Papering the cracks Wenger sledgehammered into our set up

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We're gonna need more paper...

We’re gonna need more paper…

Faith. It’s a beautiful thing. When you’re an Arsenal fan, it’s often the only thing. Last night, post game, in my Gooner Whatsapp group, the crescendo to the evening was…

‘great spirit’



‘Big. Balls.’

It made me a bit sad. Not because there was any sincerity in the words, but because the only way we can deal with the situation is faux hope. Aping the predictable words of a manager who has lost his mojo.

Yesterday was a shit show. Play it back to yourself however you want. Take solace in the three points. Do all of the things fans in denial do. Accept this though, our 65 year old manager is well past his sell by date. He doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing these days and the best we can hope for is 4th and to avoid humiliation in the next round of the Champions League.

Ironically, the trophy Wenger treasures over anything, he seems the least equipped to tackle. He’s been getting schooled in what you need for years. Yet he never makes an effort to alter what we see.

Yesterday, we took on a team that deal with a budget lower than most League One teams. We took on an Anderlecht ravaged by injury, filled with average players and children. They were embarrassingly bad. We go out and struggle.

Once again, we hit the pitch one paced and low on everything. I find it mildly amusing that fans out this down to the players not caring when the reality is it’s the manager not having a clue about how to manage players fitness. He’s the one who says it’s easy to motivate millionaires because they’re already motivated to make it in the game… so how do you demotivate them?

The set up was standard. Ineffective, completely ignorant of how Anderlecht play and bereft of any instruction or vision. Our passing was off all night, key players seem to have forgotten their roles and the output was dire. We created almost nothing. Had it not been for the terrible finishing of Anderlecht, we might have found ourselves facing a taller mole hill to climb after we went one down.

The goal we did concede was absolutely embarrassing. A speculative cross into the box. Chambers and Flamini clattered each other, their player headed across goal and took the deserved lead for his side.

Was I livid? No. I expected it.

You also knew that on Wenger’s 65th, his team would bail him out… so I held off the trigger on social media thoughts. Took a while though, the manager sat on his hands until the 72nd minute as usual. I get that maybe you have a routine with style and formation, but to take routine into subs is beyond absurd and counter productive.

Anyway, it didn’t matter, his masterstroke of bringing players on to change the game worked. We started to look a bit more interested, but only marginally. Calum Chambers made amends for his part in their goal by whipping a cross to the back post where Gibbs was on hand to expertly slot home a volley back across the keeper. A really, really well taken goal.

Lukas had also made his way onto the pitch and managed to pivot on a loose ball and slam home a top corner winner late on in the game.

Wenger’s bacon saved… but the breakfast was still ruined.

Pause, suck up that line for a moment.

… and on we go.

Things I like…

3 points. Sanchez.

Things I don’t like…


The team looked sapped as usual. Where is the zip in our play? Why are our players not bullying crap outfits with exceptional mesmeric energy?

I simply refuse to believe Wenger is taking on any advice because if we’re not being blitzed by avoidable injuries, we’re turning up away from home in leagues that are way slower than ours and being given the run around. We brought in a World Cup winner and we’ve never looked so weak. Pretty sure there’s a deeper issue here that, in all likelihood, the club won’t investigate (remember, we’ve performed three internal investigations that seem to have thrown up sweet FA in terms of action points).

Consistently drab:

Why haven’t we found a flow. Chelsea signed, what, 6 players this summer and brought 2 back off loan and they’re absolutely buzzing. We brought in 4, because, you know, any more and Colney would explode under the pressure. So where is our rhythm? Where is our style? Why do the players look like they’ve been thrown together in a school playground?

Sad thing about the whole set up, is the players know what a joke it is. They’ve played under great managers, they’ve worked with advanced coaches pushing boundaries, they’ll know the reason all their friends are sitting in the medical room isn’t because of ‘accidental injuries’. They’ll also know that the squad recruitment was mismanaged this summer. It all adds up. If you’re not confident in the process, the management or the way you’re set up to play… what does that do to you psychologically? No wonder the output is turgid.


Owner who accepts average and loves the manager. A CEO who can’t make a decision on the manager because his hands are tied. We have all the ingredients for a disgustingly boring period of purgatory. The manager isn’t accountable at all. The people who work at the club will know this. The fans know this. What a terrible environment to have to work in. An environment where you know failure has no consequence. Where under-performance is excused because of nepotism. Where innovation is sneered at.

It’s a joke. It’s not the Arsenal way. It’s not going to end unless the man in charge of it hands his notice in. Which he doesn’t have the self-awareness to do.

Pray it gets better and that we sustain our top 4 mediocrity… which, let’s be honest, as a strategy, is doomed to fail at some point.

Onto an easy run of games now, hopefully we can turn the corner.


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  1. Gunner2301

    Midwest Gun

    I haven’t read the article yet, but where was his leadership skills last night? Wasn’t he captain? Talking is one thing doing it on the pitch is another. It should have been down to Per to organise a makeshift defence with only himself and Gibbs in their regular position but we saw nothing from him. Reminds me of a lot of the shit William Gallas used to talk who could blame everyone else but himself. Fact is Per isn’t good enough or quick enough to be our pivotal CB. He was left out of the Germany te for a reason and they did better for it. This is no slight on you by the way and this is of course my own opinion.

