Future coach battle is on this evening!

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Happy Tuesday, I hear that Nigeria and Senegal are Ebola free. Patrick Vieira and Nwankwo Kanu were at the forefront of that good fight. Well played guys, well played. I’m not though. So carry on as you were…

Moving on to today’s post. Interesting story doing the rounds about Stan Kroenke and his henchman getting a journo fired from his job for speaking out against the KSE massive. Mans making noise about underperformance… gets the P45 bullet in the post.

Bad times. Amazing that an exec could take that much of an issue against a little old journo. Amazing he’d get any satisfaction from having someone fired. Incredible that anyone can have influence that allows that sort of spoilt brat behaviour any air time.

You can’t really do that over here. What you can do is use access for silence on all sorts of issues. We’ve seen that, haven’t we? So many of the big boy journalists keep things to themselves in case they upset the club. The lack of interest when it comes to investigating our injuries / shocking approach to scouting is purposeful ignorance. Sad times when that’s the game you have to play. No wonder media brands are in the shit.ย Sad thing is it’s creeping over into the amateur game. Blogs are succumbing. How many of the major players in my realm have a blended media role or a back handed tie up?

It’s gross.

Here, we’ll never shirk calling a spade a spade. The only thing that would silence Le Grove is an amazon gift voucher, or an XBox one.

JUST KIDDING. Computer games are for kids who wear replica shirts.

Onto some real meaty football goodness. Champions League football starts tonight. The big game I’ll be paying close attention to is the Roma game. I have hardons for both their coaches. Pep apparently wants to come to England, which excites me. Both are tactical masters with very good squads. You’d have to imagine Bayern will be too powerful, but you never know. It’ll be a fun game I’d imagine. Hopefully it isn’t a bore fest… you know what the Italians can play like.

Arsenal have a keeping crisis for, like, for one game only. Well, actually, it’s a bit deeper than that, because really we should have more than 2 keepers capable of playing. It’s not unfathomable that Arsenal would have an injury crisis. Who knew Ospina and Diaby wore the same brand of debilitating trainers as kids? So, we have Martinez, who apparently did pretty well on loan last season. Whether he can make the jump is yet to be seen… then we haveย Huddart, 17, or Vickers, 18. Both sound very English. At the very least, they’ll have a nice away trip.

So that’ll be exciting. You’d imagine Anderlecht will be shooting on site to unsettle our number three. Hopefully we can dominate the game and not have to see that play out.

Lukas Podolski had to come out and tell Twitter he wasn’t going to Spurs. Pretty unlikely move for Pochettino who likes to play a pressing game. It is clear that Wenger wants rid of the German. Pretty clear he’s not interested on that salary. Not that I mind, he’s a good personality to have around the club and he’s a winner.ย Also, Issac Hayden, late seventies soul singer, has picked up an injury.

It’s not looking good, is it?

Still, we should have enough for this one. It’s Anderlecht. Right? Am I right?

Yeah, I’m right. Enjoy the games tonight!

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  1. ughelligunner

    Midwest, what am i wrong about?
    Is that an arsenal.com site?
    People on here were saying for a fact that szschny was on 100k and flamini on 50k but i see different figures there. Who is saying the fact. That’s what smooth tongue Gazidis is saying, those figures out there are misinterpreted.

  2. N5

    Ug, honestly mate, it’s far to late for me to go into it and you’re so pro-wenger you won’t be changed anyway.

    I’m not anti or pro wenger, I just call things as I see them, I’ve never said Wenger out and still haven’t, but I do think Klopp is the better manager of the two, maybe not early days Wenger but we can’t live on our history forever.

  3. tunnygriffboy


    I beg to differ. Last time I went for a swim I was dragging my knob behind me coming out of the sea. People started laughing. All I could muster to say was ‘ it always shrinks when it gets cold ‘ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. tunnygriffboy


    I beg to differ abiut you having the biggest todger. Last time I went for a swim I was dragging my knob behind me coming out of the sea. People started laughing. All I could muster to say was ‘ it always shrinks when it gets cold ‘ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. ughelligunner

    Giroud is stated as been paid 100k and you believe that shit account?
    Even wenger would prefer to play as a top nine tan give giroud a 100k that’s fact.

  6. N5

    Also Ug, ironically, by agreeing with London you are admitting Wenger is a one trick pony that can’t adapt to change, that’s what I was disagreeing about, I was suggesting Klopp can change to suit.

    It’s always amusing when someone in either extreme twists themselves up into going against themselves.

  7. ughelligunner

    N5, i am also all for a change but not when we give one excuse to another and deprive the other of that same same excuse.

  8. Thank you and goodnight


    Ha ha ha. Fair play to you…..but….

    you ever seen that famous pic of Loch Ness monster with his head out the water?? Never said anything till now but it was actually my half erect cock as i was swimming naked on my back in the loch underwater. Water was cold that day too ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. N5

    Ug, I stuck up for Wenger for years, you couldn’t have been here to see it.

