High level leaks show support for Wenger fading at club…

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Oh my, tings be heating up in tha red hot kitchen that is Arsenal!

Matt Law, of Telegraph fame dropped a story yesterday that amounted to what I’d call a very high level leak. The jist of his story is that Arsenal coaching staff are dismayed by the tactics put forward by Arsenal. Quite an amazing piece. Why? Well, Arsenal don’t generally suffer from leaks that you’d classify as disruptive. Also, Matt is a Telegraph journo, he wouldn’t be making stuff up and he wouldn’t be seeding stories that could potentially damage his ability to gain future stories.

My guess, that leak has come from somewhere very reliable. I can’t remember a leak that substantial for years. Like I said yesterday, the players know exactly how bad it is and so do the coaching staff and so do the management at the club. The iron wall at Arsenal is starting to crack because people are bored of it all. It also feels like it’s come from somewhere reasonably high level because of the transfer storie slipped in after. It’s a bit of a shit sandwich.

‘It’s terrible at Arsenal, but everyone bar Arsene knows it. Oh, and to top of this shit sandwich, we are looking to spend some money on 3rd rate defenders’

All very interesting.

The tide is turning on Arsene Wenger. Finally.

I read a quote from Ian Wright yesterday that stated Steve Bould is often ignored and his suggestions are passed over.

Paul Merson fired back at the manager, making light of the fact that he was a manager and he never threw away a 3 goal lead in 30 minutes.

The worm is turning, press, finally awakening to what has been abundantly clear to most die hard gooners for years. Wenger is no longer elite, he’s holding on for dear life and he’s chipping away at his legacy with a JCB digger.

This is the interesting thing with our manager.

Why the hell would he leave?

Think about his situation, then palm that pretty face of yours, because it’s not good.

Arsene Wenger is entering his mid-sixties. Call me ageist, but at that period in your life, you’re not about the new project. You don’t have the drive and you don’t have the energy to relocate.

As Amy Lawrence said on the podcast I was on the other day, the man has no hobbies. His life is about football. Football. And more football. Imagine the dread he’s going to feel the day after he quits something he’s continuously done over the last 30 years. One day, he’s controlling the type of trainers the cleaning lady is wearing, the next, he’s sat in front of a TV with nothing to do bar some chores his wife has assigned him. That’s a pretty horrible feeling. Wenger isn’t a man content with spending an afternoon stripping wallpaper.

Then think of the power. The biggest fear of a man with all the power, is to have no power. One day, you’re king of the world, next day, no one gives a shit about you. That’s got to be pretty scary. Power is addictive. Status is alluring. The idea that one day, no one would care about what you think has got to weigh heavy on your mind. At Arsenal, he literally has it all. He controls everything. He has almost zero accountability. He’s not there to be questioned. Why would he leave?

Look at his behaviour of late. Incredulous Jacqui Oatley would ask him some pretty standard questions. Dismayed that Paul Merson would dare step up to him with legitimate complaints. I mean, how dare a pundit have an opinion on him! I can’t imagine what he thinks of the bloggers… but let me tell you Arsene, I’ve managed a Sunday League team for two very successful years, with zero transfer budget. I have all the rights to question you.

Anyway, look at all of the above. It’s the perfect storm. The perfect… ‘THERE’S NO WAY I’D EVER LEAVE’… storm. It’s pretty depressing.

It’s the same with Stan Kroenke. We have an owner who is sitting on a massive property in London. It doesn’t really matter what he does with the club, it goes up in value. He doesn’t have an interest in running it like a sporting enterprise and he doesn’t have an interest in selling it to someone with a ambition. He doesn’t have any interest making his manager accountable or analysing the total shit show he’s running. All he cares about it that big fat portfolio he’s running.

It’s sooooo depressing.

Thing is, Ivan Gazidis is a fan. I’m almost certain he sees what we see. He’s younger than Arsene by about 30 years. He’ll read the internetz. He’ll have spies around the training ground. He’ll hear what goes on. He’ll see the results on the pitch. He’ll know that Shad Forsythe has been put on cone duty and Tony Colbert is wearing that gold crown again for the bantz. He’ll know that Steve Rowley is scouting out the back of a 2006 copy of L’Quipe. But ultimately, until you break the cycle of Wenger and Stan. Until you stand up and go bold, we’ll just be a club that ticks over. A club that’s happy with average. A club that took the biggest risk of all time in moving stadium, then decided that risk was no longer an option.

I don’t mean to quote Nik Bendtner, but he said something interesting the other week when he was asked about those silly comments he made back in the day…

‘If you don’t want to be the best at whatever you do, why bother?’ sic

Damn straight Nik. Damn straight. Who sets out to be average? This doesn’t mean you’re a failure if you don’t achieve your goals, it just means you have to take stock, rethink, then go again. That’s the way of the world. That’s the way of sport.

Why doesn’t Wenger care about that now?

Why doesn’t Stan want his sports club to be the best?

What is Ivan doing to improve things? Why isn’t he stripping Wenger of his power? Why doesn’t he take advantage of Wenger having no clue. Why doesn’t he use this situation to his strategic advantage?

I’d be in there, sacking the old boys who aren’t delivering. I’d be empowering the young guys who want to make an impact and I’d be taking back the club cleaning lady trainer, by cleaning lady trainer. Because the problem now, is Arsene is running things. Badly. And no one is stepping in.

‘But he’d resign if he lost his power’

Firstly, no he wouldn’t. Secondly, who cares? If he’s immature to throw his toys out the pram when someone tries to make an improvement, then he’s not the right guy for us.

‘But he said no to Madrid and PSG’

Again, who cares? He’d have tanked at Madrid and he’d tank at PSG right now (actually, not sure if you can ever tank at PSG). Loyalty to the club was commendable. He’s done a great job over the years. But there comes a time when you have to move on. To my mind, I’d never, ever want a manager for 18 years again. It’s unhealthy in the extreme. The game moves to fast nowadays. If you’re somewhere for so long, you become entrenched, complacent and invincible. Arsenal are bigger than any man, we can never allow this situation to repeat.

Don’t fear him going. United have screwed themselves because they’ve made two very poor appointments. Spurs have screwed themselves because they brought in the wrong manager to deal with those players. City have a manager who I don’t rate. Chelsea got it right. We can get it right. Match the players to the manager and build out a world class infrastructure.

Again, this one is on you Ivan. Prove your worth when the manager goes and the fans will love you. But in my opinion, you should start now,  because the clean up operation post Wenger is looking like it’s going to be more and more expensive as each season passes.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts for today.