  2. James wood

    We need – we need – we need.
    What we need is the players we have
    So called pro’s doing their jobs properly.?

    When was the last time anyone put in a
    Decent corner consistently.
    Marking is appalling,players out of position.
    Merts -Monreal – Gibbs are awful at just
    Doing the basics.
    Get the basics right first and stop playing the
    System we play.

  3. MidwestGun

    Gunner 2301 –
    No slight taken. Fair points. Think maybe Merts physical limitations affect his overall mentality sometimes. Just like what he had to say in article can recognize weaknesses and what needs to be done. But you make a solid point it wasnt on evidence last night. Maybe like Arteta he might make a better coach someday then a captain

  4. Hunter

    All these comparisons between Walnut and Hazard make me laugh.AFC last great winger was Overmars and before him Georgie Armstrong,both these guys were actual wingers,they could dribble,cross take full backs on,beat them convincingly. And score goals,they were real wingers.Walnut has pace,rarely takes the full back on,occasionally put in a decent cross,scores his quota of goals,but just doesn’t excite me.Hazard however does,he can do most of what Overmars and Armstrong could do BUT doesn’t have the pace.Unless you’ve seen Overmars and Armstrong play live it’s hard to realise just how good they were.Walnut has been a loss to the side this year but that doesn’t say a lot about the team,he is at best an average winger and because of the shambolic squad we have assembled in easily missed.Another great prospect ‘the OX’ has been a terrible disappointment and his progress has been stunted IMO he is rapidly going backwards.This could be down to Wenger or it could be his ability is questionable at the highest level,by now IF he was good enough he would be an ever present in the team not just a squaddie..So where are the truly exciting wingers?Do we still have a scouting network?

  5. Leedsgunner

    It’s so not about whether Walcott or Hazard is better. Nor is it the same with Özil versus Fabregas. Nor is the issue who are we going to add in January.

    The real issue is when is this manager and Board going to go?

    Wenger’s mentally done.

  6. Nasri's Mouth

    Leedsgunner: The real issue is when is this manager and Board going to go?

    That’s not really much of a question though.

    Wenger will be here till the end of his contract, and the Board (or at least the influential members wont be leaving for years)

  7. Leedsgunner

    We could add Messi CR7 and Varane in January – and trust me Wenger would find a way to play them out of position, lose the game through the game by giving away soft goals and then have the audacity to complain about it.

    Our club is too good for Wenger and we’ve been too kind to allow him to stay this long. The sooner we realise this the better.

  8. Mike adamski

    Have to admit months ago I would’ve chosen balotelli over welbeck .

    Thank christ we made the better choice . Welbeck has a great attitude . Balotelli is stinking the place out up there .

    I agree the brendan Rodgers love-in last season was ridiculous – the guy isn’t bad but has actually made quite a lot of shit signings .
    A few more months of this and Brenda will be booted out.

  9. Mike adamski

    We all know why wenger wouldn’t go to madrid .

    He’d have been found out there and fired after one or two seasons max.

    He’s had a cushy job with us for too long . 8million a year , he isn’t worth it anymore .

  10. gambon

    Nigel tufnel

    You are one of them cunts that sits in your delusional little world telling everyone that every Arsenal player is the best in the world by virtue of the fact that he plays for Arsenal as your only evidence.

    So Theo is amazing and Hazard, despite clearly being a vastly better footballer is average.

    And your criteria for making this decision is based on their stats (where Hazard is superior any way)

    Yet you go on to berate me for comparing eriksen and Ozil

    That would be Eriksen that has scored 10 and assisted 8 vs Ozil who has scored 6 and assisted 10 (both in 32 games since joining the PL)

    The funny thing is you don’t, or certainly didn’t even realise how contradictory your reasoning is

    If you had an IQ of over 50 you’d be dangerous

    Oh and try not to invent things. I never said Eriksen was better than Ozil. I said I don’t think Ozil is better business than Eriksen

    I still stand by that

  11. Gunner2301


    From a CB point of view we need a vocal organiser at the back who will put their arse on the line their head in where it doesn’t belong and prepared to bleed for the shirt.
    We’ve had it before we can have it again.

    For my captain I’d want someone who will lead by example accept responsibility understand what the team is supposed to execute each game according to a plan and bollock people if necessary if they are not doing their jobs properly.

    Fairly straight forward requirements really.

  12. Cesc Appeal

    People interviewed after the match on Arsenal Fan TV seem to now be more leaning toward Wenger Out…lots of them talking about the massive divide between Arsenal fans now

  13. MidwestGun

    Gunner 2301 –
    Yesterday I said maybe Sanchez once he gets past the language barrier for Captain, seems to have some of those criteria. But your right our,back 4 plus cdm is sadly lacking organization and awareness. How many times have we seen runners ignored with defenders heads turned, ball watching?

  14. alex cutter

    Why do you fucking Brits think Kronke has any interest at all in changing the status quo?

    Wenger is guaranteeing him a health profit every year. All the while keeping the squad in the “elite” levels of international soccer.

    He doesn’t give a shit about Arsenal. Just as he doesn’t give a shit about the teams he owns in the country where he actually lives.

    What reason does he have for changing stuff up? He’s got another five years of Wenger, and guaranteed profits. He doesn’t have to tell Wenger not to spend. Kronke already knows that Wenger won’t.

