Sad face :-(

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News this morning is about new boy Alexis Sanchez being unhappy.

It’s come from the Chilean media which gives it more credence.

Why is he unhappy? Weather? Road works outside his office again? Me, copying his haircut and looking way more bad ass than him?

Who knows…

Rumours say he’s unhappy about the effort of the team. He’s unhappy about Ozil who is unhappy. He’s just had enough of the shit.

Well, you couldn’t blame him for being unhappy. He’s come into a broken system, the players are all injured and there’s no real strategy to talk of. He’s worked under the best on the planet in Pep Guardiola. He knows what a proper manager does. He’s worked under ‘extreme attention to detail’ and now he’s working under no detail at all.

Bad times.

I guess that’s the problem with buying expensive players at the top of their game. You’re not the king maker.

If he is unhappy, I’d get it. I don’t know what the solution would be. He won’t get it from Arsene. Another nail in the coffin of Wenger’s career if he can’t keep Sanchez or Ozil happy. Our two most expensive signings moping around the training ground kicking water bottles. What a scene.

The papers are bantzing us off the internet this morning. Firstly, Wellington Silva has been granted a work permit to come and play for us next season 5 years after we signed him. Excuse me while I take a moment to not get excited here. I can’t believe he’s still on the books. His portfolio of clubs reads more like a Saga Red Wine tour than a professional football career.

The other news is that we’re after Spartak midfielder Romulo for £9.5m in January. Excuse me again while I don’t mop up my unmoist loins. This guy is 24 and has only made 18 appearances this season because he’s been injured for a season and a half.

Worst thing is that you can entirely believe that story.


See you tomorrow. I’m going to be so positive you’ll want to pay me for life coaching.


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  1. Cesc Appeal


    I think it’s returned with a vengeance though, not sure it ever fully disappeared.

    Wenger is obsessed with ball retention and successful passing. This year in a lot of games we’ve had the majority of possession, even at Chelsea, but we don’t do much with it.

    I do honestly think though if we just went back to 4-2-3-1 and didn’t play Wilshere (sorry, but I think he disrupts us as a team) we’d be miles better.

    What is it 3 games in 4-2-3-1, 9 points, 9 goals and one conceded? Two away games out of the three as well! Villa, Sunderland and then Gala at home.

  2. David Smith

    Interesting article by Tim Stillman on Arsenlog now….which I can only agree with, Sanchez is a free form anarchic player, and is probably more suited to a wenger team than any other. Of the teams that could afford him, few others would go with his tactical indiscipline. He would kill Jose after a single training session. Completely disagree with the claims of Sanchez being unhappy at arsenal, sounds like marriage and heaven to me…..not sure if that is a good thing or not. But if he can sort out ozil, Sanchez goes even higher in my estimation. Make no mistake, Sanchez is an assassin, that could rub off on our under performers

  3. Cesc Appeal

    Just to pose a question if Liverpool didn’t get UCL football this year, would people be happy with say attempting to offload Cazorla and grabbing Coutinho?

    Maybe even selling Cazorla and getting Tadic?

    Say that because I think going forward our 3 behind the striker (if Wenger finally stops this 4-1-4-1 rubbish) will be Walcott, Ozil and Sanchez – but either of those guys would give us some nice options and I think upgrade on an ageing and increasingly disinterested looking Cazorla?

    I think they’re both highly doable as well. Coutinho in particular I highly rate, though he is a touch small. Tadic though I said in the summer would be great, interesting to see how he does over an entire season here.

  4. tunnygriffboy

    Tadic a very good player and I would swap him for Santi next season but please please can we have a CB andCM first. It needs to be a very good CB as poor Mert won’t last another season 3 games a week.

  5. CB

    Embarrassing for you that he has some out and denied straight away. There is little worse that trolling ie putting up something to get a reaction, even though it is false.

    Would be good to hear something that is founded on something substantial, possibly researched, that you feel proud of the following day and everyone enjoys reading.

    This isn’t it.

