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Super quick post this week because I’m ripping it up in Berlin the first half of this week.

I missed the game at the weekend due to unforeseen circumstances. Bad times.
From what I’ve read, the difference was Alexis again. The little genius has found the pace of the Premier League and he’s smashing it. Wenger compared him to Suarez. Fair shout. He has all the unpredictability and class to become that important for us.
We need to manage him though. Becoming a favourite of the manager is sometimes as bad for your health as falling out with him. A player of that intensity needs to be managed and monitored. A fresh Sanchez is a devastating one. Combine him with some of our other pace men… Theo, Chambo and Ramsey… well, it’s all rather exciting. Especially when Ozil returns.
I watched the United game. Amazing how badly LVG is  getting it wrong. I thought he’d be a disaster, wasn’t sure he’d be a disaster this quickly. The only thing keeping him out of the press for making shoddy decisions seems to be his scary face. The press will man up soon and you’d imagine the big questions about his suitability will drop. Always fun to see them lose, especially when the ref did all he could to help them with some appalling decisions.
It’s a big month ahead, bit of Champions League this week in a must win then a return to our Premier League assault.
Have a great day!

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  1. MrT

    Well after the excitement of clinching third place, I think we still need a good DM. But hey we are not doing badly at the moment. I just want us to beat the big teams again. Then we can thump our chest indeed. But fingers crossed these guys can do somthing magical until the January window. That period when we all hold our breaths and Wenger says he wouldn’t be buying anybody because Diaby is back and he is like a new signing :-)))

  2. TizTeezy

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  3. Hendo

    I’m half tempted to find the old posts about LVG at United, pretty sure the pre-season opinion from LeGrove was that he would do a fantastic job there no?

  4. Wolfgang

    I hope Wenger doesn’t rely 90% on Snachex. It will be dangerous.It happened to Wright and Henry.When these two had a poor game.the gunners inevitably suffered.
    As for the MU game,suffice to say the Blues shd have had at least two spot kicks.
    That’s why for all SAF’s epl dominance in the epl,he was a winner of the cl twice.
    It’s obvious to all except the most blinkered.’

  5. Shaun Wilson

    To beat United – them struggling or not – we have to get over a significant mental hurdle that we can actually beat them, otherwise a tepid draw awaits.

  6. Rich

    Chili play 2 home frendleys against Venazuala on the Sat then Uruguay on the Wed before we play Utd, certainly not ideal the way the rest of our team are playing

  7. Wallace

    only Ospina, Debuchy, Koscielny, Ozil & Giroud to come back now. this is almost as good as it gets for us with injuries.

  8. Jim Lahey

    I wonder if anything will ever be done about the standard of officiating in the Premier League, watching the United – City game yesterday was once again another fine example of how incompetent referees are, how can they demand respect when they can’t do their jobs?

    Michael Oliver hould have awarded 3 penalties to City yesterday and also sent Rojo off. He saw all of the incidents and just waved them off. It was shocking.

    And how obvious was Boyd’s clear handball in the box? Even if the ref didn’t see it, the linesman must have had a clear view. And wasn’t there another clear handball in the Everton game?

    When will something be done about this?

  9. Thank you and goodnight

    United’s predicament proves what most of us on here have been saying for a while. For all United’s purchases this year, not shoring up the defence is coming back to bite them on the bum. Smalling is no ferdinand, while johnny Evans is no Vidic. Too many teams overlook an area which is just as important. Take the invincibles season. As amazing as our attack was, our defense was just as immense that season. Surprised LVG was so poor on recruiting a new defense this transfer window, no excuse and he deserves criticism coming his way. Thought he was better than that. Maybe father time has caught up with him as well.

  10. N5

    Wallace, good news with the injurie! I hope Theo is as slick and as clinical as he was pre-injury.

    We’ve seen with both Aaron and Jack that we need to be patient with people who’ve been off long term. Although he does look very good.

    I notice you didn’t add Diaby to your list! was that by accident?

  11. Confidentgoner

    Thought Yoonited played very well in the closing stages, keeping ManC on the backdoor most of the time, even with a man down.

    How lucky can Chelsea get? Harzard should have been carded.

