Arsenal 3-0 Burnley. Alexis the best

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Evening all. Apologies for the mega late post however, after agreeing to cover for Pete, I had major transportation issues today and have only just arrived home from the game. Blame TfL.

As this is so late it’s going to be short and sweet. Yesterday’s result was brilliant. The performance for the first hour or so was pretty bad, with only Alexis showing any kind of verve. However for me the turning point was Ramsey coming on for Arteta.

I understand why Wenger plays the double defensive pivot, or whatever it’s called. But we were playing bottom of the league at home. We also still looked very vulnerable on the counterattack, suggesting Arteta and Flamini do not have the collective pace or positional awareness to make a double pivot work. I’d rather Rosicky, Cazorla, the Ox or Ramsey alongside one of the those two to provide a bit more mobility.

While Ramsey’s introduction helped pick up the tempo of the game, Theo and Podolski’s introduction helped tip the balance of the game with the latter connecting with two scorching volleys. You have to think that while Theo’s return will help take some of the expectation of Alexis’s shoulders, Lukas still has a role as a “fox-in-the-box, supersub” type player. Based on his performances so far he certainly deserves some more game time.

However as I said the stand out player was Sanchez. Pressing, tackling, dribbling, shooting: the guy is just absolutely amazing. That first touch for his second goal? Woof! Also how did he score a header when he is 4’8? And also how has he already scored 7 goals?? Ah god I love him.

Afterwards Arsene compared Alexis to Suarez. Although it’s early days, he’s looking like that kind of player: tenacious, lightening quick and he wants to shoot from everywhere.

Lets hope we have Ozil, Theo and Ramsey all back and on top form pretty soon, because that attack is so good, we could play Susan Boyle on her own in defence and still qualify for the Champions League.

Right that’s me done. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. You can follow me on twitter @aldo_doel (you really should every 100th follower wins 50p) xxx

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  1. Lewis

    Can’t see why we don’t go with the 4-4-2 diamond
    It’s popular at the moment, working well for liverpool (last season) and hull and west ham this season.
    Alexis, Giroud, Welbz, Theo, Poldi and Campbell are all good players but not quite good enough/don’t quite fit the bill for a lone striker. As half of a front 2 though i think they could all do a great job. Ozil would still be accomodated for at the tip of the diamond (if he ever finds form…) and jack, aaron, rosicky, ox could all play the box to box role either side of the defensive pivot. Who at the moment would be arteta but clearly a world class replacement is needed (Javi martinez, carvalho, bender..)

  2. MidwestGun

    Alex –
    I agree Flamini/Arteta double pivot is a joke. Ironic the one position AW has ignored he now plays both players designated for that role. 2 of the most unathletic, uncreative players available. And as you said even with both on the pitch we are unconvincing defensively. Especially, when Schezzer goes on his once a game walkabout. Seriously, what is his deal? Lol

    It’s really only difficult because our illustrious manager makes it difficult. But whatever……. as you said Sanchez was super human. Take the 3 points against a frankly toothless team and move on.

  3. Radio Raheem

    Marcello Lippi: Italy’s World Cup-winning coach retires

    The 66-year-old announced his decision after winning a third straight league title with Chinese side Guangzhou Evergrande.

    “I don’t want to coach anymore, I’m too old,” Lippi said. “Guangzhou Evergrande will have a new coach next season.”

  4. Marko

    Just imagine if we bought Carvalho and another defender in the summer. We’d be buzzing with serious confidence. All we can hope is we make it through the next 2 months within touching distance and address the issues in January. As in upgrade on Arteta. Flamini and a defender please.

  5. WengerEagle


    Shame that, he’s a true legend of the game. World Cup winner, Champions League winner and enough Serie A wins to shake your stick at.

    His Juventus sides of the mid-late 1990’s and early 2000’s were fantastic.

  6. gunnergetyou

    If we started with BOTH Arteta and Flamini just to give Ramsey a rest then I don’t have a a problem with that decision. A home game against a team at the bottom of the league is the best opportunity we’re going to get to rest a key player recently back from injury

  7. Dman

    If you’re filling in for someone at least try put in a shift and write a decent post. A lot of points that i can imagine a few people would of liked being discussed, and the tfl is not as an excuse mate because that doesnt have any effect on the ability to open up the note pad on your iphone. Pedro if it means not having a break then don’t have one, a blog of this magnitude doesn’t deserve this!

