Wenger won’t last…

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Arsenal's season if it were a fountain

Arsenal’s season if it were a fountain

It’s all so predictable. It’s all so obvious. All the basics being ignored.

Worst thing, it’s not going to get any better.

This is almost an exact replication of the situation we had last year, only difference? We were smashing it going into the December period last winter. I remember writing that the wheels were going to come off the train (Napoli >>> City), because we were brutalising the same team over and over again. Well, the same thing is happening again and we’re seeing the same warning signs.

Against Anderlecht, he takes off two players who were actually running instead of taking of Santi Cazorla who has played all the games and collapsed physically late on in most of them… or Aaron Ramsey, who I’ve been saying most of the season seems to be playing like the talented kid at school who wants to be at the centre of everything. Against Burnley, he starts Sanchez. Do we really need him in a game like that?

Why have we not rotated the squad? Why have we not learned from the injury collapse we had last season? Or the start of this season? Why hasn’t anyone pulled Wenger into a room and read him the riot act? Because jeez… does he need it. How can he talk about fatigue after playing Burnley? Amazing post-game press conferencing.

Simple fact of the matter is this… Wenger doesn’t know what he’s doing now. There’s no logic in his decisions, because… there’s actually no logic in his decisions. He’s a man past his prime. So past his prime he’s starting to look like that piece of bacon you left in the bottom of your fridge. He’s incapable of learning from his mistakes, he refuses to accept the modern rigours of the game and he’s bombing this team into mediocrity faster than you can blink an eye.

You can’t turn around a ship that’s been sinking for the best part of 5 years. The knowledge hole is far too big. If the season is a marathon, we’ve sprinted for the first 5 miles on a broken leg. I’d be very surprised is the next two months bear any fruit. It’s amazing that we’re still in the top four melting pot. It’s not surprising we’re out of the running for the league.

… and that’s the sad thing. Most Arsenal fans knew we were never in the running for the league. How can we still set up for a season with a squad we know isn’t capable? Why is that ok?

As for losing a 3 goal lead against one of Europe’s B teams… why is it acceptable that this sort of result is par the course for Arsene’s teams? The players he buys aren’t bad players. They’re not mentally fragile. They’re world cup winners, league winners, FA Cup winners. They’re not weak people. All the naivety comes down to atrocious planning.

I’ve started reading Pep’s book. This is bad news for you lot, because it just serves to highlight why Arsene is not an elite manager and why he never will be again.

Pep is all about preparation. His biggest weakness as a manager is that he wants to be integral to all the preparation. Barcelona built a team of 20 assistants around him to reduce the amount of hours he worked, but he would still be the last one out of the office. He planned scenario, after scenario, after scenario so he could map the perfect game. He is so much of a detail freak that if his players did something in a game he didn’t plan, and it surpassed his idea, he’d feel like a  failure.

A man managing some of the most incredible talents to game has ever seen, a tactician so meticulous he feels a failure if his players do something unexpected. A man that controlled his players because he had more energy and passion than all of them combined. A leader. Someone to look up to. A man of total accountability.

Does Wenger look like he has that energy? Does he look like he has the desire of Pep? Does he react in the way Pep would? If he doesn’t, should he be managing a club of the stature of Arsenal in 2014?

That’s the level you need to be at these days. You can’t be introducing a bit of video analysis in 2014. You can’t approach games with absolute naivety. Your substitution strategy can’t be based around leaving tired players on. You can’t palm off injury crisis as bad luck. You can’t shrug your shoulders when you fail to sign enough centre backs. You can’t bemoan the transfer market not being like Tesco when you fail to replace Alex Song in two years. You can’t keep a backroom team who aren’t driving things forward because they’re beholden to you.

It’s a shit show at Arsenal. It’s so bad now, I wonder if Wenger can last the season? The players will know what they’re being served is substandard. The fans know it’s weak. The top brass clearly see what we’re seeing and more. So does the manager? Does he have the pride to carry on sailing the ship that’s nose diving at a rate of knots?

So it begs the question, how long can this last?

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  1. Cesc Appeal

    I’ve got a horrid, horrid feeling Wenger will go to board level and appoint a manger beholden to him, grateful for the job so Wenger is essentially a closet manager, pulling the strings on the puppet on the touchline.

  2. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    A question for Bob. How long does it take you to type the name Wilshere with one finger? I’m guessing quite a while?Maybe you should stalk Ozil instead. I know he’s not English but just think of the time you could save. Fewer letters and much more in line with your capabilities. Plus you could use the extra hours for cleaning the dribble from your keyboard.Just a suggestion.

