Burnley today. Hey hey

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Not good for your hangover

Morning all! Alex here, drafted in at the last minute with the mother of all hangovers to try and put enough words in the right order to create something legible and interesting. Let’s see how we get on…

So how was your Halloween? Did you trick or did you treat? Did you set a firework off in a pensioners face or did you end up at a house party being sick off a balcony? Whatever you did, I hope you stayed safe.

So onto football and Arsenal. God it feels like a long time doesn’t it? Well it’s not been really but the fact is I’ve missed our last two games. In fact, I haven’t even had time to watch the highlights. However I did get a flavour of the respective performances we put in by following the games on twitter (the home of reasoned and balanced analysis). For what its worth, here’s my two cents:

Anderlecht – like getting a lapdance off your nan for 85 minutes, only for Rachel Riley to show up at the end in a bikini with a bottle of champagne

Sunderland – like watching golf in a Volvo with Michael Owen

Nonetheless, two wins is two wins, we must look forward not back etc etc. Today we face recently promoted Burnley who come from somewhere up north. I know very little about them, other than the fact that Alistair Campbell is a fan and their manager always sounds like he needs to clear his throat. So little to analyse tactically here, however to be fair this is probably one of those games where Arsene’s ‘we play our own style, balls to your team and your “tactics”’ philosophy can actually work. We are good enough to beat Burnley at home. Scrap that; we should be thrashing them.

The big news, for me anyway, is that Theo is getting closer to a return to the first team. It may be an uncontroversial thing to say but it can’t come soon enough. We have been pretty woeful this season and, before he got injured, I would say he was on the cusp of becoming a world class player. The kind of guy who can win games for you on his own. Let’s hope his lengthy lay-off hasn’t hindered his progress and his return will be the fillip the team needs to get the season back on track.

Amazingly according to Squawka and Physio Room, Arsenal have had 73 injuries in the time Theo has been out; with Gibbs and Wilshere picking up 6 separate injuries each. Bonkers if true. But don’t worry guys, Arsenal are on to their third internal review, so I’m pretty sure they’ll have figured out what the problem is by January (ps it wont be the manager).

The only other team news to note is that Wilshere is out, but Gibbs might play leaving us with one fit defender or something (I can’t keep track to be honest).

Ok that’s your lot from me today, hopefully there’s enough get you through the morning, prep you for today’s game and bring about the end of capitalist society as we know it. (If you want to know where Russell Brand got the idea for his revolution from; it was here, the ONLY anarcho-syndicalist Arsenal blog worth reading.)

I might be back tomorrow with a match report which will be better than this, I promise. In the meantime please follow me on twitter @aldo_doel – this is a cynical appeal for numbers. I need more numbers.

Ps If you are going to the game today remember, if you don’t sing, then it’s your fault if we don’t win and you should probably kill yourself for not being a real fan.

Pps only joking, please don’t do that x

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  1. goonpharm

    Bamford your opinion is your opinion it can’t be wrong or right as it’s yours and it’s a subjective. If I was to disagree with it I’d debate it with you in a respectful manner without having to resort condescending comments.

  2. gonsterous

    January is 2 months away… If we r in the top 4 then… Expect Wenger to do nothing…. #old dogs can’t learn new tricks

  3. Ozy

    Haha, London Gunner using Richard Dawkins…

    What better way to completely invalidate your entire statement by bringing up that cretin.

  4. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah I mean there are names out there, obviously the best one would be Cavani, also most expensive.

    I really don’t have a problem though with a scouted player, a guy with an up and coming rep, bit like Eduardo, a few knew of him but not really, really.

    We use to do that a lot. But now we sort of get a Yaya Sanogo and a “wait and see.” He’s quite clearly not good enough.

    If we find some burgeoning talent, physical, fast and you can see the potential in him then I have no problem getting behind that because we also have Walcott and Sanchez who score.

    But I have a problem when Wenger does things like lump us with Giroud and Sanogo and then start telling us about Sanogo’s record as a 6 year old pre-injury. If it’s going to be potential, it’s got to be the very best of potentials.

  5. Bamford13

    No goonpharm, I have never claimed that I am more intelligent than anyone else here, and I certainly have never compared myself to Richard Dawkins.

    If I have claimed superior intellect, please find the post where I did so and paste it in. You’ll search in vain, though, as I’ve never said any such thing.

    Have I claimed to know more about football than SOME posters on here? Sure, but only when it’s obvious that said poster is clueless.

    Not to mention that nearly ever poster on here claims to know more about football than SOME on here. That’s simply par for the course.