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  1. TitsMcgee

    how fucking arrogant and deluded are you! comparing yourself to managers in the prem . brilliant, just brilliant, comedy
    and as for somebody ‘high level’ referring to a shit sandwich….”

    lol Look up sarcasm in a dictionary.

  2. Keyser

    Paulinho – Clinging on, Lol, No, I’m pretty much clear, firstly the only reason we look to Usmanov is because he’s supposedly our version of Abramovich or Sheikh Mansour, if they didn’t exist we wouldn’t be in this position.

    Secondly we’ve gained nothing from Usmanov and yet people fawn over him, whether he’s allowed to not, you’ve got people giving him credit based on hope and nothing more, when we’ve suffered regardless.

  3. Paulinho

    Keyser – Usmanov is an irrelevance. You just keep bringing him up when running out of things to defend Wenger with.

    “Oh you, Alisher, you cunt, where the fuck were you when Wenger was pleading for more money, and not mentioning that clubs should live on their natural resources every week….”

  4. Keyser

    Romford Pele – You’re ranting, it’s irrational rubbish.

    “Yeah but i’m ranting for a reason. Lol we have a similar wagebill to Bayern FFS and they have arguably the best squad in football”

    Like this, it’s a completely hollow point, there’s little to no relevance to it, I’ve pointed this out numerous times and no-one gives a shit, because they simply don’t care.

    Lol you then say why should you care about other teams, because you’re using them as examples. Because they directly affect our results and the way we work.

    It’s just pointless invective.

  5. TitsMcgee

    I’ve never said that other teams don’t have their own issues, but why should I care about them? ”


    It deflects from our issues I guess.

    “We lost the lead to Anderlecht but at least Chelsea stuggled with Maribor”

    Small joys I guess

  6. Carts

    “Secondly we’ve gained nothing from Usmanov and yet people fawn over him, whether he’s allowed to not, you’ve got people giving him credit based on hope and nothing more, when we’ve suffered regardless.”

    Fawn over him in the hope that him being incharge would be more beneficial.

    Would he have stuck with the current management model that we’re using?
    Would he have distributed power away from Wenger to others?
    Would he have installed a Director of Football to deal with transfers while Wenger deals with onfield issues?
    Would he have sat around watching average/sick note players collecting huge salaries?

  7. SpanishDave

    Sanchez must now be wondering what hes walked into. For Wenger to publically criticise him is appaling behaviour. But there again its not Wenger fault is it?
    None of this mess is Wengers doing in his little world.
    Nobody will sack him they havnt got the balls.

  8. Keyser

    Paulinho – What are you on about, someone else brought him up like he’s going to be our saviour, when we’ve already been through X amount of years where he might’ve actually been beneficial.

    In the end you either paint Wenger and Usmanov with the same brush or not at all, because we still suffer as fans.

    So you basically butted in because you didn’t understand the point.

  9. 4th Place Cowboy

    He’s chipping away at his legacy with every season, every transfer window, and every weak-kneed loss of comfortable lead.

    Inexplicably stubborn loyalty to ineffective defensive tactics — same story, year after year
    Mind-bendingly consistent unwillingness to buy a quality defensive midfielder — same story year after year
    Major injury crisis — same story, year after year
    Inability to perform and get results against the top Prem sides — same story, year after year
    Start strong in CL group stage, then screw up late, finish 2nd and loose in knock-out round against Bayern/Barca — same story year after year
    Finish 4th in Prem — same story, year after year
    Get excited at start of season, believe in great possibilities of for the club I love and then watch the above play out — same story, year after year.

    Seen this movie too many times. It’s now boring.

    Thanks Wenger! Wenger Out!

  10. Keyser

    Tits – Because they play in the same league as us ?

    Even Romford uses Bayern as an example and the very next paragraph saus why should I care about them.

    It’s nuts.

  11. Romford Pele

    No Keyser, I have taken your point on board, I just don’t give it much credence because while it’s a factor, it’s not the only one.

    Wenger invites a lot of the problems onto himself. Telling people you can’t find players better than Arteta/Flamini. A style of play you want to enforce which exposes those who aren’t athletic.

    Sure, we could spend more money, but how much of a difference that will make leaves a lot to be desired anyway. Like Paulinho says, even Wenger’s best teams at the peak of their powers were struggling to get out of the CL group stages.

  12. Bristles

    Q: How many AKBs does it take to change a light bulb?

    A: Ten. One to change the bulb, and nine to explain that without Wenger we’d still be using candles.

    Any advance on ten?

  13. TitsMcgee

    “Chelsea spend all of their money , City spend all of their money and even they get bad results in the UCL”


    Nevermind that both teams have won the league the last few years with Chelsea winning the UCL as well.

    These AKBs I tell ya.

  14. Paulinho

    Keyser – But Wenger wasn’t interested in outside investment, as I’ve gone over ad nauseum. So Usmanov never had the chance to be a ‘saviour’. It’s not hard to understand.

  15. Keyser

    Romford Pele – You went on about fundamental flaws like there’s some set answer, that’s simply wrong.

    You want us to get our house in order but refuse to accept that we have to do this while competing with other teams, you don’t care about these teams, but want to use them as examples.

    Mate what’s the point in even debating if you can’t look at it rationally, and I even understand this, it gets monotonous, we’re stuck between dropping away or reaching salvation, and over all those years, this has ground people down to what we see now.

  16. Keyser

    Paulinho – Lol Usmanov only becomes a consideration because of other teams outside investment. You’re just using cylical logic to perpetuate something you didn’t have a grasp on anyway.

    In the end Usmanov has contributed nothing towards the fans.

  17. Romford Pele

    “You went on about fundamental flaws like there’s some set answer, that’s simply wrong.”

    But there’s someone paid £8m a year to address this. His way hasn’t worked for a while, what’s wrong with asking for another method?

    Yeah but according to you, we can only compete through spending? We don’t need to focus on how we train/prepare/set-up etc.

    I think i’m quite rational tbh, but even if i’m not, can you blame me when i’ve seen the same repetitive BS for years on end? And that isn’t really down to money, it’s down to how Wenger sets up. People don’t wanna debate anymore because it’s boring. You talk like money is the only issue hindering us from being competitive. I don’t agree.

  18. Mark

    Take money out of the equation – it’s irrelevant where our Manager is concerned. When he didn’t have money to spend he was lacking tactical nouse. Now he has money to spend he still lacks tactical nouse. Wenger wouldn’t have a clue if he was managing at Real Madrid or Rochdale.

  19. Ughelligunner

    People compare wenger to other coaches, arsenal to other great teams in terms of worldclass players, trophies and finance.

    But when you point out their deficiency and pretty much their problems, they say they don’t care about other clubs only arsenal. Hmm frustration. All this because of wenger?

