Will Wenger rest key players?

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Sooooo, apparently there was a translation issue with the Alexis article. Isn’t there always?

No, he’s over the moon at the situation at the club, I’m sure.

Never understand the mistranslation thing. If you’re a journalist, and you balls up an article, wouldn’t you get in trouble? Wouldn’t you damage the integrity of your paper? Or does Internet news not carry integrity?

It’s ok on here, what with getting it right all the time. But if I’ve ever been close to getting it wrong, it’s a pretty harrowing experience. All the aggro on Twitter. It’s not worth it.

Anyway, good news is we’ve had no injuries, so we’ll have a full compliment of players to choose from. Well, a full compliment of players who were here last week.

I think we should go hard for resting players and bringing the outsiders in. Hopefully Wenger feels the same way. I’d like to see Tomas, Rosicky and Lukas starting and it’d be good for the manager to rest WELBZ and Sanchez.

We’ll see though, manager moves in mysterious ways… anyway, that’s me done.

More tomorrow!

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  1. Marc


    Couldn’t agree more. I can see Wenger going down as a joke rather than the guy who played a (the?) major part in taking Arsenal to another level.

    All the clowns who do nothing than call him a cunt etc should remember the few years before he joined and just how adrift we seemed. On paper what was the difference between us and the Spud’s at the time?

    Now compare.

  2. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    The mirror got us linked with Pedro at barca?

    Would like to think wenger has said he will build a team around Sanchez,

    A couple of quality signings could do it ?

    Hoping his pressing style will rub off onto others …

  3. nasri's mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    Whether or not Wenger is using our new superduper computer we still have it. Weve brought in possibly one of the best people to help sort out our fitness problems who is at the forefront of his science, and it’s a bit early to judge him. Let’s see where we’re at in May. (And both Giroud and Debuchy were both freak injuries).
    We’ve completely overhauled the youth set up with big targets and we’ve spent heavily on training facilities.

    We are definitely being reactive rather proactive in some areas, but just like the eventual improvement in our lesser commerical partners, there’s a lot of investment.

  4. Cesc Appeal



    I always say you’re not an Arsenal fan if you don’t respect Wenger. Simple as, no argument to that one.

    BUT, his past glories and the massive, massive amount he’s done for the club doesn’t make him infallible and neither does it give him a mandate to continue on as long as he wants doing whatever he wants.

    People like GeoffArsenal will ALWAYS use his past as a reason for his conitunance; but for me those are two seperate questions.

    1) Do you respect Wenger for what he’s done for Arsenal?
    2) Do you think Wenger is the right man going forward?

    A positive to the first doesn’t mean an automatic positive to the second.

    I really wish it could be different, but Wenger is the stumbling block to his own success, and the tarnishing of his legacy will be due to his stubbornness, ego and need for total control.

  5. Marc


    Not so sure about that we do seem to be making small steps to change things and even if the Spud’s were to realise that sacking a manager every 18 months will never work they still have to finance the new stadium.

    I can see Wenger going end of next season, how we move forward after that will be the key.

  6. Marc


    There was an Scouse fan on talkshite earlier who was talking about “Stevie G”. His general view was that his best days are now behind him, I’ve thought that for a couple of seasons but then the guy said there’s no place at Liverpool for sentimentality. Precisely the problem we have, Wenger deserved a crack of having the new cash available after a long time of having to produce a transfer surplus but he still refuses to spend when it’s obvious where our deficiencies are.

  7. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    The best way we could have moved forward was if wenger went after the fa cup last term.

    For many it totally erased the last years, for some they saw him as the chancer charlatan he is .

    We could have made a good story of him leaving with his head held hifpgh, chest puffed out walking away with grace.

    But now back to square one three more trophy less years …

    His name was once the byword for class an style.

    Now it’s a word for penny pucher , tight has bean.

    Sad really

    I once admired him immensely

  8. nasri's mouth


    Pedro rumour is BS. We have plenty of attackers now, and we have too many little people in our team.
    By January with Giroud and Ozil fit he’ll have plenty of combinations to work with to find the most effective. Adding Pedro would just overcomplicate things.

  9. ughelligunner

    Manolas? Couldn’t come cos of money/starting position- Roma offered better (juvetus could not get him too).

