Papering the cracks Wenger sledgehammered into our set up

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We're gonna need more paper...

We’re gonna need more paper…

Faith. It’s a beautiful thing. When you’re an Arsenal fan, it’s often the only thing. Last night, post game, in my Gooner Whatsapp group, the crescendo to the evening was…

‘great spirit’



‘Big. Balls.’

It made me a bit sad. Not because there was any sincerity in the words, but because the only way we can deal with the situation is faux hope. Aping the predictable words of a manager who has lost his mojo.

Yesterday was a shit show. Play it back to yourself however you want. Take solace in the three points. Do all of the things fans in denial do. Accept this though, our 65 year old manager is well past his sell by date. He doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing these days and the best we can hope for is 4th and to avoid humiliation in the next round of the Champions League.

Ironically, the trophy Wenger treasures over anything, he seems the least equipped to tackle. He’s been getting schooled in what you need for years. Yet he never makes an effort to alter what we see.

Yesterday, we took on a team that deal with a budget lower than most League One teams. We took on an Anderlecht ravaged by injury, filled with average players and children. They were embarrassingly bad. We go out and struggle.

Once again, we hit the pitch one paced and low on everything. I find it mildly amusing that fans out this down to the players not caring when the reality is it’s the manager not having a clue about how to manage players fitness. He’s the one who says it’s easy to motivate millionaires because they’re already motivated to make it in the game… so how do you demotivate them?

The set up was standard. Ineffective, completely ignorant of how Anderlecht play and bereft of any instruction or vision. Our passing was off all night, key players seem to have forgotten their roles and the output was dire. We created almost nothing. Had it not been for the terrible finishing of Anderlecht, we might have found ourselves facing a taller mole hill to climb after we went one down.

The goal we did concede was absolutely embarrassing. A speculative cross into the box. Chambers and Flamini clattered each other, their player headed across goal and took the deserved lead for his side.

Was I livid? No. I expected it.

You also knew that on Wenger’s 65th, his team would bail him out… so I held off the trigger on social media thoughts. Took a while though, the manager sat on his hands until the 72nd minute as usual. I get that maybe you have a routine with style and formation, but to take routine into subs is beyond absurd and counter productive.

Anyway, it didn’t matter, his masterstroke of bringing players on to change the game worked. We started to look a bit more interested, but only marginally. Calum Chambers made amends for his part in their goal by whipping a cross to the back post where Gibbs was on hand to expertly slot home a volley back across the keeper. A really, really well taken goal.

Lukas had also made his way onto the pitch and managed to pivot on a loose ball and slam home a top corner winner late on in the game.

Wenger’s bacon saved… but the breakfast was still ruined.

Pause, suck up that line for a moment.

… and on we go.

Things I like…

3 points. Sanchez.

Things I don’t like…


The team looked sapped as usual. Where is the zip in our play? Why are our players not bullying crap outfits with exceptional mesmeric energy?

I simply refuse to believe Wenger is taking on any advice because if we’re not being blitzed by avoidable injuries, we’re turning up away from home in leagues that are way slower than ours and being given the run around. We brought in a World Cup winner and we’ve never looked so weak. Pretty sure there’s a deeper issue here that, in all likelihood, the club won’t investigate (remember, we’ve performed three internal investigations that seem to have thrown up sweet FA in terms of action points).

Consistently drab:

Why haven’t we found a flow. Chelsea signed, what, 6 players this summer and brought 2 back off loan and they’re absolutely buzzing. We brought in 4, because, you know, any more and Colney would explode under the pressure. So where is our rhythm? Where is our style? Why do the players look like they’ve been thrown together in a school playground?

Sad thing about the whole set up, is the players know what a joke it is. They’ve played under great managers, they’ve worked with advanced coaches pushing boundaries, they’ll know the reason all their friends are sitting in the medical room isn’t because of ‘accidental injuries’. They’ll also know that the squad recruitment was mismanaged this summer. It all adds up. If you’re not confident in the process, the management or the way you’re set up to play… what does that do to you psychologically? No wonder the output is turgid.


Owner who accepts average and loves the manager. A CEO who can’t make a decision on the manager because his hands are tied. We have all the ingredients for a disgustingly boring period of purgatory. The manager isn’t accountable at all. The people who work at the club will know this. The fans know this. What a terrible environment to have to work in. An environment where you know failure has no consequence. Where under-performance is excused because of nepotism. Where innovation is sneered at.

It’s a joke. It’s not the Arsenal way. It’s not going to end unless the man in charge of it hands his notice in. Which he doesn’t have the self-awareness to do.

Pray it gets better and that we sustain our top 4 mediocrity… which, let’s be honest, as a strategy, is doomed to fail at some point.

Onto an easy run of games now, hopefully we can turn the corner.


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  1. N5

    Zoran, this is the argument mate. We’ve all be saying if Hazards role was the same as Wallys you’d see more goals.

    But it’s now so far diluted from Londons original point.

  2. Romford Pele

    Yeah i’m not really sure there’s much to debate RE Theo vs Hazard. One trumps the other in pretty much every department. Theo is 25 now and has been injury-prone most of his career. He is a help when fit but like others have said, he kind of unbalances the team and plays as almost a second striker. We’ve put in so much development work with him and while he is functional and effective, you wonder how much better we are with him in the side.

  3. SpanishDave

    I think the players are totally confused as to what Wenger wants. There is no structure out there , just schoolboys ball watching and runing towards the ball.
    Mertz ran towards the ball then stopped and started to run back, completely undisaplined, they cross the ball and Chambers just stood there without jumping. This defence is a mess leaking gials each week.
    We are in total disarray, and fir about the 6th time this season we have scapped over the line with late goalz to get a draw, mostly.
    I hoped we would not win as Wenger needs a kick up the arse from the press, hopefully Sunderland will do us a favour. Beating them wont be easy with this shower.

  4. Leedsgunner

    Arsene’s response sums up for me the man. He is surprised to win, he never expected to win. Although he credits the quality of the players and the experience of the team for being the reason for the three points, it is clear that it is just fluff. He is just supplying verbal filler — evidenced by the number of times he says the win was unexpected.