  20. Mark

    November 11, 2014 14:06:54
    Have you ever heard of BABA?Blame Anything But Arsene


    What would Arsene Do?


    You only lose once (you’ve gone 1-0 up with 20 minutes to play)

  21. Paulinho

    Keyser – It’s not hard to have a full grasp on your excuse-making.

    “Could have been beneficial” Lol.

    At the time fans like you were delighted that Wenger had ‘non-interference’ and had full scope to carry out his youth policy masterplan. At time what was ‘beneficial’ for fans like you was the likes of Denilson, Song, Diaby, Djourou, Senderos, being able to develop and get first team football without big names hampering their progress. Now, because that all fell flat on its face, you’re wondering where Usmanov was.

  22. Keyser

    “what’s wrong with asking for another method?”

    Lol nothing wrong with it, just get your reasons right, we’re posting here because we want a discussion, to exchange ideas freely ? That is it right ? If so then we simply try and provide evidence either way.

    “We don’t need to focus on how we train/prepare/set-up etc.”

    I didn’t say this at all.

    You’re not being rational, and I’ve said I acknowledge reasons for this, you seem to have a set idea of what you think I’m saying and what you feel without bothering to actually understand what’s written.

  23. TitsMcgee

    Take money out of the equation – it’s irrelevant where our Manager is concerned.”

    We could have bought Benzema and Pogba/Bender. We’d still get found out.

    Some just want to deflect anything and everything away from Wenger. There is an incessant need to want to defend him or shift blame away from him and I don’t know where it comes from.

    It’s almost like they view blaming Wenger as being a reality-shattering moment in their life and they are trying to put it off for as long as possible.

  24. Zoran

    “Yeah but i’m ranting for a reason. Lol we have a similar wagebill to Bayern FFS and they have arguably the best squad in football.”

    Do you mean the same Bayern that got rolled over by Real Madrid not long time ago?

  25. Keyser

    Paulinho – Fans like me ? Lol soo basically you’re trying to weasel your way back to some sort of generalisation.

    Has Usmanov does anything to sate our ire ? No, there you go.

  26. Romford Pele

    “If so then we simply try and provide evidence either way.”

    I’ve given my reasons, you just completely discard them – that’s your own prerogative.

    “you seem to have a set idea of what you think I’m saying and what you feel without bothering to actually understand what’s written.”

    Mate, speak English please.

  27. Jim Lahey

    “In the end Usmanov has contributed nothing towards the fans.”

    “Has Usmanov does anything to sate our ire ? No, there you go.”

    Yeah he hasn’t done anything, but maybe he can’t, or maybe he can and hasn’t, I don’t know. What could he do without a place on the board?

    Stan Kroenke has also done nothing and there is no excuse for him.

  28. Keyser

    “We could have bought Benzema and Pogba/Bender”

    Lol but we haven’t bought them.

    We also haven’t bought..

    So basically you have to rant like a fucking idiot or you’re an AKB.

  29. Carts

    “Do you mean the same Bayern that got rolled over by Real Madrid not long time ago?”

    Yeah because a successful team are never going to experience a loss once in a while.

  30. Emiratesstroller

    Usmanov has no influence or involved in decision making because:

    1. He is a minority shareholder with less than a third of shares.
    2.Kroenke refused to agree to his suggestion that there should be a share
    flotation to raise additional capital.
    3.The club refused Usmanov’s offer of a loan to buy players when they were
    struggling in aftermath of stadium being built.
    4.The Board have refused to appoint him as a Director.
    5.He cannot even compel the club to pay out a Dividend. Effectively only
    Kroenke as major shareholder can authorise this.

  31. Paulinho

    Keyser – Well you then, although there were several more clueless delusional idiots who thought every young player Wenger blooded was some special talent being cultivated in a unique environment.,

    Couldn’t care less about Usmanov. You’re the only one confused by the fact it’s bit hard to sate ires if you’re not allowed to.

  32. TitsMcgee

    Do you mean the same Bayern that got rolled over by Real Madrid not long time ago?”

    The same won that won the UCL two years ago.


  33. Ughelligunner

    People compare wenger to other coaches, arsenal to other great teams in terms of worldclass players, trophies and finance.

    But when you point out their deficiency and pretty much their problems, they say they don’t care about other clubs only arsenal. Hmm frustration. All this because of wenger? Lol

  34. Keyser

    Romford Pele –

    You used Bayern’s wagebill as an example, and their squad strength.

    The Bundesliga have their own version of FFP, they’ve had it for years, because there’s no significant outside investment and the fans still maintain a controlling stake there isn’t as much wage inflation though competition.

    The Bundesliga earns a fraction of what the Premiership does through TV rights so there’s less money throughout the league and because the distribution of whatever TV money does come in, isn’t quite as fair as the Premier League the lower placed teams don’t have as much to spend on players as the top teams.

    On top of this the German FA invested hundreds of millions in Soccer schools throughout Germany, so not only do German teams have their own Academies they can rely on a nation wide scouting and schooling process independant of themselves.

    They implemented this over the past decade, so it’s hardly surprising to see who’s come through the ranks, as well as Germany being able to rely on numerous other countries and immigrants simply because of where they’re situation in Europe.

    Mate I could try and do this for every point you make, but what’s the odds you’re simply going to say..

    ‘hah, well what about Roma..’

  35. TitsMcgee

    I’ve given my reasons, you just completely discard them – that’s your own prerogative.”

    That’s exactly his prerogative. EXACTLY.

    He thinks it goes unnoticed that he tries to spin everything and twist every subtle nuance in an attempt to prove his point.

    When he starts arguing semantics that’s when you know you have him cornered.

  36. Bankz

    You could give Wenger the current Madrid team & we would still not beat ANY of the top5 away from home because of the way we set up or inept tactical plan.
    We could go on & on but one thing is certain,this has happened repeatedly far too long for it not to be hugely the fault of the person that’s paid £8mill to manage the team & it’s affairs.

  37. TitsMcgee

    But when you point out their deficiency and pretty much their problems, they say they don’t care about other clubs only arsenal. Hmm frustration. All this because of wenger? Lol”

    Each club’s “problems” are their own and it’s pretty easy to accept City’s “problems” if they are a few months removed from winning the EPL and have won multiple titles the last few years.

    Same for Chelsea.

    Same for Bayern.

    Same for UTD.

    Same for Madrid.

    Same for Barcelona.

    NEITHER of those teams went the last decade without winning a league title or the Champions League at that. So to sit up and compare a negative result here or there to the BIG picture result is pretty dim and quite frankly comes off looking like you are just a YES man.

  38. Keyser

    Tits – If you want to actually debate any point, feel free, why felch off others opinions, because you’re devoid of any real intelligence of your own.

