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  1. kwik fit


    I swear , today I walked in to my beloved club and felt that it was under the control of an alien. some thing that is really not in this world. Something that is possessed with money. Our players gave 100% today but our club is not what it was.

  2. Follow the money

    Those Untold fools are silly. Beyond absurd. They will never turn against Wenger even if he got us relegated. They’re just like Wenger they don’t care about winning only playing “the right way.” ACLF and even Arseblog have finally seen the light because they are not in fact outright loons. The battle lines are drawn. Everyone who can see what’s happening vs Untold and Wenger and his supporters at the club.

  3. kwik fit

    Follow the money

    Dont worry about the pro wenger guys cos he’s already on the back foot. The ‘powers that be are already plotting’. Et to brute the bastard!

  4. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    That is called corporate company feeling…

    The same you feel about marks and spencer

    You like the place cause you get good quality , you pay top dollar …

    But at the end of the day like marks it’s all about your wallet that maters to arsenal an marks.

  5. gazzap

    Our best fit right back is at West Ham. Jenks should never have been loaned.
    Couldn’t he have been brought back when dubuchy got a bad one?
    Defence is in a mess . Has been for a long time.

  6. kwik fit

    The best think that could happen is ‘ Fuck off mourinho’ goes through the season unbeaten so Wenger ( the bastard) last claim to fame has gone.

  7. kwik fit

    Now you may think by my comment tonight that i/m a ‘johnny come lately fan’ I might be going to see Tony Hadley tomorrow night but hoe wrong you would be ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. reality check


    It’s late I know but I had to go out and do some things, yeah forever studying blud lol, as for the dog thing, I think you got it mixed up with gunz of bricky, what happen to that guy, good poster.

  9. Du Vi

    Hull,Southampton, and in particular West ham have done in one transfer window what forever in ‘transition’ Arsenal have been trying to do in six years but claimed it impossible… a fucking team from scratch !!!!

  10. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    When I think of the great times the club has given me,,,,, highlight 26th may 1989

    Now we have a team who in technical terms are far better z, however in professional terms could not lace their boots…
    I would rather Dario gardi tomthis has been failure.

  11. reality check

    round of applause for that bbc interviewer today. Had wenger all twisted up.

    Great tactic by the beeb to send a woman in to do it, If there’s one thing that can mess with a mans mind, its a woman!

    (positive sexism)

  12. gnarleygeorge9


    A class goal by Alexis to get things rolling, & for that all he got from the crowd was clapping. So now after all the diehards or, if you like, supporters who are tired of the current regime & been replaced by the sanitized Arsene Knows Best supporters, the place has turned into a West End theatre full of polite claps.

    I’m sorry but Arsenal, the addiction for me, has been kicked. Its lost its appeal, edge, & now the whole place sounds like an orchestrated extension of a Shakespearean play like “Much Ado About Nothing”.

    You are right RSPCA he can’t take The Arsenal any further, & for me I’m just about to get off at the next stop & wait for another ‘Gaffer’ to get on.

  13. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Like many

    Only last week in in many minds….

    Clear as day . Remember thames tv showing the coaches leaving on the news going up to the game .

    Celebrated by going up to Blackpool for the weekend Saturday morning… Gun times indeed

  14. kwik fit

    Hey Gnarley don’t normally get the Aussies on at this time of the morning. Was speaking to two Aussies today. You guys are hilarious ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Or a French wrapper
    Asking him questions….!

    Good pice gnarly

    That’s what you get when you have a crowd who have forgotten the implications of the result ten minutes after the game.

    In younger days on a home draw or defeat , would mean no paper reading on Sunday .

    The prawn sandwich from pret brigade

  16. Cesc Appeal

    Chelsea’s second goal was brilliant!

    Passing, movement, pace, strength and finesse. Little bit of everything.

  17. gnarleygeorge9

    RSPCA & Kwiky,

    You know in hindsight, if Old Frenchie had have won that CL Final back in 2006, he probably would have gone ages ago. To me, he really is only interested in winning that thing to satisfy his ego, & to get 4th to compete again for his ego the next year .

    The Board are the big numpties here, he has ben that ‘old pair of jeans’ (the comfy fit) to them for all this time & they don’t need to change it while the financial model is working so well. Let the fans eat cake is an old French saying, the only thing is the cake is now stale/well past its used by date.

    I’m not feeling hilarious at the moment Kwiky but in response to your ACADACA Tube, here mine. This band when doing the European tour in the late 70’s early ’80’s adopted The Arsenal F C as their club & used to go along to their games. Apparently the band used to be blown away by the absolute/non compromised support from the home fans. After being at a game that The Arse were losing/lost, they were amazed that the supporters just kept singing to the players with support, and that inspired this tune.

  18. Bamford13

    A few thoughts—

    1. Hull play five along the back line and Arsenal have no idea how to break it down. Attack toothlessly through the center, time and again, succeeding only in making life easy for Hull and setting up counters for them.

