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Danny WELBZ has cost us £8m a goal. Someone at one of the major papers is drawing a salary for that bit of analysis. Tells you loads, eh?

What a joke.

Things we need to know about WELBZ.

Firstly, he’s playing in a broken system. It’s tough out there. The squad has no balance at the moment. His supply has been pretty weak so far this season. We’re not creating much. Secondly, the team he’s playing in seems pretty flat on energy and so does he after playing in all the games. Thirdly, the lad is new.

I wanted to go for a better striker in the summer, but can’t say I’m upset with WELBZ. He’s talent. He’s raw, but he’s a worthwhile investment. If I was going to chop anyone, it’d be Giroud. He’s not getting any better and most of his weaknesses can’t be rectified. He’s also pushing close to his prime. A good moment to get shot and bring in something more elite.

A few people giving me grief about supporting Ivan. Give it a rest ya? All I’m saying is you need to give people a chance. He’s not had one really if you consider the situation from a normal working perception. The Arsene and Stan lockdown is a bit like trying to manage your bosses inept son. Sure there are question marks over his handling of staffing. The non integration of Shad is a worry and weak. This Joncker character seems cut from the same ‘me me me’ cloth as Van Gaal. I have no idea what our new scout is there to do or how we’ve utilised that £2m data system.

Ok, so some problems. But most caused by having an owner who worships at the feet of our manager.

Let’s see what happens when that problem is lifted. Let’s see how the club is reorganised in the post-Wenger apocalypse. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? 20 years in the darkness of irrelevance? Pfft! Stop being so fucking negative all the time…

United are next. I have the fear, do you? Can you imagine the most unbalanced side on the planet, in favour of attackers, taking on our back four in the state it’s in at the moment. I mean, we have to hope those lot have a seriously bad day and our lot have an inspired one. Di Maria, Robin, Rooney and Mata bringing it to us… worried. The only thing Van Gaal seems to have over Arsene is tactical nous, so he’ll have spotted the weaknesses. He probably sent an intern to run the report on us…

In other more wayward news, what I told you would happen with the players, seems to be happening. Tomas Rosicky has bemoaned the managers tinkering with the system and the output. He’s also complained that he’s not involved. Which for me, considering what a good player he is, is a perfectly valid complaint. Managing any setup is all about psychology. You can’t ostracise a whole group of talented players and expect them to stay motivated. There’s no reason to leave Tomas, Rosicky and Joel Campbell out the line up week in week out. It’s outrageous really. Especially as the offshoot of not using your squad is injuries. Now the complaining is starting to happen…

… but. One guy who is not complaining is Alexis. He put down some thoughts with AS that were almost comical in their bizarreness. It was like the interview was penned by Mark Gonnella.

‘Now that I’m here, sometimes I stop to look my teammates during the training session and I realise that I’m surrounded by a lot of quality stars. I have been impressed by their attitude and their talent. I know that with this team we can win many trophies in the coming years. I’m convinced.’

‘I love how they create spaces, their individual and collective movements. I tell you seriously: I like what I see so much that I have repeated myself many times, that if we have the required winning mentality, if we are positive and try to win every single game, I know we can win any competition.’

I mean, I like it. But that chat doesn’t really stack up with the reality of what we’re seeing. It’s true that we do have very good players, but I’m not sure I see much of what Alexis is seeing. That said, what do you expect a new boy to say?

‘Fuck me, it was better at Barca’

Obviously not.

That interview was by Ballague. Who is rumoured to be facing legal action after he leaked the story that Ronaldo’s nickname for Messi is ‘motherfucker’… I mean, it’s not really a nickname. There’s nothing creative about it, is there? I’d have gone for Gollum or something like that? Amusing regardless.

Hey, just wanted to ask everyone to stop making outrageous suggestions on the new manager. If I here another intelligent person suggest Thierry Henry or Dennis Bergkamp are acceptable names, I’m gonna, errr, disagree very strongly in a polite manner.

Thierry Henry to Arsenal is almost as terrible a suggestion as Alan Shearer to Newcastle back in the day. He’s not exactly management material from what I’ve read. He’s relatively insular, he’s not hugely popular and he has NO MANAGERIAL EXPERIENCE. Similar story with Bergkamp. I mean, I get that he’s had quite a lot of assistant time with Ajax, he has a good temperament but man can’t get on no plane. You hear me?

If we’re going with an explayer, it should be Steve Bould. He knows the set up, everyone loves him at the club, he has a presence, he knows what’s working, what’s not working… he was a brilliant player. You also know if you crossed him he could pin you through the wall. He’s another one similar to Ivan… he’s not had the chance to prove his worth because he’s working in an environment that doesn’t encourage innovation or putting your neck on the line.