  6. Johnty79

    One person on this site said sign wanyama…yes your right it’s me….you lot like wenger are snobs when it comes to signing 5-10m pound players…well I’ll tell u wanyama is a damn better bet than arteta,flamini or diaby.

  7. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    WengerEagleNovember 2, 2014 14:24:52
    Dear oh dear someone needs to have a word with Cwissy Smalls.What was the lad thinking?

    Nice hot tub soak on his own

  8. Bamford13

    Fantastic goal. City’s angles and patterns in the final third are excellent — something Arsenal should study.

  9. N5

    No chance wig, pedros done 9pm posts before when he’s hung over. Unless he’s dead from drowning in peroni they’re will be a post.

  10. Bamford13


    I didn’t argue for it so much as propose that he could play there. And I stick by that.

    No question Ramsey could play as the CAM if we had a quality CM. No question.
    He’s creative, likes to be inventive and try things, scores goals, etc. Would there be better CAM’s? Yes, many. Is he more useful as a CM? Probably, though I’m not as sold on Ramsey as a B2B CM as many on here are.

    My view above is an easily defended position — and it was never a a big contention of mine anyways. It was a mere passing thought, whose context I can’t even remember now.

    What’s your point, though?

  11. Jeff

    Signing Ozil and then Sanchez as I have always said were two giant steps in the right direction. But I know what the sentiment behind your post is. We are building slowly but with bigger bricks because we now have more money. That is the argument. But the problem in modern football is that other teams are always building at a faster rate than we are so any progress we make is cancelled out by the length of time and the lack of trophies causing our better players to lose patience and run away

    Maybe it was possible to do that sort of thing in the past but the landscape has changed so if you want to beat the bigger sides you must have a complete or nearly complete first team that is balanced enough to meet today’s challenges.

    We have been in transition for ages because our best players left us. So we had to start building again. So how do we get round this vicious circle? Well, in my estimation one has to bite the bullet and rather than build bit by bit only for parts of it to be demolished, we have to invest heavily and quickly in order to get everything we need in one window. If we keep “waiting” for the transition to be complete, it will never be finished because modern football just doesn’t allow for that any more.

    We could easily have fulfilled the much needed reinforcements in CB, CDM and a forward that’s a replacement for Giroud rather than a stand in. But we chose not to as I was explaining in my post to N5. It is that “slow” approach that’s killing our chances. Unless we address this we will be in perpetual transition and we’ll never have a squad capable of winning the PL.

    If our intention is simply to stay “near” the top rather than win it, this is of course the perfect strategy.

  12. Bamford13


    So Ozil plays wide so that Sanchez can play the CAM? Not sure that makes sense. Makes more sense, in my opinion, to play him wide and let him roam.

    I’d rather keep Ozil as the CAM and lose Ox or Walcott than play Sanchez as the CAM and lose Ozil as the CAM — despite the fact that Ozil is not in great form.

  13. Joe

    Wenger “we are getting there”

    Gifted 2 goals v Sunderland and a win vs the bottom team in the league.

    The team being held together by Sanchez.

    Who believes his crap other than the untold guys.

    He still can’t beat a top team. He can’t even beat Tottenham at home.

    Fuck off wenger

  14. Marc


    Just that when a couple of us made the point that it was a bad idea you through a tantrum.

    Outside of a couple on here who are complete cretins everyone is entitled to an opinion. I for instance agree with you point above about Ozil.

    One of the things I most enjoy about football is the banter if everyone agreed on everything it would be pretty boring.

  15. kwik fit


    I’m not sure Ozil can step up. Sanchez is everything that Ozil isn’t. Perhaps Ozil will lift his game when he returns but our Offensive play must revolve around Sanchez not Ozil.

  16. Marc


    My view is that Ozil is a luxury player, if you put pace and power around him he will create chances and generate a huge amount of assists.

    Problem is if you play him wide he disappears.

  17. Bamford13


    Threw a tantrum? Not quite. I simply got irritated with some on here, one, because the idea of Ramsey playing the CAM role was treated (idiotically) as some kind of absurdity — it’s not — and two, because something I proposed in passing was treated as though I had staked out a position on the point over days and days — as say London has done with his ‘Theo is better than Hazard’ position.

    I have no problem with differences of opinion.

    For example, I can see why Kwik would want to run Sanchez as the CAM, though I don’t think I agree with him on that point. His is not an unreasonable view, though.

  18. kwik fit

    I agree with that Marc but Ozil’s attitude has been all wrong this season.
    Perhaps its because he’s play out wide but we need a player who controls the game in the 10 position and I’m nor sure Ozil is up for the challenge. One things for sure Sanchez is.