    Also, Rhys Jaggar should start his own blog. Which I would read. And his post about the US/UK earlier this week was dismissed as conspiracy nuttery. Time will prove him more accurate than you think. Brit soccer fans, the game will never again be as good as it is now, as American TV money will steadily degrade the sport.

    Also, N5 is a good guy, and I apologize for going after him recently.

  15. tunnygriffboy

    We look short on confidence. I wonder if the reason we are seeing so many safe sideways and back passes is because there is a worry that if we concede possession the likely hood is our DM and defence won’t be able to handle the counter. This must sap confidence


    Really sad there’s quite an acrimonious split in the fan base. It may get worse before it gets better. Too many have entrenched views.

  16. Cesc Appeal


    I think its all shifting a bit, scrolling through those comments it’s now by far the pro-Wenger people who get nasty almost right away now, they start off with “he’s done so much” then they proceed to insults and “go support Chelsea.”

    I’m feeling a few Brighton away style punch ups coming our way, potentially this weekend in Sunderland if things go bad. Which if he plays the 4-1-4-1 and Wilshere and Ramsey together it may just.

    What’s really worrying as well is Sanchez doesn’t look happy at all right now – very Ozil like only he plays our of his skin. But the head shaking and the grumbles you could see him mouthing; worrying. Anyone would love to have him, City especially could use a great wideman. Aguero and Sanchez – disgusting thought!

  17. Ozenal

    I think it is easy to blame one person, perhaps all too easy. And personally I feel it is a little unfair on Wenger.

    For we would not even be in the champions league had we not been submitting to his formula with limited players for years and years, together with two rival clubs who hate Arsenal ripping the ripest fruit from the Arsenal tree and leaving us with money and a chief exec who can’t push through deals. We all know this isn’t Wengers fault as he isn’t in the deal making process.

    He identified Mata, Hazard, Cech, Varane before anyone had even heard of them and even though we went for them didn’t sign them. That wasn’t one man’s fault. But a combination of problems. Starting with a tight fisted boardroom and a chief exec who can’t manage to persuade players in the face of aggressive wages from Chelsea and Man City, who don’t seem to have any scouting policy except following Arsenal, Liverpool and Man United’s scouts around and gazumping at the last minute, only to put said players on the bench…

    Blaming Wenger when he is actually being a gentlemen and not trying to continue the ridiculous blame game everyone seems to be playing is just ridiculous.

    No other manager could have managed to keep the club from going to administration or tougher times (look how many clubs are even making profit after a new stadium which hasn’t been bankrolled… even Real Madrid had to sell their training ground and cheat the tax payers via the corrupt council, Barca have done shady dealings and well Italy is a whole other level!) with such rubbish materials.

    So really the arguments that it is ALL down to one man is dangerously over simplistic and I don’t see what it achieves…

  18. Ozenal

    … to clarify, Wenger could easily blame the board and chief exec but he doesn’t. And secondly, the continuity in tactics is actually keeping us consistent and hence 4th (i.e. keeping us in the champions league).

    Without which we wouldn’t have a chance to attract any players to challenge for any silverware at all.

    Now go think about that argument again and think about how we can help Wenger rather than just abuse one single man who obviously has the club at heart and has taken a longer term view of the club.

  19. Ozenal

    By keeping consistency players such as Ramsey would never have had a chance if you believe we should be changing managers and tactics all the time…

  20. Cesc Appeal


    That was ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous.

    Wenger could blame the board? What the board who gave him an £8 Million three year deal a few months back? The board that have stated it is solely down to HIM what goes on with the football; I suppose actually yeah we can ALL blame them for that.

    You make numerous claims that no one can substantiate at all. No other manager could have done what he did…well how do you prove or disprove that??!!

    So the tactics, formation, line ups and squad aren’t down to Wenger then?

    You guys are reaching now, really reaching. The majority of your post was unsubstantiated claims about the PAST.

  21. Thorough

    I was pushed to check this up after the Bob’s tantrum and what I found is simply shocking:
    Arsenal vs. Crystal Palace August 16: Ox for Wilshere at 69th minute with game tied at 1-1, we improve drastically and scored a winner at the last minutes.
    Everton vs. Arsenal August 23rd: Wilshere off for Campbell at 74th minute with Arsenal 2goals down. We scored on 83rd and 90th, and could have gone ahead to win it.
    Villa vs. Arsenal 20th September: Jack Wilshere left on the bench till 77th and we had our best game by a mile.
    Arsenal vs. Tottenham, 27th Sept: Wilshere substituted at 62nd minute and we got our equalizer on the 74th minute.
    Arsenal vs. Hull City: Wilshere goes off on minute 68 and we got our equalizer on 90th minute and could have won it if we converted the chances that we created.
    That’s five matches out of eight. For the three that I left out Wilshere has been fair-glorious against Man City, pathetic against Chelsea in which he lost our best chance of going level and of course everybody was shit against Leicester, Wilshere inclusive I guess.
    So at this rate our poster boy playmaker is having one good game in eight, 1 goal and 2 assists in 8games and you think Bob shouldn’t shoot him? So, if he keeps up this his so called ‘good form’ we should expect 4-6goals and 10 assists from the playmaker of the great Arsenal? I won’t be the judge. If we really are counting on Wilshere to be our playmaker then either something is really really wrong with the Arsenal or we just don’t intend to win the best trophies anytime soon.