  8. divinesherlock

    So even when we get a clean sheet ‘oh but its only Burnley ! ‘ . Remember how we concede from opposition’s first shot on goal. Chambers was good yesterday as was Monreal and Gibbs .

  9. Radio Raheem


    Yeah certainly one of the greats. That Italy side that won the WC wasn’t that great either. Grosso and Materazzi, for instance, played out of their skin. Cannavaro was past his best too.

    He could have stayed in Europe if he wanted or continued with the Chinese team. Instead he has retired. Real classy. My respect for him has gone up x10.

  10. MidwestGun

    Except he started Flamini/Arteta last year together also, with similar results.
    So there is history of it being pretty ineffective. Hell even Ox at btb last year was more effective. Remember CP match? Really the fact we have to play both together at times every year points to those saying we need 2 cdm’s or a versatile box to box and a cdm as being correct this summer. Schneiderlin and Khedira would have been pretty sweet. But I suppose that’s pretty fantasy football as Arteta is our Capt.

  11. Cesc Appeal

    Turning point was Ramsey coming on completely and Arteta going off.

    We suddenly had a proper balance and tempo, the direction, purpose and decisiveness of our passing was also greatly improved.

    Until Ozil’s return I think we have to go Ramsey and Arteta pivot, Walcott, Sanchez and Oxlade behind Welbeck. So much more directness and energy.

    This over caution and ruining of our entire system is a symptom of Wenger failing to deliver what was necessary in the summer.

    Obviously certain games demand caution, but not Burnley at home or similar.

  12. leon

    I would sell ozil use that money and get top dm the fact is risicky wilshire ramsey casorla dont really need.sanchez is top top player huge work rate if only he rob that onto ozil who clearly needs to toughen up

  13. AC Gooner

    unbelievably fucking late this post

    but all is forgiven, i just got home anyway

    Podolski to be our super solskjaer sub who comes on every game and scores one for us. Or at least rattles the post so much that the groundsmen worry.

    Rosicky to please get more game time? WTF Wenger. Yeah, you can start your lego boys Arteta and Flame on. But always yank one of them earlyish for Tomas. He is mobility, can tackle from any angle, and can move the ball up field faster than Artflam can.

    So glad we got Sanchez. His work rate must be infectious for the rest of the team – any one who isnt infected can fuck right off. Love him.

  14. Danny

    The weekend ruined by the Scum winning. Villa with 11 players were going to win – that sending off was pathetic.
    At least seeing van Persie getting subbed was sweet.

  15. divinesherlock

    United fielded the most expensive premier league team ever and lost ! Liverpool spent 100million cant beat Newcastle ! Buying is not the optiön now , support the team . Some haters over here need perspective. Criticsm even after winning a match ??

  16. gunnergetyou


    Don’t get me wrong I’m not a fan of either player, and I’m sure they wouldn’t be starting for most teams in the top half of the table let alone any other champions league team. But due to the lack of personell in that position I just think it was an opportunity to rest Ramsey.

    Otherwise I’d go with Ramsey alongside Arteta until we hopefully sign a proper CDM.

  17. Baldy

    I think this “pass the ball around for 70 minutes to tire them out then bring on some creativity and speed to get 3 goals” tactic is working quite well. I’m glad we didn’t get sucker punched, instead we kept solid, wore them down then hit them with 3 good goals. I’ll take that any day of the week.

  18. Keyser

    Knew there’d be a new post:

    Jeff – Don’t really see the point of that reply, it’s not an argument, I’m pretty much stating fact, while you seem inable to quote examples for your ‘estimations’.
    Come on we don’t live in a vaccuum, the supposed need to complete the team has been ever present, while we’ve also been losing players.
    In the past season 2 seasons now who have we lost that was significant ? Sagna ? who at 32, was going to need replacement soon anyway ?

    “Now the solution is obviously to build but if we fill at the same rate as we are leaking, we’ll never have a complete team. That’s the salient point here.”
    I suppose this is the key point. the rate is now greater at least we hope it will be.

  19. Cesc Appeal


    Just because there’s no option to buy now doesn’t absolve Wenger from blame for failing to provide a fully kitted out defence and the oh so crucial CDM we needed!

    The team played well for about 20 mins and Sanchez was utterly outstanding again. But you can still comment on the failings.

    Had Wenger added a great CB and especially a CDM this summer we’d be title contenders, no doubt in my mind. I still think Chelsea would win because of Mourinho; but we’d be up their for all the honours.