    Calvarho price and third party issue (remained at sporting)

    Kedira (injury/salary) remain at real.

    *last season, it was Bender, and then we had a young player on trials who played against city but couldn’t get a permit.

    Wenger saying they couldn’t find any doesn’t mean they didn’t make an application, he always says this statement ” we couldn’t find anyone better than the ones we have” (which arsenal fans always get mad when they hear it) but in reality he meant he couldn’t agree deals with the ones he wanted, and rather than having another he manages with the ones he has.

    We all know wenger would prefer to wait until he gets what he wants, and not what we want.

    And this is where the division is created amongst the fans.

  10. WengerEagle

    Nothing less than a win tomorrow will be enough, it’s Burnley at home so we should really be putting 3 or 4 past them but I’d take a 1-0 win with our form this season. An Alexis Sanchez winner would be nice.

    Happy Halloween lads, I’m off to get smashed like a pumpkin and scare the shit out of some kids for the banter, have a good one and I leave you with this- beautiful, smart and she’s into footy! Shame she’s a Manc!


    She can mess around with my fractions whenever she likes.

    Fractions being m’balls of course.

  11. Cesc Appeal

    “we couldn’t find anyone better than the ones we have”

    annnnnnnnnnnnnd Kallstrom! 🙂

    Wenger’s a proper bullshitter, sorry but what he says and does are two different things.

    The excuses you lay for not signing someone are a nonsense really, you either want the player or you don’t.

    As well you’ve listed what, 3 examples? What about the countless others, what about the fact we have a multi-million pound scouting network/data system…there’s no excuse plausible enough for 6 defenders for 4 positions and no CDM. Sorry, don’t even try and make it.

    What you’re saying is the scouting network is crap and Wenger is so ill prepared that if the player he’s after (allegedly because I’m not sold he even wanted a CDM) falls through he’s stuffed.

    It’s not an excuse…it’s actually a criticism.

  12. Cesc Appeal



    Would have been a great way to depart, led us through the move, won some silverware, goodbye.

    I was honestly upset when I heard he’d got a new three year deal. Frustrated, upset and disappointed. You just think, I could script the next three years.

  13. Johnty79

    Please people have absolutely no respect for wenger I feel over the last 18 seasons any manager would of won the 8 trophies wenger has. The only remotely impressive thing his done is keep us in champs league but in reality that isn’t an achievement as our wag bill has never been less then the top four in then premiership in his tenure.

  14. nasri's mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    Some of the improvements will have been driven by Wenger, (training and medical facilities most likely, Shad maybe). Some may have been Gazidis, (youth setup, deadwood removal and the sticking plaster McDermott ). Either way whether Wenger uses them or not the club IS modernising

  15. ughelligunner

    Cesc appeal, i don’t agree that wenger has no plan, even when we play footy for fun ones a blue moon with freinds we tend to draw a game plan.

    The 4-1-4-1 you hate so much is a plan to begin with in itself. He didn’t just wake up in the Brazilian beaches playing volleyball and decided to introduce it.

    Even if it really meant to shoehorn wilshere, it was preplanned. It is now left for every player to work harder to make it work.

    Against villa, it was a 4-1-4-1 with ozil inside with cazorla left, if am not mistaken.

    Against city, it was wilshere with ozil left

    Galatasary, it was ozil left, carzola centre and no wilshere.

    Chelsea, carzola center, ozil right.

    I hope i am not making any mistake.

  16. Cesc Appeal


    But it’s pointless!

    If he doesn’t use it we’re just flushing money down the drain again.

    It’s like buying all new gym equipment to lose weight but then then not changing your routine and still stuffing your face full of crap food! You can hire all the personal trainers you want, if you refuse to change you ain’t going to lose weight!

    So we have this cutting edge scouting data system…but there’s no one better than Arteta and Flamini? Couldn’t find any more CB’s in the WORLD OF FOOTBALL.

    And it’s tolerable if Wenger had got a one year extension or something, because you’d think “I can see what they’re doing there”…but I can’t. because Wenger’s here for the foreseeable, the club might, baby steps, creep it’s way to more modern structures but if the bloke calling the shots (according to the chairman) keeps things the same as he always has done then what’s the point?

