Hull come to play…

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Happy Saturday you sexy beasts!

Hull come to town today, yeah, the team we smashed 3-2 in the FA Cup. Glorious memories, totally sweet.

This season, they’ve added some very good players to their squad and they look far more capable than they did last season. They’re not as one paced as they were, they’re still just as powerful and this year, they have a bit of class in front of goal. This game isn’t going to be easy.

We have the quality of our players to thank for the possible lethargic display. They’ll have been pinging all around the world playing in their various qualifiers. I think the biggest red flag is likely to be Alexis who went to Chile. We also have grave concerns at the back with Laurent out.

We really are bare bones at the moment. We need three points today, which I’m confident of even if I do feel like it’s going to be a big ask.

If we can get past this obstacle, we’ve quite a tidy run in, just as United begin their hard run of games. Realistically, we should comfortably be sitting top four by Christmas time, providing we don’t get any more injuries.

We also have the added benefit of playing like Aaron and Theo being in contention for squad selection now. So once those guys are back up to speed, which will be the start of December, we should be rolling. Again, praying to the good lord of injuries crisis that we don’t get any further injuries. We need a good squad to choose from. We need get to Jan very quickly…

Right, enjoy the game, pray it doesn’t rain and have a funtastic Saturday night.


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  1. ArseneBgone

    Get to January for what? The same old tired crap about ” it’s not easy to buy players,” and my personal fav, “we couldn’t find top top quality!” Ohhh yeah as the macho man would say!

  2. Gilo

    Wenger saying he’s going to buy a defender in January means that we’re going to go through the whole season without a holding midfielder to speak of

  3. Bamford13

    No offense, but we didn’t “smash” Hull in the FA final. We eked out a come-from-behind win against a depleted (and average) Hull side.

    And no comment on the Van Dijk rumors? For me that’s the most interesting news surrounding Arsenal in some time.

    Everything else has been said 10,000 times.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    Bellerin, Mert, Hayden. Gibbs
    Coq, Wilshere
    Oxlade, Cazorla, Sanchez

    Might be a struggle but should be enough for Hull at home.

    The squad situation really is a joke but oh well.

    There’s that article going about StatDNA as well:

    “if Wenger wants to sign a defender, who is, say, 6ft 4in, an excellent reader of the game and an accurate passer, one push of a button will bring up the best options in world football.”

    I’d get our money back then on that investment; because he still couldn’t find anyone despite having a database of every player going at his finger tips. No need to move, make phone calls, scout or anything, push a button and you’ve got a short list. What a tool to have! As some of us were saying yesterday, someone needs to drag this club into the modern era. The internal structure are so archaic and rigid, completely out of touch with the modern game; everything from scouting, to fitness, to the medical side, manager of course, the board – the lot.

    And that’s the problem really; who can you see being the revolutionary that Wenger WAS 18 years ago. We’re in the position that we were when Wenger arrived almost, in need of modernization.

  5. Danny

    “Smash” Hull? All I can remember is that 119th minute when Flappy came miles out, their bloke went past him but missed an empty goal.
    Lucky doesn’t equal a smashing win……

  6. liam kelly

    yaay, c’mon january!
    …can’t wait for some more PR BS…maybe we might even sign another dead weight or 2

  7. NYCgooner

    I see Billy Beane (the money ball guy) seems to think that Arsenal is one of the best run clubs in the world in terms of how they do business. I guess his expertise on such things flies in the face of everything we hear around here.

  8. GoonerEris

    “…..just as United begin their hard run of games…..”. Yes, but notice how all the hard games come right before or after their opponents have (had) midweek games in the Champions league, with all the physical & mental exertions that entails. It is coincidence, right?

  9. Cesc Appeal

    Is Billy Beane the guy who wants to be a DoF of “soccer” in England…and he’s complementing Arsenal and Wenger, Arsenal with their ageing board and lack of DoF…wowza.

