Ivan Gazidis it’s not your fault. Laurent gone

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He's so hot right now

He’s so hot right now

Morning all. Alex here…

Ivan Gazidis has won the super genius of the universe award. Yippee!

I can’t pretend to take as much of an interest in the non-football side of the club as other people. However Gazidis strikes me as a good guy who genuinely wants the best for the club.

CEO of the year though? Nah mate.

In a way the reasons he doesn’t deserve the accolade are outside of his control. In the holy trinity that is owner, manager and chief executive, Ivan definitely comes out bottom of the pile. He’s the Holy Ghost to Wenger’s messiah and Kronke’s Our Father (as an aside why does the Holy Ghost only make one appearance in the bible if he’s so bloody important?)

Wenger has a beeline straight to the owner, who is so enamoured with the Frenchman, he could probably pull off his toupee and crack a raw egg over this head in the middle of a board meeting and still get a pay rise. What this means is the guy who is supposed to manage the manager can’t, because the guy who manages him is in love with the manager. It’s an HR nightmare.

The other issue he has is that while he is passionate about the club and keen for success, his line manager, the owner, still thinks:

a) Arsenal is a brand of underarm deodorant
b) throw-ins win football games
c) fourth place is actually a trophy (he’s got 12 of them in his office in Houston!)

So what does this all mean for us?

1. Gazidis has no power to effectively manage and hold to account the footballing side of the club which has been in slow decline for a while.

2. He also has no power to improve the fan experience by lowering ticket prices, getting fans and ex players more involved in how the club is run and improving the match day experience, because all the owner cares about is the slow appreciation in value of one of the many assets in his investment portfolio.

There is stuff he has tried to do to force a change. However his pr wars with Arsene over transfer warchests usually end up burning him because Arsene doesn’t blink. When you run round telling the world you have £100 million in the bank and the only acquisition your manager makes is Kim Kallstrom on loan, you end up with quite a lot of egg on your face.

I am sure there are lots of great things he does do outside of this and, as I said, nearly of all of the criticism he receives is because he is actually stuck between a rock and a hard place. However from the point of view of a fan, Arsenal’s match day experience is toilet, the football is getting worse and ticket prices continue to go up.

In my eyes that is not worthy of any award.

In other news our best defender is now out for another 3-4 weeks (read 6-9 months). Koscielny had been suffering with chronic tendinitis of both achilles tendons for several months. I mean what can you say? The world and his dog knew we needed another defender before the start of the season, however Arsene hoped to muddle through again.

Yet more glaring evidence that the manager’s insistence on flogging the same small group of players is not only harming the team but them as individuals. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mertesacker is next. The guy is dead on his feet having played a whole world cup and now expected to carry the team defensively. The only plus side is that a long term injury might prevent Koscielny’s sale to Bayern Munich in the summer.

3 more years. 3 more years. Lather, rinse, repeat. You can follow me on twitter @aldo_doel

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  1. N5

    Lol Eagle with a stat proving yet again Marble hasn’t got a fucking clue what’s going on. He must be in a permanent daze the dozy twonk.

  2. arsene'snewZip

    After van pussy with united, nasri and clichy with city, now Cesc will lift the PL trophy with chelscunt.

    Another great gift to Arsenal fans from le senile one, thanks (again) arsène.

  3. Zoran

    “Aguero 2 goals in this seasons Champions league and one was a penalty. That’s xxxx stats.”

    Ok, it seems you are good in stats: How many goals in 11 played games in EPL?

  4. Al

    We rrally need a goal from welbeck tomorrow. … He definitely needs that goal confidence boost.

    In all honesty I think they will turn us over….They have the physical midfield plus the fast dangerous wingers that usually result in us struggling

  5. kwik fit

    ‘I’d rather kill myself than admit Premier League dream is over,’ claims Arsene Wenger

    Can someone please convince Arsene that the premier league dream is over ……………………………….only joking 😉

  6. MidwestGun

    More amazingly moronic comments from Marble. Unadulatered Bullshit more like. Like I said he hates on every player and every commenter for attention to the point of annoyance. The true definition of trolling.
    Pedro had it right the first time when he kicked him to the curb.

  7. Goondawg

    “Last year, Van Persie’s former team-mate Rio Ferdinand claimed Ferguson’s departure “took the wind out of everyone’s sails” but “the person it hit more than anyone was Robin” – and Van Persie admits the legendary manager was a major factor in his decision to leave Arsenal.

