High level leaks show support for Wenger fading at club…

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Oh my, tings be heating up in tha red hot kitchen that is Arsenal!

Matt Law, of Telegraph fame dropped a story yesterday that amounted to what I’d call a very high level leak. The jist of his story is that Arsenal coaching staff are dismayed by the tactics put forward by Arsenal. Quite an amazing piece. Why? Well, Arsenal don’t generally suffer from leaks that you’d classify as disruptive. Also, Matt is a Telegraph journo, he wouldn’t be making stuff up and he wouldn’t be seeding stories that could potentially damage his ability to gain future stories.

My guess, that leak has come from somewhere very reliable. I can’t remember a leak that substantial for years. Like I said yesterday, the players know exactly how bad it is and so do the coaching staff and so do the management at the club. The iron wall at Arsenal is starting to crack because people are bored of it all. It also feels like it’s come from somewhere reasonably high level because of the transfer storie slipped in after. It’s a bit of a shit sandwich.

‘It’s terrible at Arsenal, but everyone bar Arsene knows it. Oh, and to top of this shit sandwich, we are looking to spend some money on 3rd rate defenders’

All very interesting.

The tide is turning on Arsene Wenger. Finally.

I read a quote from Ian Wright yesterday that stated Steve Bould is often ignored and his suggestions are passed over.

Paul Merson fired back at the manager, making light of the fact that he was a manager and he never threw away a 3 goal lead in 30 minutes.

The worm is turning, press, finally awakening to what has been abundantly clear to most die hard gooners for years. Wenger is no longer elite, he’s holding on for dear life and he’s chipping away at his legacy with a JCB digger.

This is the interesting thing with our manager.

Why the hell would he leave?

Think about his situation, then palm that pretty face of yours, because it’s not good.

Arsene Wenger is entering his mid-sixties. Call me ageist, but at that period in your life, you’re not about the new project. You don’t have the drive and you don’t have the energy to relocate.

As Amy Lawrence said on the podcast I was on the other day, the man has no hobbies. His life is about football. Football. And more football. Imagine the dread he’s going to feel the day after he quits something he’s continuously done over the last 30 years. One day, he’s controlling the type of trainers the cleaning lady is wearing, the next, he’s sat in front of a TV with nothing to do bar some chores his wife has assigned him. That’s a pretty horrible feeling. Wenger isn’t a man content with spending an afternoon stripping wallpaper.

Then think of the power. The biggest fear of a man with all the power, is to have no power. One day, you’re king of the world, next day, no one gives a shit about you. That’s got to be pretty scary. Power is addictive. Status is alluring. The idea that one day, no one would care about what you think has got to weigh heavy on your mind. At Arsenal, he literally has it all. He controls everything. He has almost zero accountability. He’s not there to be questioned. Why would he leave?

Look at his behaviour of late. Incredulous Jacqui Oatley would ask him some pretty standard questions. Dismayed that Paul Merson would dare step up to him with legitimate complaints. I mean, how dare a pundit have an opinion on him! I can’t imagine what he thinks of the bloggers… but let me tell you Arsene, I’ve managed a Sunday League team for two very successful years, with zero transfer budget. I have all the rights to question you.

Anyway, look at all of the above. It’s the perfect storm. The perfect… ‘THERE’S NO WAY I’D EVER LEAVE’… storm. It’s pretty depressing.

It’s the same with Stan Kroenke. We have an owner who is sitting on a massive property in London. It doesn’t really matter what he does with the club, it goes up in value. He doesn’t have an interest in running it like a sporting enterprise and he doesn’t have an interest in selling it to someone with a ambition. He doesn’t have any interest making his manager accountable or analysing the total shit show he’s running. All he cares about it that big fat portfolio he’s running.

It’s sooooo depressing.