    Tunny and TYAG I was told as a child in school that the Native Americans had the longest cocks and the Italians had the fattest, so women knew what to expect from me, I legally changed my name to Tonto Pavarotti.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    Right what is going on with the comments, been crap all night, now you can’t go back onto a previous page so I have no idea if anyone has replied to me

    First KSE get someone sacked in the US; now they are cyber attacking Le Grove!

  11. N5

    I can even tell you the moment I stopped supporting Wenger, it was close of last January’s Transfer window when we signed KK, I thought I can’t make anymore excuses for this lunatic. And to be honest I’m surprised so many still can.

    We’re always one or two players short of challenging, we’re always negligent of buying players for much needed positions and there is only so much you can defend.

  12. ughelligunner

    Lol. Wenger not changing, everybody changes knowing or unknowingly, why do we complain of wenger changing from monster dm to midget midfielders?
    The truth, and wenger knows this is that no matter how had you try, we can’t win the epl with our lot.
    You think worldclass coaches don’t have a pattern they keep repeating?
    I know of morhino tactics in any big match, it is the same. He goes for a draw and luck out winning by parking the bus.
    The major difference is the materials you have at your disposal.
    We played chelsea and were destroyed by 3 worldclass players. Was it morhino? Or his materials?
    Even my chelsea mate admits to it, that’s why we keep banging for wenger to buy wc players, cos they bail out a team single handedly.

  13. N5

    To go back a page, right click on the page you want to open and then select open link in new tab, its all I’ve been able to do.

  14. N5

    Yeah ug fair enough, if a team win it’s because of the players. Can someone get on the phone to Athletico Madrid then please and tell them they only won the league because of Costa.

    Fucking hell.

  15. Thank you and goodnight

    @N5 a.k.a Tonto

    ha ha ha ha.

    By the way fellas, my wife’s 3 cm dilated and they’ve just broken her waters. What a lovely mental picture to leave you fellows with. Her with her legs in the stirrups with her full on fellaini showing and about to shit herself….ah the joys of childbirth ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. karim

    Congrats Middy, ha ha ha Gervinho of all players ..
    Like him as well

    I didn t even watch a second of the game but Bayern is the type of team that won t settle on a 5 goal lead at half time
    Cold blooded killers

  17. ughelligunner

    I am calling a spade a spade, not sticking up for wenger. If you give a name that can do better than wenger then let that name come up with something different that i am not used to/seen all this years.

  18. N5

    Congratulations TYAG and good luck mate, fingers crossed for a quick one.

    Karim, it was really impressive wasn’t it mate, I bet Romford drunk a lot of rums tonight to ease the pain.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    You can’t just produce a name to be better than Wenger, you’ll never accept it for whatever reason!

    There are lots of decent managers out there who are working with resources far, far below Wenger’s but that you can’t totally accurately predict how they’d do.

    Wenger was a bloke who’d been sacked by Monaco and coaching in Japan before we got him!

    “Give me a name better than Wenger” is buried now.

    The last bastion of the pro-Wenger that is, play the fear and unknown card. Yeah someone might come in and do worse than 4th every year; on the other hand a club with more cash than the rest of the league put together and a wage bill higher than most in Europe would likely get a superb calibre manager.

    Really is such a weak, weak argument…well it’s not even an argument. It puts the onus on everyone else to produce a list of names that a pro-Wenger fan will just swat away one by one with no validity to their objections, and equally it’s impossible to say how well that person would do.

  20. ughelligunner

    N5, it works both ways. You have to have a discipline player that would suit your tactics/formation hence no show.
    Who carried us last year? Was it ramsey?
    And when no ramsey this year who is carrying us?
    Last year morhino had poor strikers and he said he had poor strikers.. The ones they had couldn’t do enough..giroud was better than them. lol
    can you imagine athletico winning the league with Sanogo?

  21. N5

    Ug, I’m really struggling to follow your debate. No Madrid couldnt win the league with Sanogo, but who bought Sanogo? Wenger, so is Wenger a good manager or does the team even need one? because after all its the players that win matches.

  22. Cesc Appeal


    Well he’s condemning Wenger but not meaning to.

    He’s blaming the squad, whilst trying to excuse the manager – it doesn’t work.

    If Wenger had arrived this year then maybe that excuse works but…I’m like you bit of a head scrather that one.

  23. N5

    Cesc, I said that earlier to him, he agreed with London on Klopp which meant he agreed that Wenger is a one trick pony as that was what me and London were debating. I said I didn’t think Klopp was a Wenger clone.

    He then has stated other teams do better because of the players they have, but is also digging at Wenger, the person who bought in our players.

    As he has subconsciously slagged off Wenger twice tonight, I think we have a closet doomer on our hands.

