Arsenal 3-3 Anderlecht. Food poisoning

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Morning all, Alex here.

I couldn’t make last nights game as I had food poisoning brought about by some Essex oysters I ate in a French restaurant. Cos that’s the kinda fancy, nonconformist guy I am.

Needless to say the last 24 hours have been pretty hellish and serve as a perfect analogy for last nights game.

Sure we all enjoyed the oysters and free bread which was the first half, but we should have suspected that it was all just a ruse, a way of drawing us in so that God could do a shit on our collective heads come full time.

I’ve honestly run out of pejoratives to lambast this team with. We covered all of Arsenal’s shalackings and ridiculous comebacks in a post earlier in the season; here’s another one to add to the list.

Is it made worse by the fact that we were basically playing the third best club in Belgium’s B team at home? Probably.

The team line up looked fairly elementary, though I did wonder about starting Alexis again in what was expected to be a walk in the park. We started well offensively. As usual, everything exciting was coming through the Chilean with Welbeck and Ox combining well with him.

It was Alexis who had a hand in all 3 of our goals, combining with Welbeck for the penalty and then taking the piss out of Anderlecht and their ‘wall’ for the second. The third was as a result of his harrying which the Ox was able to capitalise on. However despite his heroic efforts it wasn’t enough to stop a vintage Arsenal self-implosion.

I can’t be arsed to go into huge detail. Yes we were worse when Arteta went off, but it’s not like we were completely solid when he was on the pitch. Defensively we looked rubbish all night. Having said that, I thought Monreal was playing well until he gave away the penalty. Shows what I know.

What’s more frustrating, and sorry to sound like a broken record here, was the tactical naivety on display. When your manager is getting out thought by Paul Merson, you know you are in trouble. Exactly what instruction does he give to the players from the touchline? Does he know he’s allowed to talk to them during the game? At 3-2 he barely moved from his seat, like an ageing general too fatigued and war weary to try and stem the tide.

His substitutions lost us the game. Ramsey and Cazorla were both having stinkers so naturally they were left on to work out their issues.

Ramsey in particular put in the Stephen Gerrard of all performances, trying to win the game singlehandedly to satisfy his own ego. This was perfectly typified by his free kick late on which made it to the seats in club level. As @yankeegunner said at the time, exactly what about Ramsey’s performance last night merited him taking that free kick? His lack of discipline in the final 20 mins meant there was a massive hole in front of our defence.

Not to pin it all on his shoulders. Ramsey is a quality player and a model professional but he’s still young. What he needs is a more a senior player, or I don’t know the manager, giving him some instructions when he isn’t playing well.

After the match, Arsene continued his assault on the PR industry with some absolute gems:

“At 3-0 we thought the job was done and it was a combination of switching off and fatigue as well.”

Switching off? If only we could identify someone who could take responsibility for keeping the player’s minds focused. Gunnersaurus?

As for the fatigue, well when you insist on beasting the same 14 players and don’t make any substitutions until 70 minute what do you expect?

Needless to say, unless we can iron out all defensive faults that Arsene’s teams have developed over the last 8 years, we will qualify from the group in second place and get dumped out in the last 16. Happy days.

Right that’s me done. I don’t think my fever induced brain can handle any more of this.

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Ps when we do build a statue of Alexis outside the Emirates, I think we should inscribe ‘Sorry’ underneath it

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  1. N5

    Arrggh the picture didn’t work Oops.

    London, I didn’t have a problem until you kept scratching away! even when you were rubbing everyone up the wrong way the other day including posters like Eagle and Sal who are mellow as pot smokers, I was defending your comments and saying you don’t mean your arrogance to come across rudely.

    But you do, you know what your doing, since the day you put up Robben as your avy, you’ve been doing a marble, you’ve been saying things to get a rise. Sometimes you speak from the heart, other times you just do it to mock.

    You did it the other night and when I said that was marble like behaviour you said I had an agenda against Theo, which is 100 percent not true, I love Theo, I think the guy as a little baller, I just don’t agree with your full evaluation of him.

    But no, you kept digging you kept making little comments and doing a marble.

  2. london gunner

    “PS London, you don’t want to make friends? then why are you always talking about your job and asking advise. That sounds like the type of person who hasn’t got any real people in his life to get advise from.”

    Who am I supposed to ask my best mates who are musicians in two different bands? Or the Model? Or my rich mate whose an academic (which is code for waster who drinks to much) Or my friend who works for Drum n Bass arena, Or friends still in Uni. These aren’t suitable candidates.