  12. Confidentgoner

    Thought Yoonited played very well in the closing stages, keeping ManC on the backfoot most of the time, even with a man down.

    How lucky can Chelsea get? Harzard should have been carded.

  13. Gilo

    United’s defensive problems are no worse than ours. one more defensive injury for us and we’re down to our equivalent of Blackett McNair etc

  14. Emiratesstroller

    Saturday’s fixture was 70 minutes of nothing football and 20 minutes when we
    could have scored easily 6 goals.

    The difference was our set up in midfield. Combinations containing Arteta,Flamini, Wilshire and even Cazorla slow down and overcomplicate our play
    with square and back passing.

    As soon as Ramsey appeared our passing became more incisive and combined
    with arrival of Walcott and Podolski our offensive play became more potent.

    Arsenal need to play with either 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 to get best out of our resources. Sanchez is pivotal to our future progress, because he is hard working,
    fearless and exceedingly talented.

    I believe still that Ozil can also be a great asset to the team with the right players around him. That means playing Ramsey and recruiting a new physically
    strong and mobile defensive midfielder alongside him. The option of playing
    both Sanchez and Walcott in same team will also increase our potency.

    This will be an important week for Arsenal. If we win against Anderlecht we will almost certainly qualify for next round and the game against Galatasary
    will be incidental unless we beat Borussia by more than 2 goals and need to
    win there to finish top of group.

    Swansea will also be a difficult away game. They are the kind of team that will
    cause our current defence with Monreal playing alongside Mertesacker quite
    a lot of grief.

  15. Mark

    November 3, 2014 08:41:08
    I’m half tempted to find the old posts about LVG at United, pretty sure the pre-season opinion from LeGrove was that he would do a fantastic job there no?


    November 3, 2014 09:50:55
    I don’t think LVG has been a disaster so far. They are 3 points off 4th with 28 games to go.

    Pedro’s posts seem to be all over the place lately!

    Pedro states that he can’t wait for Ozil to return. Although the performances are ugly the team seems to be grinding out the results without him.

  16. Keyser

    “I don’t know what example you wanted but all I was asserting was that the possibility of having something that resembled a complete team was there in the summer if we opted to buy those additional positions.”

    Jeff – The examples are of the modern teams you think are building faster than us and that we should be trying to emulate.

    “But the problem in modern football is that other teams are always building at a faster rate than we are so any progress we make is cancelled out”

    You keep highlighting a supposed problem, but aren’t willing to accept any solutions to it, if there are any.

    “That way instead of adding just one extra, we might have added three or four.”

    We spent over 80 million this summer, 50 odd million NET, not only finding exactly what we need but also adding those 3-4 players costs us what ?.

    What examples are you going to find where spending probably all we have, maybe even then some, not only that but trying to blood 8-9 players in one window/ season, has proven successul ?!

    “If those remaining positions are not addressed or more key players leave (because we failed to win anything) we will be back to square one”

    We spent 42 million and put Ozil on 150k a week ? If he wanted to leave at the end of the season, then forget him, hopefully he’s stronger and more committed than that, but it’d be the nature of modern football and something we’re just going to have to accept.

  17. Emiratesstroller


    Diaby is a write off. His contract ends this season. The only basis that I would consider keeping him at club is if we are paying him on a ‘games played basis’
    as Spurs did with Ledley King.

    However, even that would be ridiculous because it would mean tying up one of the registered places in team.

  18. N5

    @Emiratesstroller, I fully agree. If and it’s a massive IF he is kept, it’s would have to be a pay as you play contract! which is still better than what he will get elsewhere. I’m almost certain he won’t get a club.

    Is there any truth to him not being paid at the moment, and hasn’t been for a while?

  19. N5

    “Im pretty sure there was an LVG love-in here before??”

    Yeah there was, there were quite a few mocking his formation and attitude, but there was an equal amount suggesting he was the reincarnation of Fergie.

    I know it’s still early days, but all that talent and things aren’t going too well. Add that to last years Moyes. Patience will be thin at OT.

  20. Alfie

    I actually think he is a good manager – You cant judge someone on what, 8 games?!