    Post of the day

  3. Ozy

    Giroud back in training next week. Be back in time for the Man U clash.

    Based on Welbeck’s performances.. I’m kinda looking forward to his return.

  4. Mike adamski

    Giroud works hard for the team as does welbeck .
    Will be an interesting battle . I don’t think wenger will play them together very often

  5. Cesc Appeal


    Can’t really blame Welbeck…he’s not super quality, he’s decent and good be a good player…but he’s been played and played and played and played.

    I’m just waiting for a Sanchez injury as well. Or serious fatigue to kick in/disillusion with his team mates.

  6. TitsMcgee

    “What separates Arsenal from the likes of Tottenham, Newcastle, Southend and all the other names that streamed on to my timeline on Tuesday night is that they have absolutely no excuses for this. Arsenal have everything in place to be the most successful, trophy-laden club on the planet and their failure to reach their potential is extraordinary.”

  7. London gunner


    Less interesting battle more depressing battle. Like watching two handicaps fist fighting in a parking lot.

    It’s a fight between shit and shit average.

    With the loser being arsenal

  8. Ozy

    Yeah, I’m afraid Sanchez is going to get injured. The amount of work he puts in, the level at which he plays for the entire game… being played over and over again.. can’t end well.

    And I’m not sure where I stand with Welbeck. The whole team has been garbage with the exception of a few (Sanchez, maybe Ox) so I’m not sure if it’d be an educated assessment. One thing is for sure, we need a game changing striker. Neither Welbeck or Giroud look up to it to be our starting striker.

  9. Mike adamski

    We’ve got to rotate our players more .
    We have a wealth of attacking options but he plays the same guys into the ground year upon year .

    Podolski , Rosicky and Campbell must be so angry.

    Wenger needs to rest cazorla , sanchez and welbeck badly .

    I can see a loss at Swansea for us sadly .

  10. Mike adamski

    I’d be tempted to give bellerin a go at RB
    Rotate gibbs for Monreal, always scared gibbs will get injured I am !

    Chambers and BFG at CB until Kos gets back.

    I’d play flamini with jack on Sunday , give rambo a rest .

  11. Cesc Appeal


    For me on Saturday I’d go:

    Bellerin, Mert, Chambers, Gibbs
    Arteta/Flamini, Ramsey
    Walcott, Sanchez, Oxlade

    But SHACKLE Ramsey!! It’s not rocket science. Just be solid and hit them on the counter with that abundance of pace up top. Wilshere will lose the ball too much and is too ill disciplined.

    But I expect we’ll see:

    Chambers, Mert, Monreal, Gibbs
    Sanchez, Wilshere, Ramsey, Cazorla

    I have a feeling he might even play Sanogo…don’t know why.

  12. wenker-wanger

    Wenger wont last was a headline from heaven. His managerial performance doesnt match his obscene salary. The players like sanchez will pull wenger out of the shit that his lack of ability deserves. Swansea will be a draw and arsenal will continue to hover around 4th.

  13. MidwestGun

    Apparently, card carrying members of the Arsene can do no wrong brigade have been reading Pedro’s blog and are gleefully proclaiming, too bad Arsene is here to stay for 2 and half more years.
    Except what they don’t realize the sad sick joke is on them. AW just got out managed and tactically beaten by a rookie manager at Anderlecht. 20 years of experience and a 8 mill salary and all he can do is nervously sit on sideline while the Anderlecht manager I’ve never heard of switched to 2 up top and had his players slaughter us down the wings behind our fullbacks bombing forward. Ya… 2.5 more years something to look forward to.

  14. Cesc Appeal


    It almost becomes a thing of spite to them now.

    Just because they’re pathetic sad sacks who place the legacy of a geriatric, archaic 65 year old stuck in 1999 ahead of the club they think it’s amusing to say things like “well he’s here for 2 and half more years. Hehe.”

    What is wrong with these ‘fans.’ They derive pleasure from Arsene Wenger staying on, no matter how many embarrassments we suffer as a club, no matter how many obvious pitfalls we go tumbling down despite someone warning us a mile before the hole, they’ll make themselves look utterly ridiculous in purporting a ludicrous defence of Wenger, or try to play to some utopian future for Arsenal that is suddenly going to kick on because Wenger proboscises it.

    I really, really fucking hate some Arsenal fans sometimes. They make us look like a pathetic bunch of impotent tossers. Other fans take the piss out of how we defend Wenger at all costs.