    “Rio is a great guy. He talks a lot but there is some truth in that,” Van Persie told Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant.

    “My decision to come to Manchester was partly because of the presence of Ferguson, or, excuse me, Sir Alex. He told me he would stay for another three years.

    “I enjoyed his approach. We were once 18 points clear of City but we lost at home 2-1. We were still 15 points ahead but he was furious. Then I realised he’s a winner.”

    Brilliant anecdote that highlights, if we didn’t know already: Wenger is a loser

  8. Goondawg

    What assist was that Mid? I want to watch the play-off game

    I saw his wicked backheel pass and that 40-yard chip

  9. MidwestGun

    Goondawg –
    Redbulls are playing DC United second leg of playoffs right now on Nbc sports network. It’s 1-1 but Redbulls are up 3 -1 on aggregate. TH14 assisted on goal. A cross. Only about 10 minutes left tho. They should move on til finals. They are down to 10 men, tho.

  10. Jeff

    What is happening to Man City. So many world class players and going downhill fast.

    Is it, I wonder, more proof of how much effect the manager actually has?

    1. A poor manager can take a world class team and still win nothing.

    2. An average manager can take a team of mixed ability players with the odd world class component and do OK – but win nothing to write home about.

    3. A great manager can take an average team and turn them into champions.

    On current form, Pellegrini appears to be in category 1.

    For reference, I’d put Wenger in category 2.

  11. Cesc Appeal


    I actually think City need a bit of a overhaul.

    I think they’ve got to trade in Yaya, looks as though he doesn’t want to be there; you’d say Pogba is the ideal candidate for them.

    They need a great wideman as well, they could look to Reus or Sanchez if they fail to land the German in the giant auction that’s coming in June for him.

    Get’s some young, versatile defenders as well.

  12. MidwestGun

    I don’t know. But City is missing David Silva immensely. Especially considering Yaya is playing at half speed at times. Pelligrini doesn’t seem to be able to adjust to adversity very well.

    Also, I love Smokey but Michael Jackson wrote the record books. No comparison with innovation and commercial success. And Smokey didn’t have a statue outside Fulham……… just sayin. Lol.

  13. MidwestGun

    There’s an Hbo documentary called Mr. Dynamite: the rise of James Brown playing on Hbo this month. If you haven’t seen it. I recommend it. On tonight in about an hour.

  14. MidwestGun

    Also, Foo Fighters have a series on Hbo called Sonic Highways. Also, not bad. Going to different cities recording songs and talking about history. The one in Austin is pretty cool.

  15. MidwestGun

    Rspc –
    My personal taste vocally and lyrically, I can’t disagree. But if your talking best. Have to take into other factors like commercial success and influence on other artists. So maybe” best” is too vague.

  16. Jeff


    I think it’s a bit of both. Yes certainly Man City can do with a change in playing personnel but nevertheless on paper, that is a league winning team. Pellegrini does not have it in him to adapt to adversity and bring out the best in what he’s got – perhaps it’s age but he and Wenger both appear to be past it. The only difference is that Wenger isn’t obliged to win anything.

  17. Jeff

    Marble Ball,

    And you are the apotheosis of sophistication, enthused with philosophical finesse, dazzling us with your sharp intellectual powers.

    The truth is you are at the same level as a naughty 10 year-old who knocks on his neighbours doors and runs away giggling at the baffled occupant. Pathetic little child with nothing better to do.

  18. Bamford13

    City are a little weak in midfield these days, especially without Silva. With Silva, I doubt their form dips this much, but they need new life at CM and CAM.

    Plus both Clichy and Sagna are weak stand-ins for their other backs.

  19. Jeff

    Marble Ball,

    In your own pathetic little mischievous world; you are the king and ruler who wants to play with grown ups but finds it difficult to communicate because he knows not that he knows not. A simpleton at best.

  20. Follow the money

    When Silva Yayaaaa and Kompany are on form is when City play well. Aguero too. But even one of them off form and they struggle badly. It’s weird

  21. Follow the money

    Untold clowns already talking about the referees. Do they enjoy being victims? Bizarre bunch over there. Like Jehovah’s witnesses or something

  22. Jeff

    Yeah OK I get it now. You just want to play and I happened to be passing. Well I think the best course of action here is to pretend the village idiot doesn’t exist.