  22. karim

    Lille 0
    Everton 0

    Origi is a great signing by Liverpool, mark my words
    Idrissa Gueye bossed the midfield and will end up in the Premier League
    We’d be inspired to scout him imo

    Off to watch Inter vs St Etienne

  23. Wengers Plastic Bottle


    change your name to delusi-onal

    So it’s not Wenger fault for picking the team?

    It’s not Wengers fault for not bringing the right player for that postion?

    I’,m going to say this and be controversial Wenger dont want Ozil

    Playing him on the left? why

    He can’t handle that type of superstar player

    Hes done with.

  24. Joe


    Fuck it. I give up.

    With supporters like ozenal there is no way there will be enough in the stands to rid arsenal of wenger

  25. northern gooner

    Wenger staying for the money or not wanting to go to madrid is nonsense.
    Even managers who achieve nothing in a full career still flit from job to job and get paid very well. Infact i think football managers have the best job.
    Wenger could go to madrid get sacked after a couple of years then still get a top job on top money.
    If “Fuck off” mourinho won nothing at chelsea for the next 3 years he could still walk into any other team.
    At his age i dont even think its about money for wenger. Its about control. He wouldnt get it anywhere else.
    Cant knock him for hes done for arsenal. But im counting down til 2017.

  26. Goongoonergone

    When I read posts by Ozenal, I realise why Wenger lives in a world of delusion; there’s still so many like Ozenal still bleating: “In Wenger we trust!”
    Ozenal, every week I see Kroenke, disguised as Wenger, managing the team on the touchline, fighting with the fourth official, substituting players in the 67 minute, kicking water bottles, lacking any knowledge of a game plan if it ever exists in Kroenke’s empty head, talking down to journalists, talking the same old shit for God knows how long – poor Kroenke, masquerading as Wenger.
    You can’t make it up, Ozenal.

  27. JK

    Thank god for sanity aka Ozenal.
    We definitely have problems, but all the criticism achieves nothing. We can’t change anything.
    Do you all think AW reads this blog and says, “That’s the answer. Why didn’t I

  28. ArseneBgone

    Sir you are a deluded person, or just a plain bigot, I haven’t figured which one yet. Arsene is the main problem here, or I suppose you’d rather have that Uzbekistan criminal running Arsenal ?? I’m not trying to say Stan’s the man, but geez talk about hating on America, you sir are a bigot, remember you’d be speaking Deutsch right now if it wasn’t for Americans, and no I’m not one (Danish)

  29. Zacharse

    Why aren’t we playing a front line of sanchez welbeck and campbell

    ox cazorla and jack look shit

    why aren’t some of our youth players called up for defensive shortages, I honestly (stupid.stupid) thought that maybe wankers decision not to bring in defensive players was due to his promoting of some of the youth team, stupid me

  30. Gunner2301

    “Sorry, but’s that BS. He took a decent side, added some excellent players and won the league immediately.”We’ve come full circle, because that’s what the next guy will have to do, take an alright side and add some excellent players, revolutionise the training and internal structures and go forward.


    As the light is turned out the door creaks open and slams shut and a tinkle of the key falling from the letter box to the floor echos down the hallway as Wenger finally leaves.

  31. alex cutter


    Yeah. I was born and raised in the U.S. .

    And while I’m proud to be American — as much as it’s possible to be proud of something you have no control over — you’d have to be naive to think that the sport is headed in any direction other than downwards with the influx of big $$$.

  32. Gunner2301

    “Really sad there’s quite an acrimonious split in the fan base. It may get worse before it gets better. Too many have entrenched views”

    I can’t remember another manager that has divided fans like Wenger has. Sad thing is he’s aware of it but does nothing to try to bring the fans back together, which if he really did love the club it would hurt him to much to see the affect he’s having on the fan base.

  33. Thorough

    Arsene has sapped the life out of Arsenal. His testosterone has run dry and his sterility is gradually telling on the club. Don’t think me a perv*rt but I was thinking sex all through yesterday as we played/joked around without the littlest idea what we were doing or supposed to be doing. D*mn it, even thinking yesterday a sexcapade, can someone really beat-chestingly tell me he could pinpoint the woman from the man between the two teams?

  34. Blsany

    This Ozenal guy is insane.His post doesnt take into account the lack of tactics,injuries,no organization,no dm,wilshire and ramsey playing together and lastly usual subs 67 minute.Why cant we play like Anderlecht last night when we need points against TOP teams?

  35. Thorough

    And people should stop this sh*t about everybody going before we get better. We were the second highest spenders the last transfer window, only that we were busy buying more bricks instead of fixing our leaking roof. That is not Kroenke or Gazidis’ fault, it is Wenger’s, pure and simple. Even Chelsea were prudent, they bought their needs (Costa and Fabregas) from what they sold (Luiz). It is even more painful to know that Wenger knows exactly what we need but wont dare pay the price. Why spend the whole summer haggling over few millions and failing to get Cavarlho. If that was Mourinho i bet he sells Podolski and Campbell if he needs to and get exactly what they need. Let Wenger go first. If the other bridges need crossing we will know after this goofball leaves. Wenger out…wholeheartedly.