    They’re the most revisionist, apathetic, ambitionless supporters you’ve ever seen.

    I’m not one of these people crying out for action, because I won’t get off my arse to do anything, I don’t think there’s anything we CAN do short of a massive unilaterally move from our fans – and as I say because of the aforementioned tossers that will never happen…and again a lot of fans (myself included) won’t do anything anyway.

    So it’s not that…it’s to hear utter c**ts like GeoffArsenal going on and on as if Wenger is utterly faultless, that everything he does has meaning and any ‘mistakes’ aren’t really mistakes, he tried to do the right thing but was hampered somehow; or sees something we all don’t.

    I truly hope they piss off with him when he goes. These will be the same c**ts getting on the back of the new manager after his first loss. You wait and see.

    Honestly, f**k being an Arsenal fan sometimes. Tossers.

  15. Cesc Appeal


    “The in game management is terrible…and I do blame the players…once you cross that line there isn’t much Arsene Wenger can do.”

    Hahahaha…fucking hell

  16. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    I guess that’s why I brought it up. I really really don’t get the glee. They say it like it’s gonna hurt the section of the fanbase that can see he isn’t the best solution going forward. But it’s only hurting themselves. The second thing is then they say. Well who are we gonna get.
    Ooohhh I don’t know…… how about the Anderlecht manager? Lol…… joking but they act like AW was some world renown manager when he came here.
    Its just sad to see the level of denial, and like you say the new manager whoever they are will have no chance with that crowd. Which is ironic since they accuse us of having no patience.

  17. tunnygriffboy


    Have you been on the angry tablets this evening 🙂 🙂

    Got one thing to say ‘ Arsene rules ok ‘ loooooooooooool.

    I’d go with your team v Swansea though I’d play Wilshere instead of Ramsey. Ramsey was bad on Tuesday and I’d explain why he was left out. Shacle Wilshere a la England

    Mind you Rambo and Gnabry ripped Swansea a new one last season.

  18. Cesc Appeal


    It’s ridiculous.

    I was looking forward to the Bergkamp podcast…but it’s 3/4 Wengerites!

    They’re all going on as if fans asking for a CDM and CB is hindsight stuff!!! I’ve had to turn it off or my fist will go through the screen.

    This is EXACTLY what I was saying earlier…they will spout utter nonsensical garbage that they themselves KNOW isn’t true just to defend him.

    GeoffArsenal is blaming the players for the team shape and formation saying “there’s not much Wenger can do about it…” quite incredible new depths even for him.

    Saying the midfielder and defender wasn’t there in the summer to get, no one who could improve us so we have to trust Wenger and the stick he gets is unfair.

    Laissez fair, apathetic fans. Sounds like they support Arsenal just because, because of the fact that they have all their lives. They don’t talk about the team in terms of “what should we be doing to win the league or UCL that we’re not…” it’s all about “well cut Arsene come slack” oh let’s find an excuse for Arsene. Agenda, agenda, agenda, fuck Arsenal and the club and belittle anyone who doesn’t think Wenger is a genius who’s proved room temperature fusion whilst balancing Arsenal’s books.

    I dislike them and I’ve never even met them…that’s weird.

  19. Cesc Appeal


    I just can’t get over what a pathetic bunch of sacks a lot of our supporters are.

    Might give Arsene some seed money to fuck off and start his own accounting firm come football club and they can kindly follow.

  20. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    It’s frustration Thursday. Then we go onto joke Friday. Along with troll free Tuesday. Le Grove traditions.

    Altho, somebody, can’t remember who tried to start Haiku Sunday. Never really caught on. Lol.

  21. Shaun Wilson


    Always love your reasoned, elegant contributions toward the bursting of sundry inane bubbles. Keep it up.

  22. Cesc Appeal


    Ohhhh, right, in the words of Rodger from Family Guy “you’re getting a punch…when I get down there, you’re getting a punch” haha 😉

  23. MidwestGun

    CA –
    Spinmasters. Like I said yesterday. Absolve the person in charge of all responsibility. I refuse to believe Ramsey went completely off the reservation on his own. He was on the right wing too often for it to be accidental. I think they have talked about rotation and Ramsey was doing what he thought was rotating and getting into space. Regardless… it takes 2 words to make it stop. Stop it! Or get back!
    It’s like they don’t watch other managers who actually manage a game.

  24. Cesc Appeal



    Or if a player isn’t listening…I mean jeeez, could you imagine Mourinho or Fergie? They’d go mad and hook him off.

