Rest or go hard?

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So little time this morning to give you the love and attention you need and deserve.

Ok. So Arsene Wenger has a new jacket from Puma and they have a zip that works. Great news. Not sure what they’ve done, but that’s taking an embarrassing problem and making good on it.
… I wish they could make a zip like that for trousers. Flying low post thirty is not an acceptable look. Auto zipper would suit me. I can see that’s an accident waiting to happen, but jeez, it’s a risk worth taking.
Tonight we take on Anderlecht. I can’t go. This is sad times. Sad terrible times. Two missed on the bounce. I’m worse than a ‘jolly come lately’… Worse than scum.
Tonight is an interesting game. It’s important but it’s also a chance to rest key players. I’m not sure we will. I think we’ll go all out again when against a team as bad as these lot, at home, we should rotate.
We’ll see though.
Right, probably not a normal post tomorrow. Back to normal on Thursday!
Have fun tonight x

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  1. Du Vi

    Tomas Rosicky at is age still remains the most impressive attacking mid at the club yet remains behind JW and average Welshman Aaron Ramsey who ,negates his primary duties,perennially looses possession but apparently scores goals and has become immune to being dropped.

  2. Du Vi

    Ex Sunderland Loanee and Man U reject comes to the only supposed top side daft enough to hand him a five year contract and automatically become a starter as of right despite better players being left on the bench..

  3. Du Vi

    With Wellbeck Manutd essential exported one of thier biggest problems we paid 16 million for that problem and got a ‘trier’ who bangs in the odd goal once in a while.

  4. Wallace

    last night felt like karmic retribution after the earlier game. i liked Anderlecht a lot. reminded me of that Ajax side of 9/10yrs ago filled with youngsters(Pienaar etc) that we could never beat. i think Arteta going off and the horrific officiating on the first goal were the turning points.

  5. Arsenewonga

    When will all the season ticket holders, the red members, silver members just start singing wenger out?
    Either that or don’t turn up to the games?
    You can’t just moan on here and fucking nothing?
    But you do of course
    They would never take my are all mugs in This ….don’t go or vent your spleen…

  6. Mike adamski

    Wenger doesnt know what the hell he is doing . Bad results are the only way the fans will turn, and there has to be lots of them. I can’t wish we lose , so it puts us in a terrible position .

    What is the point in us qualifying ? None .
    More money in the back I guess .
    We will get smashed by a top side and this arsehole will say we have qualified 17 years in a row or whatever
    The AKBS will blame it on injuries and say no one can replace arsene

    I’m hating this

    I know wenger won’t quit either and I’m sure he will pick his successor too

    We need to take a leaf out of United and liverpools book :
    When things were unacceptable the fans get the manager out , screw sentimentality , we are 10 years from the invincibles and a million miles from that .

    Wenger OUT

  7. Jeff

    To be honest I really don’t think a win or a draw last night would have made a great deal of difference to our chances of winning the group. I can’t see us beating Dortmund and they have far better goal difference anyway so it was we were always going to finish second. Therefore, as far as our position in the group is concerned, last night’s result doesn’t matter a great deal.

    It’s the “way” we blew it that matters. Like the old Newcastle and Tottenham come-backs; the stupid mistakes and a naive game-plan cancelling out an otherwise brilliant display to go 3:0 up. That’s where the real pain and disappointment comes from.

  8. Ughelligooner

    aside the manager’s fault, players like Mert, Flamini and ramsey, cazorla should not be paid this week. How can this mature group caputulate agaisnt 19yrs old, even without a coach i would allow that to happen when i played for fun, its a shame.

  9. Ughelligunner

    TYNG, good morning to you too. Yesterday was horendious for football in general not only for us arsenal fans. But manager’s fault aside, players should be held responsible too, because you dont want to tell me we need worldclass players to win 19yrs old at home.