    I’m not blaming the ageing internal structures for our decay, I’m blaming Wenger. Modernise away but the root of the problem is the 65 year old manager who hasn’t changed since he first arrived in the nineties!

  17. ughelligunner

    Cesc, i am not excusing him for not getting it right first time. I am saying that’s how he thinks.

    It is the same scouting network Kronke received 3m pounds for. That means they might have been working on something which is not telling on the pitch.

    We all know wenger and co are bad negotiators, that might be a bigger hindrance to our preferred player.

  18. Cesc Appeal


    You are I’m afraid.

    Villa, Gala and Sunderland was 4-2-3-1. Ozil at No.10 (obviously not Sunderland though.)

    And if that is the extent of Wenger’s “plan”…oh 4-1-4-1 to get Wilshere in, then it’s not even a plan. It’s an idea or a desire.

    I’m so just, at a loss with Wenger’s decision making. I have been for years but this year, no CDM, 6 defenders for one position, happy with Giroud and Sanogo until Giroud’s injury, it’s hapless and hopeless and smacks of a guy who;s accountable to no one, lives in his own little plan, doesn’t have a cohesive plan for SUCCESS (not fourth place) and enjoys experimentation and player development over clinical study and winning.

  19. Cesc Appeal


    What you’ve stated is the EXACT problem…Wenger runs Arsenal like it’s his.

    And it is! Listen to Sir Chips, no one tells Arsene what to do, no one holds him to account.

    He doesn’t think like a fan, or a hungry manager, or a Mourinho, or a Guardiola, or a Simoene and so on.

    Winning isn’t everything to Arsene. He does things his way and f**k anyone who has a problem with it.

    The whole set up at Arsenal is so unhealthy, worryingly so. It’s an insular little club now where the fans are left out in the cold and fleeced for as much cash as possible whilst they get the minimum in return, both in performances and transparency.

  20. ughelligunner

    And we all know how our fans can easily get on the back of a player that never worked out….? We don’t have the luxury to wait for a year to hit form (fellani) we need them kicking on the go (sanchez). Which is difficult to obtain without spending world class money.

    P.s. Players coming to arsenal are on pressure to perform.

    Re-kallstrom; we all know wenger never really wanted to sign anybody in January, he just made that up.(kalstrom)

  21. nasri's mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    How do you know we didn’t use it to spot Chambers, Sanchez and Debuchy ?

    How do you know we didn’t use it to spot a defender and then that defender didn’t want to join us, or we left it too late?

    How do you know we didn’t use it to stop us signing players who weren’t good enough? Maybe we were going to splash out on Mangala.

    Truth is, neither of us know. All we know is we ARE investing in future technology, and changing things that aren’t working.

  22. Cesc Appeal

    “Re-kallstrom; we all know wenger never really wanted to sign anybody in January, he just made that up.(kalstrom)”


    “P.s. Players coming to arsenal are on pressure to perform.”

    Yeah as it bloody should be! This isn’t a development centre or a crèche!

  23. Cesc Appeal


    Sanchez…I doubt massively. WC exploits bought him to everyone’s attention…Wenger said that there..

    Debuchy…I doubt massively.

    Chambers…read Wenger’s interview on him and you’ll see we didn’t.

    “How do you know we didn’t use it to spot a defender and then that defender didn’t want to join us, or we left it too late?”

    All the defenders, in the WORLD. Wenger has at his finger tips a full statiscal break down of everything, pass successm tackle success, ground coverage, interceptions, duals win etc etc…and we found nothing? No one? Zip? Nobody who wanted to join us? We could make nothing happen? All summer? Outside of a teenager Wenger said he knew he wanted to buy since St Marys in January or whenever it was.

    Doesn’t wash. That tool is a scouting departments dream; and we could find nothing. Seriously?

  24. ughelligunner

    Nm, good call your 21:26.

    We might be using this said tech, even shad would need it to prevent injuries.. We may never know. The club always in secret.

    For the first time our player will be back earlier than thought -giroud. And debuchy has started light training.

