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Not good for your hangover

Morning all! Alex here, drafted in at the last minute with the mother of all hangovers to try and put enough words in the right order to create something legible and interesting. Let’s see how we get on…

So how was your Halloween? Did you trick or did you treat? Did you set a firework off in a pensioners face or did you end up at a house party being sick off a balcony? Whatever you did, I hope you stayed safe.

So onto football and Arsenal. God it feels like a long time doesn’t it? Well it’s not been really but the fact is I’ve missed our last two games. In fact, I haven’t even had time to watch the highlights. However I did get a flavour of the respective performances we put in by following the games on twitter (the home of reasoned and balanced analysis). For what its worth, here’s my two cents:

Anderlecht – like getting a lapdance off your nan for 85 minutes, only for Rachel Riley to show up at the end in a bikini with a bottle of champagne

Sunderland – like watching golf in a Volvo with Michael Owen

Nonetheless, two wins is two wins, we must look forward not back etc etc. Today we face recently promoted Burnley who come from somewhere up north. I know very little about them, other than the fact that Alistair Campbell is a fan and their manager always sounds like he needs to clear his throat. So little to analyse tactically here, however to be fair this is probably one of those games where Arsene’s ‘we play our own style, balls to your team and your “tactics”’ philosophy can actually work. We are good enough to beat Burnley at home. Scrap that; we should be thrashing them.

The big news, for me anyway, is that Theo is getting closer to a return to the first team. It may be an uncontroversial thing to say but it can’t come soon enough. We have been pretty woeful this season and, before he got injured, I would say he was on the cusp of becoming a world class player. The kind of guy who can win games for you on his own. Let’s hope his lengthy lay-off hasn’t hindered his progress and his return will be the fillip the team needs to get the season back on track.

Amazingly according to Squawka and Physio Room, Arsenal have had 73 injuries in the time Theo has been out; with Gibbs and Wilshere picking up 6 separate injuries each. Bonkers if true. But don’t worry guys, Arsenal are on to their third internal review, so I’m pretty sure they’ll have figured out what the problem is by January (ps it wont be the manager).

The only other team news to note is that Wilshere is out, but Gibbs might play leaving us with one fit defender or something (I can’t keep track to be honest).

Ok that’s your lot from me today, hopefully there’s enough get you through the morning, prep you for today’s game and bring about the end of capitalist society as we know it. (If you want to know where Russell Brand got the idea for his revolution from; it was here, the ONLY anarcho-syndicalist Arsenal blog worth reading.)

I might be back tomorrow with a match report which will be better than this, I promise. In the meantime please follow me on twitter @aldo_doel – this is a cynical appeal for numbers. I need more numbers.

Ps If you are going to the game today remember, if you don’t sing, then it’s your fault if we don’t win and you should probably kill yourself for not being a real fan.

Pps only joking, please don’t do that x

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  1. tunnygriffboy


    That’s my worry as well. Either Ramsey or Jack not both. If Wilshere has to be on the bench so be it. It means we can rotate and keep both fresh. That is what a squad is for.

    You’d want more of a playmaker for Santi as opposed more pace. Fair shout.

    We really don’t want to go hell for leather v Dortmund when we play them. Don’tgive them too many chances to counter.

  2. tunnygriffboy

    Walcott on talkshite. Really pleased to be on the pitch with Alexis, he’s a breath of fresh air in the club. He wants to play every game and hates losing even in head tennis. He wants to win everything

    On himself said he’s glad to be back and really enjoyed his 20 mins today. Wenger putting under no pressure and want’s to ease him back. Has special stuff to do still for his knee ( all hail Shad 🙂 ) and now has to get ready for Tuesday.

  3. Cesc Appeal



    But as I said in the summer I felt this would be the year of a thousand chances for Wilshere and I can see that continuing. Highly irritating and totally counter productive.

    We’ve got three wins now and that second half was the best we’ve played in a while – keep that going, don’t go back to the system that is ruining us as a team.