  10. Ughelligunner

    TYNG, good morning to you too. Yesterday was horendious for football in general not only for us arsenal fans. But manager’s fault aside, players should be held responsible too, because you dont want to tell me we need worldclass players to win 19yrs old at home. Thats my take of the game.

    Our youth team won theirs. Ha

  11. Thank you and goodnight


    As I’ve said before. Not excusing the players and yes they should do better, but when the manager has no clue how can we expect players to? Alex Ferguson made some poor buys in his last 3 years but he still won the title with that group of players because each player knew what was expected of him. When you have players like Ozil saying I don’t know what’s expected of me, and another player saying I run 12 km a match but don’t know why or what I’m doing, then only wenger is to blame

  12. Al

    Love santi. ..probably favorite player to watch bar sanchez. ….but how on earth is he getting minutes at the moment with the dire performances he has been putting in. ..

    It’s bad enough he starts at the moment but the fact he never gets subbed even when he is clearly knackered is embarrassing management once again. ..

  13. Thank you and goodnight

    What makes me laugh is that wenger has audacity to blame the defense. Here’s a though le fraud, if you’d done your job correctly in the summer the defense wouldn’t have been in this mess. That jackie doris would of taken him to the cleaners if she’d interviewed him last night. Would of loved to have seen another ‘ why you looking at me ‘ moment. As for someone saying they’re worried wenger is destroying his legacy……that ship sailed years ago. Wenger’s a fraud who got lucky…..proof is in the pudding

  14. Thank you and goodnight

    Never fear though fellas, no doubt the Arsenal PR machine will drag out a couple of players to tow the party line over next few days…….by the way, you reckon that puma guy who done the deal with Arsenal is still in a job 😀

  15. N5

    Keyser, what was that all about last night. Just because people shouldn’t be surprised, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be disappointed. You just sound like you’ve become numb to it, which leaves you with neither pleasure or displeasure for our results.

    In fact, you’ve spent so long looking at reasons behind out slows starts, poor defending, lack of spending, size of stadium, size of Theo’s head etc that I think you’ve forgotten one of the most basic attributions of a fan, the passion!!

  16. N5

    Ha ha, Midget Dom. Imagine him turning up at the Emirates and jumping out on Arsene!! why do you keep ripping people off? I’m talking to you? oi Arsene why do you keep ripping people off?

    Arsene runs into the Armory and hides amongst the puffa jackets.

  17. Mark

    Wenger on the official website:

    on whether he will strengthen defence in January…
    Honestly it’s not the worry tonight. We just came out of two clean sheets and maybe thought we had got the job done at 3-0.

  18. Keyser

    N5 – Nah, I think it’s almost the opposite, people went into last nights game saying we should’ve rested players it’s going to be a walkover, or you’ve got people who keep thinking we’ve ‘turned a corner’, we’ll suddenly become this ‘Big Club’ again whatever the fuck that means, because we beat Burnley.

    When has this ever happened ? Football has this way, or should have this way or kicking you in the gut just as soon as you get too big for your boots or some other tired cliche.

    What sort of passion are you on about ? Did you hear the Anderlecht fans at 3-0 down ? Everytime our away fans can be heard at away games do you think the home team lacks passion ? You seem to be ignoring the other team here. Seriously I was at home, maybe they turned the microphones up at the away end for the tv, maybe they weren’t singing or supporting their team at 3-0 down.

    I remember our away fans being called cunts because they were still singing during the 8-2 at Old Trafford.

    Like making snarky comments about Anderlecht not being a decent team, Southampton have a decent team, they aren’t in the Champions League.

    Look how defensive you get about Dortmund or Klopp, the juxtoposition is hilarious, how can you not try and see both sides ? I dunno, just because we’re not the plucky underdog in this case, I’m not going to feign ignorance of what I like about football.

    The rest, last night or whatever moment really, is me appreciating that really, and if you have this cynical sneer cross your face because you feel yourself more ‘enlightened’ than the jumpers for goalposts bollocks, than I’ll take that, but I’m not going to change.