  36. Gunner2301

    Yes Midwest

    I’ve got a spud mate who hates Kane for some reason.
    His hatred of Ade I can understand 🙂 not sure what’s wrong with Kane. He doesn’t rate Townsend says he’s been found out and wants Lennon and Kyle Walker gone Lol. He could be a Gunner in disguise 🙂

  37. Blsany

    Pretty much mate.Its like we dont even train together.I mean am i insane in thinking that these players should know each others way of playing or are we still in the gelling period.Sanchez should just leave honestly.He is a winner doesnt deserve to play for that fraud of manager.Wenger talks a good game but he is fucking scared to even compete.

  38. kwik fit

    Tottenham playing ASTERAS TRIPOLIS. Who are they I hear you say.

    There a small team from north London

    Cracks me up every time 🙂

  39. N5

    2301 its amazing mate, pure tekkers. I can’t wait for someone to try and copy it like they did when Henry did a goal like that and to see them fall over.

  40. Gunner2301


    Every time they play I call my spuds mate afterward and take the piss. If I’m not watching it I can’t take the piss about Ade still being offside after 15 yrs in the league lol especially as he hates Ade.

  41. reality check

    JKOctober 23, 2014    19:10:48
    Thank god for sanity aka Ozenal.
    We definitely have problems, but all the criticism achieves nothing. We can’t change anything.
    Do you all think AW reads this blog and says, “That’s the answer. Why didn’t I

    It’s the we can’t change anything attitude though. Isn’t it our club? Isn’t Wenger at the end of the day, an employee, entrusted with the aim of doing the best for our club?

    Imagine, if he blatantly said /f**k arsenal and f**k the fans/ would we still say, “well, we can’t change anything”

    Of course not, so mabey wenger isn’t disrespecting paying fans especially, with obnoxious words, but he has been the last few years disrespecting season ticket holders especially, with his obnoxious behaviour.

    His behaviour, and his blatant disregard for the money fans spend on the club, warrants more than a “we can’t change anything” attitude.

    How much of our money and trust is being pissed away on wages for players who don’t deserve it? Players who don’t even deserve to wear the shirt. Let alone get paid to!!??

    Bottom line is, you’re probably right, in real terms we can’t change anything. Still, it doesn’t mean we have to put up with this behaviour/negligence in silence.

    Don’t underestimate the power of social media.

    Not to long ago, Legrove was the stranger in the pack.

    Today, Legroves the leader of the pack.

    And them numbers is growing..

    Check out AFTV after Anderlecht, and remember… we won that game.

  42. Thank you and goodnight

    @Alex Cutter

    The games already been ruined by money mate. Sad but not the game most of us 40 + grew up with that’s for sure. And I agree it will get worse. Sad really, look at the FA Cup nowadays, unless your a small club like Arsenal :D, it’s not THE second biggest trophy to play for anymore and to the big boys it’s pretty much meh. Who remembers when we were kids watching the run up to the final which usually started between 11-12 on football focus. You’d watch highlights of the games that got them to the final, interviews with players and watched as the coach drove to Wembley from their hotel. While all the time playing out how the game would go in your living room with a sponge ball trying to be careful not to break anything. Ha ha ha. Fuck those were the days

  43. Carts

    Ozy – what’s so hard to comprehend by what I wrote. Being pedantic as if what I wrote doesn’t make any sense.

    Ox’s athleticism is something we severely lack. Take a look around its bee that way for half a dozen seasons if not more.

    I’m not saying Ox is playing at full potential; but imho his ceiling is higher than a lot of us realise. He’s simply being managed terribly or he’s not applying himself IF he is in fact being managed correctly.

    Lord knows what Ox would be like if managed by Rodgers.

  44. Blsany

    I have a mate and he is extra down on fridays.I just ask him how the Spursday went he goes mental.Hates Kane and tweets racist messages to Adebywhore.
    Sad cunt eh?

  45. Gunner2301


    we could change things if we had the balls to but we don’t. Newcastle fans will get a manager out when they need to. West Ham got Allardyce to change his style of play unheard of for him. United fans turned on Moyes despite him getting Fergies backing. We are too quiet and accepting. I don’t believe the fans that would have shown Wenger the door are still going to matches they’ve been cleansed out “gentrified”.

  46. Gunner2301


    I would go back to those days in a heartbeat. The thing is younger fans think we’re glory hunters because we complain about Arsene. It’s not even about the winning but they don’t get it. I think you have to be from that era to get it. Just as a contrast Wilshire couldn’t go down every 2 minutes like he does he’d have been called a sissy and got sold lol.

  47. karim


    Pretty boring but I wanted to see how Lille would cope with a good PL side
    thought they should have won this one tbh

    Yeah I know but what a midfielder, technical, tough , tactically aware, he has it all

    As for Origi, yes he s signed a few months ago but Lille managed to keep him another year

    Serie A definitely isn t what it used to be, an average St etienne is causing a lot of trouble to Inter at Milan with a good Florentin Pogba tonight, still no goals though

  48. Shaun Wilson

    This is the season where arsenal do not make a dramatic late push to secure the coveted fourth place. This is the season where better teams crush us without breaking sweat and lesser teams find out how to play against us. This is the season where certain people in power realise that the loss of championship football coupled with a growing pervasive realisation that Wenger’s time is up, is sure to result in the golden goose that is AFC, yielding a meager return of gilded eggs. This could be the season where, because of all this, we will begin to get our team back. It’s gone a bit too far to be instantly rectifiable, but with the appointment of a manager with a vision, coupled with our money, we will begin to be the club we know we should be again…Or alternatively, we could just sit back and watch things seriously slide for the next three years. How do we avoid this? There must be a precedent for eradicating the problem that is the Wenger regime. We have to stop this soon.