  10. David Smith

    So sad reading all that Amy Lawrence stuff about the Invincibles. Wenger telling us what strong personalities they were and indeed are. How could wenger let things slip from those players to so many of those that came after them. How could he change a successful team and formula with such haste and zeal. I will always believe the one off entity that were Barca was the worst thing that ever happened to wenger.

  11. relieable sauce

    laurence reckons we have one of the best squads in europe???
    whatever they are paying him it is too much

    never understood the motty adulation either. silly voice & a sheepskin.

    pundetry & journalism are poor, nice to see the new breed raising the bar.

  12. NYCgooner


    I’m not sure Billy Beane admitting his interest in “soccer” takes away from the point that he’s the guy that brought modern analytics to sports, and changed sports as we know it, admires the way Arsenal do business.

  13. Cesc Appeal

    Good game this, Spurs are getting at City. Sitting back and then playing quick one touch stuff to get at them

  14. Wallace

    David Smith

    yeah,the bit about bringing Kolo into the defence and how in him and Campbell we were turbo-powered at the back. then factor in Lauren, Vieira, Edu, Thierry….it always used to be a thing he talked up(the power/athleticism side of the game). it is mystifying.

  15. Cesc Appeal


    Because Arsenal turn profit all the time, have more cash than the rest of the league put together and have just added massive commercials…yeah as a business you could admire that.

    Look a little under the make up and assess say, I don’t know, our wage bill and then say that again. Value for money? Doubt even the most ardent AKB could back that one.

    Shall we ask the Arsenal and United fans what they think about US businessmen in their clubs? Seem to be ALL about that business and money, football is coincidental.

  16. GoonerInNY


    I like Beane as a GM, but I think you overstate his place a bit. He wasn’t the first GM to look at OBP. Gene Michael was doing that in the early 1990s.

  17. GoonerInNY


    Some U.S. businessman sports team owners treat their teams like an investment (like Stan). Others want to win. There isn’t one type.

  18. David Smith

    Sure is Wallace, almost as if something changed him into a completely different person. Have to blame those managing him….or maybe a lack of them for letting him carry on his vanity project. It is all quite sad for a once great manager. You know the decline is terminal when whatever he tries, the mistakes completely outweigh what he gets right, as has been happening for a while. Just about everything he touches these days turns to shite, indeed his lack of tactics and prep were only rescued by a couple of individual performances in the FA cup. Just been reading wenger now saying our injuries are down to the World Cup……explains Ramsey Monreal Gibbs Sanogo Arteta and Flamini at various stages this season then! He really is getting beyond ridiculous, just wish he could see himself at times.

  19. Cesc Appeal


    Appreciate that.

    But what I’m saying is the mood toward them might not be that great in this country.

  20. NYCgooner


    I’m not sure being a US business men is the root of all the problems and I don’t think united will complain too much about the business side of their club.

    Now the point I’m making is not that all is well with Arsenal. Their is no analytics that can convince you or myself that. The point I’m making is the same that I’ve made in a past discussion you, Romford and myself were having a couple weeks ago. It’s not all roses at Arsenal nor is Arsenal being run by a bunch of idiots. Truth usually lay somewhere in the middle of these polarised debates.

  21. NYCgooner


    Fair point on the time line of sports analytics. I guess Beane is the guy that made it popular.

    By the way, I always wonder if our usernames confuse the hell out of other posters… lol

  22. Bamford13


    Beane’s opinions on football and Arsenal are close to worthless.

    One, Beane spends the money he has; Wenger does not. Beane isn’t frugal for the sake of being frugal; he is frugal because he has no other choice. If you gave Beane another 10m to spend on players, he’d spend it. Wenger wouldn’t and doesn’t. Beane doesn’t realize this.

    Two, the A’s are a small-market team that have a very small budget relative to their competition. The same is not true of Arsenal. No, Arsenal do not have City or Chelsea or Madrid money, but they are closer in resources to their competition than the A’s are.

    Three, the A’s have shown they can win their division, win their league and beat the best teams in baseball with their system. Arsenal have not. Arsenal haven’t been in contention for the league in nearly a decade and have been badly inferior to the best teams for some time now.

