High level leaks show support for Wenger fading at club…

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Oh my, tings be heating up in tha red hot kitchen that is Arsenal!

Matt Law, of Telegraph fame dropped a story yesterday that amounted to what I’d call a very high level leak. The jist of his story is that Arsenal coaching staff are dismayed by the tactics put forward by Arsenal. Quite an amazing piece. Why? Well, Arsenal don’t generally suffer from leaks that you’d classify as disruptive. Also, Matt is a Telegraph journo, he wouldn’t be making stuff up and he wouldn’t be seeding stories that could potentially damage his ability to gain future stories.

My guess, that leak has come from somewhere very reliable. I can’t remember a leak that substantial for years. Like I said yesterday, the players know exactly how bad it is and so do the coaching staff and so do the management at the club. The iron wall at Arsenal is starting to crack because people are bored of it all. It also feels like it’s come from somewhere reasonably high level because of the transfer storie slipped in after. It’s a bit of a shit sandwich.

‘It’s terrible at Arsenal, but everyone bar Arsene knows it. Oh, and to top of this shit sandwich, we are looking to spend some money on 3rd rate defenders’

All very interesting.

The tide is turning on Arsene Wenger. Finally.

I read a quote from Ian Wright yesterday that stated Steve Bould is often ignored and his suggestions are passed over.

Paul Merson fired back at the manager, making light of the fact that he was a manager and he never threw away a 3 goal lead in 30 minutes.

The worm is turning, press, finally awakening to what has been abundantly clear to most die hard gooners for years. Wenger is no longer elite, he’s holding on for dear life and he’s chipping away at his legacy with a JCB digger.

This is the interesting thing with our manager.

Why the hell would he leave?

Think about his situation, then palm that pretty face of yours, because it’s not good.

Arsene Wenger is entering his mid-sixties. Call me ageist, but at that period in your life, you’re not about the new project. You don’t have the drive and you don’t have the energy to relocate.

As Amy Lawrence said on the podcast I was on the other day, the man has no hobbies. His life is about football. Football. And more football. Imagine the dread he’s going to feel the day after he quits something he’s continuously done over the last 30 years. One day, he’s controlling the type of trainers the cleaning lady is wearing, the next, he’s sat in front of a TV with nothing to do bar some chores his wife has assigned him. That’s a pretty horrible feeling. Wenger isn’t a man content with spending an afternoon stripping wallpaper.

Then think of the power. The biggest fear of a man with all the power, is to have no power. One day, you’re king of the world, next day, no one gives a shit about you. That’s got to be pretty scary. Power is addictive. Status is alluring. The idea that one day, no one would care about what you think has got to weigh heavy on your mind. At Arsenal, he literally has it all. He controls everything. He has almost zero accountability. He’s not there to be questioned. Why would he leave?

Look at his behaviour of late. Incredulous Jacqui Oatley would ask him some pretty standard questions. Dismayed that Paul Merson would dare step up to him with legitimate complaints. I mean, how dare a pundit have an opinion on him! I can’t imagine what he thinks of the bloggers… but let me tell you Arsene, I’ve managed a Sunday League team for two very successful years, with zero transfer budget. I have all the rights to question you.

Anyway, look at all of the above. It’s the perfect storm. The perfect… ‘THERE’S NO WAY I’D EVER LEAVE’… storm. It’s pretty depressing.

It’s the same with Stan Kroenke. We have an owner who is sitting on a massive property in London. It doesn’t really matter what he does with the club, it goes up in value. He doesn’t have an interest in running it like a sporting enterprise and he doesn’t have an interest in selling it to someone with a ambition. He doesn’t have any interest making his manager accountable or analysing the total shit show he’s running. All he cares about it that big fat portfolio he’s running.

It’s sooooo depressing.

Thing is, Ivan Gazidis is a fan. I’m almost certain he sees what we see. He’s younger than Arsene by about 30 years. He’ll read the internetz. He’ll have spies around the training ground. He’ll hear what goes on. He’ll see the results on the pitch. He’ll know that Shad Forsythe has been put on cone duty and Tony Colbert is wearing that gold crown again for the bantz. He’ll know that Steve Rowley is scouting out the back of a 2006 copy of L’Quipe. But ultimately, until you break the cycle of Wenger and Stan. Until you stand up and go bold, we’ll just be a club that ticks over. A club that’s happy with average. A club that took the biggest risk of all time in moving stadium, then decided that risk was no longer an option.

I don’t mean to quote Nik Bendtner, but he said something interesting the other week when he was asked about those silly comments he made back in the day…

‘If you don’t want to be the best at whatever you do, why bother?’ sic

Damn straight Nik. Damn straight. Who sets out to be average? This doesn’t mean you’re a failure if you don’t achieve your goals, it just means you have to take stock, rethink, then go again. That’s the way of the world. That’s the way of sport.

Why doesn’t Wenger care about that now?

Why doesn’t Stan want his sports club to be the best?

What is Ivan doing to improve things? Why isn’t he stripping Wenger of his power? Why doesn’t he take advantage of Wenger having no clue. Why doesn’t he use this situation to his strategic advantage?

I’d be in there, sacking the old boys who aren’t delivering. I’d be empowering the young guys who want to make an impact and I’d be taking back the club cleaning lady trainer, by cleaning lady trainer. Because the problem now, is Arsene is running things. Badly. And no one is stepping in.

‘But he’d resign if he lost his power’

Firstly, no he wouldn’t. Secondly, who cares? If he’s immature to throw his toys out the pram when someone tries to make an improvement, then he’s not the right guy for us.