  39. TitsMcgee

    You could give Wenger the current Madrid team”

    The guy that Wenger can’t beat got run out of Madrid lol

    Wenger wouldn’t last a season.

  40. Leedsgunner

    This blind loyalty to Wenger puzzles me. Surely stars like Henry, Parlour Viera and co realise the longer the sh*tstorm continues at AFC, their reputation is being tarnished along with Wenger as he was the one that made them superstars…

    Sure they don’t have to be in open revolt like Merson perhaps but what why hasn’t one of them gone over to Arsene as a friend and said to him, “Arsene, you know I respect you but don’t you think you’ve had enough?”

    They all say to a man that they love the Arsenal but they really mean is that they love Arsene. If they loved the club they surely could have and would have said something by now.

  41. Relieable sauce

    Taking all the variables out of the equation for a moment, I’ve yet to see evidence of Wenger improving tactically over the many years. Simple as that for me.

    I actually think his use of substitutions has got worse over time.

    Has he ever watched a live game for tactical reasons rather than financial or egotistical reward?

  42. Romford Pele

    Keyser – Cool cool about Bayern and the German infrastructure. I never disputed that and I know it’s a completely different ball game over there. But again, you come back to the money issue like that’s all it centres around. As I said, money, or lack of it, doesn’t excuse you getting spun 8-2 or all the other mad results in recent years.

    Money is a factor, I haven’t argued against it, but that’s not the only factor in us not doing well.

    And Roma? They’re on job mate.

  43. Ughelligunner

    Tits, if i say the same arsenal that won the Fa cup last year and the community shield Against man city you would wash it down by saying 1 trophy in 9yrs, forgetting the same bayern went almost 5yrs without winning Nash allowing Weder bremen, dortmund to win the league..

    Oh to be a gunner. Just because of wenger.

    I wish he would just leave to see how things go from here and to see your faces complain again.

    After George Graham, we had two managers under short term before wenger. It was not as if we got the appointment right in the first place.

    Chelsea had to go through countless coaches who won trophies and had to go back to their vomit cos they never got satisfaction.

    Even Barcelona are going through stages to get another pep.

    We think our board will appoint the pep’s and klopps of this world? Lol. Lol.

    Expect somebody like Tony Adams to pick up from where wenger will stop.

    I am not afraid of change, people like Keyser n myself will still be here explaining why the new manager is not at fault.

    This is want i tell man utd fans every weekend at my place.

    Blame moyes, then comes Giggs and the boys and then LVG. Lol. Lol

  44. TitsMcgee

    This blind loyalty to Wenger puzzles me. Surely stars like Henry, Parlour Viera and co realise the longer the sh*tstorm continues at AFC, their reputation is being tarnished along with Wenger as he was the one that made them superstars…”

    Wenger took Henry out of obscurity and thrusted him into the limelight. He thrived and made his reputation off of his time at Arsenal.

    Wenger is widely regarded as a “nice guy” so it probably has more to do with that than anything else.

    Merson and Wright and Robson and Bould don’t owe anything to Wenger.

  45. London gunner

    Keyser my one problem with you is not that you support wenger it’s that you have never admitted his made any mistakes.

    Your more one sided than the “doomers” who all though rarely can concede when wenger has done well like with the sanchez transfer.

    Your ridiculous biased and I actually think your just obsessed with being contrarian.

    But the worst thing is how you mock and disrespect other posters and their arguments despite the fact yours are so hopelessly one sided.

    You also never answer tough questions you find ways of deflecting and skirting around them.

    I have asked you numerous times before has wenger never made mistakes and you refuse to acknowledged even one.

    I think if you had more balance in your statements people would respect you more.

    Right now people see you as a weasel constantly making desperate far fetched excuses or ignoring or purposely misinterpretating peoples questions/statements

  46. Keyser

    Romford Pele – You brought up Bayern and their wagebill.

    We’ve had some shocking results over the past few years, but then we revert to the mean, there must be reasons for it.

    That’s all we can do really try and work them out, or we’ll end up like Tits there.

  47. Biggus

    Why do some people think that when you talk about Arsene’s deficiency, you are attacking Arsenal as a club?

    We all want Arsenal to be competing again but there’s obviously something not right in our approach of late. You can highlight other clubs and managements as much as you want but that is deviating from the harsh truth that as a club we have not progressed.

    Can you honestly tell me what other top manager would buy Sanogo as a striker? This has nothing to do with financial constraint; I am pretty sure there are better non injury plagued players out there.

    In regards to our lack of winning trophies, I’m hearing excuses of some top clubs like Bayern didn’t win for 5 years but was it due to lack of trying?

    As much as I am happy to see Manure in the state they are in, a part of me envies the fact they are trying to re invent themselves.

    We have been stuck doing the same thing with no improvement and all people can say is that we were restricted by money!

    These are the basic facts for the last few years –
    We have a high injury record
    We have been poor against top teams in the last couple of years or more
    We don’t seem to continue carrying mediocre players every season
    We have lost our style of play that includes intricate passing
    We have equipped our opponents with our top players either based on footballing reason or some other rubbish excuse

    When Van P stated that he asked Wenger to buy quality players, everybody slated him and called him a traitor but can you actually blame any top player for demanding that the club be more ambitious?

    I won’t insult Wenger and call him names but I do not think he’s currently good for Arsenal. He’s done a lot to get us where we are but now he’s holding the club back.

    No doubt we might have teething problems with new management but that’s a normal thing. The important thing is to have a manager that is fighting for a right to prove himself and therefore tries everything within his power to ensure we have the best opportunity to compete and for him to stay in a job.

    Ask yourself, does Wenger have this?

  48. Keyser

    London_gunner – Mate, this sites’ been around for ages, I probably should’ve left ages ago, but I’m sad enough to have stuck around. You become institionalised. You distrust posts like yours.

    That post is like me basing my opinion of you, on the posts where you go on like an Internet Bad Boy, or when you call someone Homophobic and then say you’ve got ‘Gay Cousins’, I could go on.

    What topic would you like to talk about ?

  49. TitsMcgee

    Tits, if i say the same arsenal that won the Fa cup last year and the community shield Against man city you would wash it down by saying 1 trophy in 9yrs, forgetting the same bayern went almost 5yrs without winning Nash allowing Weder bremen, dortmund to win the league..”

    The fact that you are even including the community shield shows you for what you are.

    Secondly, 1 trophy in 9 years(after nearly throwing it away) is still 1 trophy in 9 years.

    Wenger has:

    0 EPL titles the last 9 years.

    0 UCL titles in 17 years-(funnily enough he is admired for qualifying for a tourney he has ZERO chance to win but that’s another story).