    No wonder we are so inconsistent. Wenger doesn’t expect them to win. Whether it’s Maureen or some other unknown coach — he doesn’t prepare him team mentally or physically to win. It’s as if a win is an “unexpected” fortunate serendipitous outcome rather than a planned and prepared target that he’s worked towards.

    The Lot OUT.

  5. Zoran


    I would say that both have the same role at respective teams. Teo is not the CS, Hazard as well, both play wide, both have about the same freedom in the game, though Maureen is pulling Hazard also to the defence, but the fact is that Hazard plays also as AM, where he is much closer to scoring than Teo is in his role. And still Teo scores more, and football is all about gols.

  6. TitsMcgee

    I think the players are totally confused as to what Wenger wants. There is no structure out there , just schoolboys ball watching and runing towards the ball.
    Mertz ran towards the ball then stopped and started to run back, completely undisaplined, they cross the ball and Chambers just stood there without jumping. This defence is a mess leaking gials each week.”

    …and they are all in his pocket. Nobody ever says anything because a) Wenger would bench them forever and b)they don’t dare bite the hand that has most of them on ridic wages.

  7. Romford Pele

    “How difficult is it to pick up individual tickets for games if you’re living in London?”

    Pretty much depends on the game, mate. Like always it’s who you know. Follow the relevant Twitter accounts, things always pop up late in the day.

  8. Romford Pele

    Jim, yeah should be mate. People will always flog tickets for those games and because its a Cat C game, it’ll be relatively cheap.

  9. leprofessorknowsbest

    @Dream10 : it’s weird how dortmund is a totally different beast in the CL, while they are struggling in the bundesliga.

    A bit like us ?? lol

  10. DaleDaGooner

    Pedro, why aren’t you doing a piece on Jack Wilsheres place in the current squad? Why is everyone drinking this Jack Wilshere coolaide? Most of our mediocre display has him in the number 10 role where he adds absolutely nothing creatively, little offensive prowess, and bereft of any defensive ideas….he just jogs / waddles around the middle and dropping on his arse most times. Once he’s off and better suited players come in, we play much better. Campbell and Podolski are denied a place cause Wenger has to retro fit England’s hope into the team.

  11. Dream10

    Romford Pele

    Real with some good goals. Benzema entering El Clasico on form. Hope he makes the difference.

    Ronaldo is in his own league in terms of goalscoring.

    Isco has put together a very good sequence of top performances.

    Can see them dropping James on the wknd for Khedira.

  12. N5

    Jim, I can normally sort people out tickets mate. When your in London let me know and Ill give you my email, then if there is a game you are after I will get my dads supporters club to pick up the ticket.

    You have to give notice though, I got the Burnley tickets for some work mates about 3 weeks ago, although I didn’t actually collect the tickets until last week.

  13. bob

    Jack Wilshers stats from last night
    Even though Wilshere was on the ball a lot, as his 88 touches will testify, he lost possession 20 times – the highest of any Arsenal player. He also returned the lowest passing accuracy – 79%.
    some blogs gave him 7/10 ratings for that

  14. Dream10


    Somewhat. But their pressing game still seems to be working in Europe. They have genuine central attackers with pace who can finish.

    They had a great chance to beat Real Madrid in back to back yrs. Not many can say that

  15. Masterstroke

    David Smith
    Did you see the look on Sanchez’ face at the end? It was complete bewilderment. Like … “what the fuck have I got myself into?”

    Are you from the Tooting/Earlsfield area? Use to know someone of your name.

  16. Romford Pele

    Dream – Madrid were easily a level up on Liverpool. That said, I really don’t think they will win at the Camp Nou this weekend. Suarez’s debut, Messi & Neymar form, i’m backing a home win.

    Ronaldo is in ridiculous goalscoring form atm, but my problem with Madrid is I think they have upset their midfield balance from last season. Because Liverpool aren’t very good Madrid got away with a 4-2-2-2 yesterday. They’ll get eaten alive by Barca if they try that formation. Khedira may come in like you say. Isco is a massive talent, so elegant. And tbh i’m still not even convinced James is better than him.

  17. Jim Lahey

    @N5 – Thank you very much sir I will do! Moving over to London in Jan so hoping to get to a few games, and if I am sticking about, might stick my name down on the old season ticket waiting line!

  18. Cesc Appeal

    Can’t comment on Arsenal display because thankfully I chose not to watch it; but it seems it’s the same old failings from the comments here; even from the more pro-Wenger posters!

    This to me is some of the most damning evidence against Wenger, fans pick up on the glaring issue in the team in terms of squad, fitness and tactics long, long before they start having serious effects; Wenger doesn’t.

    He’s not proactive, he’s a settler, he’ll settle for what he has.

    Even once they start to become real, real problems (no CDM is really biting now as is 4-1-4-1 and the same old injury crap) he’ll still do little to nothing about it.

    His predictability in his failings are only eclipsed by the predictability and regularity of Arsenal’s failings. But the surely go hand in hand.

    We as a club are desperate for a change, healthy, rejuvenating change.

  19. DaleDaGooner

    Bob, can you imagine those stats? I mean it’s easy to moan about Wenger…but Wilshere needs to either pull his weight he’s been atrocious and people give him a pass. Like the Man City game! If he was any good, we should have beaten City well. We beat Aston Villa well and played well too without him. Özil has also suffered because of Jack in the first 11. For me, he adds nothing to our game, we’ve become very boring and clueless with his emergence and to think we passed on Cesc cause of Wilshere

  20. N5

    Its about 400 years wait at the moment Jim. I’m in hastings but getting tickets for you wouldn’t be an issue.

    As I say let me know if and when you make the move and I’ll sort you out my mobile and email and we’ll make sure you get a game. Even if the season is over, it’s an experience worth having mate.

    You can either knock about with us and have a beer and food or do your own thing mate, it’s your call.

  21. leprofessorknowsbest

    “Did you see the look on Sanchez’ face at the end? It was complete bewilderment. Like … “what the fuck have I got myself into?”

    This works with a couple of our players actually…

  22. leprofessorknowsbest

    “We as a club are desperate for a change, healthy, rejuvenating change.”