‘But why doesn’t he just give it what for to Arsene’

Come on mate, would you give it some to your boss if you were in an industry where every other club close to where you live had an assistant manager? Would you risk your house on being a bit of a muppet to a manager you know won’t listen? Of course you wouldn’t. With certain managers, you have to play the game. I feel sorry for everyone at Arsenal. Working in an place that doesn’t encourage creative problem solving would kill me…



Ladies and gentlemen. I’ve been busted. Sorry.

Another thing I wanted to address was the protest stuff yesterday. I forget that when I’m writing this, I’m not talking to people in a pub. Personally, I’m not a protestor. I do find it a bit embarrassing, I don’t like the idea that the only way to get your point across is in militant fashion. In this country, we don’t protest for the things that are truly important, so the idea that we’d protest against a manager who is sustaining top four mediocrity feels a bit spoilt.

But the point is this, if lots of people want to do it. Who am I to critique or snipe? Ultimately, we’ve seen that all the bitching online doesn’t do anything. Sir Chips was staunchly proWenger / anti-fan at the AGM. I found his arrogance staggering. Maybe the only way people who are cocooned away from the real world can understand how much people care is to see a sea of united red and white faces making a point?

For me, the power doesn’t come right now. The power comes from making a stand at the end of the season. Anything that happens at this moment will be disruptive. The PR narrative isn’t right. But really, come the end of another disappointing season… would it be the worst idea if we’re overseeing another £8m seasons of failure that could have been rectified?

Who knows. It’s not up to me. I’m just not really to fussed either way this season. Nothing seems to penetrate the walls at Arsenal.


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  1. Leedsgunner


    Fair enough. From the moment he signed I’ve been a big fan of Özil and what he offers the team but if the story is true maybe you are right and it is time to call it an end with Mesut. If the kind of money we paid for him we can get two world class players if not one and at the end of the day I would rather have a player whose heart was in the fight. Plus it must be frustrating for a player like him to be isolated on the wing…

    Will Özil deny the reports, that is the question… and what will he say?

  2. kwik fit

    Now you all know that my favourite position is on top. But hey, I’d gladly let any of those treacle’s assume that position on me. For a small price of course 😉

  3. Dissenter

    You’re right.
    I’ve never been a fan of Ozil. I’m not a fan of players who can only do one thing a particular way. I’m not a fan of players who cannot “mix-it” up.
    He’s an elite player no doubt but he’s not my cup of tea.

    I wanted Cesc back the summer we bought Ozil and I think some how I still displace my anger unfairly at Ozil.
    I do hope he comes good but I wont hold my breath.

  4. Irondawg

    Its pretty credible to be fair. Players like sanchez and Ozil, how happy can they really be forfeiting glory to come play for a team like Arsenal, where Arsene will make sure that we never win the EPL again under his reign. Not buying the players we need to sustain a laudable attempt for the league coupled with his lack of reactionary tactical sense, and his love for overruning the same 11 players to the ground.

    This scrooge could have made a real go at it last year in jan, when we sitting near the top if we had bought a world class DM or striker , Instead we bought a cripple in the form of Kallstrom. It doesnt really set the world on fire does it

    The Fa cup was really jammy. Avoided playing most the big teams and in all honesty a better team than Hull could have held on to their 2-nil lead. Loved the win and the glory of it. But right now, seeing the shambles that is going on at Arsenal. If you told me then and there, Wenger would leave if we had lost the game. I would have sadly taken it

  5. tunnygriffboy

    Marca is Real Madrid’s mouthpiece. They put anything in there that shows Madrid in a positive light. I’ve also read feports that Ozil and his dad fell out over his then girlfriend. It’s just a joke, papers print anything to get clicks. Marca are well known for their ridiculous links to Madrid.

  6. Leedsgunner


    You maybe right… it must be nice for RM… we don’t have any papers rooting for us… they all love to take the piss out of us… although it’s worth noting the story originally came from a German source, Bild which Marca than dressed up to suit their own purposes.

  7. tunnygriffboy


    You miserablist. Sanchez wanted to be a number 1 at a club and to be a leader. We have given him that and pay him handsomely for it.

    Re the fa cup , we beat spuds, and the media darlings lpool and Everton. Were we expected to beat Wigan ( who beat City in manchester ) 6nil ? Similarly in the final v Hull, the biggest day in their history 6 nil as well ?

    You shouldn’t be Irondawg you should be Ironeyore 🙂 🙂

  8. tunnygriffboy

    Marca are an awful paper. Print articles about future targets wanting to come to Madrid, let slip behind the scenes negotiations, help the club push prices up. Nasty propoganda sheet.