  23. MidwestGun

    Follow the Dolla –
    It is bizarre to continually blame the referees. They have some bizarro world formula where we win every game if the referees make what they think is the correct decision. And of course they think the referees ruin our style of play because of rotational fouling that the referees have an agenda to allow.. Lol. It’s crazy what conspiracy theories you can come up with. Here’s a thought, don’t waste opportunities to score then. Or do the referees make our players shoot badly too? In my mind, bad calls abound everywhere. Good teams seem to overcome them.

  24. Jeff


    That’s quite funny isn’t it. If you can’t blame the players, manager or the club what else is left? It must be the referees. I tend to blame our opponents for losing games but hey that’s just me.

  25. MadeToLoveMagic


    You cant really compare smokey and michael jackson imo

    Smokey was a song writer then a performer

    MJ was a far better singer and invented a generation of new dance moves..

    They are both legends in different ways

    Sammy Davis Jr is someone id compare to MJ

  26. MidwestGun

    Aguero is only world class against low level teams. And apparently Costa is fat and lazy. Enlightened truth teller? *smh*

    Village idiot might be too high of a rating for Marble to be honest. Lol.

  27. MidwestGun

    David –
    Well.. not gonna argue against that. Lol. Are they only shit against us tho?
    Really need a win tomorrow. A loss drops us to 6th behind Swansea and West Ham. And 12 points behind Chelsea.

  28. David Smith

    Can’t say Midwest, they certainly seem shite against us, as they did against Liverpool and QPR today. They seem afraid of making decisions. Cahill ….two hand balls, not called.
    Think there is a real problem with refereeing, they cannot keep up with the game, seem to lack leadership and need the help of technology. They certainly did fergie a few favours, but whether they are still doing such things, would not like to say. But I for one don’t have much faith or trust in them.
    Refs or not, if you have a shite defence and naive tactics and a manager scared of spending, you are onto a loser. If the conspiracy fans are right and the refs really are against us, wenger makes it far to easy for them.

  29. moray

    so Wenger is criticising Merson’s comments about the team being tactically inept, using the old “how many games has he managed?” bullshit argument.

    If letting a 3 goal lead slip against a Belgian team is not tactically inept, then what is? Plus, it is quite clear through our results over the last decade – and arguably much longer – that Wenger does put out teams with no tactical preparation. As well as that, his substitutions are shocking, and it is a rare case for him to make a tactical change during the 90 minutes.

    The guy is out of control.

    Also, I agree with Alex over Gazidis, it is hard to see exactly what he has done to merit the acclaim. Signing a deal with Puma maybe? More feed in the FA trough…he has been joining a lot of these committees and things.

  30. Thank you and goodnight

    Comments like these below are the reason why Pedro is wrong and that wenger is going nowhere. It’s from, yep you guessed it…untold


    November 8, 2014 at 10:01 pm

    “The referees and linesness are told they must give the decisions to the non arsenal team if they can’t keep up with the arsenal player as this is the ‘fair’ thing to do because Chelsea and man city have spent so much money.

    Either way I think well give Swansea Wales a bog thrashing”

    Seriously with cultists like these, do you honestly think wenger’s job is really on the line?

  31. Wallace

    ” Wenger said he had spoken to his players about the goals conceded against Anderlecht last week – but denied this amounted to criticising them himself.

    “No, I rectified their mistakes,” he said. “It’s not exactly the same. I don’t tell them ‘You’re an absolute idiot’. I ask them ‘What should you have done there?’ That’s the difference between newspapers and people.”

  32. Jeff

    “You have to defend well and attack well. Why should you stop playing one of the aspects of the game?”

    Translation: At 3:0 up we were certain to win so no need to suddenly start defending more than usual.

    “These debates that I hear are a joke, a farce. People who have managed zero games, they teach everybody how you should behave. It’s a farce. Honestly, I cannot even be upset about it.

    Translation: People should not criticise me because I am a legend. It doesn’t worry me because nobody at the club will dare challenge or criticise me. So up yours.

    “Honestly, it does not matter to me. You say what you want. You are free. I managed him. I tried. I’m not interested in Paul Merson.”

    Translation: Who the hell is Paul Merson? Pfft.

    The degree of arrogance and disrespect in those statements is breathtaking. Refusal to acknowledge mistakes because other people have pointed them out is impudence of the highest order.

  33. gonsterous

    Just seen MoTD… Really bad weather… So glad I dint bet on the city game.. but aguero… What a player… Definitely at the peak of his career !!

  34. Unathanthium

    Untold are mentalists. I go on there but control my logical refutations of their silly theories otherwise you get snarled at and probably banned. That Jonfromwellington guy is a complete tool. A few weeks back he stated we’d be top of the league if it wasn’t for ref bias. I think he’s been watching the wrong team. If he’s from NZ he’s probably forgotten to turn his tv the right way up.