    Wenger’s favorite song : “winds of change” by Scorpions.
    Sorry not so funny…

  23. bob

    thanx you for understanding my point off view.
    at 84mins i called it when wilshere got sub we would get a goal back not only we did that but went on to win the game without wilshere

  24. Cesc Appeal

    I’d quite like to see something a bit different this weekend, Ramsey and Arteta holding, but then Campbell, Sanchez and Oxlade behind Welbeck. Give Sanchez a more No.10 role that Chile gives him frequently.

    Be interested to see how he does there driving at the centre of the defence having regular sight of goal. Plus his work rate in dropping deep into the middle as well.

    Try to give Walcott 10-15 minutes as well.

  25. N5

    Bob, no one, I wouldn’t have him in the team. To much revolves around him.

    Give him to a good manager to work with and we might see a different story, but I wouldn’t have him in our team.

  26. leprofessorknowsbest

    “i wont be surprise if barcelona want to buy back Sanchez in 1or2 years”

    I won’t be surprised if Sanchez want to go back to barcelona next summer.

  27. Dream10


    This RealMadrid have the feel of a previous version of Los Blancos. Eleven years ago, they added Beckham and sold Makalele. The same way they added James and sold Alonso plus Di Maria. Sacrificed solidity for the sexy name. Real lost a great spinal player in both instances. But they literally have the money to get anyone they want in any posiition. Problem is, just like Del Bosque was never in control, neither is Ancelotti.

    Brazil ’06 was the same. They had to fit an overweight Ronaldo into a team that won the ’05 Confederations Cup in some style.

  28. TitsMcgee

    Insane to think that in 200+ appearances for Madrid that Ronaldo has 200+ goals. Too lazy to look it up but he’s over a goal a game ATM.


    Half of those numbers would be great but over 1 goal a game?

    We won’t see another Messi and Ronaldo for a bit.

  29. Romford Pele

    Tits, it’s actually mad. Looked like he was toying with Liverpool at one instance. Only thing I would say is that he does tend to take an awful amount of shots per game. But when he returns what he does you can excuse him. Could’ve had a hattrick last night

  30. Dream10


    Those two are unreal. Neymar may be as good as team for a season or two and certainly will in tournaments, but I doubt he will over a 5-10year period

  31. Doublegooner

    We are watching Wenger’s team dying slowly in front of us.

    Anyone in denial & still believing he’s the man to take us forward …
    Is cheating themselves.

  32. salparadisenyc

    “We won’t see another Messi and Ronaldo for a bit.”


    No doubt something special is afoot. I’ll be telling my boys about the El Classico duals in years to come, unlike the fish I catch their tales will need no embellishment.

  33. alex cutter

    “Isco is a massive talent, so elegant. And tbh i’m still not even convinced James is better than him.”

    Don’t dispute this, but James’ assist on CR7’s goal was tight.

  34. salparadisenyc


    How was you’re night mate with the new bugger?

    Drank some 16 year Oban till 3 am with a very good mate i’ve not seen in some time. Rugrats up at 6:30 and I had to deal as the misses was out early.

  35. Shaun Wilson

    My analysis of most of the current first team players – which of the following players are good enough for the Arsenal team we know we could have and should have, given our pre -eminence and resources?

    Wojciech Szczesny – Not good enough
    Mathieu Debuchy – Probably good enough
    Kieran Gibbs – Probably not good enough
    Per Mertesacker – Not good enough anymore
    Laurent Koscielny – Good Enough
    Calum Chambers – Could be good enough or should be good enough soon
    Mikel Arteta – Not good enough anymore (Probably never was)
    Mathieu Flamini – Not good enough
    Jack Wilshere – Not good enough (there you go Bob)
    Mesut Özil – Too good
    Aaron Ramsey – Might not be as good enough as we until recently believed
    Santi Cazorla – Not good Enough (I’m really sorry about this one)
    Alex Oxlade C – Proving not be to be as good enough as we all once hoped
    Alexis Sánchez – Too Good
    Danny Welbeck – Probably not good enough but could be wrong
    Olivier Giroud – Good enough cheekbones and hair
    Abou Diaby – Who?

  36. ronnie

    Guys what can’t you see! Wenger out out out and now! His bloody killing the club and fans must come together at one of the matches in full voice! Thanks for the past but the club needs the future!

  37. Cesc Appeal


    The way things have played out this season we could and should have has a MASSIVE overhaul.

    Selling people like Rosicky, Podolski, Diaby (if we could), Coquelin, Arteta/Flamini.

    Get a bit of dosh for them, nothing major but clear them off the wage bill.

    If they’re not contributing you can essentially lose two and bring in one who’s better.

    Just the management at so many levels is awful.

    What a total balls up!

  38. cladicus

    Certainly a brutal game to watch. I did some self reflection about 60 minutes in and found that I just didn’t have the energy, nor the want to hurl anymore curses at the tv. These performances are starting to become the norm, and it is disturbing. Our midfield looked like someone was doing a slowed down post-modern jazz rendition of yakkety sax. We had players running into each other!

    After the short moment of elation at Podolski’s goal, I kept feeling like my mother was about to take me by the ear, and march me right to their stadium to return those goals.

    Should I pity the fool?

  39. Thank you and goodnight


    Ha ha ha to the ‘pain’ clip.

    Wait till your little ones 18 mate and pay him back in full. I’ll be waking mine up on the hour every hour with a one man band rendition of My old man. Let’s see how they like that 😀

  40. Ozy

    I saw a Theo vs Hazard debate at the top of the comments and got scared. “Not again,” I said.. but it’s over, thank god.

    Anyway, Shaun, mostly agree with the list but I thinks Gibbs, despite his shortcomings, is a solid LB. No problem with him. Honestly, him, Ozil, Sanchez and Kos are the only players in our team I wouldn’t replace. I still love Rosicky, always have, always will. The rest are absolute garbage. Either past it or never good to begin with.

    N5, can I just say that you’re one of the best posters here in Le Grove? Every time I read your comments, you’re offering links for streams, helping people with tickets, being level headed, putting down trolls in a classy way.. keep it up, good sir.