    Give him a season or two and you’ll see what he is all about. There needs to be a transition, especially with that abundance of talent.

  21. Jim Lahey

    @ES – “I believe still that Ozil can also be a great asset to the team with the right players around him.”

    He created 18% of all Arsenal chances last year, i’d say he is already a great asset to the team! (That % is more than any other single player at another premier league team)

  22. leprofessorknowsbest

    “How lucky can Chelsea get? Harzard should have been carded.”

    The refs love Maureen and his boys, what a fucking scoop…

  23. N5

    “I actually think he is a good manager – You cant judge someone on what, 8 games?! ”

    Tell that to Klopp! all the good work he had done in his previous seasons has been written off by loads after just 8 games.

  24. Emiratesstroller

    Jim Lahey

    Ozil has not played well this season. Unfortunately he is not suited to a rigid role on wing or playing in a team which lacks pace.

    If we use Ozil as playmaker in a team with Ramsey operating alongside a quality defensive midfielder behind him and Walcott,Giroud and Walcott up front I think that you would see a big difference to our performance level.

  25. Wallace


    yes to Cabaye. small but tough. and upgrade on Arteta. just can’ see Wenger going with a big, limted guy there.

  26. Steve

    Brilliant ! Fourth already.

    No need to write any cheques in January and yes, you were right Pedro – it would have been foolish to sign Fabregas.

  27. N5

    “I agree, he is a number 10 and should be played in his best position!

    Jim, did you see him against Napoli in that #10 position? he looked so good. I’m not 100% sure but I think we had midfield of Arteta, Ramsey and Ozil that night and it worked so well.

    As we’ve all said, stop putting square pegs in round holes and play players in their best postions! Either that, or put Ospina up front!

  28. karim

    I loved Van Gaal explanation on Fellaini spitting :

    ” when you scream at someone, there s always a bit of, how d’you call it, yeah saliva ”


  29. Jim Lahey

    @N5 – I wish you could tell that to Mr. Wenger himself! Ozil is a super player, he does his job and does it very well. He isn’t a goal scorer, isn’t defensive, not a winger, he is an orchestrator and needs the personnel around him to be productive!

  30. N5

    Spot on Jim. I’m such an Ozil fanboy that he’d have to nut my mother for me to even question him and even then I’d probably say she deserved it.

    I know he’s had some frustrating games but it’s so hard to accept when people say to bin him off because we all know what he’s capable of.


  31. Jim Lahey

    @Ben – I think he would be a decent replacement for Arteta. Not an essential buy, but if he is going cheap then why not? Already Premier League proven, was a linchpin to Newcastle who fell apart after he left. I’d have him in the team before Arteta, Coq, Diaby, Flamini and even Wilshere.

    Still need a big powerful DM but Cabaye could replace 4 or even 5 players in our midfield.

  32. Andre

    We had tried everything we could to beat Burnley and as usual this season, Sanchez save your ass again, What a fantastic player he is! Good to saw Walcott back on the field, show how important he´ll be for the season,,,Last thought: 2 great finishers from Podolski, I hope that now he´ll achieve more game time and help us out to win our games.

  33. leprofessorknowsbest

    “No need to write any cheques in January and yes, you were right Pedro – it would have been foolish to sign Fabregas.”

    Spot on Steve lol

    But you must admit that having Cesc would have helped us to keep the 4th spot!!

  34. Dan T

    EmiratesstrollerNovember 3, 2014 10:13:53

    I still fancy us to top the group. I think we will beat Anderlecht and Gala, but not sure I would be putting any money on Dortmund to do the same given their current string of results. So I think any win against Dortmund would see us top the group.

  35. Wallace


    “Ben, if Flamini is then Cabaye is!”

    yup, pretty much. was also impressed with how even alongside Pogba & Matuidi for France he’s definitely the leader. Newcastle also collapsed when he left.

  36. Wallace

    Dan T

    i watched the Dortmund vs Bayern game. they were very, very unlucky. went at Bayern like a whirlwind in the first half. Alonso was all over the place. can see them winning all their remaining group games(aside from the game at the Emirates).