    I’d think a middle of Arteta and Ramsey deep and Walcott, Sanchez and Oxlade behind Welbeck is perfect for an away game against a ball passing team like Swansea.

    Catch them, break on them, be direct, be pacey, be clinical.


  4. Du Vi

    If Wenger gives just as many minutes as he dishes to bottom feeders Wellbeck and Giroud … he would have twice as many goals!!

  5. Cesc Appeal


    There’s reactionaries on both sides.

    You get it from the pro-Wenger’s, as soon as their a fans favourite to succeed Wenger they’ll jump on any bad form or losses. But also there’s just debate at large among all parties as to who should come in.

    I like Klopp. FFP has basically enshrined Munich’s dominance and Bundesliga is a giant feeding trough for them now of talent.

    You imagine Klopp with a transfer budget something like 5x bigger, and a wage bill the same again…could do brilliant things. And would be hungry to. He’s still my top pick as Wenger replacement.

  6. karim

    Griezmann with a brace for Atletico
    Not bad for someone who never plays

    I put some money on a Draw but somehow I hope Dortmund will win this

  7. Wallace

    Wenger was talking last week about us conceding too many goals, which i think explains the Arteta – Flamini combination this last two games. think he’ll stick with it for the forseeable future. gives the attacking players a solid platform.

  8. MadeToLoveMagic


    dont think its that mate,

    i think that someone (maybe wenger) said for them to stop playing so centrally, use the flanks more and pepper them with shots, really impressed by chamberlain and chambers today

    it worked and was nice to see the team playing that way,, we need a plan b and that can, and should be the default mode the team goes into when we cant break teams down through the middle,

    Mertesacker was saying the other day to the media we are too predictable and need to vary our play when it isnt working with the tippy tap

    is wenger learning to listen to his players?

  9. Du Vi

    Rosicky,Podolski,and Joel Campbell seasons are being sacrificed on the altar of Wenger’s average joes …Wellbeck,Ramsey Arteta et al.

  10. MadeToLoveMagic

    Du Vi

    Sorry thats a dumb comment

    Ramsey and arteta dont occupy podolski and campbell’s positions for a start, so how are they being sacrificed for them?

    also neither pod nor campbell are strikers who can play back to goal like wlbz can.

  11. Du Vi

    Sorry your retort is even dumber!!!

    When Wenger plays Arteta and Flamini at home to F**** Burnley rather than risk having to drop his posterboy .. then a position hitherto to be occupied by an attacking midfielder is forfeited!!!

  12. Du Vi

    When Ex Sunderland loanee ,fourth choice Man U reject Wellbeck comes into an Arsenal side and automatically becomes the default number one striker at the expense of better players at the club then there is a problem. You say Wellbeck is better with his back to goal..On what basis??how did you arrive at that Sherlock when Podolski never plays??

  13. MadeToLoveMagic

    Du Vi

    yeah and the attacking mid you listed is rosicky, who is more an advanced mid than either rambo or arteta are so again , no sense

    neither arteta rambo nor welbeck play in any of the positions that the players you bitched about not playing because them play in! Now thats why it was a dumb comment mate, move on

  14. Romford Pele

    Evening gents, quality performance from the lads today, lost count of the amount of chances we created, should’ve been a higher score. Obviously opposition wasn’t good but we need to be pounding them into submission like we did today. 4-2-3-1 for the win. Welbz was unlucky, Ox was much better, Sanchez is already something else. See what happens when we go with the 4-2-3-1. It’s not rocket science don.

  15. nigel tufnel

    Another observation, chambers noticeably more helpful in attack then sagna has been for years, upgrade there. And debuchy better than both…. so i really will feel that when debuchy returns, ITS LIKE A NEW SIGNING ..
    and what u think about hazards penalty? I think he tricked the defender and glided towards him to make the impact bigger. He wasnt going anywhere. Sleazy player. Perfect for chelsea.