‘But he said no to Madrid and PSG’

Again, who cares? He’d have tanked at Madrid and he’d tank at PSG right now (actually, not sure if you can ever tank at PSG). Loyalty to the club was commendable. He’s done a great job over the years. But there comes a time when you have to move on. To my mind, I’d never, ever want a manager for 18 years again. It’s unhealthy in the extreme. The game moves to fast nowadays. If you’re somewhere for so long, you become entrenched, complacent and invincible. Arsenal are bigger than any man, we can never allow this situation to repeat.

Don’t fear him going. United have screwed themselves because they’ve made two very poor appointments. Spurs have screwed themselves because they brought in the wrong manager to deal with those players. City have a manager who I don’t rate. Chelsea got it right. We can get it right. Match the players to the manager and build out a world class infrastructure.

Again, this one is on you Ivan. Prove your worth when the manager goes and the fans will love you. But in my opinion, you should start now,  because the clean up operation post Wenger is looking like it’s going to be more and more expensive as each season passes.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts for today.


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  1. Follow the money

    Chelsea have the ideal set up. They change managers they change players they make big mistakes in the market but they are always competitive. They got to the CL final with Avram Grant as manager ffs. Their infrastructure is really good. That’s what we should go for. Look at Man U. Fergie leaves they suck. Look at us. Wenger has total control we suck. Gazidis should be building our infrastructure (maybe he is…?) Get that done and then get Simeone. We’d start winning immediately

  2. London gunner

    The PR for arsenal is a general disaster.

    The fact you have the most senior figures like sir chips saying we stay quiet when there isn’t a plan is a shambles an embarrassment and shows a little incite into the chaos behind the scenes.

    .qhat made it worse was how sir chips said it so proudly As if the fans will respect the boards complete incompetence and lack of any sovereignty as if somehow we will see that a huge organisation that is arsenal defering complete an utter power to wenger is somehow proper sound practice.

    Then you have wenger publicly slating sanchez for no reason, as if like a jealous school girl.

    Then wingers ludicrous comments about Merson utterly rising to the bait and being left with egg all over his face and Mersin laughing

  3. Emiratesstroller

    Wenger will never give a straightforward answer to the supporters on football matters, because he considers that he has a superior knowledge to most of

    However, perhaps the time has come for shareholders, supporters and even
    the Arsenal Supporters Club to send emails or letters asking the CEO and Chair of Board to offer an explanation as to why the club went into a new season with just 6 defenders on its books including Koscielny known to be injured, Gibbs who is injury prone and Chambers a 19 year old with absolutely no CB experience at EPL level.

    I am willing to bet that even they must be concerned about the lack of defensive resources at the club.

    Frankly Wenger is beginning to remind me of the ‘Emperor without Clothes’.

  4. Romford Pele

    LG, no Theo said he was the quickest in an interview last week. Said he’s faster now than he was pre-injury.

    I also hear that Gnabry is very much up there. Who knows though really, I’ve seen Welbeck in the flesh and once he starts accelerating, it’s pretty much a wrap for the defender. That said Rosicky in the top 5 doesn’t surprise me. Always able to change the tempo of the game and seems able to eat 50 yards with the ball at his feet in next to no time

  5. TitsMcgee

    Their infrastructure is really good.”

    Them or Bayern.

    As a matter of fact there is no reason IMO why we shouldn’t be competing for big honors the way Bayern does.

  6. London gunner


    I didn’t even count sanchez in that list his got to be faster than welbeck and rosiscky

    Jesus we got some pace now

  7. TitsMcgee

    They are two different sports but the QB from the Bengals in the NFL just ripped his knee up for the second time in 8 years and I believe he has had surgery on his other knee as well.

    He will make a good stunt man for RoboCop pretty soon.

  8. Cesc Appeal

    The desperation in the pro-Wenger lobby now, wow.

    Today I’ve seen negative fans blamed, bad luck with injuries, no players available in the summer better than those playing right now and SANCHEZ being blamed.

    No wonder we get the piss taken out of us by other fans. I was reading something from a Chelsea supporter today saying “goons this time last year were gobbing off about winning the league”…thought don’t include me in that mate, I said all along we’d bomb in classic fashion.

  9. N5

    “Does Cock-sucking Kevin still come the blog to tell us how great Lord Wenger is, or are things now too shameful even for him?”

    Kev may of had different views, but he was always a nice guy. I think it’s a bit much calling him a cock sucker because he was Pro-Wenger don’t you?

  10. Cesc Appeal

    Didn’t we have this the other day? Kevin is now Proud Kevin on a different blog, a blog located somewhere inside Wenger’s colon?

  11. TitsMcgee

    “goons this time last year were gobbing off about winning the league”

    “But we’re top” and “but we bought Ozil” were the two main rallying cries whenever Wenger was criticized last year at this time.

    When we face-planted(as predicted) the story changed to being happy we led the league for so long vs the “oil-money” clubs.

  12. Jeff

    Most of you have probably already seen this but I switched off soon as the game was over because I couldn’t face the analysis afterwards. However, watching it now Bellamy and Carragher are making some real insightful comments about how we lost to Swansea. Even they look exasperated and they’re not even fans of AFC.

    So for the benefit of those who haven’t seen it, here it is again in full HD.


  13. Cesc Appeal


    It was particularly prevalent around January time as the window edged closer and closer to closing and poster on here said if Wenger fails to sign what we need then he’s throwing any chance of the league away.

    That was greeted by “but we’re top…we’ll see.”

    Those guys were nowhere to be seen at the end of the season and then there was all kinds of crazy rationale based on betting odds, bad luck and all sorts…was mad.

  14. Arsene's Nurse

    Amongst all the doom and gloom about the Arse I thought I’d share this story from my brother:

    He has two kids aged 7 and 4 and they went out into the woods where they live to jump about in the leaves and make a den and stuff. After about an hour the four year old says, “Daddy, I need a poo”.