    Finally, did you guys see Frimpong’s tweets last night? He was pissed. Said he’s sick of our team’s inability to cover key positions (specifically, he mentioned a CB, striker and DM). It shows that the players in the team know what’s up – they are frustrated and angry too. They’re not playing for Wenger. Frimpong doesn’t have to hold back anymore because he’s not an Arsenal player. You don’t think Ozil and Sanchez see this shit and get pissed off? At a certain point last night, Sanchez was visibly frustrated with our players – called them out. It shows that they’re no longer interested. We need a change.

  41. babatunde

    Gambon says “if a top manager came in, he would axe 80 percent of the squad”. Well said, unlike most commenters, gambon seems to get a fundamental problem wrong with us- namely that we simply are not good enough the way we are. Even adding a dm and a world class striker won’t mean we are good enough to win the league.

  42. tunnygriffboy


    I’m with you. Better to release 4 and get 2 quality people in and make up the back up numbers with youngsters like Bellerin, Hayden, Gnabry etc . . . What’s the point in having them if they can’t be used occasionally ?

  43. salparadisenyc

    Officially taking notes from TYGN, thats parenting.

    Cladi you should, thought I was tough until I had kids.

  44. Carts

    Wojciech Szczesny – Not good enough as #1
    Mathieu Debuchy – Good enough
    Kieran Gibbs – Good enough but unreliable
    Per Mertesacker – Good enough in a deep line
    Laurent Koscielny – Good Enough
    Calum Chambers – Could be good enough
    Mikel Arteta – Not good enough
    Mathieu Flamini – Not good enough
    Jack Wilshere – Not good enough for the system we play
    Mesut Özil – Not good enough for the sytem we play
    Aaron Ramsey – Good enough
    Santi Cazorla – Good enough
    Alex Oxlade C – Good enough.
    Alexis Sánchez – Too Good
    Danny Welbeck – Not good enough as #1
    Olivier Giroud – Inferior to Welbeck. Not required

  45. Gunner2301

    Biggles 11:32 Crusaderrabbit 12:37

    Spot on. In Biggles case I’ve tried to discuss with some the shit years and what we have now. At least in those shit years players did their limited best for the shirt not just for themselves. The main difference between then and now we couldn’t do better whereas now we can but we don’t as if the position we’re in is by design and it is, fashioned to Wengers blueprint which has been built up to support his ego alone. We have allowed the dictator to run amuck and bring shame upon this once great club. We are allowing him to be our representative.


  46. Ozy

    Expect Hayden to be out for two years now that he’s injured – the wing back at CB, Monreal, nightmare experiment will continue. When have any of Wenger’s experiments yielded results?

    I would go check Untold today to see what delusion they’re spoon feeding their readers to have a good laugh but I fear I’ll get angrier than I already am.

  47. Ozy

    Carts, Ozil not good enough but Oxlade Chamberlain is “good enough”?

    Good enough for what? Good enough to do what exactly? Be the club’s water boy? Maybe.

  48. Tippitappi

    Looking at the likely outcome of the groups and who can and can’t play each other etc it seems unlikely we will avoid Barca Real or Bayern although we’ll be hard pressed to beat anyone we get by the looks of it

  49. NYCgooner

    Shaun Wilson

    “Wojciech Szczesny – Not good enough”

    I really don’t know where this is coming from. Sure, i can accept that his form has not been the best lately but his stats say he was a top 5 goalie in the PL last season if i remember right. Can I ask why you think so?

  50. london gunner


    you wonder how much better we are with theo?

    Lol so after RVP left us and we were truly up shit creek with one of the worst squads in years did theo not become our top scorer and second top in assists.. do you think we make top 4 without those?

    LOl yeah right mate ;)… Jack wilshere of course and OXlade chamberlain would compensate with goals and assists.. ;)… yeah about that… Jack 2 goals and what 3 assists in a season and oxlade “scorers what 1 every season” chamberlain

    Take away TW goals/assists and we are left 5/6 in the league…

    So yeah that’s a fair difference.

    Take your specs off so what he doesn’t do 5,000 step overs like a brazilian and waste opportunities with to many touches like wilshere, his one of the most clinical and efficient winger come forwards in europe(outside the top 6 players) granted most of that is down to his pace but instead of bashing it appreciate it.

    Were you one of the guys saying we should of swapped nani for theo?

  51. Cesc Appeal


    Wenger’s never been a good manager for rotation. I think that’s also a massive contributory factor to our injury issues every year.

    Now: Arteta, Flamini, Diaby, Ramsey, Coquelin
    (Lose three get one in:)
    Then: Arteta, Schneiderlin/Khedira, Ramsey

    Now: Podolski, Rosicky, Sanchez, Walcott, Oxlade, Cazorla
    (Lose two get on in:)
    Then: Reus, Sanchez, Walcott, Oxlade, Cazorla

    Squad is shortened by three and the wage bill will likely drop a bit as well.

  52. cladicus

    Without proper coaching, how can we say who is good enough or not to be at Arsenal? I agree with some of course, anyone with eyes can see that some of the players are past the expiration date. Some of the younger guys like Oxlade, we simply don’t know what a competent manager could get out of them.

  53. Ozy

    NYCGooner, stats tell you one story – watching him on the pitch tells you another. I would attribute his stats last year mostly down to the fact Kos and Mert were a wall. When was the last time he won on a one-on-one? How can you watch him play and think he’s one of the best keepers in the league? Come on.

  54. Carts


    Stylistically Ox is good enough and offers us something we lack – athleticism. I just feel as though he being man-managed atrociously.

    Ozil, simply isn’t suited to us. It’s clear for us all to see. Very good player, but not for Arsenal – certainly WHILE Wenger is still here. Could Ozil do more under Klopp or Garcia as manager? maybe. Me personally, I don’t think there’d be a drastic improvement from him.

  55. london gunner


    “Regardless of the comparison, gambons stats proved Eden is not overrated. So his point put your original point to bed regardless of how he stacks up against wally.”

    But no it didn’t not at all in fact.

    I stated previously Hazard is overrated because he is compared to Ronaldo Messi, Robben and Ribbery… currently his not at their level if he was the stats would say otherwise… its a really simple point. Yet people get all derp derp.

