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I remember a few seasons ago when Arsenal played Sunderland away. We went ahead with a bizarre goal which deflected in off Cesc’s leg. Despite playing poorly, we held on until the dying minutes when Sunderland equalised through Darren Bent.

I remember feeling sick for the whole weekend. I didn’t go out, didn’t talk to anyone, just moped around the house like some brain dead football zombie.

Yesterday when we went behind to Hull, I laughed incredulously and went and bought a bovril. As Hull cynically time wasted for the final 30 minutes of the game I didn’t get angry. And when we equalised in the dying minutes I didn’t feel especially happy.

Why? Well because celebrating scraping a point at home to Hull should be the reserve of Macclesfield Town fans (no offence Macclesfield).

But also because it’s all just become so boring. Arsenal used to be a team that would dazzle and excite you, even when they weren’t winning trophies. Now, outside of a few brilliant individual performances from Sanchez, Welbeck, Bellerin and Campbell, there is nothing exciting about this team.

Pretty much everyone where I sit has resigned themselves to no silverware this season, the real kick in the teeth is we don’t even get to watch good football as a consolation.

What is Wenger’s vision with this team? What kind of football does he want us to play? How is he going to tighten up our defence? How will he get the best out of his best players?

These are questions I genuinely don’t think he knows the answer to anymore and more fool me because I’m going to have to shell out at least another £2,000 hoping that he does.

As I said there were some very encouraging individual displays yesterday, and the first 20 minutes was the best I’ve seen us play all season. But then I’m drawn back to the same questions: why can’t we sustain that performance for longer than the opening 20 minutes; why do we concede from their first shot on target; why do we look so vulnerable from counter attacks from our own corners; why does all our attacking play occur in a very narrow 12 yard strip on the edge of the opposition penalty area; and why is there no urgency about our play until the last 10 minutes.

Yesterday people were quick to blame Flamini for the first goal. I haven’t seen any replays, I’m sure they are right, however I’m bored of blaming personnel. It’s a straw man argument. We have a squad loaded with talent, but we don’t have a manager that can motivate them or set them up tactically to win.

You don’t need a world class player in every position (United won successive titles with Wes Brown and John O’shea). You just need a plan and every player to understand their role in the team. Ask Kieron Gibbs what his instructions were for yesterday, I’m not sure the answer would be clear.

So here we are; our worst start to a season under Arsene, an injury crisis in October and all the furore is directed at a journalist for asking the manager a challenging question.

Only two more years. My advice is to start following another sport, like rowing, that never hurt anybody.

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  1. cbkool (nigerian gunner)

    I’m utterly surprised at the manner in which lot of us comment on Ferguson turning Theo and Jack into top top and classy players, for as much as I am not happy and satisfy with Wenger attitude and approach to matches for almost a decade now, he still gives young chap chance to grow into potentials, how many youth players develope during fergy’s reign compare. To Wenger’s? Fergy would never give a 16 year old a playing time compare that to Wenger trusting Cesc,Jack and theo with playing. Time even in big game, would fergy had done that? No,
    Wenger is not just listening to himself, he’s not learning, he’s not integrating himself into the modern game/tactics/approach. I’m just not happy at all because I was moody and also moved around the house like a wood head on saturday. But was. Light up by the visitof my fiancee on sunday.
    Are we gonna endure this kinda result for 2more yrs? Come to Nigeria and knows what is it to be a Gunner, we have been reduced to a slug, a scum by other Big club supporters but we remain a Gunner and ignores all jibes though painful.
    Hopefully better days ahead.
    Wishing all the injured Guns a speedy recovery .
    Gunners till Christ comes

  2. andy1886

    Lol, Wallace, I’d like to say you were probably well received that day but we were a cruel lot sometimes and I suspect that you were on the end of some good natured ribbing!

    I did get on the Highbury pitch on a few occasions (mostly end of season pitch invasions before they got funny about that sort of thing) my best one though was presenting TH14 with his player of the month award before the home game with the Spuds in November 2003, the Invincibles season.

    Needless to say although we were on the way to an unbeaten season my comment on that they published stated that “although the team wasn’t firing on all cylinders TH14 was as good as ever” Never happy eh? 😉

  3. Wallace


    i was first up, and according to my dad the songs were, for the most part, positive 😉

    and yeah, good to know you’ve always been hard to impress.

  4. Wallace


    yeah, very slow start to the season from the BFG. guess Sagna leaving’s probably partly a factor, and with his replacment injured and Kos also struggling…just thanking god Chambers looks the business.

  5. andy1886

    Not at all Tunny – Kos was out this weekend. I know what you’re getting at though, Per is having a bit of a dodgy spell. I do however think that he still has plenty to offer, and with Kos’ dodgy achillies’ we don’t have too many other options. Did you see the AW/Jacqui Oatley interview? Rather cringeworthy in one respect but also good to see someone prepared to ask the difficult questions (even if they didn’t get a straight answer).

  6. tunnygriffboy


    Yeah, saw the interview and the difficult questions need to be asked. I do think that the reaction to it has been blown out of proportion though.

    Re Per and our defence. It’s no wonder it’s been shaky. Just as Debuchy looked to be bedding in ( i like him a lot ) he gets injured. Now Kos is out we have to play Monreal at CB. Hayden may have played but he got a knock in training on Friday ( can’t make it up ). With changes like that cock ups bound to happen.

    Re their 2nd goal on Satm Per perhaps could have done better but Gibbs got pulled out to the touchline and Jack hardly broke out of a jog tracking Huddlestone allowing him time to pick his cross.

  7. Rustygunner

    My monthly TV subscription has expired. I only need it to watch Arsenal. I am wondering if I should rush to go and renew, even at risk of not watching tonight’s game. Mr Wenger has really done a sterling job of inspiring us the fans.