Thing is, Ivan Gazidis is a fan. I’m almost certain he sees what we see. He’s younger than Arsene by about 30 years. He’ll read the internetz. He’ll have spies around the training ground. He’ll hear what goes on. He’ll see the results on the pitch. He’ll know that Shad Forsythe has been put on cone duty and Tony Colbert is wearing that gold crown again for the bantz. He’ll know that Steve Rowley is scouting out the back of a 2006 copy of L’Quipe. But ultimately, until you break the cycle of Wenger and Stan. Until you stand up and go bold, we’ll just be a club that ticks over. A club that’s happy with average. A club that took the biggest risk of all time in moving stadium, then decided that risk was no longer an option.

I don’t mean to quote Nik Bendtner, but he said something interesting the other week when he was asked about those silly comments he made back in the day…

‘If you don’t want to be the best at whatever you do, why bother?’ sic

Damn straight Nik. Damn straight. Who sets out to be average? This doesn’t mean you’re a failure if you don’t achieve your goals, it just means you have to take stock, rethink, then go again. That’s the way of the world. That’s the way of sport.

Why doesn’t Wenger care about that now?

Why doesn’t Stan want his sports club to be the best?

What is Ivan doing to improve things? Why isn’t he stripping Wenger of his power? Why doesn’t he take advantage of Wenger having no clue. Why doesn’t he use this situation to his strategic advantage?

I’d be in there, sacking the old boys who aren’t delivering. I’d be empowering the young guys who want to make an impact and I’d be taking back the club cleaning lady trainer, by cleaning lady trainer. Because the problem now, is Arsene is running things. Badly. And no one is stepping in.

‘But he’d resign if he lost his power’

Firstly, no he wouldn’t. Secondly, who cares? If he’s immature to throw his toys out the pram when someone tries to make an improvement, then he’s not the right guy for us.

‘But he said no to Madrid and PSG’

Again, who cares? He’d have tanked at Madrid and he’d tank at PSG right now (actually, not sure if you can ever tank at PSG). Loyalty to the club was commendable. He’s done a great job over the years. But there comes a time when you have to move on. To my mind, I’d never, ever want a manager for 18 years again. It’s unhealthy in the extreme. The game moves to fast nowadays. If you’re somewhere for so long, you become entrenched, complacent and invincible. Arsenal are bigger than any man, we can never allow this situation to repeat.

Don’t fear him going. United have screwed themselves because they’ve made two very poor appointments. Spurs have screwed themselves because they brought in the wrong manager to deal with those players. City have a manager who I don’t rate. Chelsea got it right. We can get it right. Match the players to the manager and build out a world class infrastructure.

Again, this one is on you Ivan. Prove your worth when the manager goes and the fans will love you. But in my opinion, you should start now,  because the clean up operation post Wenger is looking like it’s going to be more and more expensive as each season passes.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts for today.


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  1. Ces1ne

    I don’t think we made anything off him either with shirt sales…..I’m just thinking about the reason they signed him…..it doesn’t mean it worked out the way they thought it would!!! Not like wenger has the best track record of planning!!

  2. Ces1ne

    Speaking of signing Kalstrom while he had a broken back…….didn’t wenger sign Sanogo while out with a broken back also?

    Huh????? What???? Who???? Why?????

  3. Ces1ne

    The theme for new undeserved contract extensions this season seems to be to give them to our injured players.
    Giroud, extension AFTER serious injury
    Arteta, extension AFTER numerous old-age injuries
    Diaby……..you’re up next as long as you are still broken & have those wenger pics
    Theo will play 5 matches, get hurt again, THEN sign an extension while injured

    (Rhetorical question, I don’t need to be reminded)

  4. Gunner2301

    Maybe Park wasn’t signed by Wenger not that I want to start that chestnut again but it’s the only way it makes sense I.e Gazidis sees the commercial opportunity in Park which would make sense, but Wenger went along with the Asia tour reluctantly if you remember.

    I don’t believe Park played in Asia did he?

    Do you really think if Wenger was desperate to scupper the Lille deal to get him risking any future relationship he would then not bother playing him. That doesn’t make sense.

  5. MidwestGun

    Ces1ne –
    Yep and before that he missed an entire year with a broken leg and torn muscle. And so what does AW do. Ease him in… play some Cup games… ,maybe get a few league games against lower table teams. Nope……. looks good enough to have first start against Bayern Munich in CL knockout leg. Lol

    True story.