    When your comparing a young promising player to the best 5 players in the world that is overrating a fair bit.

    I was the same guy who said we shouldn’t rate jack wilshere with inesta and xavi years ago as many did on here I said people were overrating him. I was in the minority and people vocally attacked… I was in the right. Simples!

    I imagine there wont be one poster who comes forward and admit they did that now

    I have consistently said Hazard is a very good player but his not one of the greatest players in the world right now to be that he had to be in the top 10 players right?

    So Ronaldo Messi robben ribbery bale ibra suarez neymar lewandowski benzema reus cavani ect he doesn’t hold a torch on any of the above… his not in the top 6 players played on the wing.. if his not top in his own position how can you compare him to ronaldo messi robben?

  56. Jim Lahey

    Love this from Untold, says all that needs to be said about the place.

    October 23, 2014 at 10:21 am

    I have no qualms with us winning and celebrated like any other gooner but my concern is the performance.
    Don’t act so blind to the hideous way we have been playing.

    October 23, 2014 at 10:22 am

    Barnyard you are a sewer rat who eats anyshit that comes your way so piss off our team,magwampiki character.

  57. Bigper

    Walcott is a pretty important player for us imo, think we have missed him quite a lot as he obviously stretches play and allows more room for the midfield to work

    Also talking about Walcotts lack of ability to fall back into midfield and help build up the play is a mute point as that is not his role. We have enough fucking midgets in the midfield to build up the play, what they need is runners etc

    Walcott is limited but he definitely improves us and he certainly worries the opposition than having Cazorla or ozil on the wing. And tbf he had improved his all round game a fair bit

  58. Romford Pele


    Lol mate, as I said, I like what Theo brings. He’s efficient and very productive for someone with such a limited skillset. But Arsenal probably pander to Theo more than any other player in the side. The amount of times Theo vacates the right wing he plays is mad. Like I said he gets away with it because his figures are good but it also leaves us very lopsided and unbalanced. We indulge him a lot, no other top club would do this or pay him his 100k a week wages, bar possibly Liverpool. But put it this way, outside of Liverpool what other top club would buy him? That should be evidence enough. He’s good at what he does, but you can find players who do what he does and more.

    And no, I can’t stand Nani 😉

  59. Bobby Digital

    Planted firmly in Wenger’s perpetual blind spot: Jack Wilshere. Is there no one in all of London that can bring him a spreadsheet showing him how many goals we have with Jack on the pitch? Or perhaps even better yet, Jack and Rambo on the pitch together? It’s a pretty simple equation: Jack plays, we don’t score; Jack and Aaron play simultaneously, our entire attack looks languid and disheveled. (I’ll give Ramsey the benefit of the doubt as it was his first full match back and I’m certain he hasn’t fully recovered yet–that’s just how we deal with injuries apparently.)

  60. Bankz

    Suarez, Neymar & Messi = Genius
    Ronaldo, Bale & Benzema = Athletes
    Genius Vs Athletes – Who Wins?

    The only weakness I see in the Barcelona squad is who plays the CDM if really Sergio Busquets had surgery?
    If Masche is shifted in & PiQue replaces him, he becomes a liability in defence.

    A midfield of Kroos, Modric & Hames will surely leave lots of gaps for the Barca forwards to exploit.
    That will leave more load for the Centre defenders & Iker Cassillas to clean up.

    Barcelona defense-wise have done really well this season.
    Claudio Bravo is yet to concede a SINGLE goal as a Barcelona player.
    8 straight clean sheets is massive irrespective of which perspective you view it from.

    Close call but I’d pick a Barca win/draw but again, it’s the Santiago Bernabèu, Madrid are sometimes unstoppable at home + Carlo Ancelloti is no Arsene Wenger’.

    It’s going to be a cracker.
    I can’t wait for Saturday.

  61. Thank you and goodnight

    Have you noticed the majority of rabid AKB’S on untold are foreign Arsenal supporters? It’s obvious that they only started to support Arsenal when wenger came in. That’s not a dig at foreigners as I’m an equal rights racist. I hate everyone 😀

  62. tunnygriffboy


    The basis of a good squad/team is there. A bit of trimming and addition of 3 or 4 quality players and some leadership from someone hungry and mean and we are competitive.

  63. MidwestGun

    Good afternoon y’all.
    Pedro – good post. As a home builder you should never ignore cracks or water stains on the ceiling. Find the root cause and fix it or eventually you have foundation issues.

    So I was wondering who y’all thought was better Hazard or Theo? 😯

    It was pretty interesting to watch Rambo take Flamini’s role the last 10 minutes and do a respectable job, even tho in fairness, Anderlecht should have scored a second during the transition. But immediately the team looked better with Rambo deeper. Not saying he didn’t play terrible before that, because he did, but he needs a stable role like he had last year.

    Anyhow, can’t believe I’m worried about freakin Sunderland… that’s how bad it’s gotten to this year.

  64. Romford Pele

    Bankz, if Busquets get injured you just slot Mascherano in at DM.

    I thought the game was at the Camp Nou? Either way i’m backing Barca, don’t trust Madrid defensively.

  65. NYCgooner


    I think he’s absolutely one of the best shot stoppers in the PL. Where he comes up short is in his decision making and his distribution.

  66. Romford Pele

    October 23, 2014 at 10:21 amI have no qualms with us winning and celebrated like any other gooner but my concern is the performance.
    Don’t act so blind to the hideous way we have been playing.

    October 23, 2014 at 10:22 amBarnyard you are a sewer rat who eats anyshit that comes your way so piss off our team,magwampiki character.


    Looool those dudes have mental issues.

  67. Thank you and goodnight

    I think maybe Mourinho might of been pulling a fast one on us in regards to Ozil being best no 10 in the world. Not a dig at all at Ozil I swear. Honest. But anyone hear about time Mourinho hauled off Ozil at half time and ramos his teammate put ozil’s shirt underneath his shirt in a display of solidarity with his German teammate. This is what guardian had to say about that…..

    “It was pretty damaging anyway. Ramos, one of the club’s captains, had chosen to show his support for Ozil – the man, with him, most singled out by Mourinho since results turned against the side.”