  16. goonpharm

    3-0 against an average championship team means nothing. Sanchez for all his high tempo game still needs to refine that final ball and play as a team player.

    Personally feel he’s trying to hard and playing at 99% every game. He’ll burn himself out. He reminds me of when Suarez came to Liverpool – a bit greedy and hogged the ball. A couple seasons later he became a monster of a player as he learned to play for the team.

    As it stands Sanchez gets a B+ from me.

  17. goonpharm

    Flamini-Arteta pivot should be used only in away games against the top 5.

    At home to Burnley one of them in the DCM role is plenty, especially considering we had something silly like 70% possession. No surprise we scored three unanswered goals when we switched Arteta for Ramsey.

  18. Wallace


    i agree we could be more adventurous than Art/Flam at home, but i think Wenger’s putting some emphasis on not leaking goals. grind out some clean-sheet victories, like we were doing last year.

  19. Keyser

    goonpharm – Decent postage on Sanchez.

    Wallace – It’s most likely because he doesn’t want to risk Ramsey, Wilshere’s now ut and Ozil’s already out. We’re at home sit two in front of the defence, let the front 4 try to build consistentcy and let the fullbacks push on.

    I don’t think it needs much more deeper thought than that.

    Likewise with Theo he doesn’t want to risk him in a really competitive or desperate situation, so 2-0 up, send him on.

  20. Keyser

    Hull and now Burnley, our two last premiership home games.

    We’ve averaged 67% possession, and about 28 shots a game.

    Against Hull we allowed 4 shots and they scored 2 goals.

    There’s plenty of room for efficiency at both ends which is what Wenger said the other week.

    Either Sanchez is a complete Freak or he needs to really work on his team-play, he surely can’t keep the work-rate up.

  21. london gunner

    7th loss for Dortmund is it?

    OH VERY DEAR mr Kloppy klopp 🙁

    They lost to the champions but a tactically flexible manager focuses on getting a much needed draw to stem the tide of losses and gain some composure in the league.

    Instead went for plan A because he only has Plan A

  22. N5

    No London because you’ve made two sets of comments today! 1st: All Theo haters fuck off, 2nd Klopp only has plan A!!! without even watching the game obviously.

    You spend you’re whole time on the wind up, that’s why you yet again brought up Theo in an aggressive way and once again brought up Klopp.

  23. london gunner


    So let me get me this right…

    Your annoyed because I defend one of Arsenal’s most prolific players and tell his haters to fuck off?

    The question needs to be asked why are you defending the haters? If you are not a hater why do you care? Or is this some kind of agenda on your part?

  24. rollen

    Dortmund in relegation zone … but owning our Cl group.
    Could not watch game apart from last 10 min which was great.
    Those 2 Poldi shots wow. Alexis is the man.

  25. N5

    I’m not sure who the haters are London, I’ve not seen a single Theo hater on this site, so unsure who the fuck off was addressed too. You know what you’re doing, only one of us has an agenda and I can tell you now it’s isn’t me. I don’t need validation. I’m happy with my opinion and if others don’t agree then fine. I won’t keep bringing it up.

    You obviously consider yourself right about Theo and Klopp but for some reason won’t let it lie, what are you so insecure about?

  26. london gunner


    But the point is I am right.

    Richard Dawkins doesn’t let things lie. He keeps lecturing religious people because his scientific outlook on life is the correct one.

    He realises in his wisdom that it is his duty to impart reason, rationale and speak the truth. People tell him shut up and just it lie but we don’t progress as a species that way.

    I’m changing a incorrect popular narrative because it has to be done.

    Anyways I’m off for the night. But no hard feelings. Just try not to let your agenda over theo control you.

  27. Ustynobaba

    Good win,Sanchez is a monster of a player,how many goals does he has in the premier league,6,7 or 8

    This london dude is a funny chap,but i dont think most people will believe this your Theo hypothesis no matter how long you keep stating it,so maybe you let it be or you continue,its your call,but it might be Marble-like at a point,dont you think so??????