  49. Arsenewonga

    RSPCA and tyag. ….agreed about the money in football.

    It used to be the champions of their respective leagues entered into the European cup….the top boys of each league representing the best of the it’s just a Load of bollox whereby European minnows are in pot one,I.e arsenal FC …no european credentials of note…

    Sad…because wenger has one target ……4th…

    A shit show

  50. northern gooner

    If anyone is out there. I have just finished season 1 of gamorrah.
    Anyone struggling for somethin to watch and who doesnt mind subtitles get on it.
    Best 1st season i have seen since the wire.

  51. Goondawg

    Good post Pedro

    Arsenal main strength is supposed to be possession and passing. However every game this season I’ve seen us get outplayed. Like what the fuck is wrong with this team. Apart from Sanchez there is no spark. I swear I’m so close to supporting Chelsea. They’ve got my boy cesc and he’s making them play how we used to. Arsenal are moving like utd from last season! Its a joke,Wengers time is up. That win against anderlecht is welcoming, but with a squad like ours we should be smashing them off the park. Papering over the cracks. If we dont get a result against a shoddy sunderland side that let in 8 last week, then heads will have to roll. Surely?

  52. N5

    “Apart from Sanchez there is no spark. I swear I’m so close to supporting Chelsea.

    Goondawg don’t ever say that mate, you’d sell your soul to the devil.

  53. Goondawg

    Hahaha N5 I jest! I jest! I would never support the filthy scum! I spoke in anger and frustations at wenger boiled over lol. I would support perhaps a roman-esque cheque from Kroenke to help us, but more likelihood of arsenal winning the league than that.

    I do love cesc though. Always will have a soft spot in my heart. Cant see him returning to arsenal though, would love it. But mourinho seems to want to get him captaincy after Terry. Did enjoy his bit when questioned by the media about the possibility of chelsea doing an invincibles.

    Also its no great mystery that Ozil is not thrilled at life at Arsenal. And seems Sanchez is fast becoming disillusioned as well.

  54. fourthisatrophy

    It’s not just the 8 million quid in wages that irritate, it’s the 3 million this squib gets in bonuses, presumably for making 4th and getting CL qualification, in total 11 million quid a year, that is the reason this relic won’t go, that and his over inflated ego, and self importance

  55. Bamford13

    From The Telegraph:

    “Per Mertesacker has a delivered a blunt appraisal of Arsenal’s struggles this season, admitting that the squad lacks confidence and must work harder in training to have more variation in their playing style.

    “We are not at our best,” Mertesacker, the Arsenal vice-captain, said. “Football-wise we lack a few things. We have to be honest to ourselves and train harder. Everyone knows that it is a difficult start to the season for us and confidence is not how we want it. Again, it is away from home on Saturday and again I think we have to do better with our own possession, to put more pressure on them [opponents], not to lose so many balls in the middle of the park, to play more in wide areas.

    “I think it is better to expose them there, instead of playing one-twos through the middle. It doesn’t work as much as last season, so we have to work on that. The passing game is not as efficient as last year. But all of a sudden we lose players week-by-week.”

  56. Ozenal

    The tactics formation etc are of course Wenger’s, but if Chelsea, United, City had to deal with the transfer windows that Arsenal have had. You would realise that we are very very fortunate to be in the champions league at all.

    Tactics formations etc will never work in the face of players who aren’t world class. Look at Dortmund now their best players have been poached, they are trying to play the same tactics and formation but simply can’t manage with what they can bring in… Not so long ago every was singing Klopp’s praises, does it make him a bad manager now? Klopp and Wenger have a similar way of working in that they will keep to the same tactics in general because it is easier for players to adapt into such a complex style which is based on fluidity and movement. You can’t just expect players to walk into it and start playing like you would in a 442 direct. Or maybe people would prefer to see such a style employed at Arsenal. But then that affects youth team recruitment and their training for example.

    If Arsenal was full of world class players who were tactically astute you could change formation and tactics to suit. But we don’t and not many teams can. In fact almost none do that. Unless you are talking about Mourinho and his anti-football.

    Footballing structure aside, I’m simply saying or trying to point out that blaming one person is pointless and counterproductive and is equally as delusional as considering the past (which in the case of transfers is actually highly relevant).

  57. Ozenal

    What I feel people don’t realise is that Wenger’s methods go beyond just winning games, it is winning games and also building for the future.

    I’m not saying it is as simplistic as blooding more youth players, which he does more than any other top 4 team. It is more about how he treats each individual player and gives them an opportunity to express themselves and become a world class player.

    Of course not every player will become one, but if your management is solely game by game, then how many players would become world class?

    With such a high ratio of improvement in his players, this is what has kept us in the top 4 for so long. It’s why Arsenal always finish a season so strongly.