  6. Ces1ne

    No,no, no….that would be too sensible, which is not in wengers current way of thinking. Not his fault, old age hits the mind VERY fast.
    People might think I’m kidding or being mean, but I’m 100% serious that I feel it’s age that has caught up with Wengers mind. Every single thing he is doing, from the stubbornness being paraded BY HIMSELF in public, to the contradictory statements from one day to the next points to his mind going with age. I’ve seen the same signs in elder family members & customers I’ve known for years. It’s not Alzheimer’s Disease, it’s just getting old….happens to everyone. Fergie had the booze to help him through it & got out just in time….as a winner. Wenger is doing the opposite, unfortunately for him, us and the club.

  7. Highbury Daze

    Cesine….It is quite simple, Sanogo cost nothing, and he is French, ticks two boxes, it matters not he has no idea, that was Wenger’s two signings, Sanogo and Flamini, both on frees, this when we had 150 million quid in the bank, CASH, it wasn’t until the 3-1 defeat by Villa that someone higher up the chain insisted Ozil be purchased, try and work out that irrational thinking

  8. Ces1ne

    It’s called “being set in your ways” and Wenger has been “set” with nobody questioning him for too long. Problem with that is when you’re younger & “set in your ways” you have time on your side to attempt the change if you realize you’re in a rut…..but when you’re older you don’t have the time on your side to attempt the change, so you say “what’s the point, I’ll ride it out the same way I’ve always done it……” even if it is detrimental to you or others.

  9. Ces1ne

    See he’s being linked with Manure again……How did Cuadrado not move in the summer? Revelation last season for Fiorentina & an excellent, stand-out World Cup…….could be the gem a lot of teams are looking for depending on where Reus goes.
    Sigh, I remember when I used to think about players like that in an Arsenal jersey….now I say, why? I don’t even recognize Ozil since Wenger got a hold of him, so why should he ruin another great player I enjoy watching? I hate this situation so much

  10. Ces1ne

    Know a few regulars on here watch the French League…….anyone catch the PSG-OM derby on Sunday? Don’t think I saw it mentioned………gotta say I’m happy with the Debuchy signing when he’s fit, but one look at the cross Aurier put in for Cavanis goal made me drool….my god

  11. MidwestGun

    Ces1ne –
    Ozil was one of my favorite players from way back as I’ve been following the German national team forever. When we signed him I was ecstatic. Amazed even. I’m still an admitted Ozil fan boy. But your correct the lack of structure and defined roles has eroded his confidence. Ozil admittedly said last year he wasnt sure of his responsibilities. And Ozil looks like a shadow of that player.

  12. MidwestGun

    Ces1ne –
    Karim would be the one to ask. He watches a lot of French league. I bet on some of the games occasionally but don’t see as many. Aurier in the WC looked to be a potential star. I love Debuchy’s toughness though. But over the summer I was one who preferred Aurier. Debuchy was growing on me before injury tho. Just thought between about equal choices take the one who is younger with more upside.

  13. Ozy

    That Aurier cross was class. What a player. Can play CB pretty convincingly too so I’d have picked him over Chambers if you ask me. But who’s asking me…

    And I still love Ozil. He’s a fantastic player. He’s been disappointing for us but the potential of what could be is too great. #TeamOzil

  14. Ces1ne

    Midwest & Ozy
    -I’m with both of you on Ozil. Watched him at Breman & was gutted when Madrid got him for so darn cheap!!!!!! One of my favorite players for years & what both of you said describe my feelings on him. It was him, Poldi, & Schweinsteiger, & Klose during the initial rise of that German squad that had me dying for us to sign them years ago, fast forward to now & the look on Ozil & Poldis face after dealing with wenger is just so disappointing for this German/Polish Gooner 🙁

  15. Ces1ne

    Aurier was the one I wanted too & even tho I like the kid, would still take over Chambers. Debuchy was good business & I really like him, so its one of the few positions I won’t complain about today. Auriers CB ability would be very welcome tho, especially since we lost that when Sagna left bc as we all know (except wenger)…..NOT ALL DEFENDERS CAN PLAY CENTERBACK!!!!