  28. Ustynobaba

    This london dude is a funny chap,but i dont think most people will believe this your Theo hypothesis no matter how long you keep stating it,so maybe you let it be or you continue,its your call,but it might be Marble-like at a point,dont you think so??????

  29. GoonerGaz

    Watched the 2nd half on live stream, I know it’s only Burnley, but as they say you can only beat whats in front of you and they looked good, fast paced especially after the first goal went in. Podolski is definitely best coming off the bench, he looks shit whenever he starts unfortunately.

    I know I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago, but the stats with and without Wilshere are not a surprise to me:

    This season, Arsenal played 15 games in total or 1350 mins
    805 mins on the Pitch with Wilshere this season
    455 mins without Wilshere on the pitch

    Goals scored by Arsenal with Wilshere on the pitch = 6
    1 goal for every 134 mins played

    Goals scored by Arsenal Without Wilshere = 20
    1 goal for every 22 mins

    Goals conceded by Arsenal with Wilshere on the pitch = 15
    1 goal conceded every 53 mins

    Goals conceded by Arsenal Without Wilshere = 2
    1 goal conceded every 228 mins

    I think Wilshere in an excellent player, but something definitely hasn’t be right this season with him in the lineup.

  30. tunnygriffboy


    Good to hear you say we played a lot better today. Another win, another clean sheet and confidence coming back. Wally gets 20 mins as well and he said he really enjoyed his game today though there’s no pressure being heaped on him at the moment.

  31. GoonerGaz

    Sorry that should have been 545 mins without Wilshere on the pitch this season, No point re-writing the post, figures pretty similar with the correction anyway.

  32. N5

    No ill feeling from me London as i don’t have a Theo agenda, odd you cant see that you do, even if its a positive one.

  33. carts

    Wenger said Sanchez was lacking confidence at the start of the season. What Wenger meant was that no one was on his fucking level, this Sanchez had to almost take a step back so everyone else could fucking catch up.

    Confidence, you know…like fuck he lacked it.

  34. Shaun Wilson

    Flamini and Arteteta should not be allowed anywhere near Arsenal’s first team. They would not be allowed anywhere near Chelsea’s, Manchester City’s, Liverpool’s, Manchester United’s…. In fact I don’t know how far down the table I have to go before I can give either one of the guy’s a game with someone.

  35. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Shaun is right

    It’s an absolute joke that flam is earning corn at a top ten world team .

    Arteta to an extent I understand, should not be a regular starter let alone captain.

    But unlike diaby he plays.

  36. Emiratesstroller

    Had time to digest our performance yesterday, which can be divided into first 70 minutes and last 20 minutes.


    Fairly awful with as usual no pace in midfield with Messrs Flamini,Arteta and
    Cazorla square and back passing.

    Burnley were frankly fairly comfortable for most of that period.


    Brought on Ramsey,Walcott and Podolski and that proved game changer. Team could have scored at least 6 goals in this period.

    Ramsey may not be the most technically refined player in squad, but he adds
    pace to midfield, shows a lot of energy and is prepared to make longer and more incisive passes as well as go into box and shoot.

    Walcott’s pace, movement and shooting adds options and problems for

    Burnley were of course pretty tired at the end , but nevertheless the way we
    played highlighted what has been wrong for most of season so far.


    We need to play a formation of 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 and not how we have been playing.

    Flamini and Arteta are not good enough to play in starting X1. If possible we
    need to recruit a more dynamic player who can play anchor role alongside

    Ozil should play alongside Sanchez and Walcott with either Giroud or Welbeck up front. Welbeck is a good player, but he needs to score more goals.
    Giroud lacks his movement, but may be more effective up front.

    Wenger needs to add an additional centre back to his squad. It is too risky to
    rely on just 6 defenders.