    As for work I can’t ask any one because its an incredibly edgy situation. There’s a full on power coup going down and I am a pawn in the game in fact they are trying to use me as a weapon. Office politics more like fucking warfare.

    As for advice I can take advice from people who aren’t friends that can often be the best advice to get because its not tied up in emotion but practicality and rationality. When I take advice its not about if I value them as a friend but If I respect them as a man. There are lots of successful experienced people on here so why shouldn’t I ask for vital information? hmm?

  3. london gunner


    Your so bias against me.

    So many times Eagle has been massively aggressive an attacked me his even apologised for it as I have I when I have done it to him.

    The fact you only see it one way shows your either subconsciously got an issue with me or you being genuinely manipulative.

    Look at Bamford13 when he goes nuts on people I never hear you pipe up then?

    So get over your problem with me I have no interest in it.

  4. Ustynobaba

    Mid……no oooooo,wasnt taking sides and beside the clown thing was cos N5 might have been tongue in cheek when he made his last comment so i was just playing with him and he knows it,beside am free with him than london,i would have said to london but dont know if he will listen to me,not taking sides just dont want argument this time…lol

  5. N5

    london, but you said you didn’t care what we thought was what the comment was about

    Also, your list of friends sounds bogus to me, I was a DJ growing up and have many many friends at DNB arena, who’s your mate and I bet your just blowing smoke!!

    Don’t confuse confidence with arrogance. Arrogance is being full of yourself, feeling you’re always right, and believing your accomplishments or abilities make you better than other people. People often believe arrogance is excessive confidence, but it’s really a lack of confidence. Arrogant people are insecure, and often repel others. Truly confident people feel good about themselves and attract others to them.


  6. MidwestGun

    Usty –
    Honestly clowns frighten me. I have that phobia. I think it’s the nose and makeup. So clown judging isn’t really my go to career choice. So probably not a good adviser.

    Gonna have to Ask Thomas… he’s a clown judge.

    Something like AW is a clown cunt. Im paraphrasing.

  7. N5

    PS if Bamford ever made rude comments to people like Eagle and Sal I would say to him I think he’s being rude. Trust me, it’s not agenda, well it wasn’t. I just don’t like you very much, I think you’re a jumped up gobshite that thinks he’s better than everyone, has little respect from women and other peoples opinions and see’s himself as some sort of demigod.

  8. london gunner

    “MWG, it’s not just the Theo/Hazard thing, it’s the Robben thing, the Klopp thing”

    Basically its having a different opinion to/

    My opinions happen to go against the norm but I genuinely believe in them and why can I not express them.

    People harp on every single day of the year about Wenger and post stats and comments. I mention theo and hazard for a few days and the blogs in uproar.

    Why because people only want to preach to the choir and they only want to hear their own opinions and attitudes reflected back on themselves to feel validated and correct and part of a bigger whole.

    I challenge this and it pisses people off buts its up for the people how they receive the message

  9. Shaun Wilson


    I really think a fly by would have an impact on Wenger – he has the largest ego I have ever seen and I work in a Psychiatric setting. I’m a bit knackered and am going to bed now, so maybe we can discuss it further later, but I think if we keep the fly by idea fresh in the minds of the seemingly benignly acceptant – the pair of us initially bringing it up once a day – we may pick up a few like minds along the way and the idea might take root. Then again it might not but for fuck’s sake we have to do something eh?

  10. Ustynobaba

    I think we are all friends here atleast we interact,argue,criticise,blame,do almost everything friends do on daily bases for a long period except seeing each other maybe thats what make me we are all friends,N5 and london you guys should chill and move along…just a friendly advice…lol

  11. N5

    Also you can express your view. That big piece you wrote on Klopp the other day I said was a great comment and a really good argument against him. It’s the other stuff you do, the HATERS SAY WHATT!!!! OHHHH KLOPP DID WELL TONIGHT, HAZARD EFFICIENCY.COM! you like to wind it up. I’ve not got a single issue with any comment you’ve ever made in regards to your opinion, its the stuff that comes with it.

  12. N5

    @Ustynobaba night mate, apologies for the hostilities, its been a while since there was argument on here and it might be down it always comes when Arsenal are losing.

  13. london gunner


    But why have you so much vested in Hazard or Klopp or against theo

    I say haters say what if your not a hater why should you give a fuck?