    So my brother gets him sorted and he manages to go for a number two in the woods.

    Later on as they are walking home, just as they are coming out of the woods, they meet another family whom they know – their daughter is in the same class as my brother’s daughter aged 7. However, this family is a bit haughty-taughty, very competitive, massive gossipers and the sort to always looking down their noses at others.

    My brother isn’t really keen on them, but they stop and chat any way as you do, when all of a sudden the four year old pipes up and very proudly says……..

    I did a poo in the woods!

    My brother could have killed him. Of all the people to tell he told the one family who’ll tell just about everyone.

    Kids eh?

  15. Frankie T

    A couple of seasons ago when we were 7 points (or 11 can’t remember) behind the enemy I said to someone that the worst thing to happen to arsenal would be to beat spurs. We beat them 5-2 and in the moment I was overjoyed as we all were. But that game and qualifying for the ucl saved wenger from all hell breaking loose. Then we have the cup final, 2 down and I’m actually thinking that this one big embarrassment will finally finish wenger and part of me thinks for the greater good this wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen to lose to hull and finally start rebuilding the club with a new vision. But again overjoyed that we won and broke the trophy duck. But it’s the pattern now, wenger saving his skin by the finest of margins. This year will be “we made top 4 with more injuries than any other club, we are consistent when you look at the numbers blah blah” but it’s the same old same old. So basically I’m wondering would getting spanked by Man U be enough for the tide to turn against wenger and for fan pressure to be at a level where it could have an effect? I’d love nothing more than to batter united but what about the greater good?

  16. Cesc Appeal

    Daniel Levy looking to bring in Paul Mitchell from Southampton, their head of recruitment.

    Looks as of Pochettino is going to get time then instead of the Levy firing squad.

    Levy’s identified that Spurs scouting network and recruitment is flawed. Be interesting to see how that one turns out. No denying Southampton’s recruitment has been impressive on the whole the last few years.

  17. Cesc Appeal

    Podolski is surely on his way out in January? Giroud is back in training next week and Yaya Sanogo comes off the bench ahead of him.

    To be honest we should sell both Podolski and Campbell in January, or use them as make weights if possible. Pointless letting them depreciate in value. Wenger should have sold Campbell in the summer if he wasn’t planning on using him, whilst his value was at it’s peak after the WC. Again, poor management, shock horror.

  18. SpanishDave

    What other top managers have muppets like Sanogoal in their squads.
    Wengers trying to polish turds, why with over 100m in the bank its totally insane.
    Sanchez will loose interest after the break and results will really go south.
    Ozil will go through the motions and feing injury to keep away from the dross.

  19. SUGA3

    konichiwa bitches, DooM Supremo is in da house :mrgreen:

    the tide is definitely turning now, my office’s resident AKB has embraced the Good News and he now fully agrees that Wenger should politely fornicate in the general away direction of his choice…

    as one of regulars on this site back in the day, I thought Wenger was done for after the 07/08 season when he allowed Hleb and Flamini to leave, no great manager would ever allow that to happen, seeing the way they gelled with Cesc and Rosicky, simple as that…

    even back then the limited resources we had should have been managed WAY more efficiently, not spunked on the likes of Lego haired fake Brazilian and Taxi Shagger Bendtner paying them more than they will ever earn at any club anywhere else – I said it at the point of them being paid that, et voila!

  20. Keyser

    On the Football Weekly podcast they were talking about Ralph Kruger, he’s Southampton Chairman, he really came from nowhere unless others can add their knowledge ? I’m looking at you Muricans, and is a former NHL Ice Hockey coach.


    “Krueger does not do negatives. He even regards the receipt of angry fan mail as a positive. “These people took time to write me a letter to say that I’m a complete idiot,” he says, with a nod towards the outpouring of emotion that followed the sales of the five. “That’s OK. If you can get that passion in line with what you are doing – what an opportunity that is.”

    They supposedly knew exactly who they were going to sell and had already scouted and identified players like Tadic and Pelle before Koeman had arrived.

    Their thinking was one in, one out, Pelle is similar to Lambert and has proved an adequate fit.

    A bit like Swansea the make-up seems to be that they roll on despite the manager, I think between relegation and the top 3-6, there’s definetly enough inefficiencies for promoted or lower to mid-table clubs to exploit.

    Similar to West Ham, the pooling of talent at top clubs has mean’t that at some point the other clubs were simply going to benefit from not only exploiting the excess of top level clubs, but also their recruitment policies.

    The cut throat nature at the top leaves a fair few players that are discarded or simply overlooked because they won’t maintain the competitive edge right at the top.

  21. Keyser

    It will be interesting if Southampton or Swansea ever get to the Tottenham, Everton point, especially because the winner of the Europa League now gets a shot at the Champions League.

    Also about Weleh’s speed, he seems more mechanical, a bit like Ox, Henry used to shift through gears effortlessly, likewise Walcott the acceleration and stamina at speed is amazing.

    Henry over 5 yards or 20 also seemed to be able to keep the ball under control without looking like he was struggling, if Weleh can get that right he’d be fearsome.

  22. Cesc Appeal

    Anybody seen Interstellar?

    Went to see it and I got to say for all the rave reviews and scores it’s getting, wasn’t THAT impressed.

    Maybe I was expecting too much. Solid enough film, entertaining, extremely heavy but I just sort of felt it didn’t have a point. Didn’t really have a conclusion to it I didn’t feel anyway.

    Won’t say anything in case people are planning on seeing it; but anyone else seen it feel the same.

  23. Johnty79

    In the last 12 years forget about the players Chelsea and man city out bid us for. Then consider the team of players wenger passed on. Our team could of looked like the following. And yes we could of had kompany but passed on him in 2005 when he was worth 12m.