    2. Mertesacker and Monreal might be the worst CB pairing in the EPL. Importantly, Hull scored their second goal because Mertesacker is not a good athlete and has little to no leaping ability. Can’t get off the ground, has no pace, looks like a rickety old man on the field. Athleticism matters. Finally, if Monreal is a CB, I’m a fish.

    3. Oxlade was awful, as was Ramsey when he came in. Just abysmal. That Wenger threw Ramsey in only days after he returned to training shows both how desperate and reckless Wenger is.

    4. Sanchez was our best player, by far. Without him, we lose that game.

    5. Though Welbeck scored, he did little to nothing for 89 minutes. Mostly invisible.

    6. Each of their three central midfielders was a foot taller and had twenty pounds of muscle on his Arsenal counterpart. At times it was amusing to watch what looked like giants vs. midgets. You would expect the midgets to have their counterparts on quickness and skill, but the Hull CMs actually took it to our CMs at times.

    7. Two wins in eight games. Wenger with no answers, no plan. How obvious must his ineptitude be before he goes? Wenger is clearly frustrated. His pushing of Mourinho. Chips insulting him publicly at the AGM. His peevishness with the BBC reporter. One can only hope things get more and more uncomfortable for him, more and more unpleasant for him — and he simply decides to step down as a result.

    8. Any competent manager — anyone who would simply sign a couple of quality CDMs and play a sensible formation, in fact — could do better than Wenger. It is incumbent upon Arsenal supporters to do what they can to make life for Wenger both uncomfortable and unpleasant so as to encourage him to leave.

    Wenger fucking out.

  19. gnarleygeorge9


    The Old Wentworth Apparently one of the old hags from that show ended up being our former Prime Minister ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  20. Ishola

    Mertesacker didn’t have a “shocker” at all. He had a decent all round match and was many times leading from the front making tackles and interceptions high up the pitch. An example of him leading from the front was when he ran onto a loose pass high up the pitch, fed Sanchez and he did the rest for the first goal. Nothing special but it just highlighted that he was looking to win the ball on the front foot and more often than not he did just that during the match. To be done for the first Hull goal is not a big slight on him at all. Plenty of defenders even the very best get beaten when the attacker has the run and jump on you. Hernandez had the run and jump on Mertesacker because Huddlestone had too much room and time to pick out a very good cross. The breakdown on the left hand side was the main problem for the goal. Gibbs decided to leave his base position and face up to an opposing player and if you do that someone should be covering the position Gibbs had left. No-one did that. Hull player has plenty of time t put in a cross that is going to hurt.

  21. Ishola

    Leading from the front as a defender of course and in relation to the defence. He had an overall decent match but how good do you have to be to look good against an average team like Hull.

    Too many people only criticise the effect and ignore the cause.

    Gibbs was the cause of the Hernandez goal. He should have been more aware of where his team-mates where before he decided to make a dash away from his primary area. He should have realised that Wilshere was never going to get across to cover him, he should have been aware that Monreal was tucked inside central and wasn’t to cover him either. But he didn’t. He was too rash and it was poor decision making.

    Once a defender gets turned and is running towards his own goal in defending a cross and the attacker is behind running facing in on goal then there can be big trouble. This is what happened to Mertesacker. He may have looked silly in his attempt in challenging but the real damage was done as soon as Gibbs went AWOL from his position.

  22. moray

    “He hasnโ€™t just tarnished his legacy, heโ€™s shot it in the head, poured petrol on it, set fire to it, then pissed it out.”

    haha reposting Simon’s comment from earlier as it made me laugh and most accurately represents what is happening.

  23. MidwestGun


    Positional map of game. 4-1-center mess of 5.
    Not sure what they work on in training but it isn’t team shape or spacing.

  24. Leedsgunner

    Wenger is CONCERNED about the gap between us and Chelsea is he? Doesn’t matter because by the time the next win over a weak side that CONCERN will magically disappear. (Let’s be honest if he was really was concerned he would have purchased a CB when TV5 left — mentally Wenger’s not been in the title race since 2004. Bizarrely for some this is used as a justification for Wenger’s poor league form… *facepalm*)

    If we bury our heads for long enough and chant “Arsene Knows Best… Arsene Knows Best… ” the problems will go away. Right?

    PS: Koeman for Arsenal? To be 3rd in the table after being stripped of your best players as well as to defeat a team 8-0 in the process is IMPRESSIVE. Now that is mental strength is for you — kudos to the Saints!

  25. MidwestGun

    25 shots – 2 goals. 80% shots from the middle. Not a good finishing % and no
    width. Statistics just confirm there is no fluidity, spacing, or tactical plan. Get the ball to Sanchez was about it. Thankfully, it worked somewhat or it could have been worse.
    Normally look forward to watching Sunday matches to root against rivals knowing results. But it kind of seems pointless. I’ll still be rooting against Pool and Man U. just because but it’s definitely muted. AW should have retired. 3 more years seems like an eternity to watch more of the same. Thanks Stan and B.o.d.