  20. MidwestGun

    Gg you-
    Fair enough. Seems like every year tho we are needing a BtoB backup to Ramsey and people keep saying we are deep at that position. I would disagree. JW hasn’t been effective actually switched formation so he wouldn’t have to sit deep. Rosicky getting older and AW doesn’t trust. Flamini unathletic and uncreative,. OX better used on wing with his pace. Santi not physical enough. Diaby no comment. Lol

    So in my mind we could really use a box to box as well as a cdm. Granted as you said Ramsey could stay healthy it might not be as necessary.

  21. Jim Lahey

    United lose both Smalling and Rojo for the Arsenal game, they have a worse defensive crisis than us!!

    Still think they’ll beat us next week. The last time I can honestly remember beating United was that game were Nasri scored a fine brace. Was that the last time?

    It could be 11 United fans in replica kits and they’d still beat us, its psychological.

  22. WrightIsGod

    I don’t rate either Arteta or Flamini but Wenger made the correct choice to start them. We scored three and had a clean sheet. No problem at all.

    Good subs too.

    We know what Wenger should have done. He didn’t. Nothing can be done about it and no amount of moaning will magic us the CB and DM we all crave.

    Yes Wenger needs to go – eventually he will – but let’s get behind the team and hope we continue to build on that last minute win at Anderlecht (really think that may be a turning point).

    Key players are coming back one by one. COYG.

  23. WengerEagle

    Arsenal’s current longest serving players:

    1) Theo Walcott & Abou Diaby (lol)- January 2006-present.
    2) Tomas Rosicky- Summer 2006- present.
    3) Kieran Gibbs- September 2007- present. (At the club since 2004 but only signed his first professional contract with us in 2007 and he made his debut for us in 2007 too).
    4) Aaron Ramsey- Summer 2008- present.
    5) Jack Wilshere-September 2008- present (Like Gibbs was with us for longer but made his BPL debut in Sep 2008).
    6) Francis Coquelin- September 2009- present.
    7) Wojciech Szczesny- September 2009- present.
    8) Laurent Koscielny- Summer 2010- present.

    Every other member of our squad has only been at the club for 3 years max.


  24. WengerEagle

    Jim Lahey

    Na think it was Ramsey’s strike that won us the match 1-0 at the Emirates in May 2011 and also snatched the life out of Bin Laden back when Aaron was more into his black magic sorcery.

    We do have an atrocious record against United to be fair.

  25. Cesc Appeal


    We have Swansea next week don’t we? Then International break THEN United at home.

    Hopefully we’ll have Kozz back by then. But who knows with the injury he has, so terrible our defence has been left in this state.

    I have a feeling for that game Wenger will go 4-1-4-1 and we’ll draw.

  26. Leedsgunner

    I just wonder if the people praising Alexis now will be criticising him if he loses form. I’m glad we got the 3 pts against Burnley but did we really need Alexis to do it? We never learn do we? He’ll be burnt out and injured by February and then whose going to be that match winner then? Giroud? (Cue – people laughing!)

  27. Dony

    Alexis looks great. The guy is fearless. To get that header was impressive.

    Off topic regarding Arsenal but I wonder what West Ham fans are now saying about Allardyce. They were all calling for his head last year. Song has done well for them… A lot of man of the match performances.

  28. Walking Wounded

    With Welbeck and Sanchez working so hard when we haven’t got the ball brings a huge new dynamic to the team. We are going to score goals of the sort that we haven’t scored before, especially when Walcott starts to anticipate these. Happy Days

  29. goonpharm

    Ramsey on current form can not be trusted to play in the double pivot alongside Arteta.

    He has all the right attributes, not least his fantastic engine to get up and down for 90 minutes, but he’s playing as if he’s a forward and is obsessed with trying to score.

    Last year he was doing the midfield grunt work first and the goals were a bonus. This year he feels like he has to replicate last year’s goal tally or he won’t get the recognition.

    In summary get back to basics and keep it simple Rambo. Probably play Wilshere in the pivot with Arteta or Flamini on current form alone.

  30. Keyser

    I think Ramsey should be played, if fit ?, unless Wenger has little faith he can adapt quick enough.

    Ramsey’s stunted development means he’s lacked the game-time others would’ve had, similar to Wilshere, they need to show they can conduct play from midfield in various positions and together. Especially together.

    If he has to defer to other players, be more reserved, he needs to learn when and how he does this, otherwise we’re stuck wondering who we should build our play around and at the mercy of that players form.