    I really don’t get it! Klopp is not an Arsenal manager nor is Hazard an Arsenal player so I don’t get the strong sense of loyalty like you must defend them and get annoyed when others don’t rate them

  14. N5

    I don’t have any loyalty towards any of them, but the comments you make are a way of justifying your position. Hazard scored a couple the other night, did I come on and say, say what Hazard haters? no I didn’t. It just is what it is. I like Klopp yes, do I care if people don’t, no! that’s it. I respect your stance on him. Do I like Theo? love him, do I like Eden, no I think he’s a bellend! so there is no loyalty. Just opinion.

    If you turn out to be right about Klopp which is hugely possible, then fine, good on you! but will you see it like that? or will you be on here writing, WHERE ARE ALL THE KLOPP LOVERS? LOOK AT ME, WHO WAS RIGHT AGAIN? LOOK WHO’S GHANDI/DAWKINS! LOOK HOW SEXY I AM, ALMOST AS SEXY AS THE REAL MADRID TEAM!.

  15. N5

    PS, notice I wrote for the 100th time that I love Theo and I bet yet again you don’t acknowledge it and still pull me up for an agenda. Like Marble used to do, hence the marble reference in the first place.

  16. Follow the money

    Wenger isn’t going to get fired unless possibly we get relegated. But. If enough fans and blogs turn against him the media will feel free to ask some tough questions. And we all know Wenger does not like to be challenged or questioned because he’s a coward. If he flips out on the media the perception of the club could be dragged down. We already know Wenger’s a joke but if public perception reached that point the board or Kroenke would have to act. Claim he’s ill and had to step down

  17. london gunner


    1Your massively exaggerating any arrogant traits in my personality.

    2your taking the Gandhi comments completely out of context.

    3 I never said I was sexy.. I have got with some sexy girls but as have probably nearly every bloke on this blog. I have also got with some munters in my time the type where you feel to escape through the window in the morrow.. but somehow I don’t really wanna mention that haha

  18. WengerEagle


    You’ve summed up the Theo/Hazard issue perfectly.

    I like you am really fond of Theo and I’m delighted at how much he’s come on in the last couple of seasons.

    I don’t like Hazard as he goes down far too easily and he’s a Chav (scumbag).

    So I’m fairly bloody sure that I’m not biased when objectively looking at the two as footballers saying that Hazard is levels above.

    It’s common footballing sense, ask all of the top managers in the world (Ancelotti, Pep, Simeone, etc) who would they rather have in their side out of Theo and Hazard and I’d be willing to auction off my left nut that not a single one would opt for Theo.

  19. N5

    london, I notice you didn’t mention the Dawkins one which you referenced the other day too, promoting your out of the box/against the grain arguments.

    I’m bored of debating this stuff to be honest. You do you and I’ll do me, but if you continue to dig me out then I’ll continue to bite. It’s my nature.

  20. N5

    Eagle, Hazard is a slippery arrogant bellend who I dislike immensely, Theo is a man I respect and only want to see get better. When I compare the two, I do it with no bias/agenda, just on what I see. I really would love to see Theo become the player he was touted to be, but I believe we see him at his level now, this is his ceiling.

  21. london gunner


    Ok. Most of your comment is fair enough.

    But lets clear something out.

    I am not targeting you.

    I have no issue or even dislike for you what so ever.

    Your taking things personal when they are not meant to be.

    My told you so comments are just simply addressed to Le Grove not stamped addressed to N5.

    Im off but take care

  22. MidwestGun

    Follow the Dolla-
    Ya… I agree with that sentiment. Social media is a huge influencer. You can get your opinion out there to beyond your circle of friends quickly. It’s a relatively new phenomenon with the advent of twitter,smart phones etc… and don’t think you can discount how much media monitor what’s out there. Plus on pitch play if it continues in this form will prompt action. 3 years ago I
    doubt you have Merson like comments.

  23. WengerEagle


    Agree, IMO the Theo we saw in the 2012/13 season and for a spell in the 2013/14 season is as good and efficient as we’ll ever see Theo.

    No shame in that whatsoever.

  24. Arsenewonga

    Would Chelsea swap walnut for hazard?

    I very much doubt it…

    If I had a choice…hazard all the way…..

    We have a fraud they have Mourhino ..they have a cl win we have nada ,,Nish, nothing….

