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Arsenal vs Bayern

Arsenal vs Bayern

Well happy good morning to you my dear friends. A day ago, I noticed some rust on some new scissors I bought as part of a pretty good knife set (I buy stuff like that now) . I tried to rub it out with a tea towel. The tea towel shredded and I sliced my finger open. Typing is tough, but I do this for you. My sacrifice. I’m like a saint or something better. Bergkamp? Too far?

Right, let’s crack into some BLOGGING.


Some guys are throwing a protest at the next game. It might be a march. It might be a walk. It might be a naked dance. People online are losing their shit. I’m not. You know why? Because I’ve come to the realisation that in sport, you get what you deserve. Arsenal fans, god bless em’, are too fucking nice. Me included.

The only way you drive change with an owner who lives in America is to cause a scene. You don’t change if you’re comfortable. Our whole set up is comfortable at Arsenal. The cushioned chairs, the location of our place in the top four. If fans, at a grassroots level want to protest, why not. As long as it’s tasteful (bed sheet banners, bitch please). Because ultimately, it’s becoming a bit of a farce and our only solution is to hope someone will take action at the highest level. Which after Sir Chips nonchalant comments about basically not giving a damn about what Wenger gets up to, is unlikely.

Things aren’t going to get better either. I’ve stressed this to you for  years. People take a real dislike to this site because of it (the vocal ill-informed). But ultimately, for all the positive fan sites out there, which one has called it time and time again? So understand this, Wenger is done at the highest level. We might gain entry to the top four again, but is that what you strive for every season?

Do you look at your £8m a year manager and think, you know what, it’s cool that he’s not doing the best he can for the club I love? I don’t.

We’re too good to fail hard, too weak to succeed big. That doesn’t work for me. I know it doesn’t work for most Arsenal fans I come into contact with. So if a protest is what wakes the board up. Then let the supporters do it. If that’s what makes Sir Chips take notice. Do it. If that’s what makes the board look at Arsene’s plan and say… ‘Arsene, there is no plan. What the hell are you doing?’… then do it. If a protest give Ivan permission to chop away the power Wenger has. Then god damn, I’m onboard.

The old boys club at the top needs to remember they are custodians of the club. Our club. Start behaving in a way befitting of that absolute honour.

‘The abuse is horrendous’

This is my favourite online deflection tactic.

‘I’m maybe thinking that Wenger might not be doing well. But the online abuse is disgusting’

Ok, this site knows more than most about online abuse. Online abuse for having an informed opinion on the club. I find any online abuse deplorable. I find saying mean things to people online so beyond pathetic and embarrassing it actually makes me laugh. There are a lot of idiots online. There are lots of

Know this though… Arsene Wenger isn’t reading your twitter feed that exalts love for him. He’s not reading a trolls twitter feed. He’s probably not reading a helluva lot at the moment.

Abuse of the manager online doesn’t impact the facts. He’s failing. He’s failing badly.

As someone said online yesterday, managers are like politicians… it’s often an undignified exit. It’s even worse with dictators, because they have to be forced from power.

When should he leave?

He’s started the season, so he should finish it. Then he should slink out the back door. There’s no point in moving him on now. But the management set up should be hunting around Europe and speaking to people about taking over after.

Don’t involve Arsene at all. A dated manager is not going to be able to recognise traits you need in a modern upgrade.

We can’t keep pining our hopes on a manager in his mid-sixties seeing the light and changing his ways. We need to rip that plaster on the last day of the season regardless of how many ten game winning streaks he goes on. We’ve seen enough history to know how the story starts at the end of the season (super quality) and how it ends each year (the players were not there).

There are plenty of managers who’d be up for taking on the Arsenal challenge. The names change as people do well and people do not do well. Brendan Rodgers was flavour of the month last season because he had better players. He’s bombed this season, so far, because it doesn’t look like his eye for a player is too sharp, he’s missing names and struggling with a more intense schedule.

Doesn’t mean he’s a bad manager. Football suffers with trajectory issues. If a manager falls off the wagon in business, they’re hoovered up by other brands where they can succeed. Football, one bad stint and you’re dead.

Who is doing well? Simeone. He knows great players. He knows how to manage the fitness of a small squad. He’s in his early forties. He has some quite spectacular experience of the highs and lows. And that’s important, he’s failed and he’s failed hard. You have Klopp who might be able to reinvigorate an ailing Arsenal set up. He’s taken a club down before as well. He’d bring in modern elements, he’d rip out the old guard and he’d refresh the footballing vision. Rudi Garcia of Roma is also an intriguing manager. Sure, he took a tanking from Bayern… but so did Barca in the same way. Point is, he knows how to work with talent, he’s tactically astute and he’s been around.

People have mentioned Martinez, but for me, as good as he is, I’m not sure he’s totally convincing at the highest level. He’s very nice. A little too nice for my liking, and Everton seem to have an injury pile up as bad as ours. I’d prefer that any manager we bring in has Champions League experience. Even if we went curve ball, at least Paul Clement knows his way around the rigours of big competitions.


