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Happy Friday morning to you. I didn’t realise it was Friday. I’ve been out the game this week, so apologies if the blogging has been off key. I’ll be back on form next week.

Last night I was invited onto Boyd Hilton’s podcast which featured Amy Lawrence. The pod was geared around current malaise and her new book about the Invincibles. It was really interesting to hear some of her insights into Arsene Wenger layered over the challenges we’re facing now.

The most interesting point for me was this… not much has changed with Arsene. He’s still managing in the same way he was. He’s overly loyal to his players and his staff. He doesn’t believe in defence. He doesn’t really focus too much on the opposition.

He’s struggled with the progress of the game. Which for me, is why he has to go sooner, rather than later.

The book sounds fantastic, I thought Amy was fascinating to listen to and I’ve purchased a copy that I’ll be reading over the next few weeks. So I’d recommend jumping in yourself. You can buy it here. You can listen to the podcast here.

There are some interesting stories floating around regarding player transfers. Theo Walcott heading out on loan to Fiorentina to regain match fitness. Why we’d trust another club to bring one of our boys back to fitness would be a mystery if you were any other club… not sure that’d be the worst idea given the person who usually takes care of rehabilitation. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing in this story. He’s too important to us at the moment. We need players that we can rotated into the squad. We need them now,  before our season totally derails.

The horrible story that keeps rearing its ugly head is that we’re in for Chris Smalling. He has attributes to be a good footballer, but he’s a car crash in progress at the moment. He took a red at the weekend for an badly mistimed challenge. He’s just not up to scratch. I can believe we’d move for him. I can’t believe we’d land him based on the lack of bodies United have. So that feels like a non-starter unless they’re lining up Hummels. A player we should move for.

In other news, Ivan Gazidis has been awarded CEO of the year. I’d feel pretty embarrassed about accepting an award like that. A bit like John Terry getting dad of the year a few years ago. I’m not exactly sure what would merit that type of award. The target was Bayern Munich last year. Not sure we’ve done much to close the gap. Our secondary deals aren’t moving at the pace you’d have hoped for. Our backroom set up is a total mess. Fans are unhappy. We’ve purchased a company that scouts players, yet not purchased any off the  back of it. Ticket prices went up. Our manager has gone totally rogue. We have two chief scouts. Two heads of fitness. A archaic backroom set up that’s causing dysfunction on the pitch.

Not sure how you land CEO of the year based on that.

We’ll see how good Ivan is pretty soon. His time to shine is soon. He has one chance to make good on all the promises. The biggest choice in his career is coming. Arguably, one of the biggest decisions in the clubs history is coming.

Who replaces Wenger.

Do it properly. Make the right decision. He’s a hero. Arsenal rise from the ashes.

Get it wrong? Hello Manchester United situation.

I’m nervous.

Fingers crossed he has an amazing plan lined up. An amazing man lined up. A vision we can all buy into.

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  1. Dan Ahern

    N5 — Hahah, almost, but not so gleefully evil. More sulking and frowning. The type that summons you to his office and just glares at you for half an hour, not saying a word.

  2. Dan Ahern

    True story, Pedro was over here (NYC) and I met up with him to have a drink. Later headed to another bar to meet some friends and my better half–who was astonished how good looking he was. She couldn’t believe an English person from the internet wasn’t an unfortunate-looking creepster. Tells me to this day how handsome he is, lol.

  3. N5

    Cheers GoonerGirl, but don’t get any ideas about leaving your Ramsey looking boyfriend for me!! With those types of looks and my bright red hair I have people queuing around the block for me!! as you can imagine!!

  4. Goonergirl

    Haha N5 I can imagine. You looked better than Ben Affleck in that pic plus with red hair which is a bonus of course.

  5. N5

    Really Dan, He always looks really small. I thought he was one of the two Ronnies (not sure if that translates across the pond).

    So he’s got a good job, good looks, loads of birds, baths in peroni!! I hate him!!

  6. Vintage Gun

    Bloody hell N5! I honestly wouldn’t think you look like that mate.

    I mean a yellow shirt? What is it? retro Ben Sherman? Sort out that and your on to a winner mate

  7. N5

    “Maybe you are just a dullard who gets a hard on when taken for a ride.”

    Don’t you then, maybe there is a tablet you can buy that will help you out?

  8. Dan Ahern

    Ladies wanna see him. Guys wanna be him. He’s got it all! Total bastard.

    Afraid I haven’t seen the two Ronnies. He’s a skinny tall guy. The camera adds five pounds but he still can’t break 140.

  9. N5


    Dan, that’s sounds the mirror opposite of me. Women hate me, men are glad they’re not me! I’ve got nothing!! 🙁

  10. Vintage Gun


    Thats more like it buddy. If your gonna go retro go all in. No point in baby footing round the edges.


    Them pics are hilarious mate!!

  11. N5

    Vintage!! That’s what I thought!! Why much about. Naf Naf shirt, Chicago Bulls hate purched on my nut East17 style! Rosky Jeans with cord pockets tucked into my socks and FILA shoes!! I look dope!!

  12. N5

    Vintage, I’m looking through your webcam mate, I’m NSA so I can see all of you and your retro clothes.

    I’m really glad you said that GG, I’m on my way to SA to take you out for a drink! you won’t be able to resist my flares!!

  13. Jeff

    There was a man from Madras
    Whose balls were made of brass
    In stormy weather, they clung together
    And sparks flew out of his arse.