    Fucking joke

  25. fourthisatrophy

    If you are all so aggrieved why do you put up with it, find another hobby/outlet for your emotions,change clubs to support, cleanse yourselves from all things Arsenal, but no, you persevere, hoping it will change,you, the fan, is the biggest stumbling block, listening to you bark after every losing game,you dimwits wallow in this repeating never ending shit storm, it has been going on for 8 years and people like N5 are still rambling on about it, you cunts deserve Wenger, look in the mirror

  26. WengerEagle


    Yeah I was actually, watched it in a pub after college with my brother. The bloke sitting in front of us was a City season ticket holder visiting his son in Ireland, real nice fella and we had a bit of banter when the City players just kept getting sent off!

    It’s a strange one alright, on paper their team should be much too strong for CSKA but the likes of Yaya barring his FK, Aguero, Navas and Clichy were all very poor tonight. Yaya in particular has looked a shadow of himself from the monster that we saw last season.

    Think that it was a combination of City played poor, Pellegrini is tactically found out in Europe and the top level (semi-finalists onwards) UCL experience just isn’t there in that City side barring Yaya.

    Getting 2 men sent off hardly helped them but to be fair to CSKA I thought that they looked very bright. Doumbia’s a handful up front and took his 2 goals very well and in addition to that the likes of Dzagoev, Eremenko, Musa, Akinfeev and that sub that came on for Doumbia who’s name escapes me were all impressive tonight. They were tidy in possession and always looked dangerous going forward.

  27. N5

    Yaya doesn’t look interested does he! the racism has taken the passion out of his game. He needs to find that form again!

    Citeh is an enigma. They can be top of our league and kicking ass, but the moment you get them in Europe they look clueless.

  28. WengerEagle


    Yeah Yaya’s off the field theatrics are catching up with his performances. He’s acted like a first class cunt since the whole Birthday Cake fiasco, blamed City for not letting him see his dying brother too in an attempt to engineer a move as well. When he’s on it he’s a phenomenon in CM, a one-man wrecking ball. He’s a despicable git though.

    Yeah City are like Juventus in that respect, dominate domestically but consistently underperform in Europe.

    I think that in City’s case an important reason for their struggle in Europe is their lack of UCL experience throughout the squad. Only Yaya Toure has won the Champions League in their squad (not counting Lamps because he’s a fringe player) and he’s also one of the only player’s who has played beyond the QF’s too (Nasri did once with us in 2009 and we were smashed by Manure).

    They aren’t streetwise enough to make a dent in Europe IMO especially with Pellegrini at the helm.

  29. N5

    Agreed on all counts Eagle. Yaya, 1st class prick and sulky gobshite and fully agree Citeh will never do anything in Europe with Pellegrini. I’ve taken to watching their European matches just to be bemused. I sit scratching my head.

    I know experience is essential, but Citeh look like they’ve never played a match before, let alone together.

  30. reality check

    “Arsene Wenger’s biggest strength was trust. He would trust his players.

    He will try to make you make the right decision by yourself, not telling you what he expects or what he wants you to do.

    But that can be a weakness as well because sometimes as a player you need a good kick in your arse.”


  31. WengerEagle


    I never really rated Pellegrini tbh, he did decent jobs at Villarreal and Malaga but he strikes me as a bit of a Moyes (haha that’s probably too harsh) in that he is good at achieving the objectives and even overachieving at clubs where there is’t really pressure to win trophies but he struggles when managing clubs where he’s expoected to end every season with a handful of trophies like Real Madrid and City. He did manage to lead City to the BPL last season tbf but he just about got them over the line in the end thanks to Liverpool’s literal slip-up and Chelsea’s inconsistency. He’s 61 years old and that’s his only real trophy that’s worth talking about.

    He looks a lot like AW too, has that eagle/falcon hair thing going on along with the same comically sharp facial features.

    You’re right on City, looked like a bunch of stangers tonight. I’ve seen more chemistry in my makeshift 5-a side weekend matches.

  32. Cesc Appeal

    Pellegrini is vastly overrated I feel.

    Was saying the other day watching the City United game for the money spent City’s squad actually isn’t THAT good…not as good as it should be. They’ve got some brilliant players, some great players – but a lot of their side I think needs an upgrade, needs an upgrade, needs an upgrade…when you consider the money they have/have spent.

    £32 Million for Mangala was nuts as well!! Might come good after his shaky start but £32 Million!!!

  33. Thomas

    Zacharse November 6, 2014 01:22:04

    what’s the deal with the ‘campbell’s leaving in january’ headlines? poor translations?