  25. nasri's mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    You’re being far too simplistic. Its nowhere near as simple as spotting good players, you and I could do that. Its about whether they’ll improve, whether they’ve peaked, whether they’re more suited to a different role,how they’ll fit into the right system, whether the system itself is right.
    We’ve had it for nearly 2 years now I think, so it is entirely possible we’ve used it to sign the players I mentioned and to avoid others.
    Maybe we are using it for the youth set up, maybe we used it when we signed Crowley. Maybe we’re using it to help train the players.
    Sorry but saying weve bought it and then simply didn’t use it is a massive assumption. You simply don’t know

  26. Goondawg

    We can safely debunk the rumours of him being unhappy, because according to two chilean top-brass football experts:

    Chilean journo Rodrigo Fuentealba: “Alexis fits Arsenal like a glove. He is very happy there.” Another journo, Matias Parker Castro, says: “Alexis is happy because he feels he is one of the leading figures in the team.”


  27. Cesc Appeal


    Well, we can agree to disagree here.

    Our defensive state is an utter shambles. And there’s no excuse in the world that can wash that away. No CB in the world better than Chambers to act as back up or even to replace Mertesacker.

    No midfielder better than Arteta or Flamini.

    Look at Arsenal right now, the question of “do they fit” or “are they better” is a nullity. We desperately needed a defender and we’ve needed a CDM for years now. And there’s no one, because of the factors you’ve stated, no one, at all. Again I’d say then the guy with the ultimate say is the issue…because those players ARE there. They’re playing for other, “less good” clubs.

    Again though the real problem at Arsenal is every factor you’ve listed, everyone of those is decided by ONE MAN…and if he has it wrong??

  28. nasri's mouth


    Sportwitness have done some good stuff on it.

    They’re about the most reliable when it comes to a) accurate translation and b) not cherry picking or taking sentences out of context to make a story.

  29. ughelligunner

    Ramsey came back sooner than expected also,

    sanchez deal had been on since January, remember wenger and gazidiz watching Barcelona match in Spain?

    The data itself would have been used one way or the other, wenger spotting a player does not mean he would not listen to the data/analyst.

    Saying the club/wenger don’t put it into use is not Rational.

  30. Cesc Appeal


    “saying the club/wenger don’t put it into use is not Rational.”

    As opposed to what you’re doing? Which is making similar assumptions just the other way?


  31. Cesc Appeal

    “sanchez deal had been on since January, remember wenger and gazidiz watching Barcelona match in Spain?”

    Sanchez deal became on after Reus injury if you listen to a lot of people. Reus was the one Wenger worried.

  32. Goondawg


    Worst thing is, I can actually imagine Sanchez easily losing his rag like that. He’s used to a dressing room with perennial winners. Big egos with winning mentalities. I do suspect some arsenal players of too easily succumbing to defeat. We wouldnt have gotten thrashed by the big boys so often last year if we showed more bottle.

  33. nasri's mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    You’re basically saying because it hasn’t fixed all our problems we can’t be using it.

    I’m saying, how do you it hasn’t been used to fix some of our other problems.

    So yeah lets agree to disagree

  34. Cesc Appeal



    Give me a guy livid with losing any day. As opposed to someone who’s laughing and joking in the changing room afterwards.

  35. Cesc Appeal


    That’s not at all what I’m saying.

    It’s not the bloody machines fault, I’m saying that gives you an incredible list to then scout from…yet we came up with nothing. Not the systems fault, in the slightest.

    I don’t blame a gun as being crap if the bloke firing it can’t shoot for shit.

    But hey ho, yeah leave it.

  36. nasri's mouth


    I think having that kind of personality in the dressing room is a big plus.

    People will look at it in 2 ways.

    Either they’ll think it’ll push us forward in a positive fashion

    Or they’ll think he’ll get pissed off and want to leave

    Kinda splits the optimists from the pessimists 😀

  37. Ustynobaba


    I only said over critizising JW,criticism is fine but when its too much its not helpful,dont you think so???You and i know Wilshere might have played better id Wenger stop this his 4141 system,so i was saying instead of overcritizising him lets focus on Wenger who persist with that system,
    Stats even shoes when he is on the pitch we hardly get results so why would i not blame him but over doing it is what i meant
    Wilshere isnt my problem but Wenger..lol

  38. nasri's mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    That’s precisely what you’re saying because you’re only focusing on the players we didn’t buy!