    Ramsey was given a mandate to do what he wanted I don’t care what anyone says. He was shite, but he lacked instruction.

  25. Cesc Appeal


    I really want to do it on the lower tier, just behind the dug out:

    “Arsene! ARSENE! Bring on Walcott.”

    See’s Sanogo stripping off.

    (Starts walking down steps toward dug out) “Okay you’re getting a punch…(walks faster fist cocked)…when I get down there, you’re getting a punch.”

    I do think Rodger is my favourite character in that whole MacFarlane universe.

  26. Cesc Appeal

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Haikus!!!

    This is your doing N5.

    By the way N5 bringing Haikus up in here has made me think of Sauron and how evil he is, anyone seen the final Hobbit trailer…oh….my….word

  27. N5

    Cesc me too by a million miles. My favorite joke is when he’s talking to Stan and Stan says, I thought you said you knew Stockard Channing when she was in her late 40s, and Roger says, no I said I knew her IN the late 40s, she was 50!! Absolutely hilarious.

  28. Cesc Appeal



    I love the one where he’s the American Ice Hockey player with the gold from the winter Olympics.

    “Fell out of a plane, impaled myself on a branch, sucked, but I managed to use it as a walking aid…impressed. But then I lost it…devastated.”

    Or of course:

    “Oh ho ho ho…you stupid bitch…hahaha….stupid bitch…ha….you bitch…haha…you stupid bitch.”

  29. N5

    Lol Cesc!! no one has jokes funnier in the McFarlaneverse.

    Chex Leminuax (spelling?) is his name in that hockey one.

    Roger: They say if a domesticated pig is released into the wild it will instinctively grow tusks.
    Stain: Who says that.
    Roger: Your mutha!

  30. Cesc Appeal



    “Me over here, huge wine lover. And h*roin lover…don’t use it, just like being around it. Appreciate it, study it. Use it sometimes.”

  31. N5

    Ha ha Cesc, love that one.

    Limerick Wednesday, I can do that one. I will start, here is one courtesy of Homer!

    There once was a rapping tomato,
    That’s right I said rapping tomato,
    He rapped all day
    From April to May,
    And also guess what, it was me.

  32. Cesc Appeal

    Look Midwest, if you keep encouraging this I’ll get on a flight to Illinois and you can get a punch.

    I’ve already got to go to Hastings for N5’s punch so I can make a detour en route!!!!

  33. N5

    Ha ha Cesc, I keep readin them in Rogers voice.

    Oh, I love your religion, for the crazy. Virgin birth, water into wine. It’s like Harry Potter, but it causes genocide and bad folk music.

    It’s time for me to cut loose! Footloose! So why don’t you two get lost before I kick off my Sunday shoe up your ass!

  34. N5

    Lol Cesc circumnavigating the globe not dropping his fist from behind his head the entire way, just repeatedly walking towards people saying “your getting a punch”

  35. Cesc Appeal


    Roger is actually hilariously funny. The writing is so clever, bitchy and witty for him.

    The obscure references in time he uses as well. Brilliant.

  36. MidwestGun

    Whoa whoa whoa…. I’m a yippie from way back.
    Yippie = hippie who likes money.

    Non violence man..
    Lol. But if you want to come for the freezing weather and crap beer. Come on over.

  37. Cesc Appeal


    Can you imagine trying to get that through airport customs.

    “Step to the side please sir,”

    “Right okay you’re getting a punch.”

    Like a fucked up, aggressive Forest Gump, except instead of a marathon I just start assaulting people.

  38. N5

    To late Middy, his fist is raised and poised to punch, one’s the guns been cocked, someones getting shot!! That’s our Cesc Appear AKA Chichesters Fist!

  39. Cesc Appeal


    I can punch in bad weather 🙂


    My unofficial title down here…but for other reasons, I’m not proud of it, but how I made tuition money in college is my business!

  40. N5

    Lol, just Cesc, just lines and lines of people rubbing their eyes and shrugging their shoulders as to what the hell just happened!!

    What happened?

    I think we just met the Chichester Fist?
    Did he say anything?
    just that I was getting a punch!!
    Yep that’s him, he’s on his way to Illinois to hit a Yippie via Hastings!

  41. Cesc Appeal



    “Now boarding, flight 414 to Illinois, via Hastings.”

    “What kind of fucked up airline is this?”

  42. MidwestGun

    Well…. ok…. I probably have a punch coming anyhow.

    Speaking of which I missed out on boxing all timers. My top 3.