  37. Dorobucci

    Barca for all their attack prowess and their airtight defense lost at home to celta vigo.Madrid are currently toping laliga with Athletico madrid a point behind, barca are third,same points as sevilla who are just two points ahead of valencia. That league is no longer a two horse race.Real meanwhile are scoring outrageous amount of goals averaging more than 3 per game,that team is in their own league at the moment. Is messi fading or is neymar and suarez robbing him of the spotlight? .time will tell

  38. useroz

    Arsenal is seriously too good for some of our starters. We need genuine competition in all positions. Very skewed atm.

    Ideal world, we get. 2 to 3 great (not necessaily WC) players in Jan that are long overdue and clear some deadwood.

    It’d make for an interesting/ entertaining 2nd half.

    To wenger…..stop checking how much bonus you get for selling sanchez….

  39. Bankz

    If you could travel back in time & pick one player from the inInvincibles to play in this current Arsenal team, who would it be?

  40. Rich

    Captain hindsight Jeff.
    I’d stick to predicting what we should of done if I was you.
    Your pretty good at that and it’s harder for people to prove that your wrong.
    We’ve got that much lightning pace, sides will sit deep, Giroud’s a much better bet than Welbeck for when this happens.
    Whilst I’d like a Giroud upgrade, he’s still currently a better bet than Welbeck.

  41. Wallace

    “One thing I do know is that if Sanchez goes injured, we are screwed.”

    “One thing I do know is that if Costa goes injured, we are screwed.”

    “One thing I do know is that if Toure goes injured, we are screwed.”

    you can say the same about any side’s best player.

  42. gazzap

    we’ve just struggled to get 6 points off the worst two teams in the league. we haven’t found out anything about Arsenal from Sunderland and Burnley. Arsenal need to start performing better from the first minute.
    I don’t like the Flamini/Arteta midfield at all. Get Ramsey in there with one of them. Ox on right until Theo is 100%. Sanchez left. Welbz until Giroud returns. Cazorla hasn’t done that well but surely his form must return soon. If not use the Ox in the middle with Theo on the right.

    It’s Ozil and Wilshere that worry me the most. They are meant to be quality players but whenever they are on the pitch we just don’t do the business – we don’t score many and we concede too easily.

  43. Wallace

    “Arsenal, though, had to wait for the breakthrough, despite the relentlessness of Sánchez, who looked like a PlayStation player with the speed button held down. Wenger played him off Welbeck – he described his formation as being 4-4-2 – and Sánchez was at the heart of everything. “He looks more goal dangerous through the middle,” Wenger said”

    – Guardian match report

  44. Jeff

    “you can say the same about any side’s best player.”

    No you can’t because other teams have better depth. Even my neighbour’s cat knows that.

  45. andy1886

    Wallace, it was rather like 4-4-2, but the middle two (Arteta and Flamini) were about 20 yards too far back quite often leaving Welbeck and Sanchez (who both worked really hard all match) a bit isolated. Ramsey made a big difference as Arteta in particular played very cautiously all the time he was on the pitch. This was my first game of the season and the most obvious issue was as I said above the huge gap between the front two and the duo in the middle of the park (bar Flamini making a couple of forays into the box in the first half).

  46. Al

    The OX performance yesterday was electric. ..that’s the first time I have seen him play thay consistently as a threat on the wings for Arsenal since the United game 2 season ago when he absolutely ripped Rafael.

    Seemed to have caught the sanchez bug in that game. ..He was playing at 100% ….chasing and attacking.

  47. Wallace


    if our two CM’s have been told to sit in the middle of the field i’m cool with that. the 4 guys ahead of them should still be able to create enough trouble, and without the worry of what happens if they lose possession. people are saying Ramsey’s intro made the difference, but surely it was also a case of Burnley tiring after chasing the game for 70mins?