  19. Bamford13

    Benteke is back. As one of several on here who believes in him, I look forward to his returning to form in the next few months and proving us right. 😉

  20. carts


    Although I’m not a massive fan of Morgan and Sokratis, I think both will suffice.

    My pref would be Gustavo and Subotic; probably looking closer to £50m though. An out and out goal scoring monster is definitely needed as well.

  21. carts

    Oh and btw, Smalling is without doubt a twat posing as a footballer. His first yellow though…like, come on ffs, who still blocks goal keepers when they’re attempting a kick in this day and age

  22. Keyser

    Jeff – It isn’t soo much sentiment as Cold Hard Reasoning, we’re not building slowly, for us, for Arsenal we’re actually building quite quickly.

    The problem is that this past year is stacked up against almost a decade of the slow cautious approach.

    I really struggle to see how you come to these conclusions, Tottenham lost Bale, Liverpool have lost Suarez, there’s Dortmund and other teams, they’ve tried to re-invest quickly with varying returns, the first step is to stop losing your best players in the first place, the second is then to build.

    But as the above examples show it’s not going to happen that quickly, we bought 5 players in the summer, and you’ve seen how erratic the process of blooding them has been.

    Seriously what examples are you building your opinions from ?

  23. kwik fit

    Maybe Pedro’s hands have been handcuffed to his bed following a night on the tiles. The bird has put the key down her cleavage and pedro is begging her to let him free as he’s got a post to make.

  24. gunnergetyou

    Southampton have set a great and have shown us the way of a modern football club should be run. The club is structured in such a way that it is not reliant on any specific individuals whether it’s the manager or any of their players.

    What they have is great scouting network which allows them to bring in talented players who are mainly un known who are competitive and tenacious and fit into the club’s philosophy. This comes down to more than just having a great manager, there’s obviously alot of good work going on behind the scenes which the manager as the figure head will always be the one to take all the credit for. This can be misleading and the example of this is the way Pochettino is now being found out at a bigger club with more expensive players.

    Obviously we’ve known for years about the quality of their academy, the amount of talent that they continue to produce is an added bonus.

    This is what we should be looking at if we’re serious about modernising our football club. We need to have the same structure in place that allows us to keep the same footballing philosophy in place regardless of the man in charge of the first team. We need to start producing more talented players. And we need to start recruiting players that are going to fit into a team that is already set up with a proper strategy rather than having to change things around to accommodate them, which in my opinion is where we’ve been going wrong recently.

  25. gunnergetyou


    Benteke hit Spurs midfielder Mason in the face off the ball. It’s a shame because he was the best player on the pitch up until that point. Now he’s banned for the next 3 games

  26. Jeff


    You argue as though the positions which we have needed are fairly new. We’ve needed more athleticism in the middle (you have said so yourself in the past) – but we have Arteta who isn’t up to it and hasn’t been for a while. Flamini is also not good enough to serve that role in the bigger games.

    As for the situation in defence, that has also been lacking for a while. You say we bought 5 players and yet 4 of them were straight replacements. The point I was making is that we never seem to have a complete team. It’s always missing some vital piece(s) and that is why we can’t seriously challenge. The fact that those positions haven’t been filled properly (and I include a CF in that list) demonstrates that we don’t build fast enough or we are not willing to go the extra mile. If it was a house you’d either have no roof, or no floor or no kitchen.

    Now the solution is obviously to build but if we fill at the same rate as we are leaking, we’ll never have a complete team. That’s the salient point here. When are we ever going to have a complete team that is balanced, has sufficient depth and will seriously challenge for the top?

    We have had a very long time to do it but the trouble is – as you point out – we’ve been losing players. Why do they leave and how do we stop it? If you want to talk about wages I think we’ve done some very stupid things – like paying mediocrity more than they deserve while keeping world class players – you know the ones we really want to keep – on a bit more but nothing like they could get elsewhere.

    We have to put it right and yes Ozil and Sanchez are steps in the right direction but the positions giving us the most grief are still missing. If you’re saying to me this summer we’ll have everything we need – I’d be extremely sceptical because it hasn’t happened in the last 8 years.

  27. Keyser

    Jeff – Don’t really see the point of that reply, it’s not an argument, I’m pretty much stating fact, while you seem inable to quote examples for your ‘estimations’.

    Come on we don’t live in a vaccuum, the supposed need to complete the team has been ever present, while we’ve also been losing players.

    In the past season 2 seasons now who have we lost that was significant ? Sagna ? who at 32, was going to need replacement soon anyway ?

  28. Keyser

    “Now the solution is obviously to build but if we fill at the same rate as we are leaking, we’ll never have a complete team. That’s the salient point here.”

    I suppose this is the key point. the rate is now greater at least we hope it will be.