  16. Ozy

    Haha, just us 3 Americans are on right now. Wish there was a bigger American Le Grove readership.

    Yeah, Ozil is such a joy to watch when in form. I’m afraid we’ve ruined his career. For what it’s worth, his social media posts show he really does like Arsenal and London. He is just introverted. He’s never going to bark orders or put on a show after scoring. That’s fine.

  17. Ozy

    Yeah, for some reason, I believe Aurier has a higher ceiling than Chambers. He was a Gooner too so I don’t think he would’ve been too fussed deputizing for Debuchy. He’s got the build for a CB too. Kind of short (only 5’9) so that would’ve caused problems but built like a tank.

  18. MidwestGun

    Ozy –
    There is actually a lot of US gooners on here but a lot have just grown tired of repetitiveness and don’t comment as much. When I first came on about 2 and half years ago there was only a handful that I knew about.
    Bamford, Dissenter,Sal, Houston, F4phantam, Nyc, Chitown, Windycity, Dan Ahern,Uchman even those he’s from Nigeria, follow the dolla, SanFran,Gdaddy and there are some transplants from UK. And I’m sure I’m missing a lot. Lol. Apologizes to those I forgot, not intentional. 😀

  19. Ces1ne

    Summed up Ozil perfectly and I really fear for the overall impact this last year & a half will have on him long-term. Such a shame, bc the smile his signing put on my face last summer made me forget about all our REAL problems for a bit. Really makes you wonder what lines of b.s. wenger gave to him & Sanchez to con them into playing for him bc it sure wasn’t “Mesut, I see you on the left wing” & “Sanchez, you must be EVERYWHERE & carry us like RVP & Cesc did”

    aurier same height as Sagna, 5’9″ & like you said, built like a tank. Watching him play, his leaping ability was so much like Sagna it is scary. Plus factor in the Gooner-element as you said and it made too much sense for us to sign him!!! Which is why it didn’t happen, “Wenger Logic”

  20. Ces1ne

    Funny thing is that when I used to come here years ago it was so much worse in terms of trolls & abuse, which is why I stopped coming….it was like a cesspool in the comments.
    Now, even tho some comments are repetitive (like we have a choice!!) it is a lot more civil than it used to be (Keyser trolling aside) and I find the actual knowledge of football to be higher on here than most sites.

  21. Ces1ne

    I don’t comment here often, so I really have no right to call Keyser out on trolling in my above post & that’s my mistake. Don’t want him to have something else to argue about!!! /s jk

  22. MidwestGun

    Ces1ne –
    Hahaha. I came here for the peeps too. And ya it used to be a serious battleground, had to be on your A game. I’m just not one to worry much about my own personal abuse. Probably had a disagreement with almost everyone on here over one thing or another. Lol

    Keyser’s ok… just has a serious chip on his shoulder from being so arguementative. Not sure how he became the arbitrator of rationality on here in his mind. He’s right occasionally just has a serious black hole in his mind when he views AW. If you talk about something other than Arsenal he’s usually pretty interesting/knowledge able. Marble is the biggest troll ever tho. Can’t stand him. But other than that it’s one big dysfunctional blog family. Hahaha

  23. MidwestGun

    By the way there’s a huge ginormous polar vortex sunami headed your way to east coast. Hitting here tonight. Freakin cold and windy. Recommend investing in a giant Puffy Coat with new improved zipper. All the rage, and highly stylish. 😀

  24. Rosicky@Arsenal

    Pedro criticism of LVG Pelligrini Pochettino seems a bit harsh.
    All have excelled last year with Dutch national team City and Southampton.

    Pedro criticism seems a bit too early with only a quarter of a season gone.

  25. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal will have to buy player[s] in January if they are to have any realistic chance to qualify for Champions League next season.