    Every paper here loves to kick us hence why sometimes annoys me when our own fans do it unnecessarily

  9. tunnygriffboy


    I’m a big Ozil fan. We’ve missed him a great deal this season. He’s like the oil that keeps an engine running. It’s ironic that last season we waited for Ozil to enjoy playing with Walcott, now he’s fit and we’ve bought Sanchez and Welbeck with pace and Ozil gets injured himself .

  10. Dissenter

    DFB, The German FA statement about Mesut Ozil October 8th;
    “Arrived here already injured: Ozil to miss 10 to 12 weeks. Diagnosis: Partial lateral collateral ligament tear in left knee. Get well soon, Mesut!” “”The treatment is six weeks of immobilisation of the knee joint. Mesut Ozil is likely to be [out for] 10 to 12 weeks.”

    Arsenal Statement: “It is too early to say how long Ozil may be out of action,”

    Guess who was right from the beginning?
    I thought at the time that the German FA was condescending but it just seems they have little regard for our medical people.

  11. Leedsgunner


    That Arsenal statement was the Club just trying to save face from an embarassing situation. When the story broke, I remember you posting an insightful post of what should have happened — in that AFC should have notified the DFB of the situation rather than vice versa…

    It seems like at the moment, we are at playing listless on the field, and off the field our scouting and medical staff are just as lost.

  12. tunnygriffboy


    Re the Ozil injury. He was due and wanted to join up with the National team. Arsenal told them that he had a knee problem and that he ought to have a scan. The Arsenal medical team wanted to see the results of the scan and other tests before they gave their own prognosis.

  13. moray

    @ Leeds: “It seems like at the moment, we are at playing listless on the field, and off the field our scouting and medical staff are just as lost.

    No surprise there then, mate. Its the same senile maniac running both. His yes men get the nod both on and off the pitch and I guess there is little to no effective performance management at Arsenal. We are a club stuck in the mid 1990s.

  14. Dark Hei

    Hi Guys! I am officially hiding.

    Anyway, I came out of my hole to get some advice from the locals.

    Is Flybe reliable? I am planning a work trip which involves flying from Birmingham airport to either Milan or Florence. My final destination is Bologna.

    Anyone can give me advice on this? Or are trains the way to go?

  15. N5

    Good morning gents.

    Lovely weather and internationals = Happy Grove? 😡

    Dark, I don’t know much about Flybe, but I’ve never heard anything bad, so I’d use them anyday over trains around Europe. If it was just Calais or somewhere I’d say train, but as you’re going across to Italy I’d fly. I’ve done the train from Barca to London and it took 14 hours overnight!

  16. Jim Lahey

    @N5 – I also have a travel question!

    Would you know how long it would take to travel on the tube from (roughly) Holloway to Victoria Station? (During rush hour and then again during Rush Hour 2 also starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker)

  17. Jim Lahey

    Has anyone seen the reports that Arsenal have been offered Matija Nastasic for just 5m? Thats got to be a wind-up right?

    Why would City sell at that price and sell to us?! Thats not how it works! We sell our players to them!

    Maybe they are looking for first refusal on Mesut… 🙁

  18. Jim Lahey

    @Wallace – 30 mins isn’t too bad of a commute I guess, would you know if it would be feasible to walk from an area like Bayswater to Victoria? Or maybe I such invest in a bike!

  19. N5

    Lol Jim, Wallace is right its normally under 30 minutes, but ploughing through people at rush hour might slow you down. Still you can Jackie Chan them all out of your way.

  20. N5

    Jim, I’ll be honest with you mate. It’s a nightmare in rush hour. It’s like being pushed into a sardine can but it smells more!!

  21. Wallace


    a Boris bike would be groovy for the Victoria – Bayswater journey. can go through Hyde Pk. 25mins tops. or just get your own. i cycle everywhere. little hairy at times, but definitely easiest/quickest way to get around.

  22. Jim Lahey

    @N5 – Yeah the public transport is the same here at rush hour!

    @Wallace – If I end up in Bayswater I may invest in a good bike! Is the Area decent to live in? Same for Holloway? Would they be rough?

  23. N5

    Jim, Bayswater is fine, you’d be fine there. Holloway has it’s areas, but overall isn’t too bad. I’d pick Holloway because I would be nearer to Arsenal, but if you don’t mind tubing or cycling then pick Bayswater mate.

  24. Carts

    Jim – I read that he actually had to opportunity to join us in the summer but wasn’t interested. I think Goal also reported that. No sure how much weight it holds though.