    1 Ali
    2. Sugar Ray Leonard
    3. Evander Holyfield

    and with that… I’m off to find dinner. Night y’all.

  43. N5

    Night Middy. I’m off too as I have an early start. Night Cesc mate and thanks for making me laugh again. I’m sure we’re separated brothers, we have far to much in common not to be.
    Take it easy mateys.

  44. Cesc Appeal


    Nothing personal with the punch, just like N5 says when the safety is off and the fist is cocked…it’s like a Gurkha Kukri knife…it has to draw blood once unsheathed. Nighty night.


    I think scarily that could actually be true…I do have a love for house music as well. Night mate 😉

  45. peanuts&monkeys

    @Rompey: “So how come Jose doesn’t get flak for only using 13/14 players out of his 25 man squad because he doesn’t trust the others.”

    1) He is 9 points clear off Arsene Wenger’s team,
    2) He hates Wenger, so most of us here love him.

  46. Dark Hei

    “He hates Wenger, so most of us here love him”

    Just so you know, true fans of Chelsea never acknowledged Rafa Benetiz despite him saving their sorry season from AVB’s horror show.

    In life, you need to show more of your soul, or you turn into a plastic junkie. Real Arsenal fans will never want JM to be their manager. Just like real Liverpool fans will never accept Fergie.

  47. N5

    “He hates Wenger, so most of us here love him.”

    No one here bar you loves him! a lot just say he’s a good manager but a prick of a person.

  48. Bankz

    We don’t love Mourinho.
    He’s a c**t….A ret**d….A pr**k…..An Illiterate but a VERY GOOD MANAGER.

    I don’t think I’d accept him even if he wanted to manage us for free but if he is the only option that boots/replaces Arsene Wenger right now, I will take him to end this disease called Wenger’s remaining tenure.

    I’m sick & tired of him.

  49. Wallace

    ” With Monaco’s finances dictating that Falcao’s £335,000-a-week wages had to be offloaded this summer, just 12 months after his £53m arrival from Atletico Madrid, the forward found himself back in action at the beginning of August when he played and scored against Arsenal in the Emirates Cup in London

    His move to United followed at the end of the month, but to date, Falcao has made just five appearances – three starts and two from the bench – and scored one goal.

    He has missed the last two games with a calf injury and will not be fit to face Crystal Palace at Old Trafford on Saturday.

    Three months into his loan move, which is costing United a £6m loan fee and £265,000-a-week in wages, Falcao is beginning to resemble an expensive gamble, particularly with Danny Welbeck giving Arsenal plenty of value for money following his £16 million arrival from Manchester.

    United have already agreed a fee with Monaco and personal terms with Falcao over a permanent move to Old Trafford next summer, but the question now is how long it will take him to return to his best – if, indeed, he can.

    Hindsight suggests that he was rushed back far too early by Monaco, especially when his rehabilitation period is measured against Walcott.”

    – Telegraph

  50. Dark Hei


    Lol, errr even then no to JM. I will happily give Pellegrini a run, Or even Mancini. But my pride means no, forever, to JM. And I think his feeling of Arsenal is mutual.

    I admit I love Wenger for the memories he has given and the principled man that he is. But for the sake of his legacy, if 4th place is all he achieves this season, then he needs to make an exit for a successor. End of this season is the ripe moment. The board needs to make a short list of possible candidates (not impossible ones). Because end of next season is the Euros, and a new manager coming in off the Euros will have less time to prepare the squad.

  51. Bankz

    Dark Hei

    Your pride must be cast iron.
    I know some who would take a sunday league manager if it means ending the circle of mediocrity that has come to be associated with Wenger’s reign.

    I respect & love him for every single thing he has done for the club , but anyone who sees clearly & logically can see he’s past it & the game has moved ahead of him.
    He can’t offer anything exciting/insightful to the club anymore.

  52. peanuts&monkeys

    Arsenal are the perpetual losers. Arsenal are even branded as such already. Kompany’s impromptu reply to Merson is a proof.

    Wenger to ISIS! Exchange Wenger for the British hostages/captives.

  53. Wallace

    “The thinking and the strategy that goes behind it is deep in terms of analysing the opponent. You have to be bold enough to make the decisions as a manager and that is why you are paid the money you are. …. It’s a big risk but for me I’m happy with the decisions I make. It can be a big call and people might think ‘You took a massive risk there’, but you weigh up the risk and reward.

    “The reward for me was you get the opportunity to trust the squad and hopefully that is the biggest thing that comes out of it for me with the players, because that is what I look to do. We didn’t quite make the result but it bodes well for us in the future.”