    However, knowing that the club will wish to limit their expenditure in this financial year I doubt that their transfer budget will be more than £20 million unless they are planning to offload players in the January window.

    Realistically the only players that might be offloaded then are Podolski and Campbell, but I cannot see either being sold for more than £10 million.

    Since Arsenal are not likely to offload Arteta or Flamini in January it is highly
    unlikely that we will bring in a defensive midfielder. The only prospect would
    be Khedira who is coming to the end of his contract this summer, but my instinct tells me that the likelihood of him coming to us has now past. More
    likely we will buy someone in Summer to replace Flamini when his contract expires.

    However, it would be criminal for Arsenal not to bring in an additional Centre
    Back in view of what has occurred this season. Koscielny has clearly got problems at the moment and tendonitis is the type of injury which can continue for months.

    Wenger needs a player who can play on the left side of defence mainly as a centre back, but also as a full back if required. Hummels would be the best option, but unrealistic on two counts namely Transfer Fee and the fact that he would be Champions League Cup Tied. Frankly we cannot afford to sit around
    and hope that he is available in the summer.

    Therefore my guess knowing Wenger’s mentality will be that he will go for a
    low budget younger player. The name being suggested is Laporte who is a
    French U21 International playing for Athletic Bilbao. Another option who would be affordable, because his contract ends in summer is Schar of Basel, but he would be Champions League Cup Tied.

    Other names mentioned are Read [West Ham] and Van Dijk [Celtic], but I doubt that either of these players would come cheap particularly since their clubs will know our current predicament.

  26. Zacharse

    come on ros

    it’s not about this season, its about the coach living on past laurels to excuse huge mistakes that the fans see. and that the fans are tired of. at some point it would be nice to see a sustained run at the league. ffs!

  27. Jeff

    “I think that has given him an incredible maturity and mental strength that we will need going forward.”

    Nope Wenger didn’t say it. It was Roy Hodgson about Rooney. 😆

    Yeah, Woy’s going places.

  28. kenyangooner

    Walked into my office , read that manciteh are in for diego simeone, remembered that wenger has two plus years left to slowly drain the life out of our fans. I made a mad dash for the gents and pucked my guts out. I earned a sick day off, that’s the only ‘positive’ thing I have gained from this circus. Let me enjoy my day off.

  29. TheBayingMob

    Podolski says he could leave in Jan due to lack of first team football. Certainly seeing a crocked and shit postman favoured over a proven international goal scorer when you’re trailing an away PL game would make you consider your status at the club. Wenger is a lost old man. Shame on all AKBs and apologists who supported the man over the club for far too long.

  30. Hitman49

    This is all so familiar ground we are on here !

    So for fun I’ve come up with a new acro for the AKB

    AKB = Spurs fans

    So from now on they are Spurs fans,and ate to be referred to as Spurs fans…

    Because there is no way they can ever be arsensl fans,as that mad french man resembles nothing I hold dear about my team and club.


  31. Shaun Wilson


    What the fuck difference does it make that Hummels is ‘cup tied’? Who in their right mind thinks that we have a chaffinches testicle of a chance of winning the ECL anyway?

  32. Emiratesstroller

    Shaun Wilson

    The point I was making is that Hummels is cup tied because he is playing for Borussia Dortmund and they will qualify for next stage of CL. Why would they sell him at this stage of competition?

    The transfer fee for Hummels is going to be significantly more than Wenger or club will be willing to pay in January. The club are not going to spend more
    than £100 million in the current financial year.

  33. Leedsgunner

    Hummels will never happen. Too expensive for Wenger… end of discussion. The frustrating thing is Aymeric Laporte was available last year in January for as little as £12m but true to form Wenger dithered — and even he is beyond our budget.

    Is it Arteta has been given an 1 year extension?

    What a joke?!? That’s ambition isn’t?!!!

  34. Leedsgunner


    No doubt Wenger will bore everyone with how SO unfair it is and how we don’t have any money while we give extensions to all our deadweights. I wouldn’t be surprised if Diaby is next! BOO!!!