got to a certain size. I’m sad to see it’s mainly the Montreal division that’s been the problem as they’ve always been gamers first!

    Bethesda is the company that really leads the way with it’s business model. Their games aren’t rushed, they’re big, they’re fun and they come with no microtransactions, review embargos or cut and paste storylines!

    Ubisofts decline started with Watch_dogs and they’ve just continued on this path of arrogance. Far Cry like Assassins Creed is a triple AAA game and will sell regardless, but as we’re seeing with COD the decline will start now and people will begin to look elsewhere.


  38. Keyser

    I’ve got a Playstation question.

    I’m not sure if this was because I was a kid, but the original Resident Evil was pretty difficult to complete, the original Gran Tourismo took me ages to get all the Licenses.

    I had a PS3 for a while, and decided to buy Resident Evil, it took me a few hours to clock it, It was soo bad that when I won a PS4 I just decided to leave it to my little brothers.

    Is that just a one-off or are the role-playing games just easier because you’re older ? Is it worth getting back into Consoles ?

  39. Cesc Appeal


    I agree, Bethesda and then Bioware…though EA have bought out Bioware it seems they’ve still been allowed to get on with their own thing.

    Gaming’s such a huge business now. I fear they’l be a lack of real competition. You get a company like Bioware who produce two smash hit series in Dragon
    Age and Mass Effect and EA snap them up right away.

    Will lead to diminishing standards.

  40. Highbury Daze

    Two recognised CB at our club, Per and Kos, this manager should be prosecuted for dereliction of duty

    And for those that support Wenger should be arse fucked on that point alone, if you are not ashamed of yourself

  41. N5

    King Harold/Prince Harry… coincidence? I think not!!
    William the Conqueror/Prince William…. coincidence?…nope

    William Wallace/Prince Willam

    Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill

    Why have we been so blind!!

  42. N5

    Keyser. I think there’s some of that too it yes. You’re brain works in a different way now so puzzle solving is easier. You have better reactions so killing enemies and moving on to next sections is easier. But also games are smaller, they’re more linear and although there seems to be illusion of open play, most just rail road you into their story and leave you with little option to explore and extend your gameplay. If you hang around on one game too long, you’re not spending money.

  43. Cesc Appeal

    Resident Evil has been on a downward trajectory for a long time…though I think one of the recent ones had a spike in popularity.

    The old ones use to be crazy difficult. I had RE 2 on PC and it was ridiculous. All older games were a lot harder than nowadays…no regenerative health 😉

    But there’s a lot of games coming out that make it worth getting back into consoles. PS4 has bridged the console to PC graphics gap and the next gen Elder Scrolls will be excellent.

    You’ve got Dragon Age that’s great, The Witcher 3, Mass Effect 4 all coming.

    But games are easier once you get older without a doubt. Don’t get as much time with them as I’d like because of the degree, but this Christmas I’m going to have to treat myself to a PS4 and a big bundle of games.

  44. Highbury Daze

    And one of those CB is injured, the other coming off a full season into a World Cup then asked to continue on into a new season, they are not robots Arsene, what happens when Per goes down, we use Monreal and Chambers, just dandy

    And for this we pay you how much Arsene,, 8 million quid a year plus 3 million as a bonus

    There is just no more words that can be used to describe this outrageous shit that is going down at AFC

  45. N5

    Cesc, it’s inevitable really. What you have is 2 or 3 giants that just gobble up the smaller divisions. We see indy games and even those get bought out and rolled over. See Mojang selling to Microsoft for 2 Billion!!

    You’ll get to a point soon where they’ll be EA, Ubisoft, Activision/Treyarch/Sledgehammer (COD) and Bethesda.

    Now Bioware has been bought up by EA, I imagine we’ll see diluted versions of their original I.Ps and we’ll eventually see them morph into yearly released games that add a different hat to Sheppard so “we’ll bang OK?” seems more PIMP, and all that for just another £49.99.