  6. ljb

    I remember in late 2011 early 2012 rumoursbegan about RVP leaving Arsenal.There was one particular rumour about him going to United that caused much scoffing about the media bullshitting and even led to an untold article about unseen forces trying to derail our top 4 bid by making up lies about RVP who naturally would stay with the coach of the decade .Actually I just made that bit up but it sounds like the sort of article Atwood and co would write .The point is anyone who saw Alexis’s face at the end of the Anderlect shambles cannot deny that here is a player not exactly buzzing after yet another limp performance by his teammates .I can imagine he was sold a ton of bullshit about Arsenal challenging for the title and yet here we are after a handful of games and yet again we will be relying on others fuckin up to finish 4th .Sanchez has gone from playing with Messi ,Neymar ,Cesc ,Xavi and Iniesta to playing with Arteta ,Flamini ,Wilshere ,Welbeck. and Cazorla . The squad is bang average and the manager doesn’t bother to have any sort of gameplan, ever Players are always injured .Wenger is being outcoached by managers like big Sam and Pardes FFS ,let alone Koeman and Martinez .When was the last time WE beat City ,couldn’t even beat bloody Tottenham at home .Anyway people can slay Pedro off for this post but don’t be surprised if Sanchez’stay at this club is relatively short-lived .

  7. Cesc Appeal

    Well yeah obviously we need a CB and CDM first and foremost.

    We’ve needed a proper CDM for years now; not a new occurrence this summer. Which makes me worry as to whether Wenger will actually do anything about it, it’s not just this summer he’s dropped the ball on that issue it’s just Arsenal fans seem to have woken up a bit over the last couple of years.

    Perhaps it’s been since the £42 Million purchase of Ozil that Arsenal fans are now putting more pressure on Wenger and being more probative into what he’s actually doing in the market. Instead of just taking it as a given that Wenger is “doing the best he can.” Horrible expression to use with a highly paid, “top flight” manager anyway.

    There is no excuse and no explaining why he didn’t get us a great CDM this summer and also why he went into the season with 6 defenders for 4 positions leaving us with only 2 veteran CB’s.

    That really is negligence in terms of squad management. And is so, so appallingly bad I also place blame at the door of the board because it’s such horrific squad mismanagement that even a money man with little football knowledge should have realised something was wrong there.

  8. porter

    I did read somewhere that Sanchez speaks a rare dialect of Spanish”

    And his mates at Barcelona speak Catalan , a different language.

  9. gonsterous

    Lol ppl slagging off Liverpool when we r in a similar position… Arsenal fans need to stop deluding themselves and see that other clubs see us as just another Liverpool only with better managed money…. No top player in their right mind would come to arsenal unless convinced that we r gonna compete and given a good salary…. And ppl wonder why cesc and van persie left…

  10. Wallace

    fascinating interview with one of the main guy’s behind the Southampton academy in the Telegraph –

    “Southampton’s technical director laughed at the suggestion that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, another graduate, was too nice. “Alex is a terrific lad but, Christ, he’s got that edge. Absolutely. He will go and kick somebody if he has to. It makes me laugh when you read some of the reports, and people say he’s ‘soft’. He’s nothing like that.’’ Wide or central? “He does like the central bit. He obviously played wide but I’ve seen him play well in a central position. Probably central.”

  11. peanuts&monkeys

    O Deluded Arsenal Fans! Before starting to rate players who would be perfect for Arsenal next season, please know it is you manager which is the malaise. Change the manager and you will find even this average side fighting for victories with a plan and strategy game in game out.

  12. Wallace

    “I believe that life is fair. Those who during the successful times behave badly, they get that back at some point in life.”

    – Jürgen Klopp (talking before tomorrow’s game vs Bayern)

    would love it if Dortmund could beat them.

  13. Dark Hei

    “He’s worked under the best on the planet in Pep Guardiola.”

    I am sure he was so happy over in Barcelona as Messi’s sidekick.

    I can understand why some folks are unhappy with Pedro. It is one thing to criticise the manager for the results this season, which I can full understand. I have taken a pop at the manager myself.

    But here he is, joining in with tabloids to undermine player unity. It is like he can’t wait for Arsenal to implode. Arrgghhh. No matter what the reason is, no fan should want this to happen. Except for maybe Peanuts which I will make an exception.

  14. c2daw

    Sanchez looked annoyed when he scored the second goal against sunderland and nobody wanted to celebrate with him…he first raised his hand, saw nobody will join him and then :((
    is there a lack of motivation in the team that they’re not happy when one of their mates scores?

  15. Dark Hei


    I just say what needs to be said. Pedro will just say that he is asking questions, whatever that means.

    Still, got to admit it, it got us talking and posting. I can’t say that I don’t enjoy Le Grove myself. “)

  16. PnG

    Le Grove writes articles in The Metro, right? Aren’t they the ones that started the rumour in the first place? Hmmmm

  17. Romford Pele

    Probably expect to see the same team as last week with the exception of Ramsey coming in for Flamini.