Thing is, you have to write the season off. You have to write off the next 2.5 years, because we don’t have the right man in charge. However, don’t write the club off. Ivan Gazidis has waited around for 7 or so years to show he can make good on the CEO role. If he has a plan in place for the backroom, the structure and the manager. We’re winning.

We have an incredible club. We’re upgrading the training facilities to be even more impressive. Our stadium is spectacular. The philosophy Wenger put in place of attacking football has cemented our brand as ‘stylish football’ forever. For that, we must always be thankful. Having a club any manager would want to take charge of is also down to Wenger. The interesting part for me, Wenger’s failure over the last 5 years makes us even more appealing because the baseline is pretty low… a young coach, with loads of drive an ambition will eat this job for breakfast.

I’m positive inside, because I know how great Arsenal can be. I know with the right decisions, we can be a global colossus. I know that once Wenger goes, the talk stops and the action begins.

That new chapter… jeez, I can’t tell you how excited I am about it.


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  1. MidwestGun

    What great protest has Marble started from his keyboard in his underwear?
    Where he can judge others. Maybe I missed it. Did Brian ask his Mom if he can go out and picket the Emirates when I wasn’t looking?

  2. Jeff

    Evening TYAG.

    Yeah – that film is a contender for being one of the best films and worst endings. However, I did watch Guardians of the Galaxy this evening and absolutely loved it. What an epic movie. Mind you all the Marvel movies are pretty good.

  3. salparadisenyc


    Looks like I was wrong, unlike Wenger it looks as if the space crafts ‘harpoons’ failed to deploy and the comet will jettison the ship in due course.
    You taking notes Gazidas?

  4. MidwestGun

    Sal –
    Damn….. does that mean the probe is gonna be space debris, soon? Missed that news. Typical…. They should have had divorce attorneys design the probe…. guarantee the harpoons would have deployed then with 100% accuracy.

  5. MidwestGun

    Kwik –
    Hahaha. Love that video. Always cracks me up.

    TY&GN. –
    Ya.. that’s understandable. Probably take awhile to settle back to routine. Sleep probably not in your future, for a bit.

  6. Dissenter

    Arjen Robben talking about Pep Guardiola: ” He’s a football maniac. He’s capable of calling you up at 3 in the morning to talk tactics. He’s always thinking up new systems. He’s improved us and made us more unpredictable”

    I’ve never heard any of our current or past players say this of Wenger. They do however talk about how he so “understanding” and “made them into men’. No one ever praises him for his footballing mind.

  7. Irondawg

    Back from watching Interstellar

    So good, I would watch it again.

    Shits all over Gravity. Christopher Nolan is a genius

  8. Thank you and goodnight

    @Northern gooner

    Slowly getting better mate. But as I posted earlier, any wrong or strange noise and me and the missus are panicking. Sad I know but you can’t help but worry. Your family all good? Little one broken anything else yet?

  9. northern gooner


    Its only natural worry. Glad things are getting better.
    My little fella has been good today. Hes been down my mum and dads and told my dad liverpool is for shopping and arsenal is football. (My old man was home n away liverpool in 70s and 80s)
    Hes trying to convert him.

  10. N5

    TYAG, we’re all really happy for you and yours man!! good on the little fighters!

    Kwik that video you posted was genius. I’ve heard of Weird Al, but Ive never listened to him before. I’m now an instant fan.

  11. tunnygriffboy

    Controversial here. I know Arteta needs a huge upgrade. But I’d have a bet that had he remained on the field v Anderlecht we would have won and had he been playing v Swansea he would have been in position not to catch the sub running at us but to foul him in the centre circle rather than let him have a free run v our defence

  12. Highbury Daze

    Drew with Hull, drew with Leicester,drew with Spurs,drew with Everton, were 2 down after 8 minutes in the FA Cup, and it could, and should have been 3-0 but for the crossbar, drew with Anderlecht after leading 3.-0, lost to Swansea after leading 1-0, anyone else see a pattern forming here, as far as footballing reasons go, there was no reason to give a guy 3 more years, who fluked the FA Cup, one trophy in 9 years is an absolute disgrace, we had great players, Van Persie, Cesc, Nasri, this manager could not win anything with them, this is a burned out relic, living on past glories, it is really quite pathetic to watch this farce unfold

  13. Highbury Daze

    What Pedro said is right, the most passive fans in the world are at AFC, you all need a rocket up your arse, then fire one up the board and Wenger’s arse, a bunch of subdued downtrodden, weak, gutless supporters you are the ones responsible for this debacle, this sham, this circus you call a football club,you all have allowed this to carry on for 8 years, SHAME,SHAME,SHAME

  14. Thank you and goodnight

    Cheers guys.