  46. N'Gambo

    William the Conqueror was French and they ruled England for hundreds of years – the George’s were German and couldn’t speak English – the William’s were Dutch – Charles was beheaded – the only sensible act in English history.

    UKIP, right? Fucking losers.

  47. N'Gambo

    You don’t even understand your own history, Morons – Philip, who fucked your Queen and produced your heirs, is an aristocratic GERMAN.

    Go back to sleep and watch the football.

  48. Cesc Appeal


    That’s my worry, I’m a massive Mass Effect fan have been since the very first one, Bethesda do excellent story driven games where decisions carry over to the sequels.

    But if EA want to make it a yearly money churner it’ll be bad news. Look at the amount of DLC for Mass Effect 3 and the rushed ending…people were pissed.

    You overwork a studio to produce the main game AND lots of DLC so the quality drops off a cliff.

    Some of the prices paid for indy studios are ridiculous; I think often these big companies just think “I’d rather just get rid of you, here’s a cheque, write what you think is fair.”

  49. Cesc Appeal

    It might be worth concerning ourselves with the monarchy…if they actually did anything short of symbolic acts and drive up tourism.

  50. N5

    N’Gambo we know our history you ignorant Xenophobe! where did we say that the queen wasn’t “a little bit” German? in fact where did it even come up in conversation?

    Turn the mirror on your own country. I can’t remember which part of Africa you said you were from, but can you tell me your government treats all people fairly? that there is no corruption or lies given to you daily?

    I’m done with you now because quite frankly, you’re a little bit simple and I’m losing IQ score just conversing with you.

  51. Keyser

    Shouldn’t the newer consoles have given them more scope to make the games more open ended and with various endings ? Or is this focussed on multi-player games ? I know the football games have evolved for the better ?

    When you watch the adverts they look awesome, and I’m almost tempted to take the PS4 back, but then the last game that I bothered with was God of War.

    I mean does anyone remember Zork ? and that must’ve been mid-90’s ? That was pretty absorbing if not for imaginative interaction just the puzzles.

  52. Cesc Appeal

    Real quality next gen games will come out in 2015 I think…right now it’s a cash in, multiplayer environment with a lot of developers still wanting to make sure they can release on old gen as well.

    Witcher 3 looks epic, the new Dragon Age is MASSIVE, Mass Effect 4 is in early development but looks huge in scope…FIFA 15 Next Gen is great to look at; but again held back I feel by old gen. FIFA 15 is 14 with a few tweeks.

    Once PS3 and 360 are forgotten a bit you’ll see the real crackers.

  53. N5

    Cesc, Its almost like Mr. Burns is a real person and head of EA! Don’t hold your breath of Mass Effect matey if you’re a big fan, it’ll not be the same once the next one comes out, I can see it already.

    Keyser, certainly football games have improved, although the yearly release really gets on my nerves. More power systems should equal bigger games yes, but so far, this hasn’t been the case. GTA5 is case in point. Great game with a huge map, but over half this “open world” is dessert! So what is that extra power doing? it’s running your Netflix, PS4 eye, Amazon Prime and better graphics!!

  54. Cesc Appeal

    Dark Souls is very different to what’s out there…feels old fashioned in its style and layout. Very difficult…as I say Rage Quit central

  55. N5

    Resident Evil was frightening no doubt! not Silent Hill scary but still scary! Albert Wesker is my favourite bad guy of all time.

    The voice acting back then was so bad though. Do any of you remember trying to leave the mansion in the first few seconds of RE1 and Barry Burton would say “Stop………Don’t….open….that…door”. It was like a bloody robot! still such a good game though.

  56. N5

    Spot on Cesc, still millions of people have past gen so they’re is massive money to be made there still. Nothing has felt truly next gen yet. They’ve looked very nice and polished, but nothing has felt like its pushed the system to it’s limit.

    Dark Souls one, rage quit madness! hard as fuck and old school in design. Dark Souls two, easy and designed for the masses. Usual pandering and selling out.

