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Super quick post this week because I’m ripping it up in Berlin the first half of this week.

I missed the game at the weekend due to unforeseen circumstances. Bad times.
From what I’ve read, the difference was Alexis again. The little genius has found the pace of the Premier League and he’s smashing it. Wenger compared him to Suarez. Fair shout. He has all the unpredictability and class to become that important for us.
We need to manage him though. Becoming a favourite of the manager is sometimes as bad for your health as falling out with him. A player of that intensity needs to be managed and monitored. A fresh Sanchez is a devastating one. Combine him with some of our other pace men… Theo, Chambo and Ramsey… well, it’s all rather exciting. Especially when Ozil returns.
I watched the United game. Amazing how badly LVG is  getting it wrong. I thought he’d be a disaster, wasn’t sure he’d be a disaster this quickly. The only thing keeping him out of the press for making shoddy decisions seems to be his scary face. The press will man up soon and you’d imagine the big questions about his suitability will drop. Always fun to see them lose, especially when the ref did all he could to help them with some appalling decisions.
It’s a big month ahead, bit of Champions League this week in a must win then a return to our Premier League assault.
Have a great day!

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  1. N5

    I was going to suggest cache clearing if he tried the test and it didn’t work. A good cleaner is ccleaner, its free and removes all cookies.

  2. london gunner

    I concur with Ozy about South American women!

    I dated a half Portuguese Brazilian with blonde hair who was a stunner with that over the top pornstar like body. I also dated half Sicilian and Argentinian she had lips a plastic surgeon couldn’t replicate and I’m talking down stairs as well pretty as fuck. (I look foreign so I seem to draw foreign girls)

    Also got with a Brazilian girl like a month ago I met in camden she was popping out her clothes (in all the right places aka big juicy tits and big booty hoe).

    American girls are on average very hot imo though and probably are much easier to get with than South American girls who have very high standards.

    In terms of travel Columbia, brazil and Thailand.

    I think I would appreciate America much more if I was rich than I would head LA, New York and Miami.

    Though New Orleans Mardi gras is a MUST! As well as Austin for one of the music fests.

    Fuck I would simply love to go Berlin for octoberfest and fuck fest, Stockholm and maybe parts of eastern europe hungary ect.

    I am going Jamaica/cuba in February so that should be good.

  3. london gunner

    Also Pedro you lucky bastard!

    What on earth job do you have that allows you/sends you to Berlin and New York on a regular occurrence.

    Can not find you on linkedin.. You mystery man.

  4. Moray

    CA: No way we will be in for Reus in an open auction, even if he does have a release clause to activate.

    A clever club would use the fact that they would do anything to avoid selling him to their domestic rivals. We will most probably sit on our hands and try again for Rabiot (who I think just signed a new contract)

  5. Moray

    On the travel side, I think Argentina’s economy is nose diving again. Could be a good time to go there. Best steaks I ever had. A trip in Argentina can take you to the iguana waterfalls on the border of Brazil/Arge/Paraguay d own through Buenos Aires and to Ushaia, the most southerly town in the world where you can go glacier trekking. If you are looking for girls, Brazil is a hundred times better as the Argie girls are a bit up their own arse, though you could visit Maradonas favourite whorehouse in BA if you like.

  6. Slade

    Any suggestions on States to visit from any of our Yankee posters? Outside the usual California, New York types.

    Yes, I believe you would enjoy Yazoo City, Mississippi. Infamously remembered as the last city in ‘merica that authorized the lynching of a young black man: in the 20th century.

  7. MidwestGun

    Reus seems like a pipe dream. Would love love to have him. But would he choose us? Also, if we don’t get an upgrade at cdm first it seems like cart before horse. Wonder if we will make the mandatory 10mil below asking price bid, tho.

  8. Wallace

    – the Express reckons Lampard’s on 190,000pw at City.

    – some Liverpool fans want to hire a plane to fly a ‘Rodgers Out’ banner over Anfield.

    ….football is crazy.

  9. tunnygriffboy


    Lampard on190 grand a week ? Sagna on 100 grand a week ? Both squad players. It’s why we will struggle to compete with them financially. What we can do is buy smart and pay smart. We can get our marquee signings. We have a good young core and we canbuy or develop quality young players. Need to reign in the wages for some of them though.

    Walcott in negotiations to sign new deal for his ‘most productive years ‘.

  10. Rosicky@Arsenal

    My team for today

    Bellerin per chambers gibbs
    Rmasey Arteta
    Theo Cazorla Sanchez

    Rosicky and podolski to come for cazorla and Theo after 60 min

    Arsenal to win 2 _0

  11. Wallace


    yeah, can’t match them, but can compete.

    interesting to read we had Praet on trial as a 16yr old. was seen as too weak at the time, but i think he impressed Wenger in the first game. there’s actually a few Anderlecht players look like they could be very good.

  12. tunnygriffboy


    Belguim producing lots of good young players at the moment. Will keep an eye on some of them tonight. We should have too much for them. Ideally get game won then Theo, Podolski and TR7 on for the last 20/30 mins giving Sanchez a rest ( not that he’ll be happy coming off )

    Apparently we’ve got 17 million new fans overnight in Chile.

  13. Wallace


    wouldn’t mind seeing Rosicky get a game at the expense of Cazorla. Bellerin, too. although after a couple of clean sheets probably best to keep the defence intact.