    A bit like Sanchez, we’re giving Sanchez the sort of freedom he has for Chile, but this isn’t any real progression, and we won’t ever see the best of him.

    Ozil’s Intelligence is missed here, and even he needs to develop how he affects patterns of play from other positions and under pressure.

  31. carts

    So Walcott came out and said Sanchez doesn’t take “rest days”. Rest days. REST DAYS. So its alleged that our players have rest days. And some players still train on their allocated rest day. Hmmmm

  32. Shaun Wilson

    The most frustrating thing about Wenger is that at the start of the season we were probably three good signings away from really competing – he’d already done half of the job. But somehow the myopic old vampire did not see this . He inhabits a world were Arteta, Flamini and, I’m sorry to say, Cazorla, can be integral parts of a top team. It is an illusory planet this.

  33. Jeff


    Yes it’s a conundrum. I suppose from a fan’s point of view if the team needs players in positions x, y and z, we ought to just go and buy them and most Arsenal fans would be absolutely forgiving if we did that but still failed to win anything because then we could justifiably look at extenuating circumstances. But if we ride into the season knowing we are short, that’s negligence and not so easily forgivable.

    I doubt very much that we will be able to complete the puzzle in January but next summer – provided key players do not leave – we should be looking to replenish the squad in just the areas we all know are lacking and give the big boys a run for their money in 2015/2016. That, for me, is the thing we should be looking forward to as the most important aspect of the rest of this season will once again be about finishing in the top four.

  34. Cesc Appeal

    I can understand the double pivot of Arteta and Flamini – it’s crap, but I understand it.

    Not excusatory. Because the reason it’s a necessity sometimes is because Wenger ballsed up in terms of defensive depth, quality and of course that CDM.

    But next weekend there is no excuse for going back to 4-1-4-1 and trying to play Wilshere in there as well. Let the team start to find rhythm and balance now, we’re on a little streak, albeit unconvincing, let the team start to find itself. Don’t sacrifice everything in trying to cram Wilshere in there.

    Personally it’s Arteta and Ramsey deeper for me, Walcott, Sanchez and Oxlade behind Welbeck. Obviously there are question marks over Walcott still so Cazorla perhaps…though not ideal because he’s been awful. I’d understand Arteta and Flamini as well.

    But no 4-1-4-1, and no forcing a player into the line up that destroys us.

  35. Keyser

    “But no 4-1-4-1, and no forcing a player into the line up that destroys us.”

    Neither of these things are true really, it really is weird the hate Wilshere inspires in people.

  36. Cesc Appeal

    No didn’t they say even if Hamilton wins next week and Rosberg fails to finish technically Rosberg could still win because of double points.

    Utterly ridiculous whoever thought of that!

    Maybe an effort to keep everyone interested until the very last race but it’s totally against the whole sport of the thing.

    Hamilton already has an unassailable amount of wins compared to Rosberg which shows the reliability issues he’s had. To then put a run together and say have a failure in Abu Dhabi and Rosberg wins and wins the whole shebang…that would be brutally unfair…the best man would NOT have won.

  37. Keyser

    Jeff – I asked for examples because I genuinely thought you might’ve had valid reasons for your thoughts, but you don’t seem to, I can understand the frustration, but if you think about it rationally it just wasn’t going to be possible.

    Seriously try to draw parrallels between us and other clubs and you’ll struggle to find examples.

    The longer we stuck to their plan the harder it was going to be to find the players we needed to complete the team, to their credit they’re at least trying now.

    The problem is we don’t need Artetas and Mertesackers anymore, we need the Koscielny’s, Ozil’s or Sanchez’s, that’s it really.

  38. Thank you and goodnight


    Totally agree with you about F1. Bloody stupid the new double points for the last race, especially considering even with all the DNF ‘ S Hamilton has twice the amount of race wins Rosberg has this season. If I was Hamilton and I ended up losing title because of that twat Ecclestone, I’d make sure I’d run the cunt over. F1 is losing fans fast and if Ecclestone thinks double points on last race will bring them back, then like Wenger he is past his best and ruining F1

  39. MidwestGun

    ars v crystal palace ht 1:1
    wilshere sub off 69″ >> 2:1 90″ ramsey

    ars v everton ht 0:2
    wilshere sub off 74″ >> 1:2 83″ ramsey 2:2 90″ giroud

    ars v dortmund ht 0:1
    wilshere play 90 minutes >> 0:2 ft

    ars v aston villa ht 3:0
    wilshere is on the BENCH!!!!