    – Brendan Rodgers, the thinking man’s football manager, draws attention to(bullshits) the deep thought that went into sending the reserves to Madrid for a Chamapions League game.

  54. peanuts&monkeys

    Mackintosh: “Arsenal over-complicate, they prevaricate and they do it so often that any rational individual would just give up on them and go and watch something less stressful. Unfortunately, very few Arsenal supporters are rational.”

    Thats what we call AKBs. Irrational, to start with…

    Excellent piece of analysis. 1000 prints of this article should be rolled together and shoved up Wengermothrfuckr’s ass a thousand times till he packs off from London.

  55. peanuts&monkeys

    AKB Wallace is trying to poke holes in ManU’s strategy and trying to fend the Arsenal fans’ sights from Wneger’s continued 10 year failure.

    10 years in the drain. 10 years of muck and failure. Specialist in failure. AKBs to hell!

  56. N5

    Peanuts, take your tablets and check yourself back into the home you lunatic.

    You’re a dangerous, dangerous indervidual and the fact people like you are out there without supervision frightens the fucking life out of me.

  57. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal are not a million miles away from having a squad which is capable of challenging for League Title.

    My assessment is that you need at least 20 decent players who are good enough to be rotated and play on a reasonably regular basis in first team.

    Looking at our current squad

    Szczesny Ospina Debuchy Mertesacker Koscielny Gibbs Chambers Ramsey Wilshire Ozil Cazorla Oxlade-Chamb
    Walcott Sanchez Welbeck Giroud [16]
    Monreal Arteta Podolski Campbell [4]
    Flamini Diaby Rosicky Sanogo

    Therefore I would like to see in the next two transfer windows recruitment of
    First String CB,DMF
    Second String LB,LW

    The second element in the equation is improvement in the way we play namely:
    1. More players in midfield tracking back and defending properly.
    2.Full Backs spending less time bombing upfield and defending properly when required to do so.
    3.Man to Man marking at set pieces.
    4.Improvement in our aerial performance
    5.Improvement in our corners
    6.More bodies in the area when attacking

  58. Shaun Wilson


    Wenger : Fabian Delph, hmm….who is he? Ze name sounds French….. Sacre Bleu! Zut Alors! Etc. He is a free! Wenger turns to Ivan – Monsieur Gazprom, we must sign him…we are in need of a back up goalkeeper since Ospina’s broken back started playing up.

  59. Wallace


    Rosicky not good enough?

    also, not sure your point 6 – having more men in the opposition penalty area – squares with our need to stop getting caught with half the team rampaging up the field.

  60. Wallace

    Shaun Wilson

    yeah, guess it might go something like that. i’d definitely take him as one of the two replacements for Arteta, Flam & Diaby. feisty little f**ker.

  61. arsene'snewZip

    @Emiratesstroller : so many facts we already know…

    It’s useless to talk about that as long as le specialist in zips is still in charge.

  62. Emiratesstroller


    How many times do we attack and there is absolutely noone in box to take delivery?


    Yes you are right most supporters know this, but we talk generally about these matters in isolation.

    Most of the problems I highlighted arose on Tuesday, which is why I raised them.

    The manager and coaching team are of course all to blame for this, because
    they do not seem to address the problems.

    There is a maxim ‘a bad workman blames his tools’. That is Wenger’s weakness. Most of the weaknesses are self inflicted.

  63. JoshuaAFC

    an intresting read really well written i just believe that the Mad Frenchman will never leave and here are my reason why.

    Put your self in his Shoes you are getting paid 7 mil a year,

    no him he will have a Retirment plan bigger that Man city Transfer budget,

    as long as your making Arsenal money the Board will Keep you in Power

    you can do half assed job and still people will kiss your ass and say you know best

    pretend that your team play beautiful football yet get schooled by teams like swansea and still no one says anything

    havent done anything for the club or the fans in 9 years and still get offered and 3 year deal

    if somone offered you that kind of job you would leave you wouldnt say im not going to get paid for doing nothing you go home sit on your chair and laugh yourself to sleep Arsen Wengar is just the tip of ice burg the hole board lack ambition they just want the money that we work hard for that we plug into the club Arsenal FC dose not care for it fans all it cares about if a tidy profit and balancing its books i have become very dis hartned with arsenal im 23 years old tired of loseing banter battles with my collegues at work tired of watching my team throw away a game tired of watching sloppy passing shitty finishing and woful defending dose anyone agree with me on this

    sory for any spelling or grammor mistakes.