    Four, baseball lends itself to a strict quantitative analysis far more readily than football does. Not that quant analysis has no place in football, but unlike baseball, where the stats truly tell you the whole story, the same is not true in football. The stats — especially as they exist today in football — do not tell the whole story in football. In baseball they basically do.

    Very different games.

  23. GoonerInNY


    I could be dead wrong here, but isn’t the general impression thst Arsenal is fairly well run on the business side but negligently run on the football side?

    Maybe I am just projecting my view.

  24. Cesc Appeal


    Oh absolutely.

    As I said the other day when people were having a who’s responsible Gazidis/Wenger/Kroenke debate that Gazidis is doing his job well, BUT you can apportion blame to all of them. Just my opinion Wenger in particular because he’s the football side and it’s the football side that isn’t pulling it’s weight.

    Buisness wise we’re doing well, but again you could look at our wage bill and say a mass of that annual expense is a gigantic waste and in terms of value for money it’s laughably bad.

    I said yesterday as a club we’re close to playing with Europe’s elite…BUT we’ve been a nearly club for years now. Perpetually in transition but will shout about our ambitions to anyone who’ll listen; that number is now dwindling because people just say “year, yeah” when Arsenal start talking.

    I’d have been keenly interested to see if say Gibbs hadn’t cleared off the line and Hull got that third and we didn’t win the final what direction the club would have gone in. Had Wenger stood down. THAT would have been the real test of Arsenal FC and Kroenke.

    More of the same frugality, naivety, repetitive mistakes and disappointment? Or a fresh new direction.

    The basis for us to be great is there. You know who I point the finger at for being a dead weight.

  25. Cesc Appeal


    I share that view.

    Gazidis is doing his job, strong commercials, strong in the bank, actually we’re Clark Kent strong in the bank!

    It’s the football that is letting us down. Sir Chips helpfully ended any debate about who is in utter control of the direction of the football club.

  26. GoonerInNY


    In a way, the business success makes the football failure harder to stomach. It isn’t that Arsenal can’t compete, it’s that they won’t, which is frustrating.

  27. Bamford13

    Unlike Wenger, a Beane isn’t a quixotic fool. If the New York Yankees gave Beane and the A’s 10m toward their budget, Beane would spend the money on better players immediately. If City gave Wenger £10m, he’d turn up his nose and say he already had a complete squad, Diaby, etc.

    Unlike Wenger, Beane isn’t a fool.

  28. Cesc Appeal



    There is no reason for us to have such a weak squad. To have no CDM, no world class ST, only two CB’s etc.

    It’s the whims of one man that determine our success/failure on the football side.

  29. NYCgooner


    Jesus, where do you get the energy to type up a post that long so early in the morning. Lol…. I assume you are in the US as well.

    I agree that it’s a little more tricky to get proper data from football but it certainly is possible and is being done by the numerous amateur blogs crunching the data week after week. I assume the professional outfits have some significantly better tools to play with.

    The point about Beane is that he’s obviously been paying attention and has come to the conclusion that Arsenal are doing things the right way. On the point of our spending and putting a proper squad together, we do have some common ground there.

  30. GoonerInNY


    It is ludicrous. And frustrating.


    Thanks for the link. Interesting read. I noticed the Guardian Anglicized a couple of Beane’s quotes, like “math” to “maths.” Made me smile.

  31. GoonerInNY

    A better comparison for football and data is the NHL. For a century, stats were crude and not always revealing (goals, assists, penalty minutes). Even when plus-minus came along, it was uselrss to compare players on different teams and didn’t account for minutes played or opposition. But now stats like Corsi are changing the way the NHL evaluates players.

    I don’t know much about football analytics, but from what I’ve read, there is data available that is as useful as Corsi.

    The question is if Wenger even looks at it.

  32. Al

    Can’t believe people are confident about today’s game…I am very worried they will do us over. ..said it yesterday but they play 2 lively strikers and the team have averaged 11 goals in 6 games. They are also really dangerous at set pieces due to their size and dominant ariel players (Davies, Chester and dawson) and great delivery from Huddlestone. .