  57. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah hopefully we’ll get that one title that pushes everything to the limit and forces the competition to catch up.

    As you see feels as if they’ve gone of the aesthetic right now instead of the substance…AC Unity prime example

  58. Keyser

    “PS RE1 is coming out on the PS4 very soon! upgraded and better graphics, but same storyline.”

    It’s never the same, like right at the end you’d have something like try and find the special key to unlock wardrobes, you’d start the game again, get bored and leave it.

  59. N5

    Cesc, you’re right it’s is beauty over substance, but even that’s unreliable, again Unity is a prime example! constant dropping frame rates, bugs coming out of the waazoo and so on.

  60. N5

    Ha ha, very true Keyser. Half it’s appeal was it’s block graphics, its stereo soundtrack and it’s bad voice acting! if that’s all updated, it’ll pretty much be a different game.

  61. N5

    Cesc, I certainly was. I didn’t get the last one though that was basically a 40 pound demo game. But I do like the franchise. No game has storylines like MG. I think MG3 had something like 14 hours of cut scenes.

    My favourite franchise of all time is Splinter Cell, although the last one was awful! also a big Hitman fan!

    My favourite games of all time are Max Payne one and two!! I wish they could rerelease those!!

  62. Cesc Appeal


    Yea I skipped the last Metal Gear…as you say full price for a demo basically. But the new one does look good, open world MG!!

    Splinter Cell was a good franchise! Not such a fan of the last one but loved the original.

    Hitman! Yes. Great game…utterly ruined by Absolution which turned it onto a linear sort of, Splinter Cell crossover. Contracts and Blood Money were such good games. So macabre and weird.

    Loved Max Payne. A remastered Max Payne would be brilliant…loved how he it played on its stereotypical portrayal of this seedy underworld and comic book level darkness.

  63. N5

    Yeah Cesc, Max Payne introduced me to the world of Noir and I’ve been a huge fan ever since.

    I’m looking forward to the new Metal Gear, it’s will be massive and you’ll get a hell of a lot of game out of it. I’ll certainly get it.

    Agreed RE Absolution. It just wasn’t anywhere near the older games!! In fact most of it was just silly and made the whole franchise a laughing stock.

  64. Thomas

    Yeah the graphic comic book in Max Payne was really cool. Diablo 2 is also great. Black & White too. Man ygreat games came around 2000.

  65. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, it kept you on a linear sort of track and the Hitman games were about being able to finish a mission in a variety of ways. And you’d replay to the get the perfect score,then you’d get those newspaper columns after and you wanted no trace in there.

    Brilliant games…movie was shite.

    Metal Gear is wonderfully weird as well. Japanese games always have that bizarre streak through them that makes them so unique and brilliant. The box disguises, or barrels – the geckos that moo like cows. Bizarre random characters who look ridiculous and all at once awesome.

  66. gonsterous

    Just woke up and found out that Greece lost…. Fock u Greece…. Fock u… Money down the toilet… The only prediction to let Me down !!!

  67. goonerboy

    It has always been a concern that some people who purport to be Arsenal fans for several years now seem to have got their priorities wrong in supporting the manager rather than the team he manages. I think this has only happened to the extent we have now at Arsenal FC. It is quite bizarre.

    The blind loyalty of AKBs to a manager whose methods are clearly no longer working and have not worked for 10 years is not something to admire any more- the bottomless pit of excuses- blaming injuries, luck, referees, no money, too many transfers,oil money, our fans- in fact anything they can think of- is part of their irrationality, it is also something to pity- akin to believing in fairy stories.

    What Arsene knows is irrelevant to anyone who actually supports the team and is looking for the team to be successful as soon as possible.
    It may well be the case that Arsene Wenger knows more about football than any fan does.

    But so what-its not what he knows – its what he does- who he buys, who he doesn’t buy who he plays and how he deploys his team that results in how the team plays.