  19. Rich

    I don’t know why anyone is surprised?
    When the transfer window slammed shut and we’d allowed Cesc to join Chelsea on top of again neglecting our immediate needs.. I’d set my self up for maybe a few more goals this season but much of the same as previous seasons.

  20. Keyser

    “Therefore, as far as our position in the group is concerned, last night’s result doesn’t matter a great deal.”

    Jeff – It does matter, because we no longer have the choice, win yesterday and we can think about resting players or going all out against Dortmund, now we’ve still got that hanging over us.

    Likewise the manner of it, we’ve had those scatty performances all year, where we’ve conceded cheaply and fought back for a draw, it’s another game that saps their energy and any progress we’ve made.

  21. Jeff

    Well you know what I mean. As far as CL itself is concerned it doesn’t matter but all other things like winning a game that we should have won or not having to worry about qualification and resting players etc. will hang over us. I was only thinking of the bottom line really.

    I suppose against Swansea, if we don’t win, we shall have the perfect excuse. We were tired and players were down on confidence after last night.

  22. Emiratesstroller

    The real question which needs to be asked is what exactly our players do in training, because many of the most basic skills on offer in our team are abysmal.

    1. The art of defending is getting everyone behind the ball when the opposition
    counterattacks. In Arsenal’s case most of our team are STANDING upfield and SAUNTERING back slowly as though it is not their responsibility.

    2. Our fullbacks are essentially wingers leaving the centre backs too often

    3. There is noone in our team who knows how to head a ball properly. That
    includes Mertesacker. The number of times that we were beaten in air or
    the ball was misheaded was truly shocking.

    4. I find it extraordinary that we cannot produce a decent corner. The ball is
    either under or over hit. Frankly almost every corner this season has been

    5. Set Pieces. Wenger persists with zonal marking and this strategy allowing
    the opposition a free run at goal.

    6. Recklessness. How we played in last 20 minutes was down to poor
    leadership both on and off the field and also I suspect a lack of defensive
    resources due to the manager’s neglect to replace Vermaelen and replace
    Arteta and Flamini.

    On paper we have a decent squad with quite a few talented and skilful players.
    The reality is that Wenger needs to start buying players who will fill weaknesses in squad and not persist in buying players that may be technically
    brilliant on occasions but fragile in situations like we saw yesterday.

    The fact that this is not the first time that we have proved so vulnerable is worrying and demonstrates the lack of real fibre in our team. Wenger talks always about the ‘spirit’ of team, but what he needs to address is the ‘lack of
    discipline, intellect and focus’.

  23. Keyser

    The point is it does matter, we aren’t playing one off games here, waiting until the 70th minute, or whenever it was against Burnley to score drains the energy more than Sanchez or Welbeck taking an earlier chance and us trying to close the game out.

    We’ve struggled with this all season soo far, to go 3-0 up and then lose that lead is going to shock them again and then we go away to Swansea.

  24. Roaaary

    Morning guys. Wenger knows. It was wilsheres fault and we should bring back Henry.

    That’s my input for the day.

    Oh and anderlecht with their financial doping

  25. arsene'snewZip

    Wenger out, certainly…

    But he was not on the pitch last night.
    The PLAYERS were on the pitch.

    And most of them were pathetic, “not fit to wear the shirt”, like arsène once said…
    It was a time when he was able to motivate them.

    So embarassing to be a Gooner these days…

  26. SpanishDave

    Last night showed perfectly the level we are at as a team.
    Carzola and Ramsey were sloppy and positionally poor, Arteta is done,so is Flamini,and Mertz.
    This season will be the undoing of Wenger, who has failed miserably for years and is lost in todays footballing world.
    Our owner knows nothing about the sport hes just in it for the dosh, and this is Wengers focuss now and he delivers the bottom line Stan wants.
    This is the horrible truth about our club, and we are the only top club with this corporate mentality.