  48. andy1886

    Hi Wallace, well for me Burnley posed little real threat and Arteta/Flamini playing that deep was a waste. We often had 3 v 1 back in our half when we were attacking, and the front two often found themselves surrounded by seven or eight Burnley players in the box and not another Arsenal player within twenty yards of them. Did you notice (I guess that you were at the game?) that often when we were either attacking, or occasionally having to defend, that the midfield two were just jogging, not sprinting? I have to say I don’t think I saw Arteta go beyond a jog all the time he was on the pitch. Certainly when Welbeck and Sanchez put on the pace a huge gap opened up between them and the rest of the team (although I noticed that Gibbs made a few good overlapping runs that were often missed).

  49. andy1886

    Oh, and a case of Burnley tiring? Not IMO. We visibly upped our game after around an hour and were more dynamic and aggressive. I wouldn’t put it all down to Aaron coming on, we seemed to have upped the tempo just prior to that. I think that once the first went in be it in the tenth or seventieth minute we would have performed better, we were just too cautious and lacking in confidence midfield wise while it was 0-0.

  50. MadeToLoveMagic

    I said it yesterday but ill say it again,,

    After theo came on , i havent enjoyed watching us play that much in years

    felt like the old, well new/old arsenal again

    We were direct consise, we took shots we crossed , we scored from a corner and a cross from open play…… could have been 8 nil

    oh and that shot from POd,,,,, if that had gone in i think the record books would have come out, fastest shot ive ever seen

  51. Wallace


    no, i watched it on tv so didn’t get the whole picture. my view is Wenger’s gone back to basics in an attempt to make us harder to beat until we find more flow to our game. i’m sure we didn’t need to play both Arteta & Flamini, but if it gives Sanchez and the Ox a bit more freedom i don’t have a problem with it. if we can beat Anderlecht on tues hopefully this little run will instill some confidence and we’ll start playing more freely.

  52. MadeToLoveMagic

    imagine this


    -Chambers- -Hummels- -Koz- -Gibbs-


    – Ramsey-
    -Walcott- -Ozil- -Chamberlain=



    Cazorla, Wilshere arteta/flamini podolski welbeck rosicky Mertesacker Monreal Bellerin

  53. Bamford13


    “But the point is I am right. Richard Dawkins doesn’t let things lie. He keeps lecturing religious people because his scientific outlook on life is the correct one.

    He realises in his wisdom that it is his duty to impart reason, rationale and speak the truth. People tell him shut up and just it lie but we don’t progress as a species that way.

    I’m changing a incorrect popular narrative because it has to be done. Anyways I’m off for the night. But no hard feelings. Just try not to let your agenda over theo control you.”

    Now London is painting himself and his simplistic approach to the game as akin to Richard Dawkins in his campaign against religious belief!

    Apparently we can’t “move forward as a species” until we accept his “wisdom” that players can be evaluated exclusively on goals/assists stats and that Walcott is a better player than Hazard.

    Yeah, London, you’re just like Richard Dawkins — just with far less intelligence and poor grammar. (It should read “an incorrect narrative” and you mean “rationality” where you have “rationale”.)

    This campaign of yours is so important, I think, that you should start your own blog and discuss it there.

    That is, please go away — and take your tiresome, idiotic and now megalomaniacal campaign against good sense along with you.

  54. Cesc Appeal


    I wouldn’t want Sanchez up top on his own.

    Oxlade drops out of the squad for me. Going forward I’d want to see:

    Schez (Potentially new GK)
    Debuchy, New CB, Kozz, Gibbs
    New CDM, Ramsey
    Walcott, Ozil, Sanchez
    New ST

    That is when we’ll see the best out of this team even with Wenger as manager.

    But as I said yesterday, from this point forward:

    Bellerin, Mert, Chambers, Gibbs
    Arteta, Ramsey
    Walcott, Sanchez, Oxlade

  55. Arsenewonga


    Sanchez was very good, but against burnley, I would look magic..Sanchez is a talent but let’s not paint this anything else but a win against the team propping up the bottom. We will never win the league under wenger again…how fucking sad is that? How great it is to know that you are hamstrung by the very man who is supposed to be showing you the way.!?