    Can see them nicking something due to the small size of our back four because we all know we will play monreal at the back.

  33. andy1886

    “laurence reckons we have one of the best squads in europe???
    whatever they are paying him it is too much”

    ‘He’ is a ‘She’, RS.

  34. NYCgooner


    “The question is if Wenger even looks at it.”

    I suspect that where the problem is. I remember reading maybe a couple years ago that Arsenal bought a data analytics company. It’s not clear if that has played any role in the players we have acquired since. Certainly possibly when you look at unexpected purchases like debuchy or welbeck but without inside info it’s hard to say.

  35. relieable sauce


    i meant lawrenson : /

    my apologies to ms/miss/mrs laurence, whoever she may be(Amy?…or is she a pop star?)

  36. Dissenter

    “As some of us were saying yesterday, someone needs to drag this club into the modern era. The internal structure are so archaic and rigid, completely out of touch with the modern game; everything from scouting, to fitness, to the medical side, manager of course, the board – the lot”

    Wenger’s vision and execution has been flawed and erratic but we will be in the doldrums when he leaves.
    I don’t think it’s fear that makes the board keep “quiet” when Wenger had no plan, per Sir Chips.
    I think it’s complete ignorance of the game. Wenger is the sole real football person in the highest echelons of the Arsenal management.

  37. TitsMcgee

    Lol at Monreal at CB.

    A scenario that anyone with two eyes could see was highly likely before the season all except the gutless wonder.

  38. Dissenter

    Wenger is really all over the place.
    If he doesn’t trust Hayden against Hull at home, then the lad has no chance at Arsenal.

    Wenger really has no one to blame again.

    Monreal as center back, hahaha

  39. relieable sauce

    we dont need a 4th choice cb we need a 1st choice

    we have a 4th in hayden but le prof would rather play his 2nd choice lb…

    go figure

  40. TitsMcgee

    We will draw or even win but the poor start to the season continues.

    Gets harder and harder to justify Wenger by the week.

  41. Bamford13

    Hull City play five across the back and Arsenal haven’t a clue what to do tactically.

    Jack — desperate and exhausted —hurts himself. Typical.

  42. Dissenter

    Jack has a penchant for running into the backside of opposition defenders? Most of his injuries are self induced.

  43. Joe

    The end of wenger is starting. Love it.

    His legacy is completely gone for me.

    I hope he leaves in a blaze of embarrassment ala moyes

  44. relieable sauce

    southampton on the rampage 6-0. pelle with 6gls in 8 games

    & the akb shit theier panties at the thought of change

  45. relieable sauce

    rudderless. leaderless. not shooting when they have the chance. trying to walk the ball into the back of the net.

    not watching the match but this is the summary from bbc reporter

  46. TitsMcgee

    Sanchez is the only attacker who can score from half chances. The rest need to be played through with acres of space to have a one v one for the odds to be in their favor.

  47. Baartil

    Wenger out!!!!

    Can’t build a team, can’t prep a team, can’t win a game.
    Eleven points after eight games, and of course – no room for Fabregas in this team…

  48. Bermy boy

    Can’t wait to read the mid week comments from our players fluffing up each other and Wenger in the tabloids.The shit gets funnier every week heh heh you would think we were in the lead.

  49. Rustygunner

    Why is the nutter not playing Campbell more often? It is very clear he has some favoured players like Santi whom he is going to play to the ground.

    As for the result – what could one expect?

  50. wenker-wanger

    Wankger Out… Another toothless performance… Its down to this charlatan… How a complete idiot manages a fantastic club like arsenal is now beyond belief. Pulis would have done bettergiven wankgers budget.

  51. Mike adamski

    Depressing stuff . Another poor performance .
    Could this finally be the year we finish 5th?

    Letting in far too many goals , and they are usually sloppy.
    Mertesacker is struggling this year. He’ll be disappointed he didn’t clear that today.