    ars v tottenham hotspur 56″ 0:1
    wilshere sub off 62″ >> 1:1 74″ ox

    ars v galatasary ht 3:0
    wilshere is on the BENCH!!!!

    ars v chelsea ht 0:1
    78″ 0:2 >>> wilshere still on the pitch

    ars v hull 46″ 1:2
    wilshere sub off 68″ >>> 2:2 90″ welbeck

    ars v anderlecht 71″ 0:1
    wilshere sub off 82″ >>> 1:1 89″ gibbs 2:1 91″ podolski

    ars v sunderland 2:0
    wilshere suspended

    Courtesy of Goondawg. JW might not destroy the team but the team doesn’t play better when he is in lineup this year. It’s not hate, it’s an observation made by a lot of people because it’s obvious. I wish JW was the next best thing since, Messi, personally, but he isn’t. It’s weird how criticism is seen as hate. In a perfect world JW would play himself out of it but it might be at the expense of the team while he figures out his role. And that’s what I don’t like.
    The only hater is bob because he is obssessed.

  40. Keyser

    Firstly. sorry, was replying to Cesc Appeal, he seems to think the team revolves around Wilshere to it’s detriment.

    Secondly, I saw goondawgs post and it’s soo simplistic it’s like me posting the same list, but this time writing ‘No Thierry henry’ each time.

  41. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    I realize you could do it with any player, yes. But would that player be an integral part of creativity and driving the team forward? Also, don’t you think it’s strange the number of times he’s been subbed off and then we score this year after we adjust formation? So is it formation, JW, or is the other team just tired every time he leaves? Lol. I don’t know. For me, I just want the best players playing in their best positions. Nothing to do with hate. (Yes I know you meant CA)

  42. Keyser

    We had 32 shots and 67% possession against Burnley, and you think it’s strange ? ffs mate, 32 shots, what’s strange is it was only 3-0, and there was no Wilshere, no Ozil, and are you really going to put it down to Ramsey turning the game on it’s head ?

    People don’t say might or maybe, they seem to think it’s irrefutable, and how do you explain how desperate people are for it to be true, or Wilshere centric ? Seriously it’s nuts.

    I’m not even saying it isn’t down to WIlshere or formation.

  43. MidwestGun

    Keyser –
    Ok fair enough, I agree some of the criticism is because of his nationality and what that means and expectations and that is a little nuts. I don’t attribute the turn around in goal scoring terms against Burnley strictly to Ramsey no. More to getting Arteta out of lineup and injecting pace.

  44. Keyser

    I don’t especially think there was a turn-around, we took 32 shots, that’s a shot every 3 minutes, we didn’t let them out of their half and just swarmed them.

    Sanchez and Welbeck both had decent chances early on in the first half, either goes in Burnley have to leave their half change their approach.

    The Perceptions people have is he can be a bit of a dick, the whole smoking, attitude stuff, that needs to be seperated from what he does on the pitch and there’s far more plausible explanations.

  45. alex cutter

    “I just wonder if the people praising Alexis now will be criticising him if he loses form…”

    Would you prefer praising him if he loses form, and criticizing him when he’s playing well?

  46. london gunner

    I think the main problem with Wilshere is that he doesn’t contribute enough.

    In terms of Goals and Assists his way behind your oscars and cescs.

    But as a creative/AM mid isn’t just about evaluating data in such simplistic terms (even though it does help build an accurate picture)

    But players such as David Silva regularly have low goal/assist statistics but he has an incredibly high key pass rate and dribbling success.. Wilshere doesn’t.

    If you look at his pass rate/accuracy even that isn’t amazing though it is good.

    I just think his a good player not great and we could find better out their in the market who either add more defensively or offensively

    So if his not the AM then he should be valued as a box to box.. A box to box’s two main roles is bringing the ball forward and battling in the middle.

    If you look at Ramsey he has scored more, assisted the same

    has on average double the key pass rate of wilshere.

    Ramsey has just under triple the tackle rate and just under triple the interception rate

    As well has averaging 11 more passes a game and 3 percent higher pass accuracy rate.

    People are saying Ramsey has been poor this season and Jack has been good which is true comparatively from last season but it is rather damning that Ramsey is still statistically better than Wilshere despite the fact his in a vein of bad form

  47. reality check

    The Perceptions people have is he can be a bit of a dick, the whole smoking, attitude stuff, that needs to be seperated from what he does on the pitch and there’s far more plausible explanations.

    yeah but, the criticism of JW was all based around what he does on the pitch, no one mentioned his smoking or that he comes off as a bit of a dick.