  35. Wallace

    ” The question will be asked with increasing regularity and the pattern of denial from Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is also emerging – but it remains a valid inquiry nonetheless. Can Chelsea emulate the Arsenal “Invincibles” of 2003-04, who went the 38-game Premier League season unbeaten?

    The Gunners ended that season with 90 points from 26 wins and 12 draws. Chelsea are only 11 games into possibly emulating that feat but it is easy to see why the spectre is being raised.”

    – BBC Football

    that last sentence…..i’m sure the BBC used to be pretty good at football coverage.

  36. Rustygunner

    The trouble with Manchester City is the same with us. Teams know their weakest link: Martin Demechelis, and they target him as they do Arteta and both managers have known this since last season. They are not the best players but the managers are obliged to play them because of their past loyalty. The players too know this which perhaps is why Demechelis cut the ponytail from last season!

  37. Mike adamski

    I don’t think chelsea will go unbeaten . They’ll lose a random match away at a mid table team and people will stop mentioning it .

    Having said that , where are the weaknesses in their squad ? There are none really , and they seem to get good luck with injuries . So they are capable of going unbeaten.
    Depressing to admit but they are a cut above the rest at the moment.

    Can’t stand chelsea

  38. Wallace


    yes. if they’re still unbeaten in Feb then get back to me. but right now i just think it’s fuckin’ ridiculous.

    everyone knows once we got to about 25/26 unbeaten and it became a genuine possibilty that the pressure just went up crazy amounts.

  39. Wallace


    if they lose Costa or Matic for a time they’ll be far less formidable. there’s a noticeable drop-off in quality after those two.

  40. TheBayingMob

    Jeff @23:33
    The truth is you are at the same level as a naughty 10 year-old who knocks on his neighbours doors and runs away giggling at the baffled occupant…”

    I’m much older than 10 and to be honest I would still find doing this funny. Lollage.

  41. Mike adamski

    Welbeck could really do with a goal today .
    Quite concerned about today , bony looks like he could eat Monreal and the BFG for breakfast .
    We are going to have to outscore them as I can’t see a clean sheet.
    Can sanchez bail us out again ???

  42. Emiratesstroller

    I can understand Wenger’s aggrevation to a point with Merson. The latter is
    not exactly ‘the brainbox of the year’ and that applies to a few of the other pundits especially ex Liverpool players.

    However, there are some fairly constructive football pundits including ex Arsenal players such as Alan Smith and Martin Keown.

    There is not a lot to criticise individual players as Wenger suggests, but I would suggest that there is a lot to criticise the manager and coaching staff for.

    Arsenal should not be in a situation where they have only 4 fit defenders and
    1 fit established centre back. Also you don’t go into a season with two holding
    players who are simply no longer good enough to play at top level.

    The other issue for me is how we play. No other top team loses a 4 or 3 goal lead unless there is a specific reason for it and more importantly the manager
    should be reacting to what is happening on the field when things start going wrong.

    My problem is that Wenger should be listening to ‘constructive’ criticism even if he does not publicly acknowledge it. The expression ‘mea culpa’ does not unfortunately exist in his repertoire.

  43. shad

    Wenger proving yet again that he is clinically disillusioned and confused.

    If you are unperturbed by some random chap’s critical comments of you, why give them airtime in your press conference? He definitely is butt hurt from the stinging truth that a chp who has never managed a game can spot the glaring deficiencies in the team that a manager of 18 yrs deliberately and arrogantly ignores.

  44. Honest Bill

    I have an idea. Instead of asking the players what they did wrong, perhaps he should… i dunno… tell them what they did wrong. He is the fucking coach after all.

    After managing, approximately, a gillion games more than Merson, one would think that Wenger might have picked up a few insights that he could share with the players.

    No wonder they’re tactically clueless. Wenger has this wealth of experience upon which he can call, yet refuses to share with the players. Genius.

  45. Arsene's Vet

    If Wenger wasn’t clueless the following, in a 4-4-2, will be our team for tonight. Schez, Bellerin, Chambers, Per, Gibbs, Ramsey (DM), Chamberlain (B2B), Theo, Sanchez, Welberk, and Cazorla/Campbell/Rosicky. Tell Ramsey never to cross d halfway line. Well, never mind. I know Wenger will baffle me with his ridiculous teamsheet once again. Wenger out, out, out.