  68. london gunner


    I can’t be asked to rewrite it anew but I dismissed your theories in my post to Bamford.

    In response to your comment that walcott being on the pitch doesn’t contribute to the overall team dynamics.

    By playing Walcott we force the other team to drop deeper and not press us with such a high line as that would expose their defence on the counter with walcott’s pace. This has a direct effect on the rest of our team in two ways.

    1 it allows the other arsenal players in midfield more time on the ball and more time making with the pass, so the pressure is alleviated during arsenal’s build up play.

    2. A key part to Walcott playing high and wide is it keeps the opposing fullback in a check mate scenario where he can’t bomb forward to support his teams attack without the permanent danger/menace of walcott. This basically hinders the other team from the overloading of our right wing with a fullback overlapping run. Read Peps interview he has a very enlightening segment on the massive important of overloading a wing.

    In response to your comment on efficency.

    Theo Walcott 62 62.9
    Christian Benteke 73 58.9
    Romelu Lukaku 80 58.75
    Frank Lampard 53 58.49
    Kevin Nolan 55 58.18
    Fernando Torres 52 55.77
    Robert Snodgrass 54 55.56
    Sergio Aguero 65 55.38
    Robin van Persie 118 55.08
    Gareth Bale 133 54.89

    You might see Hazards name missing… his accuracy was not high enough..

  69. Bankz

    Romford Pele

    That’s the problem, Enrique doesn’t trust PiQue as he’s Barca’s version of Mertesacker.
    He’s way too slow & always a liability against the speed of Bale, CR7 & Benz.
    A CB pairing of Masherano & Mathieu would be been the perfect duo.

    How brilliant is Masherano though? He seamlessly slots back into defensive midfield for Argentina.
    He was massive at the WorldCup. I think he & DiMaria were better players for the Argentines than Messi.

    If Barca get the defence pairing & CDM right on Saturday, I think they’d cruise to a win at the Santiago Bernabèu.

  70. SpanishDave

    To understand our frustration, it is useful to have supported and known the club before Wenger.
    In those years we had sucess with diferent managers and as soon as they lost it they were replaced. There was real hope each year of winning the league as generally it was an equal playing field.
    When Wenger came we had the bones of a solid side and Wenger had knowledge of the French league and players in the national side.
    Once those glory years were over and Chelsea, and Man City got money everything changed.
    We built a new stadium to compete, but along came the asset buyers and instead of new glory, our manager has fallen well behind, and the club is now rudderless, which is getting worse every year.
    Our club always had incredible spirit and won many games against the odds it was our trademark.
    Look at us now, no fight, no captain with heart, tippy tappy crap, constant injuries, its all coming apart at the seams.
    If Wenger loved the club he would go, Bobby Robson did at Newcastle, because he put the club first before his pride.
    I will not remember Wenger for the good years, but the selfish arsehole he has become.He never won the thropies the players did as they knew more about football than he did.

  71. Bankz

    Are we still on the Eden Hazard vs Theo Walcott debate?
    It has become boring.
    Any SANE manager on planet earth would consider Hazard 1st before Walcot.

    I don’t care about your stats or no stats but watching both play, it’s obvious one will be contesting for Europe’s top player on 3yrs time while the other won’t.

    It’s like when people say Neymar is overrated, I tell them he’d easily be pushing for a BalonD’or in 3yrs time unless a serious injury crushes his career’.

  72. london gunner


    I just don’t agree with the theory that Walcott is technically limited.

    His average pass rate being 83 percent is higher than OX’s.

    His got more accurate shooting than the whole league including RVP… if your that accurate you have to be incredibly technically gifted at shooting.

    I think Jack wilshere is much more of a liability as in he actually loses the ball in dangerous positions which lead to our opponents scoring on the counter.

    Whilst theo may not be defensive he makes up for it in his brilliant attacking results whilst jack doesn’t even do that! More assists jack!!! I am comparing him to Jack because he represents the “technical player” everyone harps on about.

    His figures are mile above the whole team for a reason. I mean we don’t see Giroud hitting those numbers nor does Welbeck look like his going to.

  73. london gunner


    If you have nothing to contribute but whining like a fisher mans wife.

    I suggest you not read my comments or anyone else’s that are addressed about Theo or Hazard.

    Good day sir

  74. MidwestGun

    Was reading your comment from earlier about Sanchez….. which was very good by the way. But I think the secret to Sanchez’s stamina might be growing up in a high altitude Chilean town and I’m not sure you can bottle that. But it is something to behold.

  75. Romford Pele

    “His average pass rate being 83 percent is higher than OX’s.”

    But mate he plays safe five-yard passes, he’ll never try anything complex. Ox has more natural ability although right now he doesn’t have the end product to accompany it.

    Like I say, it’s not really a dig at because Arsenal are a better team with Walcott in but we’d need some proper DMs to address the space he leaves behind him. Figures are great, no disputing that but in his case you see his deficiencies all too often for him to be labelled among the best. Someone like Iniesta has poor stats but nobody would even dispute that he’s one of the best footballers on the planet.

    Bankz – I’ve never understood the hate on Neymar. The dude is an outrageous talent. I also think he’ll be pushing for Ballon D’Or soon enough.

  76. Romford Pele

    Mid, good point about high altitude. I read that’s why the likes of Brazil and Argentina always struggle when they go and play in places like Ecuador. Lol Rooney would die in those conditions.

  77. Nasri's Mouth

    I’m a big Walcott fan.

    Yes, he’s limited in his play, but not to the extent he was earlier in his career. He’s not really a striker, and he’s not really a midfielder, which is why Wenger plays him as a combination of both.

    While Hazard is undoubtedly a better player, I think Walcott is very important to our side.

    Looking forward to when he’s back up to speed.

  78. Ozy


    “Stylistically Ox is good enough and offers us something we lack – athleticism”

    What does this even mean? He contributes nothing to the team but “athleticism” and style? What the fuck.

    I will never understand why you lot are so enamoured with Ox.