  24. ughelligunner

    cesc, someone that loses his best players, and still comes out top evry year, at the same time producing master class is welcomed.
    Bredan was last years flavor.. Lost suarez and he is back to square one nobody sings his name anymore.
    If it were to bring in somebody without us selling our best players yearly, wenger would have been easily replaced, a long time ago and we would’nt be having this conversation.

  25. Cesc Appeal


    Hope everything goes well mate!

    And you’ll always have your Le Grove family to tell you all about their long, undisturbed nights sleep…you remember those? ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. karim

    Brilliant from Shaktar when you think that their stadium has been partly destroyed by Putinho ( fuck off )

    5 or 6 of their players tried to flee last summer after a game at Lyon !
    They finally agreed to come back as they play their games in a safer place and now they won by 7 goals away at Bate Borisov !
    Nice story

  27. ughelligunner

    N5, i am been fair enough. I see things from the clubs perspective. Maybe because i am not use to winning trophies anymore but still love the club. I look at the angle they want us to come from and try to blend in knowing nothing would change for now cos the club policy is to go slow and steady.
    We might luck out with one or two trophies on the way or not.

  28. karim

    Brilliant from Shaktar when you think that their stadium has been partly destroyed by Putinho ( fuck off )

    5 or 6 of their players tried to flee last summer after a game at Lyon !
    They finally agreed to come back as they play their games in a safer place and now they won by 7 goals away at Bate Borisov !

    Nice story

  29. ughelligunner

    In my opinion, the difference with both pro and anti wenger is, pro readily accept where they arrive at the end of every season while anti refuse to accept it, but they both knew they would never get there. That’s the main reason for most frustration.

  30. salparadisenyc

    One man party on here.

    Put this in the post tomorrow Pedro.

    According to Bayerns Gm

    “We didn’t plan to buy Benatia and Alonso, injuries made us do it
    Javi Martinez covered both positions for us. ”

    1 player down, 2 purchased. Both world class.

    Send that one onto Arsene.

  31. fourthisatrophy

    8 million quid a year, plus 3 million in bonuses for gaining CL qualification, why would anyone go away, this guy needs to be pushed, dictators do not abdicate, they are over thrown

  32. Jeff

    “In my opinion, the difference with both pro and anti wenger is, pro readily accept where they arrive at the end of every season while anti refuse to accept it, but they both knew they would never get there. Thatโ€™s the main reason for most frustration.”

    Absolutely not. The difference is that AKBs think we can’t/couldn’t possibly do any better. Not accepting something after it has happened is plainly stupid and I don’t think any fan does that. It is what could have been done to make us better but wasn’t done that causes the greatest pain.

  33. ughelligunner

    Sal, from that post Bayern also doesn’t plan and are reactionary?
    This is what arsenal have to come up against, we plan for position with a budget and another comes out injured…what do we do? Should we sign a replacement or continue with the plan and look within?

  34. Live by the River

    It’s official

    โ€œI want the team and club to do as well as they can.

    โ€œIt is my dream and I will give absolutely everything UNTIL THE END OF THE SEASON to do it.โ€

    Wenger is off at the end of the season

    You can now sit back and watch as the team implodes…..

  35. N5

    City are fucking priceless, Pelgrini thinks the chanting from the 300 fans allowed in the stadium last night, influenced the referee to give a penalty. What an absolute cunt.

    Is the new baby here yet TYAG?

  36. Leedsgunner


    Many many congrats again, everyone is doing fine, I hope! A new baby in the family is special — and a little ironic considering your moniker on Le Grove…. I suspect you and your missus won’t be getting a “good night’s sleep” for a little while now ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s all worth it though in the end though. Bless! I’ll drink to your honour this weekend mate!

    Well done mate! Chuffed to bits for you!

  37. Bankz

    Gervinho in the UCL game last night.
    Played like a man possessed.
    He could easily have been the MOTM,if not for Arjen Robben’s blinding form

  38. Bankz


    Congrats Man.
    I hope you haven’t got plans to name the baby after Arsene Wenger, since today is his birthday?

  39. Leedsgunner

    Just had a glance at our upcoming games. You know what is sad? In light of our indifferent form in the EPL — drawing to sides like Leicester, Hull etc… I cannot with my hand on heart say there are any games coming up where we are guaranteed 3 points. Given the run we are in we are more than capable of doing a Bradford on all the games coming up.

    Whilst promising us a seat at the top table, where Wenger has led us in reality is into the mid-mediocrity. I hope he can sleep at night…

    Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Why the heck didn’t we buy a decent CB and a DM?

    What a complete muppet.

  40. leprofessorknowsbest

    “I hope you havenโ€™t got plans to name the baby after Arsene Wenger, since today is his birthday?”

    Many other choices : Ivan, Stan…

    Ok not funny sorry.