    Without the combination of player performance improvement, financial value, teamwork and style of play, Arsenal wouldn’t have the foundations to be able to reach the top 4 financially or competitively.

    Breaking more than that into the top echelon’s of european football is of course the target, but that will take some years to do and we must be patient. The next couple of transfer windows could prove the making or breaking…

  58. Leedsgunner

    Dear Per

    If you want change have a quiet word with the manager.

    No wait, don’t.

    He’ll probably tell you that you don’t know anything (despite your 100 plus international caps and long club career) ask you why you are looking at him and tell you that you don’t listen very well. Figure it out for yourself, you and I both know Wenger doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    P.s If you think lack of confidence is at the root of your problems, think again.

  59. Thank you and goodnight

    Ha ha ha. 2 seasons 2 quality players signed in Ozil and Sanchez. Yet it’s taken both players 2-3 months into their debut seasons to realise how poor Arsenal have become under wenger. Sammi khedira to join. …..ha ha ha, like fuck. All you AKB’S enjoy your hero because by the time le twat leaves we’ll be lucky to be a top 10 team and have any decent players left.

  60. Wallace

    fascinating article in the Telegraph says Atletico only recieved £14.5m of the Diego Costa transfer money. apparently there was a third party involved. an investment group with links to Chelsea.

    “Documents emerged this year that appeared to show Chelsea have been – and may well still be – involved with one of the Jersey-based ‘Quality’ companies, which in turn were said to have received advice from the club’s former chief executive, Peter Kenyon, and the Portuguese super-agent, Jorge Mendes. That poses a pertinent question: Is it possible Chelsea had some kind of financial interest in Costa prior to signing him?”

  61. John S

    Agree again – we have been drab & terrible so far this season & should have lost against Anderlecht. I’m up at Sunderland this week & am sadly not expecting anything different – wouldn’t be surprised if we lose! Resigned to being 20 points off the top two come the end of the season & scrabbling for 4th spot, at some stage, we will finish outside the top 4 & on the evidence of performances so far this season, I suspect it may be this one!

  62. MidwestGun

    Tactics formations etc will never work in the face of players who aren’t world class.
    Huh? Double negative alert. Lol
    Ozenal –
    Congratulations on receiving the Keyser award of excellence for writing approximately 10000 words which make absolutely no sense. Wouldn’t even know where to begin debating with that mess. I think your Google translate is broken.

  63. MidwestGun

    TY&GN –
    Just now saw your comment on Joe Green. Steel curtain was awesome. They were kind of the backdrop to my youth. A little before my time. But they had
    Some amazing characters back when the NFL wasn’t so PC.

  64. Bankz


    Let me help you.
    So in summary, all you’ve been trying to say all day is Arsene Wenger is a tactical genius & the best manager in the world!

    We “worthless” people who happen to be Arsenal fans are fortunate to have him as our manager & he does it for free. Since we aee so poor as compared to the other top4 teams that we have a higher wage bill than Chelsea & Liverpool.

    He doesn’t even earn £8 million because he’s the king of everything pro-bono.
    I say give Lord Arsene Wenger a life contract now!!

    P’S – I think Man United have blooded more youths than us before & after the ultimate PROJECT YOUTH failure’.

  65. Leedsgunner


    Ifthat article about 3rd party article is true, surely Chelsea should be punished — not with a fine as fines are meaningless but with points being docked for using who is effectively an ineligible player… at worst they should disallow his goals in the EPL to stand.

    I thought after Carlos Tevez/Javier Mascherano debacle involving third parties and West Ham — that all such transactions were barred in the EPL.

    That sanction against Chelsea, with point being deducted is what a principled organisation would do. I doubt they will though. I suspect Chelsea will be hit with a meaningless fine (which is like chump change for Roman’s kids) and the season will continue onwards.

  66. peanuts&monkeys

    Ozil wants to leave. Mertz is not motivated. WTF!!!! The senile egoist is still screwing Arsenal fans. And, the AKBs are plain and simple delusional. Loser club. Gone down the drains.

  67. Moray

    I would just like to say; all enmities aside, congratulations to Tottenham on their towering win yesterday over a side I’ve never heard of in a country I didn’t know played football. Their first European win of the season in fact. Hurrah!

  68. Wallace


    apparently the transfer itself only involved the two clubs. so no rules broken. it was only how the 32m got divided up which is interesting.

  69. Thank you and goodnight


    What makes me laugh at these people is the excuse of their being a ‘ long term plan’. Just how Fucking long is this plan? It’s been 10 years so far and we’re still no nearer to completion of this long term plan. Honest to god we could lose every game from now till he leaves 30 nil, be dragged down to division 2 and still people would say it’s part of the long term goal. For the love of Arsenal FC please please please someone rescue the club from the hell that is kroenke and Wenger. Jesus. A club like anderlecht who have finished bottom of their champions league group 7 years running and who have failed to win a CL game in last 2 years, are made to look like barca and real combined by the ineptitude of Wenger. …..Yet the dumb AKB’S still wank over him.

  70. Nasri's Mouth

    @Wallace / Leeds

    The rule about no third party ownership in the PL may not have been broken, but the concern is that Chelsea might have already been involved in his ownership through another company. Add that in to the whole Mendes connection and it’s pretty shady.
    Shows why whether TPO is banned worldwide or not, it certainly needs to be properly regulated.