  79. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    Your still on mine. Lol. I have to return my deputy’s badge. Do I just put N5 on the address label? Hahaha. Ozy’s right, this place might self destruct without you. I’m not gonna lie I was getting worried about the size of your troll magnet for awhile.

  80. N5

    Lol MWG, I thought I’d managed to keep them away from me for a bit. I have a new one in Live by the River, but he’s an imbecille that says carpetbagger and pesters people to ring Stan’s home, so not really an issue. The others I’ve managed to just move on from.

    Orrrrr it could be, that not many visit the site anymore and they’ve all started a website called 😳

  81. BlackSnake

    I think we should be shouting for KSE (Kroenke and his son) to fuck off. They bring nothing to the table and have no interest in the club. Next Chips Keswick and the remaining board members that do fuck all. Once we’re stable again then kick Wenger out.

  82. GoonerGaz

    Just rang Arsenal about tickets, closed after 5pm, but I was surprised to have Thomas Vermaelen greet me with a recorded voicemail message. Fair enough if he was still at the club, but….WTF?

  83. Nasri's Mouth


    People who train at high altitude do it to trick their body into producing more red blood cells than normal, but it’s normally only a temporary bonus.
    I don’t know whether if someone who was brought up in that environment would gain a more permanent advantage, unless they’d got a genetic advantage based on previous generations.
    I’ll check with the other half, she’s the biologist!

    IMO it’s more to do with his personality.

  84. Nasri's Mouth


    They definitely do have an interest in the club, it’s a massive investment for them. It’s more that their interest isn’t in line with what our interest is.

  85. Ozy

    Somebody last night mentioned Klopp being “found out” – a ridiculous statement.

    With that said, hasn’t Rodgers been “found out”? I’ve never rated him. Sturridge and Suarez got Liverpool to the position they ended last year – Rodgers wasted money like a madman. He did nothing to reinforce his weakest areas – defense (every position, really, with Lovren being the only decent, if not overpriced, addition), a goalkeeper, a DM, a striker to replace Suarez (impossible feat, though)..

    And his man management skills are horrible. He said this about Balotelli: “Whether Mario’s best is good enough longer term, that remains to be seen.”

    Why would Balotelli play for him after that? Everybody from Carragher to Rodgers has slated him. That’s now how you man manage a person like Balotelli. It’s funny. We’re in worse shape but I hated this “Rodgers is an elite manager” consensus going around last year. English bias?

  86. Goongoonergone

    And if Wenger had bought a DM and a CH, he would play the DM as a right winger and the CH as a left back. And you would be crying again.
    Wenger is into football sadomasochism – he loves experimenting and derives pleasure from the supporters’ pain, by inflicting pain and torture.
    If he should ever consider a life with chains and whips in some dark dungeon in France as a sex master, he will have thousands of AKBs on their knees and asses begging for more.
    They will be screaming IN-ARSE-IN WENGER WE THRUST !

  87. MidwestGun

    Romford –
    The US National team whenever we can get a low altitude team like Costa Rica or Mexico to play a qualifier in Colorado we do. Something to it.
    but I think maybe growing up as your body is still developing as a teen in the altitude must be a big advantage. It was also a hot desert town to if I remember right. The effort he had on final ball to Pods was something.

  88. Nasri's Mouth


    I kinda agree with you re: Rodgers

    Decent manager, but with Suarez, Sturridge, and the way Sterling improved last season, and having the advantage of playing only once a week made him look better than he is.

    But if anything their defence looks worse, and Balotelli was never going to be either a direct replacement for Suarez OR a quick fix. I think he’ll do better with Sturridge alongside him (whenever that happens), but that might depend on whether Rodgers has totally fuckd up his relationship with him by then

  89. gambon

    London Gunner

    You really are reaching now.

    What the fuck is that list you posted.

    Ive already told you that Hazard scored 14 from LESS shots than Theo scored 14 from, so that nonsense you posted is irrelevant.

    Unless shooting straight at the keeper is a skill in your world?

    Thanks god you dont work in finance. Your understanding and endless obsession with the most basic use of stats is silly.

  90. N5

    Ozy if you’re still on have you got any more new hip hop recommendations? the last few you suggested were well worth a listen.

  91. salparadisenyc

    Theo’s been rather effective for us, I like the player but he’ll always be a cog in the bigger wheel that Hazard spins.

  92. Wenger's Plastic Bottle

    This Wall-e v Hazard

    Is Like when the wifey has taken you back for cheating and reminding you how much of a cunt you are after 5 years.

  93. Ozy

    It’s crazy the fee paid for Lallana when you see a player like Tadic who went for, what was it, half of that? Markovic and Origi..? Good prospects but if you’re competing in the champions league, you need players who will make an impact now. Lambert, albeit cheap, is a mystery. Poor transfer window and it’s starting to show.

  94. WindyCityArse

    Yesterday was so telling…. At the final whistle, all the underperforming caants running about celebrating like we had won the CL while a despondent Sanchez walks off the pitch shaking his head.

  95. Ozy

    N5, there’s a new guy on the scene (he’s been around for a while but he has just now garnered mainsteam attention) named Flying Lotus – He’s a producer and his new album is a mix of psychedilia and jazz but if you listen it from beginning to end, it’s quite an experience. It’s called You’re Dead!

    If you want a taste, listen to Never Catch Me. Crazy stuff.

  96. N5

    Cheers Ozy, I’ll give him a listen. I’m always looking for new people as the more mainstream stuff gets boring at times. Thanks for the advice.

  97. N5

    Ok there’s quite a lot, there is I’m Dead, until the quiet comes, cosmogrammer and Los Angeles. Shall I start with I’m dead then?

  98. Ozy


    I absolutely love Southampton. Not often will you see a club completely stripped of its most valuable assets (Pochettino being the main one) and recruit like for like, if not better, replacements. I wish they do end up higher than Liverpool – I hate this system in modern football where you can just feed off smaller clubs for their best players and try to emulate their success or something. Liverpool were shameless in how they fed off Southampton. Not sure about the odds. I’m not a betting man 😉

  99. MidwestGun

    Welbeck looked like he was in need of rotating. Very little off the ball movement and was standing in the midfield a few times and Santi was shouting at him to get forward several times. Granted he was getting no thru balls but he looked zapped and played like it. Granted that’s in hindsight and we have 2 crocked backups but it’s just another thing that doesn’t look managed well from the outside looking in.