  25. Emiratesstroller

    I believe that the time has come for the club [not Wenger] to review our squad of players and assess our strengths and weaknesses and more importantly which players need to be offloaded either because they are surplus to requirements or simply they are not good enough and more importantly don’t justify their wages.

    What is crystal clear to me as I have said on many occasions is that our squad depth on the defensive side of game is inadequate and more importantly short
    of the type of players who are capable of winning titles.

    The first 7 years of Wenger’s reign proves this because he built the team around a solid defensive structure with the likes of Seaman,Winterburn,Dixon,Adams,Bould and Keown at the back and then players of the calibre of Vieira,Pettit and Parlour in midfield.

    This solidity facilitated our creative players the freedom to play their expansive game and move quickly the ball out of defence and be able to score goals
    in less than 30 seconds something that the current team are incapable of doing.

    It is no accident that every team with serious aspirations of winning league titles since time imemorium have adopted this formula whether it was Liverpool,Man Utd, Chelsea or ourselves.

    Wenger has sought to adopt the Barcelona concept, which may work well in Spain, but does not do so in England. You don’t win the league here if your team loses against your main opponents by large margins or you lose winning
    leads of 3-4 goals.

    That should tell everyone from the owner, through the Boardroom,CEO to the
    manager and coaches that the formula at the club is not working and needs
    a thorough revamp.

    Looking at our current squad including those out on loan we have at least 9
    players primarily in midfield and up front who are not good enough or duplication and therefore unlikely to play regularly for team.

    Several of these players have contracts which expire in June 2015 or 2016. In
    most cases I would be reluctant to renew contracts.

    At the moment we have an excess of so called creative players in squad and not enough GRIT. That needs to change.

    It is all very well having a back division which like to play football, but if they
    are poor defensively then frankly they are no good to us.

    Successful teams need a minimum of 6 players who are good defenders in their team at any one time. Sadly that is seldom the case with our teams. If
    you are lucky we have two or three charged with that responsibility.

    Defending is about solidity, good positional sense and organisation, decision making and of course leadership. At the moment we lack all those characteristics in our team.

    Wenger seems more interested in entertainment value and technical ability,
    which is fine at the right time but not when you lose or draw key matches, because you neglect the essentials.

    It is obvious that our budget in January is going to be limited when we spent in
    Summer £85 million less £12-13 million in receivables AND we have renegotiated also salaries for many of our existing players.

    Therefore something needs to change. In January we need to review our requirements by adding at least one quality centre back to alleviate current pressure on defence particularly if there is uncertainty with Koscielny.

    My view that we should offload at least one forward whether it be Podolski or
    Campbell in January. Let’s face it we have both Giroud and Gnabry to come back. We have far too many players there to keep them all satisfied.

    In the summer the club needs to offload those players who are at end of contracts without sentimentality. That means Flamini,Diaby,Coquelin and Rosicky needs to be offloaded. Players like Campbell,Podolski,Miyaichi and Sanogo need also to go if for no other reason than they should generate some
    transfer money.

    We will still have plenty of midfielders and forwards in our squad albeit a leaner squad.

    The club needs then to review what our requirements are. Personally I would
    like them to focus on rebuilding our defence whether at back or in midfield
    and replicate what we did under Graham or Wenger in his first seven years.

    If we do that the club can go into next season with the prospect of competing with Chelsea or anyone else who follows the same formula.
    be offloaded. Pers

  26. Confidentgoner


    We all know how to go about fixing Arsenal. However the board and the manager are fixated with 4th place and would do only enough to get 4th.

    That is OK for some fans, but for most of us here we see missed opportunities. The only way to push for a change is if and when the majority begin to see the fraud and ambition of the club and call it for what it is.

    Untill that happens, I am afraid Mr. Wenger and company are safe with their “loot”.

  27. TheBayingMob

    That should tell everyone from the owner, through the Boardroom,CEO to the
    manager and coaches that the formula at the club is not working and needs
    a thorough revamp.”

    But it is working. They are achieving the bear minimum required to be profitable and keep the gullible mainstay of support happy. AW isn’t paid 8m a year to win trophies, he’s paid 8m a year to keep Stan’s asset appreciating in value by doing the bear minimum. Job done. Now move on, before Sir Chips calls you a peasant.

  28. Emiratesstroller

    Actually anyone who believes that major sponsors are going to fund Arsenal without success are naive.

    My understanding was that Puma attached ‘performance’ conditions to the
    current sponsorship deal. If we fail to make the top four that could impact on our funding.

    There has to come a point where the club’s senior management recognise that
    we are simply not punching our weight with the players on our books.

    If the managers,coaches and players are not fit for purpose then why are we
    sanctioniong £85 million on transfers?