    1 win, 17 Losses, 3 draws in his last 21 road games vs top 5.

    0 for the century vs Mourinhno(with a 6-0 on his 1000th to round it off)

    Gets smashed almost every time he plays top clubs.

    Was unable to beat Fergie 80% of the time.

    So let’s summarize. He doesn’t win the EPL, doesn’t win the UCL, can’t beat other top managers, can’t beat top 5 on the road, can’t really do anything but make top 4( a tournament he has and will never win).

    And despite all of the above he gets endless support? GTFOH

    (Bayern Munich have won the Bundesliga 10 times since 1998; dunno what point you are trying to make there)

    Seems to be sadly and predictably contradictory that you would be pointing to them not winning the legeague every single year but somehow Wenger gets a pass for all of the above exploits.

    A bit disingenuous of you no?

  50. Zoran


    Correct, they didn’t win the league in that time, that’s why they changed the manager 3 times, if I am not mistaken. That’s how proper managed clubs are doing.
    Unlike us winning nothing in 9 years and still have to hold on to that idiot-

  51. Romford Pele

    If I was Rosicky/Poldi and I saw Sanogo come in ahead of me, i’d bottle Wenger there and then. How can you have a striker who’s never scored? I mean Yaya Sanogo FFS! Yaya Sanogo plays for Arsenal? I need to lie down.

  52. Ughelligunner

    London gunner, even you too? Lol

    i keep saying this, if you were a wenger lover and you think you found the light, why don’t allow others take time too, instead of rubbing it on their faces?

    Their opinion or yours would not change the manager’s stand. Let people and their opinions be just like you and your player choices

  53. Keyser

    Arsenal1886 – Does The Telegraph have a better reputation than other newspapers, the Mail’s supposedly a bit nuts.

    The Times and The Sun come under Newscorp ?

  54. TitsMcgee

    In regards to our lack of winning trophies, I’m hearing excuses of some top clubs like Bayern didn’t win for 5 years but was it due to lack of trying?”

    Bayern didn’t win what for 5 years?

    Bayern hasn’t gone a 5 year period without winning their league since the 70’s.

    So he’s goin back to the 70’s to try and make a point.

    Funnily enough Bayern haven’t gone more than 3 years since winning their league since then and have won the league 17 times since 1984-1985.

    With 7 of the last 12 going to them.

  55. Ozy

    Arsenal interested in Hummels making the rounds. Quoted at 31 million. No way in hell BVB would sell him for that and no way Hummels would come here but let’s entertain the idea for a second..

    Seeing as how Laporte is quoted for about the same, would you guys sign Laporte knowing he’s got the incredible ceiling he has and he can be our CB for 10-15 more years or Hummels knowing he’s an incredible player now but a bit of an injury concern? I’d personally go for Laporte.

  56. TitsMcgee

    Your ridiculous biased and I actually think your just obsessed with being contrarian.”

    I think that’s it.

    The desire to be the “smartest person in the room”. I actually think they have a name for it but can’t remember right now.

  57. Zoran


    you could add to your list that he didn’t beat Maureen in 13 games. And I am pretty sure he will never beat him.
    Let’s just hope he wont have that chance seating on our bench.

  58. Ughelligunner

    Zoran, tits, Bayern, didn’t win the league and changed managers because their board wanted trophies.

    What do our owner and board want again? If they really wanted us to win, our best players wouldn’t have been sold.

    We would have signed players every January to strengthen the team instead of allowing them leave for an extra 10k pounds.

    Wenger would have been given a madate to win the league or walk. Why do you think he is given a new contract every year? For him to perform miracles with our lots?

    Wenger telling you at the seasons beginning he is contending for the league and you believe him, only for November we get burnt, and you think he believes the hype?

    You think wenger is going for the league and he goes to sign sanogo? N you come here complaining everyday when you should have seen that the bar has been lowered during the transfer window.

    I think utd fans are the most realistic presently, knowing th e maximum to get is fouth.

    But when somebody points this out you say why will accept fourth, i am an AKB, when people that want trophies have done nothing, with their feet but their mouths and legrove has given them where to express that

  59. TitsMcgee

    No way in hell BVB would sell him for that”

    No way in hell Wenger would spend 31 million for a CB.

    I like Hummels, he is good positionally and not as slow as Mert. He’d do good here but I would much rather buy two CBs like Reid and Van Djik for that price. We were linked with a CB from Bilbao the other day too that I like.

  60. Ozy

    Also, it’s crazy that Le Grove has such a big viewership but a protest wouldn’t work. It makes sense. People talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

    Also, Pedro’s too afraid to embarrass himself by staging a protest and having only 5 people show up. Not that protests work. Or boycotts. Or rambling in a blog. You boycott Arsenal, there’s 50 people waiting in line to take your seat.

  61. Quagmire

    The moment wenger brought Sanogo was the highest level of abuse to players on the bench and millions of fans glued to their screens in that final nail-bitting minutes.

  62. Biggus

    I’m not sure why as fans we’re fighting amongst ourselves.

    The bottom line is that those that believe in Wenger do so because they are scared of what is our there without him seeing he’s been there for so long.

    Those that detest him are tired of his excuses and lack of ambition in regards to winning trophies.

    Both sides acknowledge that we are not where we want to be but one side believes it’s due to financial constraints which seems to be better based on recent purchases and other side believes that we are in the situation regardless of financial constraints.


    Can we all just bloody get along!!! 🙂


  63. Dissenter

    It’s hard to keep top players firing on all cylinders without rotating. A top player needs to know that there’s a hungry young player or experienced pro snapping at his heels ready to jump in an take his place if he slips up.

    Wenger has failed so many players at Arsenal.
    There’s no competition in the squad, certain players will always play if they are fit, even if their form remains pitiful, game after game

    Rosicky should be pushing Carzola, Ramsey and Jack all the way.
    Podoslki and Campbell should be pushing Oxlade and Welbeck all the way.
    Only Alexis deserves an automatic shirt in the team.
    Sanogo just makes me laugh, so I wont mention him at all.
    Every other position should be up for grabs.

  64. Biggus

    “Sanogo just makes me laugh, so I wont mention him at all.
    Every other position should be up for grabs.”

    @Dissenter, you just did 🙂

    He is a joke to be fair. Nothing special about that dude that I can see..

  65. Dissenter

    Mate, Tell me something.
    Can Wenger ever do any wrong?
    I’ve never read you direct any blame at Wenger when everyone knows that he solely controls the footballing aspect of Arsenal.
    Everyone acknowledges that Wenger has to clear everything from medical appointments to youth coaches training strategy for it to go forward.
    You’ve blamed everyone but Wenger, why is that so?