  56. Cesc Appeal

    Big possibility United win this today for me.

    Comes down to whether City’s defence can be more resolute and if their midfield really bosses the game.

  57. Arsene's Vet

    MTLM. Great team but I think if we want to get a central defender from Dortmund it should be Socrates. Hummels is so injury-prone and Subotic is a disaster as he practically handed Bayern the points. I had my eyes on Socrates all game and he was fantastic. I’ll keep watching him to see how consistent he is. But I’m impressed so far.

  58. Cesc Appeal


    Love Sokratis!

    When that rumour surfaced in the summer I was ecstatic. Rate him very highly and he’s just as mobile as Koscielny with more presence for me.

    If we arrived next season with:
    Debuchy, Sokratis, Kozz, Gibbs
    Schneiderlin, Ramsey
    Walcott, Ozil, Sanchez
    New ST

    That’s quite the team. I still don’t see it doing top honours because of Wenger; but it’d be a much tighter thing…well we’d be IN IT to start with. That side has a bit of everything, like Chelsea right now.

  59. N5

    I agree wonga, we wont win the league with Wenger, I just cant get over how good Sanchez is, lets hope he’s as good against the big clubs!

  60. Bamford13

    Plug in anyone you like, but there is no way we compete for a title without a new and improved CDM, CF and CB.

    This has been obvious for some time and only one man has prevented us from improving on these fronts: Arsene Wenger.

    Until he’s gone, Arsenal will never be more than an also-ran.

    Wenger out.

  61. Jeff


    Against the big clubs individual talent is rarely useful. We have to work as a team and close off any weak links. There is only so much one or two individuals can do. Yesterday, we had lots of chances but that is because we were allowed those chances by Burnley who are a very average team. Against the big sides we can’t afford for any part of our strategy to have holes in it. The defence, the midfield and the attack all have to be on their game.

    We simply do not have that and the bigger sides will exploit weaknesses where ever they find them. You are quite right when you say we can’t win the league with Wenger because under him we are never going to get the sort of team that has the qualities to win big things. He will play Arteta and Flamini till they drop rather than go out and buy a proper CDM. He will play Giroud no matter what happens and he will never buy a top notch striker to replace him. Welbeck will go to the bench or be asked to play on the wing soon as Giroud is back. He will not buy another CB as long as Kos and Mert can still walk. That’s the way it works.

  62. goonpharm

    The Ox saying how he wants to be like Alexis. Good on the lad. Like someone already mentioned Sanchez is infectious and he will lift the whole team with his relentlessness. Much in the way Suarez did for Pool.

    Like I’ve mentioned though the high energy game can be a double edged sword especially with our “medical expertise”. I worried he’ll overdo it and break down in a heap. Personally think he needs to reduce his intensity by about 50% and improve his link up play with his teammates. Would definitely be interested to see how he links up with Giroud and an inform Ozil.

  63. carts


    If we were able to adequately fill those gaps, then, only then, with a real strategy going forward, will we look like real challengers.

  64. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t have a multi-million scouting network at my finger tips. Not my job to produce names, but as a football fan we’re clearly way behind Europe’s elite in that regard have been for a few years.

    So we either go big, or go smart.


    I would have no idea to be honest. If they lose Reus for £20 Million they may get a bit gutsy with any other player who wants a transfer to try and horde together enough cash to buy a Reus replacement.

    I’m sure we’ve got something to use in part exchange that they may want, even if not necessarily entirely valuable i.e Cazorla/Campbell/Rosicky/Podolski…but it’s not as if we’re struggling for money is it?

  65. Cesc Appeal


    I mean, I don’t know, don’t profess to, but I’d say Sokratis and Schniederlin will both cost max £40-45 Million together MAX. Easily doable and plugs two holes for us with real quality.