    Our midfield from 2005-2012 should of been

    Cesc carrick Yaya.

    Cesc would of stayed if we signed good players.

  24. Follow the money

    Frankie T that’s the dilemma of 90% of LG. Of course we are overjoyed when Arsenal win BUT most of us also know there will be nothing but more hammerings from the big boys farcical transfer windows and mediocrity unless we lose out on top 4. That’s why I don’t slam the people who hope we lose. The stagnation and lack of ambition at Arsenal smacks of cowardice

  25. Gunner2301


    Great post today as well as yesterday bang on with your sentiment.

    If anybody is looking at organising the fly by I will contribute. I think it’s important now that certain players are calling Wenger out that we also apply pressure we might not get another opportunity like this. If we can keep his failings in the media we will be able to embarrass him into resigning.


  26. london gunner


    I think Southampton is a great example of delegation and specilisation at its finest.

    They have a coach Koeman, they have a transfer genius krueger ect.

    Whilst at Arsenal we have the all knowing all powerful Wenger.

    By saying Koeman isn’t responsible for the transfers isn’t a very good defence of Wenger… it actually ends up answering more question about how and why Wenger is failing.

    Its just with modern businesses it is not del boy jack of all trades or autocratic power over every minute detail. Its delegating to your specialised staff with their specialised knowledge, skills and training. Problem is Wenger doesn’t get this so he spreads himself to thin and degrades the confidence of his staff which is likely to have a massive impact on their performance and future results.

    If boss A doesn’t have faith in employee B and the confidence to trust B to make correct decisions in B’s field of expertise what would B be doing in that role?
    and to further that why would then boss A not hire the best professional for that specific role?

    The answer is Wenger likes to keep his team weak to keep control of his environment. Its similar to maggie thatcher and her cabinet, they were weak willed men she was a force to be reckoned with either it ended badly for her and I think it will do so for Wenger.

  27. Cesc Appeal


    Very different films.

    Its scope dwarfs gravity and it takes on complex scientific issues like relativity and black holes (to differing success)- lots more characters than gravity and is a very heavy watch, in substance and emotion.

    I liked gravity, I wouldn’t say the special effects are any better in Interstellar but then I think Gravity was about the effects and experience, Interstellar was a bit a story AND showing off. I’d give it a 7/10. See what you think.

  28. london gunner

    Also Moyes head of Real Sociedad WTF!

    His done alright for himself! Thought he’d have to start again at Championship level

  29. Irondawg

    I probably wont enjoy it as much, cos my girl has been gushing about matthew mcconaughey for the last fortnight. Jokes on her though cos J laws new hunger games coming out soon lolol

    Having said that though, Interstellar is a Christopher Nolan film so I have high expectations. I loved the Batman films.. pretty much all of his films

    I heard interstellar is more confusing than Inception as well

  30. Zacharse

    There’s one thing about Wenger, among others i guess, that REALLY doesn’t add up
    For a man who is supposed to be a workaholic and with no hobbies other than football, how can his planning and decision making be so terrible?!!!
    If he spends so much time working, then what the f^^k is he working at!??
    Him Diaby and Sanogo having meaningful liufe discussions? reviewing currency fluctuations? FFS!!!

    And honestly I feel for Sanogo. I like him and think he will eventually come good, but not under Wenger. Kid’s got to prove himself!

  31. Jeff


    Yeah it looks too emotion laden for my liking. I did watch Gravity from beginning to end without dozing off so that’s a big plus.

    I’m more of a Bourne or Bond type of person. On the other side of the spectrum I could watch Shrek 10 times without flinching. I do however like science fiction as well but not when it’s portrayed in the near future.

    Anyway Interstellar has a score of 9.1 on IMDB so obviously a big endorsement but it really is a matter of personal taste. I’ve watched movies with a score of 8 or more and thought they were dog-shit.

    I can only comment on what I saw in the trailer for Interstellar and it doesn’t seem like the sort of film I’d enjoy.

  32. Irondawg

    Yh Zach for a guy with an economics degree and a head for numbers. Surely he must know 83rd minute substitutions are stupid, why not try influence the game earlier when we have just scored and need some fresh impetus. Bringing on sanogo to get a 8 or 9 minutes of play to try and score is ridiculous

    Double substitutions at the 80th minute mark, when our team fades after the 60 minute mark possibly due to the fact the same starting line up has played thrice over the course of one week.

    But hey what do I know, I just used to manage a u14s sunday football team!

  33. Jeff


    It’s all bullshit hot air. He portrays himself as God’s gift to football but when it comes down to it, he can’t even get the basics right. So what are we to make of that?

  34. Irondawg

    Not noticing Jefferson Montero, who when I saw playing for Ecuador in that central america CON-something cup, looked like a megastar in the making. Even at the world cup he was skinning people and leaving them in his wake. ALL fucking Game. Not noticing this guy annihilating Chambers and finding a solution to this, but simply letting it be, is a sackable offence. I dont think SAF or Mourinho would have sat on their 8mill pocketing backsides and let this be… Fucking joke. Wenger has never shown to be a reactionary manager. I have never seen any formation changes or instructions implemented. Its shocking, but modern game has changed and Wenger has gone stagnant. Needs to go.

  35. Cesc Appeal


    It is a Nolan film all over, like watching moving art, very crisp, clean frames but they sort of feel lifeless and cold.

    It’s not really confusing to be honest mate. It’s just like Inception, except it, don’t try to read into too much, so go with it.


    Yeah, it’s one of those I’d say “wouldn’t go see it again” to, but glad I saw it. Over hyped though I think. Though Mcconaughey has come on leaps and bounds, he’s terrific again.

    Kid who plays Murph is brilliant as well!

    But yeah, got to say Guardians of the Galaxy is the best film I’ve seen all year. Utterly brilliant.