  37. N5

    Wallace, agreed. Cabaye is commanding and Premiership proven. He’s a good player, that for what ever reason isn’t having the best time at PSG? I’d like to have him at the Emirates, but I imagine his money would be silly now.

    From what I read, it’s fan pressure that is pushing Cabaye out but if teams listened to fans then Benzema would have been pushed out of Real by now!

    Although saying that, Cesc was pushed out of Barca!

  38. gonsterous

    I wouldn’t mind caybane… But dint he get a massive raise on his wages when he moved to PSG… Not that I care abt his wages but Wenger definitely does….
    And also… The last time Wenger bought anyone worth buying in January was when he bought arshavin… And only because we almost lost his fav. 4 th spot…. If we are in top 4 in Jan… Expect him to do nothing.

  39. Goondawg

    Sorry I haven’t posted much this weekend! I think I nearly died from shock from the fact we scored from a corner!


    In fact right before that goal, I was telling a pal we should just forfeit our corners and give it to them for a goal kick.

    I thought Monreal played really well, and Chambers did exceptionally well as well down the flanks. Obviously Sanchez was MOTM. But their gk Heaton had to be a shout out also, some of his saves kept the score very respectable. Cant believe that one-handed one against podolski’s screamer. What strength.

    I’d take Cabaye in jan. Also Schaar has told Basel he is ready to leave, so that’s another I’d nab.

  40. Ben


    He would be a decent fix but I rather we buy top class players like Vidal, Pogba, Strootman, Gundogan, Lars Bender

  41. N5

    “I would like to get Cabaye plus one of those you mentioned and then drop 4 or 5 of the midfielders we have now.”

    Bang on! Cabaye is the level of player we should have in our squad and the Vidal, Pogba, Strootman, Gundogan, Lars Benders of this world should be what we have as a standard now!

    So much money, so little spent.

    We have a £25 million “warchest” (lol) for Jan? is that going to cover 2 positions that we urgently need and one that would be nice? is it going to be able to buy players of a level we require?

    £25m won’t get us one of the players we need!

  42. Jim Lahey

    @N5 – £25m might get us Cabaye and Schär in Jan. Thighten up the back a little.

    Then in the summer we should make an almighty push for Draxler or Reus ( only 19M, we should offer him a £10m signing on fee or something!) and one of those DM. Two big signings and two or three quality additions to the squad and once again trim the fat. Would be a huge summer.

  43. N5

    Jim, RP was saying that Reus has a £32m buy-out that kicks in this summer! but with the amount of interest he’s going to get for the price then we’d need to make him the highest paid player on the team to secure him (I’d imagine).

    Paid £27m for him, put a £32m buy-out on him!! brainless.

  44. Goondawg

    Erm idk what newfangled drug magic mike is lol!

    But trust Theo has bulked up, he’s not going to get taller now, but he looks to have grown in stature. Him and pod looked dangerous when they came on!

    Love seeing the bromance between Alexis and Theo. Gonna be a deadly partnership!

  45. Bermy boy

    25 million in January with players soon off the injured list and with a short string of possible victories under the belt I don’t think so.

  46. N5

    Bermy, it’s what was suggested at the AGM, but we all know that what’s said and what’s done is two very different things at Arsenal.

  47. goonpharm

    N5November 3, 2014 10:56:34
    Spot on Jim. I’m such an Ozil fanboy that he’d have to nut my mother for me to even question him and even then I’d probably say she deserved it.

    —- bloody hilarious!! Spat my coffee out reading that!!

  48. goonpharm

    Cabaye? No chance. I’m sure I read somewhere that when we tried to buy him we insulted him too by refusing to up our 10 million bid.

    Word is Ashley put the phone on loudspeaker and Cabaye heard Wenger say he’s only needed as a squad player.

  49. N5

    “Word is Ashley put the phone on loudspeaker and Cabaye heard Wenger say he’s only needed as a squad player.”

    He should be though, I’d see him as a squad player too. A very good one, but a squad player none the less.

  50. Bigper

    Cabaye is a great player but I’d rather we go for a more imposing and more mobile across the ground dm. Having said that he would be an upgrade on arteta

  51. goonpharm

    Let’s not get too hasty about the LVG and the shit show at Carrington just yet.