    To be objective, why don’t you highlight various positives and positive influences JW has had on the pitch recently, frig it, since the start of the season.

    In the interests of balance and fairness.

  48. Keyser

    “the criticism of JW was all based around what he does on the pitch”

    Lol is it, then it’s just very poor analysis, read the things people come out with, look at goondawgs post, I bet you’ll have people saying ‘Yeah, mmhmm, that proves it, omg you serious shocking’ and all the other rubbish, when we’ve barely played the same line-up in consecutive games for almost 2 seasons let alone this year.

    Read LG’s post above, how is it fair to compare Wilshere to Silva ?!

    So you wonder why are people soo desperate to heap unfair criticism on one player, and Wilshere specifically.

  49. Keyser

    I think in terms of Ramsey a distinction needs to be made, Ramsey is probably in poor form, at best just under par, compared to the 2013 season, compared to last year he’s been abysmal.

    I mean completely shocking, the distinction needs to be made because the difference in Ramsey’s form to any he’s shown since he’s been with us was marked, I mean he was performing at a ridiculously high level.

  50. NewCo Arsenal PLC

    Arsenal are a massive football club with a wage-bill bigger than Chelsea’s.
    They are serial under-achievers, with an archaic Board who are happy with the perception that the club flirts with success.
    The Alexis Sanchez signing gives us an ingredient we’ve lacked for a long time, but it needs complimenting throughout the rest of the squad with the same quality in every position for Arsenal to be serious contenders. It would take a manager with Carlo Ancelotti or Jurgen Klopp’s pedigree to achieve such heights.

  51. fourthisatrophy

    Yes newco, we know, Sanchez and Ozil are both wasted at this club playing for an imbecile manager like Wenger, it’s like Burnley signing Ronaldo,

  52. peanuts&monkeys

    @ NewCo

    “It would take a manager with Carlo Ancelotti or Jurgen Klopp’s pedigree to achieve such heights.”

    Correction: It would take a manager with Carlo Ancelotti or Jurgen Klopp’s pedigree to break out from this stale ineffective style and approach to to football.

  53. andy1886

    Well, we certainly look better up front with two strikers DH. Throw in Theo and Ramsey and we’re looking much more threatening. Ozil? I can’t see how he fits into a 442, in fact he doesn’t. Odd that we have so many creative number 10’s but if we play 442 or a variation of it they become pretty much redundant. Santi’s no left winger or even much of a wide midfielder. Jack can play the B2B role alongside one of Arteta or Flamini, so he still has a role.

    Thing is it doesn’t just suit Alexis. We then have the option of deploying two of Giroud, Welbeck, Sanchez or Poldi in that set up which gives us far more threat. It solves the Theo/Alexis question on the right and suddenly we have two good options for most positions bar wide left (yes we could do with an upgrade on Arteta/Flamini but as long as we only play one of them the problem isn’t so great).

    So more 442 please.

  54. Jeff


    I don’t know what example you wanted but all I was asserting was that the possibility of having something that resembled a complete team was there in the summer if we opted to buy those additional positions. That way instead of adding just one extra, we might have added three or four. We didn’t do that and obviously you think we did well with the purchases we did make, (with which I agree), but it still leaves one wondering we could have done better.

    This is the reason I keep saying trophies are won and lost in the transfer windows. You may think we’re “filling” at a greater rate but we have significant ground to make up. Again, next summer’s transfer window will be really telling. If those remaining positions are not addressed or more key players leave (because we failed to win anything) we will be back to square one and I think even you will have to admit there is something amiss.

  55. Wallace

    london gunner goes on, somewhat mysteriously, about the Theo hate on here, but i think it’s the abuse Jack gets that is far more baffling. for my money he’s the most talented player Arsenal’s academy have produced in all my time watching us. he’s shown genuine signs this last 6wks of getting back to the player he was in his breakthrough season. people outside the club talk of him as a possible future England captain, and yet you have people on here suggesting he should be sent out on loan to a mid-table side, and then sold off if he does okay. it’s like Everton informing everyone that Barkley’s up for grabs – 4m ono.

  56. gonsterous

    If u ask me… I’d compare wilshere to Stewart downing … Only a younger version… He isn’t saving arsenal or England anytime soon