    (And let’s not forget, Deep Thought is just aspect of the changes we spoke about)

    Anyway no more I promise as I’m outa here

  39. Cesc Appeal


    That doesn’t even make sense! How can I focus on players we didn’t buy?

    I’m saying we have this tool, yet you’re saying because of the criteria you mentioned we might not have signed a CB/CDM…yet we have the data of thousands and thousands of players to then scout from and we turned up NOTHING.

    But your satisfied to explain that away with “they don’t fit” or other factors. Nope. Doesn’t wash for me.

    And again, I don’t blame the system, I’m sure it’s fantastic. I blame the man at the top of the tree.

    So again, that would come back to your whole “we are modernising” thing…so I come back to my what’s the point. Pro-Wenger people have been using the excuses you just stated for years and years, way before this “modernisation” you speak of.

    So that’s where this all started, this debate. You say we’re modernising, I say nothing has changed even if we have invested in this super computer and got Shad and Jonkers and what have you…it doesn’t matter if the methods and the regime “using” it are the same. You’d disagree?

  40. Goondawg

    Looking forward to tomorrow. Sanchez to continue his scoring top form coupled with the potential return of Theo. I will be disappointed if theo doesnt get a run in the last 20.

    Burnley have looked a championship side this year, and they are 20th for a reason. I expect a tanking. No less.

    Going to unwind, watch the latest walking dead now!

  41. N5

    @Ustynobaba I agree fully with your comment, my problem isn’t with the content but with the censoring of what people say on here. Every day you get someone come on and say “can we all stop with …” and the internet doesn’t work like that. It’s a forum of discussion and your opinion is JW is Wengers fault and others think it’s JWs fault. Its not for us to decide who is right and wrong and who can say what about whom.

    I wasn’t digging you out and I hope you don’t think I was being rude as that wasn’t my intention.

  42. Goondawg

    Dunno. Per acts like a fucking princess half the time, he should really man up for someone that height honestly.. Ozil is guilty of prancing around with what seems like lackadaisical effort. Then there’s Arteta with immaculate hair and Giroud with his facial expressions after glaring misses. All disney princess-esque with their helpless-ness and vulnerability.

    But yeah it’s not like ive given this disturbing question any serious thought Lol,

    Walking dead is too sick!

  43. Cesc Appeal


    If 4-2-3-1 and a good line up we’ll thump them

    If 4-1-4-1 we’ll make real hard work of it and end up 2-1 or something

  44. Bankz

    Ughelligunner is so far up Wenger’s ass that it’s unhealthy reading some of his posts.
    Making all kinds of silly excuses for Wenger even when the logical reasoning/truth stares you in the face us ridiculously pathetic.

    You even went as far as saying we played 4-1-4-1 vs Galatasaray & Aston villa, even when everyone knows we played 4-2-3-1.

    I know you love Wenger the way fat kids love candy but jeez, you need to start seeing past your nose. He is finished as a top manager & I’ve been saying it since 2010 even when we werent this bad or he wasn’t this clueless.

  45. bambang

    For Burnley massacre…..





    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DAT GUY<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  46. Ustynobaba


    i almost asked you if i have ever been rude to you or anybody before especially seeing when you replied NYC that you wouldnt have been that blunt with him cos his a nice guy so i was wondering if am the rude guy here,atleast i still remember calming you down the other night when Londongunner was beginning to drag you into unnecessary argument,anyway am okay….goodmorning to you N5

  47. N5

    Ustynobaba, To be honest when I wrote that comment I didn’t realise it was you until afterwards when NYgooner responded. I wouldn’t have spoke like that to you either. I originally thought it was ughelligunner. Morning to all.

  48. Jeff

    Morning N5. Morning all. What a lovely morning it is as well. Outside it’s sunny, the birds are chirping and the left over Haloween goodies are piled up waiting for the week ahead to take its toll.

    Only had one knock on the door this year. Haloween is declining I think.

  49. Wallace

    “When football is more formalised, it’s less about developing your individual skill and fighting attitude. We’ve lost that a bit. Maybe it’s because in Europe street football has gone. If you go back 30 or 40 years in England, life was tougher.”