    Manage LVG is best described as a virus – they’re nasty things that look after themselves and ultimately SURVIVE. He’ll get them in to the top 4 comfortably.

    They’re no different to us. Plenty of individual talent, horrendous injury list, poor discipline and even worse defending. Just like us the individual talent will get them to top 4.

    RvP, Rooney, Falcao and Di Maria are too good not too.

  52. leprofessorknowsbest

    “Cant wait for Ozil to return we really miss him going missing in games”

    Me too!!
    Can’t wait to see him again on the wings!!

  53. leprofessorknowsbest

    “Cabaye is a great player”

    No, Canaye is a good player, but certainly not “great”.
    The “standards” for players wanted by our club are ridiculously weak these days…

  54. N5

    “The “standards” for players wanted by our club are ridiculously weak these days…”

    Wouldn’t you have him as a squad player?

  55. N5

    I just can’t work out why Mike Ashley would be doing Newcastles negotiations?

    Up until the point of Cabaye leaving, all negotiations/contracts etc were handled by Derek Llambias.

  56. Dan T


    “Is it me, or does Theo look really ripped now?”

    I thought his head had got smaller – but I guess your theory makes more sense…

  57. Dan T


    I confess I haven’t actually seen any of their recent Bundesliga games so haven’t seen how they have been playing. I have just seen the results, and it is a fairly alarming set of results! In the relegation zone with only 7 points from 10 games and a negative 6 goal difference is fairly shocking

  58. Hunter

    If he was available I would take Cabaye in a heart beat,he may be small in stature but when he played for Newcastle without doubt he was their most influential player,good dead ball specialist and a tiger in the tackle and far better than either Arteta or Flamini.As for Diaby we need to get shot of him Asaph,he is taking up a valuable squad number and we are getting nothing absolutely nothing back from him.I say let his contract run out this summer and unload him,ok this guy gets a certain amount of sympathy because of his injuries but AFC should not be a Charity.we must have paid him millions over the past five years and have received nothing on our investment,he has been a drag on our finances for too long albeit he is Wengers pet.The club MUST come first not the player!There is no doubt that when FIT he is some player and I can see what Wenger sees in him BUT how many games could we or would we get out of him?NO let him go and if he manages to resurrect his career at another club then so be it good luck to him.

  59. Wallace

    Dan T

    re Dortmund – i think it’s been a combination of injuries, bad luck, and bad form. but they’re getting the important players back now, and would expect the results to improve quite quickly. they deserved a draw in Bavaria, and first half especially, Bayern were definitely clinging on.

  60. Emiratesstroller

    1. I am assuming that Borussia will win both games against Anderlecht and Galatasry. If they do so then we need to win also those games + beat Borussia
    by at least 2 clear goals and have better goal difference, which seems at moment unlikely.

    2. Whilst Reus is an outstanding player I don’t see where he would play in our team’s starting line-up. Our front line is potentially Sanchez,Walcott and either Giroud/Welbeck. Reus is not a conventional striker.

    3. Arsenal has a finite transfer budget and unless we are selling one of our major players is unlikely to exceed more than £60 million in next 2 transfer windows. That should be invested in positions which need to be strengthened i.e.
    Centre Back and Defensive Midfield.

  61. Jim Lahey

    @ES –

    —————– B2B —- DM ————-

    Sanchez ———- Ozil ———— Reus

    ——————- Who ever ————–

    Thats how he fits.

  62. Wallace


    yeah, i think we’re set up front with Welbeck, Giroud, Sanchez, Walcott & Ox. can’t see us going for Reus.

  63. N5

    “If it is the case that we go with two up front we should sell both Ozil and Cazorla this Jan.”

    Sell Ozil

    Cancelling all ticket promises to Jim! 😡

  64. Jim Lahey

    @N5 – Ha! If he isn’t going to be used as a No.10 there is no point keeping him or Cazorla around just to play them out of place and berate them for poor performances!

  65. kapslock

    Few good players running down their contracts – Khedira, Milner, Schar as examples.