  36. Irondawg

    I cant remember the feeling of winning and/or having a consistent run of games … My favourite game is last year’s performance against Napoli in the champions league. I dont think we have ever played as well for the continuous 90 minutes ever since. It’s always been ugly wins or sparse moments of magic. The batterings, boy they will haunt me for years. Thanks wenger!

  37. Irondawg

    London Gunner you should start reading Untold posts. Makes me wanna drown puppies in vitriolic acid. There was one about terry fucking venebles after the swansea game rather than that miscreant doings of that scrooge wenger.

    There sole purpose to deflect and divert any blame from Wenger is truly sickening.

    This justarsenal fella always chats a lot of gas tbf especially when it comes to transfer market gossip. But I agree that we are lucky that spurs, liverpol, utd and city are as crap as we are at this moment.

    The only positives I can take is that I dont have to watch the shit show that is Arsenal for another two weeks

  38. Dissenter

    Can we repatriate Piers Morgan back to you guys permanently. He’s been out of work in the states for a while but wont disappear. He’s now the editor-at-large for the daily mail about American affairs. His American commentary is just as cerebral as Adrian Durham’s views about Arsenal.
    Anytime I hear the dude speak about Arsenal, I want to run and hug Wenger.

  39. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger is now officially just taking the piss if that’s true.

    After Swansea lamenting our inability to not control the central middle having ignored the CDM all summer; then offers Arteta an extension.

  40. Dissenter

    The day Arteta signs an extension is the day we resigned ourselves to mediocrity.
    I don’t get the sentimentality, his legs are gone and he just isn’t good enough.

    We are done until Wenger leaves. I guess the search for DM has come up short.

  41. Jeff

    Maybe he’ll be the backup to a brand new world class DM that Wenger is going to buy in January or Summer.

    That’s me being positive.

  42. london gunner

    Areta contract you have a laughing?

    We need to get part ways with areta and flamini get a replacement for each.

    I;d go for Scherdlin and Krammer/bender.

    I know we have ramsey who should play in the pivot but when he or schenrdlin get injured we would be stuck with flamini or arteta.

    I would then sell Giroud,cazorla and podolski.
    Bring in a striker whose World class or at least elite status, an AM for Cazorla that can rotate with Ozil and promote akpom to third choice striker.

    I would also bring in right back clyne as deputy for debuchy and start playing chambers as first choice CB with Kos as well as adding 2 cb’s back ups and selling monreal then adding a left back whose A not injury prone and B better defensively.

    2 New DM’s
    1 new striker
    1 new attacking mid
    1 new Rb
    1 new left back
    2 new Cb’s

  43. Johnty79

    Deep down I think Durham is an arsenal fan. True arsenal fans are hurt by the current state of affairs and act out. People who don’t give shit( half the people who go to the emirates ) just sit there and take it.

    Our transition season was 2007. 2008 was a great team if kept together. Remember the unbeatables wouldn’t of beaten man utd of 2008.

    Reports of linking Daniel alvez are rediculas. He would be the worst signing in the history of football. He’s past it and can’t defend.

  44. Johnty79

    Cabayes available. Buy him sell wilshere.

    People think we need top draw centre halfs. All we need are two big lumps. More nimble than mertzaker.

    I really think you could take any two forth devision centre halfs and they would do better than mert and Montreal. How many goals gave they cost this season?

  45. MidwestGun

    Hi Y’all….
    Arteta extension? Lol. Guess we needed more players on the injury list next year. With Diaby possibly leaving. Altho, Giroud, Arteta, Diaby extensions would be the trifecta of incredibly stupid decisions all in one year…. so ya…. wtf… sign them up.
    Sad when Sanogoal… coming on in the 89th minute isn’t even surprising anymore. Been desensitized to bizarre decisions.

  46. london gunner


    I dunno about Piers his a massive cunt sure but his incredibly smart guy.


    Great interview with Arsenal Fan Tv.

    Also I get you americans love your guns but he was dead right on that one. Its sas how many kids have to get wiped out in school shooting before you guys go “hey maybe the whole having tons of guns about isn’t that great an idea”

    You will notice there are dramatically less school shootings in Britain and Germany ect.

  47. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah, willing to bet Diaby is next, Wenger will wait for some good form and maybe Diaby kicking a football and slip that one in

  48. Irondawg

    You know this means he is captain next year. And will continue playing at the heart of our midfield, despite being a year older, and slower with ageing legs. At the expense of a mobile DM

  49. Johnty79

    I still stand by wellbeck…he offers more than giroud.

    Makes you sick. Wenger rewards those who kiss his arse. He really is a disgrace.

    I think we might hammer man utd coming up. Which will give wenger another escape.

    Why can’t any journalist call wenger a failure to his face?

  50. Relieable sauce

    A poster (VJ I think) summed it up pretty well recently – Arsenal have become a big joke but the fans are the only ones not in on it.

    Though they phrased it better.

    Regarding Arteta, true or not its a constant piss take being a gooner.

  51. MidwestGun

    I suppose it’s all part of the longterm plan for stability and efficency in our midfield. Keep our players together for years so they can figure it out? Lol. Efficiency through familiarity. Nevermind they just aren’t good and have no idea what they are supposed to be doing tactically on top of that. *sigh*

    Can’t believe it’s international break again, already. Didn’t we just have one?

  52. Arsene's Nurse

    Jeff November 11, 2014 21:08:27

    The ultimate piss take would be Diaby extension. That would be icing on the cake.
    Stop it. Don’t give them any ideas!

  53. Steve

    “Reports of linking Daniel alvez are rediculas. He would be the worst signing in the history of football. He’s past it and can’t defend.”

    Ha Ha. That’s one confirmed for January then.