  14. alexanderhenry

    I agree that choosing Wenger’s successor is one of the most important decisions in arsenal’s history, but I have absolutely no faith in gazidis choosing a worthy successor. That’s because final say lies with kroenke. He will want to continue running the club on the cheap , which means no really top coach will take the job.

  15. tunnygriffboy

    Press down here think Swansea will turn us over. Only conceded 3 goals at home but they struggle to score at home. Back 4 solid but not pacy. Sit in and hit them on break with Alexis, Ox, Welbeck and Theo. Flamini and Ramsey/Wilshere to sit in.

  16. WengerEagle

    Just played a FIFA 14 tournament in my mates and I got to the final only to be absolutely destroyed by this Ibarbo prick off of Colombia.

    Lost the final 5-3 with this Ibarbo fella scoring all 5 of the goals for my mate, he literally single-handedly inflicted a severe anal pounding on my fairly quick French back 4. Every goal was an over the top ball onto this Usain Bolt/Arnold Schwarzenegger/Lionel Messi lovechild.

    Would have won 50 quid if it weren’t for this overpowered bastard.

    Is anyone else that plays FIFA the odd time aware of this monstrosity?

  17. MarbleHall

    Choosing Wengers successor is one of the most important decisions in Arsenal’s history. Brainwashed or what. It will be easy to replace the football r.etard.
    One dimensional just shows how limited Wenger is.

  18. Jeff

    Ivan in 2008.

    “The great thing about Arsenal is that it has been run to sustain itself. It is not dependent on an outside investor to pump money in year after year. That position is inherently a little bit unstable because it depends on one individual. Arsenal has positioned itself not to be dependent on one individual. It’s essential if Arsenal is going to be respected. This is not going to be an American coming with no understanding of Arsenal looking to make it in to a Disneyfied version of Arsenal.”

  19. Cesc Appeal


    Now you now how all the fans who lost faith in Wenger years ago feel every year hearing “What he’s going to do” or “what Arsenal are going to do” this year 😉

    At least you’ve only had to put up with it for two days, imagine it for, well me 3-4 years. For some it’s been a lot longer.

    But I have to say I think you’re right. Wenger has unparalleled power at Arsenal and his ego will never allow him to see what a truly abysmal manager he’s become at all levels.

  20. Cesc Appeal

    Anyone a big La Liga watcher, in particular Sevilla?

    We’ve been linked with their holding midfielder Grzegorz Krychowiak…not saying I think it’ll come off and as I said before it’s an irrelevance with Wenger around.

    But he’s not one of the regular names, he’s Polish, so part of these Eastern European influx of powerful players…

    This is what a lot of us have been saying, don’t know how good this guy is but it doesn’t need to be a “name” it just needs to be a well scouted player who you think will contribute to your squad.

  21. Shaun Wilson


    Stan currently is paying Wenger over £8m a year plus bonus’s ( he probably won’t get that much extra through this! ) this is obviously not something done on the cheap. I think The Kronkster could offer a salary of HALF of what is paid to our esteemed overlord and 90% of bright young management talent would bite his bejewelled hand off. As he recently cheaply gipped £3m out of the Arsenal coffers , perhaps someone should alert our be- rugged billionaire to the possible savings on offer once Wenger is gone.

  22. Cesc Appeal


    Very nice goal.

    Yeah I found that whole diatribe from him yet another one of his condescending rants about how incredulous he is that his team receives criticism and how it’s so predictable…I mean just that last bit left me not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

    So to Wenger the critique is predictable, but the source clearly isn’t. And we’re stuck with this buffoon for at least 3 years.

  23. David Smith

    Ivan has won the rather strange accolade of CEO of the year. Considering what he is up against, have to say he does a pretty decent job, all things considered.
    Just wish he could do the one thing the club needs, but the owner wouldn’t let him

  24. Cesc Appeal

    Kozz out for at least another month?

    Like I said yesterday, you won’t see Kozz again until 2015. And this is a problem we knew ALL about before the close of the window…oh yeah, no players available to avoid this, never mind, as you were.

  25. Wallace


    you think there’s a chance it being Swansea that Ramsey might be inspired to locate his game tomorrow? can’t remember how he’s done against them in the past…personally, i think i’d go with Flamini & Wilshere.

  26. Emiratesstroller

    Much has been discussed about Arsenal’s frailties in defence highlighted this week by conceding 3 goals late in the game after taking a 3-0 lead.

    However, we need to go back to the roots of Arsenal’ inherent weakness and that were the 8-2 defeat against Man Utd 3 years ago and also the 4-4 draw against Newcastle where we conceded four goals in second half after leading by 4-0.

    To summarise.

    1. Lack of leadership and tactical naus both on and off the field of play.
    2.Neglect of proper investment in defence particularly when it comes to
    recruitment of squad players.
    3.Midfield and Fullbacks who may be technically gifted but more often than
    not defensively weak or reluctant to track back.
    4.A team who are clearly not practising properly skills of heading a ball or
    defending corners and set pieces.
    5.Poor levels of concentration and decision making.

  27. Chris Goody

    Does anyone else find Wenger’s recent comments distasteful?

    But Wenger insisted: “If I say to you: ‘No, the objective is not to win the title’, then I have to commit suicide when I go out from here.”

    Please chose your words sensibly if replying, I’m fully aware that this isn’t exactly a pro Wenger site.