    Am I the only one who thinks Milner would actually be a decent addition to the squad? Play the double pivot with Jack or Rambo and have Ozil in front. He’d be good at breaking up play and will always put a shift in. Think he’s quite an underrated player. He’ll also have plenty of experience.

  66. N5

    Milner is a strange one. He’s always reliable and he often shines over anyone on the Citeh pitch and yet he just doesn’t excite. Maybe it’s because he has a head like a monster?

    I’d take Sami K all day as well, although I’ve banged on about him so much on here that shouldn’t be a surprise. It makes sense why we didn’t go for him in the Summer now, knowing we can nab him on a free this one.

    Chiellini is available too and Pato! both could be welcome editions. Pato is a risk, but he’s free and his wage shouldn’t be out of order!

    Also Toulalan is available and I know he’s slower than Arteta riding a snail, but imagine have Toulalan and Chiellini in the same team!! I’d be in fun names to say heaven!!

  67. Nasri's Mouth

    I like Milner, I’m just not sure where we’d play him.

    Can’t see him wanting a place on the bench at this stage of his career

  68. bob

    top news on sky sports: jack wilshere wel miss 2moros game.
    i mean do arsenal even need him? have arsenal missed him in any way since hes bein out? arsenal have gone from 8th to 4th in the table since the dogs bein OUT

  69. MadeToLoveMagic

    Bob there are some terrifying stats that back up exactley what you just said

    cant be arsed to look them up but basically the difference with and with jack is night and day this season

    not saying thats all down to him but it is telling

  70. Carts

    Starting to think maybe LVG dicked Pedro’s ex-missus…and gave her a virus?

    But yeah, Wenger can’t be trusted to fix anything.

  71. bob

    when jack plays we conced to many goals and dont score enuf goals. takes the piss alexis sanchez should have the no.10 shirt hes a real no 10 play maker not a over hype big mouth dog crap like wilshere

  72. bob

    the last time arsenal conced goal its when wilshere was on the pitch since then not a single goal has bein conced i wonder way?

  73. leprofessorknowsbest

    “Chiellini is available too and Pato! ”

    The simple fact to believe that Pato is still a great footballer is beyond comprehension to me.

  74. N5

    “The simple fact to believe that Pato is still a great footballer is beyond comprehension to me.”

    He’s had a lot of issues and he’s a real risk, but he is a very good striker! it’s just a shame he isn’t what we all thought he would be.

  75. N5

    Sorry one last thing about Pato, don’t let the fact that Jo and Fred get picked ahead of him trick you into thinking he is worse than those two. Apparently it’s his lifestyle choices that kept Scolari from picking him and his muscle issues.

    Pato at 17 was the next big thing, he had some serious talent. He had injury problems and now at 24 is a shadow of his former self. A run of games and an injury free season could see a whole different beast from Pato.

    He’d probably come too as at the moment he has bodyguards looking after him all the time from angry Brazilians.

    I’m not saying we should get him, just that for free, it might be worth a look?

  76. MadeToLoveMagic

    Bob, he definatly has the skills, its fitting him in and giving him the time to develop thats tricky

    it we got rid of jack we would be idiots, i just think we have to limit his playing time surround him with talent and in 2 3 years he will be the best english player of his gen

    that 21 months out fucked him

    he came back too bulky, lost a yard and hasnt regained the game that took him to stardom in 2011 2012

  77. Leedsgunner

    Sami K is a good player but has started to pick up too many injuries for me. It doesn’t matter who we buy in a way as long as Wenger is here because he’ll always play his favourites in strange positions.

    The way that Rosicky has been sidelined when he could be a super sub is a shame. Podolski, although a limited player still knows how to put the ball in the net — he should be playing more and is a very expensive bench ornament… at 100k a week.

    Why isn’t Joel Campbell if he was going to be played so sparingly? Was keeping Joel Campbell at the club more about Arsene making statement about who is the boss at the club?

    With Wenger, increasingly the welfare of the club on the field isn’t the most important thing. It’s more about his ego and his reputation.

  78. bob

    if wenger had put jack wilshere on the bench like he has with rosicky and podi who are much better players the britsh media would rip him apart. wilshere has got the skills for bolton

  79. N5

    I know Dan, it only took 5 years!! we’re finally big time!!