  54. MidwestGun

    You. Can just watch the games and see Arteta will struggle for fitness another year. I think he has played the full 90 only twice this year not counting preseason and Community shield.

  55. Ozy

    I wouldn’t call Piers intelligent. Any rational, level-headed person knows we need gun control but this country isn’t run by level-headed people. His controversy after his comments about the transexual woman in his show said it all about his intelligence, really.

    Arteta signing a 1-year contract also implies Wenger’s not leaving this year. Wenger is doing just enough to squeeze in 4th until he leaves. It could very well blow up in his face but how lucky is it that City (probably not so much City but it’s a given they’ll finish 2nd or 3rd this year), Liverpool and Man U are all in “crisis” as well? Leaving the race for 4th very well in our hands?

    Arteta can provide depth and be a decent back up in cup games and for SOME rotation but that’s not really what’s going to happen here. He’s our captain. He’s going to play every single game as long as he’s not injured, regardless of form or opposition. That’s the Wenger way. 😉

  56. carts


    Been buzzing off of seeing Inter’ as far back as it was announced. Something like Spielberg pied it off and the Nolan bros took over. But yeah…hoping I enjoy it like I do most of Nolan’s gigs.

    Btw, anyone seen Nightcrawler? Gyllenhal was top notch in it.

  57. carts

    Paaaaaaa! Arteta getting an extension when he’s EVIDENTLY passed it.

    @Jeff – bookies have suspended bets on Diaby getting a 1 year ext.

  58. N'Gambo

    PFffflamini is here because he came on free.

    No-one wanted any money for him. A give-away. No value.

    Wenger grabbed it like a madman at a garbage sale.

    Arsenal – the 4th biggest club in the world by revenue.

  59. Ozy

    Didn’t we double his wage when we resigned Flamini? Even though no club was after him, he was a free agent and training at our club, and what, 29, 30? How does that make any sense?

    Did Wenger cheat his way through college to get his economics degree? There’s no demand for Flamini, he’s basically throwing himself at us by training with us and we DOUBLE his contract from what it was where he was let go?

    Podolski on 90,000 a week but has only played about 45 minutes this season?


  60. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Y’all aware that this build up of media frenzy questioning him will only resolve in on way…..
    He will become even more stubborn , beligerent , and determined to be proved right,

    Also Andy 1886

    He post some nice well received posts on untold……

    Is it the same one as on here…

    Also when posting could it be colour coded , you know red if you are a akb or yellow if you want him out,,,,,

    Me I’m a yellow

  61. N'Gambo

    Ozy … there must be a possibility of elaborate back-room corruption.

    Who knows how Flamini dispenses with his doubled-up salary, or Diaby his 90K a week extension, or any other weird anomalies with players and pay and contracts.

  62. Ozy

    There needs to be an inquisition about our wage structure. Money laundering perhaps? I kid.

    But all jokes aside, it’s a disaster. Players handed out extravagant contracts to reward their “potential,” not results or consistent form. And the ceiling? Wilshere is on what, 90,000k? He’s only 22. Where do you go from there when Ozil and Sanchez are on about 140,000k?

    Koscielny is on 60 yet Debuchy is on 70 on his first season here? It doesn’t make sense.

  63. Ozy

    Wilshere is on a higher salary than Oscar, Willian, Schuurle, Drogba, Ivanovic, Valencia, Navas, on the same salary as Dzeko, Sterling, Lallana… should I go on?

  64. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    In this current spate

    Wenger will have his aides working over time to deflect ,, c
    It will be like an episode of ‘in the thick of it ‘
    Or yes minister ,,,,

    You see a back room staff will lose his job or their will be a new signing to the back room team .,,, a wenger hand picked appointment

  65. N'Gambo

    Ozy – why do you ‘kid’ about money laundering – football is totally corrupt.

    Signing a 90K per week extension for Diaby? Really? Where does that money actually go.

    And that’s ONE player.

  66. Gunner2301

    I mentioned the Arteta contract yesterday. Proves you guys don’t read anything I write 🙂

    Not only did Wenger fuck up by giving him the captaincy but he’s prolonged his Arsenal career when it was dubious that he was ever good enough in the first place not to move us forward anyway.

    We’ll see a bulletin about Diabys extension in the new year mark my words.


  67. Jeff

    The only possible way that giving Arteta another contract becomes rational and acceptable is if he plans to use him as a back-up to someone else that’s going to come in to take that position by the scruff of the neck and ensure we don’t get caught out. But I’m not optimistic. It smells like Arteta is going to continue to carry that role into 2016 as a first team player. And that is simply mind boggling if that is how it transpires.

  68. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    All these people saying we are crictisng wenger after one draw an one defeat in two games have got it wrong……

    This is a dish that’s been cooking for a long time and when it’s served up it tastes awful,,,,

    No wenger has become football complacent , and a city guru .

    We are deemed dead in the water …

  69. MidwestGun

    Jeff –
    Arteta might make a good coach/mentor sort of like Giggs at Man U. but another year extension on top of an injury plagued year? What warrants that extension? Make him a bench coach not a backup, imo. It seems like a slap In the face to every pundit saying we need a cdm especially given the timing. I’m sure it’s concidental…. ya right. I hope it’s rumor mill b.s.

  70. Arsenewonga

    I hope we get blitzed by Manu and vp smashes in a hatrick……what ensues is gooners smashing the fuck out of each other ..lonely to then wake up realize that it’s all wengers fault and smash him to pieces…
    I love the word smash…

    For mash get…….

  71. Jeff


    I am bay no means trying to defend it – merely trying to rationalise an otherwise completely lunatic decision to keep going with a tyre that has no tread left. Obviously the area of defence has been short for a while and the position of DM is paramount to repelling or stopping excursions into our half. But as we all have recognised, you need someone who can do the job and Arteta (aside from his injuries) can’t actually do that job any more even when he’s fully fit. So if he can’t do that job, what else is there for him?