    @Northern gooner

    You cruel father you, making your boy support Arsenal…..not content to suffer alone eh. 😀

    Night guys, off too bed. I seriously think AW’s days are drawing to a close now that even ex players and pundits are starting to attach blame…..AT LAST

  15. Bamford13

    Luis Suarez has publicly thanked Steven Gerrard for advising him not to sign with Arsenal — a “lesser” club — and to instead wait to sign for a big club, like Barcelona. Food for thought.

  16. Zacharse

    Just read the mail article which painfully highlights the fact that no one else in the pl has the job security wenger has, and regarding mr wengers views on breaking contracts he should probably still be in the job 2 1/2 yrs from now.
    its a total setup piece for aggravation, but a little part of me believes it. it can’t be true can it!? wenger for two more seasons!?

    The only thing i disagree with Pedro about in recent days is that Gazidis, Chips and co. will find an adequate successor. If Moyes was a bad appointment for utd, I can’t wait to hear who Ivan announces. The guy’s so used to having his face smeared in shit, he’d be emotionally prepared to hire Alex McLeish

  17. moray

    Bamford, Suarez can fuck off but he has a point. We are relatively a smaller club than we were a decade ago…certainly on the pitch if not off it. Partly this is due to the financial doping of our peers but also to a degree self-inflicted, by failing to capitalise on our past success.

    Our owner, Board and managers’ small town attitude and lowball ambitions mean that we will constantly remain there until we can start to win again and attract players of Suarez’s quality. Having said that, Liverpool FC and Suarze are morally suited to each other.

  18. moray

    N5, Gerrard had all but signed for Chelsea until scouse gangsters threatened to kill his family. If it wasn’t for that he wouldn’t be there. What does that say for his opinion of his own club? Don’t see him banging on about this, do we?

  19. tunnygriffboy

    Mmmmm. There are undoubtedly bigger clubs than us. But Liverpool ? We have the infrastructure to be bigger than them for a while. Sanchez made his choice in the summer. It’s ok for Suarez to say this now, he would have left Lpool had they honoured his contract. Also I never get the love in for Gerard. Good player but not as squeaky clean as depicted.

  20. tunnygriffboy

    Alexis enjoys playing on the left. Ox or Theo on the right. Welbeck up top. Hopefull now Ozil sorted his love life out, has made peace with his father and now had a rest he will be back fresher and ready to go. We need more cover behind those 4 though.

  21. TheBayingMob

    Pedro … Some site improvements. Ability to jump down to the comments box from anywhere on the page would be nice. Or a button that would scroll to the last comment (or both). Having to scroll an iPhone through over 100 comments on a page can be a pain … Also why does your site take so ling to load up? Graphics heavy? Are your servers somewhere mental? I’ve got 65mb down and only now does your site load in a timely fashion. Minor gripes but jut thought is fucking moan anyway.

  22. Jim Lahey

    Liverpool are in the same bracket as Spurs and Everton. They were once a great club, but its not the 80s anymore (not saying that either spurs or Everton were ever big clubs).

    As much as we moan on here, we are still a huge club. Great Stadium, Training Facilities, Rich, Great Location, Big players want to join us. Apart from the training facilities I don’t think Liverpool can boast about any of the other points … and I have no idea if Liverpool’s training facilites are any good!

    We are a big club. they were a big club.

    We just need the right personnal to lift us up into Europe’s Elite were we belong.

  23. tunnygriffboy


    Sad thing is Wenger was part of the vision to get us into that elite. I think he’s worn out. 18 years as a football manager is hugely stressful. I don’t want him to ruin all the good he has done for the club.

  24. Jim Lahey

    @Tunny – I agree completely. I think he has done an amazing job getting us where we are, I feel we need a change to now challange with the Barca’s Bayerns and Madrids.

  25. tunnygriffboy


    For what he has done for the club I will always have huge respect for him. I will never abuse him. In years to come we will look at the stadium move as vital to our hopefully future success.

    He’s obviously not going to go mid season but the time will have come at the seasons end. I hope our performances pick up and we actually manage to get our best team on the field. On average we’ve been missing 1st team starters a week

    Whoever takes over will have a core of excellent players and a fair amount of money to spend each season

  26. Jim Lahey

    @Tunny – He has given this club great foundations on which to build upon. Like yourself I will always have huge respect for him. I feel he is his own worst enemy though, his refusal to change or to share power has cost us dearly the last few years.

  27. tunnygriffboy


    With our new money I was prepared to give him two windows to get the team right. While we have had superstars like Ozil and Sanchez come in ( I’m sure that Wenger had a big hand in these ), and other players like Debuchy, Welbeck and Chambers he failed to address the combative midfielder and totally neglected defensive numbers. It was unnacceptable.

  28. tunnygriffboy

    Klopp may fancy new challenge at end of season. Difficulties in Bundesliga and Hummels and Reus want to leave. Perhaps he could come here and bring them with him. We could more than double all their salaries. Mind you can you imagine Flameta in the ‘gugenpresse ‘ Yikes ! 🙂