  66. goonpharm

    Yeah, London, you’re just like Richard Dawkins — just with far less intelligence and poor grammar. (It should read “an incorrect narrative” and you mean “rationality” where you have “rationale”.)This campaign of yours is so important, I think, that you should start your own blog and discuss it there. That is, please go away — and take your tiresome, idiotic and now megalomaniacal campaign against good sense along with you.

    Hang on a minute, that’s a bit harsh no? The guy has an opinion and has just as much of a right to post about it as you. He hasn’t been abusive or condescending so let him be. Don’t like his opinion or posts? Skip them. Simple.

    As for “campaigns” – you end every post of yours with “Wenger Out” and the content of each post is usually along the lines of ” we need a CB, DCM AND ST…” along with a condescending comment about unintelligent everyone is compared to you.

    Leave the guy alone and perhaps you can start your own blog as obviously the I.Q level here is far to low for you.

  67. N5

    Very good comment Jeff and I fully agree, my Sanchez comment wasn’t really thought out to be honest. You’re completely right a good individual performance is irrelevant against the better teams.

  68. WrightIsGod

    I said I thought the Anderlecht win would be the spark to our season. I think we might be seeing that but let’s not get carried away….it was Burnley.

    Saying that, I think Wenger played a blinder yesterday. Formation was correct. Starting (and steadying the ship) with Flamini and Arteta was correct.

    Even better were his substitutions at the right times. Actually thought Wenger played this well.

    Sanchez>>>>>>class above.

  69. Bamford13

    I think you mean “too” low. And unlike London, I don’t compare myself with the likes of Richard Dawkins. He’s the poster claiming superior intellect here, not me.

    As for my remarks re the need for a CDM, CF and CB, two things: one, I actually say a good many other things on here, though I admit that I do often come back to this basic fact; two, am I wrong? If so, please point out how.

  70. Keyser

    Jeff – Come on, you said we wouldn’t sign Ozil, you then said January backed this up, then supposedly the summer transfer window wasn’t good enough, despite people saying they don’t want us to spend like Citeh.

    ‘Of course I don’t want us to spend like Citeh’ – Is now being cleverly hidden behind ‘Addressing our weaknesses’.

    We had teams that had the quality to compete at the top in 2008 and 2011, our problem wasn’t just adding to them, it was keeping them together.

    Which is why the wagebill is important, hopefully we’ve now got enough wiggleroom to keep those players long enough to complete the squad.

  71. goonpharm

    Cesc AppealNovember 2, 2014 13:25:40
    GPI don’t have a multi-million scouting network at my finger tips. Not my job to produce names, but as a football fan we’re clearly way behind Europe’s elite in that regard have been for a few years.So we either go big, or go smart

    This leads to my point. We as fans usually have an extensive list of “dream” signings. We look beyond cost and salaries etc. Yet we are struggling to name someone.

    We have Reus as an option but he’s a winger. We have Draxler too but again he’s a winger. Massive gambles to convert either to an elite striker. What would they cost? 30-40 million?

    I’m a time where Drogba is back at Chelsea and and a past it Eto is at Everton it all points to lack of top hitmen available.

    Personally believe we should by a square peg for an obvious square shaped hole and lump 40 million on Cavani.

  72. Keyser

    Bamford13 – You’re not necessarily wrong, but it’s more a show of petulence than any meaningful answer.

    ‘Spend the fucking money’..
    ‘Oh, shit Wengers spent quite a bit’..
    ‘Address our needs Wenger, yeah that’s better’..

  73. Keyser

    “Sanchez is not a CF. Sign a genuine CF and play Sanchez wide.”

    This is another obfuscation, like only centre-forwards can score goals, and undermines the work Welbeck puts in, aswell as Sanchez.

  74. goonpharm

    Bamford13November 2, 2014 13:38:41
    I think you mean “too” low. And unlike London, I don’t compare myself with the likes of Richard Dawkins. He’s the poster claiming superior intellect here, not me.

    This is laughable. You have never claimed you’re more intelligent than another poster? Really? Ok…..