    Are you saying it’s unlikely he will leave? Because he couldn’t even get a game while Walcott was out. He has no future at the club at all. So I don’t see anything weird about him rumored to be leaving.

  34. Nick

    Just watch how Cesc stays back with Matic the whole game, bursting forward at just the right times. That is Mourinho’s doing, and what a good coach would have done with Ramsey long ago.

  35. Dark Hei


    No choice with Mangala. In a CB market where a crocked TVM can fetch 19M bucks? There wasn’t supply for good quality CBs in the market.

    I will put Mangala alongside Carvaholo, both of them are good players but vastly overpriced at the 30M mark.

    In fact all of them are overpriced. But sometimes, you just need to open up your wallet. City did that, Arsenal and United did not, or could not.

  36. Dark Hei


    I will be the first to say that replacing Wenger is no easy feat. Of course the discourse is that every thing is a piece of cake. Just get Klop, the go to guy, who BTW isn’t leaving Dortmund because he is every bit as comfortable there as Wenger is at the Emirates. Same with Simeone.

    So you go take a punt. It will be some guy with either no CL experience or EPL experience. So you might do well in 1 league and bomb in the other. Just like our good pals United and Liverpool are finding out.

    But then with Stan as the boss, do you dare for Arsenal to fall out of the CL? Man, we will go the route of Newcastle because our owners have the similar love for money.

    Personally, I will take CA. Flexible, good man manager, handle internal politics well, EPL experience, CL experience. Oh he isn’t available either.

  37. Al

    I really don’t get why you guys call Yaya a prick etc…

    I mean his brother died a couple of months ago…so cut the guy some slack….what do people expect? For him 5 be a robot and not be affected by it in regards to his performance?

    I mean the guy has never come off like that in the past even when Barca were taking the piss with him so it’s obvious its something more

  38. N5

    @Al, a man on 250k a week, threatening to leave because he didn’t get a cake for his birthday is a diva/prick and that was before his brother.

    His brother died and he stayed playing football. I could be in the WC final and I would have left to go to my brothers funeral. Yaya is a bellend, if you don’t agree that’s fine, but he is.

  39. Dark Hei


    If Yaya is a bellend, what about his ex-gunner bro, Kolo. With hindsight, it was good that we let him go. His fiasco with his mistress is just so silly.

  40. Wallace


    “I really don’t get why you guys call Yaya a prick etc…I mean his brother died a couple of months ago…so cut the guy some slack….”

    ja, pretty harsh…

  41. N5

    Yeah, me and eagle were just talking it wasn’t meant to offend anyone. I’m not saying Yaya is a complete Kanye but he’s a full on Taylor Swift!!

    Kolo is almost as big a fool Dark, but he was OK with his birthday cake 😀

  42. Al


    His brother already had cancer when the cake story came out..I agree I would have gone home if my brother died but the demands on people are different.

    Mate all i am saying is you don’t know the guy, you don’t know his family…you don’t know the full story about what has been going on behind the scenes at city…. so I don’t get how you have such strong negative opinion on personality of the guy when history shows little negative about him

    Was it about a cake? Really. Or was it maybe about the fact thay he is a proud African and there’s a general feeling amongst African people that Arabs in this day an age still look and treat African people like slaves….

    Or simply he wanted more money which he clearly deserve because he is Clearly the best player in that squad of world class players so is in the right to kick up a fuss and his agent released a dumb story and Yaya chose to not through his agent who might be his mate under the bus.

  43. Emiratesstroller

    The result on Tuesday highlighted once again the team’s inability to adapt to conditions facing them. We are most vulnerable to teams counterattacking us
    at pace.

    This is because essentially we have very limited defensive resources in team and squad and that applies not just to back division but in midfield as well.

    Personally I give credit to Anderlecht for their recovery in the game. I thought
    that they were actually quite a decent team with some very talented young players. The fact that their U19 team beat us twice will tell you that their club
    should be given some credit as well.

    My view remains the same as ever that Arsenal for all the talented players on their books lacks balance and that is down to the Management and Coaching staff.

    They don’t seem to build squads and teams fit for all conditions or to counter
    what is being played against them.

    The performance was once again a repeat of some of the games we played last
    season against Man City,Chelsea and Liverpool.

    You would have thought that Wenger and his staff would have addressed the
    problem by now, but that is not the case. Frankly I think that they are too set
    in their ways and completely out of ideas.

    Wenger may be difficult to dislodge, but perhaps his staff are not. I would like
    to see some new coaches being brought into club to add fresh impetus particularly to the defence.