  52. John

    Injuries, non-existing bench depth, not addressing obvious position needs, no tactics, under prepared. Same Crap, different year. Haven’t we seen this for the last decade. And the only fixture that’s been there for 10 years of CRAP is THE Wanker. Wenger OUT!!!!!!

  53. David Smith

    We have some decent players but they are managed by a man who is completely out of ideas, who is stubbornly hanging on cling onto past glories.
    Virtually Everything he is now doing is going wrong……and nothing more so than passing on Cesc. Everything points to him being very near the end. I can actually see us finishing outside the top four this season, as far too many things are now coming home to roost. If that happens, he may…..just may decide to walk in the summer. Wenger gets left alone as long as he qualifies for the ECL, but should he fail, it will cost Stan the thing he cares about most, the club may finally start putting some heat on him…..cannot see him putting up with that for long. There may yet be a silver lining in this abject medioctity

  54. Joe

    Untold blaming the refs again. Tossers.

    Can’t believe it’s 3 more years of this shit. May actually tune out until wenger is gone. He’s making it so hard to watch the team I love.

  55. David Smith

    Wouldn’t go as far as blaming the ref, but he was a shower of shite today, the first goal was a foul. But the ref didn’t refuse to sign sufficient defensive minded players this summer. The ref doesn’t infuse successive teams with a complete lack of urgency. The ref doesn’t let underperforming medics and fitness staff carry on wrecking our players. The ref doesn’t stubbornly refuse to learn modern day tactics, and how to deal with opponents already using them.
    We really are now getting near the end zone for wenger, the players can only dig him,out so many times

  56. TitsMcgee

    5th place and Europa League birth might not be the worse scenario for this club at the moment.

    At some point his do the minimum to get 4th place calculations will be off and it may end up being this year. Chelsea are already 11 points clear of us and we are lucky as we got two draws at the death to CP and Hull.

  57. TitsMcgee

    After what point do the nutters at Untold realize that if they end up trying to blame the ref or the weather or bad luck or accidents every game it may not be a coincidence these things keep happening?

  58. leprofessorknowsbest

    “I would take a 10th place finish of it meant the end of wenger.”

    Agree with you Joe. I want wenger to hit the bottom.
    He wants to destroy the club, well I want him to be totalLy destroyed.

  59. andy1886

    So after eight games we have exactly HALF the number of points that Chelsea have. Way to go Arsene. Luckily for you Sir Chips and the boys probably wouldn’t even know where to find a copy of the league table.

  60. wenker-wanger

    Untold!! Immature deluded arsene-lickers…. Feeding their AKB followers a rich blend of bullshit and tripe.i wonder if these weirdos splash their seed over pictures of wankger?…

  61. pliget


    I think Untold already say it is not a coincidence that refs are always to blame. Don’t they have this refwatch or something where they analyse the refs decisions with hindsight to prove there is bias against Arsenal.

    Where we might look at a consistent state of affairs like the injury league for instance and assume it is an internal fault (as it often is as these things can be controlled or at least ameliorated) they know it is not Arsene Wenger’s fault. They thus must look outside Arsenal as he controls everything internally (as so helpfully confirmed by Fish’n).

  62. goonerboy

    The untold are personality fetishists who specialise in dreaming up excuses for Wenger.
    They witter on about referees, other Arsenal fans, other clubs spending too much money, injuries-infact every conceivable excuse to be blamed for poor results-except the real one that Wenger and Wenger alone is responsible for the ongoing defensive frailty of Arsenal-a problem we have had for years. He doesn’t value players with defensive capabilities sufficiently-and has failed to invest when he could and plays a style which leaves us vulnerable to counter attacks and set pieces.

  63. kwik fit

    Just back from the game. Not a happy camper! 10 quid for a fuckin burger. Arsenal is my fuckin life and our club is not our club any more. Fuckin stolen by a bunch of money graping bastards!

  64. andy1886

    Feel for you Kwik, like being mugged and the perp coming back to take the piss when you’re still bleeding on the deck.