    Ha ha @ Falcao, Ha Ha @ Di-Maria, Ha Ha @ Aguero, we have Wellington Boot.

  80. Leedsgunner

    Dan Ahern

    Don’t laugh — Wenger will use Wellington Silva like he has used Joel Campbell this season. Not a lot, but he’ll used as an excuse not buy.

  81. Cesc Appeal


    I said in the summer Mertesacker needed replacing, I didn’t think of Sokratis until that late, late link in my opinion he’d be perfect. He has more presence and physicality than Kozz, but he’s just as agile and quick.

    I think he’s a bit of an aerial threat offensively as well.

    I’d love our January business to be Sokratis and Schniederlin, would make our centre incredibly solid and physical. You think in a 4-2-3-1 that middle 4 if you like would be Sokratis, Kozz, Ramsey and Schneiderlin – all got a bit of pace about them, cover ground well and easily, Ramsey and Schneiderlin are engines, all physical and love to get stuck in. For me that centre could become a machine for taking a stranglehold of games.

    And on the Wilshere thing, as you say those stats are amazing this season, especially the goals after Wilshere is subbed off…again I’ve said it for ages, he hurts our play massively. Not doubting there’s talent in there, but more and more I think his future is away from us. Needs a loan badly.

  82. Cesc Appeal


    It’s incredible Miyachi is still at the club.

    Campbell as well needs (needed) to be sold for his own good. His value has already depreciated now. Perhaps use him in some way for some January business?

  83. Leedsgunner

    From media reports last year the only box Wellington Silva was ripping to were pizza boxes… and therefore he was horrendously overweight. He takes the “next big thing” a little too literally…

    We don’t want the next big thing we need someone who can do the job right now.

  84. Jim Lahey

    @CA – Weren’t Juve looking at Campbell at one point? plenty of players there I would like to swap him + cash for!

    Also how about as a part of a deal for Schneiderlin we loan them out Jack for a year?

  85. Leedsgunner

    “I’d love our January business to be Sokratis and Schniederlin, would make our centre incredibly solid and physical. ”

    Better late than never… but they should have been bought THIS summer as we all know.

  86. Dan Ahern

    I honestly feel bad for Joel Campbell. He’s been led to believe–perhaps by himself–that he’ll have a chance to make it at Arsenal. Either he’s simply not up to standard or Wenger has no interest in giving him that shot.

  87. Wallace


    was it Pires thought the Ox could play up top? i think if Wenger thought he could he’d already have tried him there by now.

    re Milner – definitely think he could be very effective for us alongside Ramsey/Wilshere.

  88. N5

    Lol Leeds, yeah sorry.

    I’m well thank you friendo, how are you?

    It’s been so quiet on here the past few weeks, I was begining to think everyone had migrated to Untold. Friendly Walter had won you all over and Attwood just told you all not to tell me.

  89. cladicus

    100% yes to Cabaye, always liked the guy.


    Just like my irrational hate of hazard, I have mad love for Ozil.

  90. Carts

    Milner is a good player. I always thought he’d be best suited playing centrally. As we need a DM aloingside Ramsey, could Milner sit? possibly. But I’d just rather an out an out DM

    Isn’t Miyaichi out on loan? fair to say he’ll be gone in the summer.
    If I were JC, I’d chin Wenger on the way out of the club come January

  91. N5

    Wallace I believe it was Pires yes.

    I really like Ox and I know he isn’t a favourite on here, but I can really see him in that position one day! he must frighten the life out of defenders when he’s charging at them!!

  92. cladicus

    I don’t care what Cabaye supposedly heard, if fee and wages are in the right ballpark, he will come. Never count out cash my friends. However, this is Arsene, one of the two will not be in the right ballpark. Maybe one of Pedro’s classic backdoor Gazidi deals on the last day of January.

  93. N5

    Nice one Cladicus, I don’t know if you saw my comment earlier, but this was me explaining just how much of a fan I am of Ozil.

    “I’m such an Ozil fanboy that he’d have to nut my mother for me to even question him and even then I’d probably say she deserved it.”