  100. Joe

    Everything about wenger is fraudulent. His first few trophies were won with GGs back 4 and bergkamp. Nothing to do with wenger.

    Henry was already a World Cup winner by the time wenger signed him. Wenger did not make him!

    Cesc was always going to be WC. All wenger did was promise him playing time. He would of made it any club he went to.

    Getting 4th place is not am achievement with all the resources wenger has available to him. It’s bare minimum.

    The man is a hoax.

  101. Ozy

    N5, I recommend starting with You’re Dead and see if you’re into him. He’s one of those rare artists that gets better over time – this last album is a lot more mature and cohesive. He’s also rapped under the alias Captain Murphy so if you like You’re Dead, I suggest going deeper and listening to his older stuff.

    Childish Gambino’s new mixtape, Kauai, is also pretty good, if you’re into him.

    Hip Hop is going into new territory – that song Tuesday by I LOVE MAKONNEN is an example. It’s pretty good.

  102. MidwestGun

    Odds of Southampton. Finishing top four. 8to 1
    Everton 9 to 1
    Pool pay 11 to get 8
    Arsenal pay 15 to get 8
    Man U. Pay 6 to get 4
    City pay 100 to get 1
    Chelscum pay 400 to get 1.

  103. N5

    Ozy I have the Gambino mixtape already, I like the change of pace for a change.

    Cheers for the advise. I’ve just got I’m dead and I’ll see how I get on.

  104. nigel tufnel

    , gambon,

    After watching Hazard for a couple years now, do really believe that crap. He has great skills, yes…. but has almmost no effect in games, except an occasional time he pops up with a silky goal.

    Hazard is invisible in most minutes he plays. You only say he does so much because it suits your ” everything not Arsenal is better” argument.

    I am a former theo out guy. The man just produces as well as any wingers, though with less ball skills.

    Ill take production any day. And your a fool if you think theo doesnt occupy defenders or worry opponents greatly…

    You will always take the opponents players side over our Arsenal guys, even to the point of erickson over Ozil… thats a classic I will never forget.. you explain it using cost, but then ignore cost in the haxard theo comparison.

    By the way, mourihno, one of your gods, heavily criticized hazard for not doing enough.

    Theo deserves our support for production, and the epic way he gave it to spurs fans.
    London is a sensible guy who supports our players.

  105. MidwestGun

    Odds of Hazard being League top scorer 80 -1
    Walcott. 100 -1
    Interestingly, Giroud. 150 -1.
    More interestingly. Sanogoal also 150 -1. (LOL)

    Welbeck 25 -1.
    Aguero 1.5 -1
    Costa 1.5 -1

  106. Ashley

    you can bet your life that we will make sunderland look like barca , thats what we do best , we make shit teams look great …. Gibbs said last night , ‘we knew it would be difficult coming here ‘ WWHHATTTTT !!!!!! they actually think going to a team who have last their last million CL games at home would be difficult , that is how far Arsenal have fallen . CL or no CL I cant see how any world class player will want to come to Arsenal now …….

  107. Nasri's Mouth

    Joe: Everything about wenger is fraudulent. His first few trophies were won with GGs back 4 and bergkamp. Nothing to do with wenger.

    Sorry, but’s that BS. He took a decent side, added some excellent players and won the league immediately.

  108. Cesc Appeal

    “Sorry, but’s that BS. He took a decent side, added some excellent players and won the league immediately.”

    We’ve come full circle, because that’s what the next guy will have to do, take an alright side and add some excellent players, revolutionise the training and internal structures and go forward.

  109. MidwestGun

    Ya… they are. While I was checking odds it just surprised me. Because Giroud has a head start over Walcott already has a goal. And I thought Sanogo would be much higher. Makes me think somebody bet on him after his big preseason match.

  110. Joe

    Nasri and Cesc,

    He wouldn’t even need to add any players.

    Any manager with half a clue could have this squad challenging for the title and CL

    It would be the opposite effect of moyes/fergie.

    A manager who has a clue tactically and can get the best of his players?

    Do you think any of this squad would go to war for wenger? Like Man U players did for fergie, Chelsea players do for Jose?

    Not a chance. No way Jose’s pleura lose 6-0 on his 1000th game

    He’s lost the players. Sanchez shaking his head. Ozil body language.

    I think ozil would be an arsenal legend when a new manager comes in. Plays him in his correct position and motivates him.

    Wenger does neither. I have a feeling Sanchez will be lost soon as well. The shake of the head is just the start.

  111. nigel tufnel

    Nasri … I know hazard did, no doubt. But I am unlike many here who automatically find fault with our guys and covet everything from other teams.

    I am disposed to prefer and compliment our guys. I am hopeful, not a hater.
    We tried but couldnt get hazard.

    We now have Alexis, ozil, jack, ramsey, theo, ox, welbeck and more positives.,, I see clearly we have deficiencies, I just support our guys generally, and dont kiss opponents asses to the point of erickson over ozil. What a mug gambon is.

    And Nasri , it’s great to have u back here

  112. Johnty79

    I had a suspicious feeling we would do well in the champs league this year(ie semi finial) however realistically second place will mean the only teams we could possible beat who top there group is either Leverkusen or Porto. Every other group winner will beat us. In the quarters I can only see us beating Liverpool or Roma…

    Start looking at arsenal differently. Instead of wishing arsenal would do better just be thankful for what we have won considering wenger is a totally clueless buffoon.

    Wenger was clueless during 1997-2005. The only difference is he had better players who got him out the shit.

    Look at the four games against Valencia in 2000-2003. They outclassed as in all the games. Look at the game when Roma a had 10 men but dominated us. Ronald Kieran’s Ajax totally out played. Us.

    Wenger has never had tactical nowse. The closers he ever come was 1998-9 when he used to bring on Nelson vivas for bergkamp when we were 1.0 up.

  113. Cesc Appeal


    We certainly need a great CDM and a world class ST and CB.

    But I don’t want anymore players brought in on Wenger’s watch, pointless.