    I think the part of the reason Wenger plays the 4141 formation is possibly to ensure that the front four give him enough protection so he doesn’t have to do too much defending. But as we all know, it hasn’t quite worked out like that because the front four are busy passing it side to side trying to create an opening. Soon as we lose the ball anywhere in that final third, you can hear the sirens howling.

    We have too many weak links for any formation to work properly and the 4141 seems so far to have been the least effective. I think he’s moving slowly to our more traditional 4231 but it’s all marginal because we’ve lost half the team (mostly defensive roles) to injuries. That shows a lack of planning because we were short in defence when the summer window closed. So now we have dropped so many points that it is virtually impossible to catch up to the front runners.

    Having said all of that, I think we will still manage fourth but I doubt we can actually win anything this season. It’s another one down the drain.

  72. Cesc Appeal

    There really is no point in wishing for defeats or us missing fourth or anything…there is no point where Wenger walks. There are enough fans who are either apathetic toward the success of the club or regard Wenger as more important than Arsenal to turn on him.

    He’s here. That’s it.

    I hate it as much as anyone. I’ve wanted Wenger out since the 2010/11 season, but we’ve got to be realistic; we all know what Wenger is, what motivates him and what he desires. He’s an egotist, with a constant desire to do things his way and receive plaudits even if an easier more fruitful path is available. He adores being adored, and being listened to, if he leaves Arsenal that’s done, he’s a footnote in football history and Arsenal’s.

    Unless something truly, truly cataclysmic happens, I’m talking relegation or something; I can’t see Wenger leaving. Sorry.

  73. MidwestGun

    Ugh….. keeping Arteta an extra year.. is actually more depressing then locking up Giroud long-term. We might as well lockup Sanogo long-term as well… Arteta has very little upside other than pk taker. Wouldn’t the rational thing to do be wait and see how his injuries and the rest of this season plays out? Running the team like a social club isn’t exactly working. Smacks of rewarding a yes man with a bonus year.

  74. Gunner2301


    I’ve been making aeguments about these players contracts for some time.

    It appears as if Wenger just rolls over and says tickle my tummy. Jack got a hike to 80k when hed had a good half season. Gibbs getting around 60k and hasn’t played a full season yet. Ox rising to 60k after first season making 26 appearances mainly from the bench. Ramsey also got an increase before his breakout season.

    He throws money at them because he can. He buys loyalty so he won’t be questioned and they’re all grateful to him and will protect him when the time comes.

  75. Ces1ne

    -while I understand the comment about Arteta becoming a “bench coach” or in a “Giggs role at Manure” to guide the younger players at first…..when you actually REALLY think about it, what has Arteta achieved to make him good to guide our younger players??? While Arteta was not a slouch in his prime, he was NO Giggs & whether we hate him or Manure, it’s a fact he’s one of the best ever in the EPL. Arteta was an above-average playmaker for Soceiedd, Rangers, & Everton then did a decent job in a role he wasn’t suited for when wenger bought him…..hardly someone with the winning mentality & experience of one our legends from The Invicibles or Manures best veterans like Giggs.

    Meh, don’t mind me….I’m just sick of the mediocrity & the broken record that’s become ingrained in OUR club.

  76. Arsenewonga

    Fucking hell

    Wenger out for me for the past 4 to 5 years

    Cannot stand the self ingratiating French fucker know nothing ..George graham wannabe

    Let’s face it …the French turd couldn’t even win an European cup with the wealth of talent he had at his disposal

    George over wenger every fucking day……

  77. Gunner2301


    I actually thought,Arteta,would be sold last summer when there,was interest from Spain. It would have been the right time as he has been in decline and clearly not what we need. I would have personally got rid of Cazorla and Flamini and brought in 2 able bodies form DM we wouldn’t need another attacking mid we have enough.

  78. Ozy

    Definitely, Gunner2301.

    The only problem is its a very short term approach. You’re rewarding kids with huge contracts after not doing much but you’ve imposed a salary ceiling so let’s say they come good and their market price sky rockets… as their contract runs out, how much more can you give them? Sanchez is on only 50 more than Jack Wilshere. That’s not much in today’s economy.

    So they’ll leave. Others will offer much higher contracts than we’re willing to when they become star players (if). Come on.

  79. Gunner2301


    The youth policy was a myth by Wenger. The only players that were worth money were players that he got from elsewhere not that he developed, which he duely sold on for a handsome profit. The one he could have made the most money on, Fabregas he sells at half his value due to sentiment. Fancy that putting Fabregas needs before that of Arsenal football club. What a cunt! At that point he should have walked himself.

    There have been too many traitorous actions from Wenger which shows he doesn’t put the club first. It’s Arsene, then his players then the Club.

  80. Ozy

    Midwest, hahaha. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

    I frequent the NYC subway system much too offen to be able to wear something like that. I’d get mugged every other day.

  81. Ces1ne

    Be mad about Jack & others being overpaid for “potential”
    Be mad about Diaby getting renewed bc he has wengers’ nudes
    Be mad about the defensive issues & “tactics”
    The ONE thing I’m upset about the most, bc it’s so mind blowing & baffling…………is that Yaya Sanogo gets PAID by Arsenal FC bc of something to do with wenger. Not even the staunchest AKB can tell me what he sees in that clown yet he’s there, on the bench, getting minutes…..smdh. I’m being 100% serious here, it’s racking my brain trying to make any sort of sense to it & I’ve LONG stopped trying to make ANY sense of wengers decisions. He signed Sanogo before he started to troll us with comments and tactics, so it’s not that….WHAT IS IT?!?!?????!??!!!!