    Also we need to resolve our injury problems. My view has been always that it
    is the style we play with short passing and twisting game. This puts enormous
    pressure on body and is also a recipe for bad and mistimed tackles.

    Arsenal will not have the budget in next 2 transfer windows to buy large numbers of new players and frankly there is no necessity to do so. We need for once to focus on our weaknesses.

    I can live with our offensive resources, but there needs now to be some serious
    strengthening of our defence particularly the spine. We need to find a ‘Matic’
    type of player in midfield, which the team is so lacking and a quality centre back.

    Those two positions will probably take up most of our budget, because there are now so many other clubs around Europe with similar requirements.

  44. N5

    @Al, its not a strong feeling I have towards him. It was just a throw away comment, you honestly don’t need to be defensive, it wasn’t meant with any malice.

    RE his salary, he’s already on 250k a week, do you think he should be on more than that really?

  45. Al


    I really wasn’t, was just throwing my 2 cent in…I know you’re a good poster just sharing an opinion.

    Do I think he deserve more? In this current climate of footballer wages….I would say yes. People bang on about aguero/ silva/ kompany but Yaya is the main man. ..when you see some of the donkeys on 200k and the abundance of money city have spent on crap I would say he deserves more at that club because they can afford to pay him more easily

  46. N5

    “I really wasn’t, was just throwing my 2 cent in…I know you’re a good poster just sharing an opinion.”

    Cool because I wouldn’t purposefully try to get peoples backs up. I tend to say things without giving it to much thought and I understand there are many other factors which resulted in certain perceived behaviour, so I maybe shouldn’t be so flippant with it.

    My point was more about him being a shadow of last season’s Yaya and I do seriously believe the racism thing has played a big part of that.

    RE His wage, I guess you’re right if you see the types of players on astronomical wages, but only based on last season. This season I’d be taking money off of him! 😀

  47. Al


    Yea this season he has been terrible. …its the first time in his career he has performed at this low level that’s why it’s obvious there’s something wrong….

    From my personal experience. …I lost someone close to cancer and for literally a year I was not functioning normally…mind would wonder, depression, lack of motivation etc all things I experienced.

    Probably why I am sticking up for him

  48. peanuts&monkeys

    This is a trend i have noticed. Arsenal fans will log on LG on matchdays and finding the usual capitulation type preformance (as against Anderlecht), will blast off the players and mostly (and duly) the manager. The AKBs like wallace and N5 will remain relatively quiet then.

    The next day when the match report comes, the Arsenal fans does not bother to come back to LG. And, these AKBs take ove the comments section and make the forum appear as if there was not such match lost by Arsenal just 24 hours back. They will instead keep pinpricking quality players (whom Arsenal management will never buy) like Yaya, Hazard…even they will start slandering ex-Arsenal players who had once been Arsenal regulars like Cesc Fab, Kolo Toure, Gallas etc. Complete losers! You thoroughly deserve to keep losing under this demon management. In fact, its for these AKBs and their ilk that Wengermothrfuckr has become unsackable.

    Death to AKBs!

  49. N5

    A1, agreed and that’s why I think my flippant comment raised some eyebrows so for that I apologies.

    I know the whole CSKA racism thing got him down and the Twitter racism made him livid. I expect with the loss of his brother and the racism, his mind is elsewhere.

    You’d hope that if that is the case, the club has provided him with the best possible help. We have a company called Corecare in the Civil Service that are their for mental/stress related issues. You’d expect a club like Citeh would have the countries finest doctors for the exact type of thing.

  50. N5

    “The AKBs like wallace and N5 will remain relatively quiet then.”

    I’m normally at the match!! also It’s comical you still call me an AKB when I’ve said a million times I’d like Wenger out. I’d also like you to sod off, but I guess we can’t all get what we want!

  51. N5

    Dark, he never replies to me. He is just a troll otherwise he would respond to me. I’ve asked him numerous times to show me my AKB comments. I think he thinks it’s AKB to not agree that Wenger should have his head cut off by ISIL.


  52. N5

    Acctually I’m lying I don’t often say I wish Wenger was gone, but then again I don’t ever stick up for him. I’m not either side of the spectrum. I’m just a Gooner.

  53. N5

    Ha ha Dark, you swine 😀

    Leeds, I’m a huge boxing fan, so is TYAG and there are quite a few others, Romford I believe and Cesc Appeal.

    I’ll give the interview a listen when I get home, but I’d get shot at work.