  66. Ozy

    ALSO!!! It’s crazy how many DMs there are in Europe! Talented, young, hungry.. yet we couldn’t sign any?!

    Imbula, Kondogbia, Schneirderlin, the Benders, Iturraspe (I like him a lot), Carvalho, Mavuba, Tiote, Kramer, Malanda, Gustavo, Blind (before he moved), McCarthy, Wanyama, Alonso (before he moved – can still put in a shift), Jorginho, Saul, Gonalons, Krychowiak, Matuidi, Khedira, Motta, Romulo, Reinartz, Guilavogi, Cristoforo, Inler, Camacho, that Colombian kid who was on trial with us last season..

    WTF? Varying degrees of skill, ofc, but all substantially better than what we have and a LOT of those could’ve came for peanuts!! Fucking Wenger..

  67. Arsenal 1886-2006


    They are all the same to me, well sports journo’s anyway.
    They seem to have gone all sensationalist since the move to the internet, it is all about the clicks.
    I will believe the stories when somebody put’s there name to it and not before, it is not as if they will be hunted down by MI5 or the CIA for whistleblowing.

  68. Dissenter

    I had to mention him to disregard him.
    The look on Jack’s face when Sanogo came on was like “fuuuuuuuuuuck”
    When Sanogo committed the silly foul on defender who was going nowhere, Jack’s countenance was like ‘whatever’ with a shrug.

    Wenger is losing the dressing room slowly.

  69. Zoran


    He signed Sanogo because he paid nothing for him, and hoping he will sell him later for 20 mil.

    This shows how stupid he is, or his scouting staff. Spending a lot of money for trips, hotels, dinners and bringing us such a player. That can only one idiot do.

    Somebody mentioned he saw his dick, that’s why he signed him. That was a good one!

  70. Steely O'Leary

    Akb, Wengerout should mean little at this stage. One things for certain, the time for change has come, passed and made a full circle.. This club is bereft of ideas whilst carrying the 3rd highest wage bill in the league with a host of classy internationals. Bould is being marginalized, ignored and pushed aside which is crystal clear in our last two performances and the fact were carrying the numbers we are in the rears.

    Frustrating would be an understatement, the time for debate has passed.
    As Bono said in Grahams heyday, Achtung Baby!

  71. Ughelligunner

    And you know, i have come to the conclusion that wenger is the owner of arsenal.
    He bought the shares and used Kronke’s name to cover up.

    Well since he is visually running arsenal from the top. (kronke the silent, gazidis a ceremonial ceo, Bould a statue assistant, shad a ghost, Dick law a myth, players daft, they cannot understand what is need of them., captains dumb, etc.

  72. Leedsgunner

    Dissenter @1538

    Agree with you 100%. That is why Wenger bleating on about how his squad is super super quality and big enough is nothing but smoke and mirrors, and excuses that fool the gullible.

    Wenger complains about how Chelsea is untouchable, and how unfair that is, pointing to Roman’s money as the reason. When Wenger conceded the title to Chelsea yesterday did anybody ask him why he couldn’t do that considering he has a greater wage bill than them?

    The only thing Arsene is good at producing these days are excuses.

  73. Ozy


    It’s hilarious that Sanchez has played for managers like Simeone and Guardiola and players like Messi and Di Natale and now…

    he’s playing for Wenger and with Welbeck. Jesus..

  74. Ughelligunner

    Dissenter, seriously Sanogo, Jack? What’s the difference between the two of them? Please stop these conspiracy theories, that why i tell people to just stop talking.

    Jack, people were bringing stat that he was the cost of our loses? The ones that loses the ball more than Arshavin was?

    I don’t like blaming our players but please stop making me single out all their deficiencies.

  75. SpanishDave

    Some sites today think were just having our normal Nov blip.
    This year its different because the results do far have been scrapped draws against lower teams, and only wins against the bottom clubs.
    I think the players are demotivated and already their boss is saying we wont win the league this year, some manager that.
    This is a poor squad, with too many average joes, all Wengers doing.
    Its different this year, just hope he doesnt end up on the board.

  76. Keyser

    Arsenal1886 – In general any newspaper have a higher reputation than another ?

    Sports Journalism in this country at least seems to be pretty unmonitored, like it isn’t really serious.

    The Bould story is plausible on it’s own, it may even be true, but how do you judge, you can’t trust them.

  77. Biggus

    @Dissenter, I actually believe that Wenger has already decided his subs before the game starts regardless of the outcome of the game. That would explain some of his subs but then again I can’t know for sure.

    I remember one such game that he took Ox for Arshavin and the look on Van P’s face was that of disgust.

    I just think Wenger is a man that sticks to his old ways since he still comes fourth and manages to be relevant to a degree.

    I want him out but i think some of the things attributed to him at times are far fetched. No doubt due to frustration of his excuses!!

  78. Dissenter

    The persistent claims by Wenger that “we couldn’t find anyone” is actually a sack-able offence for dozens of Arsenal employees.

    Which is why these continued adulation of Gazidis on this site is silly. He’s a snake-oil merchant who has been hiding behind Wenger because he knows Wenger will deliver the base minimum.

    In any other business enterprise, if your manager tells you that he cannot find the raw materials in personnel/material resources to do his job, whay does the CEO do?

    Fire/rejuvenate the entire HR department/approach.

    Has Gazidis done this at Arsenal? NO!

    I understand why he cannot go after Wenger directly?
    But he can nullify Wenger’s excuses; Fire the scouting department.
    -If the only CM they could identify last winter window was broken back Kallstrom.
    -If they cannot identify 2 defensive MF in the entire planet
    -if they cannot find 1-2 central defenders when everyone knew Vermalein would be leaving.
    Gazidis is either a coward or incompetent, or both.

    These that put their faith in his hands will be left with small jars of snake-oil courtesy of the Mr “escalation of financial power’

  79. Le Prof


    Are you going to lead the Wenger Out revolution from behind your computer from across the pond?

    No. I didnt think so. Its always the same, the ones that are furthest away shout the loudest trying to prove their support, while knowing deep down they’ll do anything apart from post tedious post after tedious post.

    You’d probably think clearer without Maureen’s cock in your mouth, just a thought

  80. Dissenter

    People need to stop talking?

    I guess we can all take turns at sucking the mighty c*** of Wenger. So we cannot even criticize Wenger again.

    You are conflating lack of form of Wilshere with the zero footballing ability of Sanogo.

    If we put Jack and Sanogo up for sale today. Mid-level clubs and possibly Liverpool et al will come for Jack.
    The only reason why Sanogo will attract offers from premier league clubs is to run internal deliveries.