    Sanchez, who cost Arsenal £35m when he signed from Barcelona in July, has fighting qualities and skills which Wenger claims South American strikers hone on the streets.

    “We’re much more protective and have all become a bit softer,” Wenger said.

    The Frenchman admits Sanchez’s determination on the pitch is reminiscent of Arsenal’s fabled defence of the 1990s when he first took over at the club.

    Wenger added: “He reminds me of the first generation of English players that I had – Lee Dixon, Steve Bould, Tony Adams, Nigel Winterburn, Martin Keown. This kind who is just ready for the fight.”

  50. Jeff

    “He reminds me of the first generation of English players that I had – Lee Dixon, Steve Bould, Tony Adams, Nigel Winterburn, Martin Keown. This kind who is just ready for the fight.”

    Does that mean that the second and subsequent generations weren’t ready for the fight. It’s a bit harsh isn’t it Arsene?

  51. FABluCESC

    Hello Loser Fans. Hello Mid-table fans. Hello Arsene lovers. Hello Henry Lovers. The world of football cant recall what happened 10 years back. Do you guys recall when you last challenged for a trophy after Henry and Bergkamp?

  52. Wallace

    “According to Opta, in the first year of the 20-team top league 79 defenders played more than 30 games. Now you’re down to 44. So everything we talk about with defences – telepathy, consistency, playing together regularly – starts to break down. United’s back-four, for example, is ever changing. But I see no road back to the old ways. It’s like the guy who loves Ceefax pining for its return in the face of the internet. It’s not coming back.”

    – Gary Neville

  53. ughelligunner

    Jeff, he knows. This talk of wenger does not know what he is doing is just… Players are more emotional this days compared to then. Wenger is just too patient.

    Bankz, how come you discovered wenger was past it just 2010, when others discovered it in 2005? You mean to say you once had your head up his a** till then? Maybe you should let others remove their heads at their own time considering everybody was once guilty.

  54. Jeff


    Yeah it struck me a bit of an odd comment. He’s usually very protective of his babies but certainly I agree with Wenger that the list of players he reeled off were always more than up for the fight and I have no doubt they had a big part in our early success. It’s nice of Wenger to actually single them out like this – I don’t believe he’s done that before.

  55. Wallace

    “Wenger is full of praise for the way Sánchez has adapted to life at Arsenal, helped in part by the fact there are currently eight players in the first-team squad whose native tongue is Spanish. That said, the new boy asks his manager to speak to him in English.

    “He wants to learn, he has a very positive attitude. He takes English lessons. He’s a winner. The integration has been fantastic. We have a Spanish colony, now. He doesn’t sit lonely in the dressing room.”

    – Guardian

  56. ughelligunner

    What is the difference between criticizing and blaming. I see a lot of blame game here rather than criticizing.

    There are 11 players on the pitch, the strikers/midfielders missed all their chances, does it mean the defenders/keeper will concede goals?

    This is a genuine question, not for backlash but for discussion.

    Imho, it is either i am not good enough or my defenders are not good enough, or we are both not good enough. Then No blame game.

  57. Jeff


    The phrase “good enough” is relative. It has to be qualified. What are we good enough for or what are we not good enough for?

    We are certainly currently (as a squad – even if everyone was fit) not good enough to win the PL or the CL.

    However we can and I believe we will finish in the top four – most likely we’ll be fourth. The criticism arises from not adding to the squad in the summer what was needed to mount a series challenge where we could conceivably say we are good enough at least for the PL. As for the CL, we are miles off from even a semi – never mind winning it. I don’t think it’s going to happen any time in the next five years if I’m honest.

    As far as domestic cups are concerned this season – well we’re out of the League Cup so that just leaves the FA cup which I think is the only realistic trophy we can aim for depending on who we get in the rounds.

  58. Wallace

    if we’d upgraded on Arteta/Flamini this summer we’d have a squad to seriously challenge. i think the disbelief over our not buying a DM does tend to cloud the fact we added 5 players who are all serious challengers for a first-team spot.

  59. Jeff


    I got my daughter to open the door. But yeah I guess the Jimmy Saville look is probably frowned upon these days. 😆