  26. Thank you and goodnight


    Problem is mate until we, the fans, hit kroenke in the pocket, nothing will change. I hope the Bastards who sold to kroenke are happy with themselves as they’ve condemned Arsenal to a lifetime of mediocrity while that bastard family, kroenkes, remain in charge.

  27. Thank you and goodnight


    Hope your right mate as it’s awfully depressing following Arsenal these days with a madman at the helm. Nice to see with garth crooks comment and bbc reporter giving Arsรจne a hard time, that the media are finally waking up to fact that Arsรจne is past it. I reckon we’ll have quite a few moments of…..

    “You looking at me? Why you look at me”

    Before the seasons out.

  28. Ishola

    Midwest yes you are right in highlighting this obsession with trying to play almost exclusively through the middle. It was a big problem in this game as it is so predictable and becomes easier to defend against but what’s new. Wenger’s teams have been doing this for years now, Lack of width, not enough wide play. The first Sanchez goal was scored from a wider position but some will point to the equaliser as coming from the middle. But Sanchez had to employ some really top quality play to engineer that chance for Welbeck.

    Gibbs should have got forward much more in the match. When he did he caused problems. Nearly scored a very late winner and was the reason for an error in the Hull defence where Davis blocked a goalbound shot from The Ox. A minute later Hull scored the goal that should have been disallowed. Major turning point in the match within a few minutes.

    You have to have some sympathy though with Arsenal’s fullbacks. If Wenger keeps instructing his teams to play tippy tappy in the middle it makes the fullbacks attacking runs on many occasions less effective.

  29. Wallace

    just seen the post-game bbc interview. pretty cool. good questions and didn’t ease off when Wenger got prickly.

  30. Jeff


    You prompted me to go and have a look at that interview. I usually loathe those things because they tend to be futile occasions but in this case the female interviewer was undaunted my Wenger’s presence.

    What is clear is that Wenger hates being questioned about his decisions. Any nuance of blame and he gets on the defensive. He looked very uncomfortable in that interview. Well done to the journalist who “dared” to put straight talking questions directly to him without flinching or sugar-coating the words.

  31. Emiratesstroller

    The last two home games against Spurs and Hull highlight Arsenal’s problems.

    First Arsenal struggle consistently against teams who pack their defence and
    then counterattack demonstrating our frailty defensively both in defence and

    Second there is a lack of variety when we attack. There is too much intricate passing and frankly a lack of thought and variety in the way we attack.

    We have a large squad with at least 8 currently injured or not match fit. There
    is still a lot of dead wood and duplication i.e. players either not good enough to
    play in first team or down pecking order and therefore seldom given a game.

    Analysing first team squad we are woefully short of real quality and numbers
    in defence not helped by the way we play. I include in the calculation holding/
    defensive midfield.

    There are also concerns about the lack of width in the team. Whether the return of Walcott and possibly Gnabry will improve the situation remains to be

    However, my real concern remains as ever the manager. He never seems to
    address our weaknesses or change our style of play. Every team in the league
    now knows how to play against us. We are so PREDICTABLE.

  32. Jeff


    “However, my real concern remains as ever the manager.”

    In which season over the last 10 years has that not been the case?

  33. Jeff


    Well you know how he likes to hold on to things. But I don’t think Mannone is to blame for all the goals. There were 8 of them after all. But who was in goal the last time when we let in 8? Hmm.

  34. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    โ€œHe hasnโ€™t just tarnished his legacy, heโ€™s shot it in the head, poured petrol on it, set fire to it, then pissed it out.โ€

    More wise words , probably the most profound said on here.

    Wenger is finished as a top manager,

    Years ago I think we would have wanted him to move upstairs after managing?

    Now I think it’s best if he is just removed from the club forever.

  35. Jeff


    “Now I think itโ€™s best if he is just removed from the club forever.”

    You know it and I know it but just reading blogs and posts around the net, there’s no appetite for that at all. The vast majority still think Wenger is the greatest manager in the world and all these things that are happening are “normal”. I just don’t know what to say any more. As long as he continues to command such undying support, why would he leave?

  36. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Liked the vid, very raw an 80s feel,

    Aussie bands of that time all had a bit of urban political annoyance about them , a hunger of hatred in their voice…..

    What did we have boy George , an George Michael.

    Maybe billy b came close!

  37. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Media humiliation would help,

    In turn that will unsteady him an the club, that will affect sponsors being associated with a ridiculed team….in turn that will affect revenue.

    That’s when the bank/ club might react….

  38. N5

    As much as I love the ECL, I do wonder what will happen if we don’t get in this year. It seems 4th and ECL qualification are Wengers minimum requirement.

    Would he get frog marched out or would they treat it as an anomaly?

  39. Dissenter

    Wenger’s agents in the media are in full force.
    The ยฃ 28 million offer from Monaco had better be true. They can have him in the January transfer window.

  40. Dissenter

    Who knows what the board will do.
    Looking at Sir Chips comments about “we support him when he has plans and we keep quite when he doesn’t”. I thinks is was more of a passive aggressive public dressing down. I’m not sure Wenger still has the board room. They are probably waiting for him to fail before knifing him in the back.