  81. Biggus

    @Le Prof

    Not sure what being on the other side of the pond has to do with anything. Everyone deserves the chance to voice their opinion or support for the club they chose to support.

    The fact Tit might not be there in person doesn’t mean that he’s not frustrated.

    Just a thought…

  82. Ozy

    The fault very well lies on Ivan as well, if not more.

    You have an incompetent employee yet you do nothing to replace him? Wenger’s limitations and stubbornness are his – they’re traits we are all very well aware of. Why was Wenger allowed to have such a crippling control over all things Arsenal? That comes down to the board. I’m sorry but Pedro’s faith in Ivan is misplaced. He’s just as comfortable as the rest of the board to have Wenger in charge.

    Why did we only hear substantial rumors about a CB only after Vermaelen left? And why did we hear about BVB’s Sokratis, a very prominent player in their first 11, a few days before the window closed? No other CBs? Everything that has happened over the last few years are sackable offenses in any top club – Kallstrom, selling Van Persie to Man U, letting Fabregas go to Chelsea, no DM/CBs, the tactical ignorance, refusal to adequately rotate the squad, lack of preparation prior to important matches, playing Sanogo against Bayern Munich in the champions league, contract renewal to Diaby, the massacres Arsenal endured against top teams, paying 2 million more for Ozil than what we were offering Livepool for Suarez, ETC!!

    So why wasn’t he sacked? Why was he given a 3 year contract? Because the board, because Ivan are spineless shits. They all need to go.

  83. Biggus

    I agree with most here regarding Ivan; don’t think he’s the angel that Pedro paints him to be.

    I do think he’s not as powerful as a normal CEO in his position based on Wenger’s influence but he seems to lack some balls…

  84. TitsMcgee

    The fact Tit might not be there in person doesn’t mean that he’s not frustrated.”

    The funny thing is I am not across the pond lol

  85. Arsenal 1886-2006


    If Bould has said these thing’s to Wrighty he should hand in his resignation, that will give us an indication of how solid the stories are.
    I know that will be tough for him to do as he probably want’s to stay at the club but if he has said these thing’s then wenger will push him out of the door or restrict his duties anyway.

    Next summer is going to be interesting for me, if we see player’s running for the exit door then we will see wenger fall on his sword or get pushed off the ledge.
    Maybe even January if we fail to buy because players do not want to join.
    I can’t wait for this season to end 🙂

  86. TitsMcgee

    Tits, you in England aren’t you? why do people keep saying your in America today? have the confused you with someone else?”

    I live in Crystal Palace lol

    I think it’s because I use American terms as I spent some time in Miami while I was younger.

  87. tunnygriffboy

    Dig out Keyser day ? He’s about the only moderate on here these days. The rest have been driven away because they’re not on message. It was much more illuminating when both sides of the argument are heard and there’s a bit of balance to things.

  88. Biggus


    Even if you were across the pond,it’s no excuse to attack someone based on that. I hate the fact that people try to enforce their idea of being a fan on everyone.

    There are different types of fans, those that became a fan due to family, those that became a fan due to a close friend supporting the team and even those that support the team due to one of their country men being in the team. Regardless of how you became a fan, as long as you support the club through thick and thin and always want the best for the club then you alright by me.

    And right now, the best for the club is a change of direction in regards to management as far as I can see.. 🙂

  89. Romford Pele

    Rosicky confirms that he’s in the top 5 for speed at Arsenal?! Lol, the dude is 34, that’s mad. This is actually one of the reasons I prefer him to Santi. Says he’s fit as ever so is upset he’s not playing. Understands that age plays a factor but still feels he deserves more minutes. Tomas, I will always love you <3


  90. Romford Pele

    “He’s about the only moderate on here these days.”

    Keyser, moderate?! Lol mate, do me a favour. There’s a reason there’s a rising tide against Wenger, and it’s not because he struggles with the zip on his jacket though I do hold that against him.

  91. Romford Pele

    “It was much more illuminating when both sides of the argument are heard and there’s a bit of balance to things.”

    Also mate, there’s nothing stopping the pro-Wenger faithful from airing their views, that’s what’s good about this blog. Whether some choose to agree with it or not is another matter entirely.

  92. tunnygriffboy


    I understand the tide turning, I really do but reading through today’s posts it seems he’s getting it from everyone. He was having a discussion with you and everyone was lining up to have a pop at him? The anger has hit huge levels and he was getting it both barrels 🙂

  93. tunnygriffboy


    This isn’t really a blog for Akb’s especially at the moment. What is/was attractive on here was that there was generally some football discussion and differing viewpoints.

  94. pliget


    From AW

    To: AW
    New Arsenal project

    When we lose la balle to the opposition they generally score. So we have to reduce the times we lose la balle. To do this we need more and better passers of the ball au milieu of the pitch. In order to meet the rules regarding nombre de joueurs we must sacrifice some positions in other areas. In future therefore we will line up in formation 2-1-6-1. Mertesacker and Koscielny will be surplus and can be sold. With that money we can buy the necessary new players.

    Our line-up will be:

    Substituts Ospina, Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Sanchez, Flamini Sanogo

  95. Romford Pele

    Tunny – RE footie discussion, i’m not really sure what you want to talk about, mate. We’re kind of going round in a perpetual motion of s*** so that any bright light/positive doesn’t really mean much in the grand scheme of things. I think a lot of people gave this summer as Wenger’s last chance – and tbh there were some good signings, the business just wasn’t finished. And when there’s gross negligence in certain instances (not signing a CB when it’s blatantly obvious we need one/persisting with Arteta/Flamini when everybody knew they weren’t good enough), it’s easy to see why people aren’t forgiving. The senior management, Wenger included, are always painting a rosy picture of the future but it never seems to come. This is where frustration emanates from. Me personally, i’m not a pessimistic person, you’d know that immediately if you ever met me. But it becomes hard to back a regime when you see the same hindrances blight you season in, season out. It just gets tiring, and I think that’s where a lot of fans are atm. Why debate when it’s the same story rearing it’s ugly head?

    And I don’t mean to sound harsh, but most of the doomers can literally pick apart an AKB’s post. Once that’s done, what else do they have to say?

  96. Ozy

    Nah, tunny. Outside of football, this blog isn’t very welcoming of different opinions but when it comes to football, things can get heated but they’re always more than welcome.

    The thing is AKBs have to be so detached from reality that any argument they may have consists of excuses, BABA (I like that term) and baseless, irrelevant comparisons and logical fallacies… so they don’t make for good arguments.