  54. Alfie

    Yaya is a prick. He doesn’t know how privileged he is which is strange seeing as he was raised in Africa.

    Im sorry about his brother and everything but it happens all around the world and people have to just get on with things.

  55. Leedsgunner


    I would love to see another George — George Groves get another shot the title. I know he was beaten in the rematch with Froch but in the first match with him he was definitely robbed…

    Funny how that one fight and Froch’s antics between that fight and the rematch completely changed my perception of him.

    Favourite 3 fighters for me:

    1. Lennox Lewis
    2. Joe Calzaghe
    3. Manny Pacquiao

    They don’t make champions like them anymore!

    Floyd Mayweather though would totally destroy Manny… he’s definitely the best pound for pound fighter alive today but boring to watch because he’s just so clinical. When Mayweather is in the ring – there’s just one result…

    If I was Pacquiao I’d call it a day, and become the president of the Philippines or something… as I loved to see him fight he’s definitely past it now. He has nothing to prove.

  56. N5


    My top 3 of all time

    1) Ali
    2) Tyson
    3) Eric Morales

    Just for enjoyment factor. But add to that Roy Jones Jnr, Manny Pacquiao, Joe Calzaghe and Ricky Hatton as my top fighters of all time.

    You’re spot on about Pretty Boy. It’s pointless Pacman fighting him. His stance prevents any one catching his chin and he’s ultra defensive and boring (Audley boring!!) but he’s won so much across so many weights that he is the best boxer we’ve seen since possible Ali!

    I liked Froch, now I think he’s a mug. Groves got robbed and I hope he finds his place because he deserves more for his attitude.

    Have you ever seen a boxer called Matt Skelton? his fights were hilarious, he was a bouncer that only started boxing late on and he fought like he was in a school playground, even throwing windmill arms at his opponents. If you’ve not ever seen him, just for entertainment purposes look him up.

    What’s your favourite fight of all time Leeds, excluding the obvious Rumble in the Jungle or the Thriller in Manilla.

  57. Thank you and goodnight


    Never rated calzaghe. Good fighter but no great. Any half decent fighter he fought was past his best. Fair enough he done a number on lacy, but still don’t rate him that highly. But that’s my opinion and please don’t tell him cause he’d kick my arse.


    I think Arsenals current predicament must be getting you down big time geez as your not usually this snappy mate. I know I am, but then I’m a cunt 😀

  58. N5

    Alfie, he wasn’t really, he just looked so clumsy. He throws big punches and keeps moving forward with zero defence. He was just a drill and he would just get on top of people and pound them. He reminds me of Kimbo Slice or Slyce or however its spelt!

    I think he’s in the UFC or something now.

  59. N5

    TYAG I assume you mean Jones Junior?, what a fighter he was. I’ve not met anoter person who had him in their top fighters before. I loved the way he danced around the ring. His punches were always tidy and I’m almost certain (without looking up as I’m at work) that he had one of the highest hit success rates across all divisions. Talk about efficiant. If he threw a punch, it landed.

  60. N5

    TYAG, that london thing has been going for a while and I’d been polite for a while but last night I just got fed up with it and maybe went over the top.

    The Yaya thing was as I say a throw away comment without giving it any real thought, I was thinking about the cake thing and the twitter gripes he made and was just thinking of him as a bit of a Kanye, but A1 was quite right, there are other factors there that caused him to be like he is.

    Peanuts is still a cunt though and I’d say that even if I was getting laid 😀

  61. N5

    “Kimbo Slice is just a unit!”

    Have you seen him fight in the UFC? he was great when he was streetfighting on YouTube, but the moment he got in with the pro’s he got his chin handed to him!

  62. Leedsgunner

    Favourite fight of all time — so many to choose from — if I had to choose the most memorable… I would say

    Marvin Hagler v. Tommy Hearns, I think something like 1985? The first fight I was allowed to watch it with my dad and I think he regretted it, because although it was a short fight – it was an absolute punch fest. I was years before he allowed me to watch a fight with him again. I think he was more traumatised then I was!

    You? What’s your favourite fight?

    I’ve heard of Skelton, never watched him fight… I’ll look him up. 😉

  63. Thank you and goodnight


    Yeah, Roy Jones jr. Loved him. I’ve never seen another fighter put his hands behind his back teasing his opponent, then beat him to the punch and knock him out. He was so quick and his stopping power was phenomenal. Agree with you about Mayweather being possibly the greatest fighter of all time. Fucking efficient but boring to watch.