  82. andy1886

    Yup, that’s me RSPC, trying to get them to see some form of reason. It’s a struggle, see the back and forth I had with the guy on the Venables titled post. He couldn’t get it that it’s not okay to slag one Arsenal manager (Graham) but refute any criticism of another (Wenger). Seems his support for Arsenal only holds as far back as ’96 and before that even Arsenal are fair game for abuse when you want to big up Wenger. Weird.

  83. MidwestGun

    Ces1ne –
    Yeah… I understand that point of view. My thinking was basically if Arteta was physically bigger and had more quickness he would actually be the perfect defensive midfielder in AW’s attack. But as we know he isn’t. But maybe he can coach his style to a better prospect. But then again… I really don’t want to see anymore of AW’s style….. so your probably right.

  84. Ces1ne

    I see people wearing weirder things than that everyday in NYC, don’t know what subway car you’re riding……actually seems that outfits like that fit in better than normal attire in NYC these days!!

  85. Ces1ne

    You summed up what I really meant at the end of the comment when you said “I really don’t want to see anymore of AWs style”
    -which at the moment is defined by “kind of good but not good enough”….which sums up Artetas career for me, leading to my feelings on him being a “coach”

  86. Ozy

    Haha well it seems like an overpriced coat and seeing as how I mostly hang around Washington Heights and Harlem (by choice, live in Queens), not sure if it’d be a great idea.

  87. Ces1ne

    Tbh, looking at my comment I was VERY generous when I said AWs style is “kinda good but not good enough”……that was 2 -3 seasons ago. Now it’s just not good enough.

  88. MidwestGun

    Ozy –
    Ahhh the subway…. not very familiar with that, but I am familiar with the EL trains in Chicago. Lol. Your probably right. It was a compliment means you’ve got style. I most definitely do not. 🙁

  89. Gunner2301


    He’s the replacement for Park as soon as one mystery departs Wenger ingratiates us with another. There’s no other explanation.

    Djourou for Silvestre, Silvestre for Senderos – he just keeps going on

    Chesney for Flappy, Flappy for Almunia – and on

    Gibbs for,Clichy, Monreal for Santos – and on

  90. Ces1ne

    Fair enough…..I was just going by how flashy it was, not how expensive it was. I live in Queens also & work all over the city, so some of the outfits I see in the village & on subway cars in certain areas make Ozils coat look normal.

  91. Ces1ne

    Nope, I don’t buy that bc I can give reasons (not good reasons but there were reasons) for most…….Park, while not good enough for us did play sort of decent at a professional club & was bought bc Wenger was greedy for Asian $$$$, plus he didn’t play. The same can be said about majority of the other you mentioned in terms of proving it at a professional level at some point ………NOT SANOGO!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, it’s the only thing I can’t push under the rug & not let bother me regarding our senile caretaker anymore!!! It makes no sense!!!!

  92. Ces1ne

    The ONLY signing that makes as little sense to me as Sanogo was Kallstrom. Not ONE AKB can explain or give positives for either. Funny thing is that IF Kallstrom didn’t have a broken back he would have been ok, not great, but ok. But wenger signed him WITH a broken back, even Kallstrom said he didn’t understand why & was suprised when his manager told him about the loan!!!!

  93. Gunner2301


    Arteta didn’t have a medical either. And some say that wasn’t a panic buy LMFAO :). You could forgive that if it was Messi or Ronaldo maybe our policy is not to do medical anymore in the bid to save a bit more money, kinda like buying players on deadline day instead of early to save on wages.

  94. Ozy

    Haha Ces1ne. There are definitely some unusual people in this city. The things I’ve seen over the years would make even a grown ass man of the lord lose faith.

    Midwest, never been to nyc? You seem very well traveled, I’m surprised. Unless you mean you haven’t frequented it much.

  95. MidwestGun

    Ces1ne –
    See I think Ospina is similar. There are at least 40 or 50 keepers on his level that aren’t injured we could have signed to help us this year. Same as Kallstrom at deeper lying midfield. Baffles the mind when injuries don’t throw up a red flag considering our history.

  96. Gunner2301


    The worst thing Wenger could do to sabotage the Asian fan base is to take their poster boy and fuck his career u like he has with Park. Then pluck another youth from obscurity (Ryo) bigging him up as if he’s the next Ronaldo then throw him out to the Dutch league hoping to God nobody remember he’s still on your books.

  97. MidwestGun

    Ozy –
    Ya… I’ve been there a couple times. But never frequented the subway, much. The Northeast US I haven’t been to for awhile, honestly. Mostly when I was younger. Well and airports. Not sure that counts. I used to visit relatives in Baltimore, D.C., Northern Va…… so more familiar with that area on east coast.

  98. Ces1ne

    –but I bet the club figured we would cover Parks signing amount & then some with the initial shirt sales, so mission accomplished according to our banker/manager (same thing) bc it would be a small profit. It probably didn’t work out like that, just like so many of the other things the economist wenger thought would pan out but didn’t & he didn’t bphave a backup plan for.

    –Ryo is a different case imho, had nothing to do with shirt sales. Just another small, quick attacking player that our manager/scouting director (same thing) thought was good enough at too young an age like so many others in the same mold. Hell, we have too many now!!!!!!

  99. Gunner2301

    I doubt we made anything on Park we had to beg HMRC to allow us to write him off as a loss apparently. I wasn’t even aware you could do that, but you know Arsenal if there’s a way to save a penny we’ll find it 🙂

  100. Ces1ne

    Plus it doesn’t matter if we piss off the Asian fan base by ruining their poster boy bc all we have to do is send Theo over there during summer tours & all is forgiven. He is like a god over there with the fans….understandable bc he is a marketing dream in terms of character & off the field persona, but they LOVE him there.