  97. N5

    Tunny that happens a lot here though. I’ve had it where one person like Marble is giving me stick and then River will join in, then Ito and then more and more. People smell blood and jump in on it. Look at some of the 1 off comments to Keyser today, not the ones that were debating him and you think why did you jump in, you added nothing! its like kicking a person that your mate has already knocked out!

    Romford and Keyser, Paulinho and Keyser, Tits and Keyser have become regular back and fourths, some newer than others! but their interesting and generally don’t involve any insults so are great for the blog. Others however, just see it as a chance to pile in on a poster they don’t like whilst their attention is elsewhere.

  98. N5

    Ozy, your bang on. Myself, you and a few others have tried talking hip-hop. At times we’ve discussed gaming, music, movies. Countries of origin, race, war, religion and no matter what subject it is, you’ll get someone calling you cunts or suggesting you should join a teen girl forum or some such crap. Le Grove is an Arsenal blog first and foremost, but it’s developed a community that have other interests too and sometimes its nice to discuss those.

    We’ve had some great ones, with Pedro included about various places in London we’ve grown up and watched change into the area it is now and not once was Arsenal mentioned.

  99. Ozy

    Yeah, N5, although there’s a very concentrated demographic here, there are some variations with people from all over so it’s always fascinating to hear about different experiences and interests.

    Not often you get such a large forum with the diversity you have here so it’s nice to take advantage of that at times and discuss some big event or music or movies or what have you.

  100. tunnygriffboy


    I know your a optimistic moderate person and always has looked forward to games or at least looking at players. I guess things are so bad and toxic atm that there is little to discuss. We have the international break, it’s going to be a long fortnight. Then it’s man u jeeeeez 🙂


    That was my point.

  101. Ozy

    Man U playing like shit yet we’re still going to lose to them, watch. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Falcao or Van Persie, despite their poor goal scoring form, score against us. Fellaini will dominate our midfield, Di Maria will skin Chambers alive and Smalling will keep Welbeck in his back pocket… just because we have an inferiority complex against top sides.

    Man U will beat us and the next day, you’ll see every english newspaper print stories about how that’s Man U’s turning point.. only for them to get beaten by some low tier side the next week.

  102. Irondawg

    Ive boycotted Arsenal,until Wenger goes and buys defensive steel or retakes his manager badges or even better RESIGNS

    Hereupon i’m supporting the boys in claret and blue, the local club!

    Im a BSKB (Big Sam Knows Best)

    Forever blowing bubbles.. until Wenger departs


    Honestly being an arsenal fan is no good for your health and good post pedro, lately you been on fire

  103. Leedsgunner

    Why does Wenger play Sanogo?

    Just because he can — to prove a point to the team, to his critics and to the Board who the boss is at AFC — and to create another player who is too beholden to Wenger to criticise him. What about the question of whether it is good for the club? In Wenger’s mind — that’s secondary (if it features at all). The most important thing to Wenger is Wenger. Once one understands that all his bizarre antics in the transfer market, comments after games and the refusal to fulfil key positions year after year make sense.

    The same mistakes are made because it fulfils Wenger and his agenda. Maybe he did love the club once, but in the last few years, it’s become more about self preservation and self glorification rather than taking the club forward.

  104. N5

    Irondawg, with a username like that I would have thought you were always a hammer! I’m not sure how you can jump from premiership team to premiership team?

  105. Goongoonergone

    Arsene’s defence is ripped apart more often than a prostitute’s …
    Arsene Wenger is to Arsenal what ebola is to Africa.

  106. London gunner


    Whose the top fastest?

    I know bellerin is fastest now so..


    So rosicky must be faster than welbeck and Joel or gnarby

  107. goona

    LOL ManUre have their weakest team for years and years….but you just know Wenger is going to Fuck it up royally Saturday week.

    If other results over that weekend pan out we could be in the bottom half of the table. As it stands we are only eight points off relegation! Some progress Mr Wenger LOL.

    We are TWELVE points off top after just 11 games, we are dropping a point off Chelski every time we play LOL ….progress Mr Wenger.

    The clubs become a parody of its former self, until Wenger fucks off, this shit is going to go on and on.

    Wenger out.

  108. London gunner


    You sure its her or could it not be her lifestyle?

    Change the dynamic setting she might spice up a bit.

    Work commitments can be personality drainers tbf

    But if she is genuinely boring sorry dude that’s pretty well boring

  109. Hunter1

    Think we all ought to bear in mind when we are talking about Usminov,he is a great admirer of Wenger,so god forbid IF he ever gets control our problem would remain the same!Wenger still in control,still dictating our path and still a loser!
    However listening to Talkshite this evening it was interesting to hear JOHN CROSS from the Mirror actually criticising Wenger on his obvious mishaps both in the transfer market and his selections,CROSS as we know is one of Wengers greatest admirers so if even he is getting pissed off who knows what could happen going forward.Roll on Man Utd!

  110. Biggus

    I really hope we beat Man U cos I never enjoy losing to them especially post Ferguson..

    Another thing to consider post Wenger (when it eventually happens) is that some of these young players don’t know better than Wenger’s ways. You have heard many times when some talented ex players leave us how they are astonished at the level of preparation (Van P, Cesc to name a few).

    What if players like Wilshere, Ramsey and even Ox suffer to adapt to a new management? I guess as professionals they should be prepared for this.

    You never know though…

  111. Irondawg

    And it’s easy jumping ship when Wenger is at the helm. I’m done with the board and the manager. They have made a mockery of this once great club. Even Reus is questioning our ability to succeed in public, it’s pathetic. Everyone and their dog knows we needed a DM and a CB in the summer. How we havent addressed this is a farce.

    Even West Ham are showing more ambition and I dont get priced out for the season ticket.

    Change is required at Arsenal

  112. goona

    @Ozy, Spot on what sort of message does that send to the players when their manager gives up on the league in fucking November? WTF is he doing? The man is a total TOOL. He’s a spineless looser.

  113. Jeff

    Thanks Tits. I believe Le Prof and Marble are one and the same. Certain words and phrases make me think this. The best medicine for infestation of that kind is to completely ignore everything they say.

  114. MadeToLoveMagic

    Goals Conceded

    1.Southampton 5
    2. Swansea 11
    2. Chelsea 11
    3. Man City 12
    4. Arsenal 13

    Man Utd 14
    Liverpool 15
    Spurs 16
    Everton 18

    Doesnt look AS horrific when you see it like that

    One more than city, two more than the master tactician chavs

    Whats annoying is the way in which we’ve capitulated

  115. Ozy

    Of course, Goona. We were outplayed by a Moyes-led Man U, what was it, twice? Not expecting us to win now.

    And London, she’s just boring! Her idea of a fun weekend night is staying in and watching a movie. Christ almighty… making the most of it, though.