  64. Shaun Wilson

    Thinking about the Yaya stories – personal tragedy aside ( which obviously must to some extent colour his current view of the world ) perhaps the pre- eminent reason for his downturn in form could be attributed to the mere fact that he is now well into his thirty second year. I think that footballers probably ‘age’ at different rates, but maybe this combative midfield battering ram has merely run out of peak steam. And as we know, the premiership and UCL are prime situations where this sort of relative decline will be found out. ( big hi to 31 yr old RVP!)

  65. Leedsgunner


    I met Joe Calzaghe once at a charity gig, albeit very briefly… an absolute gent, humble and gracious… with no airs and graces about him. Just a really nice bloke… no attitude about him at all. 😉

  66. N5

    Great choice Leeds. Mine was Barrara vs Morales fight 1, where Morales one. That was one of the most exciting matches I’ve ever seen.

    My favourite for atmosphere and pure satisfaction was Hatton vs Tszyu. When Hatton one I was dancing around the living room.

    You’re right there are so many to mention, but most I didn’t see live. The earliers memory I have of boxing was Bruno vs Tyson, as a young fella I stayed up so late to watch Frank “he’s behind you” Bruno get battered.

    My dad went to the Watson vs Eubank fights! that was amazing too, but we all though how much Watson gave for those!

    Proper respect for Gooner Mike!

  67. Alfie

    N5 –

    Yeah, on the streets he was a machine, in the ring he was a clown. Seth Putzerelli knocked him out in like 7 seconds and his the size of Pinocchio

  68. N5

    Sorry I kept spelling won one!!

    TYAG, That’s what I loved about Jones Jnr, his showboating was at Prince Naseem levels without the arrogance.

  69. N5

    “Seth Putzerelli knocked him out in like 7 seconds and his the size of Pinocchio”

    Ha, that did make me laugh comparing him to Pinocchio. Yeah it’s an odd one, but if you get him against people with style and discipline, strength just doesn’t come into it.

  70. Leedsgunner

    Didn’t know Mike Watson was a Gooner, respect! — the saddest interview I ever heard on the radio was one where Frank Bruno confessed to being “lost at sea” without boxing and he was lamenting the loss of all his money to this accountant and that account… and that he admitted to sleeping in the boxing ring he had installed at home because it was the only place he felt safe — absolutely heartbreaking.

  71. N5

    Leeds, I think the first fight was at Highbury between Watson and Eubank and the return at White Hart Lane. When he was wheelchaired up he was wheeled out on to Highbury pitch and given a standing ovation, but I’m not sure he even really knew where he was bless him.

    RE Bruno, that was heartbreaking stuff. He really lost it for a while. He went from know what I mean Harry and that laugh to sleeping in the ring and rocking. Sorry state of affairs.

  72. N5

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    ……………….. Hello
    ………………………… Hello
    …………………………………. Hello
    ………………………………………….. Hello

  73. Chyke

    I am no coach but let’s take the Anderlecht game. Ask yourselves what would Ancellotti, Mourinho, Alex Ferguson etc do when we were 3-0 or 3-1 up? Here is what they would have done and Arsene Wenger should have done (instead he blames the defense)

    It is not central defenders that was the issue in the Anderlecht game. It was tactics and the midfield. Wenger at 3-0 or 3-1 should have taken off Cazorla and Ramsey. They were not performing well anyway. Instead he took off the Ox and Welbeck. Once he did that, the Anderlecht players started pressing up. Welbeck and Ox had kept them home all game!!!

    So what Wenger needed to do was replace Ramsey and Cazorla with Bellerin and Walcott. He should have played Bellerin at right back and plug Chambers in midfield besides Flamini to plug holes. With Walcott, Sanchez, Ox and Welbeck I can guarantee you the Anderlecht players would have stayed home and hence not score.

    It wasn’t the defense. it was Wenger’s miserable failure to read the game and react accordingly.

    This is the problem at Arsenal that Wenger has many failures. He fails to buy proper players for each position and thinks he can convert players as he used to. He refuses to realize that Arteta, Flamini and Mertesacker are so slow and leave Arsenal vulnerable to speed. He refused to bring in defenders when he sold Vermaleen. He refused to bring Fabregas back knowing fully well what the lad can do (as we are seeing now!). Game time he sits there and looks worried instead of actually coaching.

    I know all Wenger apologists will slate me and so be it. It is time for Wenger to go upstairs..the game has passed him by.