  71. Dark Hei


    Apologies for the aggression you are getting. Many folks here are venting their frustration and you are fair game as far as they are concerned.

    I can’t agree with you in 2014. I would have agreed with you back in 2010.

    Wenger, IMO, isn’t going developmental mode. He is clearly trying to push on. But he isn’t coaching the 4-1-4-1 into the team which is why they are struggling.

    I haven’t seen an Arsenal side under Wenger struggle this much. The only time I could think of was the season end to the 2009/2010 and the start of the 2010/2011 season. The difference is this time round, the team has greater spirit which is kind of bailing him out at the moment with heart-attack inducing last minute goals.

    He has no excuses this time as the spine of the team is intact, despite the injuries. The lack of fluidity in the team is very frustrating.

  72. leprofessorknowsbest

    “So in summary, all you’ve been trying to say all day is Arsene Wenger is a tactical genius & the best manager in the world! ”

    He’s not ?? lol

    Good morning by the way…
    Wenger out == >> Nothing original but I don’t know what else to say.

  73. reality check

    I feel sorry for those who still believe.

    It’s going to hit them the hardest. Oh yeah they’ll put a brave face on and pump their chests out.

    Deep down they’ll know.

    I mean their argument as why Wenger has struggled is a proof in and of itself that he can’t win. He can’t ever be successful again and in fact, it’ll only get worse.

    Their reasoning for his failure is a proof against their own argument to keep him.

    It madness I tells ya!

  74. Bankz


    It’s pathetic when I try to debate AKBs.
    Their perspective of everything Arsene Wenger is totally different from what a reasonable man thinks/sees.

    10years after the Invincibles & we worry if we’d get points off Sunderland tomorrow.
    The same Sunderland who got spanked 7 ways to Sunday by Southampton. The same Southampton who got plundered through the summer by Liverpool, United & us.

  75. ArseneWengersTurtleHead

    The AKBS are not Arsenal supporters or have probably only supported Arsenal since Wengers Reign so they have nothing else to gauge it against – thats all i can think of for the reason that they are fucking fools? either that or they have just come over from Rugger or the theatre ? ?!

    I would like to know the demographic of AKB’s as opposed to the Wengeroutters?

    Me i have been a fan since 1978, first game attended in 1981 – when it was fun!

  76. Keith Soley

    Unfortunately, I agree with the comments from the other Arsenal supporters. Wenger has been a source of frustration for years now. He never seems to be on the same page as anyone else. If we needed a CB he would steadfastly refuse to get one. f we needed a Goaltender same problem. Transfer window after transfer window he would haggle over the price of targeted players, for months
    until another team scooped them up. So many good players wanted to join us over the years but Arsene would ignore them and the player would sign with another team. Hiquin, Cahill and worst of all Cesc. He shows no feel for the game anymore constantly playing proven players in unfamiliar roles. They don’t produce, the fans get on their case and they lose their confidence.Worse, he gets his hands on superb young talent and then doesn’t play them which over time kills their confidence. Look at OX, Wilshere, all the good young forwards that get a chance, score a goal and then are never seen on the pitch again. Even our highest paid player Podolski, a proven scorer, has had enough and wants to leave. Why. He seldom plays even as a sub. We are witnessing a modern day tragedy from everyones viewpoint. ARSENE IS SO FAR PAST BEING COMPETENT ANY LONGER THAT GOOD PLAYERS SIMPLY REFUSE TO JOIN THE CLUB. How we got Sanchez I’ll never understand. OZIl, rated as one of the best 10s in the world. When he plays in that role he dominates. Unfortunately
    he is forced into an outside position where he languishes.. This happens all the time too so many players on our teams the past 5 years plus. So sad, for all concerned, the players, the fans and the empty trophy case……

  77. Emiratesstroller

    It is clear to most supporters now that the club made a mistake in extending Wenger’s contract for reasons expressed on so many occasions. It is also
    highly unlikely that Wenger will leave on his own volition or that the Board
    will sack him.

    Also I think that most posters must recognise that at the moment there is not
    many options on account of our injuries to the way that the club can play.

    What needs to be done whatever the cost is to recruit in January quality and
    physically strong Centre Back and Defensive Midfielder.

    The team needs then to be reconfigured with in my view a 4-2-3-1 formation
    and not the one we are playing at moment.

    Wenger needs then to make a decision on the balance of his team and what is
    his 1st X1.

    My selection for 1st X1

    GK Szczesny
    RB Debuchy
    CB Mertesacker or new CB
    CB Koscielny
    LB Gibbs
    CM new DMF
    CM Ramsey [not playing particularly well, but offers more than Wilshire]
    RW Walcott
    AM Ozil
    LW Sanchez
    ST Welbeck or Giroud


    GK Ospina + Martinez
    RB Chambers [4th string CB]
    CB New Player or Mertesacker
    LB Monreal
    CM Arteta
    CM Wilshire
    ST Welbeck or Giroud

    Flamini [Squad Filler]
    Coquelin [Transfer/Loan]
    Diaby [Squad Filler/Loan]
    Rosicky [Transfer]
    Campbell[ Transfer/Loan]
    Sanogo [Transfer/Loan]
    Gnabry [Loan/Bench Filler]